The Coming of Ares
by Amoreena

"Oh FUCK Ares, yes, yes, oh, Gods,  YES ARES!" Iphicles roared as his orgasm tore through him.  "How many does that make?"  he asked breathlessly as he rolled over and lay down beside Ares.

"I'm still up by, oh, I'd say 10 or 12.  You're doing very well, for a mortal."  Ares grinned at his lover and took up his position over the king once more.  "Ready to go again?  This time I'm going to  blindfold you. Relax Iphicles, you'll enjoy it.  Just imagine what you're going to do to me when it's your turn."  Ares leaned over and kissed the kings full, well used lips.   "Are you up for another round?  I don't want to wear you out.  We've got all night."  Ares looked into Iphicles' eyes with genuine concern.

"Are you insinuating that I can't keep up with you?  I may be mortal, but remember Ares, I've had lots of practice fucking Gods!"  Iphicles grinned from ear to ear, knowing full well that he was about to pay for that last remark.

Ares reached down and stroked the king's cock.  With a look that would have scared the daylights out of any other mortal, he laughed.  "Is that a challenge?  Shall we continue and attempt to find out just how long you can go?"

"Although I'm good Ares, I know I could never keep up with you.  I am after all, as you like to point out, only mortal.  To be fair, the challenge should take place between two gods or two mortals. "

Ares was once again exploring Iphicles' body.  Gently probing, running his hands down the length of his torso.  He leaned over and kissed him passionately on the lips and then positioned himself for action.  "Turn over, I want to enter from behind this time,"  Ares ordered.

Iphicles quickly got to his knees, anxious for the War God to fuck him again.  He pressed his ass against the God's cock and moaned in anticipation.

Ares thrust his hips forward, entering his lover completely in one movement. He grabbed Iphicles by the shoulders and began to pump slowly in and out. Over and over he plunged his engorged cock into the King's tight ass.

Iphicles threw his head back and growled, "Oh gods, Ares, faster please. Come on, you can do better than that!"

Ares dug his fingers painfully hard into the king's shoulders and started to move faster.  Applying pressure to the shoulder blades, he forced Iphicles to lower the top part of his body, forcing the back end up.  Ares pulled nearly all the way out and then slammed his enormous erection back inside, forcefully fucking the king as hard as he could.

The sound of the bed hitting against the wall over and over, as Ares pounded relentlessly into his lover, reverberated throughout the temple.  The room was dimly lit with the odd candle flickering here and there, a gentle breeze splattering the candle wax on the table beneath it.  The two forms on the bed united in passion; bronzed bodies gleaming with a mixture of oil, sweat and cum.

Ares released his steel grip on the king's shoulders and encircled his waist with his bulging biceps.  He rocked gently, altering his pace to better gauge his pleasure threshold.  He was nearing his completion and once again started to build up his speed, letting loose and fucking his lover with reckless abandon.  In a rush of euphoria the God came, growling Iphicles' name as he did so.

"You never cease to amaze me, you're always so tight, no matter how many times I fuck you."  Ares pulled himself out of Iphicles' cum soaked ass and lay down on his back beside him.

Iphicles smiled at his lover.  "You may be good, and I know I could never hope to keep pace with you, but how about a challenge Ares?  Let's get the God of Love from that alternate dimension and see which one of you can last the longest."

Ares snorted.  "Fucking him is not exactly the punishment I had in mind for him after our last encounter.  I'm going to fucking kill him!"  Ares rose slightly to look Iphicles directly in the eye.  "Why would you suggest such a thing.  You of all people know how much I pleasure I would gain from getting even with that louse."

"No, that's not exactly what I meant."

"What are you suggesting then?"  Ares turned over onto his side and caressed the king's arm.

"Actually, what I was going to suggest, was that you both pick a mortal lover.  See which one of you can make it last the longest.  Which one of you can make your mortal come the most?  A fuck free for all, so to speak. Changing partners could even make it more interesting.  What do you say? Are you up for it?"

Ares thought for a fraction of a second.   "Bring it on.  I'm assuming here, that you are volunteering to be my mortal of choice."

"Of course Ares, who else would you choose?  You know I'm quite capable of keeping up with you for a while at least."  Iphicles smiled a lustful grin at Ares.

"You my king are a slut!"  Ares announced.

"And you my horny lover, made me that way!"

by Huntress

The God of Love was in his temple, listening to petitions and was very very bored. He glanced into one of the many mirrors in his temple, looking himself up and down, then turned and bent over. 'Well at least these new pants don't make my butt look so big.'

He saw a flash of blue light out of the corner of his eye, and glanced up, wondering which of his relatives was here *now*. He got wide-eyed at the sight.

"Oh shit...not *you*." he dove behind the nearest altar, looking around for some kind of weapon. 'Wonderful,' he thought. 'You're a lover not a fighter, and *he* has to show up. I hope he doesn't damage your face.' Aloud, he said, "Ares, what are you doing here. I'm sorry for Nebula. But you *did* have fun. I saw it."

"Oh please," groaned Ares. "I'm not here to hurt you. I should, I could, and I want to. But I'm not going to."

"Then why are you here?" the GOL asked, still hiding.

"I have a proposition for you. Sort of a contest. Now will you *please* come out from behind there." The GOW was losing patience with his twin. He was about to destroy the altar when the GOL came out of hiding.

"A contest? What kind of contest?"

"A fuck-free-for-all," he said with a grin, Iphicles words echoing in his head. "You pick a mortal, (or two, if you insist),  I pick a mortal,  and we see who can cum the most. In other words, who has more staying power. There are a few rules though."

"Rules?" asked the GOL, a smile coming to his face.

"Yes...rules. Rule number 1...your partner or partners *must* be mortal. Number two is no casting spells or making them fall into a frenzy of lust. This has to be done the old-fashioned way. Simple seduction." The GOW was studying his twins face. 'Gods, he's tough to read,' he thought. Aloud, "So are you game, or are you chicken?"

"Chicken I am *not*. I do get my choice of mortal, don't I?" The GOL had a wicked smile on his face.

"Yes, you do," Ares answered, a wicked smile crossing his face. "But pick and choose carefully. So are you up for it?" He ran his hand thru his beard, which he always did when he was waiting impatiently for something.

The white clad God gave him the same smile back, which sent a slight shiver down Ares spine. "Sounds good to me. Do I have to pick a mortal from your world, or do I get one of mine?"

"One from my world," answered his black clad twin.

"Okay," agreed the Love God. "But how about a little practice first." He pulled his twin to him, and the GOW found himself growing hard. A wave of his hand and both of them were naked. The GOL slowly caressed his body against his twins, and suddenly pulled the GOW close, flesh on flesh, kissing his lips in such a rapturous and luscious manner, that a rush of ecstasy went thru the War God. The GOL ordered him to kneel down and kiss his cock, and moaned with pleasure as Ares obeyed. Ares, reaching out with his tongue, licked the GOL's thick shaft, taking the head into his mouth and sucking hard on it, fingering his balls with such a gentle touch that the GOL thought he
would spill right there.

The God of War, for his part, was having a real good time. He thought, at first, that it was a bit perverse touching his 'twin'. At first. But now, as he tasted and touched him, that was the last thing on his mind. In one swoop he swallowed the Love God's cock, and when he felt the GOL's legs start to buckle, he eased him down to the floor, his mouth not leaving that which he had found. He placed his hands on the GOL's hips, holding him still, not allowing him to push against him, his head moving up and down that beautiful cock, his tongue working with his mouth, bringing the GOL to the edge. Then the War God knew the GOL couldn't take anymore, he raised his head, smiling as he heard a whimper from the loss.

"Do you want me?" Ares asked his gentle twin. "Do you want me inside you, fucking you?"

"Yes...please," moaned the God of Love. "Now...please Ares."

"I *do* aim to please," Ares said with a grin. He pulled the GOL's legs over his shoulders, and materialized a bottle of oil. Dipping his fingers in, he slowly entered the GOL,  slowly pushing in and out, until the GOL was panting and writhing against him. Removing his fingers he placed his cock at the tight aperture and eased his way in, little by little.

The GOL couldn't take anymore. "WUSS!" He shouted, and lowered his legs, wrapping them around Ares waist, pulling him all the way in. The War God felt the warmth around his cock, and began the slow slide out, then pushed back, hitting the Love God's pleasure center in one move. A scream came from the GOL's lips, as the full force of the War God was felt. Ares pounded into him, his hands on the GOL's legs, caressing them, moaning with his own pleasures.

"You are so fucking tight," the War God shouted, thrusting faster. "Cum for me...NOW!"

"Yes...Yes...YES!!!" the God of Love shouted, and shot his load over his twin. Ares continued to fuck him, the muscles in his neck and back tightening. He felt his own release coming and looked into the gentle, satiated face of his twin. The GOL was lost in the feeling, and that made Ares fuck him even harder.

"YEAH!" shouted the War God, and he spilled within the GOL, collapsing atop him, his breathing ragged. Kissing his twin, the War God said, "*YOU* are amazing. I've never felt anyone so tight."

"I've been told I'm pretty good," giggled the Love God. The GOW slowly eased himself out, and stood, pulling the GOL up with him. A wave of his hand, and both were cleaned and clothed.

"So," the GOW said, "Do you have any idea who you think you'd want to fuck?"

"You said it had to be a mortal?" the GOL asked.

"Yes, otherwise it won't be fair. I picked a mortal and you have to also. I'm just curious...why did you ask that? Did you have a God in mind?"

"Not a God...not exactly," said the GOL, a big grin on his face.

"Then *who?" Ares asked.

"I was thinking about Hercules," said the GOL. "But if he's not allowed how about *his* Iolaus? Or how about that sweet warrior wanna-be, Joxer? Then there's that handsome thief Autolycus...or even about Iphicles?"

The God of War's eyes got fiery at this last suggestion, and the look was not lost on the his twin.

"I guess *you* have already chosen Iphicles," he said, his grin wider. "Well, let's get going. New places to go, new people to mortals to fuck."

They stepped outside and the War God opened the doorway. "Let's go," he said with a laugh. The God of Love joined him, and they jumped into the portal.

by Jade

"Who to choose, who to choose," Ares, God of Love, muttered under his breath.  Once through the portal, he and the other Ares had parted ways.  The War God had told him that they would meet for the contest at the setting of the sun in the other Ares' citadel at Thrace.  If the Love God didn't get there on time, the other Ares would win.  Now all he had to do was choose.

"Let's see.  Iolaus?  But isn't he dead?  Can't remember, oh, well.  What about the Iolaus from my universe?  But Ares said it had to be someone from his, and besides, I've already done everything possible with my Iolaus.  I want somebody new.  This universe's Draco?  In my universe he's one of my top priests and I KNOW that he can go for hours.  I wonder what he's like here?  Just have to check it out, woln't I?"

The God of Love concentrated for a moment and found the mortal.  He was fighting off a band of bandits, quite bloodily, and screaming something about doing it for his love of somebody named Gabrielle.

"Ick.  He-he's unwashed!  That would be a definate no, for this mortal.  Wait till I tell MY Draco!  He'll never believe it!  He's fighting for the love of Gabrielle, hm?  Why anyone would want that psycho executioner....oh, yeah, different universe.  Here, she's probably a Follower of the Way."

Ares snorted.  "Nope, just can't see it.  A peaceful Gabrielle--right!  And I'm the God of Vengenance!"

Ares sighed and left the fighting behind him.  "Okay, who's next on the list?  Let's see.  Ares specified mortal, but he didn't specify species.  Wonder if Cheiron's available?  He's always fun, even with the whips and chains and stuff.  And centaurs have an awful lot of stamina.  Who ever I pick is going to need it!  I'm going to win this thing!  Wait!  I know!  Joxer!  The Sovereign tortured him for days and he never cracked.  The Joxer in this universe may be different, but I bet he can still handle anything I can dish out.  Plus, I've never fucked Joxer before."  Ares sighed again.  In his world, Joxer was sworn to the service of Apollo, God of the Underworld.  And Apollo guarded his possessions jealously.

"Let's go find Joxer," Ares muttered.  He found the mortal in a ditch.  Joxer was unconscious and had obviously been robbed.

"Oh, you poor thing!"  Ares rushed forward and bent to soothe the injured mortals wounds.  Joxer moaned in pain.

"There, there, I've got you, love.  No one will hurt you ever again!"  Ares was surprised by his feeling for this mortal.  Then he looked deeper, straight into Joxer's heart.  "Ah!  Poor thing!  You're not just broken in body, but in spirit and heart as well.  You have been done great harm by--Gabrielle?  Jeez!  Is everyone in this universe in love with Gabrielle!?   Don't worry, I'm here now.  When I see the love god of this universe, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind for letting you fall so deep."

Ares, God of Love, stroked the broken mortal's forehead, healing with his divine touch.  Yes, this was the one.

"I choose you, Joxer, and for more than the War God's little contest!"

by Jess

As the Grecian sun began its setting for the day, Ares, God of Love swept himself and Joxer through the ether to his twin's citadel in Thrace.  Ares hadn't been sure they'd make it on time.  It had taken a LOT of persuading to convince Joxer that he wasn't the God of War and to tell him about the contest.  If the God of Love had just been able to use a little passion spell, it would have been easier.  But rules are rules.

Joxer was regaining his bearings and strength, but halted suddenly as they approached the steps to  the citadel.  Ares looked at him questioningly.  "Maybe I was wrong about agreeing to do this," Joxer stammered.  "I'm not exactly high on Ares' list of favorite mortals."

Ares looked at him warmly.  "Nonsense.  I got to choose any mortal, and I picked you."  The God of Love could sense how unloved and sad Joxer felt inside.  He was going to use this contest not only to prove that he could last longer that the other Ares, but also to show Joxer just how much he was loved.

The halls of the citadel were dimly lit as Joxer and Ares arrived in a flash of sparkling light.  The quick movement unnerved Joxer and he was even more so as the God of Love gently steadied him, sending a strange and unfamiliar feeling throughout his body.

Ares, God of War and Iphicles were in deep conversation.  As the God of Love and Joxer arrived, the God of War looked up from his immense throne, took one look at his twin's chosen mortal, and began to laugh.  His outburst echoed against the stone walls and among the many passageways.  "I'm sorry," he finally got out.  "But Joxer?  Not exactly my choice for endurance and lasting capabilities."

The God of Love looked at his dark twin calmly, not revealing his uncommon feeling of anger at the War God's reaction to his selection.  Joxer, reverting to his most comfortable behavior of cowering, looked meekly to the Love God.  "Well then I guess we're lucky that it was MY choice, aren't we?"

The War God was surprised at the level of emotion and feelings his shining twin displayed.  He couldn't quite figure it out, but something was definitely there.  "Very well.  Joxer it is."  He motioned for Iphicles.  The Corinthian king had changed from his regal clothes and now stood beside Ares' throne dressing very simply and looking very unking-like.  "The contest we have chosen you for is simply this: my alter-world twin and I picked a mortal lover, and now we see which one of you can last the longest.  Which mortal will come the most?  That's it."

Joxer's eyes had gotten huge as the War God repeated the challenge.  The white clad god had told him what he had chosen Joxer for, but until now, it didn't quite sink it.  Joxer's confusion was intense.  He knew he wasn't the greatest warrior, and by no means of anybody's imagination was he supposed to be a god's choice for the ultimate mortal lover.  And yet, as the God of Love looked at him with caring and compassion, he felt as though he could live up to his potential and succeed with the Love God.

"Alright then," Ares God of War said, interrupting Joxer's ponderings.  "We all have a very long night awaiting us.  Perhaps we should let the games begin."

by Toi

The four participants of the contest looked at each other.  In a flash, they were tranported to a luxurious bedroom with 2 large beds.  Their clothes disappeared, the contest was about to begin.

"Joxer, we can do this.  Let's beat them," the Love God whispered to his chosen.  Joxer looked at Ares, the God of Love.  He saw the confidence that he had in him to win this contest.  Joxer ran his hands over the Love God's chest, took a nipple in his mouth, Ares gasped at the warmth and love that was presented to him. He could feel the sincerity pouring from Joxer's very being.

"The contest is that the mortal cums the most, not the God.  Get on with it Love God"  the War God stated, as he grabbed Iphicles and threw him on the other bed.

The Love God glared at the War God, "Don't worry about him.  You do what you want." he said to Joxer.  Joxer took hold of his Ares, they walked to the bed.  Ares put Joxer on his back, nuzzled his neck with kisses. Ares traveled down his pale body with tender nips and kisses, feeling Joxers cock against his stomach.  Ares reached down, started to stroke him.  Joxer bucked his hips up fuck his hand,  Ares pinned his hips down. Continuing to trail down his chest with nips, following the line of the unexpected taut muscles of his stomach Ares reached his cock and took it in with one swift movement.  Joxer bucked his hips again feeling the warmth of the Love Gods mouth on his cock, "Ares!"  At the moment Joxer came, he was totally open to Ares, he could feel the love that Joxer was capable of, but had no one to share with.  Not anymore.  The Love God choose Joxer for a reason.  He knew at that moment that if Joxer choose to, he could stay with him as his consort.  First, though, they had a contest to win.  Joxer's breathing was calming down, it was time to continue.

"Well, that's one," the War God quipped, as he went back to Iphicles' talented mouth.

by Spooky

Just then the temple doors burst open, and the large, over-moralistic figure of Ares GOW's most disfavoured brother strode in.

"Stop this now!" he roared.

Both Ares' looked up. Love snickered, and War glowered.

"You and who's army, little bro?" he sneered.

Hercules shot a look at Iphicles, laying there with a pissed off look on his face. "I can't believe you're really going through with this.. it's exploitation of the worst kind."

"Fuck you!" Iphicles growled. "I'm enjoying myself."

"Yeah? But what about Joxer? How are his feelings? How would Ares like it if some powerful being came up to him and told him he had to come until his brains blew out his ears, just for a bet?"

"Uh..." Joxer said.

"Keep quiet." Hercules snapped. "this is blatant perversion, and if I have anything to do with it, it's not happening!"

Iphicles stood up and advanced towards his brother, arms folded and totally naked.

"Actually. I'm loving every wet, thrusting, cock-sucking moment of  this blatant perversion, and you aren't stopping me," he said in a steely tone.

"Me too," came a very Joxer-like voice from behind Ares GOL.

Hercules tried to look everywhere but at the rampant cock thrusting upwards from Iphicles groin. Being faced with his brothers arousal was embarrassing to say the least.

"Go lay down, Iphicles," The malevolent voice of the war god snaked out. "Let me deal with this little upstart."

Iphicles pouted sulkily. When would he ever be able to get revenge on his demigod brother. Someone always stepped in and stopped him. Ares pushed him aside and went nose to nose with Hercules.

"You know, I'm really pissed off with you spoiling my fun. Is that your purpose in life? Were you born into this miserable little world to ruin any kind of pleasure I have? You even stop me from doing my job, interfere in my plans, turn my best generals into cringing pussies! I really don't like you butting in, and it stops now!"

"Uh, Ares. Don't spill blood on the carpet. It'll just ruin the pile," the love god said.

"Oh shut you pansy!" Ares' temper had been coming slowly to the boil, and now it exploded. He let loose a ball of pure energy, which flew out and hit Hercules square in the chest. The demigod went flying and landed against the wall, whacking his head hard against the brickwork. He slumped  bonelessly and was still.

Ares, god of war looked at his hand in amazement. "Cool!" he said. "First time I ever managed to knock the insufferable little bastard out with one of those."

He stopped his gloating and stalked over to the unconscious demigod. "Now... What shall I do with him?" he mused.

Iphicles walked over and put a hand on a meaty bicep. "Don't hurt him. He may be an obnoxious overbearing do-gooder, but he's my brother."

"He's mine too," Ares said, his voice barbed. "Your point being?"

"I don't want him hurt," Iphicles said obstinately.

Ares raised his eyes to the heavens. "I'm surrounded with pontificating goody two-shoes!" he moaned at his counterpart.

"Don't look at me. I'm a lover not a fighter," the love god said in a melodramatic tone, glancing at himself in a small hand mirror he'd conjured up, and smoothing an eyebrow.

"Spare me," Ares said, putting a hand over his eyes. "Why me? Why am I surrounded by..." He snapped his fingers. "I know. I won't hurt him... I'll just fuck him a few times."

He picked up the limp Hercules and threw him onto the bed.

Iphicles got pouty again. "But Ares, what about our competition?"

"Fuck the competition. I'm gonna fuck me a demigod!" Ares said gleefully. "And if you don't like it, well, you can piss off and screw Cupid"

Iphicles glared bad-temperedly at the war god. "You know what. I think I might just do that." He sniffed, and, gathering his clothes up, left the temple.

by Taz

"Well, now you've done it!" The God of Love sulked.

"Ten," said the God of War as he pulled one of Hercules boots off.

"What are you doing? You have no consideration for any."

"Nine," Ares said as the other boot hit the floor.

".one except your self. Now, your lover's gone."

"Eight." Ares was working on the demi-god's belts and laces.

".you and I wouldn't blame him if he never.."

"Seven." The god was panting a little and damning tight leather under his breath.

".speaks to you again. He'll probably go.."

"Six." Accounted for the yellow shirts.

".into a decline and waste away.."

"Five. Not with what Cupid'll be feeling him." Ares paused to admire the demi-god's admittedly glorious pecs."

".and you've spoiled our party."

"Four. Speak for yourself." Ares was expressing his appreciation of great art by pulling on his cock, running his thumb around the leaking tip of it and moistening his lips with his tongue at the same time.

".just because you're insecure and.."

"Three. " That was a little muffled because the god had bent over to retrieve the pillows from the floor.

".can't stand completion."

"Two. What did you say?" Ares lifted his head to glare at his counter part.

"I said you can't take the heat!"

"Miss me, Snookums?" Iphicles was back.

"One. What kept you, Sweets? Every second was a lifetime Now, get over here and sit on this lump while Candy Ass explains what he means about me not being able to take the heat and then I launch him into outer space." The god of war already had his fist cocked so it looked like it was going to be a short conversation.

The god of love didn't seem particularly impressed. "It's obvious." He said thrusting out his chest with its particularly spectacular mammary endowment and holding a handful of candy-pink energy at the ready behind his back. Ares blinked and in a moment of perceptual confusion glanced down as though to make sure his own teats were where they ought to be, then looked up and glared harder. "For years you've denied your incestuous attraction for your half brother by converting it into hostility and now you're going to taking advantage of his vulnerability by raping him and afterwards you were going to justify it by saying he asked for it."

The war god had gone from bright pink to brick red by the time the speech was over. It was obvious the other god had hit a nerve.

Iphicles was giving his lover a hard stare. "And that goes for you too, you royal bugger," the god of love fired his last verbal shot at Iphicles who gasped. "Don't tell me you haven't fantasized about ramming your scepter up his ass. I know these things. You came back to watch Ares act out your

The God of War, eyebrows up and hand relaxed, turned to look at the king who had taken Ares' instruction to sit on Hercules for permission to lift the demi-god's head into his lap and was looking as though he couldn't imagine how those nipples came to be rolling between his fingers. Iphicles was a remarkable shade of ruby. In his lap Hercules, smiled in his sleep and sighed.

"Neither one of you has the guts to admit your feelings and take the risk of rejection!" At that both king and war god turned to glare at the god of love who, being no fool, fired his handful of sweetness, light and mink pheromones in the shapes of hearts and flowers and little pink cocks at them. "Now, get one with it!" he shouted and turned to his chosen companion. "I know I promised you an orgy, Joxer. But I hit them with my most potent V-bomb and it'll dangerous in here, for the next two days.

The two of them took their exit in a blast of pink light leaving behind only a perfume similar to Joy by Patou but with a top note suspiciously reminiscent of civet cat musk as evidence that they'd ever been there.

Ares had taken the brunt of the blast and it had knocked him back onto the bed where he'd landed dazed between the demi-god's legs. Iphicles, with the expression of a man who's been handed the keys to the city of heaven, tried to figure out where to begin. And Hercules opened his eyes.

by Foxmonkey

Ares had taken the brunt of the blast and it had knocked him back onto the bed where he'd landed dazed between the demi-god's legs. Iphicles, with the expression of a man who's been handed the keys to the city of heaven, tried to figure out where to begin. And Hercules opened his eyes.

* * * *

"What the fuck?" Ares gasped, trying to catch his breath; he'd landed on the wonderfully bouncy pillow of Hercules' muscular ass.  "Oh, my achin' head!  The next time I get my hands on that.that." His semi-divine 'pillow' was wiggling beneath him, breaking his train of thought.

Face down in Iphicles' lap, Hercules blinked a moment, then realized that he was, indeed, face down in Iphicles' lap.  He lifted his head and looked up at his older brother.  "Number one.  Why am I staring at your cock?  Number two.  Why is Ares reclining on my ass?  Number three," he sniffed, "Why's this place smell like civet musk?"

The virility bomb slowly seeped into Iphicles' blood like warm ouzo; his eyelids dropped seductively. "Smells good, doesn't it?  It's making me hard."

There was a thickened huskiness in Iphicles' voice that Hercules had never heard before.

The V-bomb flowed like honey-slow ambrosia through Ares' body, radiating golden heat outward from his chest.  He'd heard the roughness in Iphicles' voice; unlike their brother, he recognized it.  He turned to find Iphicles looking at him, his face flushed, his eyes dark. Ares knew that look.  *You fucking beautiful slut,* the god thought.  *Seducing Hercules, but looking at me.*

Out of Hercules' range of vision, Ares nodded in answer to his lover.  He smiled, and keeping his eyes locked with the king's, bent to take a fold of Hercules' vest in his teeth.

For a whisper of time, Hercules realized the position he was in, considered who he was with, and remembered  his earlier indignation.  When he opened his mouth to snarl, "Get the fuck off me, Ares!" he heard himself say, "Gimme that cock."  He was surprised only as long as it took to get another whiff of male rut; the love god's weapon sizzled on his skin.  Overcome by the desire he'd always kept carefully hidden, Hercules closed his eyes and moaned.  "You gonna fuck me, or what?" Then he growled at Ares.  "Do it."

Fingers fumbled with laces and ties, anxious hands peeled layers of leather and cloth from suddenly overheated bodies; boots went flying, lobbed with the gleeful impatience of lust.  Moans, sighs, whispers.

The bed squeaked softly as their large, muscular bodies shifted.  His hungry mouth on Iphicles' cock, Hercules muffled a laugh.  "You have a squeaky bed?"

Grinning at Iphicles, Ares slapped Hercules' ass.  "You bet it squeaks. Gotta be the sexiest sound in the world."  Ares held out a hand as a drizzle of fragrant almond oil descended from nowhere.  He gently worked a finger into Hercules' ass as he directed the oil stream to coat his cock, then pour over his brother.  "You'll see.  You'll never hear another squeak again without thinking of this moment.  Listen.  Remember."  Ares rocked gently, setting the bed to voice its unoiled protest.

The motion set Hercules, on his knees, swaying slightly.  The demigod smiled, and glanced up to share his humor with Iphicles.  He found his brother's eyes were on Ares.  His mortal brother watched as his divine brother settled behind him.  Hercules drew in a sharp breath and closed his eyes as Ares filled him.  Strong fingers grasped his hips.  "Fuck me," Hercules whispered.  "I've always wanted you to fuck me."

"I know."  Ares moved slowly at first, looking down at the broad, strong body beneath him.  When he spoke, he looked into Iphicles' eyes. "I'll fuck you long and hard, little brother.  The way we've both wanted it."

Whimpering with the pleasure he'd refused himself for so many years, Hercules took Iphicles' heavy cock into his mouth with a renewed passion. His own cock was aching, weeping salty drops onto the bed below.  Grunting, he adjusted slightly between Ares' strokes so that he could rub himself against one of Iphicles' long, golden legs.

"You're sweet," Ares purred, looking down to watch his oiled thickness disappear into Hercules' ass.  "Almost as good as Iphicles.  I love slamming into your brother."  He leaned down to worry a bit of Hercules' sweaty skin with his teeth.  "I fuck him as hard as he can take.Fuck that sweet ass of his.  Headboard.Ohhhhh, fuck.headboard pounding the wall.bed.squeaking. Nothing.*nothing* like it.  Nothing."  He was panting now.  "Are you a slut like Iphicles?  Are you?  Are you my slut?"

Soft brown eyes flashed.  "You've got a slut," Iphicles said.  He looked jealously at the top of Hercules' head.  He ran his hand through Hercules' hair as though petting him, then curled a handful of the tawny softness around his fingers. "He's already got a slut, *brother.*  Got.that?" The last two words were punctuated with sudden upward hip thrusts into Hercules' mouth.

"No need to get pouty," Ares laughed breathlessly.  "You're still my favorite."  He pulled out and slammed deep into Hercules.  "My only." Another long stroke out, "My love," and a vicious thrust in.  He groaned, looking deep into Iphicles' eyes as his seed pulsed and burned into their brother's body.

"Fucker," Iphicles murmured, giving Ares the hint of a smile.  His humor melted away as he thrust up again and spilled himself into Hercules' mouth.

* * * * *

In the alternate universe, Ares cuddled with Joxer as the two lay side by side, naked, on the love god's huge bed.

Peering into the portal, Joxer looked a little confused.  "Herc hasn't had an," here he blushed, "orgasm.yet.  That's not fair."

A single candle flared to life as the Ares extinguished brighter oil lamps in the room.  "No need to worry, love; they'll be going at it for hours. They all have issues they need to work out.  And they'll enjoy it."  He smiled into the portal, then waved it away with a lazy but dramatic flourish.  He turned to his new lover. "You're sure you want to become my consort?  You'll be leaving your friends."

"Are you kidding?"  Joxer blushed again.  "You're the best thing since.ever!"

Two sets of gentle brown eyes reflected the love of two gentle souls as they gazed at one another.  Suddenly Ares burst into gales of laughter.

"What's the joke?"  Joxer started to join in, and though his lips curved in laughter, his eyes showed that he clearly had no idea what was going on.

Pink and red hearts floated through the air and surrounded the bed in a hazy cloud.  The love god finally controlled his mirth long enough to explain. "War boy is going to be sooo pissed," he laughed.  "The contest began, then Hercules broke in, all Tartarus and bad attitude."  Joxer nodded slowly as he followed along.   Ares continued.  "Then the gorgeous king left in a huff, remember?"

"Yeah, and then *we* left.  But I still don't get what's so funny."

"The contest ended when Iphicles left!" The love god howled with laughter. "All that boasting about who could come the most.  You came, Herc stomped in, Iphy stormed out.  We won!"  He rolled over on his back, kicking his legs in the air with glee.  "We beat Big Bad and Studly, *and you only came once!*  He'll never live it down!"

Realization dawned in Joxer's eyes.  "We beat Ares!" His face lit up, and he laughed.

The End

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