Dark Horse 1-16

Part 1 by Foxmonkey

Black leather pants.  Black leather vest, held closed by a silver-studded black leather belt slung low over narrow hips.  Impossibly tall, impossibly muscular, impossibly beautiful.

*I hate him.*

He'd looked like Ares once, he'd been that perfect.  Hephaestus' eyes narrowed as anger clouded his vision and raised a lump in his throat.  He wondered for the millionth time what he'd done to deserve his fate.  A fine chain dangled from his fingers, and he let the links slide, cool and smooth, over his skin.

When Aphrodite had agreed to marry him, he'd been amazed; it finally looked like things were going his way.  He'd been deliriously happy, and thought she was, too.  Thinking of her that day, he'd decided to surprise her. As he neared the door, he'd heard high, soft laughter from their bedroom; the answering chuckle was equally soft, but low.  He'd been stunned. He stood in the hall, listening to the sounds of sex,
and his face had flamed, knowing that his wife was making a fool of him, in his own bed, with their brother.

He needed a plan.

The forge was hot, but that was good; he thought more clearly in the warm confines of his workspace.  He'd picked up a hammer and a bit of living metal, and started working, imaging what had taken place behind that door. He couldn't blame Aphrodite; he'd fallen under Ares' spell himself numerous times.  Ares would pop in to check on the progress of his war toys, and the visit would end with Hephaestus bent over a
workbench, his leather apron up around his waist, his pants down around his ankles.  No one fucked like Ares.  No one.

A shimmering curtain of chains spilled over the side of the anvil.  Hephaestus gathered them up, sorting the links as he sorted his thoughts; it seemed there was a link for every disappointment in his life.  His current misery stemmed not from the fact that Ares had
fucked his wife…Ares hadn't fucked *him.*  It was true that he'd wanted Aphrodite, but it was Ares that Hephaestus loved.

Part 2 by Taz

If metal had a soul, as he believed it did, and if form directed – no required purpose as he knew it did, this delicate web dripping through his fingers was anxious to be about trapping its prey.

He began folding it into a pattern as beautiful as it was malignant and was concentrating on that when a wavering shadow fell across his bench. A mellow voice said…“Heph, that had better be the new tridents I ordered!” He started and the chains escaped. “But it doesn’t look like it is.”

The voice’s owner was as good-natured as sounded but Hephaestus wasn’t in the mood. He snapped --“Why can’t you just appear in a flash of noise and light and be as obnoxious as the rest of the family?”

Poseidon coalesced from the gentle green aura that foreshadowed his appearance. “Wo-hah! Who stuffed an electric eel up your butt?”

“Grab them!” Hephaestus yelled. The chains were slithering over the other side of the bench tinkling as they hit the floor. His uncle obligingly scooped them up and together they rolled them back up despite the web’s resistance.

“You going big game hunting or fishing?” Poseidon said, when they’d forced the last links together and snapped a cleat on them. “Mind telling me what this is for?”

“It’s for a rat,” he said.

Poseidon looked at him. The oldest of his uncles, Poseidon was a burly god with clear gray eyes and dark curly hair. The one trait he seemed to share with his brothers was the power that they all exuded. It was rare he visited any member of his family, preferring his own vast realm of water and ocean storms, and when he did bother, as in this case to check on an order of tridents for his merman army, Hephaestus found him a calm sort of deity who seemed to only amused by the political antics and emotional scenes that Zeus ’ endured -- no encouraged in Olympus. “A rat?” Poseidon said. “Would this rat’s name be ‘Ares?’”

“How’d you guess?”

“Apollo saw and told Artemis who told Athena who told Demeter who told Persephone who told Hades…” Poseidon saw the look on his face. “Nephew, they don’t call Apollo the ‘Far Shooter’ because he’s all that good with a bow!”

Hephaestus blushed in fury. They knew it in the ocean deep, they knew it in Tartarus and all over Olympus – gods! Someone had probably phoned Atlas and Cronos! He was the ‘last’ one to know! Doubly humiliated under Poseidon’s amused eyes, he clutched his bundle of chains, more determined than ever.

“What are you planning to do?”

“Catch them in the act, expose them in front of all the gods and let Ares talk his way out of this one.” Poseidon pursed his lips. “Mmm, that’s good – but we can do better.”


“I haven’t been ratting in years, Nephew, and Hot-pants still owes from the last time. I’m getting tired of his ‘I sent Hermes with the check two days ago but he must have stopped off at that whore house in Babylon’ routine.”

Hephaestus looked at his uncle; there was a strong smell of sea salt in the air of the forge. “Owes you?”

“Don’t look at me like that!” Poseidon came closer and took the chains away from him. “I’m fond of the brat or I wouldn’t pay his fines as often as I do. I feel sorry for him. Zeus has done nothing but play favorites and ruin him.” Poseidon reached behind Hephaestus’s neck and pulled over the long thick tail of hair. “But there’s no excuse for his behavior some times and if I were going to take a personal interest in any of my nephews….” The coals were hissing loudly in the firebox. The humidity seemed to have risen suddenly and Poseidon was winding the ponytail around his hand, drawing Hephaestus closer. Hephaestus had no impulse to resist. The power of his fire was great, he could command volcanoes, but Poseidon could crack the earth and water overwhelmed all. He wondered briefly why Zeus was king as Poseidon’ cheek brushed his scarred one and his body was crushed against the older god’s.

Hephaestus had built the home he shared with Aphrodite on a scenic crag not far from Corinth. It had a great view it but was isolated and the approach was up a switchback trail that would have provoked a lot of bitching about the difficulty of getting to parties there if a lot of gods bothered to walk. A lot of gods didn’t. But one of the very few was descending the path --strutting, self-satisfied, stuffed full of himself -- Poseidon jabbed him in the ribs and hissed -- “Pay attention! He’s probably still floating in the after-glow but that doesn’t mean he won’t kick.”

They’d buried the net of chains in the dust across the path. A few minutes later, Ares came around the corner, stepped in the middle of it and the web closed over his head.

“Hey!” Ares first yell of surprise changed to screams of outrage as the net tightened and he found the trap unbreakable.

Laughing, Hephaestus and Poseidon came out of hiding.

“Heph, I see your problem. The rats are really noisy out here.”

“I’m not sure it’s rats now, it sounds more like a wet cat to me.”

Ares stopped struggling and glared. “Whose idea of a joke is this?”

They ignored him.

“A cat? No, but it does sound familiar…” Poseidon said.

Ares spoke very sweetly. “Did one of you had a strong desire to be eviscerated through their asshole today?”

“Very familiar.” Hephaestus said.

Ares reverted to form. “Let me out and I may let ‘one’ of you live.”

“Heph, what’s the most arrogant animal you can think of?”

“My mother’s peacock?”

“No, I see the resemblance but peacock’s have some dignity.”

That provoked an inarticulate howl from the captive and Hephaestus said, “It shrieks like a peacock but it sure looks like a horse’s ass to me.”

“That’s it!” There was glowing green ball in Poseidon’s hands. Ares saw it.

“What are you doing with that? Heph! Heph don’t let….”


Poseidon whooped and the chains burst as the power hit them.

There was a moment’s stillness then Ares rolled over and shakily, like a newborn colt, stood up on all four of his feet. The god’s leathers hadn’t made the transition with him and from the waist up, it was clear Ares was all he’d ever been. But below where the dark pelt on his belly thickened, were the powerful legs and hind end of a horse.

“You were right, he makes a very nice centaur,” Hephaestus told his uncle. And he did. Ares had a glossy black coat and a long thick tail. “But those hooves could do with some shoes.”

Poseidon laughed. “You’re right. Here boy, come here and we’ll give you a nice apple.”

Ares glared at them. “You can both kiss my…

Part 3 by Joey RZ

“Your horse’s ass?  No thanks.”  Poseidon started laughing so hard,  Hephaestus had to help him stay upright.

“Change me back, Uncle!”

“I don’t think so, Ares.  You pride yourself on your charm and looks.  Lets  see how long that lasts now.  You’ve got one week to get to my temple in  Thebes and maybe then I’ll consider changing you back.”

“One week?  I can get to Thebes now, if you want.”

“Oh, did we forget to mention?” Hephaestus asked innocently.  “You are a  centaur, not a god.”

Both gods started to laugh uncontrollably and disappeared in twin flashes of  red and blue light, leaving an enraged former god of war behind.

Ares was about to start cursing when Poseidon flashed back again.

“Oh, and don’t worry, I’m sure Discord will do a fine job as goddess of war  during your... vacation.”

Ares’ yells could be heard for miles.


The king of thieves had promised himself he’d never steal from the gods  again.  But for seventy five hundred dinars, those promises could be broken.  And besides, the goddess of love wouldn’t miss her necklace that much.   She could always get another one.

Now, if getting to her home on the outskirts of Corinth was just a bit  easier, he’d be a happy thief...

Part 4 by Kobra

The king of thieves had promised himself he’d never steal from the gods again. But for seventy five hundred dinars, those promises could be broken. And besides, the goddess of love wouldn’t miss her necklace that much. She could always get another one.

Now, if getting to her home on the outskirts of Corinth was just a bit easier, he’d be a happy thief... “

Autolycus sighed as he approached the bottom of the cliff and studied the routes. Whichever way he did this it was going to be a long, hard climb. He briefly considered using the path but once started that way there was no easy escape, and he always preferred to have the element of surprise on his side. He was also prepared to bet Hephaestus had installed a few of his own nasty little surprises along the way for unwanted visitors using the main entrance.

And that loud angry cry which scared the pants off him was probably one of them, so maybe he’d just sort out his stuff and have a drink of wine before he started, and let whatever sort of thing it was wander back to wherever it ought to be.

He settled on a rock and took a long pull on his wine-skin hoping that it would help him to stop shaking.


After a few minutes Ares stopped yelling and considered his situation. He looked back across his gleaming black back and approved. Hey, there were worse things to be than a centaur. He liked centaurs. They were his kind of warriors; the kind who liked to finish fights as much as they liked to start them.

Ares checked out his new body, and discovered something very interesting about centaur anatomy. The species was equipped to mate with both horses and humans. This distracted him briefly while he considered the possibilities. Interestingly, the human parts could be retracted as well as the horse ones, so they hid beneath the shaggier pelt on his ?chest until needed.  He extracted and retracted his human genitalia a few times just to check the mechanism. Maybe this trip to Thebes would be amusing after all.

But first he needed to work out how to walk. This path too steep and treacherous to be tackled if you weren’t sure of your footing. He took one experimental and shaky step. So far so good. Then another, and another, and realised that if he didn’t think too hard about it walking on four legs wasn ’t much harder than walking on two.

So Ares set off slowly on his way to Thebes. At least he knew the way, he thought. One advantage of being God of War was knowing his way round Greece. You couldn’t plan battles, or wars without knowing the terrain. Aside from mortality the only problem that immediately presented itself was the possibility of running into Zeus’ favourite mortal bastard, or his irritating blond “friend”. But then he was near Corinth and chances were that Hercules would be “following his heart” to heroically interfere in someone else’s life in another part of the country. And it couldn’t  be far enough way at this moment, in Ares’ opinion.


Iolaus was already on his way up to visit Hephaestus when Ares yelled. The sound of someone in trouble instantly set him running, well moving as fast as he could uphill, towards the trouble. He rounded a sharp turn and stopped dead as he gasped “Ares!!”

The blond scanned the area and managed to pant, “Where’s ....trouble.? Heard....yelling.”

“And so you raced to the rescue. And you’d be as much use in a fight as ... a cream cheese helmet.”

Iolaus collapsed against a nearby ledge and sucked air back into his lungs.

“Was it ...you?”

Ares laughed. Even breathlessness couldn’t stop Iolaus talking.

“Yes,” the god admitted.

Iolaus had regained his breath and was staring at Ares. He walked around the figure and observed astutely, “You’re a centaur,” caught sight of Ares’ expression and added quickly, “But you already know that, and I don’t think you want to tell me how this happened. Yet.”

“Is Hercules with you?”

“Nope. He had to go to Nemea. They’re having lion problems again. So, I said I’d come see if Hephaestus could make us a suitable coronation present for Dirce. You know her Dad, king Menelaus died? Then I’d meet Herc at the coronation. Heph still owes me for getting him and Dite together and he said if ever.....”

Iolaus stopped. Ares was shaking with uncontrollable laughter. He couldn’t help himself. Tactically, he should have kept a straight face and let the hunter walk on to the forge. If Heph smashed Hercules’ best friend to a pulp then this time, and finally, he would have to stay with Hades. Unfortunately, the delightful picture of a grief-stricken Hercules was too much for him.

Iolaus considered the hysterical figure and mentally reran what he’d been saying.

“Did Hephaestus do this to you?”

Ares nodded.

“For messing around with Dite?”

Ares sobered up. “That’s none of your business.”

“But you think I’ll run into trouble if I go up there and remind your brother that I helped them get together? That’s why you’re laughing.”

Ares glared down at the little man. This blond wasn’t as dumb as he’d thought, and a travelling companion might be useful. Besides, he needed someone to play with. The glare turned into one of  his most winning smiles.

He shrugged slightly. “Possibly,” he conceded. “It might not be the best time for you to ask Heph for a favour. However, if you help me get to Thebes within a week I’ll owe you.”

Iolaus thought about this for a moment and smiled back. He stepped alongside Ares and said, “Sure. Dirce’s coronation isn’t for another three weeks. So I can help you and still meet up with Herc. “ He patted the god’s shoulder. “It could be fun.”

Ares laid a hand on Iolaus’ shoulder and squeezed it gently. “I’m sure it will be,” he said, with the slightest twitch of irony flickering across his lips and eyes.

So, the odd couple set off down the path towards Thebes.

Part 5 by Narcissus

Taking a final pull from his wineskin, Autolycus prepared himself mentally for the job ahead.  Faint heart never won fair maiden, or more to the point, goddess' necklace.  No more screams had echoed down from above.  Time to get on with it.

Then all Hades broke loose.  He heard a lot of swishing, a faint slap, a scream of surprise, some thuds, and then the sound of thundering hooves.  He'd barely gotten to his feet when he saw a massive beast galloping down the trail and heading straight for him.

He hurled his body out of the way, sprawling face first in the dirt. He'd begun to pick himself up, checking himself for bumps and bruises, when he heard rushing feet and angry muttering from the trail.  He looked up in just in time to see an agitated, rushing Iolaus trip over an exposed root and fly through the air.  The sturdy body crashed into his own, and he went rolling.  To land on his back beneath the exposed belly of an enormous black horse.  Powerful hooves pawed the ground dangerously close to his valuable, well trained thief's hands.

Some dazed part of his mind noted that he hadn't ever been in quite this position before.  It provided  a very enlightening view.  He'd never thought much about equine genitalia.  Perhaps an oversight on his part. Wait, what was he thinking?  Gods, was that another one?

"Hasn't anyone ever told you that staring at someone's sexual organs is impolite unless you intend to do something with them?"

Autolycus shook his head to settle his whirling thoughts.  Okay, not a horse.  Gotta be a centaur. And, seemingly, a somewhat horny centaur. "Whoa, boy.  Steady now.  Easy does it."  Autolycus rolled out from under the sidling beast and struggled to his feet.  As his brain started to process what he was seeing, he wondered whether he'd been kicked in the head and just hadn't realized it.  Not just a centaur.  A centaur God of War.  Or his twin.

The war god's hooves were still shuffling nervously, and his tail was swishing every which way.  "Easy, boy.  Easy," Autolycus soothed.  He started to reach his hand forward so the horse could become accustomed to his scent when he realized he was talking to the god as if he were a horse.  "Say, boy, er, Ares.  Do I address your horse half or your human half?"

One massive, muscled arm reached down, grabbed Autolycus by his collar, and pulled him up until he was nose to nose with a very unhappy looking God of War.  "If you have any sense whatsoever, which I doubt, you'll address me as a god, so I don't fry you 'til you're crispy when I get my powers back."

Autolycus was still trying to process that information, when another voice broke into the conversation.

"Ares!  You slapped me in the face with that tail of yours."  Iolaus, so angry he was twitching, had picked himself up and challenged the god.

Ares set Autolycus on his feet, none too gently.  "Well, there was some damn horsefly buzzing around.  I think maybe it was Deimos.  It'd be just like him.  He's always reminded me of some irritating insect.  And I haven't quite got the hang of this tail business.  It seems to have a mind of its own."  As if to prove the truth of what he was saying, the tail flicked this way and that, and then switched Autloycus' backside. "It was an accident, okay?"  Ares scowled as he remembered what had followed.  "And you poked me with that walking stick of yours.  Damn near stuck it up my ..."

"Guys, guys."  Autolycus sensed an opportunity here, but he wouldn't get anywhere unless he could get the two of them to stop bitching and moaning.  After all, he'd ended up in the dirt, and he'd been just minding his own, thieving business. Hm, a god of war without his godly powers.  An interesting business proposition.  Now, if he could do the god a favor and help him get his powers back, that might be worth more than 'Dite's necklace.  And the view he'd seen while lying beneath Ares' belly made him think that hanging around a horny, centaur god of war might be worthwhile in more ways than one.


The hammer froze in the midst of its downward arc.  Cursing, Hephaestus hurled the offending instrument across the cavern.  Ordinarily, work soothed him.  He'd work to an instinctive rhythm, freeing the creative power in his body and forgetting, for the time, his lameness and his scars.

Now, work didn't help.  Nothing could drive the vision of Ares as a centaur from his restive, lustful mind.  That sharply sculpted face, both beautiful and somewhat cruel.  The massive chest.  The arms as muscled and strong as his own.  He remembered how it had felt to be held, all too briefly, in the warm circle of those strong arms.

And now, thanks to the spell he and his ally had imposed, beneath all that original beauty he'd seen the deep chest, lean flanks, and powerful musculature of a gorgeous animal.  The black coat had gleamed with health and animal vitality.  He wondered what it would have felt like to smooth his hands over those muscled flanks.  To feel all that warm, pulsing strength beneath his own scarred fingertips.  It seemed that Ares in any form could be nothing other than virile, powerful, and beautiful.

He wished he'd thought to examine the horse's cock before he'd vanished.  What would that feel like in his hand?  What would it taste like in his mouth?  How large would it be?  The thought hardened his own cock, and he moved his hand to his groin to provide room in his breeches for its hardening length.

He'd thought revenge would satisfy him.  Poseidon's idea had seemed such a good one at the time.  Now he wondered if satisfaction would demand something else.  With the thought, he flashed out to begin his search for the dark, dangerous animal he'd helped create.

Part 6 by Thamiris

"You did what?"  In the cloud-clear light of Olympus, Zeus saw the tiny aqua scales that covered Poseidon's exposed skin.  As his brother opened his mouth to reply, the scales rippled in a silver- green wave.  Disgusting, although, perversely, he wanted to stroke one shimmering cheek, see if it felt like the silk Hera draped over their bed.

"Gave your spoiled, pretty-boy son an extra set of legs. Oh yeah--and hooves, too."

Zeus pictured Hercules with strong, fawn-colored legs, rounded muscular thighs and rump, and an enormous...Then realized that Poseidon meant the other pretty-boy son.  "You turned Ares into a centaur?"  And drifted off, thinking of powerful, earth-black haunches and an enormous...

"There's more to it than that, you old goat.  I'm not here to fuel your kinky fantasies," Poseidon said.  "I have a favor to ask."

His attention crackled into focus.  "You want a favor from me?"  Zeus swore his brother's grey- green eyes rolled, and, oddly, a snippet of a bawdy tavern song came to him.  He'd heard it one night while trawling for a big-breasted bar wench (and found three scrumptious ones, appropriately enough, in The Rampaging Bullcock):

‘Poseidon, he was mighty, Eyes green as mossy rock. His skin was kinda slimy, And his breath was kinda briny, But he had a great big cock.'

Aha, he thought.  One favor coming up--for a price.  It's seafood on the menu tonight.

Poseidon sighed.  "You're so transparent.  Fine.  I'll accept your terms. The things I do for my favorite nephew..."  But two concave crevices appeared in his cheeks.  Dimples, apparently.  Who knew?  "You've spoiled Ares rotten, and ignored Hephaestus.  Now it's time to put a rein on your son.  Literally, even.  Time to redress the balance."

"You've already done that," Zeus said, speculating about the texture of a green-scaled cock. Would the semen spill like ocean water, blue and icy? "You turned him into a horse.  I can't see Ares being too amused by that, no matter how good it sounds to the rest of us."

"It's not enough.  Ares looks great even with four legs, and poor Heph's already having fantasies about horse-cock.  Hell, I think everyone's fantasizing about horse-cock these days.  So this is what I want to do..." And Poseidon stepped onto the dais, then bent to his brother's ear, whispering and licking.

"Discord's not going to like--"  But then Zeus found that divine, shimmering fish-gods had talents he'd only dreamed of (not to mention tasted quite good, like sole cooked with lemon and butter), so he let Poseidon take him on the marble throne, tossing a random series of commands into the cosmic order.

Such was the making of divine law.

As a councilman droned on about cisterns and pipes, Iphicles stifled a yawn and tried to amuse by finding dirty puns in Thales' speech.  It worked for a minute, especially when Thales began to talk about laying them deep, and the problems posed by the really big pipes, then Iphicles' boredom came shooting back.  Bad enough that Corinth was getting her ass kicked by those pansy-assed Spartans.  Ares' fault.  His father puts his dick in some peasant girl a few dozen years ago, and the god of war still hadn't gotten over it, taking petty revenge not only against Herc, but against Alcmene's other son, too.  This plumbing fiasco, shit floating into every household in town, instead of floating out, was probably Ares' fault, too, the fucking--

Then, a searing screech through space, and Corinth's very irritated king found himself in a very different room, in a very different palace.  Instead of bright murals showing allegories of good government, the walls here were...well...black.  Black like the inside of a panther's gullet.  Black like the dark for a kid after a nightmare.  He started moving, and noticed that silver sometimes relieved black, from an occasional sword or shield fixed against the glossy surface.

The air here smelled different too: richer, thicker, like he was high up in the mountains.  Really high, only without the shortness of breath, the panicky sense of lungs compressed.  In fact, Iphicles felt great.  Ahead, he saw a window, and hurried toward it--then stopped so abruptly he nearly tilted over.  What in Tartarus was that sound?  That steady clop-clop-clop? It sounded like a horse, only he was the only one here.  Was the place haunted?  He remembered the stories about Diomedes' mares, fed on human flesh.  When Herc got back from fighting that lion in Nemean, maybe he could take care of this problem.  Meanwhile...

Nervously, Iphicles stepped forward.  Clop.  He skipped ahead (skipped?). Clopclopclop.  The real problem came when he reached for his sword and found it hanging against a buttery-soft flank.  Unfortunately, it was his own flank.  His fingers kept fumbling, stroking and prodding.  The new parts liked that, apparently, because something was jutting from his thighs. Something extremely big (he was used to something fair-sized, but not thick and long as his forearm).  Skittish, he lopped in a half-circle and saw a doorway he'd nearly missed.

A quick pass into more blackness.  Need light, he thought, and suddenly a thousand fat white candles blazed.  Iphicles let out a startled shout (relieved, on some level, that it wasn't a whinny).  Standing before him, pawing the marble tiles with the hoofed tip of one tawny forelock, a truly stupendous cock standing proud, a naked chest gleaming above a tawny horse's body, was one helluva sexy centaur.

Only, he looked very, scarily familiar...

Someone was going to pay for this.  He raised his fist and shook it at the mirror--which exploded into a thousand tiny pieces.  As they fell to the floor, each fragment reflected a new part of Iphicles, king of Corinth, son of Amphitryon, brother of Hercules...Centaur.  Hooves.  Tail.  Fetlock. Rump.   At least the massive hard-on had vanished.  Hard to think with a Corinthian column projecting from your body.

The new powers were pretty impressive, though.  Experimentally, Iphicles wished hard for food.  A table appeared before him, groaning under platters of roast chicken with crackling oiled skin, fig-stuffed duck, feta covered in basil-striped tomato chunks, black olives piled in a pyramid, lobster tails, mounds of pink shrimp, cake slathered with honey and leaking almonds.

"I need a drink," he said, and found his hand closed around a heavy silver goblet brimming with blood-colored wine.  "What the hell is going on?" About to take a sip, Iphicles noticed that the cup was engraved with an "A," beneath the symbol of a sword through a shield.  Suddenly furious, he whipped it against the wall so hard the room echoed for a minute with the sharp crack of broken marble.  Not that fucking bastard.  He should've smelled Ares in this.  Not enough to turn the Corinthians into the butt of all military jokes, to have them reeking of shit in their dung- smeared house.  No, now he'd transformed their king into a goddamn horse.

When the noise finally died down, Iphicles heard a low voice in his ear.

"I know a way you can get back at him."

Whirling around, Iphicles saw a dark god.  Ares, but not Ares.  His right cheek was ruined, a roadmap of grooves, free of a beard, and he favored that foot, resting his weight on the left one.  But the rest was the same: wavy black hair, black eyes.  Maybe a bit thicker through the shoulders and chest, like he'd spent time working with... "Hephaestus."

"Do you know who you are, Iphicles?"

About to get lucky, he thought, and felt a double stirring below.  "I'm not sure.  Is there a centaur god?"

Hephaestus seemed to smile.  "Not exactly.   The centaurs worship the god of war."

"So you're saying that..."

"Look, it's kind of complicated.  Poseidon asked Zeus for a favor, only it seems like Zeus got things a little scrambled.  He's like that when sex is involved.  Anyway, I'm thinking that Poseidon wanted someone who hated Ares to take over his duties, and to help me out.  Let's just say that Ares takes after his father in some respects, and it's payback time for me.  And, it seems, for you."

"I'm up for it.  So what do we do now?"

"Ares has one week to get to my temple in Thebes.  He's managed to drag a few mortals along with him--Iolaus and Autolycus.  You and I are going to stop them."

Part 7 by Kyra

Ares was pawing the road, impatiently waiting for his two companions to catch him up.  He was finding that one additional advantage to having four legs was that he could travel quicker than with two.  He had to admit that Iolaus was doing his best to keep up while Autolycus was having problems.  Ares thought that Autolycus would have been fit, what with the necessity of making quick getaways but that obviously was not the case.

When Autolycus finally caught his companions, he bent over, catching his breath.  However Ares noted the thief's surreptitious glances at his genitalia whenever he thought the god wasn't looking.  This could be interesting.  Two cocks and two companions -- what more could he want.  Apart from being returned to his normal self again.

The sound of hooves came from behind them and as the three travelling companions turned, a brown cart horse came into sight, pulling a battered cart with an old man perched on top.  Suddenly the horse reared and broke its harness, galloping across the fields to freedom.

The old man yelled abuse after his departing horse and then looked at the threesome watching.  His eyes widened at the sight of the black centaur standing in front of him and he smiled.

"Friend, if you will draw my cart to the next village I will feed you and your friends."

"What?  Do you know who I am?  I am the--"

"Leader of a band of centaurs."

"And he will be pleased to draw your cart," Autolycus and Iolaus both chimed in, leaving Ares speechless.

"He does seem to have a temper but the village isn't far cross country."

"In what direction?" growled Ares, having a feeling that he wasn't going to be able to get out of this.

The man pointed and Ares reluctantly nodded.  It looked like it would be a more direct route to Thebes than the road.  As long as none of the gods saw him he would be happy - the chances of that being possible were slim.  It was going to be round Olympus within minutes that not only had Ares, God of War been turned into a centaur but he was drawing a cart as well.  His brother was going to pay when he got his powers back.

"Great.  Thank you, now if you could just back up and get between the shafts we will see about fixing the harness to you."

As the straps went around him, Ares could feel his equine cock lengthening until it jutted out proudly.

"Hey look at that the big guy likes bondage," chortled Autolycus.

"With all that leather he wears, you didn't know?" laughed back Iolaus.

Ares narrowed his eyes and glared at the two.  He tried to lash out at them with his hooves but they stayed out of the way.  He silently promised them retribution as the old man took hold of his harness and lead the way over the hills towards his village.

Iphicles was laughing himself silly as he watched the dark god pulling a ramshackle cart in a scrying pool he had found in the temple.

"This is brilliant, but it does look as if the going is too easy."

With a thought, Iphicles put small boulders and patches of brambles in Ares' path.  He watched while Ares tried to avoid the obstacles, usually succeeding but the brambles were catching his legs, lightly scratching Ares' legs.   By the time the quartet of travellers reached the village, Ares was covered in sweat and was favouring one hoof.

"That should slow you up a while", he whispered before turning back to discover what new powers he had at his command.

Iolaus was quick to unfasten Ares when they reached the village.  Autolycus had moved to the well and drawn up a bucket of cool water which he slowly rubbed over Ares glossy black coat, cooling the centaur body down.  Iolaus handed Ares a beaker of water but then had to fetch a pitcher as Ares wanted more.

"Hey, slow down.  Too much water and you're going to be sick.  That will slow us down even more if we can't see what's laming you."

Iolaus leant down and picked up the hoof.  He drew out a small knife and started to move it in the built up earth.

"Be careful with that."

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing?"  Iolaus twisted the knife suddenly and a small pebble fell to the ground..  "Try that.  Better?"

Ares put the hoof on to the ground and walked around.  "Much, thank you," he whispered, hating the thought that he was thanking another mortal.  He had forgotten how much he hated being mortal, although being a centaur was different.  He might even try this form out when he got his powers out but first he had to see what fun he could get up to in this form.

An old woman came out of the house bringing platters of food.  "I'm sorry but there's no room in the house for you," she said, looking at Ares, "but if you don't mind eating out here there is plenty of food."

"Wherever is fine," Iolaus said taking the tray of food and helping himself to the chicken.

"Hey leave some for me," Autolycus yelled and pushed Iolaus out of the way. Holding a drumstick, Autolycus looked at Ares.  "Tuck in you've got to keep your strength up."

Ares was about to object when his stomach betrayed him with a massive growl. With no further prompting he pushed Autolycus out of the way and grabbed the largest piece of chicken he could see.  The meat was soon joined by bread, vegetables and fruit and plenty of ale and before very long the plates were empty.

As it grew darker, the two men lay down and made themselves comfortable in the straw of the barn.  Ares started to paw the ground in frustration.  It looked like he was going to be spending the night sleeping standing up unless he could work out how to lie down.  As he bent his front legs, he let out a scream of pain as he suddenly felt his muscles cramp.  Iolaus and Autolycus leapt up and rushed over to him.

"What's wrong?  Where are you hurting?" Iolaus asked.

"My legs... They're on fire."

Autolycus ran a hand up each leg and nodded.  "They're pretty hot.  We need to cool them down."

Soon Ares' legs were being cooled with freshly drawn water.  However Ares quickly began to feel hot as the two pairs of hands worked on his legs at a time.  The strokes moving up and down gradually began to slow and Ares picked up their heavier breathing as he also began to become very aroused.

Iolaus and Autolycus' hands started to work their magic on Ares, transferring their strokes to his cocks, and when they brought the god to orgasm they barely managed to get out of the way as Ares' legs finally gave way and he collapsed in the straw, fighting to regain his breath.

Part 8 by Jenn M.

Ares, exhausted from the day's events, tried to sleep. He found sleeping in the equine body harder than he imagined. Finally unable to get comfortable, he struggled to his feet.  He walked to a large tree and leaned his shoulder and head against the trunk. His mind raced as he considered all the ways he would make Heph and Poseidon pay. Slowly he began to fall asleep.

The soft stroking of his flank pulled him from sleep.

"So soft," a deep voice murmured.

Ares looked over his shoulder to see Hephaestus caressing him. With his stong hind end he kicked the Forger God in the stomach and sent him flying.

Spinning around he charged the downed god. He reared up over Haephestus and brought his hooes down on either side of his face.

Hephaestus looked up with a mixture of suprise and awe. Ares was beautiful when angry but with this new body even more so.

"What in Tarturus do you think you're doing?" Ares' tail swished angrily from side to side. "I should trample you into the ground right now for what you've done to me!"

"You brought this on yourself," Hephaestus snarled in response. "Why couldn't you leave my wife alone?"

"Is that what this is all about?" Ares asked increduously. He backed up, allowing the Forger to regain his feet. "So you're jealous. That doesn't give you the right to take my godhood and turn me into a four legged beast."

Hephaestus sighed deeply. He knew Ares was right. He let his emotions get the better of him and now Ares was paying beyond what was necessary for his actions.  "You're right, Ares, my jealousy did this, but not because you fucked Aphrodite. Because you didn't fuck me."

Ares walked to were Hephaestus stood. He placed a hand on the god's shoulder. His cock sprang to life, reminding Ares that it needed attention. "Well, if a fucking is what you want, a fucking is what you'll get."

Before Hephaestus could respond, he was picked up and slung over Ares' shoulder. Trotting over to the tree, Ares threw Hephaestus down. He turned the god around and pushed him up against the tree.  For a moment Hephaestus struggled, but before long his own cock was begging for some attention as well. Ares ripped Heph's leather pants from his body. His cock swelled as it pressed against warm flesh. With a hand on each hip, Ares pulled Hephaestus to him. His eager cock filled the Forger's ass.  The God groaned deeply as he was filled. His body being pressed into the unyielding tree trunk.

Ares reached around and grasped Heph's cock. As he rammed into the tight body, he stroked the member.  Hephestus cried out and his body spasmed with his release. The heavy, hard equine body continuing its assault on him.

Ares roared when his orgasm hit. It ripped through his body and hot seed filled his lover.
Resting his head on a well muscled shoulder Ares caught his breath.

Hephaestus whispered, his voice ragged "Ares, what have I done? I'll fix this, I swear."

"Well, isn't this cozy."

The two lovers spun around. Iphicles' eyes flashed angrily.

Part 9 by JaimeBlue

...Meanwhile, in the barn...

The ever-watchful Autolycus was woken from a wonderful dream about him, Xena, Joxer, and a rutabegga (don't ask) to strange grunting sounds coming from outside the barn.  He got up and opened the door a crack to see what the commotion was all about.

His jaw dropped at the sight of the centaurian God of War taking another man from behind.  A voice in the back of his mind told him to look away and go back to sleep.  He chose to listen to the voice further south which told him to keep watching.

He was enraptured by the sight.  He could feel his cock harden, tightening his trousers.  He held on to the door for support, for fear his legs would give out on him.  He reached a hand down the undo the laces on his pants, then ran the hand down his cock.  It jumped at the touch.  He took it in his hand and began pumping in time to the couple outside.  Soon the only senses that were working were his sight to see Ares and the man outside and touch.  It took several moments to register another hand joining his on his cock.

He leaned back into the body he knew would be there.  He closed his eyes and realized he was being spoken to.

"You really get off on watching others, don't you Auto."


"Do you want me to stop?"


"What will you do for me if I keep this up?"

"Anything.  Just don't stop."

He could feel the man behind him smile.  "That's just what I hoped you would say."

Autolycus' hand was pushed away from his cock and replaced by the other man's.  The man pumped him until he could take no more, and came all over his hand.  He collapsed against the other man and felt himself lowered face-first to the hay-covered ground.

His pants were pulled down and he felt a cum-covered hand probe his rear.  First one finger, then two, and finally three fingers were pushed inside him.  He struggled not to whimper when the fingers left him.  His disappointment was soon relieved when he felt a cockhead rub up against his puckered opening.

Powerful hands gripped his hips as the other man was completely sheathed inside Autolycus.  They remained there, motionless, until the pain subsided and Auto relaxed.  Then the man began moving in and out, every now and again pressing against that sweet spot and making Auto hard again.  As the other man neared his orgasm, he reached underneath Auto for his cock and stroked him in time to his motions.  Auto came first, and as he convulsed around the other man's cock, brought forth the other's orgasm.

Auto found himself pinned under the weight of the other man, and moved out from under him.  Looking at him, he couldn't help admire how beautiful he was when he was exhausted like this.

"Thanks, Iolaus."

"No problem, Auto."

As their breathing gradually slowed, they realized the grunting outside had stopped.  They heard a voice shout out clearly.

"Well, isn't this cozy."

Part 10 by Foxmonkey

"Oooooh, aaaaaah, Hercules…Hi." Iolaus scrambled to his feet.

"You might want to tuck that away," Hercules said, pointing at Iolaus' cock.

"Right." A guilty grin threatened to split his face.

Even in the gloom of dusk, Hercules could tell that Iolaus' face was red.  He turned to Autolycus and glared.  "Autolycus." He nodded a greeting.

"Herc, buddy, shouldn't you be off fighting lions, or the ultimate darkness, or something?"  Autolycus was taking his time with his pants, and Hercules opened and closed his fists.  "Relax, big boy," Auto said.  "Just a couple of horny friends watching a pretty good show.  We couldn't help ourselves."

Ordinarily Autolycus didn't irritate Hercules as much as amuse him, then again, he didn't ordinarily find Iolaus' cock up the man's ass.  And what was that sly grin all about?  Auto looked like a man with a secret he was eager to tell…for a price. Hercules sighed.  "OK, I'll bite.  What were you looking at, and how much is it going to cost me to find out?"

Fingers clutched eagerly at his arm.  "Ahhh, why *are* you here, buddy?"  Iolaus seemed determined to steer him away from the main door of the barn, back to the small door in the back that he'd entered.

"The lion turned out to be a couple of kids from the village goofing around.  I made sure I boxed their ears before I 'discovered' their secret.  They won't be trying that trick again too soon.  Now," he plucked Iolaus' hand from his arm, "you might try telling me what's outside *that* door."  He turned to point.  Yep, something was up, judging from the color draining from Iolaus' face.

"What door?"  Iolaus asked, looking around.  "Do you see a door?  I don't see a door.  If I did, I *certainly* wouldn't stop you from…."

Pushing the door open, Autolycus bowed low.  "This way, your semi-divineness."

Walking cautiously, irrationally wondering whether Iolaus had done something as loopy as plan a party for him, Hercules peered out into the courtyard.  And stood up straighter.  And stared harder.  And harder.  And longer, and thicker….

"I think," he said, his voice cracking, "you'll excuse my language if I ask what the *fuck* is going on!?"

A chuckle turned into a belly laugh that rolled deep and rich across the courtyard.  "Another horse's ass!" Ares howled.  "Hey, what beats three of a kind?"  He stomped the ground with his front hooves and clutched his sides, shaking as he laughed.

Crossing the space between them, Hercules set his jaw. "I know what beats one of a kind," he answered, raising a fist.

"Hercules!" Iphicles stepped in front of Ares.  "I'm pissed enough at Ares to watch him get a good ass-kicking, but not now, and not by you."

"What?"  Hercules was surprised enough to stop in his tracks.  "What did you say?"

"Hey!"  Ares swatted at Iphicles' tail as it switched in his face.  "Better watch yourself, little brother; big brother's a god now, as well as one gorgeous hunk of horseflesh."

"I'm not a horse," Iphicles said, "I'm a centaur!"

Crickets chirped.  Hephaestus cleared his throat.  Ares examined his gauntlets; Hercules started to say something, but changed his mind.

"You know what I mean," Iphicles growled, clearly irritated, if his wildly twitching tail was any indication.  "Now listen up, Herc, I'm only going to say this once.  Ares fucked Aphrodite, which pissed off Hephaestus, 'cause evidently he's got a hard-on for your brother."

Hephaestus squirmed.  "Ah."

"Poseidon's tired of cleaning up after Ares, so he helped Heph do this."  He jerked a thumb at Ares' glossy black equine half.  Ares preened.  Rolling his eyes, Iphicles continued.  "Something weird happened with Zeus and Poseidon that you'd probably rather not know about, and it got crossed up and I got *this.*"  He gestured to his own tawny flanks.

"Zeus and Poseidon did something weird?  What happened?  I want to…Oh."  Hercules' eyes glazed over, and he thought of hands and mouths and cocks, shimmering aqua scales and….

"Come on over here, babe, I'll make it all better," Ares crooned.  "Besides, I've got a couple of things I want to show you."

Hercules made a noise that was intended to be speech, but turned out indecipherable, even to himself.

"What's that?"  Ares cocked his head.  "Did you just say, 'Ares, you fucking unbelievably gorgeous stallion, I want to suck your cock.'  Is that what you said?"

With a strangled roar, Hercules launched himself at Ares, pushing Iphicles out of the way.  He'd forgotten that centaurs have a height advantage, and caught Ares' knee in his gut.  Flat on his back and completely winded, he looked up what seemed endlessly forever, into Ares' face.  His inky coat blended with the dark summer sky, and Hercules was surprised to see concern.

"I'm mortal but I can still hurt you.  Don't make me use my hooves, Hercules."

There followed another uncomfortable silence where the crickets made themselves known.

A soft nimbus of blond hair shimmered over his head.  "Come on, buddy.  Ares, Auto and I have to get to Hephaestus' temple in Thebes, and we've only got a week.  If we make it, Poseidon will consider - *consider* - changing Ares back.  He's pissed off a lot of people and a lot of gods.  They'd be just as happy to keep him mortal and, and, and…."

"I get it."  Hercules was weary, and wished, not for the first time, that he had a normal family with normal problems.  Not hooves and fishcocks.  "Noooo!"  He hadn't wanted that image in his mind.  He looked up at Ares again, and sneaked a glance between his brother's rear legs.

"Coulda used this last week, hunh?"  Ares grinned, his tone smug.  He winked.

"*What!?"  The rest of the group focused on Hercules and Ares, sharp interest in their expressions.  Iolaus in particular looked expectant.

"Last week when you were supposed to be looking after some dragon or something?  The one in Thrac…."  Iolaus' voice drifted off.

"I was hungry!" Hercules said.  "I didn't have a single dinar, and the rabbits were all in hiding. I saw Ares' temple, and thought I'd piss him off by eating his offerings."

"He ate my offerings, alright," Ares whispered so everyone could hear.

Giving Hercules a kick in the ribs, Iolaus looked at Autolycus.  "How'd you like an all-night fuck?"  Without waiting for an answer, he started off toward the barn.

"Wow, would you look at the time!" Auto said, sidling away.  "I need my sleep, you know how it is.  I'd stay and chat but, well, goodluckwiththehorseythingguysgottagobye!"  he shouted over his shoulder as he ran to catch up with Iolaus.

Defeated, Hercules lay on his back and stared up at the stars.  Surrounded by his brothers, he let out a sigh.  "Can I get out of this family anytime soon?"

"First let me acquaint you with a little-known fact of centaur anatomy," Ares said, stroking the thick pelt beneath his belly button.  "I know it will surprise you.  It sure surprised the fuck outta me."

Part 11 by Taz

“Oh, for Weland’s sake, Ares, that’s what got you into this in the first place!”

“Heph, what got me into this was you and the chicken of the sea. Now that you’ve gotten your rocks of at my expense, excuse me for not being a hypocrite!” Ares -- fists cocked, hooves dancing, tail swishing -- advanced on Hephaestus. His horsy half, more responsive to emotions than his human half and in his eagerness to get at one brother, he almost stepped on the other.

“Save it, stud.” Iphicles stepped over Hercules’ recumbent form to confront Ares and giving the demi-god a perfect view of his own horsy attributes -- but that was coincidental. “It’s time to play Let’s Make A Deal.”

“I don’t make deals, I’m the --” Ares recollected himself and re-clenched his fists.

“I thought you’d see it my way.” Iphicles smiled. “Here’s what it is – I was going to help Hephaestus keep you from getting to Thebes in time to meet Poseidon’s requirement -- but he seems to have made a separate peace.” Ares smiled as Iphicles shot the lame god a disgusted look. “So if you want your godhead back, this is what you’re going to do…pay attention!” Ares was watching Hercules who had gotten to his knees and was trying to crawl out from under Iphicles backwards -- Iphicles shifted a hind leg and nudged Hercules back. “I want your word that there’ll be an end to the war with Sparta if we help you get to Thebes before the week’s over.”

“I can do that,” Ares said making kissy sounds and signaling Hercules to come toward him.

“And,” added Iphicles, “that means Corinth wins or you’re a children’s pony ride in Athens.”

Ares made a face at him. “Oh all right, but you’re ruining a great plan.”

“My heart bleeds,” said the palomino prince.

“So few appreciate fine strategy these days,” Ares mourned, “sic transit glor--”

“Pity,” Iphicles said squelching him.

“Iph?” Forced to crawl out between Iphicles’ front leg, Hercules stood up between the two centaurs, marginally closer to Iphicles. “What did you mean ‘if we” help him get to Thebes?’

“I meant you, Iolaus and Iolaus’s new ‘best friend’ there. Poseidon’s geas can’t be got around so he’s going to need all the help he can get -- the great tactician here has alienated Hephaestus again,” it was true; Hephaestus was gone,  “and I have some plumbing to take care of.”

They both ignored Ares’ snorted echo ‘me too on the plumbing’ as Hercules wailed “Iph, you can’t do this to me!”

“Yes, I can, Herc,” Iphicles said, wrapping his arm around his sulking baby brother and kissing the top of his head because he had the height to do it and it was pissing Ares off. “You’ll have fun. Remember when you were four and you wanted that little wooden horsey with wheels that you could ride?”

[Meanwhile back on Olympus.]

“Yes! Yes! Yeeees!” Poseidon shouted as he came. “No! No! No! That isn’t what I wanted! Can’t you get anything straight?”

“Hera said the same thing last night.” Zeus’s head broke the water’s surface. “Now what?”

“You got horse apples for brains? You turned the King of Corinth into a centaur too. Look!”

The two gods had moved from the throne, to the throne room floor and, as though drawn to Poseidon’s native element, had wound up in the scrying pool where Zeus had been showing his brother how long he could hold his breath.

All around them, now that Poseidon wasn’t quite so distracted, the surface of the water showed the band of brothers reaching their accord.

“Oops,” Zeus said. “What do you want me to about it, ‘Don?”

“Think of something! Anything to delay them!” Poseidon smacked the water. “Or your spoiled brat will go on thinking he can screw anything he wants for free!”

“Watch it!” Zeus said. Poseidon’s smack had set a tidal wave in motion. “Oh, never mind.” It was only heading toward Atlantis and they didn’t worship him there. “Here, will this do?” He lifted his hands.

“Perfect!” Poseidon said a moment later….

“Oh, fuck!” said Hercules who looked like he was wishing Ares would bust a gut from laughing so hard.

Hercules’ wishes didn’t have the same authority as Iphicles’ who was snickering even though he should have known better -- “But, Babe, you make such a cute looking centaur – your hair’s tousled all around you face and over your chest like a mane and your legs are so long…and your haunches are so round and full…”

“Have you gone mad?”

“No, you’re beautiful.” It was true Hercules hide wasn’t as golden as Iphicles but it was a beautiful buff color, shading to black on his legs above delicate oval hooves – Hercules had always had small feet for his size...Iphicles stopped thinking. He put his head up and took a deep breath…what a wonderful smell!

Ares stopped laughing long enough to say, “three of a kind, I knew….” Then he too sniffed the air and looked at Hercules.

“What are you looking at…me…like that?” Hercules backed away. It wasn’t that Ares was looking at him any differently than he ever did, there was just more of it – whatever ‘it’ was. And Iphicles – it wasn't that Hercules didn’ t enjoy being able to relieve some of Iphicles’ stress now and then – after all being a king was – stressful. But this was more than stress. And their cocks – both of their cocks -- their horse-end cocks were extended. God they were long – and thick – and he wanted --Hercules swished his tail out of the way because he suddenly knew what he wanted – no needed! He turned presenting himself for whichever was the strongest – that was right – he wanted one of them to mount him -- whichever stallion was the strongest to mount him. He looked back and swished his tail again. Yes, the god -- he batted his eyes at Iphicles.

Iphicles threw his head back. The mare was his! He moved to get in position but the other male moved between them challenging him. That was wrong! A killing red fury closed over his brain.

In the barn, two men heard the challenge and started in fear.

In Ares’ temple, where he’d had gone to await the outcome Iphicles’ plan, Hephaestus saw it and turned pale.

In Olympus, one old god said to the other “That’s perfect. A mare in heat. That’ll keep them romping over the countryside for a while....”

Part 12 by Joey RZ

Meanwhile, a mighty warrior (or so he thought) was humming lightly to his  song, when he stumbled upon a scene he’d never once imagined he’d see.

There besides the door of the barn he’d been hoping to stay in, two centaurs  fought savagely over another centaur.  But this alone wasn’t strange.  What  was strange was that the fought over centaur was male... in fact, he looked  a lot like Hercules.

Joxer scratched his head while trying to make sense of this, his helmet  falling off his head.  As he bent down to retrieve it he noticed that the  light bay centaur was a female.  So did that make him... her, a centauress?   No, that didn’t sound right.

Joxer felt understanding dawning on him, because if female centaurs looked  like men from the torso up, then his whole confusion as to how centaurs  reproduced were answered.  Until he remembered Ephiney and her kid, and that  blew that whole theory out the window.

Snapping back from his thoughts, he saw the two male centaurs still  battling, but both getting extremely tired.  The female centaur who still  looked too much like Hercules was getting bored, even if she was still  horny.

One centaur, the bay one, finally had enough and punched the black one out.   When the centaur fell, Joxer saw his face and noticed that he looked a lot  like Ares.  But why would Ares transform into a centaur?  One that got  defeated by another one, at that?  One that looked way too much like  Iphicles, king of Corinth.

Still not noticing Joxer, the bay centaur started stroking down his torso  and the pelt that covered him from his waist down.  As he stroked, Joxer  noticed that from the pelt emerged a very hard, very human cock, all the  while the centaur’s horse cock got bigger and harder.

Looking one again at the human cock of the centaur, Joxer snapped his  fingers as he understood the how’s of human/centaur sex.  Just then the bay  centaur mounted the female, and started pounding mercilessly.  Joxer watched  fascinated, still undetected by the centaurs, as the strokes grew shorter  and faster.

The centaurs shouts of completion startled Joxer as he heard the names being  shouted.  He was about the speak up, when a very familiar hand closed over  his mouth and a moustache tickled his neck.

“Jox... I’ve missed you...”

Part 13 by Narcissus

Autolycus licked gently at the base of Joxer’s neck.  Always drove the guy wild.  As if on cue, Joxer’s whole body quivered.

What’re you here for, Jox?  Why is it that everyone I know is being drawn to this barn?  Who’s next?  Salmoneus?  And I never realized that you enjoyed watching.”  Autolycus released Joxer’s mouth, moving his hand to Joxer’s waist as he breathed gently into the would-be warrior’s ear.

“I wasn’t.  That is, I was watching, but not for the reason you think. I was trying to figure out…Well, I did kind of like it…I always wondered how centaurs did it and…”

Autolycus’ hand was about to close over Joxer’s mouth again (he liked Joxer much better when he wasn’t chattering), when events made it unnecessary.  A sudden flash of blue light startled Joxer, who jumped as if prodded with a sharp stick and tossed Autolycus on his rear.

Autolycus crawled to his feet, expecting to see that Hephaestus had rejoined the party.  Maybe the god had a thing for mares in heat.  With a god, you just never knew.  He was surprised to see a rather small female figure clothed in silver materialize beside the downed form of Ares the centaur.

“Hephaestus, get back here!  Mortals, get out here!”

The female’s whipcrack voice got Autolycus moving toward the centaurs before he realized he’d intended to move.  It must have had the same effect on Joxer and Iolaus, since they were also scrambling to obey.

As Autolycus arrived beside the panting, quivering figures of the standing centaurs, the female knelt next to Ares and moved her hands over his face and torso.  As she healed the cuts and bruises inflicted on him during his fight with Iphicles, he heard her whisper, “Ares, you’ve always been a horse’s ass.  In some ways, this is truly divine retribution for your sins.”

“Gee, sis, thanks for the sympathy,” Ares growled as he struggled to regain his legs.  “What are you doing here?  Come to get a few laughs at my expense?”

“Believe it or not, I’ve come to help you, dick for brains.  Not that you deserve it.”

There was another flash of blinding light, and Hephaestus appeared within the assembled circle.  His strong, scarred hands were clenched into fists as if he were trying to stop himself from strangling the female who’d summoned him.

“Athena!  I know this is a mess, but I’m trying to cool off, and you’re not helping.”

So this was Athena.  Autolycus had seen plenty of statues, but this was the first time he’d seen the goddess in the flesh.  The statues didn’t do her justice; she had a commanding presence that stone couldn’t capture.

“Good.  We’re all here.”  The goddess spoke calmly, if coldly.  Her voice was curiously compelling, as if she expected to make a point and be obeyed without question.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more idiotic bunch of males in my long life.  And, given my generally low opinion of males, that says a lot.  I also don’t think I’ve ever seen more disgusting behavior in my life, although the sight of dear old dad playing hide-the-salami with uncle fish scales probably topped it. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m part of this family.”

Autolycus noted Hercules nodding his head in agreement.  Poor old Herc was looking sweaty and well used, if satisfied.

“You’re just jealous,” Ares sneered.  You haven’t had anyone to lick your pussy since your last girlfriend decided she liked cock better than cunt.”

Athena sniffed and ignored her brother’s gibes. “Ordinarily, I’d just let this amusing little scenario continue, but Greece needs a deity of war who isn’t a psychotic, vengeful, dimwitted bitch.  Ares, you might be a lowlife with more testosterone than sense, but you usually do your job fairly well.  You ought to be grateful to Discord.  She makes you look good.  So far, her performance as goddess of war consists of fucking all the warlords she think are cute, then sending them out to take petty revenge on any mortals who’ve slighted her.”

“And you,” Athena swiveled to point at the centaur king, “should be acting like a god of war instead of rutting like a stallion.  Of course, even if you weren’t thinking with your dick, you haven’t a clue what it takes to be god of war.”

At some point during Athena’s speech, Ares and Iphicles had started sniffing the air in the direction of their mutual half-brother.  Uh oh…looked like the mare-in-heat business was about to start up again.

Athena stepped quickly in front of Hercules and ran her small hand down the center of his chest.  “I can’t turn you back because I can’t undo what another god has done, but at least I can make you less appealing.” The three centaurs relaxed as Athena’s remedy took effect.

“Look, guys, I know you’d much prefer to use your cocks instead of your brains, but you have to get Ares to Thebes on time so we have at least a chance that Poseidon will undo the spell.  I’m here to whip you into shape.  Literally, if that’s what it takes.”

As Athena spoke, she moved between Ares and Autolycus.  As if without thought, she began smoothing her hands along their bodies.  Then her hands moved to caress their rumps.  “I’ve had a thing for horses ever since I was a young goddess.  I think all young girls do.  The thought of all that power and muscle working between your legs…”  Athena’s voice had lowered to a throaty growl, then faded out as her eyes seemed to lose focus.

Autolycus had just begun to wonder what it would feel like to have the goddess stroke his flanks, perhaps with a nice flogger, when the goddess snapped back to the present.  “See, that’s the difference between males and females.  We may feel the urge, but we’ve not ruled by our sex organs.  We’ve learned to postpone gratification if necessary to achieve a goal.”  Ares snorted, and Athena glared at him.

“Mortals!”  Autolycus felt his body snap to attention and noted Iolaus and Joxer do the same.  “If you don’t stop fooling around and help my brother get to Thebes on time, I’ll be tempted to perform some field surgery on you.  In horsebreeding circles, it’s known as gelding.”

Autolycus’ hand crept down his body as if to protect his precious jewels from Athena’s threat.  This was the same goddess he’d been fantasizing about only moments ago?  Iolaus had turned an unbecoming shade of puce, and Joxer had squeaked and collapsed to the ground.

“Are we clear, gentlemen?” Athena prodded.  Autolycus felt his head nod in obedience and watched the other two mortals do the same.

“Hephaestus!  Do you want to punish Ares or fuck him?  Oh, excuse me, from what I’ve heard, you’re the designated bottom in that relationship, so I guess it’s actually him fucking you.  Well?”

Hephaestus’ face had reddened, making the scars on his cheek stand out with more prominence than usual.  He looked everywhere but at Athena and Ares.  Finally, his eyes on the dirt at his feet, he mumbled his answer.  “Okay, we’ll get him to Thebes and I’ll try to have a chat with Uncle Don.  I’ll work out my personal problems some other way.”

Athena stepped close to Hephaestus and stroked her elegant fingers over his scarred cheek.  Autolycus doubted the others heard but he was standing quite close to the damaged god.  “Hephie, wrap him up in your chains, bend him over, whip him until he screams, and then fuck him. You’ll feel lots better, and at least you’ll get his attention.  He’s kind of dense.”

Autolycus’ fantasies found new life.  He wondered whether a goddess would be interested in playing dominatrix for a very talented thief. Athena smiled at him and winked, as if she might have read his mind.

“Ares!”   Even though the former god of war and current centaur towered over his sister, Autolycus knew Athena had the upper hand, at least for the moment.  “Stop thinking with your cocks for the moment.  Do you really want to live without your powers?  Vulnerable to all the evils that can befall a mortal centaur?”  Evidently, Athena knew the answer to that one since she didn’t wait for Ares’ response.

“Iphicles! I think you and Ares made a bargain.  Are you planning to keep it?  I really don’t think you and Hercules want to be used as tools for two horny old gods who are currently laughing their silly heads off over this.  You have the powers of a god.  Let’s see you use them for a purpose.”

“So, are we focused?  Ready to move out?  Fuck only when it doesn’t interfere with reaching the goal?   I’ll help as I can but it’s mostly up to you.”

Autolycus felt like saluting.  His cock, despite her threat, was giving the goddess its own salute.  This was one formidable babe.

Part 14 by Thamiris

No one said much as they headed north to Thebes.  Night travel required concentration, especially for the newly-equine.  Iphicles, focused on the stony path, dropped behind the others.  Their shadows obscured the moonlight, and the last thing he needed was a broken fetlock. The  new powers were great, but one misfire and he'd burn his own leg off.  Better safe than three-legged.

A quick glance and he saw Herc and Ares also alone, necks bent, while Iolaus and Autolycus walked arm in arm, heads nodding sleepily.  Joxer trailed them, the metallic clank of his armor dulled by the steady tattoo of centaur hooves and the whisper of wind through oleander.

By midnight, they'd crossed the border into the Megaris region, and the terrain changed.  Blue mountains sprang up in the west like Deucalion's children, with fields of yellow wheat and olive trees to the east, the long walls of Megara towering behind them.  Only the occasional cart bouncing past broke the stillness, or an owl's call.  Iphicles had seen the same bird soaring against the moon--probably spying for Athena.

Was Hephaestus watching, too?  He'd disappeared soon after his sister, mumbling something about slowing them down.  Iphicles, wide awake and bored by the plodding trek uphill now his footing had grown sure, missed him.  Unlike the other Olympians, who fucked and killed mortals at whim, Hephaestus seemed controlled and smart.  An outsider, like him.  Giving an impatient sigh, he moved further ahead, looking into purple dark he could now thin with a thought.

Below, a village slept, the white buildings dulled by night.  Listening carefully, under the crunch of gravel, the soft grunts and whinnies of his group around him, Iphicles heard the villagers' rhythmic breathing, the snores and rustles as they shifted on straw-stuffed pallets.  Under one red roof, different sounds floated up to him: low, hot moans, the wet sounds of penetration.

When Hephaestus caught Ares and Aphrodite in his bed, had his cock gotten hard?  Sure he'd been jealous, but who could resist those sounds?  Maybe he'd watched for awhile, too, hating himself, hating them, leaning into the doorframe, rubbing against it, feeling alone.  He'd done that with Herc and Iolaus once, by accident, not long after Rena's death--

"Can we stop already?  My feet are killing me," Autolycus called out.

"Sounds good.  It'll be dawn in a few hours, so we can sleep til then," Iphicles said, keeping his body half-turned.  No one noticed his excitement -- or maybe no one cared -- and he lost his erection while they set up camp.  Not the lust, though.  He found himself watching Ares and his glossy black coat, the strong legs, the thick, curling hair.  Hephaestus had hair like that, he thought, conjuring some blankets while Iolaus built a fire.

Minutes later, the group radiated from the stone-circled flames, all asleep but Iphicles.  Tossing off his blanket, he went looking for a place to jerk off.  Further up the path, to the right between a cluster of wild pear trees, his divine eyes noticed a shining marble column. A ruined temple, probably dedicated to the Corycian nymphs who protected the mountain.

Lavender sprang up through the cracks in the steps leading through the main doors.  The damage was contained to the right side: the roof had fallen, crushing the long side wall.  While the portico sagged right, only weeds blocked the entrance.  As he brushed him aside, they tickled his fingers like a lover's curls, and his cock stiffened again.

Inside smelled sweet and smoky, and he thought a candle lit.   Not much to see here, with half the temple crumbled like stale bread... Until he stepped further inside, and saw the tiled floor: tiny colored stones depicted the world after the flood, with dolphins swimming between the pillars of submerged stoas, seals perched on rooftops, while aqua-skinned Nereids watched in bemusement as towns slipped into the sea.  Behind a series of columns along the left wall, an artist had painted furious Zeus freeing the South Wind, who flew on drenched green-veined wings that left torrents in their wake.

"That's when he had balls," Hephaestus said in Iphicles' ear, and the flame wavered.

"I was wondering where you were."


Iphicles faced him.  "You just left so fast..."

"I would've slowed you down."  He waved at his lame foot.  "Look, I want to talk to you.  I'm not finished with Ares.  I have a plan.  This one'll work.  There's no way he'll be able to turn it around.  It's got to do with that strange mortal Joxer..."  And he leaned close, whispering his plan.

Hephaestus smelled like the temple, the forge's smoke living inside his skin.  But underneath that, something sweeter... Maybe the oil he used to polish metal.  Apples or--

"Are you listening?"

"Sorry.  It's just--" And maybe because he was now a god, or because the tip of a warm tongue had touched his ear, but Iphicles reached out, locked his fingers behind Hephaestus' head, and kissed him.  "You taste like fire," Iphicles told him.  Resistance faded, and he slid his tongue deep into that hot open mouth.  "I'm going to fuck you.  I've wanted to since I saw you in the Halls of War, and you can kill me after, but I need to be inside you."  Hephaestus looked startled, then his rough hands were stroking him while their cocks rubbed, and Iphicles thought how good it was to be a god.

"How're you going to do it?" Hephaestus whispered.

"With the bigger one.  I want to fill you with it while you're lying on the altar, facing me."

"Ares does it from behind--"

"Fuck that.  I'm not Ares.  I want to see you come while I'm inside you."  Iphicles led Hephaestus to the altar, a large marble slab beneath a cracked fresco of Poseidon.  Gently, he lay him back against the black stone, spreading his long legs to stand between them.  "Perfect height," he said, and oiled them both.  Hephaestus' cock stuck straight out, the head swollen and huge like a fist, and Iphicles bent to lick it.  More fire, but mixed with salt.  He didn't realize how long he'd been licking until Hephaestus pulled him off.

"I'm going to come now if you don't stop.  Fuck me."  And he raised his hips, holding himself open.

Iphicles stepped back, and noticed for the first time the scars that tangled like red vines down one side of Hephaestus' body.  "Does it hurt?" he asked, tracing one raised line from shoulder to hip.

"No."  Hephaestus gave a little shudder and shook his head.  "Feels good.  The skin's sensitive."

"How's this?" Iphicles followed the line with his tongue, almost sucking, wanting the vein to burst and feed him ichor.  But he knew, because Hephaestus arched under him.  "I think I'd better fuck you now," he said, taking his cock in one hand.  In the shadowy light, the head glowed silver and he ran his fingers across it, raising them to his mouth.

"Wait!  Let me do it."  And Hephaestus reached for Iphicles' hand and licked it clean.

As Hephaestus tasted him, Iphicles put his cock against the tight hole, rubbing the head across it until it opened for him, then began to push.  "Tell me if it hurts.  It better not, ‘cos I don't think I can stop.  Feels amazing."  Using his hind legs for leverage, he moved his hips, and the huge head of his centaur-cock disappeared inside.  Hephaestus gasped, clutching the altar's smooth black sides.  Iphicles stopped, gritting his teeth with the effort, while sweat began to run down his spine like the South Wind's rain.

"Don't stop," Hephaestus said, wrapping his legs around Iphicles' waist.  "It's just so big.  Even Ares isn't that big.  Not that he'd ever do it slow, like this."

"You like it slow?"

"Fuck, yeah.  I can feel everything.  I can feel that thick head stretching me every time you move.  It goes straight to my cock.  You don't even need to touch it," he said, teeth sinking into his lower lip.  "I'm going to come just from your cock inside me.  What about you?"

"I love it.  Love hearing you talk about it.  Love how fucking responsive you are.  Wish it was lighter so I could see your face--"  A thousand candles began to burn in the temple of the Corycian nymphs.  "That's better.  Now come for me while I fuck you."  Iphicles began to thrust with long, steady strokes that sent flames from his spine to his cock.

"They're going to hear you," Hephaestus said, pulling Iphicles' face to his and kissing him.

"Do you care?"

"I thought you might.  Oh fuck.  Fuck.  Don't stop."  His semen splashed like a wave against Iphicles' chest, trickling down onto his cock.

While Hephaestus shook under him, holding him tight with those strong legs, Iphicles gave one last thrust and came with a rush so intense it was like Zeus' killing flood.  Collapsed into  Hephaestus' arms,  he took a few pounding heartbeats before he heard the noise at his back and looked over his shoulder, his cock still buried deep inside his lover.

"We're trying to sleep out here," Iolaus said, eyeing them with interest.  "We thought someone was being killed in here with all the shouting and the moaning."

Autolycus shielded his eyes.  "What's with the lights?  You guys expecting an audience?"

"Iphicles, what do you think you're doing?" Hercules looked disapproving.

"Wow," Joxer said.

Ares, standing behind the others, said nothing.

But his tail twitched.

Part 15 by Kyra

"So that's how you like it," Ares muttered to himself.  "We can do it like that if that's what you want.  You can even go on top but why is it me who always has to initiate anything?  I just like it rough whether I'm top or bottom.  All this because you want to be on top."

No one seemed to hear his mutterings although Joxer looked over at him as if he had caught some of Ares unhappy words.

"OK everyone, rest up, we have still got a long way to go no more sex for anyone whatever the urges," Hercules ordered looking at each of his companions in turn.  Hephaestus had disappeared again.

"What me? Never thought of it furthest thing from my mood," came Autolycus' reply, quickly followed by 'me too' from Iolaus.

"Whatever you say little brother, but you do look worth taking.  Luckily for you I've had my share for the evening."

"And don't we know it," retorted Ares.

"Just because you haven't had any and I've got your powers."

"Yeah but you don't know how to use them."

"Oh yeah, so why do you think that ground was suddenly so uneven yesterday?"

"OK that's enough you two.  We're not going to have another fight between you two again so just settled down and get some rest."

"Sure thing big guy, uh mare, uh."

"Hercules will be fine Autolycus.  Just because I have become a female centaur doesn't mean I have changed.  Oh."

At least Hercules had made the others laugh and they settled down to rest again.

Ares moved away from the others and settled down to rest his stiff body.  He tried to lie down, but decided it was too uncomfortable, he tried standing but grew bored so in the end he wandered off to a nearby stream and stood in the shallow water, letting the water cool his fetlocks.

"Can't you sleep either?"  I thought I could but the moon is so bright and that owl keeps hooting but I guess that's Athena that I couldn't so I came for a walk.  Are you alright?"

Ares turned his head round and looked at Joxer slowly.  The annoying man stared back waiting for his answer.

"I'm fine. I've been turned into a horse, lost my powers and have less than a week to get to Thebes if I have any hope of becoming me again.  So really everything is going really great.  Couldn't be happier.  Have no complaints at all."

"So you're not lonely then?"

"Lonely, me?  No, definitely not."

"Oh well, you looked kind of lonely before so I thought you might like some company, as I couldn't sleep and nor could you."

"I'm fine."

"Oh well I'll go and see if I can get some sleep then."

Joxer moved away and Ares started to let him go.  Then he suddenly realised that he was indeed lonely.  Everyone seemed to be pairing up - Iolaus and Autolycus and Hercules making one threesome and Iphicles had a thing going with Hephaestus.  Apart from their aim of getting him to Thebes on time, no one cared about him apart from his clanking little man.

"Wait.  Come back and keep me company."

Joxer turned round and walked back to the dark ex-god.  "Are you sure you want me to stay?  You're not going to kick me back to Corinth are you."

"No, you're right.  I could do with some company so stay.  Please."

"So what's it feel like being a horse?  Can you gallop fast and has anyone ridden you yet?  If we each rode one of you, we'd get to Thebes quicker wouldn't we."

Ares laughed.  "You do talk a lot don't you?"

"I can be quiet if you want."

"With your armour, don't think so."

"And what's wrong with it?"

"It's not exactly subtle.  If you're stalking someone you don't want them to hear you clanking up behind them do you?"

"It hasn't done me any harm yet."


"Look if you are just going to make fun of me I'll go back to the others."

"I'm sorry, it's this body.."

"No it isn't, you're always mean and spiteful."

"Well, I'm the god of war what else would you expect."

"You were," came the quiet answer.  "Iphicles is god of war now.  What are you going to do if you don't get your powers back and have to keep that body."

"I don't know.  Why do you think I want to get to Thebes?  I want to be the BIG BAD GOD OF WAR again."

"So what do you think of the riding idea?  Could get us there quicker."

Ares frowned and narrowed his eyes looking at the man nervously shifting from foot to foot.  The idea had merit.  If they doubled up they could cover more ground but would Iphicles, Hercules and him be able to carry their loads the distance?

"Let's see what it's like.  Climb on."

Joxer's mouth dropped open and then quickly close.  Ares was offering to have him on his back.  Ares moved next to a fallen log and reached a hand down to help Joxer climb onto his back.  Awkwardly Joxer swung a leg over Ares back and settled down.

The two of slowly familiarised themselves with each other.  Ares felt Joxer' s legs draping his flanks gripping him in a surprisingly strong grip for such a feeble looking man.  He would have to re-evaluate Joxer when he was back to his normal self.  There was strength hidden under that awful clothing.  As for Joxer he became more aware of Ares' sleek power between his legs and as he gripped Ares' neck, as Ares started to move off, he felt his strength and he wondered what fucking Ares would be like, not only as a horse but as a man as well.

Experimentally Ares walked with Joxer on his back and then broke into a trot causing Joxer to grip Ares mane.  They went in a circle and Joxer was starting to wish the ride would never end but soon they were back at the stream.

"I think it will work.  If we take it steady we should be able to get to Thebes one, two days early.  I wonder how Hercules and his mighty brother will feel about carrying the other two," Ares said and then turned round to Joxer.  "You'll come with me.  You'll be my rider."

"I want to be more than your rider," thought Joxer, as he slowly climbed down.

He looked up at Ares' face bathed in the moonlight and thought the war god had never looked as handsome.  Without thinking, he reached up and pulled Ares' head down to him and kissed him deeply.  Then he was surprised as the kiss was returned.  He could feel his cock rising as Ares' hands moved over his back, moving forward over his chest, moving under his armour until the hands found skin and breast.

Ares was caressing him, something Joxer had always wanted and then he remembered.

"Stop, we have to stop."

"You started it."

"I know I wasn't thinking straight.  I wanted you but you want Hephaestus."

"No I don't, well not right not," Ares replied.  "Right now I want you."

"Right now there's no time," a third voice broke in.
Part 16 by JaimeBlue

Ares and Joxer guiltily let go of each other and turned towards the new voice.

"Ummmm, Athena, we can explain..."

"Oh, shut up!"

"Yes ma'am."  Ares stifled a laugh at Joxer's reaction to the Goddess.  Oh well, he thought, there's nothing wrong with being a bit submissive.

"You know, you disappointed me Joxer.  I really thought you'd have a more calming influence on this pack of adolescents."

Ares looked curious.  "And why would that be?" "Isn't it obvious?  He never gets laid, so I thought with him around you guys wouldn't either."

Joxer's jaw dropped in shock.  Ares' rage temporarily blinded him to the fact that he was no longer a God.  "You bitch!  How dare you speak to him that way!"

"And what do you care, Ares?  He's just another mortal."

"He's also been one of my most loyal followers.  You know what?  I don't need any of your kind of help.  I've had enough of you.  I'll see you in a few days, back on Olympus."

Ares grabbed the still paralyzed Joxer's arm and pulled him along away from the fuming Goddess.  Once he heard the tell-tale sound of her transporting herself away, he stopped and turned to the young warrior.


"Huh?  Yeah Ares?"

"If you repeat this to anyone, and I mean anyone, I'll kill you before you can finish the sentence."

Joxer gulped.  "Wh-whatever you say, Ares."

"Good, now let's go see what the others think of your idea."

They waited until sunrise to talk to the others, who were surprisingly receptive.  Hercules was anxious to be human again, and Iolaus and Autolycus were filled with thoughts of the powerful horse flesh between their legs. Iphicles was just too satiated after his good fuck with Hephaestus to put up any resistance. As Iolaus and Autolycus approached Hercules, Iolaus called shotgun and jumped onto the centaurian demi-God's back.

Auto turned to Iphicles and shrugged.  Joxer was already sitting on Ares's back, closing his eyes dreamily as he wrapped his arms around the former-God's waist.  It took a couple of tries for Auto to get onto Iphicles' back, mostly because the War God kept stepping out of the way just as Auto got a leg over him.  Finally, Iphicles tired of the game and let Auto mount him, and the three centaurs and their riders rode off to their destination.

Meanwhile, on Olympus...

Athena was not a happy camper.  How dare Ares speak to her that way, especially after she tried to help him.  This was war, and she needed an ally.

She headed off towards one of the Olympian temples she rarely visited.  It wasn't anything against the Goddess who resided there, it was just that so much pink made Athena nauseous.

"Aphrodite, can I speak to you?"

The Goddess appeared in her usual sparkles and rose petals.  "Hiya ‘The.  What's up?  Ya finally ready to give up that ole cherry of yours?"

Athena counted to a hundred to keep her temper in check.  "No, ‘Dite.  I have some bad news."

"What kind of bad news?"

"It's about your husband."

"Oh no, don't tell me something's happened to Hephy!"

"No, nothing's happened TO him, at least not yet. It's what he's done."


"Yes, and you're not going to like it."

"Well, come on sis.  Spill it."

"He's been cheating on you."

"WHAT!?!?!"  She was momentarily frozen in shock.  "Not my Hephy.  Sure I've strayed a little, but I'm the Goddess of Love, that's my job."  The look of indignation crossed her face, soon to be replaced by pure rage.  Trust me, you do not want to see an outraged Goddess of Love.  "With who?"

"So far, Ares and Iphicles, but at the rate he's going..."

"ARGHHHH!!!!"  All of Olympus seemed to shake with the Goddess' rage.  "Wait until I get my hands on those little..."

Athena just stood and watched the woman's tantrum.  Sure, she had business elsewhere, but she wasn't about to miss any of this for the world.  This should teach Ares to mess with her, especially over a mere mortal.

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