Pirates and Captives
by foxmonkey

Under sail in calm waters, the creaking of a boat is usually a peaceful sound.  For the captive men in the hold, however, the gentle rolling of the vessel was far from reassuring.  Ares, Hercules, Iolaus and Iphicles were bound ankle to foot, chained to the side of the hold.  Tense whispers and accusations flew from man to man.

"How the *fuck* did she get your sword!?"  Hercules couldn't believe Ares had been so stupid.

"Have you seen that body?"  Ares looked at his brother in disbelief.  "She tells me she wants to play 'Pirate and captive,' I can't say no."   He'd have crossed his arms and sulked, had they not been bound behind his body.

"So we're on this boat bound for who knows where because you can't keep your cock in your pants."   Hercules rolled his eyes.

"Like you don't stick it to Blondie here every and anytime *yours* gets hard."

Iphicles hissed at both of them.  "It'd be more productive to figure a way out of this, don't you think?  Pointing fingers - and cocks - isn't helping."

All four heads jerked up at the sound of boots on the ladder outside.  The door creaked open and Nebula stood in the doorway.  "My, my, my," she grinned.  If you aren't four of the tastiest pieces of man-meat in Greece.  Ooops, *were.*"  She eyed each one in turn, walking slowly across the hold toward them.

"If I could." Hercules began, struggling against the chains Hephaestus had forged.

"Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  But you can't.  Save your strength, Hercules.  You'll only wear yourself out."  Keeping a safe distance from flailing legs, she leaned against a support post.  She turned her large brown eyes to Ares.  "I still want to play, if you're still
interested."  She gave him a radiant smile.

Ares licked his lips, trying to avoid the accusing eyes of his fellow captives.  "She turns me on, all right!?"  He gave her a sidelong glance and a little grin.

"A mortal Ares.  This will be *so* much fun."  Nebula smiled in return.  "Oh, your sword's not on the boat, by the way.  I'm horny, not stupid."

"Why'd you do this?" Iolaus tried to reason with her.  "We're all friends.  Lovers, even."  His face turned slightly pink.

"I hate to interrupt," Iphicles said between clenched teeth, his voice gaining volume with every word, "But where the *fuck* are you taking us!?"

Hips undulating gently, Nebula slowly shifted her weight.  "Why?  I have my reasons.  Where?"  She gave Iphicles a long once-over.  "You're a pretty one,"  she said.  "You like girls?"  Ignoring the blush stealing across his high cheekbones, she turned to leave.  "*Where* is for me to know and you to find out.  Get comfy, ladies, you're in for a bumpy ride."

The lovely swell of her ass was the last thing they saw as she closed the door behind her.

by Amoreena

The tension in the hold was so thick you could cut it with a sword.  Accusing eyes stared out at Ares from behind long lashes.

"This is just great!  One of these days Ares, you're going to go too far and someone is going to pay a hefty price for your lack of self-control!  All this because you can't keep it in your pants.  Why did you have to get the rest of us involved?  It wasn't enough
she had you right where she wanted you, no; you had to convince her it would be more fun to have an orgy.  The more the merrier you told her.  Well, being tied up in the stinkin hold of Miss Perky Pirates ship is just not my idea of foreplay."  Iphicles shifted uncomfortably, leaning his head back against the crate he was sitting near.  Cooper curls framed his handsome face, his dark eyes brooding.

"Iphicles, look on the bright side."  Ares stated.

"Bright side!"  Iphicles laughed.  "Only the god damned God of War could see any bright side in this situation."

Hercules cleared his throat.  "Achm, this is getting us nowhere.  We need to pull together if we are going to get out of here."

Ares looked daggers at his brother.  "Where's your sense of adventure?  You always find the negative side to any situation.  This could work to our benefit.  If we play her right, we could have."

"Ares, stop thinking with your cock for a minute and look at the situation you've put us all in.  We are tied up in the hold of Nebula's ship.  There are more of them than there are of us.  You have once again lost control of your sword and are at her mercy just like the rest of us.  Can you please just stop thinking about yourself for once and try to think of the big picture here.  We need to formulate a plan."  Hercules glared at his brother in disdain.  Sometimes Ares was so predictable it was scary.

"Well, brother dear, I have thought this through very carefully." Ares rose and the chains fell easily to the floor.  Walking across the hold he tapped on the door.

Nebula opened the door and walked casually into the hold stopping in front of Iphicles.  Bending over the king of Corinth, her breasts touching his nose, she seductively ran her hand up his leg.

Iphicles shifted suddenly, causing Nebula's hand to slide to his cock.  "Ohh, you wanna play your majesty?"  Nebula sang.

"Nebula!"  Ares barked.  "That is not the plan.  Stick with the program girlie.  You wanted to play, I provided the toys, I provided the plan, don't fuck it up or I'll."  Ares started.

Nebula turned to face Ares, eyes full of lust.  "Or you'll what big boy?  Just remember baby, I hold your sword."

Ares laugh echoed throughout the hold of the ship.  He raised his hand and within seconds, a brightly shining sword was waving in the air above his head.  "My dear Nebula, do you honestly think I would be as lax as to allow someone of your caliber to remove my sword from my possession?  Do you think I've learned nothing from my previous experiences?"  Ares grabbed Nebula's arm with his free hand and jerked her off her feet.  Forcing her to kneel in front of him, he grinned at her as he placed his sword in its scabbard.   Grasping her head he brought it to his groin, her lips inches away from the hard cock straining against the tight black leather of his pants.

"Let the games begin".  Ares announced as he removed everyone's clothing at the same time.

by Spooky

Just as Nebula was about to put her lips to Ares’ cock, there was a commotion from above, then the first mate came bursting into the hold.

"Captain! There's a big storm coming up on us fast. It came out of nowhere."

Nebula got up, her thoughts instantly turning to the safety of her beloved ship. Sex could wait until later. She glared at Ares. "Put my clothes back on NOW!"

Ares sighed and waved his hand, doing as he was told. Once dressed, Nebula joined the rest of her crew above to batten everything down and see to the sails.

"Now what do we do?" asked Iphicles, testing the door and finding it locked and bolted.

"I have no desire to go down with a sinking ship. Lets get out of here." Ares said and pushed the door open.

"Handy, having a god about isn’t it?" Iolaus asked Hercules as all four men clustered out onto the deck.

Hercules just gave the small blond a look that said "Yeah, right" and they all ducked simultaneously as a box caught by the wind flew over their heads and fell overboard.

"Where the hell did this come from?" Iphicles yelled as they all ran to help the sailors do their tasks.

"It’s not natural, that’s for sure." Ares screamed back as the wind whipped away his words.

For hours the crew and captured men fought the storm, and at last they thought they were getting things under control, until the lookout shrieked down at Nebula from his precarious hold in the crows nest.

"Rocks! Rocks ahead!"

Nebula fought the wheel, Hercules jumping to her aid, trying to turn the ship before they could go crashing down onto the sharp pinnacle of stone jutting from the angry sea.

Too late! There was a great splintering sound. Hercules grabbed Nebula as there was a huge jolt and the ship listed off to the side. The couple skidded across the deck, grabbing onto rope to steady themselves.

Hercules heard a scream and looked up in time to see Iolaus being swept off the side of the boat.

"Iolaus!" he yelled, and watched helplessly as Ares dove off the side of the boat to help out the little hunter.... then the waves covered them and they were gone.

"At least it wasn’t an iceberg." Nebula sighed.

Iphicles struggled up to his brother and patted him on the shoulder. "Don’t worry, Herc. Ares is with him. They’ll be fine. There’s probably land near here. Once the storm dies down, we should try to find them."

As the king spoke the waves seemed to die down and the rain stopped lashing at them. Nebula looked about. "Well, where ever that storm came from, it’s served its purpose." She said. "Come on. Let’s see what damage there is and try and get it repaired. Hercules. I’ll need your help..." she marched off to speak to the rest of her crew.

Hercules continued to stare out at the rocks, tears tracking down his cheeks together with the rain and sea spray. "Please, Zeus. Make them be ok." He whispered.

"Herc!!!!!!!" came Nebula’s yell. "Come on, otherwise we’ll sink!"

The demigod turned with a heavy heart and supported by his brother went to see what repairs could be made on the small ship.

by Nemetona

Iolaus awoke in a room by himself. He gingerly sat up but to his surprise he discovered he was both uninjured and dry. He cautiously looked around. He was beginning to get a bad feeling about this. All he could see was black. Black walls, black floor, black furnishings.

"Shit! I've done it again." He closed his eyes in annoyance. Dead again. This was really getting beyond a joke. He opened his eyes and looked around. He didn't recognise this place - he must have missed it on his other (numerous) visits to Tartarus. "Just my luck, to go through eternity pissed off at getting killed once more and I still haven't told Hercules how I feel. Shit!"

"Your not dead. This isn't Tartarus, it's just a little hideyhole I like to use when I want to play games."

"Ares! How did I get here? Well, I know how I got here, but why did you bring me? And what's with this game you and Nebula are playing?"

"Oh Nebula did me a favour," Ares grinned in remembrance, "and I promised her a group fuck and that she could choose the participants. I know you and she have a thing, and I can see why she might want to try out Hercules, but Iphicles? I didn't even know she knew the king."

"She helped me rescue him from some Sandsharks a while back. She was interested in him from the start but he never seemed to notice her." Iolaus always saw more of what was going on than people realised.

"All right, Ares, that explains Nebula. But what about me, here and now, why am I here?"

"There was a storm, you went over the side, I went after you, I rescued you, I brought you here." Ares spoke as if he was talking to an idiot who he was not quite sure could understand.

"I remember being in the water, it kept dragging me down, I couldn't breath. I was sure I was a goner." Iolaus gave a shudder at the memory. "You rescued me? Thanks. I think."

"Don't worry about it Iolaus, I expect you to thank me in full." Ares stepped closer to the Hunter, reached out and caught the smaller man by his hair and hauled his face up to his own for a deep, forceful kiss.

Iolaus struggled to pull away despite the pain in his scalp but Ares simply placed an arm around his waist and brought there bodies together. Iolaus was on tiptoe, his arms caught behind his back held in the strong grip by Ares while the other hand forced his head back as his mouth was plundered.

Iolaus could feel each of his muscles scream at this uncomfortable position; he could also feel the heat of Ares body through their combined clothes. He could also feel the reaction of his own body and it hardened at this brutal treatment.

"Ares, don't do this." Iolaus managed to gasp out as he broke free from the devastating kiss.

"Who's going to stop me little man? I'm a God and I take what I want." Ares effortlessly tore Iolaus' shirt from his body and ran a possessive hand down the other man's chest.

"Over my dead body." Iolaus protested trying to twist away from the fingers that now played roughly with his nipple.

"You say that every time." Ares laughed "and every time I take what I want from you….and you love it."

"What do you mean 'every time'? I've never been near you before." Iolaus looked at Ares as if he was out of his mind.

Ares laughed even louder. "Iolaus, I bring you here on a regular basis, we fight, you struggle, you loose, I fuck you. Then I heal you up and take away the memories. I've been in your ass more times than even I can count. You’re my number one little fucktoy. And the beauty is that you fight me each and every time." Ares ran his hand over Iolaus dropped jaw. "Ah, there it is, that stunned 'I don't believe you' look."

"Your lying! I don't believe you!" Iolaus closed his mouth abruptly as he recognised the words that came out of his mouth and saw the War God's satisfied gloating face.

"I know. That's what makes fucking you such a pleasure." Ares roughly spun the Hunter's body away from him sending him crashing over a table. Before Iolaus could react Ares was on him, ripping away his breeches and loincloth, bending him over the table.

Iolaus stiffened as he felt a slick digit enter him. He was powerless to move, the sheer strength of the God was unimaginable. He felt himself being stretched and was too angry to feel any pleasure in the sensation.

The fingers left him and were replaced by a cock. The relentless push into him brought tears to Iolaus' eyes and he closed his eyes to prevent them falling. He could feel the bile rise in his throat at this invasion.

"It always amazes me, Iolaus," Ares spoke in a conversational tone "just how tight your ass is. Hercules still not putting out?" he asked in a feigned sympathetic tone.

Iolaus bit his lip to keep from replying. Ares thrust into him. Each stroke was deeper, harder more driving than the one before. Iolaus was sure he would be split in two. Still he refused to utter a sound. And then something changed….

Suddenly there was pleasure. Waves of it, undulating and changing shape, caressing him and overwhelming him. Ares laughed again when he felt the change in Iolaus. Hazily, through the fog of pleasure, Iolaus thought how much he hated the sound of the God of War's laughter. There was a hand at his cock, a few swift strokes and he felt himself cum; shooting jets of white liquid that globbed and strung on the table below him. He could feel Ares climax inside him before the God slumped boneless onto Iolaus' back.

For a moment the two men rested like that, then Iolaus pushed Ares off him. He swung a punch at his adversary only to find himself frozen in mid-swing.

"Predictable, as always, little one. Let's see about getting you cleaned up. Not too much damage this time." With a wave of his hand Iolaus felt his aching body repair. His clothes, now undamaged, once again covered him. He starred at Ares in horror, his eyes begging the God not to do this to him.

Ares' evil grin gave him answer even before he said "Say bye-bye to those memories Iolaus, until the next time."

Iolaus awoke on a beach. It was nightfall and there was a fire warming him. On the other side of the camp fire he saw the War God.

"Good, your back I see. Just in time, Iolaus, the others are about to arrive." He indicated to the fire where a rabbit was roasting over the flame. "There's food and drink if you want it."

Iolaus struggled to his feet. "What happened. The last think I remember is going over the side of the ship and the water covering me."

Ares shrugged. "I went in after you, pulled you out and then got us to dry land. I made sure the other knew where to find us."

"You saved my life?" Iolaus reached out and grasped the War God's forearm in a warriors handshake.

"Thank you, Ares." There were times when he almost liked Hercules' half brother.

by Huntress

 "Ares...earth to Ares...."

Ares blinked, seeing Herc's blue eyes staring into his. "You gonna help or just sit there staring into space?"

Ares growled at him. He had been in the midst of a little daydream involving him and Iolaus in one of his hideaways. 'Maybe I should try it?' he thought. But a glance at Hercules told him that Herc would rip him to pieces if he touched the blonde. "What do you want me to do Hercules?" he asked aloud.

"Since you seem to have your powers, how about getting us off this rock?"

Ares looked around and shrugged. "Alright. I NEVER get to have any fun."  He waved his hand but nothing happened.

"Well?" asked Herc.

"I'm trying," replied the War God. He waved his arm again. Still nothing.

"Ares!" yelled Hercules. "Do something, would you please?"

"I'm trying but nothing's happening!!"

"Looking for this," came a voice.

"Artemis!" both men shouted. Their sister was standing there with Ares' sword.

"Ares, I think you should learn how the other half lives. In this case mortal. Herc, the ship seems to be floating out there. It hasn't sunk. Why are you all here?"

"Because sis, the sails were torn to shreds and we can't sail without them. Yeah we'll float, but that's about all. That's why we're here. Okay?"

"No need to get into a snit Herkie," she said with a smile. "Think of it as a vacation. No monsters to slay, no bad guys to fight. Just you and Iolaus on an island. Oh and Herc, keep an eye on him." Artemis nodded to Ares. "He's having certain kinds of......fantasies......about Iolaus." She vanished, taking Ares sword with her.

"BITCH!!" screamed Ares.

"Iolaus??!" said Herc, advancing on his (now) mortal brother. "You've been having fantasies about Iolaus!! You bastard!!" He lunged at Ares, and the two wrestled for a while, til the other's heard the noise and came running.

"Well do something!" shouted Iphicles.

"Like what?" asked Iolaus. "A God and demigod fighting. The last time I got in the middle of this, I was at a healer for 2 weeks."

Artemis popped in front of them. "Yes, but Ares is mortal now," she said, showing his sword. Then she popped out again.

"Mortal huh," said Iolaus. He smiled and jumped into the fray. Iphicles followed and it took a few minutes but they managed to get the two separated. Iolaus held onto Herc, and Iph held onto Ares.

"I'm okay. Really Iolaus," said Herc.

"Me too," said Ares.

But the minute they were released they went at each other again.

"Let 'em fight," said Nebula. "They'll get it out of their systems and we can figure out a way off of this place."

"Any idea where we are?" asked Iphicles. He looked up and watched as Ares came sailing over his head.

"Nope," replied Nebula. "We were tossed around so much I have no idea. I figure there has got to be a way to repair the sails, but I haven't thought of it yet."

"Well maybe," Iolaus started, then ducked when Herc flew over his head and pounced on Ares, "we should search around some more. Who knows what we'll find?"

The other's nodded and broke off into groups, walking off. Iolaus and Iphicles just stood there, watching the son's of Zeus fight.


"Yes Iphicles?"

"What about them?" He pointed to Herc and Ares, who were punching each other.

"Why not let 'em fight? Like Nebula said. They'll get it out of their systems and we can get on with things."

"But Iolaus....."

"Okay Iph, we'll split 'em up."

They went over and pulled the two men apart again.

Iphicles sat with Ares and Iolaus sat with Herc.

"You wanna tell me?" he asked the demigod.

"No," replied Hercules, staring at his feet.

"C'mon Herc. You didn't start that with Ares for no reason. And you DID start it. I saw."

"(mumble, mumble)" came Herc's voice.

"What was that? I didn't understand you."

"Artemis said he's been having certain thoughts about you and I didn't like it! Okay??!!"

"Why would you care what he thought about me?" asked the blonde, more confused.

"Because, you half-wit," said Ares. "He's in love with you."

"Shut up Ares!!" yelled Herc, and lunged for him again. Iolaus pounced on the demigod.

"Herc! Stop it!! You can't keep fighting like this," Iolaus sat atop Herc's chest trying to keep him from getting up. Then he looked at Ares. "And you don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh no? Well why don't you ask him?" Ares replied. "Or are you scared he'll admit to it?"

"Shut up Ares," said Iphicles.

"Make me, King," he said.

"That does it," said Iphicles. He pulled Ares to him, planting a hard kiss on the God's mouth. By the time he broke the kiss, Ares was panting, and Iphicles' hands had started to roam the God's body. "I want you War God, and now that you're mortal, I'm going to have you." Iphicles pushed Ares onto his back, tearing at his clothes, while Herc and Iolaus watched, fascinated.

Iph had Ares stripped in a few seconds, and his cock was fully erect.

"Oh what a sweet bounty," he moaned, taking Ares cock in hand and stroking it. The God was moaning too. "You like that I see. Well then you'll like this better." He bent down and took the God's cock deep into his mouth, sucking on it, while his hands found purchase under Ares ass. He pulled Ares deeper into his mouth, and Ares eyes got wide at the pleasure he was receiving.

"Gods, Iphicles, that is magnificent," he said, but then his voice was gone as Iph managed to get two fingers into Ares ass and began to fuck him with those fingers, while Iph's mouth sucked him hard.

"Iphicles....I'm going to....." Ares didn't get a chance to finish. He thrust into Iph's mouth and shot his seed down the King's throat. Iph kept sucking until Ares cock grew flaccid, then sat up. His face was flushed, as was Ares.

"Now will you shut up," he said.

"Oh yeah," said Ares. His eyes moved over Iphicles shoulder's. "Well look at that. I didn't think our little brother had it in him. I thought he was a chicken-shit."

Iphicles turned and saw his brother kneeling between Iolaus' legs. Hercules was fucking the hunter, and Iolaus was moaning for more. Ares noticed Herc's back and neck tighten, and heard Hercules shout.


"HERC!!!!!" came Iolaus' shout.

The demigod collapsed upon the hunter, who was moaning himself, stroking Herc's ass. Herc pulled himself off of Iolaus, and Ares noticed a VERY satisfied look on the blonde's face.

"Told you so," Ares sneered at Iphicles.

"Guys?" They all turned seeing Nebula. "If you can tear yourselves away from each other I have something to show you. I think you'll find it interesting."

"It's not a big web is it?" asked Iolaus, remembering the last island he'd been shipwrecked on.

"No," the pirate replied. "It's better. Come on."

The four men got up, looked at each other, and followed Nebula.

by Kelly

Nebula led the four men down into a set of dark caves.  Iolaus shuddered as he felt cold water dripping from the ceiling fall on the back of his neck.  Hercules drew Iolaus close, and the entire group pulled tighter together.

Nebula lifted a sputtering torch she'd lit earlier, and it cast eerie shadows over the walls.  "Nebula..." said Iolaus, his voice holding a slight note of worry.

"It's a little more down this way," she said.  "Not much farther."

The passageway narrowed down and they had to proceed single file down it, and then it spilled into a well-lit room.  Five skeletons sat around a large round table.  One skeleton sat in rotting black leather.  Another was smaller than the rest, and sat between the one in black and a more slender one with a tarnished gold neck-plate around it.  Two more sat on the other side of the table, one wearing the royal signet of Corinth and the other bare of any markings.

"What in the name of Tartarus IS this place?" whispered Hercules.

Nebula picked up one of the swords laying on the floor and prodded at one of the skeletons, and they all collapsed into heaps of bones, and then the scene dissolved to a spacious bedchamber, with three canopied beds and a large window.  "Watch this," she said, and poked at the window.

The scene changed again, this time to the hold of the ship, and they watched as their recent past transpired before their eyes.  "I don't know what's going on here, but this is what I want to show you."  She poked one more time at the image, and it changed to reflect the five of them.  Hercules, Iolaus, Nebula, Ares, Iphicles.  One set standing, staring at the others.  "This is where I found it when I came in.  If I had to guess... this... whatever it is... is going to show us how we're gonna get off this rock.  We just gotta watch.  Pull up a seat boys, this is gonna be a long night."

7  Trapped in Time
by Selursera

As if they were all mesmerized by the images before them Hercules and Iphicles took a seat and joined Nebula in watching the portal. Even Ares leaned against an outcropping of boulders, his arms folded, watching. No one noticed the hunter nervously fidgeting in the background.

"I'm really not comfortable in here, guys," Iolaus said looking around at the confining area.

"You got any better ideas, Blondie?" Nebula said as she smiled at he hunter.

"A few come to mind," Iolaus said smiling wickedly as he took a seat next to her. Then glancing at the portal, he too seemed entranced with the images that played before him.

They watched as they saw themselves chained below the deck of Nebula's ship. Then the storm and finally ending up on the island. They sat like this for hours, entranced by these very images.

"Something's not right here." It was spoken softly.

"What? Iphicles, did you say something?" Herc tried to look at his brother.

"He said something's not right here," Ares broke in as he struggled to tear his attention away from the portal. "Why is this *thing* holding our attention like this?"

"Cause its fascinating, you leather-clad hunk of manhood!" Nebula leered.

"Think about it Nebula we've lived it already.  What's so fascinating?" Iphicles was still trying to avoid looking at the screen.


"You better do something, Goddess we're losing them."  A panicked male voice spoke hidden by the darkness. The goddess waved her hand and the image on the portal changed.


The group watched as the image before them now held something a little more captivating. Hercules was now kissing Iolaus his hands roaming freely over the nude hunter's body. Grasping Iolaus' cock he stroked it back and forth as he sheathed himself inside the golden hunter. Throwing his head back Iolaus moaned as Hercules matched their rhythm stroke for stroke; Iolaus cried out as he began to come. Thrusting into his hunter's body for a final time Hercules came then he collapsed alongside Iolaus.

All the while this was going on the other three watched as the image of themselves began an orgy of delights. Nebula sat astride Ares' strong, powerful hips as she mounted his cock, pushing him so far inside of her cunt she thought it would split.  They watched as she moaned screaming his name in delight as she came for the first time. Before she could get any further into her passions the image of Iphicles came up behind her and entered her, taking her hard and forcefully. Pulling her into him as if he wanted to possess her. Having both men inside of her created a sensation she had never felt before. She could feel their cock's pulsing and throbbing between her. Meeting thrust for thrust pushing her over the edge as she came again. Both men continued
thrusting until they came deep within her filling her with their seed.

They all watched this dance before them, trapped in the feelings and the emotions that played across the portal.



Two figures continued to watch, safely ensconced in the darkness.

"It looks like you were right; they are so fascinated by this thing they'll never leave"

"Look, Goddess, I told you my plan would work. *I* never fail. With them stuck there we can get on with the rest of my plan. It looks like this is going to be easier than I thought!"

"Easy?  You call everything I've gone through to get them there easy?"

"You...What you've gone through." He laughed. "Without me, little goddess, this plan would be nowhere, remember that!"

Both figures turned their attention back to the group now totally enveloped in the portal before them. "They're ours now; it's safe enough for us to leave and get on with the rest of the plan. Let's get started."

The two figures slowly vanished into the ether. Neither one noticed that one of the group was no longer captured by the viewing portal.

"Remember that image we first saw when we got here?" Iphicles said, his voice straining. "Those skeletons, that was us."

"We have to get out of here," Ares bellowed, capturing the attention of the others.

"That might be a bit harder than ya think, guys," Nebula said, as she pointed to the entrance of the cave. "It's been sealed."

by Dove

"What, so we're stuck in here?"  asked Ares.

"Gee, thanks for stating the obvious, you may be beautiful, but you need to  work on your mind." Nebula said rolling her eyes.

"If you weren't so dammed gorgeous I'd...." Ares didn't get to finish because he was cut off.

"You'd what? You're mortal dear." Nebula strolled over and pulled the mortal war god into a deep, hard kiss.

"Look" said Hercules to the only two people listening to him, "While they......work out their aggressions we need to find a way out.

"Maybe if you try you can bust it down." Iphicles suggested.

With that Hercules walked forward, looked to see if anyone was in range and, slamming his fist into the wall.......fell through it.

Landing on the sand only helping a little, he got halfway up and turned around to shout, "It's a mirage, come on out." Then he just kneeled in the sand trying to recover.

"Hmmm, Herc I think this is the bast position you've been in, for oh, two hours." Iolaus' voice whispered in his ear as hands skimmed his leather-clad ass. Hercules turned around to find his face directly in front of Iolaus' huge cock. He looked up into dark eyes, then back at the cock in front of him and said the first thing that came to mind. "Is this a hint?" His best friend, now lover chuckled and, gently grabbing Herc's hair he thrust into his mouth, groaning as he felt hands massaging his ass. Hercules pulled his head back so that just the tip of his cock was in, then deep-throated him. He did this three more times before he felt Iolaus' balls tighten up and start cumming down his throat, he heard some noise but ignored it, instead opting to milk Iolaus' cock.

"Ummmm, guys some help would be appreciated."

Iolaus turned to see everybody else standing still, "What's wrong?" he asked, as Herc still had his mouth full.

"Well," said an irritated Ares, "While Herc was sucking you off, we discovered that this goddamn island is inhabited by sand sharks."
One of the two figures had returned and watched, shrouded in shadows with trepidation. Discord wasn't going to like this.

by Aly

The god curled his lip, sneering pointedly at Hercules. Obviously he didn’t think much of the demi-god’s technique. "If you’re finished already, how’s ‘bout using your brains instead of your mouth for once? Or is that all you’re good for?" He leered suggestively.

"Yeah, coming up with away outta here sounds like a great idea," chimed in Iphicles, anxious to avert the confrontation a blind man could see coming.

"Um, somebody mention sand sharks?" Iolaus tried desperately to change the topic of conversation.

Hercules got to his feet slowly, brushing the sand from his knees and calves. Lips tightly compressed with the effort of controlling his temper, he turned towards Iphicles, doing his best to ignore Ares’ attempts to provoke him.

Ares wasn’t to be ignored though. "Hey shortie, need a hand ….or anything?" His eyes were fixed lasciviously on the hunter’s groin, then they flicked tauntingly towards Herc.

Iolaus shook his head laughingly at Ares but Hercules was not prepared to take any more innuendo from his half-brother. With a bellow he launched himself at the smirking god. Ares sidestepped and turned to boot him in the backside in passing. Herc twisted impossibly, grabbed the foot and dumped Ares on his black leatherclad ass.

With a loud warcry he threw himself at the god and the pair tumbled over and over in the sand, throwing punches, straining muscles and grunting, wrestling as if the fate of Olympus hung on their little spat.

Iolaus looked over at Iphicles.

"Let ‘em get it out of their system," recommended Iphicles dryly. "Neither of ‘em seems to deal too well with frustration. Might as well use all that testosterone before it rots their brains." He left Iolaus barracking furiously and strode back into the cave, looking for Nebula.

He found her transfixed once more by the portal. Deliberately turning his back to it, he interposed his body between her and the compelling images.

"Nebula ! Snap out of it."

She didn’t appear to hear him, moving her head sideways to look around him, a glazed look in her eyes. Well, he knew one way to get her attention. He slapped her with his open hand, hard.

Her head snapped round and she snapped out of her trance, fists rising ready to punch him back. He stepped closer before she could retaliate and kissed her fiercely.

Nebula struggled for a brief moment then appeared to come to her senses. Iphicles drew back uncertainly, unwilling to relinquish those soft lips. She smiled at him and then casually backhanded him. He staggered, raising a hand to his smarting cheek. She packed one hell of a punch.

"That’s for hitting me, king."  She smiled, her lips curving seductively, promisingly. "Don’t play rough unless you’re prepared for the consequences, sweetie."

 "You like to play games, don’t you, Nebula?" Iphicles moved forward aggressively as he spoke, backing her up against the wall. "I haven’t forgotten how we all ended up in this mess."

Nebula raised her hands in a warding off gesture, warning him. Iphicles grabbed a wrist in each hand and pinned her against the cave wall, chest to chest, thigh to thigh. She struggled, testing the strength of his grip but it only made him tighten his hold. He waited for her to cry out, to acknowledge the pain, his mastery, but she fought silently, squirming against his body. There was a definite sexual edge to the struggle. Iphicles’ cock was rock hard, aroused by the eroticism of Nebula’s struggle. He kissed her again, harder this time, forcing his tongue into her mouth in the same way that he wanted his cock inside her.

Unfortunately he could tell by the silence that his brother and Ares had stopped fighting. Any second now one of them would blunder through looking for them. Regretfully, he released Nebula.

She smiled evilly at him. "We’ll finished that conversation later, king." She turned and walked away from him, adding over her shoulder, "I think we have many things to discuss."

by Jenn M

Meanwhile outside the cave

Hercules and Ares continued to pound one another.  The brothers were oblivious to anything but knocking each other's brains out.

Iolaus watched helplessly. He hoped they would tire of this but it didn't look that way.  Out of the corner of his eye something caught his  attention. He got wide eyed when he saw what was heading their way.  "Uh Guys!" he shouted. Herc and Ares didn't hear him, so he yelled louder. "GUYS!  SANDSHARKS!!"

Hercules and Ares stopped and turned.  They saw the movement of the sandsharks. There was two of them heading right for them.

Iolaus managed to jump out of the way just in time to avoid becoming one shark's dinner. Hercules caught it by the tail and tossed it into some rocks. Chunks of the sandshark rained down upon them.

The second shark was heading straight for Ares. Before anyone could react it rose up out of the sand ready to pounce on him.

Suddenly Artemis appeared between Ares and the sandshark. With one swing of her sword the shark was split in two. She turned and smiled at a stunned Ares.

"I see your handling this mortal thing real well," she jokingly teased.

"Very funny," Ares muttered sarcastically.

"I think you've suffered enough so here's your sword back." Artemis handed Ares sword back over to him.

He held the sword over his head and with a flash of light he was restored as The God Of War.

"We better go find the other two," Ioalus suggested. the four of them went back into the cave. They were greeted by quite a sight.

While they were beng attacked by sand sharks, Nebula and Iphicles had come to an agreement. Talk later, Fuck now.

The four were greeted by the site of Nebula naked and leaning against the stone wall. Iphicles also naked was behind Nebula. He was buried deep in Nebula. His hands had hold of her dark, full breasts.

 The two didn't notice they were being watched. All they knew was the pleasure they felt. Nebula cried out as she climaxed. Iphicles threw his head back and shouted out her name as he filled her with his seed.

They were brought back to reality when they heard clapping. they turned to find Hercules, Ares, Iolaus and Artemis clappng and calling for an encore.

Nebula and Iphicles looked at each other and laughed. Quickly redressing as the four cat called and teased them.

"This virgin goddess stuff bites," Artemis said to herself as she disapeared in a blue flash.

"Well guys I hate to break up the party, but we should be getting back to Nebula's ship," Iolaus said to the rest of the group.

"He's right, we have to get back." Nebula agreed.

"Well that's easy enough." With that Ares transported them all back to Nebula's ship.

Discord screeched with anger " I thought you said that thing would keep them occupied!" she shouted turning to her partner in crime.

Poseidon growled back at her " Listen, bitch, do I have to think of everything? I created that storm to get them here and that portal should have worked. Besides the sandsharks would have gotten them if that damn Artemis wouldn't have shown up with Ares' sword."

"I wish that virgin bitch would go get fucked and stop messing up my plans." Discord muttered. " Well I guess I have to take care of them myself." With that she disapeared.

Posiden as glad she was gone. He had agreed to help her rid the world of that annoying foursome, but he was through with her now.

Discord wanted revenge.

Ioalus needed to pay for that whole chicken incident, Hercules for always messing up her plans.

She wanted Ares to pay for the way he treated her.  Never keeping his word. Giving her stupid jobs like Goddess of retribution. Most of all for the cruel way he used her. She was always there to pleasure him, sucking his cock when ever he commanded. He never gave her any satisfaction, laughingat her when she begged him to fuck her.

Nebula she just wanted dead because she couldn't stand the bitch.

Just when the foursome thought they were finally out of trouble...

by Thamiris

Fiery red sparks signaled Discord's arrival on the ship's deck.  "It's payback time," she announced to the group, eagerly awaiting the cowering and shrieks of terror.  Instead, Iolaus giggled, while Herc smirked.  And where in Tartarus were Ares and Nebula?  This was supposed to be a group-revenge thing...

"Too bad Autolycus isn't here to see this," Herc said.

"See what--?"  Discord began before the world went black.  The sac smelled repulsively of dead mackerel, but it wouldn't vanish no matter how hard she wished it away.  Poseidon, of course.  That blue bastard.  She'd rip him a new one for betraying her like this, and Ares, too, whose strong hands now wrapped her in chains.  Oh, for the old days when they'd played ‘Pirate and Captive' without any smelly bag getting in the way.

"...throw her to the fish..."

"...too bitter for fish..."

"...keep her outta trouble..."

Then the numbing shock of icy ocean water, as Ares tossed her far over the side.  As she sank, bumping unpleasantly against slick bodies, feeling the sharp nip of teeth, Discord vowed a revenge so horrible, so bloody, so brutal that--

The wide jaws of a sea beast cut off the goddess' plans.


"I think this calls for a celebration," Nebula announced.  Iolaus was already dropping to his knees before Herc when the woman stepped between them. "Hold it, Blondie.  You're rushing things.  First things first.  I think Discord was right: it's payback time."  She turned deliberately to Ares, and the others followed her assessing gaze.

"Yeah...It's his fault we got into this mess," Iolaus said.

"Yeah," Iphicles echoed, then flinched when the god's hand twitched.

Herc kept quiet, flashing his divine brother a skeptical ‘you-know-what's-gotta-be-done-but-you're-too-much-of-a-shit-to- do-it' look.

"Oh, and what'm I supposed to do here?" Ares asked, raising an eyebrow.

For a long moment, no one spoke.

Finally, Iphicles cleared his throat.  "I think it's only fair that...you chain yourself up and let us all have a go at you."

"Yeah!" chorused Herc and Iolaus.  "Chains!"

"I mean--"

"It only seems fair--"

Nebula rolled her eyes.  "Scarily enough, I'm with them, Ares.  Get on your knees and chain your hands and feet to the deck."

"And who's gonna make me? You and what army?"

"She doesn't need an army."

All eyes turned to the blue god floating beside the ship.  "While you took care of Discord, Nebula and I made a deal."  He winked one sea-green eye. "Ares, if you don't do what she wants, I'll make sure everyone on Olympus knows just how you and Discord played Pirate and Captive..."

A sharp, exasperated click of tongue against teeth. "Oh, for the love of Zeus...Fine.  I'll do it."

Poseidon tossed Nebula some chains, then blew her a kiss before melting into the gently-rolling waves.

"How exactly did you play Pirate and--"

"Let's just get on with it, ok?"  The god, cheeks flushed, dropped to his knees.  When his clothes vanished, so did the group's vision of Discord with eyepatch and whip standing over a simpering war god, arms bound behind his back, unusually clad in a leather mini, gaping white blouse and bright red lipstick (that fantasy'd be reserved for more private moments).

Iphicles moved first, but Nebula caught his hand.  "Hold on, your worshipfulness.  I'm calling the shots here.  Ares, put these on."  The manacles reappeared around the god's ankles and wrists.  "Nice," she said admiringly.  Then she clapped her hands.  "Ok, boys, it's time for some fun.  Strip."

A flurry of speeding hands followed the command.  Vests, pants, shirts, jerkins and boots went flying.

"Glad to see the ship's the only thing sailing at half-mast," the woman noted with a grin.  "Now come a little closer, boys."

The three men joined Nebula at mid-deck, standing in a semi-circle around the kneeling war god.  The air, already thick with salt and summer heat, grew warmer.

Iphicles' fingers crept to his cock, til Herc elbowed him.  "She's calling the shots, Iph."

"Suck up," the king mumbled back, but his hand dropped to his side.

Nebula cocked a thumb at Iolaus. "I always liked you, Shortie.  You get to go first.  Stand in front of Ares and feed him your cock."

While the other two eyed him jealously, Iolaus grasped his cock by the base. Using his other hand to grab the god's dark curls, he tugged back the bowed head, then hesitated, the wet tip of his seeping erection a breath from Ares' lush mouth.  "This is, like, ok with you, right?  I'm not gonna end up fishfood like Discord, am I?"

Ares stared up at him, pink tongue slipping out to wet his lips.  "Just do it."

With the only sounds the shrieks of gulls and the splash of water against the hull, Iolaus eased the rounded head of his cock into the god's mouth.  At first, Ares did nothing, and the watchers waited expectantly, still unsure of his reaction.  Then the sucking started, and Iolaus moaned so loudly an angry gull repeated his cry.

"That's so hot," Iphicles said to himself, and his hand wandered again between his thighs.

Nebula smacked away his fingers, and the king flashed her a wounded look.  "Spare me, Iphicles.  I know that under the angsty exterior lies the heart and cock of a serious badboy."  Leaning back against the rail, her skin gleaming under the sun, she smiled.  "Why don't you show me what you got?"

"What about me?"  Herc demanded.

"You got a lot of stamina--jerk off for now. Come on his back."  Her eyes closed as Iphicles' mouth found her left nipple and he began to suck as hard as Ares on Iolaus.  Absently stroking the king's soft curls, spreading her thighs wider for Iphicles' searching fingers, she watched the bound god give a blow job.

Iolaus had pulled away, and Ares' tongue went after him, circling the swollen skin, trying to drag the head back in his mouth.  With a quick forward thrust, the man rewarded him, shoving his cock deep down Ares' throat.

Herc, towering above them, fingers hurrying over his massive erection, gave a small shudder at the sight, and his semen shone silver in the sea air before splattering on Ares' damp gold back.  Nebula gave an answering shudder as Iphicles' tongue wrapped around her clit, and his long fingers reached far inside her body.

"I'm gonna cum," Iolaus whispered, as his back arched.

"No!"  Nebula snapped.  "Not in his mouth.  Step back."

With a whimper, his legs quivering, he drew his cock, wet under the sun, from Ares' mouth.  "I need to come, Nebula."

The sight forced semen through Herc's cock, and once again his cum fell in silvery arcs over his brother's back, as he gasped out his orgasm.

"Of course you do.  I'm not a monster.  Trade places with Herc.  And you don't have to jerk off-- fuck him.  Fuck Ares."   At her words, Iphicles stood, and Nebula drew him to her breast for a better view, wanting a better view, even as the thick head of his cock nudged into her cunt.

Now behind the god, Iolaus reached forward, wetting his fingers in the creamy pools on the broad back, before smearing his lover's semen onto his own cock.  Then he and Herc, so used to doing everything together, unconsciously penetrated Ares in tandem:  the demi-god's cock disappeared into his brother's mouth while Iolaus', slick with cum and saliva, pushed into the god's beautiful, rounded ass.

Iphicles felt Nebula's muscles clamping around his cock, and craned his neck to watch the three men while he kept fucking her.

"That's good, baby," she purred in his ear, as the king's thumb found her clit, stroking it in slow, lazy circles while he pounded into her.  "Don't stop, ‘cause I'm gonna...Ohhh..."  Grabbing his ass, she came just as Herc did.  And while she cooed in Iphicles' ear, she drank in the view of the demigod's lust-warmed cheeks while his semen spilled down Ares' gulping throat.


Iphicles' soft call caught her attention, and she looked at him, saw the sharp teeth sink into his lower lip, felt him tense, and--"No!  Not in me. In Ares' mouth.  Go replace Herc.  And you, my handsome hero, come over here."  Drawing up a long, slim foot, she put it against Iphicles' chest, separating herself from the king.

Herc, his cock still leaking but already hard once again, walked obediently to Nebula.

"Lie down on your back," she commanded.  Then, to the king at Ares' head: "Hold on, Iphicles! Wait a sec!"  Straddling Herc's lean hips, the woman slowly lowered herself onto the big cock, while the king waited impatiently, his cream-covered erection inches from Ares' extended tongue.  With Herc buried inside her, his large hands tugging at her nipples, Nebula was ready.  "Now!"

Iolaus, whose rhythmic fucking had covered Ares' back with pools of sweat to match Herc's pools of semen, reached between the god's thighs and fondled the heavy sac hanging there.  Ares grunted, then tensed, staining the wooden deck with a burst of semen.  The heat tightening around his cock made Iolaus groan almost angrily, and his hand fell with a sharp crack against Ares' ass.  He repeated the blows, one for every thrust, until the god came again, then once more.

Matching the strokes, Nebula rose and fell on the hard cock inside her, sweat running like water over her skin.  She came quietly, breasts swelling, then climbed quickly off the demigod.  "I want you all to come at the same time.  On him, in him."  She settled back against the ship's side, stroking her aching clit, and watched Herc's fist pump furiously, while Iolaus' hand turned the god's ass flame-red.

Ares' hiss, then unstoppable quivering, started the ring of pleasure: Iolaus held the god's hips while he came; Iphicles brushed back his lover's sweat-damp curls as he shot semen onto Ares' tongue; Herc spilled more seed onto his brother's back; and the war god stained the wood beneath him.

"Unchain yourself, Ares and come here.  All of you come here."  She pulled Herc down beside her, face up, then lay in the same position on top of him, letting his wet cock slide into her ass.  Then, pulling open the pink folds of her slick cunt, she smiled at the god.  "Here.  Now."

Ares rose, rubbing his wrists, his cock hard once again.  He walked slowly toward her, cum and sweat dripping from his bronzed skin.  Kneeling above the woman, the god deliberately rubbed the head of his cock over her clit, back and forth, until she arched up, ready for him.  His fingers closed around the base, then he entered her in one rough, sure stroke.

"No one fucks like you, Ares," she told him quietly.  At a soft intake of breath behind her, Nebula knew that Iolaus had given Herc his cock; the wet sucking sounds confirmed it.  And Iphicles, without waiting for a command, oiled his cock in Herc's semen before shoving himself inside the war god.

Then, together, they rocked to orgasm on the rolling sea.


Later, under the stars, lying in a pile of hot, sticky limbs, Nebula smiled. The others didn't notice, eyes all shut tight, breathing languid and easy. Carefully, she untangled herself and walked to the boat's side.  "I'm ready," she whispered.

Poseidon shook his head blue-curled head.  "The things you do for fun..."

"What can I say?  I like to live dangerously.  And you got to watch, just like I promised, lover."

And they kissed under a pale moon.

The End

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