Primal Need

Primal Need 1
by Kelly

Iphicles gazed out the window, staring at the empty garden and wondering why Ares hadn't visited him for three nights.  Maybe he's found another lover...maybe he's tired of me.

"Did it ever ONCE occur to you that like you, I too have business to conduct?"

Iphicles whirled on the god lounging indolently on the bed.  "You left me for three nights," he accused him.

"So?  And each of those three nights my bed was warmed by the most buxom and wanton wenches you can imagine."

Iphicles, enraged, threw himself at Ares, and the god caught him hard against his thickly-furred chest.  "But none of them aroused in me the fire, the need, the lust that you do," he whispered as he licked the king's ear.  "I couldn't pound into them the way I can with you, I couldn't let myself go and give them everything that I am the way I give it to you," he kept whispering as his hands tore the clothes from Iphicles' body.  The king moaned and whimpered under Ares' hands, and his body twisted to stay in contact with the god's.  " I missed you so."

Iphicles turned in his lover's arms and wrapped his body even tighter to the god's.  Ares' hands gripped Iphicles hard, and tossed the mortal onto the bed, immediately appearing astride his thighs.  He bound the king's hands over his head, and spread his legs, binding each to one of the tall posts of the bed.

Iphicles' body twisted under Ares', and the god smiled, staring down at his bound lover primed and waiting for him.  Foreplay would be later, now was just raw need, and Ares grabbed Iphicles by the shoulder, pushing his thick cock hard inside the king.  Iphicles screamed as the god's cock ripped his body open, but a wave of Ares' hand took away the pain and in it's place left exquisite pleasure as Ares rocked hard.

His cock pumped in and out of the king, shaking the bound body as Iphicles screamed out for his god.  His arms strained, slick with sweat, to break the knots tied by Ares but his mortal strength was no match.  His back arched almost to breaking, he rubbed his chest against Ares', stiff nipples abraiding.  Ares moaned, and thrust hard into Iphicles again.

Both lovers' bodies bounced hard against each other, and the bedframe shook with the savagery of Ares' thrusts.  He bent to kiss Iphicles hard, and his teeth raked against the smooth skin of the king's throat.  The skin broke, and Ares lapped at the welling drops of blood as Iphicles pushed him onward with needful cries.  The god's lips covered the broken skin, sucking hard, his cock inside Iphicles pounding and throbbing with the welling of the blood beneath his lips.

Iphicles' heartbeat began to pound in his ears, and the sound of the blood in his veins almost drowned out both men's hoarse cries.  Animal-like sounds tore from Iphicles' throat, answered by grunts from Ares.  Iphicles pushed his body down on Ares' cock as it ripped into him, and Ares pounded hard in return, pushing even deeper than he had before, slamming the wide head of his cock against Iphicles' gland, sending him spiralling into screaming orgasm.

His own cock shuddered, and as Iphicles throbbed around him, Ares came as well, digging his fingers into Iphicles' shoulders and holding the man still as the last tremors of orgasm washed through him.  Iphicles lay limp and panting beneath him, both their bodies sweat-soaked and glistening in the moonlight.

Primal Need 2
by Jenn M

As Ares lay next to his lover, he felt another mortal presence. He decided it was time to make this a threesome.

Ares disappeared and Iphicles was startled from his sleep. When he looked over and saw that Ares had left without so much as a word he grew angry and swore he'd never let the god use him like that again.

While Iphicles was stewing away Ares was watching the young woman as she spied into the king's bed chamber. She had no idea that Ares was only inches away from her.

Her name was Leana and she was a chambermaid. She was walking past the king's chamber when she heard two men groaning. She was curious and peeked in the room. She couldn't believe the sight before her. She knew if she was caught watching the King in his private chamber she would be severely punished, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the two men fucking. She had so wanted to go in there and join them but didn't dare, and was disappointed when they were done and the one just disappeared.

Leana turned to leave before she was caught and walked smack dab into the chest of the man that had just been with her king. She caught his strong masculine scent,and that combined with the scene she witnessed and the feel of his hard chest, sent a delicious thrill through her.

Ares smiled down at Leana. He leaned down, brushing his lips against her ear, then whispered, "You aren't going to just leave, are you? Come and join us. I know you want to."  Then he ran his tongue around the outside of her ear and ran his hands down her body to grab her hips and pull her against him.   Leana felt his hard cock against her and wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her. She felt like she was in a dream as the dark stranger took her hand and led her into Iphicles' chamber.

Iphicles stopped his angry ranting when he saw Ares standing there with the pretty blonde woman. "Well, Ares, what are you up to now? As if I have to ask." Iphicles approached them and grabbed Ares, pulling him in for a deep kiss.

Leana watched the two men and longed to join in.

Ares broke off the kiss and looked at her.  "Don't be shy, dear-- join in the fun." With a wave of his hand she was nude and both men gazed at her body.  Ares picked her up laid her out on the bed. Than he started running his hands down her body. He played with her nipples, pinching them, and smiled when she gasped in suprise. He took one nipple then the other in his mouth. He ran a hand down and felt the soft curls. He parted her lips and slipped a finger inside her, causing her to moan.

Ares followed his hand with his mouth and started lightly teasing her with his tongue. Leana moaned again at the feel of his tongue flicked across her clit. She wanted him to fuck her and couldn't stand this teasing.  Ares grabbed Leana and pulled her over so her cunt was over him. Before he resumed his task he instructed Iphicles to start sucking him.

Iphicles was more than willing to do as wanted. He took Ares' cock in his hand and started running his tongue around the head. Ares thrust his hips up and forced his cock deeper in Iphicles' mouth.  Iphicles got the message and sucked hard. He took Ares' balls in his other hand and caressed them.

Ares pushed Iphicles away and flipped Leana over on all fours. " Now I want to watch you suck his cock while I fuck you," he told her. Iphicles moved over to her and watched as Ares started to fuck Leana hard from behind. She cried out with the force of his thrusts.

She couldn't believe how good his cock felt inside her as he pounded her from behind. Suddenly Iphicles was before her, holding his cock in front of her. He grabbed her by the hair and thrust his cock into her warm mouth. He held her close and started fucking her mouth all the while enjoying the sight of Ares fucking her.

Ares pulled out and Iphicles grabbed her and flipped her around on her back."Now it's your turn to watch me fuck her," he growled to Ares. He entered her hot wet cunt, fucking her hard as Ares had done.

Leana thrust her hips up to meet him and pulled him in deeper. She was close to coming and didn't want him to stop before she did. She moved her legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist, then cried out as she climaxed pulling him tighter against her.

Iphicles thrust harder until he too came, A deep throated groan escaped his lips as he felt his release. He stopped and collapsed on top of her.  All he could hear was their heavy breathing. He had forgotten for a moment that Ares  was watching.

Ares started clapping his hands. "What a performance, Iphicles. Encore, Encore." He started to laugh when Iphicles jumped up glared at him. He loved goading the king.

Primal Need 3
by Atropos

"You can go fuck a goat, for all I care, you bastard!"

Ares brows rose to his hairline with a bemused smile. "Now, now, no need bringing my bestial brother Bacchus into do *not* want to go there..."

Iphicles did a fair imitation of Ares own snarl and he all but hurtled himself off the bed. "No, you're right, I don't--anymore than I want to be a party to this--" the king gestured angrily to the dazed Leana on his bed, "--this sideshow!"

A tremor of fury ran through the war god. "You didn't seem to mind a few moments ago, with your cock buried deep inside her! Gods, I thought you were gonna go through the bed." Ares tried to curl a lip in annoyance, but a recent memory intruded.  "Kind of like we did last week..." the god broke into a purely lecherous grin as he surveyed the harassed king, naked and damp and, oh so utterly delicious. "Me on top, you underneath...we shook the fuckin' castle walls."

Iphicles lowered his eyes, pulling a pout so arousing to his dark lover, that Ares was immediately on fire again.

"And you have the nerve to talk about a sideshow, my theatrical king..."

Iphicles snorted contemptuously. "What is it with you?  How many maids do you think are employed at this castle, anyway?  I can't keep replacing every chamber wench whenever you decide we need company! Word is getting around that odd things are going on here."

Annoyed at Iphicles' grandstanding when he'd only meant to add a diversion to their sex romp, Ares hurled his ultimate insult. "You know, sometimes you are *so* much like my brother."

The God of War had a moment's satisfaction as a look of stunned horror flitted across Iphicles' sultry face. But then the king's countenance darkened.

"I guess I am because I'm beginning to see why you make Hercules' skin crawl."

An exhausted whimper from the bed reminded Ares that they were not alone. Annoyed, he gestured to Leana.

"Go!" he thundered. "Get dressed and get out!"

Terrified, the young maid did as she was told, clumsily making her way through the chamber, unwilling to take her eyes off the angry, and very aroused, god.

"And remember nothing of this night!" The room brightened in a flash as Ares took Leana's memory of the evening's events from her. Stumbling, she fled out the door.

"Oh, well *that* was a blessing," Iphicles muttered, sulkily.

Without warning, Ares was towering over him, the entire room seeming to fill with the dark god's presence. "Was that a complaint?"

Sensing that he may have overstepped his bounds, the king nonetheless couldn't stop himself from muttering, "No--it was an insult."

Growling deep in his throat, Ares caught Iphicles' throat in a vise-like grip. "Are you mocking me?"

Gasping for air, the king fought against the god's choking hold. He struggled against the fierce grip, his naked body twisting against that of the god's.

"I could break your neck, *king*," Ares sneered, thrusting his hips into the struggling mortal. "I could break your ass. You live or die at *my* whim." He tightened his hold until he felt Iphicles' body begin to go limp.  He suddenly dropped the King of Corinth, satisfied that his point had been made.

Iphicles lay unresponsive, gulping air into his starved lungs, cursing his own foolishness for provoking Ares. When he raised his eyes to the god, looming over him as he lay sprawled on the floor, he felt the familiar thrill of power rush through him--Ares'' power.  "You win..." he choked out, rubbing the bruises on his neck, wincing as his fingers brushed the earlier bite.

Ares grinned most maliciously. "Eventually, I always do."

Iphicles never saw the attack come--the god moved with lightning speed. But the king was suddenly on his hands and knees, a divinely powerful forearm across his aching throat as Ares' rock-hard body weighed down on his back. Shuddering with anticipation--and not a little trepidation--Iphicles knew what was coming next.

"And to the victor, goes the spoils."

As Ares spoke the words, he thrust his heavy cock into the captive body of his lover.  This was no coupling of love--or even desire. It was domination...a fuck of power.

Iphicles groaned in lustful agony under the erotic attack, wishing he could keep himself from responding to Ares' aggressive assault, but it was useless...he was sure the god knew how aroused he was. The king felt his cock, brutally hard, rearing flat up against his belly, as Ares pounded into him. Gods, he was so close to coming, the pain of the god's attack changing almost immediately to an indescribable pleasure.  Each thrust Ares delivered, pounding into the king's body, only served to heighten his intense pleasure until Iphicles felt the rapture well up deep inside his body. The blackness came closing in on him as he convulsed in an ultimate agony, dimly aware of his tormentor/lover climaxing, delivering a final brutal thrust as he poured his seed, his mark of possession, into the king.

Iphicles had no idea how much time had passed, but sometime later he slowly became aware that he was extremely uncomfortable.  The hard wooden floor of his bedchamber offered little comfort to his bruised body, and he fought to breathe under Ares' weight. He tested his strength, struggling under the god, gasping as he felt their bodies part. A low, delicious growl rumbled in his left ear.

"So, King Iphicles....any more insults--or have you learned your lesson?"

Primal Need 4
by Ruby

Sweet pink lips parted and a tongue darted out to moisten them as Iphicles debated his answer-- submit to Ares or force Ares submit to him? A bound God of War spread beneath him, golden skin glistening with drops of salty sweat, hard lines begging for a tongue to trace them... suddenly Iphicles could stand no more of these thoughts. A lusty growl escaped his lips as he thrust long fingers through the God's raven curls and drew his head down for a deep, passionate kiss. Ares laughed, a sardonic, rich laugh echoing with triump, for he knew surely this King was his.

Desire and anger ran rampant through Iphicles, one indivisible from the other, as his thick cock hardened and pressed against Ares' everhard member. Breaking the kiss, he pushed the God to one side, ignoring the growl of outrage that sent a delicious shiver of spear down Iphicles' spine.

"Iphicles!" Ares thundered as the King stood, wrapping a sheet around his magestic nakedness. Iphicles returned no answer as he strode to a short table and chose a ripened peach from the bowl there. Turning, he faced the scowling God.

"Ares!" Iphicles said archly, raising a dark brow as he brought the peach to his lips. Amber eyes sparkled mischievously as Iphicles bit into the plump flesh of the fruit, sticky juice trickling down his chiseled chin and dripping onto his bronzed chest. Ares unconciously licked his lips, seeing in his mind his rough-soft tongue stroking wetly over the satiny skin, sucking lightly on the hard, brown nipples, taking one between his teeth and biting down gently, just hard enough to send shivers of pleasure... but of course he could not. He couldnt relinquish the power, the authority, to this mortal... could he?

"Ares... my golden god... free will is a state of mind, not a necessity for receiving pleasure. Sometimes its better to be the whipped than the whipper."

Iphicles' lips curved in a smile at the troubled look Ares wore briefly before it gave over to a mask of indifference. Shaking his head, Iphicles let the sheet drop from his body, the material catching for a moment on the jutting profile of his ridged cock. Taking a last bite from the peach in his hand, Iphicles slid the juicy fruit down his body and over his rod, leaving behind a glistening trail of slick sweetness. Sliding a hand over his moist cock, the swollen head disappearing briefly, only to reappear, then disappear again as he palmed his flesh.

Iphicles' eyes dropped to Ares' lap, a soft mew escaping his lips as he saw the god stroking his own cock. The sight was enough to inspire a man to madness and Iphicles groaned loudly as his pace quickened. His hand gripped his rod and his eyes slid closed from the pleasure of the mutual hand fucking. Nearing a shattering orgasm, Iphicles groaned in delicious surprise when he felt hot lips touch his cock.

Concentrating on the erotic emotions that bombarded his mind, Iphicles barely noticed his wrists being bound as a tongue swirled over his aching flesh. Full lips slid over his cock, swallowing him deeply as hands gently cradled his clenching balls. Leaning back, Iphicles arched his hips, driving his cock deeper as the feelings mounted inside him. Deep groans of pleasure echoed through the room as Iphicles came hard, impaling that mouth with his throbbing cock. Bronze curls clung damply to his golden forehead and neck, droplets of sweat flying as he threw back his head and bit his plush bottom lip, a climax wracking his shuddering body. Iphicles collapsed against the short table, his muscled legs giving way beneath the power of his orgasm.

Opening his eyes in the blinding light of his passion, he looked down.

Primal Need 5
by foxmonkey

When the dazzling burst of his orgasm had faded, Iphicles looked down to see his beautiful dark lover gazing up at him from seductively hooded eyes.

The War god licked his lips teasingly, then trailed a lazy tongue, cat-like, over the sticky peach juice that Iphicles had smeared on himself. "You are delicious, my sweet king."  The god's tongue moved up the king's strong torso and circled his stiff nipples.  "Oh, so delicious."

They were standing nose to nose now, and Iphicles could barely breathe.  He hated his passion for the god, but was powerless to deny it.  He could  hide behind as many pretty terms as he liked, but the truth was that he was obssessed.  No matter how many times he tried to leave Ares, or Ares tried to leave him, their twisted love led them back into each other's arms.

"Ares," Iphicles whispered, his hands tracing the sculpted muscles of his lover's chest.  The king glanced down at the god's semi-erect cock, and felt his heat rise once more.  "Ares, what do you do to me?"  Iphicles leaned forward, resting his head against the divine chest.  He closed his eyes.

"I give you what you need.  Someone who loves you for you," the god replied, smoothing Iphicles' damp auburn hair away from his face.  "Not because you are a brother of the great Hercules, not because you are the king of Corinth. Because you're Iphicles."

Iphicles shook his head.  "Am I me?  I have your face."  It haunted him sometimes, as much as it thrilled him at others.

Ares tucked a finger under the king's chin and lifted his head.  "You have *your* face.  Strong, proud and beautiful."  The god brushed Iphicles' lips with his own.  "You are so much more than either of us, but you don't see it," Ares whispered.

Iphicles turned his face away and leaned against Ares' shoulder once more.  "What's so special about me?"

Ares kissed the top of the king's head, and cradled the strong body in his arms.  "You don't need the powers of a god or the strength of a demigod to rule this kingdom and rule well; you use your brain and your heart.  In that way you are far stronger than either our brother or me."

Iphicles said nothing for a moment, enjoying the comforting feeling of being held in his lover's strong arms.  The god's skin was soft and warm under the king's cheek, and the ebony dusting of hair on Ares' chest tickled Iphicles' ear.  The strong, slow pounding of Ares' eternal heart measured the time it  took for the mortal to finally push himself away.

"When I'm away too long you start to think," Ares observed.

Finally Iphicles smiled.  "Ah, but you just listed that as one of my attributes."

"For a king, yes.  For a lover, no."  Ares pushed Iphicles toward the bed.

The king fell amidst the pillows.  "Another reason for you to visit more often then, isn't it?"

Ares growled.  "No more thinking.  No more talking.  And *certainly* no more arguing."  He lowered himself on the king.  Their lips met as they crushed one another in a heated tangle of flesh.

"In you..." Iphicles panted.  "Yes?"

"Iphicles," Ares murmured.  He pushed the king's head insistently toward his cock.  "Yes," he whispered, his dark eyes closed.  "Yes, yes."

Iphicles drew the length of his lover into his mouth, his tongue lapping and teasing the firmness of the god's shaft.  The king raised his head.  "I want to be inside you.  Now," he said softly.

The god opened himself to his love.  "Yes."  He materialized and offered a gift of fragrant almond oil.

Taking the bottle, Iphicles released the stopper and his eyes caught Ares' as the scent of crushed almonds drifted through the room.  'I love him,' Iphicles thought.  He poured a little of the oil on his erect member, and balanced a clear drop on one finger before using it to circle the god's warm ring of muscle.

Ares moaned, his body rising off of the mattress at his lover's gentle touch.

They had fucked; now Iphicles would make love.  He positioned himself between Ares' open knees, and bent to press his lips to the War god's sun-kissed thighs.  He pushed gently, and was enveloped in his lover's warmth.  He closed his eyes, moving inside the god of War.  Iphicles was a man in love...he was lost.

Primal Need 6
by Ellen Smithee

The legendary Eye of Naxos was located somewhere within these walls, and Autolycus was determined to find it. No matter that it was in the possession of Caesar, the great Roman general, and that Caesar was presently a guest of King Iphicles (*Hercules's brother*, warned a voice in Auto's head), who had fortified the defenses of the castle to shear impregnability. Rumor had it that, at the signing of a mutual aid treaty the next evening, Caesar would present Iphycles with the Eye as a token of good will.

For the umpteenth time, Autolycus stopped climbing to reconsider what he was about to do. 'Hercules would kill me,' he thought. Hercules knew that he couldn't get King of Thieves to hang up his lock picks, but the demi-god had made it clear to Auto what the consequences of stealing from Herc's friend and family would be. Autolycus shook off a sudden sense of guilt and forboding, and continued climbing. 'It's not as if I'm really stealing from King Iphycles," he thought, 'not if I get to the Eye before Caesar gives it to him.'

Auto quickly finished scaling the wall until he reached the window of Caesar's room. Before entering the window, he paused for a moment to congratulate himself on his attractiveness, great personal charm, and talentend tongue, all of which had enabled him to wheedle the location of Caesar's chambers from one of his personal guards. Auto then slipped silently into the room through the open window.

Auto's mouth dropped open in shock when he saw the tableau before him. What was his lover doing with another man?!

Primal Need 7
by Gwendolen

Ares drew his lover close and sighed when Iphicles moved against him with a soft murmur before coming to rest with his head on Ares' chest. The sex had been great but he also enjoyed this lazy aftermath, just having Iphicles close, listening to his heartbeat. Knowing that he had Iphicles where he was supposed to be, maybe not in his bed but at least in his arms.

He allowed his attention to wander, spreading his senses to briefly touch all the lives in the castle, only stopping for a closer look when he encountered two very familiar presences. And a third one that also felt familiar.

He couldn't contain his mirth when he realized what was going on in another part of the castle and his laughter roused the dozing man in his arms.

"Ares?" Iphicles peered at him with wonder and Ares pulled him in for a long, hungry kiss. Then he called in a scrying mirror and waved his hand. "Watch."

He settled back and pulled Iphicles with him, already anticipating the show. Iphicles turned his attention to the mirror and Ares could feel his surprise when he recognized the men it showed.

"That's Caesar! And...and ...Herc?" To say that Iphicles sounded astonished would have been the understatement of the year, no, century. He turned his attention back to the screen and grinned broadly when he heard the resounding *whack* of a paddle hitting flesh. Besides him Iphicles gasped.

In the mirror a naked Caesar stood over an equally nude Hercules who was bend over a huge traveling chest, his hands clasped behind his neck, his legs spread and his ass -- already red and covered with welts -- raised. Caesar lifted the paddle in his hand and brought it down again, hard. Hercules' moan of pleasure echoed through the chamber.

"Yes. Harder. Punish me." Another hard whack, this time hitting a strong upper thigh was his reward for begging. He groaned with lust and wiggled his ass, inviting more punishing slaps.

Ares watched with delight while his baby-brother got the spanking he deserved and he felt himself getting hard again. He hadn't known that Herc had such a kinky streak hidden under all that moralizing goodness. But obviously the demi-good couldn't deny from which family he came. In the end blood would always tell. Ares could barely contain his mirth. The feeling of a hardening cock pressing against his side showed him that the display also had its effects on his lover.

He wrapped his hand around the hard cock, stroking it before he moved to kiss Iphicles. "Like what you're seeing?" he asked, his lips brushing softly against his lover's swollen mouth. Iphicles growled softly and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss, possessing Ares' mouth while rubbing against him.

Ares took one last look at the mirror, and he was the only one who noticed the man lurking in the corner by the window before he turned back to his demanding lover.

Primal Need 8
by Lisa B

Unexpectedly, there was a great clamor of pounding on the other side of the door.

"My Lord, Iphicles, there is a great emergency!"  shrieked the voice of Iphicle's chamberlain.  "Your presence is needed in the throne room immediately!"

"Can't you deal with it, Theodorus?" came an exasperated reply, the tone not quite reaching a whine, as his eyes imploringly gazed upon Ares.

"My liege, the future and well being of the kingdom may well depend upon this," the old man exclaimed, his ordinarily calm voice breaking with the stress of his news.

With a sigh, the king nodded and gently kissed his lover.  "I'm sorry, but duty calls...." he said quietly, reaching for his clothes.

Ares laughed and leaned back into the pillows, his raven tresses spilling across the silk.  "Go, take care of your kingdom.  I'll find something to do to amuse myself," he smiled brightly, his eyes straying to the subtle movement of the curtains at the far window.

Properly clothed, the king rushed into the hallway to meet his chamberlain and on to whatever calamity had taken him from his pleasures.

"You can come out now, Strife," Ares purred, rolling over to watch the pale godling peer from behind his hiding place.

Primal Need 9
by Jen

Iphicles outstripped even his chamberlain's headlong pace towards the throneroom.  Theodorus knew as well as any that when the king retired to his bedchamber in the middle of the day, he was not to be disturbed for anything short of an impending invasion.

When he got to the throneroom, he began to think he was too late.  The invasion had already happened, and its leader had taken his kingdom.  Sprawled nonchalantly on his throne was a very familiar figure.  "Caesar." Iphicles' tone was neutral.  For the sake of future political alliances he prevented himself from adding 'get the fuck off my throne'.  But it was implicit in his tone.

Caesar's eyebrows raised as he delicately plucked a grape off the small bunch he held and popped it into his mouth.  "My dear King Iphicles," he greeted the king.  "Grape?"

Iphicles ignored this gambit, just as he tried to ignore Caesar's hungry stare devouring his body.  "To what do I owe the honour?" he responded calmly, trying to ignore the impulse to tear that arrogant Roman down from his throne and stamp him into the floor for pulling him away from Ares' arms.

"Ah."  Caesar straightened in the throne.  "Yes.  Iphicles, we have a problem."

Iphicles inclined his head.  "Continue."

Caesar shot a glance around the throneroom, at the groups of panic-stricken councillors who had taken his threats literally, and stood up.  "Not here," he indicated.  "In private."

Iphicles took him to his study and closed the door firmly behind them. "What's the problem?" he asked.

Caesar flung himself down on the sofa, one arm thrown negligently along its back.  "Don't stand on ceremony with me, my dear king," he invited, indicating the seat beside him with his eyes.  "Sit down."

Grinding his teeth, Iphicles did so.  He knew from past experience that if he wanted to get anything out of Caesar he had to humour him, play his little games.  "Well?"

"It's the Eye of Naxos," Caesar started.  His lips pursed thoughtfully as he stared ahead of him for a moment and then he glanced sideways at Iphicles.  "Do you know about the Eye?"

Iphicles shook his head.  He was acutely aware of the length of Caesar's warm thigh pressed against his.  No one did that by mistake.  He shifted away, trying to make his movement casual.

Caesar laughed then, as though he were truly amused.  "Oh my dear little Corinthian king," he purred, "You're so like your dear brother, it's untrue."

Iphicles' jaw hit the floor.  Two people, in the space of an afternoon, telling him he was like Hercules.  Oh really, this was *too* much!  With a snarl at Caesar, he defiantly moved his leg back, until he was the one exerting the pressure against the Roman.  He didn't miss the satisfied smirk tugging at the man's mouth, and swore at himself for being so easy to manipulate.  But if he moved his leg back again, it would be even more obvious.

"The Eye of Naxos," Caesar continued.  "It's a pretty bauble of course, but it has a power that few know of." He paused again, shifting more comfortably on the sofa.  His arm withdrew from its place along the back of the sofa and dropped down to join his other hand on his lap.

"Yes?" Iphicles prompted impatiently.

Caesar eyed him sideways.  "I'm thinking," he reprimanded him.

The silence continued.

Iphicles grew more frustrated.  Ares would be waiting for him. Unbidden, an image of Ares wet with sweat and cum beneath him flashed  across his mind.  He shifted in his seat again, trying to get comfortable as his cock began to respond to the images his memory was teasing him with.

Caesar's hand fell onto Iphicles' thigh.  The king was ready to protest, but then he realised the other man was doing it merely to get his attention. "Can I trust you Iphicles?" he asked.

What the fuck sort of a question was that to ask?  "That's up to you," Iphicles replied, playing for time, wondering what in hades this was all about.

Caesar's hand tightened on his thigh.  "I need to trust you," he told him, his eyes holding Iphicles'.  His attention grabbed by Caesar's serious tone, Iphicles reluctantly stopped thinking of Ares on his knees before him giving him the blow job of the century, and returned the Roman's intense stare.

"The Eye of Naxos is the only thing in the known world which gives mortals power over gods," Caesar told him.

Iphicles swallowed hard as he stared at Caesar.  At the amazing claim, nothing to do with the fact that the man's hand was stroking up and down his leather-clad thigh.  "Um, how do you know?" he quavered, his voice shooting up a sudden octave as Caesar's hand glanced over the rigid outline of his cock.

Caesar threw his head back and laughed, a low seductive sound.  Iphicles shivered.  "Because, my dear king," Caesar's hand was working its way inside his pants now, "I have my contacts among the gods."  His bright eyes were fixed on Iphicles' as his seeking hand closed around the king's cock.

Iphicles' head went back and he groaned at the feeling of the Roman's hand moving up and down his shaft.  "No," he croaked eventually.  He'd left it as long as he could, but this wasn't right.  "Don't, please.  I've got a lover."

Caesar laughed again, as though Iphicles had said something really funny.  "And *if* you have, what does that have to do with this?"  His fingers were running across the sensitive head of Iphicles' cock, driving the king wild. He shouldn't, he knew he shouldn't, but then Caesar was kneeling between his legs, pressing them further apart, and taking his rigid cock in his mouth.

Oh gods, Ares I'm sorry, this just feels so good.  And it's for the good of the kingdom, if I refuse him, he'll be offended and that'll be bad news for Corinth.  Iphicles glanced down at the mouth working his shaft and looked away again.  I'll pretend it's you Ares, he told himself.  But Ares never did *that*.  Oh gods, he was going to come, that tongue working around his tip, dipping into the slit, the Roman was so good.  That tongue, that mouth. Without warning Caesar deep-throated him and he was bucking his hips and thrusting into the wetness of Caesar's mouth, groaning as his cum spurted into the Roman's mouth, Caesar swallowing greedily.

Still panting with the intensity of his climax, Iphicles' eyes slowly opened and he looked up to see the figure standing in the doorway, silently watching.

Primal Need 10
by Taz

Still panting with the intensity of his climax, Iphicles' eyes slowly opened and he looked up to see a figure, silently watching from the doorway and hopping from foot to foot. Theodorus was desperately trying to get his attention without letting Caesar know he was there.

And from the panicky expression on the old poop's face, it was Ostrogoths on the border - or Hercules piling into him from behind and almost knocking him all the way into the room.

The demigod was shirtless and barefoot so the collision was relatively quiet except for a soft 'oof!' from Theodorus and Caesar was so busy tonguing the cum off of Iphicles' shaft that the Roman didn't even notice that small noise.

The expression on Herc's face when his brother realized what was going on would have been priceless under any other circumstance. Herc blanched and disappeared out the door, but he was back in seconds looking furious but trying as desperately as Theodorus to signal to Iphicles that something was going on outside with out attracting Caesar's attention.

Fat chance of anything distracting Caesar. He had gotten up and was climbing on the sofa, trying to push Iphicles down flat and it was clear that he wanted dessert after that magnificent blow-job.

"Caesar," Iphicles squeaking a little, but trying manfully to bring the emperor back on script. "What were you saying about the Eye of Naxos?"

"Later, King," Caesar growled. "I have to know if your ass is as tight and sweet as your brother's." Well that explained why Herc looked like he was bout to bust a vessel as he tried to shove past Theodorus.

His councilor risked life and limb by pulling the demigod back and slapping a hand over his mouth. Herc subsided. But what the hell was going on out there that they, so badly, couldn't let Caesar know.

Iphicles was so distracted by his brother's and his councilor's antics that Caesar had his pants down his thighs before he knew how it had happened and was pulling a vial of oil from his belt. "It never hurts to be prepared, wouldn't you agree?" he said lifting his tunic to show Iphicles a truly imperial boner.

The Roman took Iphicles' shocked silence for impressed agreement and began to oil his cock. "I have this lube made exclusively for me by an ancient family of Egyptian perfumers. It's called 'Roman Ram', do you like it?" He held his fingers under Iphicles' nose for him to smell. More like 'Eue'd Centurion's Crotch' Iphicles thought but wasn't about to say. He seemed to have lost the mood.

That was when Ares, stark naked, crashed into Hercules who knocked into Theodorus and almost spilled the whole daisy chain into the room. Herc turned, saw who it was, grimaced and held his finger to his lips. Theodorus turned, saw who it was and fainted. Ares saw Caesar and tried to climb over Herc, who wrapped his arms around the god and managed to hold him off.

Caesar, going on obliviously about the lubricant, seemed to be enjoying the application more than Iphicles was finding flattering. "I had decided to call the original formula, 'Siege Engine' and Cleo thought I should name it 'Queen of Denial' (for some reason or other) but Anthony convinced me to name it after myself."

Finally, he seemed to feel the unguent was spread evenly enough. He pushed between Iphicles leg's, gripped him under the knees and lifted. As Caesar began to push into the king's ass, Ares stopped giving the Roman the one fingered salute behind Herc's back and just stared at them, licking his lips.

Herc was obviously afraid that Ares would do some damage if he let go and was holding on very, very tightly to his big brother's body even though he kept looking back over his shoulder at his other big brother getting fucked.

'Damn it!' Iphicles thought, did he have to hold on to Ares so very tightly and rub up against him like that! And Herc must have forgotten to lace himself up because his brother's pants were practically falling off on their own. (God's his brother had a magnificent ass.)

He groaned. (God's what a mess) Caesar's cock was filling him slowly and inexorably. (God's the man was talented!) The sensation was overwhelming, it would have been one of the most incredible fucks of his life.

If Ares hadn't grabbed Herc.

If Ares turned Herc around to face Iphicles.

And bent him over and if Ares hadn't jammed his cock up his brother's butt and his thumb in Herc's mouth to shut him up. Because the way Herc was coming it looked like his little brother had never had an orgasm in his life. Jism was shooting all over the place.

And Ares had sunk his teeth into Herc's shoulder and, from the look of the short quick thrusts of his hips, was filling the demigod's ass with enough hot, divine cum to make up for it. (Gods when I get my hands on them!) One way or another, Iphicles swore, Herc wasn't going to be sitting comfortably for a week and neither was Ares if he had his way.

And he could, it suddenly occurred to him, if could get his hands on the Eye of Naxos!

And with that resolve his cock spasmed and he came decorating Caesar's surprised face with garlands of white cum just as Iolaus plowed into Ares and they all fell sprawling over Theodorus. "Herc, you've got to save me!" the little blond was yelling. "Autolycus is trying to kill me!

Primal Need:  The Conclusion
by Thamiris

A hand emerged in the chaos, fumbling in the swarm of bodies before closing tightly over the Eye of Naxos.

But as Iphicles pulled the odd gem to his chest, it scraped against the iron edge of Theodorus' sword, unsheathed during the melee.  A flurry of silver sparks ignited, and the king's eyes closed against their odd brightness.  But even as his lids fell, a breeze soft and damp as a raincloud whispered over his skin.

Then he vanished.


This isn't possible, Iphicles thought, as he opened his eyes.  This can't be happening.  It's a dream.  THE dream.  The one that ate his sleep and stole his reality.  Only the blurred contours had sharpened, become suffused with color and depth.  The whole scene rang with the precise clarity of presence. Somehow the Eye had realized with exact detail his most erotic desire.

Leather straps clung tightly to his wrists and ankles, pulling his arms and legs open.  Exposing his naked skin to the smoky heat of an incense-filled room somewhere deep in a temple.  His body ached, as it did in the dream.  They'd already been with him, used him, filling him with their tongues and cocks and fingers.  He tasted bittersweet semen, felt it running in a still-warm river from his ass and down his thighs, while it dried in pale streaks on his stomach, across his nipples, in his hair.

When he tried to shift, the muscles in his legs and arms protested.  He'd been bound to the altar for so long, fucked so hard by each of them...The memory--but how could he remember what hadn't happened?--made him shake, made his sore cock twitch against his belly.  Oh gods...What they did to him...

Ares, curls gleaming like polished ebony, standing between the king's spread thighs, his thick cock pressing against the king's ass, about to enter him.  A slight smile upturns the full mouth, as the god stares into Iphicles' eyes.

Then he can't see Ares anymore because someone grabs Iphicles' chin, tilting back his head.  He sees a flash of gold--a cuirass?--before his mouth is filled with warm, hard flesh.  A muskiness tickles his nose, and he struggles to breathe as the cock descends down his throat.

"Suck it," he's told.  The meticulous voice belongs to Caesar.

The emperor and the god are raping him.

And they're not alone.

Flanking him, breathing heavily, are Hercules and Iolaus.  His brother rubs the leaking tip of his cock against Iphicles' right nipple, back and forth.  The hunter's more crude, pinching the left nipple between thumb and forefinger while he jerks himself off with quick, sharp strokes.

Iphicles can hear the slapping sound of the hot hand working busily.  He can hear Ares grunt as he finally pushes into the tight ass before him, and then the king hears his own moan, muffled by the cock against his tongue.  The blowjob itself is noisy: Caesar keeps pulling back, leaving only the  swollen head of his erection between the man's lips, before shoving back down, and this causes wet sounds to echo in the candle-bright chamber.

It's frustrating, because Iphicles wants to beg them for a hand or a mouth or an ass on his cock.  He's burning with need, painfully hard, but none of the four touch him, each focused on his own pleasure, or, in the case of Ares, Iphicles' pain.  The war god's thrusts are punitive; they stretch the man, penetrate him too deeply.  It's almost unbearably good.  But Iphicles needs to cum; he tries to raise his hips, offering his blood-filled cock to his rapists.

Iolaus is the first to cum, spurting in abrupt bursts over Iphicles' chest.  He smears the semen as it falls, painting patters on the king's hot skin.  Ares is next: with a guttural cry, he digs his fingers with brutal force into Iphicles' thighs, bruising him, as he pumps his divine seed far into the writhing body beneath him.

Hercules steps back, and he exchanges places with the god.  Without any preliminaries-- none are needed--he slides into his brother's ass on Ares' fiery semen.  His thrusts are long and measured, and each one strikes that sweet spot, making Iphicles' eyes water with pleasure. The war god now takes his turn at Iphicles' nipple, but bends down, using his teeth to tear at skin still slick from Hercules' weeping cock.

Iolaus and Caesar also switch, and the hunter's soft, damp cock replaces the emperor's hard one.  Unlike the Roman, Iolaus isn't aggressive: he smooths Iphicles' hair, while the king's tongue explores his cock.  Soon it's hard again, and the man gently fucks the sucking mouth.  Caesar, somehow, has found a whip, and the thin tip burns repeatedly against Iphicles' nipple.  There's no blood, at least none visible; instead, it collects beneath the surface, straining the tanned skin a rich red.

Ares, always insatiable, is cumming again: his semen flows out in time with his gasps.  Iphicles is jealous.  Make me cum, he thinks.  Surely the god can hear his thoughts.  Surely they all can.  Just a single touch of his cock. That's all he needs.  But they ignore him.  Hercules keeps up his rhythmic thrusts, Iolaus his, while the whip stings Iphicles' flesh and Ares anoints him.

"Iphicles," his brother says, and groans.  "You're so tight."  Then there's the delicious sensation of Hercules' cock pulsing more semen inside him.  When they switch again, and Iolaus' cock leaves his mouth, the king gasps out his need.  "Please make me cum. Please. Please. Please."

But the air seems to hide his words, and no one responds.  Then a third cock goes into his mouth, a third into his ass.  The violent two now control him.  That's how he likes it best.

If only someone would stroke his cock...

More semen now...He's stained with it, inside and out.  When some lands on his cock, his back arches.  That warm sticky wetness is almost enough to bring him off.  Almost.  Can't they see how he's dying?  His body's quivering uncontrollably, as it hovers on the brink of ecstasy.  He strains against the leather binding him, suddenly furious at their neglect, at their selfishness.  Why're they torturing him like this? Giving him so much pleasure, but depriving him of that tiny filament he needs for release?

"Because you want it this way," a voice like wine whispers in his ear.  Ares.

He tries to deny it, at least to himself, but it's true.  He's always wanted this: to be fucked by these four for an eternity, filled by them, used by them.  They're so beautiful, and he hates/loves them all.  Make me cum.  Please.

It doesn't end.  They switch again.  And again.  Another cock penetrates him, and another...There's no part of him not slick with sweat and semen; he's oiled with their lust.  Aching with it.

Make me cum.

Then his abused nipples are free of teeth and fingers.  The cock is dragged from his swollen lips.  The hardness leaves his burning ass.

"No!" he shouts.  "Don't leave me!"

When the tongues merge on his cock, Iphicles sobs.  "Yes," he moans.  "Oh yes," he cries, as the hot mouths share him.  And, at last, he cums, and the mouths share that, too.  Each one closes over the head of his cock, swallowing, before hands guide the throbbing hardness to another warm tongue.

It's bliss...

They leave him after that, with a promise to return.  And they do.  This time, each inch of his skin is licked clean: the tongues travel everywhere, catching every trace of semen.  Then the mouths share him again, and he watches the two dark heads, the two lighter ones between his thighs, tasting his cock.  He calls to them, all of them.  "I love you."

And when, eons later, he sees a flurry of silver sparks ignite in the thick air, and  a breeze soft and damp as a raincloud whispers over his skin, Iphicles cries one last time.


Iphicles sat at a latticed window, gazing with silver-blinded eyes over Corinth.  A languor settled over him.   He'd signed the deal with Caesar, cementing his city's future for decades.  His brother and Iolaus had reconciled after some uncharacteristic bickering, and Theodorus had caught the king of thieves just before Autolycus grabbed the Eye of Naxos, sending him to cool his heels in the gloomy dungeon.  Only one thing was missing...

"Miss me?" demanded that familiar, longed-for voice.

"Yes, Ares," he replied simply, and let the god pull him into a warm embrace.

The End

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