Dark Horse II

Part 17 by Foxmonkey

Trouble was afoot.  Even for the old ones who'd seen and done so much in their lives, the night was full of magic.  You could feel it, as Hera had, waking from a nap to find that Zeus had slipped away while she'd slept.  Full of randy mischief, he'd satisfied her, then left to find trouble.  Zeus...

Casting her awareness into the night, Hera's skin tingled.  Ah, yes; with her finely tuned senses she could practically taste him.  What had he been up to?  Following her instincts, she dappled a finger in her scrying pool and sat straighter on the bed.  Athena in Aphrodite's temple?  And an angry Aphrodite, at that.  She drummed her finger against the side of the crystal bowl, and watched in silence as Athena and Aphrodite talked.  She heard nothing; an occasional peek into her children's lives was fine, but she drew the line at listening to their conversations.  *That* was snooping.  Growing more curious, she stirred the waters once again.

A day's fall below her, Hephaestus labored in his forge.  She loved to watch him work.  His strokes were usually measured and sure, but tonight when his hammer sang against the anvil it wasn't a happy tune.  Ares was involved in this, that was a given.

How Ares could drive everyone insane and get away with it never ceased to amaze and amuse her.  They all hated and loved him; there was no in-between where Ares was concerned.  She  flicked the surface of the water in the pool, and searched the wavering image for her favorite. A small campfire burned, and three horses stood tethered nearby.  Hmmm, the riders must be in the barn.  Odd though, for the mortals to sleep in the barn while their horses were out in the open.  Just then the barn door opened, and the horses turned toward the sound...And into the warm, illuminating glow of the fire.

* * *

"I should visit you more often," Zeus gasped, as Poseidon settled back against the rim of the scrying pool.  They'd refilled it several times; the water churned over the sides and flooded the marble floor of Zeus' chamber.

"Technically, I'm visiting you, but I won't quibble."  Poseidon grinned, then said, "Uh oh," just before Hera emerged in a lovely flash of teal.  He had to give her points for keeping her calm, though, at finding the two of them naked and covorting in a scrying pool.

"My son, his demigod brother, and the demigod's brother are centaurs," she said.  She navigated her way around the larger puddles, and sat on the edge of the pool.  "Very handsome centaurs," she added, reaching into the water to lightly stroke and pull their cocks.

"Giving you ideas?"  When she turned her frost-colored eyes his way, Poseidon felt his heart warm; he should have wrestled Zeus best two out of three for her hand. She was wearing a blue-green robe that would look wonderful in his underwater grottoes, and he made a note to invite the two of them very soon.

"It's giving me ideas, alright."  Her grasp tightened. "If the two of you would like to keep your cocks," she said sweetly, "You'd better tell me what the *fuck* is going on."

* * *

"Let's make sure you all understand.  No further interference, am I understood?"  Athena, Hephaestus and Aphrodite looked contrite.  "This isn't coming from your mother.  This is an order from the Queen of the gods.  Got it?"  Aphrodite stomped her foot.  "I wouldn't do that again," Hera said.

Bosom heaving, Aphrodite took a deep breath.  "I won't interfere."

"If you do, I swear I'll pluck out every curly hair on your head.  One by one.  Slowly and painfully." Aphrodite nodded, and Hera turned to Hephaestus.  "You.  Seems to me that Athena gave you a pretty good piece of advice."  She ran her hand lightly over his scarred cheek. "We all love him, Phaes, there's no shame in that. Trap him and fuck him.  You know he'd love it."

Hephaestus turned red, and looked down at the scuffed toes of his boots.  "Hera," he said, his voice full of embarrassment.

"No more interference."  She slipped a finger under his chin and raised his face so his eyes met hers.

"I promise."

"Good.  I'd hate to have to kick your ass."  She turned to Athena.  "Lovely girl.  Lovely,  grey-eyed Athena."  Hera kissed Athena's cheek, flicked out her tongue to taste the downy skin. "We're so alike, though I had nothing to do with your birth.  Zeus must have been thinking of me when you sprang from his head."

"Lucky me," Athena whispered, and raised her hand to brush back a loose tendril of Hera's hair.  "Why do you wear it up?  This is so much nicer."  She wound a length of it around her hand and pulled Hera into a long kiss.

Aphrodite coughed.

"Go."  Breathless, Hera waved impatiently at Aphrodite and her husband.

"Later."  Aphrodite rolled her eyes, and disappeared in a flash of hearts.

"Phaes, I want you to see the mortals safely on their way,"  Hera instructed.  "The three centaurs  will finish this journey alone.  Ares is the god of war, and that's the way I want it to stay.  Discord's going to have Greece in a flaming shambles if she's in charge much longer."  She turned to Athena, and kissed the goddess' neck.  "You weren't born for the blood and guts of it; Ares was.  It's his duty."  Athena nodded, and Hera gave her another kiss.  "You're my sweet pleasure, young one.  Strong, wise...noble.   And so lovely."  Working her fingers into the shining silver straps that held Athena's vest together, Hera didn't notice Hephaestus' departure.

Part 18 by Taz

The night set softly about them but none of the three centaurs were sleeping although the humans were snoring their heads off in the barn.

To Iphicles who’d gone off to take a leak in the bushes, the world was alive. He turn his head to follow the fluttering of an owl carrying a squeaking mole home to his chicks and was distracted by the rustling of an asp slithering over the dry leaves near the barn.

The air was redolent with the scent of night-blooming flowers, wood smoke, horse piss and…he heard the stamping and sidling of hooves over his plashing. Then – Slap! Get away from me! Haven’t you had enough for one night? Oh, come on, Herc, you know you want it…Iphicles winced. Yeah, and with the smell of a mare in season.

Whatever Athena had done to Hercules had only lessened the drive to mate but it had been there all day like a deep base note thrumming through all the males. Like a persistent horsefly, it stung them making the humans giddy and both Ares and himself horny and reckless. Hercules on the other hand, had sniped at everyone who even cracked an off color joke or slipped away for a little relief. Iphicles had noticed how little his brother had eaten the times they’d stopped for food and water and how Hercules had lashed out at Iolaus when they’d made camp.

There was the sound of more scuffling and Iphicles got back to the campsite in time to see Hercules kick a cock- proud Ares high in the chest and spin away.

“Knock it off, both of you!” he ordered and tried to go to Hercules but Ares, who had showed his teeth at the sight of him, cut between. “Are you challenging me again, Ares? I swear I’ll fry your horse’s ass if you don’t get out of my way.” Iphicles could feel the power building.

“You’ve already had him, is that it –  now Athena’s got him acting like a bride who’s still a virgin a week after the wedding?”

They couldn’t help it. They were stallions. He’d already given Ares one good beating and Iphicles cocked his fist thinking how nice that black eye had looked on the former god.

“Iph,” Hercules said.

The desperation in their brother’s voice got their attention. Hercules had his back to them but he was clutching his shoulders and his head was bowed. His long tail was swishing back and forth and his back legs were stamping restlessly. Ares shot him a suspicious look but gave way as Iphicles pushed by and they both went to their brother.

“Babe?” Close to Hercules, Iphicles didn’t even need his enhanced senses to feel the heat that was pouring off of him. “You want to go down to the river and cool off.” Hercules shook his head. “Something to eat?” Another shake. Iphicles pulled Hercules to him and after a little resistance, the demigod buried his head in Iphicles’ shoulder. “Tell me what you need.”

“He needs to be fucked.” As Ares supplied the prescription Hercules moaned *nooooo* against Iphicles’ shoulder.

“Is that your answer to everything?” Iphicles glared at him over Hercules’ head, trying to be above how good it felt to have his arms full of his powerful brother.

“In this case – yes.” Ares reached out and brushed some of the sweat-damp hair out of Hercules’ face. Iphicles could feel in his own body the shiver that ran through Hercules’. “He’s at war with himself. Athena thinks everyone can ‘just say no’ because she’s got the sex drive of a…of a…of….” (Ares had to give up the search for a sexless metaphor – the best he could come up with was a century plant and they didn’t have century plants in ancient Greece so the metaphor would have been lost on Iphicles and anyway century plants bloomed it at least once a century which was more than Athena ever.) “Anyway, she hasn’t got a clue; it’s unnatural and it’s making him crazy.”

Iphicles arms tightened possessively as he watched Ares stroke Hercules’ naked back down to where the silver-brown horsehair sprouted. “What are we going to do?” he asked suspiciously.

“What comes naturally of course,” Ares said suddenly pushing Hercules out of Iphicles’ arms, grabbing the god-king’s head and kissing him. “Play along with me and learn something.” The words were hissed into Iphicles’ ear just before Ares stuffed his tongue in after them.

One wet tickle and Iphicles was on fire – no wonder everyone kept forgiving the brat. He just barely registered Hercules’ gasp and outraged ‘hey!’ before he was clawing at Ares’ back and demonstrating the technique that had won unlimited insies and outsies for him at the Coc d’Or in Ithaca.

“Whoa,” Ares said, drew back and looked at him in awe. “Not too shabby!” Then the ex-god proved he was a quick study by trying to hook Iphicles’ tonsils.

Over Ares’ shoulder, Iphicles had seen Hercules’ face and the outraged expression on it. Then he felt Hercules push between them. He grabbed a handful of his brother’s hair, jerked him into a kiss and showed him what he’d been showing Ares. *Serves you right, you’re a brat too.* Herc was growling and biting and grabbing, shoving up against Iphicles hard, maybe to drive his brothers apart but he was turning his head to let Ares kiss him too.

Their faces stropped each other, damp cheek slid on damp cheek. After a moment, Iphicles couldn’t tell who was tongue-fucking his mouth, whose hand was tweaking his nipple. His arms were around Hercules’ waist and Herc’s hands were scrabbling in the ridge of hair down his back. His nose was filled with the smell of them all.

Ares whispered *hold him* and he grappled Hercules to himself teat rubbing teat. He hung on tight, felt Ares mount Hercules from behind and knew the moment of penetration not just because Herc threw his head back and screamed.

Then Ares leaned down around the top of Herc’s head and Drops of sweat fell on Iphicles face when Ares kissed him and said, “you fuck him too,” before breaking away to pull Hercules back against his chest.

With Hercules arched like that, Iphicles bit the salty column of his throat and tasted blood. Herc tossed his head from side to side, crying. Ares had reached beneath Herc’s arms to cup his pectorals and was holding the nipples out to Iphicles between each thumb and forefinger, squeezing and twiddling them. Iphicles followed the hot rivulet that ran down Herc’s chest licking it up and he felt the smoothness of Ares’ nails when he came to tease one hard nub of flesh. Above him, Ares was whispering hot angry fuck words Iphicles couldn’t decipher, but he was gnawing on Hercules’ earlobe even as his rhythmic thrusting rocked Hercules body.

Iphicles danced to the side and slipped an arm around Hercules’ waist. His other hand was between his own front legs stroking the peculiarly human cock there. Then he reached between Hercules legs and found what he was looking for. Slick and hungry, it throbbed when his fingers slipped in.

Hercules cried out again and reared up despite Ares’ weight on his back, and when he came down, Iphicles was there to ram his cock inside the hot tight cunt. There was resistance. Then something broke and he was inside pumping even has his brother’s virgin blood soaked his pelt.

He’d given a sharp yelp at the moment Iphicles thrust inside. After that, he kept making little breathless moans that might have been of pain at first but then changed to laughter. Iphicles with his arms around his waist could feeling the tension flowing away. Hercules put his head down on Iphicles’ shoulder and let his brothers fuck him.

“Wouldn’t you just know he’d love this,” Ares said. “Here’s where you prove you’re a god.”

“Got a problem?” Iphicles asked maliciously.

“No. No prob….” Ares broke off in a groan and Iphicles didn’t feel compelled to smothering his snicker. He could see Ares’ face shining with sweat in the moonlight. If being double fucked had sent Hercules straight to paradise, Ares was feeling the strain – especially when Iphicles began to thrust in counter point. “Sadistic jerk,” Ares said.

“You know how he likes it slow,” Iphicles said.

“I’ve kept him up all night.”

“So have I.”

Iphicles didn’t want to admit that between the strange body, the enhanced senses and shear exoticness of the act, his own need to come was getting urgent. To make matters worse, Hercules was practically purring with pleasure in his arms. He felt guilty, this was probably the first time in two days his brother had felt anything good and despite the fact that he’d started moving to a beat of his own was showing no signs of needing to speed things up. But things were approaching a crisis…. He said, “Herc?”


“What’s it feel like?”

“’s wonderful. That huge thick cock of Ares’ is filling me at one end and you’re holding me and fucking me at the other – Your cock is nice too.” Hercules added and Ares got even, laughing before he moaned.

“Herc," Iphicles cajoled, "we have to get to sleep. We have to get to Thebes.  If we get to Thebes, we can get this straightened out. We’ll get our bodies back and then we can do this with our own bodies.” Hercules sighed. “You’d like that. Wouldn’t you like Ares fucking you while you suck me?” Hercules moaned. “Wouldn’t you like to have your cock back so you can fuck Ares while he blows me?”

“Yeah.” Hercules raised head, opened his eyes and smiled at Iphicles.

Iphicles smiled back and began to thrust faster.

Ares said, “Hey!” but he was too far lost in the rhythm.

“Think about it. Think about fucking Ares. Think about his mouth on your cock. You’re filling his ass with hot jizm and coming for me,” Iphicles ordered, thrusting harder and Hercules cried. “Come for us. Come for both of your big brothers.”

But he was flying and crying and coming himself. Above them, Ares was crying too, thrusting, and Hercules was laughing in triumph as they filled him until finally Iphicles felt the pulses around his cock milking the last of what he had to give from him and he fell away totally spent.

Ares had collapsed on Hercules back and was cursing, “Oh, you fucking bitch,” over and over again.

Iphicles couldn’t have agreed more but Hercules was holding him whispering, “Love you, Iph.”

“Good,” he said. “’Cause when we do get our bodies back. I’m going to give you a spanking.”

There was silence.

Hercules said, “Do we have to wait?”

Ares lifted his head.

* * *

They slept kneeling. It was the only way -- the three of them leaning together, heads resting on each other’s shoulders.

The sun was rising when Iphicles woke and tried to shake a kink out of his neck. Hercules was sleeping the sleep of the well fucked; he didn’t move but the jostling disturbed Ares who opened his eyes and said, “good morning.”

“What’s good about it? I want my bed back, this horse thing is getting old.”

“Some of it’s all right.” Ares snuggled against Herc.

“Yeah.” Remembering how good it had felt to be with him through Herc, he had to agree. “How did you know he wouldn’t go flouncing off as soon as you kissed me?”

“Told you – nature.” Ares glanced sideways and smiled affectionately at their brother. “Nothing gets a female hotter than seeing two studs go at it and then you popped his cherry. He isn’t a virgin anymore so Athena’s lost her hoo-doo. He should be all right now.”

As if to prove it, Hercules opened his eyes. He smiled at Iphicles, stuck out his tongue and slowly licked his lower lip.

Iphicles whacked his flank saying, “Knock it off. We’d better get everyone else up and this herd on the road.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t come out and join in last night,” Hercules said straightening up. “It’s not like Iolaus to miss a pony show.”

That was so obviously true that they all got to their feet and looked in the barn. It was empty. No human mortals anywhere. No bedrolls or evidence that they’d ever been there.

“They saw us going at it and, frightened by the size of my virile member, ran away in the night,” Ares said.

Iphicles and Hercules sneered at him but an incipient argument was cut short

by Hephaestus’ appearance.

“Sorry guys, orders from the top. The three of you have to get to Thebes with out human help.”

“Whose dumb idea was that?”

“What’s happened to Iolaus?”

“What are we going to do for food? We don’t have any money?”

“Mom’s. Back in Corinth. And between a god, a demigod and an ex-god, I expect you’ll think of something.” Hephaestus paused, “An no divine intervention either. Mom says there’s been more than enough of that too.”

None of them noticed Hephaestus slipping Iphicles a small pouch and none of them said anything until the fire god vanished. Then they clustered around Iphicles, watching as he untied the stings and looked inside.

Ares said, “That had better be gold.”

Iphicles said, “Yes, it’s gold and….

Part 19 by Joey RZ

Iolaus watched as Hercules got up after the third time Ares made a lewd comment at him.  Getting tired of being horny because of Herc being in heat, the hunter got up and headed towards the stream they’d passed before setting  camp.

Iolaus just wanted to get a little relieve, he wasn’t actually thinking of fucking his partner in his current state. It was too weird to get aroused  by the mare’s heat, actually fucking her... him... Hercules like that was a bit over the top... even for him.

He had been surprised when Joxer showed no such inhibition.  Only because Ares had threatened the younger man, did he stop trying to get to Hercules.

Oh, Iolaus knew of Joxer’s reputation in Meg’s tavern, but he didn’t actually believe it.  Not until last night, anyway, when Autolycus had been so extremely “happy” to see Joxer.

As he approached the stream, Iolaus dimly heard Ares and Iphicles arguing, but those sounds were suddenly cut off by a very load moan coming from the stream.  Stepping from the woods, Iolaus saw Autolycus naked in the stream, close enough for the water to be knee deep, and not drown Joxer, who was  currently trying to suck the essence out of the thief.

Trying to decide whether to back up or go forward, Iolaus broke a twig with the heel of his boot, drawing the attention of the two men in the water.

Being in profile to Iolaus, they both turned their heads, Joxer more carefully that Auto, not releasing his prize.  When the wanna be warrior saw Iolaus, he pulled back and grinned.

“Hey, Iolaus.”

“Ummm.... hi.”

“Don’t just stand there, come on in.”

Iolaus looked up at Autolycus for confirmation, but the thief only moaned when Joxer flicked his tongue on the underside of his cock and nodded  shakily.

The hunter quickly and efficiently dispensed his clothing and waded into the  stream. Joxer gave Auto’s cock one last kiss, and mover up on his feet, sliding up the thief’s body with a grace that seemed to be reserved only for lovemaking.

By the time Iolaus reached the pair, Joxer had turned in Auto’s embrace and  now drew the hunter into a fiery kiss, their tongues dueling for control.  The thief was plastered over Joxer’s back, sucking and biting hungrily at  his neck.  Auto’s hands grabbed the warrior’s slim hips, and with a slight nudge of the knee, both Auto and Joxer went down on their knees.

Iolaus hands settled on Joxer’s shoulders, and he spread his legs slightly for better balance as Joxer started alternately licking and sucking his cock.

Joxer hummed in pleasure around Iolaus’ cock as he felt his older lover’s fingers breach his entrance.  The water eased the entrance, but not enough.  Auto withdrew his fingers and made to go back to shore, but Iolaus stopped  him, handing him a vial of oil.

“Found it... on the shore... though we might... need it,” he said between gasps as Joxer didn’t let up his treatment.

Auto starting preparing Joxer, and just when he was about to thrust inside, a flash of light indicated the arrival of Hephaestus.

“Sorry guys, but you can’t stay here.”

The three mortals stared at the fire god as if he was a creature from another world. Their stares turned murderous.

Heph shifted uncomfortably, and explained, “It’s not my idea.  Hera thinks that Ares, Iph and Herc don’t need help, so you have to go.”

They didn’t stop glaring.

“I can take you anywhere you like?” he pleaded.

They glared.

“I can take you to one of Aphrodite’s temples... um... make that, one of my temples.  You won’t be disturbed.”

Their glaring eased, but didn’t stop.

“I will provide with any of your needs or wants.”

They stopped glaring, grinned wickedly at each other, and Joxer spoke up.

“Great! Let’s go!”

Hephaestus suddenly felt like he’s been manipulated.  But, he had a job to do, so he left with the three mortals.

Part 20 by Narcissus

A stone or a gem or something.  It was egg shaped and a little smaller than a hen’s egg.  No facets had been cut or tooled into its surface. Instead, the surface was smooth, almost polished.  It had a gem’s translucence though.  Examining it closely, he felt that if he looked into its depths for a long enough time, he would see…forever.

Iphicles shook his head.  He was a fighter, an ex-mercenary, and a king, not given to flights of fancy.  He weighed the object in his palm and watched the sunlight play off its surface.

In color it was blue.  Or green, maybe.  Turquoise, perhaps.  Or greenish gray.  The longer he looked at it, the more the colors seemed to swirl or smoke inside it.  If someone had asked, he might have said that it held all the colors of the sea with its ever-changing moods.  He noted, too, that the motes of sunlight didn’t penetrate its surface. Rather, shifting, eerie lights danced inside it.  He’d heard tales of sailors who had sworn they’d seen mysterious, glowing lights in the depths of the sea.   People told wondrous tales about those sightings, but he’d always thought the sailors fatigued by the rigors of sea travel so their senses were distorted.  Now his own seemed to be distorted as well.

Stretching out his hand, Ares asked for the object wordlessly.  Although Iphicles felt a strange reluctance to comply, he placed it in the palm of the former god’s callused hand.  Then he watched as Ares succumbed to its strange pull.

As Ares gazed at the object and stroked its surface with his strong fingers, his face changed.  It wasn’t as if he removed a mask.  Ares was too much himself and too pleased with who he was to ever need a mask. Iphicles felt as if he were seeing a different Ares, a younger Ares. One whose face wasn’t yet set into such harsh and mocking lines.  If it had been anyone else, Iphicles might have used other words for what he saw: yearning, wonder, vulnerability.

Before he could begin to name the feeling budding inside him,  Hercules broke the spell that bound him to the former god.  “He gave us some sort of rock?  I don’t get it.  Shouldn’t we get moving?”


Much later, Iphicles thought that the disaster had started innocently enough, as most disasters do.

Iphicles had placed the stone in the pouch, and they’d trotted off on the road to Thebes.  If Ares knew what the object was or its intended purpose, he’d kept the knowledge to himself.

Hercules was very quiet.  Iphicles wondered if he was remembering how he’d moaned and screamed in his brothers’ arms and was regretting his loss of control.

They’d soon discovered that they made much better time without their human helpers.  Even riding, the two-legged creatures had been a burden.  Without them, they could move at a steady yet easy pace.  Even at that speed, it was obvious that Ares, the only one who was fully mortal for the moment, had the least stamina of the three of them. Iphicles, himself, felt wonderful.  He had boundless energy and never-tiring muscles.  This god business did have its advantages.

Since Hercules wasn’t in the mood to chat, he’d tried to get some information out of Ares.  If this quest of theirs was to be successful, they should have a plan.  As both mercenary and king, Iphicles prided himself on his facility with strategy.  And good strategy couldn’t be formulated without information.

“So, what did you do to get Poseidon mad at you?  What’s it going to take to get him to lift the spell?”

“Hades only knows.  ‘Don’s usually pretty good to me.  Pays fines to get me out of Zeus’ bad books.  I do owe him a favor from the last time, but it’s never bugged him that much before.  Maybe he just got the hots for Heph and decided to help him out.  And now that he’s diddling Zeus, he’s probably just highly amused at this whole predicament.”  Ares’ tail swished from side to side as they trotted.

After traveling through the morning, Ares’ stomach had announced his hunger in no uncertain terms.  They’d decided to take a side road and stop in the village for some lunch and a brief rest.

That was where the trouble had started.  In the village square, they’d been surrounded quickly by a circle of admiring females.  Iphicles would have liked to claim it was all Ares’ fault for flirting.  But Hercules had gotten his share of batted eyelashes, sideways smiles, and quick pats to his chest and flanks even though he’d said and done nothing more than stand there.  Iphicles himself had his own group of admirers.  He didn’t understand why; after all, these village women didn’t know he was a king.  Hands caressed his flanks and explored the sensitive area where his human chest turned into his hairy, horsy lower half.

The village men, who evidently had no great love for centaurs to begin with, had taken strong exception to the females’ behavior. Harsh words had led to harsher ones and on to little shoves.  Ares, considering who and what he was, had stayed remarkably calm.  Even then, the fight had escalated quickly to fists and the implements the villagers had at hand.

Before very long, the village men realized that they were outclassed in close combat, even though the centaurs were fighting in unaccustomed bodies with vastly different centers of gravity.  Hercules, in particular, tried moves that would no longer work quite right when attempted with four legs rather than two.  Iphicles felt unstoppable. Few blows landed, and those that did seemed to hurt very little.  Ares had adapted quite well to fighting with hooves rather than fists, but the blows landed on him by the villagers obviously stung.

One of the villagers was smart enough to realize they’d have more luck from a distance.  Running to the pile of rocks gathered in preparation for building a new wall, he’d heaved one at Iphicles’ head.  Iphicles saw it in time to brush it away as if it was a feather.  But the other villagers knew a good thing when they saw it, and soon a flurry of missiles flew at the three centaurs.

Ares was most vulnerable to damage and called a strategic retreat.  He’d galloped away, tail flying like a flag behind him.  Iphicles had followed and commanded Hercules to do the same.

Iphicles had run for quite a ways, glorying in the surge of muscle and the feel of the wind on his face and chest, when he realized that the other two were no longer with him.  Regretfully, he slowed to a trot and turned to retrace his path.

He found a distraught Hercules, tail swishing frantically, trying to comfort a sweating, shivering Ares.  One of his front legs was broken.

“He must have stepped in a hole as he was running.  Iph?  Can you do something?  You’re supposed to have godly powers.”

Ares looked awful.  His usually golden skin looked dirty, as if the light behind it had been snuffed out, and his face was etched in pain. His jaws were clamped together tightly, to prevent himself from crying out.   He had livid bruises on his face and body where the rocks had hit their mark.  Iphicles could remember all too well how much a broken leg hurt.  He suspected that a broken centaur leg might hurt even more.  And for a former god who was not used to feeling pain and had no defenses against it?

Moving closer, he caressed Ares’ neck, then allowed his hand to trail gently down one arm where the muscles bunched tightly to help fight off the pain.

“Ares?  I don’t know how to do this or even whether I can do it.  Can you help me out here?”

Ares’ eyes, glassy with pain, focused on his face.  “You should have the power for at least limited healing if those fools gave you what was mine.”  His voice broke for a moment.  “Concentrate and feel the power build up inside you.  Rage always helps me focus it.  Then place your hand just over the break, and push the power out through the palm of your hand.”

Iphicles remembered the insults the villagers had flung at them.  They hadn’t meant any harm; all they’d wanted was a little food, for which they’d planned to pay generously.   Instead, they’d been met with fists and pitchforks and rocks.  How dare those puny two-legged mortals treat him like that?

As they anger built, he felt something else grow inside him.  He stepped forward and placed his hand just above where the broken bone jutted through Ares’ torn flesh.  He gasped with pleasure as he felt the stream of power flow through his outstretched hand.  This felt just as good as coming.  No wonder gods saw mortals as little more than playthings.

In the span of a few heartbeats, the bone was knitted together straight and strong, and the wound was closed.  Iphicles used his remaining power to heal the more colorful of Ares’ bruises.  He laughed out loud at the pleasure he felt in his own potency.

Hercules turned away and trotted a little ways down the road, but not before Iphicles saw the tears in his eyes.  Herc had always been a little bit sentimental but the mare-in-heat business was probably making him weepy.

As if of its own volition, Iphicles hand, now drained of that thrilling power, lifted to caress Ares’ brow, then moved to his full lips.  He traced the opening between those lips as they curved into a smile free of pain.  Ares’ human cock jutted out between his legs, encouraging Iphicles’ cock to do the same.

“Is that all you ever think of?”  Iphicles smiled.

“Well, let’s see.  There’s strategy and blood and mayhem.  Then there’s annoying my family, which I can do without thinking about it.  Yeah, that’s about it.”  Ares’ hands had moved to his waist as their human cocks rubbed slowly against either other.  “Right now, I’m wondering just how male centaurs do each other.”

Iphicles groaned as a hand caressed his pebbled nipple.  “I’d imagine they do it the same way you mounted Herc.  You just aim for a different spot.  Ooh, that’s good.  But I thought you wanted Herc or Heph or Aphrodite or someone.”

Ares pulled him into a full embrace and whispered in his ear, sending tingles of power down his spine.  “No, right now I’m wondering just how I ever managed to overlook you.”
Part 21 by Thamiris

Come over here pony, I, I wanna climb up one time on you
Come over here pony, I, I wanna climb up one time on you
Well, you're so bad and nasty But I love you, yes I do.

--Bob Dylan, "New Pony"

About to be speared by Ares' thick centaur cock, Iphicles had an idea.

A string of them, really, all nicely linked like that pretty gold necklace he'd bought his mother last year.   Not that she'd liked it. Herc had given her a kiss and some fainting weeds he'd grabbed from the roadside.  She never wore the necklace, but those crumbling flowers hung over her bed.  The first thought was that maybe, as a kid, he'd sneaked too many peeks at the anatomically- correct statue of Ares in Aphrodite's temple.

Maybe he'd jerked off too many times in the tall grass by the river that summer, remembering the curve of Ares' black marble hip, the gleaming left cheek of that black ass.  You could just make it out if you craned your neck while your mom laid a myrrh branch on the altar.  Years later, he figured out why (Myrrha, Myrrha, on the wall, who loves Daddy best of all?), and always got a creepy feeling whenever he saw Herc and Alcmene together...

He shoved that thought away to focus on the ripe, straw-sweat smell of Ares' hard body, and the daemon-whispered thought about what it'd be like to be inside that body.  That's it: get caught up in a blazing rush of new godhood so he could blame that later when Ares'd want to know how Iphicles fucking dared to stick his cock in Ares' sacred ass...

"I'm gonna fuck you, Ares."  But by then it was pretty obvious, ‘cos he'd spun Ares around, knocked him up against the tree with one powerful shoulder, and aimed his cock -- the big one, with the head like a...well, like a head, bald and shiny -- and rubbed it against Ares' tight, closed hole.

"What the fuck--"

"You know you really want it," Iphicles whispered.  Yeah, you weren't supposed to say stuff like that, or believe it, but Ares really did want it.  He was pushing back against Iphicles' cock even while he fake-struggled against him, cursing like an Argonaut.

"You leprous son of a whoring dog-faced--"

"Me, you prick?" he said, pinning Ares' hand over his head.  "You're the son of a swan- and bull-faced--"

A back-kick sent Iphicles flying past Herc, contentedly munching a long blade of something, who snarked the best line of his life -- "Look! It's Pegasus!" -- just as Iphicles smashed down to earth.

Ares was on him, fists round and hard (‘Now why didn't I say a cock-head like a fist?' Iphicles thought.  Much better than a bald head, even if it was overdone).  He landed a good one on Iphicles' jaw before Iphicles raised a knee and jammed it into Ares' inner thigh.  They rolled together in the dirt, which stung his eyes as ginger-colored clouds of it swirled around him, only he didn't fight too hard.  Not with Ares' hard cock banging against his, knocking out a soundless but precum-slick tune of fuckmefuckmefuckme.

So they rolled some more, and his tongue came out, catching the sweat on Ares' dusty neck, on his bruised shoulder (‘Shouldn't I have the bruise? I knocked him into the tree... Oh right. He's mortal.  Don't hurt him.  Not too much.  Just get him hot and ready for it'), and then Ares' tongue was in his mouth, and they kept rolling --

The sharp splash of water made him yelp, only it turned into a glugglugglug as the cool blue drank him in.  He came up sputtering, blinking through river-tears as he looked for Ares.  The water only came up to his chest, lapping at his nipples, so Ares shouldn't be dead or anything, although he couldn't see anything but flat blueness, a bare shore and the cliff curving high over him.  Maybe Ares'd hit his head on the way down, or maybe he'd caught his hoof under a log on the soft, sandy bottom --

This time, hands pulled him under.  Big hands.  Former god hands.  Hands that pretended to punch him, only they were sliding over his flanks, between his legs, onto his cock --

"Fuck me if you can, horse-king," Ares said in his ear as they burst to the sunny-warm surface.  "I don't think you have the balls... Okay, you have the balls.  In that body, you definitely have the balls.  But you need nerve to fuck the god of war --"

"I am the god of war," Iphicles shot back, shaking the water clinging to his hair.  "So get your ass ready, Ares."  He lunged forward, only his hooves skidded along a slick of algae, and the water closed over him again.  Used to it now, he kept his eyes open, and saw a shadow ahead that had to be a cave.  Circling an arm around Ares' black legs, Iphicles jerked him under, and swam into that dark space with a struggling former-god in his arms...

Only it didn't stay dark for long.

As he kicked forward, the winding tunnel veered left, and the water thinned and lightened above their heads, thinned and lightened, until they broke through.

Even Ares stilled beside him.  "Where the fuck are we?"

Iphicles didn't answer, and for a moment they bobbed in the gentle surf, staring up at a palace made of amethyst: flat, polished layers of it, like opaque lilac mirrors with dark purple hearts, towering to an invisible ceiling.  "Let's go in."  He rubbed his cock over Ares' soft black thigh.  "Maybe there's a bed."

"Maybe there's wine," Ares said, not looking at him, and tried to open the door.  "It's locked.  Guess you won't be able to--"

With a firm twist of the gold knob, Iphicles opened the shimmering door.  "Guess you need to be a god."

Ares' tail twitched against Iphicles' thigh.  "Shut up and go in."

The air inside felt warm and smelled of burned cedar.  "Maybe there's a fire.  I'd like to fuck you in front of fire."

"Looks like you're not feeling too particular," Ares said with a smirk.  His own cock jutted out, big enough to stoke the flames.

Iphicles started walking, his hooves ringing like chimes against the amethyst floor.  "I thought you were going to save your ass for your wedding night."

"I didn't say I was going to let you.  Your ass is looking pretty nice from where I'm standing."

"Look all you want, ‘cos I'm still going to fuck you, Ares."   The snaking corridor led them to a large, colonnaded courtyard.  Above them, the artist had fashioned a gold disk against a sapphire ceiling. Around them grew a garden with plants made of emeralds; beside them bloomed flowers  with gold leaf petals and ruby faces.

"I think I know where we are," Ares said, looking around.  "Poseidon got a big hard-on for Oenopion, this guy who'd blinded--"

"Orion.  Right.  I know the story.  And Poseidon had Hephaestus build him a palace under the water, so Oenopion could hide from him--"

"And Poseidon could fuck him senseless."

"That's him there, isn't it?  Oenopion?"  Iphicles waved at the marble statue of a broad-shouldered man half-bent, as if watching the red and yellow fish dart in the fountain before him.  Only the shadowy gap between the rounded cheeks of his ass suggested his real purpose.

"Yeah.  And it looks like Poseidon figured out a way to fuck him forev--"

Iphicles' tongue stopped him.  Hot, deep kisses (‘I used to dream about this') while Iphicles danced him closer to the statue, distracting Ares with a now-oiled hand on his cock.  At the last second, Iphicles grabbed Ares' hip, spun him, and pushed him forward.  A new dance routine: the fuck-a-statue-up-the-ass.  They'd love it in Athens.

Ares landed with perfect precision cock-first inside that tight marble ass, and let out a moan that set the palace vibrating.  "No fair," he said, as Iphicles smeared his own cock with oil and slid it easily into him.

"Like you didn't know I'd do it, you fucking liar.  Doesn't it feel good?"  Iphicles hooked his fingers around Ares' hips and ground his cock in deeper.

"I'm gonna get you for this... Oh fuck... Iphicles..."

"Yeah, that's it.  Fuck his ass while I fuck yours, Ares."  And they swayed together, back and forth, stamping the amethyst ground.  Iphicles bit Ares' neck, and felt his cock gripped tighter, so he bit deeper, watching the bruise, purple like the floor, grow in time to the rhythm of Ares' body quivering around him.  "Come for me, Ares.  Come inside that tight stone ass.  Pretend it's me you're fucking.  That's what you want, isn't it?  To stick that big cock up my ass and show me who's boss?  Only you can't, can you?  Only way you might stand a chance is if we were in mortal form and you could--"

The funny thing about being a god is that if you wish hard enough--poof!  It comes true.  Iphicles blinked, and his mortal half changed back.  So did Ares'.  They were suddenly two men (and a statue) fucking, and Iphicles rested his cheek against Ares' wet golden back and pressed even closer to muscle-hard but smooth human skin.  "Ohgodohgodohgod that's good."  And his control shattered like old glass, in a shower of colored pieces, and Iphicles started to come.  His cock was still leaking cream when Ares did what they'd both wanted all along, and knocked Iphicles onto his back before ramming his cock inside him.

"That's better, little king," Ares said.  "Only not so little, even now."  He ran his hand along Iphicles' cock, catching a handful of semen and licking it off his fingers, his hips never slowing.  "I figured out how to punish you," he added.

Iphicles wrapped his legs around Ares' hips.  "You're going to have to get divine first.  Then maybe I'll talk to your uncle about renting a room here."

"It doesn't matter where you hide, king.  I'm going to hunt you down and fuck this sweet ass for a century or two.  That'll teach you."

"Fine.  You do that," he said, and pulled Ares down for a kiss.

They fell asleep like that, Ares' cock still deep inside him, under the gold disk in the sapphire sky.
Part 22 by Kyra

Hercules continued his frolics in the field. He hadn't noticed that his brothers had disappeared until he stepped on the pouch which had contained that lump of rock. He picked it up and took the rock out trying to see what it was that had so captivated Ares and Iphicles. It still looked like a piece of rock, a normal stone which could be picked up anywhere.

The demigod looked around the field trying to determine where his brothers had disappeared to. Scuffle marks in the grass led him to the river and there they disappeared. Hercules wandered up and down the banks trying to determine where the two had clambered out of the water but he could see no sign of hoof prints in the river's banks.

As he continued his search, the rock grew warmer reminding him of its presence in his hand. He looked down at it in surprise and as he looked the surface cleared, becoming a mini scrying pool. In it, Hercules watched Ares and Iphicles teasing each other with their tongues, their hands until they were grappling each other, wrestling to be the one who took the other, their bodies dappled in a strangle blue light which seemed to flow over them in waves of colour.

Hercules did not know how long he stood watching but both of his brothers had fucked the other at least once that he had seen. He could feel himself growing hot watching them, wanting to join them, let their hands and bodies take his willing body. His mind wandered back to earlier when he had lost his virginity, losing that brought a smile to his face. He had thought he had lost that years ago when he and Iolaus had spent a night out under the stars, away from the Academy. In centaur form though, the sex had been different, rougher more animalistic and he had loved it. He wanted to be taken again and could feel his desire growing.

Then he remembered and looked back at the stone. He wanted to scream and curse the gods for this latest twist of fate. Just as he was becoming used to his equine form his brothers were back in human form, leaving him the odd one out. Looking at his brothers romping together he knew they had forgotten his existence. For them, in the here and now, they had each other and Hercules might not exist.

Dejectedly Hercules started to walk away wondering if a god would change him back to his normal form, so he could go back to his normal life, rescuing damsels in distress, wrestling giant snakes and battling warring war lords. The stone however had other ideas. As he moved away from the river it seemed to burn hotter, so much so that Hercules had to return to the river and cool it before his flesh blistered. The stone fell into the water and Hercules tried to catch it but he was too late and it tumbled below the surface. He over-reached, trying to grab it before it disappeared into the mass of others below the surface, and toppled into the river.

He remembered to close his eyes as he went under but Hercules blinked them under the water and caught sight of the cave. Suddenly realising that was why he had been unable to find any tracks of his brothers leaving the river, Hercules headed for the entrance and soon found himself in the cave.

At the sound of hooves on the cave floor, Ares and Iphicles stopped smooching and looked at the intruder. Hercules stared back, comparing the similarities of his two brothers. Naked they certainly looked similar. Their torsos were muscular, although Ares was probably the leaner, Iphicles had spent too much time attending to affairs if state to work out. From their torsos, Hercules gaze moved to their faces, seeing the mirrored amusement in their eyes, on their lips. He couldn't bear to look at their happiness and looked away only to find his gaze falling to their identical feet, their knees, their legs, their cocks. Oh gods, even their cocks were similar. The two of them seemed to be natural brothers, rather than having no blood relationship.

Sensing his younger brother's isolation, Iphicles untangles his arm from Ares and walked towards Hercules.

"Let's get you back to normal," he whispered, brushing a lock of hair of of Hercules' forehead.

And with no warning, Hercules found himself back in his normal form, two legs and definitely male. He breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at his brother. "Thank you," he whispered and hugged his brother, trying not to notice the twitch of his cock as it brushed against Iphicles'.

Ares watched the two brothers hugging and moved up behind Hercules, lightly caressing his back. An unspoken command seemed to flow between Ares and Iphicles and together the two of them caressed the demi-god, kissing him, biting his salty skin. Iphicles reached down to his brother's cock and stroked it against his own hardening cock.

Sandwiched between his two brothers, Hercules briefly wondered how he had allowed himself to get into the position of allowing Ares so close to him when he felt Ares cock questing his puckered opening. From nowhere, Iphicles produced some oil and passed it to the ex-god who massaged it over Hercules cheeks, down to his hole before massaging it into his own cock. A finger slid into Hercules quickly followed by another and Hercules found himself moaning loudly as Iphicles stroked his cock and Ares prepared him from behind. Soon he was thrusting back on Ares' fingers wanting them in him further, filling him.

Ares leaned close to his ear. "Do you want me? Do you want me now?"

"Yes, now. For god's sake do it."

Iphicles nodded to Ares and as one they moved. Ares pushed his way into the slick hole and Iphicles took hold of Hercules' cock. Hercules not wanting to be left out took hold of Iphicles' cock and the three of them moved together coming as one before collapsing on the cold marble floor.

Part 23 by Jenn M.

Hera sat on the edge of her scrying pool idly watching as Ares, Hercules and Iphicles fucked each other senseless. One hand dangled in the cool water as the other gently stroked Athena's silky hair.

Athena knelt before the Queen of the Gods. Her lips surrounded a dusky nipple. She toyed with the nub making it hard beneath her tongue. With her fingers she spread Hera's thighs apart and inserted two fingers deep within her.

Hera moaned softly at Athena's manipulations. She never once took her eyes off the men.

The sight of the three hard male bodies entwined increased her excitement. As her orgasm hit she cried out, rubbing against Athena's hand.

The younger Goddess rose up and kissed Hera, their tongues warring with one another. She pulled away long enough to ask, "Don't you think someone should interrupt? Ares doesn't have much time left."

After a few more minutes of deep kissing Hera agreed. "Send Hephaestus to warn them." Before Athena could leave Hera grabbed her and nibbled on her neck. "Just make sure you come right back. I'm done done with you yet."

Athena gave the Goddess a wicked smile and disappeared in a golden flash.

Hera sat back and continued to watch as Ares plunged deep into Iphicles' strong body. Mean while Hercules stood before the King with his cock down the man's willing throat.


Hephaestus grinned at the lovers. He was surprised by Athena's visit but complied right away.
Leaning down he kissed a sleeping Ares, his body still damp from his exertions.

Ares slowly awoke to a tongue teasing his mouth to open, and obeyed. He groaned as a hand wrapped around his already hard cock.

He lazily opened his eyes. Hephaestus was leaning over him, taking full advantage of Ares naked state. Not that he minded.

Haephestus replaced his hand with his mouth and slowly sucked the War God turned mortal until the hot seed flooded his mouth.

Ares sat up grinning. "Thanks for the wake up call, Heph."

"Hera sent me. You're almost out of time, Ares. You need to get moving or else Poseidon will never return you to a God."

Ares kicked Hercules and Iphicles to wake them. They both rose grumbling about the rude awakening. "Let's move it," he ordered.

Part 24 by JaimeBlue

Ares immediately moved to wake Iphicles and Hercules once Hephaestus had left the cave.

"Iphicles, I need you to remember something."

The newest God yawned.  "What is it, Ares?"

"Yesterday, when you turned us back into men, how did you do it?"

"I just wished for it really hard."

"All right.  First things first, wish us some clothes."

Iphicles closed his eyes tightly as he pictured the three of them, fully clothed, in his mind.  When he finally opened them, he saw that they were all wearing the clothes they had started with, just as he'd pictured in his mind.

"Good.  Now, Iphicles, have you ever been to Thebes?"

"Yes.  I helped negotiate a treaty there just a month ago."

"All right.  Imagine the three of us in Thebes."

Iphicles closed his eyes, and his efforts were once again successful.  They'd reappeared in the middle of a crowded Theban street.  The people in their immediate vicinity had stopped to stare at the new arrivals.  Ares stared back.

"What are you looking at?"

"Ares, do you know where Poseidon's temple is?"

"No, but someone around here should.  I'll just stop someone and ask."

"Umm, why don't you let me."  Hercules stopped a passerby to ask directions.  The man pointed to the building behind them.  "Well, at least we don't have to go far.  Let's go."

The three men entered the temple.  There were only a couple of fishermen praying for success and a priest taking care of the offerings.  Ares walked to the center of the room and bellowed at the top of his voice.

"Poseidon!  I'm here, Uncle!"  There was no response.  He walked up to the offering-covered altar and cleared it.  Within moments, a bright blue flash signalled the God's arrival.

"So, nephew, you made it."

"I did.  Now keep your end of the bargain."

Poseidon smiled and motioned Iphicles over with one hand.  Soon, the two men were standing side by side before the God, who placed a hand on each one's forehead.  Iphicles felt drained as the Godly powers were stripped from him and given back to Ares.

Ares beamed as he felt the rush of power fill him once again.  "I'm back!"

"Now Ares," Poseidon said, "next time, don't get in our bad books.  Many of us actually held back this time."

The God disappeared, leaving the three men standing, staring at each other, and being stared at by the fishermen and the priest.  Ares took one look at them and growled.  "Scram!"  Only Ares, Iphicles, and Hercules remained.

"So, I guess I'm King of Corinth again."

Hercules could see how disapointed his brother was at the loss of his powers, and lay an arm over his shoulders.  "There's nothing wrong with that.  You're a great King."

"Thanks, Herc."

The brothers looked first at each other, then their eyes turned on the renewed War God.  The three had been through a lot, and they had no idea how he was going to react now that he was a God again.

Ares caught their eyes, and smiled.

"The two of you have been so helpful, I think you, and I of course, deserve a reward."

Both Hercules and Iphicles looked pleasantly surprised.  The King spoke first.  "What kind of reward?"

"Well, let's head back to Corinth and I'll tell you there.  The two of you aren't the only ones I need to thank."

He swung his sword to block yet another parry.  He'd felled two of his attackers and was now finishing off the third.  With two more strokes, the last attacker was down.  He crossed his arms over his chest and looked over his handiwork.

All of a sudden, he felt the hint of a whisper behind his ear.  "Hello?  Who's there?"

"Wake up," the voice whispered.


"Wake up..."

Joxer woke from his dream and slowly opened his eyes.  He saw Ares move from his side, where he'd been whispering into his ear, and walk to the far side of the room, joining Iphicles and Hercules.

Joxer noticed two things: the three men were no longer centaurs, and something was wrong, but he just couldn't put his finger on what that was.

He felt his nose itch and moved to scratch it.  That's when he realized what else was wrong.  He was chained to the wall.  Furthermore, he was naked.  "What in Tartarus?"

"No Tartarus, Joxer.  We're still in Corinth, but now we're in Iphicles' castle."

"What's the meaning of all this, Ares?"

Joxer turned to the voice at his right and saw Iolaus and Autolycus, both naked and chained to the same wall he was.

"Umm, hi guys."

Iolaus looked across Autolycus and smiled at him.  They looked back at their captors as they heard Ares clear his throat.

"Since the three of you have been such a great help to me, I thought it only right to repay you."

"You mean you've got your powers back?  Congratulations, Ares!"

Autolycus and Iolaus looked over at Joxer with strange expressions on their faces.  "What?"

Ares sighed.  "Yes, I have my powers back."  He shook his head slightly and looked to the two men at his side, fully clothed as he was.  "Why don't we just show them?"

He was greeted by two smiles and two nods.  Ares and Iphicles stood still as Hercules walked over to the chained Iolaus.  He took his index finger and slowly began tracing every line, ever muscle of Iolaus' body.  He kept the slow pace even when his partner's breathing quickened.  Hercules leaned forward to place a kiss at the base of Iolaus' neck.  He moved up the neck until his teeth were grazing the blond's earlobe.  "Do you want me Iolaus?"

"You know I do, Herc," he whispered.

"Then say it.  Tell everyone here how much you want me."

Iolaus said nothing.  Hercules let his wandering finger slowly trace the other man's cock, then left it entirely.

"All right!  I want you Herc.  Now!"

"As you wish."

Hercules began nibbling his way down Iolaus' torso until he got to the already hard cock.  He began tracing lazy lines up and down the shaft with his tongue, causing the blond to moan loudly and strain at the chains holding him taught against the wall.  Iolaus gasped as, in one swift movement, Hercules took his cock in his mouth and began sucking gently.

Ares, who had been watching the scene with great interest, decided he was tired of watching.  "Iphicles, why don't we teach these two a lesson."

"All right.  Which one do you want?"

"That's not the lesson I had in mind."

Looking toward the chained men to make sure they were paying attention, Ares pulled Iphicles to him and kissed him.  The King and the God lost themselves in the feel of lip against lip as their hands roamed each others bodies.  It wasn't long before both their vests were gone and Iphicles was nipping at Ares' nipples.  Ares twisted his fingers in Iphicles hair and pushed down, forcing the King onto his knees.  Taking the hint, Iphicles began unlacing Ares' pants, releasing the mammoth cock from its hiding place.  He pushed the pants down, helping Ares step out of them, then began lavishing attention on the cock bobbing in front of his face.  He could feel Ares' hands twist tighter in his hair as he slid his tongue around the head.  Both man and God looked up at the sound of a whimper coming from the wall. Joxer and Autolycus' limbs were red with strain from pulling on the chains that restrained them.  However, it didn't compare to the shade of their painfully hard cocks.  Ares looked down at Iphicles.  "Do you think we should help them out?"

"Well, I guess so."

Ares stepped away from Iphicles and walked to the bound thief.  He snapped his fingers, and Autolycus was suddenly on his knees with his hands bound behind his back, still chained to the wall.  Ares held out his hand, which now held a scap of black material.  He pulled it around Auto's eyes, tying it securely.

"So, you enjoyed watching us, eh Auto?"  He took his cock and slowly ran it against the thief's lips.  "Why don't you show me what you've learnt."

Auto's lips parted and his tongue flicked out to taste the Godly cock before him.

"That's it, thief.  Worship your God."

Auto wrapped his lips around the cockhead and flicked the slit with his tongue.  As Ares threw his head back in pleasure, he looked over to see how Iphicles was doing.

Iphicles was running his teeth along the underside of Joxer's arm, leaving a red trail against the pale skin.  One of his hands moved down to caress the warrior wannabe's cock.  He stroked the hot flesh as his teeth grazed the man's nipples.  Joxer gasped and moaned as the King's lips found his neck and began sucking.

Ares felt he was close to coming and pulled his cock out of Auto's mouth.  "Iphicles, let's switch.  Joxer and I have some unfinished business."

Iphicles pulled away from the pale man and sized up the kneeling thief.  He took position in front of the man and lifted his blindfold.  Auto's eyes focused on the leather pants of the King before him.

"Undo my pants, thief."

"But my hands are tied."

"With your teeth."

Auto looked at the task before him and decided he was up to the challenge.  He grabbed the laces with his teeth and pulled.  Slowly but surely, the King's pants were being undone and his cock was set free.  Auto licked his lips at the sight.

"Suck it, thief."

"As you wish, Your Highness."

As Auto wrapped his lips around the King's cock, his eyes glanced to the side.  Apparently, Hercules had undone the chains binding Iolaus to the wall.  He now had the blond pressed face first against the wall, and was pounding his cock into the tight passage from behind. "Oh Gods, Herc.  I missed this so much."

"Oh yeah, Iolaus."

Ares had been standing before Joxer, doing nothing but letting the man suffer.  Finally, Joxer felt like he couldn't go another moment without being touched.


"I thought you'd never ask.  Why don't we pick up where we left off by that river."

Ares crushed Joxer's lips with his own.  After a few seconds, he broke the kiss.  "I need you now, Joxer."

"Oh Gods, yes, Ares."

With a wave, Joxer's chains disappeared and the weak-kneed mortal collapsed into Ares' arms.  He lowered the mortal face first onto the floor, then began running a hand up and down the man's spine.  He couldn't wait any longer.  He pulled on Joxer's hips so that he was now on his hands and knees, then positioned himself behind him.  With one swift thrust, his cock was surrounded by Joxer's ass.  He paused as a slight shiver passed through the mortal, making certain this didn't hurt too much.

"Ares, please."

"You want me to stop?"

"Gods no!  I want you to fuck me."

Ares obliged.  He began slamming into the pale flesh, his fingers leaving read marks on the mortal's skin.  He was so hot, so tight.  He began growling in pleasure, his voice blending perfectly with that of Iphicles, who had become quite creative.

Iphicles had lain down beneath the still-bound Autolycus, who was riding the King's cock.  Iphicles' hands gripped Auto's hips, guiding him up and down his shaft.  The thief's eyes were closed tight, his head thrown back.  His legs were tight with the strain of keeping him above Iphicles, moving his ass up and down the wondrous cock. Hercules was now laying flat on the ground, recovering from his orgasm.  Iolaus took some of the demi-God's come in his hand, and began rubbing it into the man's ass.  Pushing one finger into the passage, Iolaus felt how relaxed his lover was.  He wasted no time and plunged his cock into Hercules' ass.

Even when he felt the presence of another God in the room, Ares didn't stop his rhythmic pounding into Joxer.  Ares looked to see Hephaestus watching the scene before him.

"All this, and I wasn't invited."

"Well, don't just stand there Heph.  Get your ass over here." Hephaestus smiled as he approached the pair.  With a wave of his hand, his pants disappeared.  He kneeled in front of Joxer, who immediatly began licking the cock before him.  Heph moaned as the mortal's talented mouth worked on his cock.  He looked aside at the rest of the action going on in the room.

Iphicles was very close.  He'd wrapped his fist around Auto's cock, pumping it in time with the thief's movements up and down the King's cock.  Within moments, Auto came, shooting cum across the King's golden chest.  His ass contracted around Iphicles' cock, and shortly thereafter he came, exploding into the thief's ass.  Fighting his exhaustion, Iphicles reached around Auto to undo the binds that held him to the wall, and the thief collapsed against him, too tired to move.

Iolaus too was close to coming.  His hand wrapped against Hercules' once again hard cock as he rocked in and out of the tight ass.  Finally, his orgasm overtook him.  Once he'd finished pumping his seed into his lover, he pulled out and bent down, running his tongue around the hole that had brought him so much pleasure, tasting the unique taste of his lover combined with his own cum.  He ran his tongue up to Hercules' cock until he eveloped the flesh with his mouth to bring the demi-God to his own orgasm.

Hephaestus had left Joxer's talented mouth to move behind Ares.  Ares stopped his pounding long enough so that Heph could push his cock into Ares' ass.  Heph began moving, hitting Ares' sweet spot and causing him to buck against Joxer.  Ares reached out his hand to grab Joxer's shoulder, and pulled the mortal against him so that the three of them were kneeling up. He nipped at Joxer's shoulder, then bit his neck, breaking the skin.  The taste and scent of blood energized him and brought him over the edge.  With a shout, he came.  Heph pulled out of the growing limp God and gave Ares room to lie down.  He moved forward, taking Ares' place behind Joxer.  Joxer moved on his hands and knees again to brace for the God's pounding into his ass.

Shortly after Ares' cry, Hercules too cried out when his orgasm ripped through him.  He reached down to pull Iolaus up to him and kissed his lover, tasting himself on the man's lips.  Iolaus collapsed against Hercules' chest and fell asleep to the beating of his lover's heart. Ares moved from his spot on the floor until he was facing Joxer.  He took the mortal's lips in his.  He ran a hand down the man's chest and tweaked one of his nipples.  That was all Joxer needed and he came, his ass squeezing Heph's cock tightly.  Within moments, Heph too came, pulsing into Joxer's ass.

Before he fell asleep with exhaustion, Ares waved a hand to clean up the mess that had been left after the recent activities.

Aphrodite didn't know whether to smile or to pout.  She'd been given such a rush by the action down below, but she didn't like her Hephy being part of it.  She spent a few moments looking at the men in her scrying mirror.
Hercules and Iolaus looked cute together, wrapped in each other's arms.  She couldn't help but smile at the sight of Autolycus being held by Iphicles.  And then there were the last three.  There was her studmuffin, the filling in a God and mortal sandwhich.  Her Hephy was spooned up against his back, while his head lay against Ares' chest and his arm around his God's waist.  Ares was on his back, one hand laying possessively on Joxer's arm.

"Why so blue, Dite?  It definitely isn't your colour."

"What do you want, Dis.  Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Give it up, sis.  I can think of so many better things to do than watch your husband cheat on you."

Dite turned around to look at Discord.  "What do you mean?"

"Like you don't know."  Discord reached out a hand to pull Aphrodite to her.  Their lips met, and soon they had made their clothes, what little they did wear, disappear.

"You're right, sis.  This is so much better.  Now get on the bed."

"Only if I get to use the feathers this time."

"Oh, all right."

The End

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