The Fire Down Below
by Jess

Deep in the labyrinth of the volcano, the intense heat from far beneath the earth fueled the great forge of Hephaestus, God of Fire.  Sparks bounced from the anvil and up to the heights of the dark caverns where the Fire God lived.  Next to the forge and anvil  rose the massive pool for cooling the white hot metal as Hephaestus created  unparalleled metalwork.  Echoing off the granite walls, the clanging sound of molten
metal being formed using the forge and hammer intermixed with the hissing of the water.  Steam rose from the pool as the metal was continually cooled.  The cycle would repeat over and over until the immortal craftsman finished the perfect creation.

Hephaestus knew happiness here, more than he would have above with the other gods on Olympus.  True, part of him did feel rejected and unwanted by the rest of his family, but he often lost him self in the forge and concentrated completely on his work.   Aphrodite would visit occasionally and Hephaestus joyfully looked forward to those times.  Although, his wife’s appearances were admittedly few and far between and the god knew better than to pine for them.

Strangely surprising, however, the forge was silent.  The fire not a raging inferno, but quiet, smoldering cinders.  And Hephaestus was not to be found anywhere in his forge or workshop.  Half-completed weapons and shields lie all around; some even scattered on the ground.  It looked as though the god had left what is was doing rather quickly.  While the forge was silent, the labyrinthine caverns and tunnels were not.  Voices rang out from the inner chamber.

The stealthy intruder moved quickly past the pool and forge and followed the voices heard throughout.  Careful not to make any sudden noises, the interloper soon found himself at the entrance of the inner chamber -- Hephaestus’ personal sanctum, rarely seen by anyone other than Aphrodite.

Or Ares.

The God of War now kneeled before Hephaestus with the Fire God’s arms pinned up alongside his head.  Ares’ cock was buried deep in the other god’s ass, thrusting deliberate and slow.  The War God brought his mouth down to Heph’s straining biceps and gently began to lick the salty sweat that had covered his bronze skin.

“Mmmm, you taste glorious,” Ares managed between licks.  His tongue traveled down to his brother’s elbow and back up again before moving on to Hephaestus’ collarbone and chest.  Every lick was punctuated by another torturous thrust from the dark god.

Hephaestus opened his eyes, looking at his brother with veiled sparkling blue eyes.  “Don’t talk, Ares.”  He pulled his good arm out of Ares’ grip, quickly grabbing the other god’s ass.  “Move.”  The Fire God pulled Ares’ hip back down, thrusting the cock back deep into his ass.

Ares enjoyed Hephaestus’ dominating side.  At first it surprised Ares; he had always been shy and reserved, most probably due to the burn scars which radiated down Hephaestus’ left side.  They never bothered Ares.

He smiled at Hephaestus in a seductive grin.  “My pleasure, and I do mean that,” he replied, his own deep brown eyes gleaming as he increased the movement, and then lowered his mouth onto the Fire God’s already bruised wet lips.

The unwelcome intruder found himself in conflict.  He had come here on a mission.  It was one to risk his life for, and yet now the scene before him entranced the man greatly.  <No> he told himself.   The plan must been seen through.

Electricity flowed between them as each struggled for supremacy.  Ares grabbed Hephaestus’ good arm and brought it back up alongside his head and interlocking
their fingers.  Heph’s insistent tongue pushed through Ares’ lips and started to mimic the motion their bodies where taking.

The God of War increased his penetration even more, striking the special spot in Heph’s body.  The other god arched his hips off the bed, squeezing his eyes shut and moaning deep and long into Ares’ mouth.  Faster and faster they moved, the two now like one, aiming for heights beyond those of Mt. Olympus itself.

Ares pulled his mouth out of their kiss and arched his head back as he finally came in a bone-jarring orgasm. He released his godly essence, filling the Fire God.  Hephaestus arched his back and gasped.  His vision was clouded by intense blinding light as he joined Ares in a soul-consuming release.

Hephaestus opened his eyes back up as Ares pulled out, quickly collapsing upon his lover’s body.  Both men were breathing heavily and their bodies were drenched with sweat.  Ares moved the crook of Hephy’s right arm.  The Fire God reached up behind Ares’ head and gently caressed the dark hair on this head.

“Now what was it you wanted again?” asked Hephaestus.

Unseen by the two gods, the intruder tried to regain his own breath.  <Now it’s time to pay>

by Spooky

The intruder sneaked past the two involved lovers, and finally entered Hephaestus' inner sanctum, the place where the centre of his power was held. Ares has a sword, Hephaestus had a forging hammer. The intruder smiled as he walked to the hammer suspended in light, awaiting its master's return.

*It's payback time, fire god!* the intruder gloated, and reached up to take the object of power from it's place, opening a large sack and placing it within. He replaced it with another object, then stepped back to admire his handywork.

With a final chuckle of pure evil, the interloper sneaked back out of the forge. With a bit of luck the two gods would be so busy with each other, Hephaestus wouldn't notice his power was gone until it was too late.


Ares was stood at the bottom of the bed, regarding the fire god as he lay lazily spread-eagled, his eyes sated and dazed.

"Come on, get up. I need that armour." the war god said at last.

Heph roused himself and sat up, then frowned as he attempted to summon his clothes from the ether. Nothing happened.

"What the fuck...?"

Ares started to look impatient. "Come on, get dressed and let's get on with it."

The god of forges stood up in silence, then his eyes narrowed, and he hurled an open hand at Ares. Ares gulped and ducked, expecting a roiling ball of fire to explode in his face. He didn't realise Heph would be so pissed at being told to hurry up.

But nothing happened.

Ares stopped flinching and looked up, his face puzzled.


"Someone's got my hammer!" Hephaestus yelled, and, still naked, limped out of the room, the war god hot on his heels.

They reached his inner sanctum and Hephaestus let out a shriek of fury as he saw that where his hammer should have been, there was a big grinning mask, mocking his loss with it's impudent tongue sticking out of its gloating mouth.

"Who... What the...." Ares could only gape.

Hephaestus turned, his maimed face contorted with fury.

"Ok. This means war!" he growled. "And you, my friend, are the god of war! You have to help me! I don't have my own powers."

Ares paced, then looked up at his brother. "Ok. I'm always up for a bit of bloodshed, but who am I fighting? If it's another Olympian, I can't help you. You know that."

Hespaestus' scarred face was bleak. "Another pantheon. This mask is the mark of Loki, Viking god of mischief."

by Jenn M

Loki sat in his cold, icy home. He lovingly caressed his acquisition. How he would have loved seeing the mighty forger's face upon discovering the mask.

He was smug in the knowledge that he had gotten one over the Greek God. Hephestus would pay dearly for spurning him. The scarred, deformed bastard should have jumped at the chance to be with him.

Loki had figured anyone with the Forgers looks would be happy for the chance to fuck. He'd been sure Hephestus didn't get many offers. Even his bimbo wife didn't want much to do with him. Loki was mystified that such a hot number as Aphrodite would have anything to do with a loser like Hephestus.

Anger welled up in the Norse. He had hoped to forge an alliance with one of the Greek Gods. Common sense had told him to go for the least liked of the group. The ugly one seemed the obvious choice.

Watching the Greek Gods for awhile Loki discovered that Hephestus was the overlooked one. Feeling a sort of kinship with the Greek, Loki understood being the loner and least appreciated. He was confident Hephestus would jump at the chance to join together. Loki even offered to fuck him.

Before throwing him out of his caverns, Hephestus had declared he'd rather live eternity celibate than sleep a pathetic Norse God. His mocking Laughter had followed Loki since.

Loki hadn't expected to find the Glorious God of War fucking the Deformed God. It certainly had made his job easier. HIs clever scheme to steal the hammer hadn't been needed.

HIs cock grew hard as he remembered how hot the greek gods had been together. In their moment of passion. Even the scarred Hephestus glowed with beauty.

Loki's reaction had been suprise, and jealousy. How he had wanted to join in. Feel a warm mouth wrapped around his swollen member. Plungr into one of the Greeks.

Feeling the power of the hammer on hs lap increased his desire. HIs cock ached to be touched.

Releasing it from its confines he took it in his hand. With one hand he pumped, the other he caressed the stolen tool. It almost seemed to hum with the Forger's godhood.

Recalling the vision of the two gods fucking one another, kissing and surrendering to one another, coupled with his triumphant quest his excitement grew.

As a strong orgasm shook his body he cried out.

He laughed when he saw that his seed had landed on the hammer. As if polishing it, he gleefully rubbed the thick white sperm, covering it.  Now he'd put his mark on it.

He sat back satisfied and considered his next step.

by Candace

Ares rolled the mask between his hard, calloused hands and considered his options. Technically, he *could* march into Asgard kicking butt and taking names, but what if *that* was the enemy's plan all along? And would he really want to do that so far from Olympus, so far from Greece? After all, Ares was one, and the other pantheon was many. Surely they'd have to defend the honor of one of their own, never mind the word of a couple of misunderstood Gods from Olympus.

"Ok," Ares breathed, the strategist in him coming to the forefront. "Loki is their trickster god. You don't think like that, and either to I. The thing to do would be to get Hermes..."

"NO HERMES!" Hephaestus howled, his good cheek blazing beet red, his scarred
side blanching white. "No other Olympians! They are not to know!!"

*Great. Just great. Another god steals my brother's fucking hammer, and he chooses this as a time to be secretive.* "We don't have to tell Hermes what he stole..."

"No!!!" the blacksmith boomed. "No Hermes!"

"Heph, come on. You don't expect me to do this myself, do you?" That came out a little more like a whine than Ares would have liked. He couldn't help but feeling somehow responsible for the fact that the forge god was distracted at the time of pilferage, though.

"What about one of the Underworld gods?"

"Absolutely not!!"

"A sea god?"

Hephaestus shook his head angrily. "What the fuck is a sea god going to do that'll make one lick of difference??"

*Ok, he has a point there.*

The obvious choice to help them out of their jam was, of course, Hercules. Unfortunately, Ares would rather run through Olympus with the Sword of War
buried hilt-down in his ass than ask old Herc for a favor.

"All right then. What about -- a mortal?"

Heph drew a deep breath with which to resume his bellowing, tilted his head thoughtfully and emptied his lungs slowly. "A mortal? Well, I suppose a mortal would be fine. After all, you can just dispose of them when you're done."

Ares pressed his furry chest against his brother's sweat slick shoulders, wrapping strong arms around his middle. He ran his tongue thoughtfully down one of Heph's ropy neck muscles, savoring the smoky tang that was the Fire God. Dispose of, indeed. Heph didn't consort enough with humans to know that if you found one of true worth, you kept him around to serve you again in the future. Wiping the memory of the mortal would certainly suffice.

"I have one in mind that can get the job done. Don't worry about a thing." Ares dragged his full lower lip to the base of Hephaestus' earlobe, lowering his voice to a sultry rasp. "I'll handle it."


"Let me get this straight. You want ME -- to go over a RAINBOW BRIDGE -- and
steal a HAMMER -- from a bunch of barbarian GODS?"

Ares crossed his arms and watched the thief purse his lips and strike a saucy, if disobedient, posture before him. He'd wipe the insolent look off that face in a heartbeat, if it wasn't so fucking sexy.

"Yep," Ares answered smugly. "That about sums it up."

"And WHY, pray tell, do you think I'd want to do this?"

Ares shrugged, a subtle movement, and backed away from the mortal, turning slightly. "If the job's too difficult for the *King of Thieves,* just say so."

Autolycus looked at the War God sideways. "Oh no. Oh no you don't. You're not going to pull me into your crazy games like that. Why, that must be the oldest trick in the book. Do you think I'm so insecure that I'd go on a suicide mission just because of a little flattery on your part?"

Ares turned completely away, affording the mortal a fine view of his firm, rounded ass. He flexed gratuitously as he repositioned his feet, looking to the trees in the secluded grove around them as he positioned his next words. "Flattery? Are we speaking the same language here? Cos I don't remember complimenting you in any way."

Befuddled silence. Ares heard the mortal's supple calfskin garments whisper against each other as he changed position. "You did say I was the King of..."

"That's what you call yourself," Ares barked, amused.

Autolycus stepped around Ares to face him. "Call myself?"

*Cheeky little thief,* Ares thought, suppressing a grin.

"It's the truth, pal!"

"Indeed?" Ares asked dryly, glancing at his fingernails.

"I'm PERFECTLY CAPABLE of pulling this little stunt you're suggesting, you know."

"Is that a fact?"

"I'm not foolhardy, though. I'd hardly go in there without a little backup."

"Oh? And what might that backup consist of?" Ares eased his body closer to the thief, slowly, so as not to cause him to back off.

"Oh, you know," Autolycus snapped, gesturing vaguely. "Something to absorb some of the blow if a god shoots one of those fireball thingies at me!"

Ares licked his teeth. "Ah. A bit of shielding. I may be able to help you there."

Autolycus nodded once. "Good, then. We're on the same page."

Ares smirked, changing the expression to the most genuine smile he could muster at the last moment. "Agreed."

"Okay, then. So where's this shield of yours. The Hall of War?"

Ares inched closer to Auto, lowering his voice. "Oh, I bet you'd love to get your busy little fingers into the Hall of War."

Autolycus swallowed hard. "I'm sure it's a lovely, er, monument, or whatever you want to call it."

Ares moved closer still, shocked that the thief hadn't yet backed away. "It's not that kind of shield," he whispered, his voice a throaty purr.

The thief's eyes darted up and down the god's body, slightly panicked, but he held his ground, began leaning in as if drawn to a great magnet. "What -- kind..."

Ares slid his arm around Autolycus' waist, wetting his lips in anticipation. "I can shield you with my essence," Ares breathed, his lips a mere finger's breadth away from the thief's mouth. "I trust you won't find the experience -- uncomfortable."

"Well," Auto replied, the hint of a smile in his voice. He leaned in marginally, so their mustaches brushed together. "Whatever it takes."

For a long moment, the two held their faces together and simply breathed. Ares watched as the mortal slowly raised his lids, his rich brown eyes widening in surprise to find the god staring at him so attentively.

Ares slid his tongue across the mortal's lower lip.

Autolycus moaned aloud as his whole frame went limp, molding himself to the front of the God of War.

Ares smiled, pressing his lips to the thief's. His tongue danced upon the mortal's lower lip, eliciting yet another eager moan. Ares slid his hands down the sturdy body pressed against him, cupping the sleek ass that fit his wiry frame so well. The thief thrust against Ares' thigh, rock hard and eager in response to his questing hands.

The god pulled his lips away gently. "One more thing. All these clothes you got on -- they'll just get in the way of the shield."

"You don't say," Autolycus whispered, winding a tendril of wavy black hair around his finger.

"Absolutely," the War God murmured, staring heatedly as the thief shed his vest and wiggled out of his black leather trousers. His hips moved like a snake charmer's. "Oh yeah," Ares said, smirking, devouring Autolycus with his eyes.

The mortal faced the god, brazen, hands on hips, cock jutting boldly forward. With a thought, Ares was just as naked, his erection straining forth as if in answer to a challenge.

Auto eyed Ares' cock hungrily, then met the god's gaze again. He quirked an eyebrow and spread his hands as if offering himself to the god.

With a feral growl, Ares lunged. He allowed his burly arms to take the brunt of the fall onto the springy turf, though the mortal's breath still left him with a whoosh.

"Oh, yeah, Ares," he gasped.

The god kissed Auto hungrily, spurred by the cessation of the aloof veneer the mortal often sported. Ares pulled one hand from beneath Autolycus' body, stroking him roughly from armpit to thigh, and left the other beneath him, wedging it down to clutch some more of his sweet ass.

Auto surprised Ares by taking his ripe lower lip in his teeth, his hands scrabbling eagerly at the golden flesh of the god's back.

"Fuck," Ares whispered into the thief's mouth. "You're gonna be a wild ass fuck, aren't ya?"

"Want you," Autolycus gasped, panting, snarling. His hands tangled in Ares' hair, forcing the god's head down, fucking Ares' mouth with his tongue.

Ares rumbled happily, grinding his stiff cock against the thief's thigh. Autolycus bent his knee and pushed back to lengthen the stroke. He pulled the god's hair harder, keeping their faces together while their bodies writhed on each other feverishly.

"Your cock is so hard," Ares moaned when Autolycus let go to allow himself a breath of air. Sweat slicked their flesh, lubricating their bodies, causing them to slide together. Each inch of Ares' skin sang where it rubbed deliciously against the thief's.

"Talk too much," Auto muttered, sinking his teeth into the War God's neck, suckling his flesh so painfully that it sent a burning throb straight down to his cock. "Just fuck me."

Ares laughed, greasing his fingers and his cock with a thought. He shifted his knees one at a time, placing them between the mortal's thighs. "Spread pretty," he rasped. "You're so fucking hot, I just gotta say it."

"Comeoncomeoncomeon," Autolycus gritted through clenched teeth.

Ares slid a finger into his hot hole, eliciting a very nice groan. "Fucking you with my hand, pretty boy. You like that? You like my finger?"

Autolycus looked a bit baffled, as if confused by Ares' insistence on the verbal narrative. "Yeah. Oh yeah."

Ares pumped his slick finger in and out, licking the sweat from the writhing mortal's brow as he did so, adding another finger, then a third. "Lookit you, all hot on my hand. I like that."

Auto responded with a needful, wordless stare.

Impatient, he grasped he thick cock bobbing so enticingly above him and guided it toward the god's probing fingers. "Come on."

Ares smiled and added his own hand to the thief's, smoothing the oil over his cock, stroking it until it gleamed like silk. "Come on, what, Autolycus?" He stretched the mortals name as if caressing it with his divine mouth. "What do you want?"

"Fuck me," Auto panted.

Ares removed his fingers, eyes still trained on the thief's. He brought his warm, wet fingers to his mouth, circling each one with his tongue. "Mmmm, you taste good. I knew you would."

"Comeoncomeoncomeon..." Auto pulled hard at the cock so slick with oil that his hand slipped off.

Ares' breath hissed in. "Yeah -- that felt good, like you're jerkin' me off."

"Come on, fuck me," Autolycus growled.

Ares raised his eyebrows and leaned his pelvis in as the thief bent his knees and angled his hips upward. "Hot ass," Ares said, stroking himself firmly with the head of his cock gently pressed against Autolycus' quivering opening. "Fucking hot ass."


"Yes, Autolycus?"

"My god my god please Ares please FUCK ME!"

Ares smiled gently and thrust, entering the mortal. "That's what I like to hear."

Auto gasped, portions of words or perhaps animal sounds, as Ares' huge cock filled him over and over.

"You're so hot like that, dancing around on the end of my cock." Ares wet his lips and brought one of the thief's limber legs over his shoulder, allowing the mortal to take some of his weight and free one of his hands.

"I'm gonna make you come," Ares said, sliding his hand between their intertwined bodies. "I'm gonna make you come so hard, and I'm fucking you so hard -- I can hear my balls slapping against your ass."


Ares willed a new sheen of oil to his hand, then grasped Auto's throbbing member. "You like this? You like this?"


"Whose hand is on your cock, huh?" Ares pumped him fiercely.


"Whose cock is in your ass?" Ares pounded him mercilessly


"Yeah, Autolycus, yeah, it's the God of War!!"

"Areeeees!!!" The King of Thieves arched and stilled, shooting gout after gout of thick, hot cum onto his chest, onto Ares' chest.

The thief's bucking slowed, subsided to a mere tremble, and Ares slid out, straddling the quaking body. "You came real nice for me, Autolycus, you look so fucking hot you fuck so hot..." He inched up, grasping his red, engorged cock, pumping it furiously with his fist. "Fuck you're hot, yeah you're hot..." Drops of Ares' sweat splashed down onto the spent mortal who stared at him, stunned.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH YEAH YEAHHH!!!" Ares threw his head back and roared, hand flying, a blur, as his seed spurted wildly. Autolycus opened his mouth, tongue poked out, as if catching snowflakes. The hot cream spattered his mouth, his hair, his chest. It hung in silvery ropes from his face. All the while the War God roared.


The sex had nothing to do with the "shielding," of course, but it was as good an excuse to fuck the mortal as any.

by Huntress

"Ares," Autolycus said, his voice a whisper. "That was truly the second most intense fucking I have ever gotten."

The God of War sat up, indignant. "*SECOND!* What is that supposed to mean."

"It means I've had better. Once. But enough of this. I'm gonna need some help. I am *not* going to face a wild bunch of strange Gods alone. Now you can shield me, but let me get some help okay?" Autolycus looked at him, his brown eyes wide, and no way Ares could say no.

"Alright," the God agreed. "I'll go with you."

"Sorry. You may be a God, but you're no thief. It's going to take two thieves to do this and there's only one other person who's capable." Auto looked at Ares and Ares *knew* who he was talking about.

"Oh no," Ares said. "No! Absolutely not. My brother is not getting involved."

"You don't have any choice in the matter Ares. I need Iolaus' help, and he's with Hercules. So Herc has to get involved. Besides, Herc knows these Gods. He knows some God by the name of Thor. He told me about it once. Now, why don't you be a good God of War, and take us to them, wherever they may be."

He flashed his brown eyes once again at Ares, and Ares reluctantly agreed. The next thing Auto knew, they were on a moutaintop, snow all around them, and it was freezing.

"W-w-what a-a-re we do-ing here?" Autolycus said, shivering.

"You said you wanted to find Iolaus. Well he's here. Actually over there." Ares pointed, and Autolycus saw a cabin, barely visible under the snow. "They come up here once in a while when they *need* to be alone." He started to walk, then glanced over at Autolycus. "Well come on."

The thief grunted and followed. Ares stopped at a window and peered in, a big grin coming over his face.

"W-w-well are we g-g-oing in?" Auto asked. Ares looked at him, sighed, and knocked on the door. They heard Iolaus' voice.

"Who the fuck could that be? Nobody comes up here."

Herc opened the door, and was nearly blown back by the gust of wind. "Ares!" He slammed the door shut. "It's only Ares and Autolycus," he said. He turned, and there they were, in front of him.

"Thanks little bro'," Ares said. "I was going to pop right on in, but thought for a change I'd be polite and knock. That wasn't very nice you know."

Auto was kneeling by the fire, trying to get warm. Iolaus knelt beside him and handed him a flask of wine. "Here. It's not watered down so it packs quite a kick, and it'll warm you up real quickly."

"What do you want Ares?" Herc asked. "This is a vacation week for me and Iolaus.   Since we already stopped the end of the world, it *can't* be that important."

"Well it is Herc," Ares answered. He quickly filled them in on what had happened.

"So you need Iolaus' help to get the hammer back," Herc said, when Ares was finished.

"No," Ares said, shaking his head. "I would rather fuck Eris in the middle of Corinth then ask for *your* help. However, *he* (Ares pointed to Autolycus) says he needs Iolaus' help. I can't help it if you and blondie are glued together. Besides, Autolycus says you know these Gods."

"Yeah, I do." Herc answered. "Thor's a buddy. But there's a sick fucker. No way I'm letting Iolaus help you with this."

"Herc..." Iolaus said.

"Shut up Iolaus. As I was saying Ares, why don't you and Autolycus...."



"I think I can make up my own mind here," Iolaus said with a smile. "What happens if Heph doesn't get his hammer back?"

"The same thing that happens if Ares loses his a sense." Herc took a deep breath. "Weapons will pretty much become useless. Which really doesn't matter because people will just fight with their fists."

"I can deal with that," Iolaus replied.

"It's more then that and you know it Hercules," Ares said. He looked at Iolaus. "It's not just weapons. People will forget how to build things...buildings, wagons, anything. Heph isn't just the God of the Forge. He's the God of...I don't know...Harmonia once called him the God of Imagination. He helps mortals create things."

Iolaus and Autolycus both looked stunned.

"You mean he does more then make weapons?" Auto asked.

"Yeah," Herc conceded. "Iolaus, I just got you back. I don't want to lose you again."

"Give it a rest Herc," Ares said. "He can handle himself."

"Shut up Ares." Iolaus looked at Herc. "Give it a rest Herc. I can handle myself."

"Don't you remember the last time we got involved with other gods?" Herc pointed out.

Iolaus did, and shuddered when he thought about Dahok. "Herc look, if there is an evil force that want's to possess a body, I'll give them Autolycus, okay?" He turned and stuck his tongue out at the thief, then turned back to Hercules and Ares. "So when do we leave?"

"Right..." Ares started to say.

"...later," Herc finished for him. Ares started to say something, but Herc looked at him, giving him puppy-dog eyes and Ares didn't push.

"Okay...later," Ares agreed. "But not too much later."

Herc took Iolaus in his arms and kissed him, then realized they had an audience. "Why don't you guys go freeze your asses off outside?"

"Aww Herc," said Iolaus. "I always wanted to be watched. I think it would be fun."

"Iolaus...." Herc started to say, but was cut off by gentle lips on his, and a hand down his pants. "Iolaus...." This time it was a soft moan, and he arched into his lover, forgetting all about the other two.

Iolaus quickly got both their pants off, and dragged the two of them to their knees, his hands pulling off Herc's shirt. "Who knows how long I'll be gone Herc." He gave a breathy sigh, and Herc pulled him close, laying him on his back, and covering Iolaus' body with his own. They kissed, a hard passionate kiss, and their hands roamed each others bodies, touching, caressing, teasing. Iolaus rolled them so he was on top, and scooted down so he was between Herc's legs. He smiled, and took Herc's cock into his mouth as deep as he could, using his tongue to play with the demigod while he sucked.

"How does he do that?" Ares asked. He hadn't meant to say it out loud.

"He *is* good, isn't he." Auto said. "Very talented mouth. He probably has the most talented...." He stopped himself, but he already knew he'd said too much.

"You mean that *he*...."

"Ares look," said Autolycus, distracting him.

Herc was thrusting harder into Iolaus' mouth, grunting and growling, and Iolaus pulled back, catching some of Herc's cum on his hand, then leaned back in, licking the rest off of Herc's cock, while spreading the demigod's seed on his own. "I'm going to fuck you now Hercules. Tell me how much you want it." He touched his cock to the muscular ass before him, and stroked the tight aperture, teasing his lover.

"I didn't realize Iolaus could be so...forceful," Ares mused.

"Oh he certainly can," Auto said, a big grin crossing his face.

"I want it Iolaus...fuck me now...." Herc's voice was a moan, and he moved his legs around Iolaus' waist, pulling him in. It was Iolaus' turn to moan as his thick cock entered its 'home'. He fucked his lover hard, his eyes closing, pushing in and pulling out, revelling in his mastery over the demigod. He threw his head back and came within Hercules, continuing to pump his seed until he collapsed. He lay across Hercules, the two panting, out of strength. Iolaus kissed him, then extricated himself slowly, standing, and getting dressed. It took Herc a moment to move, then he did the same.

"So now we leave," Herc said.

"Not *we*," Ares answered. "They'll sense another God or demigod. It has to be the two of them. Don't worry Herc--I can shield them both. But I can't shield you also."

Iolaus was standing next to Autolycus and was all ready to go. "You going to send us there Ares?"

"I'm going to send you to the Rainbow Bridge. You can cross over yourselves. I can't physically go with you." They both nodded, and Ares was about to send them.

"Hey Herc," Iolaus said. "I love you." He smiled that breathtaking smile that turned Hercules knees to jelly, and got a smile back.

"I love you too...just come back in one piece, okay?"

"I will."

"Are we finished now?" Ares asked. "Can I send them?"

"Go ahead Ares," Herc answered. Iolaus and Autolycus disappeared.

"If anything happens to him Ares I'll...well I'll do something terrible to you."

"Herc, they're gone for a while. When they get the hammer back, I'll know. So for now just relax and let me take care of you."

"Ares, you think because I let Iolaus tease me that I'm going to let you do the same? Wrong!" Herc grabbed his brother and flipped him onto his back. "Get rid of them Ares!" Ares waved his hand and their clothes were gone. "That's a good boy. Oil!" A jar appeared on the floor. Herc dipped three fingers into the oil, then thrust all three into Ares, who jumped at the sensation. "That's for getting Iolaus into this." He fucked his brother like this for a while, then annointed his own cock. "I'm going to fuck you now
Ares...fuck you hard...and you're going to shout my name...and beg me to let you cum...aren't you?" He removed his fingers and shoved his cock all the way in, stilling himself, and watching Ares face, and the emotions playing over it. "Beg me Ares...and maybe I'll fuck you." Herc grinned. He was the only one who knew how submissive Ares actually was.

"Please Hercules..." Ares breath was ragged. "Fuck me me how much you want much *you* love possessing me. Now!! PLEASE!!"

"That's what I like," Herc moaned and proceeded to give his big brother the most vicious and passionate fucking Ares had ever gotten. By the time they were finished, Herc was grinning like a fool and  Ares couldn't move.

"So was it good for you?" Herc asked.

"Immensely," Ares said quietly. "Can we do it again?"

"Oh yeah!" said Herc. And they started all over again.

In the meantime, Iolaus and Autolycus materialized at the bridge.

"Well?" asked Autolycus.

"Let's do it," Iolaus answered.

They stepped onto the bridge....

by Lorraine

They stepped onto the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, and stopped.

"It's a long way down," muttered Autolycus.

"Heights make you nervous?" asked Iolaus turning to him.

"Normal heights don't make me nervous," Autolycus glanced down and shuddered, they were well above cloud height, "but that's a long, long way down."  He kept his voice very low.

"Well we need to start moving,"  Iolaus said in a normal tone as he started walking forward.

Autolycus grabbed his arm.  "Where do you think you're going?" he whispered fiercely.  "And will you keep your voice down."

Iolaus yanked free.  "Look there's only one way in.  That's through Heimdall, the watchman of the bridge.  He can see in night and day for 100 miles around, he can hear the wool grow on a sheep's back."

"And he knows you're here."  A deep voice interrupted Iolaus' explanation. Autolycus and Iolaus slowly turned around.  A very large man loomed over them blocking their way.  He was dressed as a Viking warrior with thick braids.  He looked like most Vikings large, muscular, hairy, fair skinned. Although notably he had gold teeth.

He also carried a sword, a big one, noted Autolycus, in between trying to figure out a way to get those teeth out of his mouth.  Almost absentmindly he thought, 'And damn Ares anyway.  Some lousy shield.'

Iolaus looked up at him Heimdall he mostly noted the muscles and his heart started beating a little faster.  "Hercules didn't mention how good you looked."  He grinned lustily.

The man laughed, "Thank you."  But he didn't move out of their way.

Iolaus turned on the charm, "I'm Iolaus and this is Autolycus."

"Hercules' lover," Heimdall looked at Iolaus, "and a thief," he looked disapprovingly at Autolycus.

'It didn't occur to Hercules to let us know that he'd talked about me.' Autolycus was getting very irritated with the demigod.  This kind of thing got good thieves put in small, dark, damp, locked rooms, with bars and chains.

Iolaus shrugged.

"Hercules told us you were dead," Heimdall stared hard at Iolaus.

Iolaus shrugged again, smiled, and moved closer to the watchman.  "I was, I got better," he explained moving still closer.

Heimdall stopped him with a hand on his chest.  "Really?"  Autolycus got ready to make a run for it and stopped as Heimdall's hand started rubbing Iolaus' nipple.  Iolaus swallowed hard.

With a wolfish smile Heimdall started peeling off Iolaus' vest with his free hand while still playing with the nipple.  "Hercules was very upset about losing you.  Maudlin, depressed.  Thor and I finally took him to my hall, Himinbjorg and got him drunk."  Heimdall pulled Iolaus up for a fierce probing kiss then set him back down.  Iolaus stood unsteadily swaying slightly.  "He got very descriptive about why he missed his lover, how responsive you were," he paused, "how skilled."

Iolaus swallowed at his slow words.

"Perhaps I should make sure that you fully meet Hercules' description.  With a fierce smile and a thought Heimdall stripped himself.

Iolaus and Autolycus stared at the naked god.  He was magnificent, even not quite completely rampant his cock was large, fleshy and flushed.  Heimdall licked his lips taking in their reactions.

Iolaus started pulling off his boots and pants.  Heimdall glanced at Autolycus.  "You might as well strip, too."   Autolycus' skilled hands moved rapidly over his clothing stripping in record time.

Heimdall looked at Iolaus.  "Turn around."  Iolaus turned and he carefully examined his body.  "Well you match the description," he fingered the small scar by one eye, "down to the scars."  Then he glided a finger down the faint scar Dahok's dagger had left, "I suppose this was the death blow." Iolaus nodded.

"Now let's see, what did Hercules say, oh yes, 'responsive nipples.' Autolycus, why don't you give them a suck."  Autolycus eagerly complied, moving in front of Iolaus he placed his hands on his temporary partner's shoulders, leaned his head down and started sucking one nipple and then the other into his hot moist mouth.  Iolaus gave several soft gasps and arched into his mouth.

"That's enough."  Autolycus stepped back.  Heimdall moved forward and rubbed his thumbs into Iolaus' nipples making him squirm.  "Well that checks."

He let go of Iolaus.  "Hmm, what else did he say, 'incredibly skilled mouth.'  Why don't you demonstrate."

Iolaus knelt in front of the god and gently pushed at his inner thighs with his hands until Heimdall moved his legs a little more apart.  Then he reached in and pulled the growing cock out his hands massaging and caressing the balls.  He moved his head down and breathed deeply of the musky masculine scent.  As he took his first lick across the cock head, he moved his head so that his hair caressed the god's inner thighs.  He sucked the
cock a little into his mouth, released, moved his tongue under and around. Then sucked it again only to release again.  This time he licked from the base to the tip and blew lightly across the slit.  Heimdall gasped and thrust his hips to Iolaus.

With a fast move of his hand he called a flask of oil which he tossed to Autolycus.  "Prepare his ass."

As Iolaus continued his slow teasing blow job Autolycus started preparing him for that now huge cock.  He began by massaging the oil into his hands and then massaging Iolaus' buttocks to relax them.  He slowly teased a finger around the entrance.  Iolaus responded by gasping Heimdall's cock into his mouth and spreading his legs and lifting his ass.

Autolycus smiled at the presentation and continued teasing for awhile. Finally, adding more oil and inserting a finger.  He rotated that finger moving it deeper then added more oil and a second finger.  Slowly moving them deeper and stretching them apart, widening him and preparing him.

Iolaus was still teasing Heimdall's cock.  One hand still holding the cock and the other now braced on the god's hips he rapidly flicked his tongue along the length of the cock.  Moving the sensation over different areas keeping Heimdall anticipating the next touch.  Finally, as Autolycus added a third finger he again sucked the cock into his mouth, this time keeping a steady sucking.  Heimdall moved his hands to Iolaus' hair and pulled him off as he felt his lust rising.

Seeing that the god was ready Autolycus twisted his fingers one last time widening Iolaus that last small bit and moving his fingers firmly across Iolaus' pleasure spot.  Iolaus gasped and shuddered.

"Hands and knees," Heimdall ordered, "we'll see if you fuck as well as Hercules said his lover did."  Iolaus moved into position and Heimdall moved behind him.  "Take his mouth thief."  Autolycus grinned and eagerly moved in front of Iolaus.

Heimdall coated his hands with oil and stroked his cock and then moved it to Iolaus' entrance.  Iolaus gasped, crying at the initial pain.  Heimdall's cock was larger then he was accustomed to and very broad.  He reflexively tried to move away from the god's powerful thrust.  He felt the god's strong hands on his hips steadying him as he continued his slow thrust home. Iolaus gasped and Autolycus massaged his shoulders watching Heimdall's cock move further and further into Iolaus' ass.

"Almost there," he told him.

Heimdall gave a last fierce thrust of his hips fully seating his cock and Iolaus cried out at the pain.  Heimdall held him steady and kept still allowing him to adjust.  Iolaus relaxed his body and breathed deeply thrusting back slightly.  Heimdall moved with him and moved one hand down to grasp Iolaus' cock.  Autolycus saw that he was ready and moved his cock to Iolaus' mouth.  At first Heimdall allowed Iolaus to control the rhythm, but as Iolaus continued his slow rock Heimdall started speeding up.

Iolaus tries to concentrate on the both the fullness in his ass and in his mouth.  He finally lets go wrapping his tongue around Autolycus' cock and sucking him in as deep as he can and rocking hard back on Heimdall's cock.  Heimdall shifts his position behind Iolaus slightly withdraws and thrusts forward taking over the rhythm.  Iolaus gasps around Autolycus' cock as Heimdall's thrusts start rubbing against his pleasure point.  Heimdall speeds up the rhythm matching his thrusts into Iolaus' ass with the stroking
of his hand on Iolaus' hard cock.  Iolaus gasps frantically his body pushed to the edge.  Autolycus is ready to cum and moves his hands from Iolaus' shoulders to his hair pulling his head towards him and thrusting fiercely into the hot mouth.  Heimdall stops his stroking and thrusting waiting for the thief to cum.  When he does Iolaus swallows convulsively and Autolycus collapses to the ground beside him.

Heimdall pushes Iolaus' shoulders and chest down, deepening his penetration and begins a fierce pumping rhythm into Iolaus' ass once more matching the rhythm to his stroking hand on Iolaus' cock.  Iolaus starts panting desperately for breath as each stroke pushes into his pleasure spot and the his cock starts jumping in Heimdall's hand.  With a last screaming gasp he cums.  Shooting his seed over the god's hand onto the Rainbow Bridge.

Heimdall releases his cock and pulls his hips to him tightly as Iolaus' ass clenches around his cock and finally releases his seed into Iolaus' depths.

Done they collapse together on the bridge.  After a few moments of gasping Heimdall rolls off him withdrawing his cock.  Iolaus rolls onto his back and gasps out, "Well did I pass muster?"

Laughing Heimdall replies, "I thought Hercules exaggerated.  He didn't and yes you pass muster.  Why are you here?"

Autolycus cringes when Iolaus decides to tell the truth.  "Loki stole something from one of the Greek gods and we need to steal it back."

Heimdall roars, "Loki that sly lying trickster, he and I will kill one another come Ragnarok!"

He looked at the two men and with a thought cleaned and dressed them.  "He is not here.  He dwells with the frost giants in Jotunheim.  You need to beware the giants.  His mistress Angrboda is one.  She may be guarding his dwelling."  He started a casting and also know that you must not go to Niflheim for it leads to Hel the lands of the dead.  Loki's daughter, also called Hel rules there and she will bind you and give you to him."

A great ball of light appeared.  "Know this too, Loki's child Fenrir is bond by a magic chain if it is broken he will seek Odin to eat him."

"Whoa!  What kind of child is this?" Autolycus had enough experience with some of the monsters that Greek gods birthed to be concerned.

"A great wolf, he chained a mile deep in the earth and sword is between his teeth," Heimdall completed his casting.

"Great, why didn't anyone mention things like guards, giants, and giant wolfs, before I accept the job," Autolycus muttered to himself.

"Go this ball will take you within a few yards of Loki's cave and it will return you to my hall."

The men entered the ball of light.  And screamed as it moved through space and time in a kaleidoscope of light and motion.  They were first upside right than twisted to the left or right or upside down in random sequence. After the first few moments they stopped screaming as they needed their breath for breathing as they seemed to get heavier and heavier.  Suddenly, they had no weight at all and desperately tried not to vomit.  As the sphere picked up more speed they bounced within it becoming completely disorientated until finally it dumped them into a snow-covered cliff.  The lay panting on the ground still disorientated and nauseous.

"We are not using that thing to get out of here," Autolycus finally gasped.

"We are if Ares' return spell works as well as his shield spell," Iolaus gasped back.

Autolycus looked at Iolaus, looked at the sphere, and said, "Shit."

Iolaus looked at him ready to giggle when they heard loud gasping from within the cavern below them.

They peered in.  Then they both moved back and looked at each other, wide-eyed.  Loki had apparently shapechanged to accommodate his giant mistress.  They were fucking each other wildly gasping their pleasure. Hephaestus' hammer was leaning against their bed.

"Fuck that is one big cock," Iolaus finally got out.

by Thamiris

Autolycus' fingers closed warmly over Iolaus' shoulder.  "Now's our chance, Curly.  While Loki's sticking it to his girlfriend.  Before he comes inside his giant friend and finds us watching."

Iolaus leaned forward, taking a final, anxious peek at the bed:  Angrboda's massive thighs, pale as snow, were clamped around Loki's hips, and the god's harsh, gasped breaths formed clouds in the frigid air, echoed like distant thunder through the cavern.  He could see the god's cock, equally pale, big as a log, plowing into his giant lover.  When he came, would the semen look like big chunks of ice?

"Let's go," Auto called impatiently.  "We don't have a lotta time to indulge your penchant for voyeurism."

Iolaus ducked back into the room, then they headed toward the rounded doorway to their left.  Beneath their heels, the ice clicked like cricket chirps.

Once in the hallway, Auto glanced around, licking the tiny icicles growing from his mustache, then cringed.  Lining the silvery-blue walls: dozens of animal heads, each odder and more ferocious than the next.  He pictured his own handsome head hanging with those of the strange, furry beasts.  The thought focused him: don't think about shape-shifting trickster gods and their claw-fingered giant mistresses who hunted wild whatever-those-were for kicks.  Think about where Loki'd hide a stolen hammer.  Okay.  He could work with this.  As an experienced thief, the god would know the number one rule of hiding borrowed goods: keep it right out in the open, ‘cos no one suspected the obvious.

"Hey! Wake up!"  Iolaus wriggled his fingers before Auto's eyes.  "You in a trance or something?  We're not moving."

"I was thinking, Curly.  Interrupt me again, and we'll see how good your head looks next to that."  He gestured at a snarling bestial face covered in black, silky fur, with a wide snout and gleaming marble eyes.  "The Wild Iolaus: last seen in a freezing cave somewhere in Norseland or Norse Olympus or wherever the Tartarus we are.  Cause of extinction?  Tragically, a big mouth just the size of a man's fist."

Iolaus rolled his eyes.  "So, you get any brilliant ideas?"

"Of course.  We need to find Loki's workshop, the place where he practices his charming taxidermy hobby."

"You think he's got the hammer locked in some chest in there?  Maybe guarded by a brigade of snow-monkeys, this guy's relatives?"  He nodded to a simian head, mouth twisted open in a snarl.

"Nah.  I think he's gonna have it lying out on the table, probably smeared with the guts of some poor animal, so that it looks like any old tool."

A loud shout that sounded like "Ooslwerggwii" cut off Iolaus' response and made the icicles above their heads rattle like wind chimes.  The musical ripple seemed to gather speed, and careened from the room far down the passage far into the cave's icy heart.

"You speak Norse?" Auto asked apprehensively when the noise died down.

"No, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out it was ‘oh fuck! I'm coming,'" Iolaus snapped back.  "This is just great," he added, as they came to a fork in the silvery path.  "So which way?"

"Left's always been lucky for me."  Always go the way you hang.  An old thieve's adage that always served him well.

Three feet into the earthen hallway, Iolaus paused, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.  "You hear something?"

"You mean that click-click-click noise?  Kinda like the sound of claws on ice as a huge wolf comes charging toward us, ready to rip our throats out and gnaw on our livers?"


"No.  Why d'you ask?"

The sound grew louder, nowaccompanied by a decidedly wolvish panting, as though a huge red tongue hung out between massive jaws, swinging between sharp canines, wet with the anticipation of blood.

"Heimdall mentioned something about Loki's wolf-boy Fenrir, didn't he?"

"But he was chained up somewhere," Iolaus said a little desperately.  "Far inside the cave.  It was a protection, ‘cos the Wolf-Boy had a hard-on for Odin."

"What if Loki's shout went all the way to the cave's core and exploded there, sending one of those--" he pointed above to the huge, icy teeth dangling over their heads, "crashing down on the chains, breaking them?"

"Then I'd say we were in big trouble."

"Yeah, ‘cos not only are we gonna have our guts noshed on by a giant wolf, but Fenrir's gonna go after Odin and I just know we're gonna get blamed for this.  I don't wanna spend eternity freezing my balls off in some chilly version of Tartarus."

But Iolaus wasn't paying attention.  "Yell!" he commanded.


"Yell, you moron! Now!"  He kicked Autolycus in the groin for a little encouragement, and a loud shriek filled the passageway. Above them, the icicles trembled ominously.  Iolaus added his own voice, and with a sharp *crack*, a silver cone came hurtling to the ground, just as a huge, hairy creature, eyes glowing red with hunger, burst around the corner.  Slamming the now- whimpering Autolycus back against the wall, Iolaus watched as the crystalline shard impaled the wolf to the floor, then ducked as hot blood and a few harder bits splattered them.

The startled creature opened its black-rimmed mouth to shriek with pain and fury, but death interfered, and the fierce red eyes turned dim.

"You know," Auto gasped, clutching his throbbing genitals, "if that hadn't worked, I'd be feeding him your balls right now.  And maybe having a bite myself."

Iolaus flashed him a smug smile.  "But it did work.  Now let's go get that hammer before Loki comes after us and sees what we did to his son."

They stepped cautiously around the dead wolf, as though expecting the great head to raise.  But Fenrir didn't move, already chasing his tail in the afterworld, and they continued down the torch- lit, head-hung corridor.

"I think we're getting close," Iolaus noted in disgust, his nose wrinkling, as a fetid odor wrapped like a shroud around them.  "What's the matter?" he asked, as Auto slowed beside him.  "Smell getting to you?"

"The smell's worse than Cerberus' breath, but I just had a scary thought."

"Oh great.  Like we don't have enough problems, trapped in this freezing cave with who knows what lurking around the corner--"

"It's Loki."

"What about him?"

"Well, he's a god, right?  And whatever ol' wolf-boy's mom was, our furry grey friend was definitely part god."

They continued to speak, even though the ground began to shake as though two giants beings, their post-coital bliss interrupted, stomped angrily toward them.

"So," Iolaus said, glancing back down the shadowy hall, "you're saying that Loki probably felt his son get mashed by the giant popsicle, right?  And that, even as we speak, he and his girlfriend are coming after us, ready to mount us on the wall?"

"Pretty much," Auto responded.  "What d'ya wanna do about it?"


"Sounds like a good plan."

And they both took off, each dreaming up a new and more perverse punishment for the slutty if sexually-talented war god who got them into this mess in the first place.

by Foxmonkey

Boots made for tramping over dirt paths slipped treacherously on the ice-slick frozen corridors of Loki's  caverns.  Autolycus and Iolaus panted misty puffs into the frigid air as they ran.  Nothing but ice in all directions - the floor, the walls, the ceiling…if not for the terrifying disembodied heads on the wall to mark their progress, they could've been running in place.

Cold, cold, nothing but cold in the caverns, and the heart-stopping pounding of the giant gods giving chase behind them.  The floor rumbled and shook and the heads on the wall bounced in time to the thunderous plodding of massive feet. The air around Auto's head was charged with the sing-song rage of Norse curses.

"Friggin' *fuck!,*" Autolycus exclaimed, holding out a hand to steady himself as he and Iolaus ran for their lives.  His lungs were on fire; great gasps of the freezing air burned in his throat.  "Fuck me, fuck me, *fuck* me!"  A little in front of him, Iolaus rounded and disappeared beyond a bend.  "Stay together you moron!" Auto screamed.  He heard the edge of panic in his own voice, and couldn't help adding, "You might need my help!"  Or vice versa, but he didn't have to admit that to Iolaus, the smug little bastard.  Speeding to catch up, Autolycus rounded the bend to slam into a white wall of ice and snow, emitting a soft "Oof!" as he hit.  The long, winding hallway had ended abruptly, and Autolycus wondered if his long, lucky career - and life - were destined to do the same in the space of a few rapid heartbeats.

"We're fucking *trapped!*"  Iolaus was panting, his eyes wide with fear.  Tiny sifts of snow floated down from the ceiling as the cavern shook around them.

"Ya think!?" Autolycus scanned the walls and ceiling, rapidly going over his list of brilliant escapes.  *C'mon, Auto baby.  You are far too young and beautiful to end your days this way.  Ain't gonna happen.*   He glanced at Iolaus, frantically kicking at the wall.  Sure Iolaus was cute, but he had no imagination.  The hunter usually relied on his muscles to get him out of scrapes - tan, hard muscles that answered to the name of Hercules.  Well, Herkie wasn't around to save their asses now, oh no, not this time. The thief closed his eyes, knowing he only had seconds to find a way out of this mess.  Iolaus was screaming at him now, real screams of rage, but Auto blocked it out as his mind fired through its bag of tricks.  Gotta be something…

How had he let tall, dark and studly talk him into this?  Sure, Ares was…well, tall, dark and studly, but when the fuck would the thief learn to stop thinking with his cock?  All it ever got him was trouble.  Trouble, and an occasional extremely hot fuck with the war god.  Auto's eyes widened.

An extremely hot fuck with the war god.

"That gorgeous bastard!" Autolycus threw back his head and hooted.  His laugh echoed and bounced through the crystalline chamber, but stopped too soon.  Auto's breath caught in his throat…Loki and Angrboda blocked everything in sight.   He forgave the tiny whimper that escaped from Iolaus' lips.

The gods were massive; their pale, naked bodies gleamed like ivory.  Interrupted while fucking, they hadn't bothered to clothe themselves.  A slash of frozen scarlet brought a startling new reality to the scene.  Loki held out a bloody hand.  "You killed my son, my Fenrir."  The trickster's voice was eerily soft.  "I'll paint the walls of my bedchamber with *your* blood."  His hand began to glow.

A hero to the end, Iolaus stepped in front of Autolycus to take the blow.  More exhilarated and annoyed than frightened, Auto pushed Iolaus out of the way just in time.  They hit the frozen floor with a sickening crunch, just as the crimson blast of energy exploded into the wall behind them.  Iolaus started up to scramble at the hole the god had melted into the obstruction.

Loki howled in rage when he realized he'd missed.  "You killed my son!"  Angrboda screamed as well, terrifying in her glory.  Her huge breasts bobbed as her lungs filled.  Both gods extended their hands, their eyes glowing with hatred as they summoned their powers.

"Come on!"  Auto screamed, hauling Iolaus to his feet and running toward the giants blocking the cavern.  "Between their legs!"

"No!  Through the hole!"  Iolaus objected, but grumbled and ran after Autolycus when it became apparent that the thief had his own agenda.

Throwing his arms wide as he ran, Autolycus taunted the giants.  "Gimme all you got, you frost-bitten bastards!"  Iolaus yelled something at him, but Auto wasn't paying attention.  When the bolt of fury hit the thief square in the chest, his last thought was, *Ares you fucker, I swear I'll haunt you if this doesn't work.*

The near-blinding flash of light was barely shielded by a hastily raised arm.  Iolaus watched with a horrified expression as Autolycus died in front of him…and kept on running.  "What the bloody fuck!?"

Diving between the thick, sturdy columns of the god's out-sized legs, Auto turned to grab Iolaus and push him in front of him.  "I'd really love to answer but I've got an ass to save…Mine!  And stay in front of me; no heroics!"

Blond hair flying as he ran, Iolaus called back, "But…the hammer!"

"*Run!*"  The angry gods were hot on their heels.  Fireballs blazed around them, slamming into the walls, rocking the great, furry, mounted heads.  Their own heads lowered, the two mortals ran for all they were worth.  Their energy had been sapped by sex and the unending cold, but if they didn't run they'd be feeling the hot flames of Tartarus soon enough.  Aching muscles numbed to the point of dangerous weakness drove them forward.

Barely glancing at the matted gray fur, they neared Fenrir's shaggy corpse.  Was it in his mind, or had Autolycus heard a low, menancing growl as they passed the dead wolf?  *Imaging things.  Dead.  Run.*  Behind him, a howl of frustration and anger welled up from Loki's throat as the god passed his canine child.  A ball of heat pounded Autolycus square between the shoulderblades and rocked him forward.  Unsteady and terrified, the thief pushed his tired body on.

A triumphant cry, colored with panic but shaded with relief, rose up just ahead. Auto grinned; Iolaus had reached the bedchamber and seen the hammer.  He'd been right when he'd told Curly that the thing would be in plain sight - it had been leaning against the foot of the gigantic bed.  Auto had looked right at it, then pulled Iolaus away and down the hall.  He'd have been embarrassed if he had time.  He ducked another energy bolt as he ran through the empty bedchamber.  Thankfully, Iolaus hadn't stuck around to chance martyrdom; he'd taken the hammer and fled the coop.  That didn't bother Autolycus one bit, that meant he wouldn't have to slow his own mad dash for freedom.  He stumbled as one last blast hit him in the back and propelled him out of the cave entrance onto the snowy cliff outside.  *Ares, you owe me a long, slow fuck for this one.*

* * *

The dizzying ride back to the Rainbow bridge was the most wonderfully sickening experience that Auto had lived through.  Every bump, every nauseating flip of time and space reminded him that he had survived.

Smiling and grasping the hammer between his legs, Autolycus closed his eyes. Iolaus had managed to ask if he was OK.  "I'm alive," he'd replied, "and that's good enough for me."  They rode now in silence, glad to be out of the trickster's lair.  Auto opened his eyes to find Iolaus watching him.  "What?"  He closed his eyes again.

"You took that god-bolt thing, but you're alive.  Wanna explain?"

Thinking of a black-leather clad erection, Autolycus' smile widened, and grew lazily wicked.  "Ares shielded me.  I thought he meant we'd be shielded from the gods, that they wouldn't see us.  But he *really* shielded me.  I usually don't make mistakes, you understand, that's deadly in my line of work."  He opened an eye to check Iolaus' reaction.  Auto scowled; the sidekick didn't look nearly as awestruck as he should have.  In fact, he looked downright disdainful.  *Bastard.*  Autolycus sighed.  "Well, I guess a hot fuck with Ares'll do that to a person."  He nearly snickered as Iolaus tried to look aloof; he knew that the hunter secretly had a hard-on for the god of war.  Auto twisted the knife, adding a little bravado to the next statement.  "Yeah, I'm gonna tell that walking erection that he owes me a long, hard one, 'cept *I'm* in the saddle this time."

Before Iolaus' snorts of disbelief could be converted into sharp rebuttal, the light ball settled softly into the snow at the bridge.

"Next stop, ladies' sandals," Auto deadpanned.

A light pattern of snow fell lightly on their shoulders as the two men cautiously emerged from the light.  Auto glanced around.  "So far, so g…uh oh."  Twin groans of, "Oh fuck," were muttered as the Greeks faced the Norse trickster god once more.

Loki strode across Bifrost, muttering dangerously as he neared the mortals.  "You'll pay!  I swear to your impotent gods of shit and piss…You!  Will!  Pay!"

The hammer in Auto's hand began to glow and vibrate.  He grinned at Iolaus and grabbed his wrist.  "Hang on, baby, we're goin' for a ride!"

* * *

Yeah, oh yeah.  This was sweet…sweeter than sweet, really.  Sweet was fucking Ares' tight ass while the god jerked him off.  Sweet was lying on his back with the beautiful war god's hot, lush mouth wrapped around his cock.  This, though, was something Auto had always wanted.  He lay on his back on a pile of soft furs, while Hercules knelt between his legs, giving him one of the most delicious blowjobs he'd ever received.  Behind Hercules, Ares' bronzed body gleamed with sweat as he pumped his cock into his brother's semi-divine ass.  The sugar on the honeycake, though, was the sight of Iolaus' jealous gaze watching the threesome.

This was Auto's reward.  He'd requested three nights of sex with Iolaus, Hercules, Hephaestus, and of course, Ares.  The smith god had been overwhelmed with relief to get his hammer back, and had agreed without question.

The hammer had passed from thief to god with no words exchanged.  Hephaestus had cradled the weapon for a second, then scowled as he sensed traces of Loki's blasphemous seed coating the metal.  Limping quickly to his forge, Hephaestus had thrust his hammer into the heart of the flames for a moment to purify the symbol of his godhood.  He'd smiled, watching as the tool glowed red.  Now the smith and Iolaus lay grunting softly, mouths around each other's cocks as they pleasured each other, and watched the threesome in turn.

Making a great show of ecstasy for Iolaus' benefit, Auto arched his back off the bed and groaned.  "Suck it, babe.  Gods, suck me…suck it good for me.  Make me come, you big fucker.  Suck my cock, yeah, fuck yes, just like that."  The thief glanced up at Ares, who smirked back in return.  Feeling saucy, Auto waggled his eyebrows at the war god.  "Fuck him good, war horse, 'cause I'm ridin' *you* when you're done."  He held his breath, and was relieved when Ares laughed.

"War horse, eh?  We'll see, mortal, we'll see.  You did keep your end of the bargain."

Closing his eyes, Autolycus felt the coming rush as his balls tightened.  "Told ya I'm the King of Thieves," he panted.  His orgasm was intense, and he let the waves of release guide his hips as he thrust into Hercules' mouth.

It was good to be the king.

The End

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