In The Heat of the Night
Part 1
by Gwendolen
"What do you want now, Ares?"

Never really knowing what he should think or feel when his younger brother dropped by, Hephaestus strode into the bedroom of his huge cavernous forge. With Ares it could be everything, and he never really knew if he should be happy or angry when his beautiful brother dropped by, especially when he came to the more private rooms of the forge and not the main room which everyone else used.

He stopped at the sight that greeted him. Next to the bed stood Ares and slumped against him a mortal - a tall, broad-shouldered mortal with reddish-brown hair - either asleep or unconscious.

Hephaestus knew his brother well enough to recognize the barely contained fury in the clenched jaw-muscles and the dark scowl. Whatever had happened, Ares was close to the boiling point, ready to explode. But he was keeping it in, forcing himself to be calm while he slowly lowered the mortal on the bed. And then lay down next to him, pulling him close for a long moment, breathing in his scent, almost as if he wanted to make sure that the man in his arms was still alive. Hephaestus had never seen Ares act like this. What had happened? And who was this mortal?

Moving closer to the bed Hephaestus studied the mortal thoughtfully. The human had a strong, sensual face that looked eerily familiar. He snorted softly in amusement when he realized what it was. Somehow typical of Ares to find a lover who looked like a fairer and more vulnerable version of himself. Ares wouldn't have been able to resist the lure. But why did Ares bring the mortal here? On occasion he'd dropped in, demanding weapons for one of his favorites but so far he'd never brought one here. Why now? And why this one?

He remained silent, curbing his curiosity while Ares gently stroked a few stray curls out of the mortals face, before leaning down again to kiss him gently. The human stirred softly, responding to his divine lover's caress, returning the kiss. His eyelids fluttered slightly and he moaned. "Ares?"

"Shhh, Iphicles. Sleep. Don't worry, everything will be okay." Ares' voice was low and soft, lulling the human, and Hephaestus felt the softest brush of Ares' power urging the man back into sleep.

He waited silently for Ares to untangle himself and come to him. It took Ares a few more moments to tear himself away from his mortal.

When he finally got up from the bed, the fury and rage were closer to the surface than before.

"I need a favor, Heph," Ares hesitated for a moment. "Watch him for me. Don't let him out of the forge, no matter what he says." A brief smile crossed his face. "Or how much he rages and pouts."

"Why?" Hephaestus simply asked. Something was going on and he wanted to know what. But Ares only shook his head.

"Just do it, Heph. I can't tell you anything yet. Maybe later."

"Definitely later." Hephaestus said, his voice firm and demanding. "You owe me."

A brief smile and Ares nodded. "Yes." Hephaestus stood his ground when Ares came closer, his smile more a feral baring of teeth than an actual smile, dangerous but also arousing. Hephaestus let himself be pulled into a harsh kiss, his brother's tongue demanding and arousing. "If you insist." Ares finally whispered, his lips brushing over Hephaestus', before he stepped back, leaving Hephaestus aroused and hungry for more.

"If anyone asks if you have seen me, you haven't. And if anyone asks for him, you don't even know him. Especially if Hercules or Iolaus should happen to drop in." The fury was back in his voice, tightly leashed, ice-cold, promising the worst.

Part 2
by Spooky

The fire god watched dumbly as with a snarl of pent up anger, Ares disappeared from the forge, leaving him aroused and wanting, and in charge of a senseless king.

"What in Tartarus' name am I supposed to do now?" Hephaestus asked aloud.  He
limped forward and regarded the mortal on his bed.

He was indeed so like the war god; those full kissable lips, the sculpted face, that, even in sleep frowned in sensual brooding darkness. Hephaestus reached down and ran a rough hand over the silken skin of his upper arm, feeling the muscle beneath, then let his fingers wander up to disarrayed copper waves of hair.

Yes, Ares had indeed chosen well.

The god sat down beside the mortal. What had Ares said his name was? Ah yes... Iphicles. The same name as Hercules'....

Hephaestus grinned. “This is *that* Iphicles?” How did Hercules' human brother end up in Ares’ arms and... more importantly.... on his bed?

He looked down once more and stroked gentle hands once more through the thick hair. “So soft,” he said quietly. He leaned down and kissed unresponsive lips. So strange, to touch eerily familiar lips that didn't bite and snarl at him. He grew more excited and kissed Iphicles again, then nuzzled his face down into the human’s neck, smelling the scent of sweat and leather and the faint aroma of almond oil and lemons.

His hand moved, as if of its own accord, downwards; caressing, first soft leather then, opening the jerkin and then the undershirt; the hard muscled and softly furred skin beneath.

“You’re too like him.” he whispered. “Can I contain myself? Can I leave you here, knowing that you’re helpless to my every whim? If I shut my eyes and make love to you, will I see you - or him beneath me?”

He shut his eyes tightly for a long moment, then moved onto the bed beside the sleeping king, pressing up against his back, feeling his warmth. He kissed the king’s ear and licked at his neck, feeling the pulsing of the main artery in his throat with his sensitive tongue. His hands crept down and rubbed at a sleeping nipple, feeling it harden beneath his touch.

It was no good. His cock was hard and straining at his own pants. He would have to do something about it. He wished away his clothes and with another thought, removed Iphicles’ own.

The man was gorgeous. Hephaestus gazed admiringly at the bronzed body pressed against him, ran lustful hands over the dark hair that covered chest, stomach and groin, then briefly stroked over the soft cock. It twitched under his hand and he ran a single finger over the head, watching it swell into wakefulness.

He pressed his cock closer against the tight ass cheeks, rubbing himself up and down the relaxed cleft, his hand still stroking gently at firm, hot flesh. He wanted to fuck the mortal, needed it with a longing that was normally only reserved for the god of war. Having Hercules' other brother beneath him, unaware, was possibly one of the most exciting things he had ever experienced.

Iphicles moaned softly in his sleep, a smile touching his lips. He shifted a little, and the slumber deepened once more. Hephaestus froze for a second, then shut his eyes and bit his lip, sensibility returning. What the hell was he doing? If Ares came back and saw him here, lying naked next to the mortal that he obviously had feelings for, the fire god’s life would not be worth living.

He reluctantly arose, clothed himself and the king and left his bed chamber, wondering when he would find out what was in Tartarus’ name was going on. 

Part 3
by Kelly

As soon as Ares gently deposited Iphicles onto Hephaestus' bed and gave him the warnings he vanished.

Anger.  Predatory anger, stalking two scents.  Growling and snarling, Ares moved through, searching for Hercules and Iolaus.  As the wargod searched, people fell over themselves getting out of his way.

His ears pricked up as he heard the noises of two men together, and his whiskers twitched.  His ears lay back along his skull, and his powerful jaws opened in a loud scream as his hind legs propelled him up the stairs and through the door of his brother's room at the tavern.

He shook his head as he landed on all four feet, and in an instant had bounded onto the bed.  With a kick of his back feet, Hercules lay in the floor, and Ares overshadowed Iolaus.  One large claw hovered over the blond man's chest, and Ares bared his teeth at Hercules as his form shifted from the huge hunting cat back to his own.  "How DARE you?" was Ares' first words as his clawed hand came down and slapped Iolaus' face as he screamed at Hercules.

Part 4
by Amoreena

"How DARE you?"  Ares bellowed again.

Iolaus’ head was still reeling after the first slap from the War God as the second one landed across the bridge of his nose.  Blood flowed freely, running like a river down his cheek, some trickling into the corner of his mouth, yet most of it finding it’s way to the
bed beneath them, soaking the sheet in dark crimson.  There was a ringing in his ears and he thought he could hear Hercules thrashing around on the floor nearby.  Iolaus tried to move but the body of the god on top of him ground him unmercifully into the bed.  He could feel, at first, then slowly all sensation began to fade as his body weakened from lack of oxygen.  Ares was cutting off his supply of air.

“Ares, I can’t breathe,” Iolaus whispered.  “You can’t get answers from a dead body!”   He reminded the irate god.

Slowly Ares relaxed his hold on the mortal.  Color slowly started to return to Iolaus’ cheeks and his breathing quickly returned to normal.

Hercules pulled himself together and slowly struggled to maintain his balance as he rose to his feet.  He had no sooner stood up when he was struck by a force so strong that it propelled him across the room at breakneck speed, slamming him into the wall and at the same time creating a reverberation that echoed thoughout the tavern.  The force suddenly released his body which then slumped to the ground, an indent left behind as a memento of Ares’ wrath.

“Well little man, so, now tell me, exactly what do you have to say for yourself?  Just what in Tartarus did the two of you think you were doing?  Huh!”  Ares glared at Iolaus, and without giving him time to respond he continued.  “Well, I’m waiting, and it
better be good. Come on blondie, spit it out!”  he demanded.

Hercules, still half dazed from the impact, called out “Iolaus NO, don’t.  You made a promise, remember!  You can’t go back on it now.”

“Uh, Herc, buddy, just what do you suggest I do then?”

Ares was growing impatient.  His anger was building again and he was becoming aroused at the same time.  His cock was growing and straining against the tight
confines of the leather.  If Iolaus didn’t stop wriggling, and soon, he’d be fucking first and asking questions later!

Meanwhile, back at the forge...

Iphicles was dreaming.

He was with Hercules and Iolaus, they were having dinner and talking about old times.   The wine was flowing freely and the three men had each had enough that they had begun to mellow.  Old inhibitions were gone and it seemed nothing was too personal or
embarrasing to share among brothers and best friends.  Old secrets between best friends that were better left in the past would soon come out and their lives would
be changed forever because of it.

Part 5
by Foxmonkey

Deep in Hephaestus’ caves, the King of Corinth smiled in his sleep.  The wine had flowed freely, and good friends and brothers had divulged secrets and traded gossip.  They’d all gotten much closer that night.  *Much* closer.


“Iolaus was sooo jealous.  Accusing us of…how did he put it?  Oh yeah, a ‘semen-soaked, triple-incest fuckfest.”  Hercules grinned as Iphicles choked on a mouthful of wine.  Across the table, Iolaus nearly sprayed his own mouthful through his nose.

“Zeus’ balls, Herc!  You didn’t have to tell him that!”  Iolaus’ irritation was fleeting, and he grinned as he tossed Iphicles the snowy linen napkin beside his plate.

“Fuck!”  The front of the king’s tunic was covered with dribbles, and his face was wet.  Iphicles wiped himself as he laughed, then finally gave up and turned himself over to his mirth.   “That’s priceless.  Oh my gods,” he clutched his sides, chuckling.

They’d all had a bit too much wine, and stories that were merely amusing had suddenly become hilarious.  The laugh lines around Hercules’ eyes deepened as he watched his brother.   “Not too kingly there, Iph.”

“Fuck you, Herc,” Iphicles choked out between bouts of laughter.

Hercules chuckled.  “It *is* funny.”

If the king had looked under the table at that moment, he would have seen his brother gently run a booted foot up Iolaus’ calf.  If Hercules had looked under the table, he would have seen Iphicles’ hand drop too-casually into his lap to give his cock a quick squeeze.

As it happened, the three of them sat silently for a moment in varying stages of arousal.  The conversation had taken an intimate turn, and their memories wandered to warm, willing bodies from the past.

The King of Corinth gave a little chuckle.  “’Semen-soaked, triple-incest fuckfest,” he repeated, shaking his head.  He glanced at his brother quickly, then away.  He felt hot suddenly, flushed from the wine and the thought of Hercules, naked, below him.  Slumping lower in his seat, he spread his legs a bit and gave his cock another squeeze.  He looked over the rim of his goblet to find Iolaus’ blue gaze turned his way.  There was a shade of interest in those eyes, and Iphicles found himself blushing.

Seemingly oblivious to the exchange, Hercules took a sip of wine, thinking.  “But you know…technically it couldn’t happen.”

Blinking, Iphicles turned to Hercules and laughed.  “Why couldn’t it?  We’ve got cocks, mouths, hands and asses – so does Ares.  What more do we need?”


Did Hercules know that his godly brother fucked the king delirious nearly every night?   Iphicles and Ares had joked about involving a third person in their games, and the name that popped up most frequently was Hercules’.  What would it be like to fuck their brother?

They’d laughed themselves silly about it one night in bed, and Ares had finally kissed Iphicles hard to quiet him.

Cradling the back of Ares’ head with a tanned hand, Iphicles had whispered seductively, “Fuck me, brother.   Fuck me and I’ll tell you why Zeus seems to like me best.”

There’d been a catch in Ares throat, then his eyes had smoldered with understanding.  “Tell me…Hercules,” he’d growled.  He’d caught Iphicles’ lower lip between his teeth and nibbled until the normally plump flesh was swollen and tender.

“He really wants to fuck us,” Iphicles had murmured, closing his eyes as Ares slid strong fingers into his ass.  He’d arched his back and reached between their bodies to capture their cocks in one hand.  “He’s fucked everything in Greece except you and me, his darling baby boys.”

“…Ohhhhh, fuck,” Ares had moaned.  Iphicles could tell by the quickening of his lover’s breath that the god had been as turned on by his blasphemous whispers as the king’s hand stroking his cock.

“He’s jealous,” Iphicles had continued, rubbing his mouth over Ares’ dark beard, grazing the divine jaw, slowly running his tongue down Ares’ neck to feel his pulse.  “He wants to fuck both of us.”  He’d shifted his hips as Ares pulled away. “He can’t fuck me, ‘cause then I’d hate him.  And he can’t fuck you…Ooooooooh….” He’d stopped to concentrate on the delicious feeling of Ares’ cock pushing into his ass.  He opened his eyes then to stare into his lover’s beautiful face.  “He can’t fuck you ‘cause you’re strong.  You’re beautiful, you’re strong, and you’d fucking kill him if he tried to put his cock in you.”

Grunting softly, Ares had set a slow rhythm.  “Keep talking, little brother,” he’d whispered, his voice low and harsh.

“He wants you and he hates that he can’t have you.”  Iphicles was gasping now as Ares’ pumped into him, his strokes deep, his breathing ragged.  Iphicles had started it as a joke, but as Ares bucked into him long and hard, he wondered if he’d hit on some long-buried truth.  “He pretends to like me best, just to make you mad.”  He’d licked Ares’ ear.  “But it’s you, he wants, you beautiful fuck.  It’s never been about me.  It’s you.”


Startled back to the present by the thump of the wine bottle on the dining room table, Iphicles shook his head a little to clear it.

“Logistically, it’s just not triple incest,” Hercules was saying.  “For you and me it would be single incest since you’re not related to Ares; same with Ares ‘cause he’s not related to you. For me it would be double incest, since you’re both my brothers.  No triple.”  His big shoulders heaved as he shrugged.

Iphicles watched the play of muscles, and tried not to think about his aching cock.  He and Ares had decided that getting Hercules with the two of them would be nearly impossible, so they’d try a one-on-one first.  He lifted his chin and casually bumped Hercules’ foot.  His brother looked up, and gave him a little smile.  Iphicles held his gaze a moment longer than necessary, dropped his eyes a bit, then looked up through his lashes as he licked his lips, and raised his goblet to his mouth. He was rewarded with a faint blush tinge over Herc’s cheekbones.  To his great surprise, Hercules’ foot nudged his in return.  He grinned then, and cut his eyes quickly to Iolaus.

The blond hadn’t missed their looks.  He sat now, quietly twitching in his seat, the look on his own face a mixture of disbelief and excitement.  As always, his brother’s lusty partner seemed ready for a roll in the sack; Iphicles knew they needed just a little push to get things going.  Under the table, his foot followed the long line of his brother’s leg, seductively, up, then down.

“So,” Iphicles drawled, “We still need a third for this incestuous orgy.”

Hercules shook his head, laughing, but seemed to have found new interest in the conversation.

“Hmmm, Jason?” Iphicles’ eyes burned for a moment as he thought.  “Mom’s husband, our step-father?  Nah, not related to Ares.”

At the mention of the Argonaut and former King of Corinth, Hercules did a little choking himself.  “Yeah, that plus the fact that it’s *Jason,* you twit.  Tartarus of a nice guy, but sexy he ain’t.”

“So, who do you find sexy?  Besides Iolaus, of course.”  Iphicles watched his brother carefully.  They were beyond blushing and gentle protestations.  He watched as Hercules pushed himself from the table and rose slowly.

“Let’s all go up to your bedroom.  I’d rather show you than tell you.”


Hours later, Iphicles sat by the fireplace in the royal suite, thinking back over some of the more unbelievable positions the three of them had gotten in.  He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the chair.  Fucking Herc had definitely lived up to expectations.  He’d guessed that Herc must be a tiger in bed to keep Iolaus happy, and he’d guessed right.  He knew his ass would be sore for a few days.  He’d discovered that Herc was just as happy taking as giving, and he’d happily buried himself in the tight, hot depths of his brother’s ass.  He looked up as Hercules passed in front of him and sat.

“Hey.”  He stroked Hercules’ arm in a newly familiar way.  “Can’t sleep?”

In the light of the fire, every hollow of Hercules’ face was shadowed.  They had sobered up, and the demigod looked distracted, and a bit upset.

“Don’t stop me until I’m done.”

Iphicles suddenly felt sick.  “What?”

“After Iolaus died this last time, *really* died, I…I was a mess.  I’ve been holding this in, but I have to tell someone.  Fuck, Iph, I’m sorry it has to be you.”  He stopped and took a deep breath.  “You know how I was, wandering around, kind of lost?  Then the other Iolaus came, and well,” he looked down at his hands.  “I was happy for awhile, but he didn’t want me that way, you know.  He really was the opposite of my Iolaus.”  He glanced at the bed where his partner lay sleeping.  He looked at Iphicles, then down at the floor.

“I was so lonely when he left that I bought a whore one night.  I never knew his name, I didn’t care.  He was a warm body for the night, and that’s what I needed.  Fuck Iph, I was so lonely.  You understand, don’t you?”  He shook his head then before the king could answer.  “No, don’t talk.  I gotta say this.  OK, we had a lot to drink…a *lot.*  I fucked that guy all night, in every position you can name.  I’m not sure what happened, but I think I got him kind of in an awkward spot and,” he stopped.  “Iph, I killed him.  I
fucked him the last time and he was quiet when I was done.  I thought he’d passed out, you know, ‘cause we were both so drunk.  I made him comfortable, then I went to sleep.  But he was dead in the morning.  I fucking killed him.”

Hercules dropped his head in his hands.  “When Michael showed up I redeemed myself by my ‘supposedly’ selfless act.  I wanted to die, Iph, for killing that whore.  *That’s* why I rolled off that cliff.  Fuck, I *should* have died.  But I was forgiven, and here I am.  I can’t live with this anymore.  I can’t.”


Deep in Hephaestus’ caves, the copper-haired mortal whimpered in his sleep, tortured by dreams and memories.

Part 6
by Jenn M

The King tossed and turned. His limbs lashing out violently at the air.  Guttural moans escaping full lips.

Hephaestus had gone to work on some weaponry to clear his head. Sounds of a tormented soul reached his ears. When he saw Iphicles thrashing, he ran to his side.

The forger grabbed Iphicles' shoulders holding him in place, all the while speaking soothing words.

His words seemed to reach the King's ears, for he settled and became still. His labored breathing slowed and became even.

Heph swallowed hard as he looked into the sleeping face.

Copper curls kissed the sweaty brow and thick, dark lashes brushed against well chiseled cheekbones. The full mouth was parted slightly.

The God hesitated for a moment before giving into his desire once more. Again he tasted the lips of the King of Corinth lying helplessly in his bed.

Hephaestus couldn't tear himself away this time. He continued to caress the mouth beneath his. He was pleasantly surprised when the kiss was returned.


Iphicles' dreams changed from the terrible to the erotic. In his delirious dream state he grew aroused by the unknown mouth on his. Giving into the sensation he parted his lips and allowed the soft warm
tongue in.

This time the groan that escaped was from pleasure.


Hephaestus deepened the kiss. In the back of his mind he knew Ares would kill him for this transgression but Ares be damned. He wanted this mortal and it seemed this mortal would have him.

The god lay down next to Iphicles. He ran his hands down the firm body.

For long moments God and mortal indulged in the taste of one another. With a thought they  were both gloriously naked.

Iphicles was rolled gently onto his back. With his eyes still closed in a dreamy fog he gasped with delight as he was entered slowly.

Their bodies rocked together in a slow and gentle rocking. Heph not wanting to hurt the mortal body beneath him.

Gradually their movements became faster and harder. Soon they were both crying out in blissful abandon.

The God poured his seed deep within his lover. His body shook with the force of his orgasm. Overjoyed he felt the King's own hot liquid cover his belly.

Heph's joy quickly turned to dismay and hurt when Iphicles called out Ares' name.

All to late the Forger realized it was not him the mortal had been making love to. Iphicles had believed he was with the God of War.

Hephaestus jumped from the bed. Quickly he replaced their clothing. How would he ever explain this to Ares?

Part 7
by Lorraine and Huntress

Hercules, still half dazed from the impact, called out, "Iolaus NO, don't. You  made a promise, remember! You can't go back on it now."

Ares was growing impatient. His anger was building again and he was becoming aroused at the same time. His cock was growing and straining against the tight confines of the leather. If Iolaus didn't stop wriggling, and soon, he'd be fucking first and asking questions later!


"Okay...okay Ares. I'll tell you what you want to know." Iolaus whispered,  his breathing slowly returning to normal.

"Iolaus, you promised." Herc stood, got a closer look at Iolaus and growled  at his brother. "Ares, I suggest you fix his nose before I do the same to  yours. What the fuck is wrong with you? Doing this because we slept with  Iphicles. That is the reason you're doing this isn't it?"

"Because you *slept* with him?" Ares yelled.

Vulnerable and naked, still twisting as he felt Ares' hard cock against his  body Iolaus blurts out, "Ares we were all drunk! We fucked and had fun.  Iphicles was as interested as us. He..."

His voice breaks off as Ares yanks his head back by the hair exposing his  neck.

"ARES!" Hercules screams charging at them. With a thought, Ares propels his  naked body back to the wall a second time. But this time he holds him there creating blue glowing chains of pure energy.

Iolaus' body shudders under his and he twists his hard cock against him again lowering his mouth to captive's neck licking and biting until Iolaus moans and he can feel his cock hardening. He lifts his mouth. "Did you have fun like that?" he growls.

"Ares, he was willing it wasn't rape." Iolaus stutters out as hands move over his body arousing him to a fever pitch.

As Iolaus pushes pushing his hips into Ares his moans of arousal filling the room, Hercules yells, "He's telling..." Ares gags him.

Keeping his hand moving, Ares asks, "What did you think you were doing?"

Iolaus moans, "Please Ares, we didn't hurt him." He gasps as legs move between his forcing them apart. "We had dinner, joked around..." His body arches into Ares as his mouth plays with his nipples. "Oh god, Ares, oh yes, please," he cries as hands drift down his side to pull his hips up and hard against Ares. Iolaus twists, rocking his body against Ares.

Ares continues, slowly arousing him with mouth and hands as Hercules helplessly watches bound to the wall. Ares lifts off Iolaus enough to flip him on his stomach and holds his hips off of the bed. Moving his cock against Iolaus' ass, he teases him. Hercules yanks desperately at his bounds as he watches his lover aroused to a fever pitch.

Iolaus continues moaning trying to pull out of Ares hands to bury his cock into the bed and rub himself off. Ares laughs still teasing, licking and nipping along his spine. "Not like that Iolaus. Tell me what happened."

"I did," he insists. Then gasps as Ares cock drips, small drops of semen landing on his ass and dripping between the checks. Ares slaps one ass check sharply. "I'm not finishing this until I get the truth out of you, little man."

Hercules yells through the gag desperately trying to tell Ares, "Iolaus doesn't know. He was asleep."

He watches as Ares pulls Iolaus to his hands and knees pushing his legs further apart. Fully aroused Iolaus' skin flushes and sweat drips off his body. As Hercules feels a shot of heat run through his groin at the sight of his aroused lover, Ares shifts position and Iolaus tries to roll off the bed.

Furious Ares grabs Iolaus with his power and positions him on his hands and knees with his legs well spread. Ares stares at Hercules' naked body hanging on the wall. He smiles when he sees his cock starting to fill. After first making eye contact he lowers his head to the top of Iolaus' spine. Slowly deliberately he tongues and nips his way down to his ass.

Iolaus pants, "I'm not lying..."

Ares lowers his mouth to Iolaus ass and bites bruising him. He continues working his way across both checks biting and marking Iolaus. When Iolaus' ass is well marked with his teeth, he does the same with starts on hamstrings. Finishing at his hips, he talks between bites on the sensitive join between thigh and hip, deliberately scraping his teeth over thatsensitive joint.








He licks his tongue between Iolaus' ass checks probing the hole.

Iolaus shudders and screams, "Please finish me."

Ares stops. "Tell me the truth," he demands.

"I DID!" Iolaus screams.

Hercules again screams incoherently through the gag, trying to tell Iolaus, "Tell Ares what you know." Furious at Ares and his own body he pounds against the wall twisting at the glowing bindings.

Ares moves to the head of the bed and twists a hand in Iolaus' hair. Pulling his head up to face him he roars, "The WHOLE truth!"

He holds him there staring into his eyes as his free hand plays with Iolaus' nipples twisting and pinching them, then flicking them gently back and forth. Iolaus' body quivers. Ares pushes him a little more, using his power to gently move the air over and around him.

After a few minutes more of Ares' teasing Iolaus quietly whispers, "Hercules I'm sorry." Hercules nods in his bounds, hoping that Iolaus can see him. "We had dinner and got drunk." He trembles, his body on fire and his arms and legs sore as he's held immobile. "We were joking and around and they turned sexual. I guess we were all curious. We went to bed together."

He stops wincing as Ares twists his hand and pulled his hair harder.

"We all wanted it! Damn you Ares, Iphicles had me first! We all had each other. We sucked and fucked and played for hours. Nobody was upset."

"Stop lying to me!" Ares demands pulling harder and pinching a nipple to bruising.

"I'm not!" Iolaus' erection diminishes as pain overcomes pleasure. Seeing that Ares brings his mouth to Iolaus' fiercely kissing him. Running his free hand down to his captive's cock he flicks its head until Iolaus is once more fully erect and gasping for air against his mouth.

Iolaus tries to thrust into his hand screaming in frustration when Ares stops.

"What happened?" Ares whispers into his ear.

"I fell asleep. They talked. When I woke up, they were both quiet. We all promised not to tell." He pauses. "I just thought they both regretted what happened."

Ares stares at him waiting. Iolaus shuts his eyes. "Ares that's the truth."

Ares looks into Iolaus' mind and realizes that he believes what he's saying. "That's not how Iphicles remembers it." His voice is still enraged.

Iolaus snaps his eyes open.

Ares laughs, still holding Iolaus in his power he moves behind him summoning oil. He carefully prepares Iolaus stretching him carefully and fully with his fingers. Not until Iolaus thrusts back hard on his fingers does Ares move his cock into position.

"Ready?" he teases holding Iolaus' hips firmly with one hand as he moves his cock's head into his ass.


Ares drives the rest of the way in scraping his cock against Iolaus' prostrate. Iolaus' body jerks then contracts around him trying to keep him in. Ares slaps his ass forcing the muscles to relax and withdraws slowly, again rubbing against Iolaus' prostrate. As pleasure moves through his body to his cock Iolaus shoves backwards.

Hercules watches as Ares and Iolaus find their rhythm and Iolaus cries out in his familiar moans and cries of pleasure. Hercules' cock is hard and weeping and he pants as they move together.

"Harder," Iolaus gasps out. Sweat dripping off him he shakes damp hair off his face.

Hercules gasps, also panting and sweating as stares at Ares' cock pounding into Iolaus' ass.

Ares pushes Iolaus' shoulders down with his hands, pushes he legs further apart with his knees and thighs, and moves his body up onto his toes so he can drive as deeply as possible into Iolaus' curled body. Ares' shifts his cock until it moves rhythmically over Iolaus' prostrate causing his ass to contract around his cock at each inward and outward motion. His entire body moving to the thrusts, Iolaus screams, "Yes! Like that! Hard, I want it hard."

Hercules' hips pound with their beat against the wall as he moves with them. His cock jerking.

After several hard deep thrusts Iolaus shouts, "My cock touch my cock."

Ares drops a hand to Iolaus' cock and plays with it flicking a finger over the slit and gathering its drippings in his hand. Then moves his hand along its length firmly rubbing it in his cum-moist hand. He feels Iolaus' body tense every muscle contracting. He moans as his ass closes hard on his cock squeezing it. Iolaus' cock jerks in his hand and starts spewing cum over his hand and the bed.

Ares holds still until Iolaus finishes. Then screaming he pounds his own orgasm into Iolaus. As they finish, he looks over at Hercules. Cum is streaming down his legs. And he's still gasping for breath.

Iolaus moans and collapses to the bed curling up and shaking as Ares withdraws. Ares' cum drips out of his ass and Hercules moans at the sight of his lover's shaking body.

Ares stands, cum running down his leg and stalks to Hercules spent body.  He plays with his half-brother's cock.  "Upset because I took him, just remember I was gentler than you."

He removes the gag and frees Hercules.  As Hercules drops off the wall he asks, "Well are you going to tell me what happened after Iolaus went to sleep?"

"Iphicles and I both confessed to things that happened in our past. Things we've done that we're ashamed of. We agreed not to tell anyone, not even our lovers." He glances at Iolaus. "I'll tell you, but only if Iphicles agrees."

Ares glares at him.

Lunging at his brother, he yells, "What damn confessions are you talking about?" Knocking him into the wall. Once again the tavern reverberated. Hercules punches his brother in the face, and got a punch in the face in return. This went on a few times, until both son's of Zeus were on their knees, panting and throwing the last of their punches. "You hurt him...why?" Ares was out of breath and so was Hercules.

"I didn't hurt Iphicles," Herc said. "And neither did Iolaus. All we did was have a bit to drink, and a little fun. Why don't you ask him?"

"I can't," said Ares. "He's unconscious. But I saw what was in his mind...his thoughts and memories. I saw what the two of you did."

"We didn't hurt him!" Iolaus grunts out from the bed.

Herc couldn't help smiling at the sound of the hunter's voice, slightly nasal due to the broken bone.

"Fix his nose Ares," said Hercules, "then we'll talk."

Ares nodded, and Iolaus felt his nose healing. He took away the cloth, and looked in the mirror. "Good as new," he said. "Now Ares, like Herc said. We didn't hurt Iph. We had dinner, we drank plenty of wine, and things just happened. We ended up in a big bed, and had some pretty...tiring sex."

"I don't know what you think you saw Ares, but it's not true." Herc sat on the edge of the bed. "I couldn't hurt Iphicles. You *know* that. I didn't go after you when I found out you were lovers. I've known for a while now. All I knew was that Iph was happy again, and that was all that mattered to me. Now what happened to Iphicles and what did you see in his mind?"

"Last night," Ares began....


It was late when Ares arrived in Corinth. A war in Olynthus had kept him busy for a while and he hadn't seen Iphicles in two weeks. He was grinning in anticipation of seeing his lover, and had thought of some new things for them to try.

He had visions of Iphicles tied to an altar, while he spread honey all over the King's body, then slowly licked it off, licking everywhere except his throbbing cock. Kneeling between Iph's legs, and grabbing his thick shaft around the base, taking it all the way down his throat. Iphicles moaning and begging for more, and Ares obliging, then feeling Iphicles balls tightening, and tasting Iph's sweet seed as it shot down his throat. He would drink all of it, then get Iph hard again and make love to him some more.

Then Iphicles would spread whipped cream all over the War God's body, and lick it off, starting at his chest, licking at each nipple, then sucking hard. Iphicles would move his tongue further down Ares body, bypassing the God's thick cock, and moving to his thighs, down his legs, to his toes, licking off every bit of whipped cream. Then he would slowly lick his way back up, this time kneeling between the God's legs. He would bend down, and lick Ares' cock, teasing the slit, slowly swallowing the huge shaft, and suck hard, making Ares writhe beneath him. Just as he felt Ares ready to cum, he would pull back, causing Ares to gasp from the broken contact, and slowly push his cock into Ares' tightness, his hands on Ares' hips, holding him steady. Iphicles would ease his cock out and then thrust back in, and start to take the war God hard, making Ares sweat, and beg for more. Then Iphicles would pull out abruptly, and straddle the War God's upper body, rubbing his cock along Ares' lips, teasing him, pulling back every time Ares reached out with his tongue to taste it. Iphicles would finally let Ares take his cock, and shift his body, so that they were opposite ends. Iphicles would thrust into the War God's mouth, fucking it, while he sucked Ares wanting cock.

They would climax together, each drinking of the other, and collapse together, satiated, and happy.

Ares was jolted out of his reverie by the sight which greeted him. Iphicles was tied to the bed like a sacrifice. His arms and legs splayed, he was naked, he had whip marks all over his body, and he had blood seeping from his ass. With a wave of his hand, Ares freed him, and healed him, taking his lover into his arms. He rocked him gently, and did something he swore he would *never* do.

He looked into Iphicles thoughts. He saw what had happened to his lover. The innocent games turning a bit kinky. Iphicles volunteering to be tied up. Having fun at first, and enjoying himself, feeling safe, knowing that he could give himself like this with these two men.

Until Iolaus took a whip down from the wall, and decided to see how much the King could take. Until Hercules took his brother with no preparation, and with such viciousness, that the King screamed in pain. Until the welts were forming on Iphicles' back, and he was begging them to stop. Hercules and Iolaus laughing at him, calling him names, watching the tears of both shame and pain coming from his eyes.

His anger was growing and he took Iphicles to a safe place...Heph's forge and....


"This is insane," Hercules says. "Ares, you *believe* what you saw? That Iolaus and I would do something like that to him?"

"Iphicles *knows* what he saw," Ares states. "His thoughts can't lie."

"I'm not saying that Ares," Herc says. "But isn't it possible that someone else did this to him? Maybe he saw what they wanted him to see."

"You're saying a God did this." Ares says, getting Hercules' meaning.

"Or Goddess," Iolaus adds. "I mean there are quite a few of both that the two of you have pissed off."

"Think about it Ares," Herc asks. "Me and Iolaus, doing something like *that* to Iphicles?"

Ares sits next to his brother. "But if it wasn't the two of you, then who could have done this? And why Iphicles?"

"Because if it's aimed at the two of us, then the only thing they could hurt, that would cause us both pain, is Iphicles," Herc says. Ares was more pissed now...Herc, it seemed, was right again.

"But there is another possibility," Iolaus adds. The sons of Zeus look at him. "Whoever did this...maybe they're after Iphicles."

Part 8
by Thamiris

Hades, ruler of the dead, had never heard of a handsome mortal king named Iphicles.  It was Ares he wanted, Ares he watched.   But streams of bloodied bodies pouring from plague-ridden Sparta into the Underworld kept him busy until summer's end, away from his nephew.  Death required organization, direction, so Hades folded away his lust until the disease air cleared, and each confused stranger had found his own corner of Tartarus.

Then, from his shadowy palace in the Vale of Mourning, the god turned his black gaze upward, past the sunless green sky, through the thick layers of brown earth, higher still beyond the mortal plane, shooting upward through soft clouds, into the Halls of War.


Corridors glowing with brilliant frescoes and shining steel seemed oddly cool.  Barely a trace of Ares remained, even in the vast throne room.  And the bed, with its towering posts and red canopy, where Hades spent countless hot nights fucking his nephew, looked untouched, the sheets stretched painfully tight, the pillows plump and sleek.

"Where are you?" he demanded softly, chin tilting further back.  Inside his stomach, a knot formed, emotions crisscrossing back and forth.  Hades rubbed the taut skin through the silk shirt, trying to ease the tension, while the heel of one polished boot clicked steadily on the bone floor.  "Where are you?"

Not with the other Olympians.  Aphrodite bickered with Cupid over Psyche, while the twins made love in the orchard under the pear trees.  Hera and Zeus had reconciled again, his brother temporarily chastised by Io's fate.  The ever-cautious Athena oversaw the creation of a new shield by Hephaestus, while Dionysus and Hebe got drunk on a sweet new vintage.  In a sunny corner of the castle garden, Hermes regaled Demeter and Hestia with the latest gossip.  Both goddesses hid giggles behind pale palms, then lightly touched the messenger's broad shoulders, begging for more.  Obviously, he'd shared a dirty secret, probably about one of the Twelve, some new sordid affair that poets would immortalize.

Hades, uncaring, caught only snippets of the hushed conversation.

"...can't keep his hands off him..."


"...smell it on him..."


About to train his sight lower, Hades thundered to a stop.  He fixed on Hermes' curved lips, matched the younger god's heartbeat, and listened.

"I knew something was going on," Hermes said with a sly wink.  "I knew even before Ares did.  It's my job."

Hestia, still giggling, leaned closer.  "Did you...did you actually see them?  You know...together?"

A leer.  "Sure.  They put on quite a show.  This mortal's beautiful, like one of Ares' sons.  And he loves getting fuck--" He paused, seeing his virgin aunt's cheeks glow pink.  "That is, he enjoys their encounters a lot."


"It sounds very romantic," Demeter said almost wistfully.  "Maybe we should forget the feast tonight and go down to Corinth--"

Hades' head jerked down, and he scanned the world in a blur of ocean, forest, city and mountain, until the high white towers of Corinth appeared.  Then, in a crackling flash of green flame, he hurtled upward to the marked city.


Disguised as a shadow, the death god materialized in a bedroom slippery with damp blue silk.  It lined the walls, the ceiling, and the massive bed directly ahead.  The knot in his gut moved higher, around his throat, forcing his breath out in short, sharp bursts.  He sounded, Hades thought, like Ares did, as his nephew plunged into Iphicles--and that writhing, golden body could only belong to Iphicles.  The king lay on his back, long legs wrapped around Ares' hips, moaning so continuously the sound floated by like a chant.

It meant nothing, just like the men Hades fucked in Tartarus, rows of them, all eager to worship their new god, meant nothing.  Ares' sweat-slick back, the straining muscles, the steady motions of his hand against that other cock--just sex.  And Hades almost convinced himself, until his nephew's dark head bent, and Iphicles' moans grew quiet under the hot, wet pressure of Ares' tongue.  Hades heard the kiss, saw Ares' rhythm break, smelled the tangy semen, and thought how beautiful Iphicles would look, naked, hanging from a golden bough in the Plain of Judgment, a noose around his neck.

He nearly killed the king right there.  His hand, shaking, gathered black light, and he stood, quivering, as Ares collapsed beside his lover and pulled the king against his chest.  But death, as Hades knew, was too easy.  And he wanted Ares back, on his cock.  Alienating his nephew wouldn't help.

Instead, he waited until the two slept, then crept across the marble floor to Iphicles' side.  Towering over the king, he looked down, and a small bottle appeared in his hand.  He held it to his eye, watching the liquid swirl inside.  Honey, a crushed pomegranate seed, and a tablespoon of water from the river Lethe.  Perfect.

The cork came out easily, with a soft pop, and the god spilled a few drops on his fingertip. Then, stealthily, he lifted that finger to Iphicles' lush mouth, resting it there as though quieting the king.  The full lips parted, Hades pushed his finger inside, felt Iphicles start to suck.  Probably dreaming of Ares' cock.  The gentle, wet pressure felt surprisingly good, and he kept his finger in place long after the drops dissolved on that sweet tongue.

Not death, but chaos.  Soon, the nightmares would come, and Iphicles would think they were real.  He'd suffer horribly while the ever-impatient Ares grew tired of his mad lover.  Yes, Hades thought, reluctantly pulling away his finger, a little twisting of Iphicles' memories, and order would return.

With a sharp smile, he returned to his own silk-strewn bedroom.  His cock itched, though, so he headed down to the marshy banks of the Styx, always smiling.  With a finger still wet from Iphicles' mouth, Hades pointed to two handsome newcomers, who followed him with dazed steps to a little grove beyond the water.  He came not long after, delicately sucking his finger, and imagining that the mouths sharing him belonged to the two lovers asleep in Corinth.

Part 9
by Xen

"But there is another possibility," Iolaus adds. The sons of Zeus look at him. "Whoever did this...maybe they're after Iphicles."

"Iolaus is right, Ares, Iphicles could be in danger. Where is he?  Don't tell me you left him alone..."  Hercules looks at his brother, panic obvious in his eyes.

"He's safe, I left him with Hephestus."

A dark look passes over Ares' face as he reaches out with his powers to check the mental link he had placed between himself and his lover.  The king's thoughts were
definately not of torture anymore, and Ares feels a warm erotic feeling pass through him from Iphicles.  Distrustful of this sudden change, Ares transports himself to the forge, leaving a very confused Hercules and Iolaus behind.

Hephestus had tried, *really* tried to keep his hands off of the beautiful king in his charge, but the temptation is too much, and he finds himself drawn to his side again.  He runs his fingers through the reddish hair, and sighs, remembering how good it felt to be inside him.  That hot tight ass clenching around his cock...He leans in close for one more kiss on those full soft lips, and----

---feels like his head is about to snap off of his shoulders as he is lifted off his feet by his hair and finds himself eye to eye with a furious God of War.

"What. Do. You. Think. You're. Doing."  Ares punctuates each word with a vicious shake.

Part 10
by Nemetona

"Ares!"  Hephestus tried to focus on the other god as his head was shaken back and forth.  "Ares.  I'm sorry, I wasn't ... I mean I was just...I mean... Ares I'm sorry, he was just too tempting to resist, he looks so much like you. "  Hephestus closed his eyes so that the War God could not see the pain and shame held in them.

The honest confession stilled Ares hand.  He knew that the shy god had feelings for him, feelings that he had taken advantage of when he had brought Iphicles to the forge for shelter.

"I'm sorry, Ares, I didn't hurt him."  Hephestus limped away looking downcast.  "He thought I was you.  He never realised...."  Hephestus' words trailed off at the renewed look of fury on Ares' face.  Ares' guilt never lasted long.

Ares put aside his anger as  a moan broke from Iphicles lips.  The king was tossing on the bed, overtaken by yet another nightmare.  Even in sleep his face showed strain, his mouth grimacing in a silent scream.  Forgetting Hephestus, Ares reached out to Iphicles and turned his thoughts inwards.  He joined his mind to his lovers, becoming  an invisible spectator in the terrors that gripped him.

Iphicles lay naked and face down on his own bed.  His legs spread wide and shackled to the bedposts, his arms stretched and held by his young brother.  The air cracked as the strands of the metal tipped whip came down on his back, cutting and biting into the tender flesh.  His back, legs and buttocks were criss-crossed with welts, some bleeding.  The whip was being welded by a master who knew how to make each stroke inflict the maximum amount of pain and damage.  Iphicles arched in agony, trying to escape the strands that sought out the soft flesh between his spread cheeks, but quickly dropped back to the bed as Hercules' unrelenting grip threatened to tear his arms from their sockets.

"What's the matter, Iphicles.  Can't you take it like a man?"  Hercules grinned as he viciously twisted his victim's wrist, grinding bone against bone.  A scream escaped the bound man eliciting another pleasured chuckle from his captor.

"Let me go, Hercules.  Please....let me go." Iphicles begged, he could feel tears
stream down his face but didn't care.  He just needed the agony to stop.

"Look at him bubbling" sneered Iolaus as he coiled his whip in preparation for another stroke.  "Some King".  He raised the leather to his mouth and drew the ends through his lips savouring the gore.  Iolaus made the air sing again and Iphicles writhed in agony, screaming, his pleas for mercy unanswered.

"I'm getting fucking bored with him squealing like a pig, shut him up Hercules."

Hercules unlaced his codpiece and thrust his already hard cock into Iphicles' mouth.  Some last ounce of spirit made Iphicles bite down but Hercules strong grip on his chin wrenched his jaws apart before he could inflict damage.  Coldly and deliberately, making sure that Iphicles was watching him the demi-got pulled back his fist and punched Iphicles.

In his dream state the now unconscious Iphicles was still aware of Hercules ramming his cock back into his dislocated jaw and pleasuring himself.  He could still hear Iolaus egging Hercules on and saw the small man maliciously plunge the handle of the whip into Iphicles' unprepared ass.

Ares spectated on Iphicles'  dream sickened by the sight of his lover being dry-fucked first by Iolaus' whip and then by their brother.

The lover in him wanted to wake Iphicles and spare him this torture but the wargod won out.  He needed to gather intelligence about their foe.  He recognised that there was some godly intervention at work here.  Iphicles' dream was too violent, too detailed, too personal to be anything other than a sending.  He needed to absorb this
work and try to recognise the signature.

Hephestus watched as Ares withdrew from Iphicles and gently calmed the mortal sending him back into a deep soothing sleep.  His hands were gentle as he touched his lover but as he turned away to face the other god his face twisted with such a black rage that Hephestus  took an involuntary step backwards and raise his hand in defence.

"Hades.  It's Hades whose sending these dreams.  Hades who is inflicting this torture. "  Ares strode up to Hephestus "And you are going to help me take care of him.  The lowest soul in Tartrus will consider himself lucky in comparison to my Uncle after we finish with him."

Part 11
by  Toi

Iphicles woke up after what seemed an eternity.  He was in a strange place, and he smelled of sex.  Looking around he was in a large bed chamber.  How did he get here?
Where was Ares?

Getting up, wrapping a sheet around himself he started to explore his surroundings.  As he was walking through the doorway he was stopped by a God flashing in.

“Where do you think you are going!”

“I know who you are!  I’ve seen you before, you.....” Iphicles collapsed after seeing a bright flash, the sheet falling open to reveal his naked form.

Hades lowered himself to trace his torso and hips......*so like Ares*.  Hades waved his hand over the mortal to block his memory of the visit. Vanishing, he left the mortal on the floor re-living his nightmares for Ares and Hephaestus to find.

The link that Ares had in place between himself and Iphicles told him that he was having nightmares again, screaming.  As they entered the bed chamber, they found the King on the floor.  Ares looked into his mind once more, calmed him down and found a power signature.

"Hades, you will not get away with this!"  Ares yelled.

Part 12
by  Torindon

"Hades!"  Ares materialized in the Halls of Death, his fists clenched.  "HADES!  Show yourself, you sonofabitch!"

The God of Death shimmered into solid form.  "What is it, Ares?"

"Don't fucking play innocent, Hades."  Ares' eyes blazed.  "You went too far this time!  You beat the shit out of him, and left him for me to find. I won't forget that."  He grabbed hold of Hades' arm, jerking him roughly. "And I almost killed Hercules and Iolaus because of your little mind game. Not that I give a damn about that, but you put me in the position of owing them both a favor.  I won't forget that, either."

"Good.  Then we'll both have things to remember."  His eyes met unflinchingly those of his nephew.  "I'm finished with him anyway.  You can have the scraps that are left."

Ares stared at his uncle, his hands twitching.  "Take it off, and I mean NOW."

Hades laughed unpleasantly.  "I'll tell you what, nephew.  I'll do you a favor and pretend that I didn't hear either the words or the strident tone in your voice."  He paused, his hand still locked on the haft of his sword. "Now, what was it you wanted?"

Ares felt the rage rising in him.  "I don't have time for this, Hades.  I don't give a damn what your reason was for doing it, but release Iphicles' mind from your power."

"No.  It will amuse me to see him go completely mad."

"Hades, I'm warning you …"

"*You're* warning *me*?"  Hades' eyes filled with a smoke as cold as the blood of his charges and his face hardened into marble.  "You *dare* to admonish me on behalf of this mortal piece of shit, Ares?"

Ares faced his uncle.  "Release him, or you declare yourself my enemy."

"On behalf of a mortal, Ares?"



Ares' voice had a razor's edge.  "Why is this so important to you?  You never even knew who he was before.  He has done *nothing* to you.  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?"

Hades' lip curled in disgust.  "He deserves it.  The only thing that stopped me from killing him outright was that I have no desire to spend eternity listening to his whining."

Ares studied his uncle closely.  "Is this a matter of jealousy, Hades?"

Hades' laughter had a note of pity in it.  "No, Ares.  I might resent your time being spent elsewhere, but I could never consider a mere mortal to be a serious threat.  It never occurred to me that I had anything to be jealous about."  He shook his head with mock sadness.  "If this creature occupies a place in your heart, I mourn for your fallen standards.  I certainly saw nothing exceptional about him … when *I* was fucking him."  A small moue of distaste curved his lips.  "All that moaning and crying and pleading for mercy…  It really detracted from the whole amusement of it."  Ares choked back a killing rage, pictures of Iphicles' torture at Hades' hands flooding his mind, and he fought to keep his voice level.  "Then why are you doing this, if not out of jealousy?"

"Ask the puppet king."  Hades turned away from Ares in dismissal.  "Or ask your do-gooder brother."


"Yes.  Talk to the hypocrite about how he spends his time when he's not watching over the little people."  Hades walked toward the corridor. "We're finished here, Ares.  Don't make the mistake of coming to me about this again."

"Hades, wait a minute!  What are you talking about?"

"Talk to *them*.  I'm not in the mood."  He continued to move down the corridor.


The god turned, his face stony.  "What is it now?"


"Ask your giggling boyfriend.  Ask him the name of that 'nameless' whore, Ares."

Part 13: The conclusion
by Oshun Anat

Hades' eyes glistened with evil as he watched the scene before him.

His nephew, the high and mighty Hercules fucking a whore.

It was perfect.


<<<Yes, Lord Hades>>> Death appeared with none of the flash entrances that so many of the gods preferred.

"I want you to kill that whore."

<<<He is not scheduled to die yet.>>>

"I don't care. I want him dead, and I want him dead now, is that understood?"

Thanatos took a brief second to study his Master. It was rare to see Hades like this, and he knew better than to cross him. He had heard stories that made Ares in the foulest mood seem like nothing but a kitten compared to Hades, so he did the only thing he could, he complied.

<<<I understand Lord Hades.>>> He left as silently as he came.

Hades barely nodded his thanks before turning back to the mirror. He watched as Thanatos took the whore's soul just before climax.  His oblivious nephew didn't notice that lack of a heart beat, or breath and went to sleep effortlessly.

He smiled. Soon, vengeance would be his.


Ares watched his lover fight yet another nightmare. He had tried to get more out of Hades about the whore, but he had refused to say anything. So before he had the opportunity to lose control and try to kill his Uncle, he left, and returned here to the Forge. He wanted to wake up Iphicles, but he couldn't. The dreams were too strong. It was like when he had Morpheus pull Hercules into the dream world. Iphicles could only get out of his own will, by conquering his fear, something that obviously wasn't going to happen. He turned to Hephaestus. "Do you have any ideas on how I could get Hades to remove the spell? He won't remove it willingly." He hated asking for help, it was beneath him, but he had no choice, he couldn't lose Iphicles.

Several minutes passed before Hephaestus finally said, "Persephone. Hades loves her, and he does many things for her that he would never do for another. She owes me a favor that I'll give to you, if you can't find another way to secure her help, you may collect on it.

Ares considered it. Hades was quite attached to Persephone, and would more than likely prove useful as a bargaining tool.

"Done." Ares knew this was a conciliatory gesture on the part of the lame god, but considering the circumstances, it wasn't something that he could reject out of hand. "I think she would be more effective if not forced into it." He paused, and then continued. "Unfortunately I'm not on very good terms with her, but I know someone who she does like." He snapped and suddenly Hercules appeared.

"What the? ARES!"

Ares ignored Hercules' complaints.

"Before you start shouting empty threats at me, Hercules take a good look at your brother." He waved at the thrashing body on the bed.

Hercules watched in silent horror as Iphicles tossed and turned, whimpering and screaming under his breath.

"What have you done to him? Why have you kidnapped him!"

"I haven't done anything to him. Hades did. Remember the time when you got sucked into the dream world? Where your only escape was to embrace your fears? Iphicles is in a place similar to that."

"Why did Hades do this! And you haven't answered my other question either!" Hercules' voice got more and more agitated as each new syllable was spoken.

Ares didn't want to waste anymore time then he had to. "Listen, little brother. The longer we argue, the greater the chance that Iphicles won't come out of this sane. I am going to tell you something, if you want to fight me over this *after* Iphicles is safe, that's fine, but I want your guarantee that you will keep your temper in check until this is over with."

Hercules sighed, and nodded his agreement.

"Good. The reason why Hades is doing this, is to get back at me. We were lovers for off and on for decades. You know how Hades is, he doesn't come to Olympus much, and most of the others stay out of his realm unless they absolutely have to, in fact, I'm one of the few that visit him on any regular basis. At any rate, he found out about  your brother and me and got pissed, and is doing this out of revenge. Pure and simple."

"Why Iphicles?!" Hercules demanded. His mind refused to recognize the relationship, it just wanted to know why Iphicles had to be in the middle of the god's games again.

"It's simple. I'm a god, Iphicles is mortal. There is no law against killing mortals. It's easier to mess with mortals, and even an angry Hades knows better than to try to hurt me directly."

"Why did you bring me here? I can't leave Iphicles like this, but I don't have any powers, and I'm in no position to bargain with Hades. As it is, I owe him quite a few favors, I doubt he'd be willing to grant me another one. Especially if he's on a revenge kick." Hercules wasn't that stupid. He knew that Hades wouldn't be stopped until vengeance was served.

"I didn't bring you here to talk to Hades. I want you to talk to Persephone."

"Persephone? Why her?"

Hephaestus quiet voice answered. "I gave Ares the favor she owes me. She would probably help just because of that, but she likes you Hercules. You helped get Demeter to agree to let her stay in the underworld six months a year. She isn't that fond of Ares. If you talked to her about what is going on, and asked for her help, she'd probably be a lot more willing."

Hercules considered, then slowly nodded. "I'm only doing this to help my brother."

"Of course." Ares knew that that would be the only reason. "Shall we brother?"

Hercules nodded.

"Keep an eye on him, Hephaestus. Let us know if he wakes up."

The Fire God nodded. "I will."

Ares and Hercules left for the Underworld.


A few months had passed since the incident with the whore, but it was only now that Iolaus had returned could he set the next part of his plan into motion.

Ares had come to seen him about a few soldiers that had died in a skirmish a few days outside of Corinth. In the middle of his request to move some of the dead warriors to the Asphodel Fields-since he knew that Hades would never allow them to go Elysium-he had started complaining about their meddling half brother and the blond hunter. He was thrilled by the news, and somehow managed to get Ares to leave without him getting suspicious. It was only a matter of minutes to give them the idea to visit Hercules' older brother, all he had to do was plant the desire for a real bed and good food inside Iolaus' mind. Surprisingly enough, it hadn't taken much to convince
Hercules to go along with it, and soon they were on their way.

Once that had been accomplished, he kept track of the duo's progress, and on the night before they were due to arrive, he had visited Iphicles and put the oil on his lips.

"Soon enough you will be *my* whore instead of that ass of a nephew's.oh I can see why he picked you, I must admit you are one lovely could say almost perfect. Except for that annoying habit of whining. No matter.once I have you, you won't dare whine in my presence."

Hades stopped, enjoying the sucking sensation on his finger, and then he reluctantly pulled it out. He leaned over next to Iphicles' ear and whispered,  "You know, my dear king, this could have all been prevented if Ares' hadn't suddenly developed feelings for you. I didn't want much, just to be able to fuck Ares every now and then, but you took that away from now you must pay."

With a smile on his lips, he stood up and flashed out of the room, and began impatiently began to wait for Hercules to arrive.


Ares  brought the two of them to the small Temple that Persephone stayed at while Hades was busy. They found her tending a small garden in the back.

"Persephone?" Hercules called out.

"Hercules! What brings you here? I didn't think that Iolaus had died again--" She stopped mid sentence. Her voice instantly became much cooler. "Ares."

"He isn't here to harass you.listen Persephone, we need to talk."

She conjured up a bench, and sat down, motioning for Hercules to do the same.

"It's about Hades."

"What's going on?"


"When you are away with your mother, Hades gets-lonely."

"I already knows that he fucks the dead when I'm not here, what is your point."

"Persephone, the dead aren't the only thing he fucks. we fuck too. Or at least we did. Until I met Iphicles."

"YOU FUCKED MY HUSBAND YOU BASTARD!" She would have tried to strangle Ares, but Hercules held her back.

"Listen to me, Persephone. Hades is jealous that Ares isn't with him any more, and he put a spell on my brother to make him go insane, presumably to make him undesirable to Ares anymore. My brother does NOT deserve this, he just got stuck in the middle of things."

"What do you want me to do?" Persephone had finally stopped struggling, so Hercules loosened his grip and she turned around to look up at him.

"Talk to him! He loves you. If you threatened not to return to the Underworld the next time it may help."

"Even if he agrees, what good is it going to do me? He still wants Ares!"

Ares spoke up. "Why don't we have Cupid shoot him with one of his anti-lust arrows? I like Hades, he's a decent fuck, but now that I have Iphicles, I don't want him anymore. There is no reason for his lust to ruin two relationships."

Persephone hated her lover being referred to in such crude terms, but didn't want to argue over it, he more immediate problem was Hades. He loved her, but she wasn't sure that she would believe him, but if her mother got in on the act.


Demeter arrived before her daughter had even finished yelling.

"What is it dear?"

"It's Hades. He's put a spell on Ares' mortal lover because he's pissed that Ares won't sleep with him any more."

"That bastard! I knew I should have never agreed to that deal!" She looked pointedly at Hercules.

"Hey! I didn't know that Hades was having an affair with Ares!"

"Mom, I want you help me to get Hades back."

"Why would you want that no good two-timing."

"Because I *love* him mom. I want you to go with us to talk to Hades. If you tell him that you'll make sure that He can never see me again, it might be incentive enough for Hades to take the spell off of Iphicles."

"How are you going to ensure that he doesn't try to get back with Ares?"

"Don't worry, Demeter. We've thought of that." Ares tried to reassure her.

Demeter still wasn't happy with the thought of her daughter staying with Hades, but she did want her happy.she sighed. "All right. Let's go."


Hades had reappeared in Corinth as soon as Hercules and Iolaus had arrived.  He made sure that the pair didn't say anything to upset the king; if they left before drinking any of the especially potent wine he had mine, then his plans would be shot.

Soon enough, it was soon time for dinner, and Iphicles invited the pair for a private meal in his quarters.; since it was the preferred method of all. Hercules didn't like the attention ,and Iphicles used whatever excuse he could to get away from the courtiers.

Switching the wine was easy enough, and soon as the three men had had their first glass, they were hooked.

He watched as more and more wine was consumed and then as they boys flirted with each other until they found their way to Iphicles' bed.

Things went exactly as he had planned. They trio had fucked until Iolaus had passed out. Hercules made his confession over the whore he thought he had killed, and then the oil began to take it's effect.



Hades heard Persephone call and immediately rushed to her side.

"Yes, dear?"


"How could you sleep with Ares?!"

"I was alone and I-wait-who told you about us?"

"Does it really matter? I thought you loved me!"

"I do!"

"No you don't! You couldn't satisfy yourself with souls! You had to go seek out another God! I don't want to stay here any more! MOM!"

Taking her cue, Demeter appeared.

"Yes, Daughter?"

"I want to go home."


"He cheated on me!"

Demeter smiled. "Of course you can!" She turned to Hades, her expression growing cold. "I swear, you bastard, you come near my girl again, and I *swear* I will cause a famine so big you will never get your ass out of paperwork to so much as *look* at another soul let alone fuck it!"

"Persephone please! I swear I won't do it again! I'll do whatever you want, Just don't leave me, I need you here!"

She smiled, and Hades began to get a sneaking suspicion that he had been set up.

"It's simple, Hades. Two things: You release Iphicles from that spell you put on him.and you have to agree to let Cupid shoot you with an anti-lust arrow." Ares and Hercules appeared from the pocket of time that Ares had been hiding them in.

"Hercules! How could you do this to me! After all the times I brought Iolaus back to life!"

"You messed with Iphicles. How could I *not* get involved?!"

Hades fumed. "See if I let you even *see* your boyfriend the next time he dies." He sighed, he didn't want to lose Persephone; she was one of the few good things about the Underworld. "All right, I accept."

Ares grinned. He owed Hephaestus some credit, if he hadn't gotten the young goddess on their side, then Hades would have never cooperated.

"Take off the spell."

Hades handed Ares a vial. "Have him ingest a few drops of that. I must warn you that there may be some.side effects caused by the antidote."

Ares growled, and at the exact same time, both Hercules and Ares advanced on the God of the Dead.. "What does this mean?" Hercules voice was flat, his Olympian temper beginning to show.

"I can't tell you because I don't really know. They vary in each person. They shouldn't be anything major thought."

"Couldn't Apollo or Asclepius  do something about it?"

"Maybe. I wouldn't know. I've never had to reverse the spell before."

Ares wanted to kill Hades, but Iphicles was more important right now-he would find a way to deal with Hades later. He turned to Hercules. "Finish up the other half of the bargain, I'm going to take care of Iphicles."

Hercules started to protest, but a look of warning from Ares, and he shut up.

Ares disappeared.


Ares returned to the Forge. He turned to Hephaestus. "How's he doing?"

"Not well.I think.I think the nightmares are getting worse."

Ares didn't want to think about what worse could possibly be, so instead he uncorked the bottle that Hades gave him. Dipping a finger into the oil, he pressed it to Iphicles' lips. The King immediately began to suck at the proffered digit.

After what seemed like an eternity to the two gods, Iphicles woke up.

He struggled to sit up, as the nightmares had left him drained of energy.


"Hush, Iphicles. It's okay. Hades isn't anywhere around here. He can't hurt you anymore."

"Hades?!" Iphicles tone began to take a more frantic edge. "Who are you and why have you taken me away from Hades?"

"It's me, Ares. We're lovers. Can't you remember?"

"I am *not* your lover! I want to go back to Hades. HADES! HADES!" His frantic screams got successively louder.

"Yes, Iphicles?" Hades appeared in the room. He wore a look of smug satisfaction.

"Hades! I'm so glad to see you-Ares said I wasn't your lover! That I was his!"

Hades smile turned into a mock frown. "How dare you lie to my lover like that!" He turned back to Iphicles, and said "I'll be back with you in a few minutes, I need to talk to my nephew." A wave of his hand and Iphicles disappeared.

Ares charged but Hades sent him flying a blast of power that rivaled some of Zeus' strongest.  Hephaestus looked like he was going to try something, but one glare for the
Lord of the Underworld and he disappeared.

As Ares struggled to sit up, he spat out, "You bastard! You didn't remove the spell at all, did you!"

Hades pretended to look shocked. "Of course I did! I just had you put a new one on at the same time."

"Take it off Hades! I can't kill you, but I *swear* I will make your life miserable. I'll flood the underworld with war casualties, I'll tell Persephone! I'll.I'll."

"Forget it. You won't waste all your good warriors to spite me, and you know it. And Persephone won't care. In fact, it was her idea to begin with. You see, she rather have me fucking a mortal, rather than another God. And since Iphicles looks so much like you.How could I lose?"

Hades turned to leave, when he paused. He turned back around, and looked at the stunned War God. "Funny, isn't it? All these years you've never had a that you finally got one, it destroyed you. What a pity."

Hades flashed out leaving the War God truly alone.

 The End

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