Destiny's Dragon
by Jade Marmalade

Ares sighed.  He should be happy.  The Roman Empire was in chaos after Caesar's assassination.  The Hellenistic world was seeing an almost unprecedented rise in war.  Warlords were prospering, despite the intervention of his idiot half-brother and erstwhile warrior princess of his employ.  Business was good!

He wasn't happy though.  And as much as he hated to admit it, it was because he didn't have anyone to share his glory with.  Anyone to love.  For awhile, there had been Xena, but she had left him for the perky blonde.  Strife had been there for him, but it had never really been a loving relationship and now - now his nephew was dead.  Callisto.  Ares spat.  That had been a mistake!  There had been others: a warlord here, a priestess there.  But they were never enough.  They weren't his soul mate.

When would he find the lover of his dreams?  When would he find the ONE?  Be it he or she, god or mortal or monster, Ares wanted to find his destined mate.

Ares sighed again and continued brooding.  Unbeknownst to him, a certain Goddess of Love had observed his thoughts.  While many thought Aphrodite was a ditzy nitwit, she had her own brand of cunning.  It was time to grant Ares' wish.  Aphrodite rubbed her hands together with glee and set her plan in motion.


Hera was sulking.  O, no one would say it to her face.  But she was, and she knew it.  She was sulking because Zeus was off with another one of his bitch-whores.  He thought she didn't know, but she always did.  Her husband had so many bastard children that it was a wonder the world wasn't overrun with little demi-gods.  She usually managed to take care of them young, snakes being her favorite method of disposal, but every once in a while one slipped past her.  Like Hercules.

Hera's lip curled in hate.  Hercules was the bane of her existence.  He just would not die!  His whole family was a menace.  Except that mortal half-brother of his . . .

Hera whirled around.  She thought she had seen something out of the corner of her eye.  Had that been a swirl of pink?  Were those rose petals on the floor?

Before her thoughts could fully form, Hera was overtaken by the image of Hercules' brother, Iphicles.  Now that was one fine piece of mortal flesh!  A depraved smile lit the face of the Queen of the Gods.  If Zeus could have his fun, why shouldn't she...?


"....and don't disturb me for the rest of the night."  Iphicles closed the doors to his bed chamber behind him with a sense of relief.  Once alone, the tension of the day drained out of him, leaving him emotionally bereft.  It was so hard being king, especially without the support of his beloved Rena.  What with guard, advisors, petitioners, palace staff, et cetera, he never really got to be alone all day.

The down side of being alone, though, was remembering that he was alone.  Loneliness gnawed away at the King of Corinth.  Since Rena's death, he had not really had anyone to talk to.  And he certainly hadn't had anyone to snuggle up to in the middle of the night.  Iphicles wanted - no, needed - someone to care for.  Someone who would understand the burdens he was weighed down with.  Someone to talk to.  Someone to love him.

A sudden, bright flash of light startled Iphicles out of his reverie.  There, in his bed, lay a woman.  Her hair was dark and her face was severe.  He looked into her eyes and shuddered at the predatory anticipation he saw there.

"Who are you?  What are you doing here?" he managed to rasp out.

"Why, I'm here for you, my dear king.  And as for who I am - I am the woman who you are about to have sex with," she purred.

Iphicles felt his anger and frustration rising.  How dare this wench sneak past his guards and presume to accost him in his own sanctuary!  "You are crazy, lady!  I wouldn't have sex with you even if you were a goddess!"

He saw a terrible fury that was frightening just to behold in her face.  "Oh, no?!  Well, mortal, I am Hera, Queen of the Gods!  For this rejection, you shall be hunted as a monster!"


'Oh, this is bad!' Iphicles thought as Hera raised an imperious finger toward him.  A terrible burning filled his body.  He felt like he was being ripped apart!  He opened his mouth to scream, but what came out was a roar.

The doors splintered behind him as the guards came rushing in.  They were coming at him with swords, yelling that he had killed the king.

In a blind panic, Iphicles took flight.



The half-god turned at the urgent cry.  A messenger was running through the crowded marketplace toward him.

"Yes?" he asked, interest piqued.  People usually only sounded that intense when there was trouble.  His guess wasn't wrong.

"I'm sorry to inform you but - your brother, King Iphicles - he's dead.  He was eaten by a huge bronze dragon last night.  Will you come to Corinth to rid us of this beast and to avenge the king?"

Hercules felt a dark, ugly emotion well up in his chest.  "Lead the way.  That dragon is as good as dead."

by Valancy

As he flapped his great wings over the hills in the outskirts of Corinth, Iphicles mumbled to himself.  To anyone that happened to overhear him, his monologue would have sounded like just a whole lot of roaring, but he was really trying to figure a way out of his dilemma.

"I'm a dragon."  His wings made a nice, brisk snapping sound that he was getting to like.  "Of all things, why would Hera turn me into a dragon?"  He scratched his scaled belly with a razor-sharp claw, and grunted in surprise at the sudden pain.  He craned his neck to look-- he had drawn his own blood.  He watched as several drops rolled down the glimmering bronze that was his body.  The moment they hit the craggy rocks, they began to fizzle noisily.

Aw, great.  His blood was acidic.

He cursed Hera a few times.  It cheered him somewhat to hear his own bellowed obscenities echoing in the immense emptiness.  He felt powerful, even omnipotent.  It was infinitely better than ruling a kingdom.  Generally, when ruling, he sat his ass on a plush purple cushion, as, hour after hour, ministers and citizens and emissaries and other *very* important people told him how to raise taxes, feed the people, avoid battles, draft more soldiers.  It got downright depressing at times.  If only he had known what he was in for when he had accepted the crown.

Yet somehow he couldn't doubt that he would have made the same choice, all over again.  If only he wasn't always alone, despite being a king.

He yawned.  Noxious gray smoke drifted out of his nostrils and wide-open mouth.

He was getting hungry.  He was also tired from all this soaring in the heavens.  He wanted to be king again, but he couldn't return to his palace in this form.  He'd had to break a whole wall to get out, and the palace guards hadn't seemed to happy to see him. Maybe if he landed somewhere around here, he could eat.  And get some rest.


Aphrodite materialized with a burst of something very much like scented confetti.

Ares had always thought the overall effect of it was tacky if not totally cheesy, but it had never irritated him quite as much as it did now.

"Go away," he grumbled, slouching so that his chin rested on his chest.

She beamed at him.  "Hey, bro.  Why aren't you out somewhere playing with your toy soldiers?"

He growled into his chest hair.

Her jaunty radiance didn't dim a bit, but she didn't move any closer to him.  "Come on, Ar, perk up!  There's so much to do.  Places to go, people to see, warriors to maim...."

Ares muttered a string if swear words that turned 'Dite's pink ears into a becoming scarlet.

"Oh, my little thunder cloud, what's wrong?"  Aphrodite held out her arms to him.  "Come here and tell your sis all about it."  Her bosom heaved invitingly.

He didn't even look up.

She stamped her tiny, slipper-clad foot.  "That is IT!  I've had it with you.  I came here to give you a chance to get one up on Hercules, for once, but you've blown it!  I--"

Ares perked up instantly.  "Herc?  Tell me more."


Hercules had left the messenger behind him a long ways back; the tired youth couldn't keep up.  He knew the way to Corinth just fine, and he had never traveled quite as quickly as he did now.  His feet barely touched the ground.

Iphicles was dead.

He was already looking forward to meeting the dragon, whatever it was, and ripping it open from the inside out.  He'd done it before, but he was uncertain if he could get the thing to swallow him after having just devoured a whole man.

Hercules shuddered and kept walking, uttering his brother's name like a mantra.  It helped him to focus on what he would need to do.

Exacting revenge wasn't a habit of his, but this time was most definitely an exception.

Now he was past the gates of Corinth.  Everything seemed to be going on as usual.  No signs of mourning.  The news of the death of their king must not have been made public.

Hercules stopped in his tracks.  Death of their king.

Iphicles had no heirs.

An arm reached from behind him and pulled him down.  "Gimme yer valuables," a grating voice said in his ear, "or I'll stick you with my knife."

Herc reached behind him and pushed, with the blade of his hand, the pressure point just below Iolaus' nose.  "Not now, Iolaus."  He turned to face him.

Iolaus stumbled back.  "How'd you know it was me?  And I thought that you'd be a little happier to see me."  He sobered as he took in the pained expression in his friend's eyes.  "What's wrong?"

"My brother is dead."

Iolaus' haw dropped.  "Not Iphicles."


"How...?"  He looked stricken.

Hercules glanced around.  "Come on, we've got to get to the palace."

Iolaus trotted alongside him.  "Was it an assassin?"

"Not really," said Hercules.  His hands tightened into large, ham-like fists.  "A dragon swallowed him."

"What?"  Iolaus felt his stomach turn, imagining the lovely King of Corinth being   "A dragon?  There haven't been any dragons in Greece since--"  He tripped over his feet.  "Do you know where the dragon came from?"

"No.  But I have a pretty good idea who's responsible."

"Hera," said the hunter glumly.  "I thought she was stuck in that pit forever."

"Forever isn't long enough for a god.  Definitely not for a goddess."

They approached the castle.  Iolaus whistled.  "A whole part of the east wing is gone."

Hercules grimaced.  "And of course it's not here now."

Iolaus didn't need to ask.  "So we're going after it."

"Any idea which direction it might have went?"  Hercules squinted up at the skies, but, of course, saw nothing.

"I know where the sucker is.  But I'm not telling."

The two men exchanged a knowing look before turning to the goddess.

"Hello, 'Dite," said Iolaus.

She winked at him.  "Hey, Curly."

"You will tell me where the-- the thing that killed Iphicles went."  Hercules was in no mood to deal with his sister's antics.

"Relax!  Your bro's fine."  She waved a hand in the air, vaguely.  "Finding the dragon won't help anything.  It might hurt things...."

"Are you saying you had something to do with this?"

"I'm saying nothing," she said saccharinely before disappearing.  "Absolutely nothing."

by Spooky

Hercules frowned at the space that his sister had occupied. "What did she mean, Iphicles is fine?"

Iolaus shrugged. "She said not to kill the dragon. Perhaps the dragon has him prisoner?"

Hercules nodded. "You could be right... ok, Iolaus.. let's go dragon hunting." His face looked suddenly determined.

"But I haven't had dinner yet..." Iolaus started.

Hercules turned round and stared coldly at the hunter. "Are you telling me, you would rather go eat, than find Iphicles, 'cos if you are, you and I are no longer friends."

Iolaus looked taken aback at his friend's venom. "Uh. No.. I'm just... its been a long walk.. and I'm tired.. and we don't know where he is... and.. and..." his voice petered out as Hercules continued to stare at him.

"We can make camp later. I don't want to waste any time." Hercules strode off, leaving Iolaus blinking.

"'Dite says he's fine. What's the hurry..." he muttered before running to catch up.

They walked... or rather in Iolaus' case trotted until it was well after dark. It was only when Iolaus stumbled on the hundredth tree root that he called a halt.

"Hey, Herc. We aren't gonna find him tonight. Stop already."

Hercules stopped then gazed around at the darkness as if seeing it for the first time.

"Oh.. right.. ok. But we rise at first light?"

"Promise!" Iolaus said emphatically, sitting down on a log and catching his breath. He had never seen the demigod so determined, or so.... fast. He looked about.

"This is a good place to stop. We have water... and I have some bread and cheese in my pack. Don't even have to stop to hunt," he said.

Hercules grunted and sat down, deep in thought. Iolaus sighed and went to gather wood for a fire. He really, really hated it when Herc got in this kind of mood. He was just no fun.

"Iphy's probably living it up with the dragon," he muttered. "And all I get are sore thighs. I can think of better ways to get sore thighs...." He grinned suddenly. He'd just thought of a way to put Herc in a good mood.

He made up the fire and got it going. Hercules stared into the roaring flames and said nothing. Iolaus squatted by the fire for a moment, watching him, then seeing the tense demigod relax infinitesimally, he chose his moment then pounced, leapt onto his startled friend, pushed him down to the ground and straddled his body.

"Iolaus!!!" Hercules started, then found his mouth full of Iolaus' tongue, shutting him up very thoroughly. He refused to respond for a moment then gradually realised that the hunter was not going to give up and forced his preoccupied brain into sex mode.

This was getting easier and easier with every passing second. Iolaus had transferred his attention to Herc's neck and was licking, sucking and biting his way down his throat then to his chest, pulling open the shirt and working his way down further.

Hercules' breath began to quicken and he raked his hands through his lover's hair, pulling him closer, emitting a small gasp of pleasure as that teasing mouth found a nipple and suckled on it hard.

The pressure of the sucking stopped and Iolaus looked up at him. Hercules opened his eyes and looked down.

"Want more?" Iolaus asked.

Hercules nodded.

"Was that a yes?"

"Y... yeah..." Hercules breathed.


"Yes, damn it... I want more..." Hercules exploded.

Iolaus grinned. "Beg for it."


"I said beg."


Iolaus sat up and sulked. "You never do anything I wanna do." He said in a mock childlike voice.

Hercules sat up. "Uh... Iolaus... What's got into you?"

The hunter turned on him, with a huge smile. "You... I hope!"

Hercules growled and threw Iolaus down to the floor of the clearing. "You little bastard. For that you're gonna get fucked!"

Iolaus wasn't too sure if Hercules was joking or not. He let out a yell as he felt Hercules rip down his pants, uncaring about undoing them.

"Oh shit. He's in a really bad temper," he thought.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and both men looked up in surprise.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here, my half bro and his little slut at play. Don't mind if I join in, do you?"

"Ohhhhh fuck! This is NOT good!" Iolaus thought as Ares, god of war walked forward, a malevolent grin on his face.

by Thamiris

Ares advanced on Herc and Iolaus, fists clenched.  The earth seemed to shake with each step:  the war god at his most menacing, all muscle, heat and darkness.  "You two are gonna--"

"I hate to interrupt this charming family reunion," Autolycus said, peering out from behind a large grey rock, "but I have a problem."  The scorching glare from the war god nearly singed his body hair, but Iolaus at least looked grateful, his face creasing into a relieved if startled smile.  Even Herc's stolid expression shifted, imitating a smile.

Tentatively, the thief put one foot forward, away from the rock's protection, waiting to see if Ares would blast it off.  Nothing happened. He tried another foot--and nearly slipped on a damp mass of pine needles.

The god rolled his eyes.  "I don't have time for the comedy routine--just drag your ass out here, Autolycus.  Who knows?  Maybe you can help me, too."

"Help you? You mean you weren't about to kill us?" Iolaus asked, eyeing the god suspiciously.

"Not right now.  Let's just say that I'm on a mission right now, one that has nothing to do with either of you.  But 'Dite thought you could help.  I need a man."

Three sets of eyebrows shot up.

The skin covering Ares' high cheekbones turned a becoming rose.  "That's NOT what I meant," he lied.  "I just have a WAR-related question--something to do with...uh...battle-strategies--that only Proteus can answer."

"The shape-shifting sea god?  The one whose butt Odysseus kicked?  Or squeezed or whatever?"

"Yeah.  Only I can't find him.  He's bored with the sea--not enough action for his tastes--so he's been wandering around Greece fucking everything that moves in any form he likes."

"Sounds like a fun project, Ares," Herc said, sarcasm wrapped tightly around each word, "but we have a dragon to find.  We've got better things to do than help you with your war games."

Iolaus put a calming hand on his lover's arm.  "Uh, big guy...'Dite said going after the dragon might hurt, and definitely wouldn't help.  Plus she's never steered us wrong.  Who knows?  Maybe Proteus can help us out--he's supposed to be pretty smart."

"We can try it, but if we don't find him soon, we're going after that dragon."

Autolycus walked over to the campfire, giving a wide berth to the scowling god.  "Maybe this Proteus guy can help me, too."

"What's your problem?" Iolaus asked.

"Him," Auto replied, pointing to the empty air at his side.

A laugh prefaced the flash of divine sparks as the ether tore and a young man appeared: handsome, blond, with a full quiver on his back.  "Hi Uncs," he said to Herc and Ares with a shameless grin.  "Hi shorty."


"Yeah, Cupid.  He won't leave me alone," Autolycus complained.  "I think he fell on one of his own arrows.  I mean, I know I'm irresistible, but he can't keep his hands off me.  Or his mouth.  Or his--"

Iolaus jumped in hastily.  "We get the picture."

Herc, satisfied that Ares wouldn't attack, and noticing Iolaus' sleep-shadowed eyes, took charge.  "Look, we'll camp here for the night, then head out at first light.  You too, Ares.  We'll save time if you're with us."  Assuming agreement, he settled back on the soft earth, hands clasped under his head.

Iolaus moved beside him, close but discreetly not touching, while Autolycus, with a quick glance at Cupid, also stretched out near the fire, crumpling up his vest as a pillow.  The young god dropped down on his stomach beside him, staring dreamily over at Auto.

The only one without a lover, Ares was the last to sink to the springy earth, resting his back against a fire-warmed rock.  Unable to sleep, ignoring the fingernails of loneliness scratching his heart, he watched the two couples in the light from the glowing embers.

Cupid beat Iolaus, barely waiting for slowed breaths and dying flames before letting his fingers slide over Autolycus' leather-covered cock.  Despite his earlier protests, the thief didn't slap the hand away but arched into it, pulling the blond head down for a deep kiss.

The other couple acted more discreetly.  Iolaus, eyes closed and obviously feigning sleep, rolled closer to Herc, whose arm just happened to extend. With his head comfortably against his lover's chest, the smaller man nudged the edges of the vest further apart, then closed his mouth over a nipple.

As he listening to the soft sucking, Ares shifted uncomfortably, his hard cock strangled by his tight pants.  He did nothing until his nephew quietly changed positions, moving between Auto's legs and freeing the thief's undeniably impressive erection, which he began to nuzzle eagerly.  His tongue left wet traces that shone in the dim light, and Ares moaned softly as Auto did.  Unable to resist, hoping an orgasm might kill his loneliness, the war god tugged out his own cock.  Huge and wet-tipped, it demanded a hot mouth, but he consoled it with his hand, squeezing the head and using the silver liquid oozing out for lubrication.

His dark eyes flicked back and forth between the twosomes: Autolycus could barely control his ragged breathing as he pumped into Cupid's tireless mouth, while Iolaus and Herc jerked each other off, following the same slow, torturous rhythm.

Ares borrowed it, running his hand along his shaft, trying to feel what they were feeling.  But all he got was a bittersweet hum of pleasure. Frustrated, he concentrated on his nephew and Auto, a couple thankfully not in love.  But it didn't look casual, like some insignificant fuck, not when the thief grabbed Cupid's lean hips, flipping him around, and turned them both on their sides, so each had a cock in his mouth. The way their hands kept moving over buttocks and backs, along hips and up to nipples, not to mention the hard sucking...It was like they couldn't get enough of each other.

His fingers wrapped more tightly around his own cock, almost hurting it with the brutal strokes, turning the swollen skin a harsh red.  He made the mistake of turning back to his brother and Iolaus.  They now faced each other, tongues extended, cocks touching.  Iolaus' back was to him, but he could see Herc's face, light eyes fixed on his lover's, face shining, burnished with sweat.

When Hercules' body tensed, and he shuddered with love, Iolaus and Ares came too, Iolaus with joy, Ares with empty, hot bursts of jealousy.  Cupid and Auto followed, and the war god tongued his fingers clean while listening to their little grunts of pleasure, their repeated swallows.

"I love you," Herc and Iolaus whispered together, before sharing a final, sweet kiss.

Ares considered killing them all, even raised his sticky hand to do it, before letting it fall back to his still-pulsing cock.  Cursed with need, blood filled it again, stretching the abused skin.

He'd wait while they tried to find Proteus.  If the sea god couldn't point him toward a lover, he'd wipe them all off the face of the earth.

by Huntress

Iphicles soared, flapping his wings, enjoying his freedom. He was getting tired now, and needed food and rest. He spotted a shaded area, and decided that that would be the perfect spot. But his rest was short lived. Two minutes after he landed, a group of villagers came running towards him, weapons drawn, and Iphicles knew what was on their minds. Roasted dragon. Sighing, and snorting, (which set a tree on fire), Iphicles took off again.

He flew for a while, when he heard flapping beside him. Looking to his left, he saw there was another dragon, somehow knew it was female, and she was smiling at him.

"Go away," he growled. "Leave me alone."

"Don't ya want company?" asked the dragon, in a light, melodic voice. "It can get awfully lonely flying by yourself. I've been watching you for a while. I think you're cute."

Iphicles groaned. 'Great, just great,' he thought. 'Any dragon I can run into and *she* thinks I'm cute.' He looked closer at the female. 'Then again, she isn't so bad. *What* am I saying! She's a dragon. Wait a second Iph. You're a dragon too.' If he had been human, he would have shrugged his shoulders.

Aloud he said, "I would like some rest, and something to eat. Do you know of any place nearby where I can do both?"

"Sure," she said, a lilt in her voice. "Follow me." The female led him to an abandoned glade. "Don't worry. Those villagers will never catch up to us. We can rest here for a while."

Iphicles landed with a thud, nearly flipping over. He 'ran' to the lake and began to drink. Gods, flying was tiring, and he was very thirsty.

He turned and saw the female coming towards him, an apple tree within her mouth. She shook it, and dozens of apples spilled onto the ground.

"Apples are good," she said, with what sounded like a giggle. "Better then cows or goats. And nobody gets hurt when you swipe apples. But swipe livestock, and people go crazy."

Iphicles tried to say 'thanks', but his mouth was full. He didn't realize how hungry he was.

"Don't eat so quick," said the female. "You'll get a tummy ache."

Iphicles couldn't stop himself, ignoring the female. But five minutes later, his stomach was churning.

The female, seeing this, spoke softly. "I told you. Look, rub your tummy and it will feel much better. Like this." The female made a motion with her claw.

"No!" snapped Iphicles. At the females surprised look, his voice calmed. "The last time I tried that, I cut myself open. It was a real mess."

"Didn't your mother, or any of the other females in your group, teach you to rub your tummy?"

"No they did not! I am *not* a dragon. I am *Iphicles, King of Corinth*, my mother certainly did not teach me to rub my tummy, and I don't want to be a dragon anymore. I want to go home." He looked up at the sky. "I'll be a better king. Really I will. Just change me back. Please." His voice was now a whimper, and the female put her claw around him.

"It's okay," she said soothingly. "I don't always want to be a dragon either. But we need to accept what we are, and who we are. Once you do that, you'll be fine."

Iphicles snorted, setting another tree on fire. "You sound like my brother. 'Be true to yourself and all will be well.' Good advice, I have to admit...*most* of the time...but not now!"

"I learned that from Hercules. You've heard of him, haven't you? He's a hero. Well, he and his friend Iolaus."

Iphicles could swear the female was blushing. "You know of Hercules and Iolaus?" he asked, his voice cracking.

"Of course. Hasn't everybody?" The female's face was changing, and Iphicles could tell there were emotions there, the most obvious being embarrassment.

"Is something the matter?" he asked. "Why do you keep blushing?"

"I can't help it," she answered. "They are both so cute. They saved my life once."

"Y-You know them?" Iphicles asked, his voice rising a pitch.

"Yes. As I said, they saved my life. An evil man had me under his control. But Hercules and Iolaus showed me the truth. *And* helped reunite me with my fellow dragons."

"*I* am not a dragon. Really. I am Hercules' brother, Iphicles. I told you. I am the King of Corinth."

The female snorted, and Iph could tell she was giggling. "If you want to be Iphicles, go ahead. Hercules told me about him."

'I hope I don't regret this but....' Iphicles thought. Aloud he said, "What did Herc say about me?"

The female rolled her eyes. "Hercules said that Iphicles was a fine king, and that his stepfather couldn't have made a better choice in giving him the crown."

"Anything else?" Iphicles asked, surprised at this. Herc had never said this to *him*.

"Well," the dragon paused, thinking. "He said that his brother was brave and true, and sometimes he wished to be more like him. He told me this when I last saw him and Iolaus. They came to visit me, and I was having a fight with *my* brother."

'I wonder why Herc never told *me* that,' Iphicles thought. "So," he said aloud, "what do I call you? I can't keep calling you the female dragon. Do you have a name?"

The female smiled. "Of course I have a name silly."

"Then what is it?" Iph asked



In the meantime, three men and two Gods were roaming, on a quest for Proteus. Autolycus had finally given up trying to dodge Cupid's hands, and decided to just enjoy them. Hercules kept teasing Iolaus, grabbing his ass while they walked. Hercules was calm, now that he knew from his sister that Iphicles was fine.

Ares just stared at them, debating if he should do some touching of his own. Between the hunter and the King of Thieves, his cock was aching. But which one? Touching Iolaus meant getting Herc pissed at him, something he couldn't afford right now. If he made a move on Autolycus, there was always the possibility that Cupid would shoot him with an arrow while he was looking at a sow. So the ache continued.

They made camp at dusk, finding a secluded area. Iolaus went off in search of food, but by the time he came back, with three rabbits, not to mention sweaty and smelly, he saw the other's were eating.

"Hey, where'd you guy's get food?" he asked.

"Ares,' said Herc, his mouth full.

"Yeah," said Autolycus, grinning at the filthy and sweaty hunter. "He brought us steak and roast chicken, my favorites." Iolaus walked closer, and the other's moved away.

"You reek!" said Cupid, holding his nose.

"Oh Gods you smell horrible," Ares said, scrunching his face. "Real nasty."

"Fine...I'll feed myself from now on," Iolaus snapped. He glared at Herc. "And *you*, some buddy you turned out to be. Letting me go off and not calling me for food. Why don't you make nice with your hand for the next week!" That said, Iolaus stomped off, towards a nearby lake, his stomach rumbling with hunger.

"Oooh, somebody's angry," said Autolycus.

"Maybe I should bring him some food," said Ares, leering after Iolaus. He stood, but Herc's hand pulled him back down.

"Go near him Ares, and I *will* do you extreme harm," Herc warned.

"Really bro'," Ares growled at him. "What are you going to do? Bore me to death with lecture number twelve?"

"You know Ares, you need a swift kick in the...." Herc was cut off by Cupid.

"Uncle Herc?" Cupid said. "I think you need to...."

"Shut up Cupid," Herc answered. "Now as I was saying Ares...."

"But Uncle Herc...."

Hercules turned to him. "I told you to shut up. Where did Auto go?"

"That's what I was trying to tell you," Cupid answered. "He mumbled something about Iolaus' ass, and took off after him."

"I'll *kill* him!" Herc shouted and took off.

"This *I* have to see," said Ares, with an evil grin, and followed.

Cupid just sat, and smiled. "Oh well, more food for me. I may not have to eat, but it sure is fun." He stuffed his mouth with whatever was left, sitting by the fire, but his ears were attuned to the sounds by the lake.


Herc reached the clearing by the lake, and was about to charge in, and rip the thief apart, when he noticed that Autolycus was laying on the ground, and Iolaus was atop him. Iolaus' mouth was on Auto's cock, and they appeared to be having a good time. Knowing how active Iolaus' libido was, he decided to stand in the shadows and watch. He loved to watch Iolaus. With anyone. The hunter moved so smoothly, and it always got Herc hard.

After a few minutes, he felt his hand, seemingly moving on its own, pull his pants down a bit, freeing his cock. He began to stroke himself, biting his lip to stop the moan that threatened to burst forth. His eyes widened, however, when he felt another hand over his, and a tongue on his cock. Looking down, he saw his brother licking at his shaft, and allowed Ares to remove *his* hand, leaving himself to Ares touch. And oh what a touch it was.

Ares, smiled up at his brother, swallowing Herc's cock, his hands reaching around for his ass, listening to Herc's breathing getting rapid.

"Ares," Herc whispered, "where did you learn to do that?" His voice was ragged, and he was biting his lip harder.

"Experience little brother," Ares said,  his own breathing ragged. He sucked Herc harder and Herc finally gave, spilling his seed, albeit silently, down the God's throat. Ares stood, kissing Herc, letting Herc taste himself, and the two gave one last glance at the two by the lake, before wandering back to the campfire.

"Doesn't matter what you just did Ares. You touch Iolaus and I'll beat you to a pulp," Herc said, quite serious.

"You definitely don't need to worry about that Herc," Ares said, with a grin. "Definitely not."

by Jenn M

Braxis looked coyly at Iphicles. At least he thought that was how a dragon would look when being coy.

She moved closer to him. He felt a funny fluttering of nervousness. He had the distinct impression she was making a move on him.

"Here, let me rub your tummy for you," she said shyly.

Iphicles tensed as she passed her claw on his stomach. He waited for her to draw blood. He relaxed as her claw moved delicately across his aching belly. He was surprised at how nice it felt; after all, it was a dragon rubbing him. Iphicles lay his bronze head back against a rock wall. His eyes closed contentedly. His stomach felt so much better.

He began to feel a strange sensation. He hadn't noticed before but his male organs were sheathed inside his body. He opened his eyes to see a large bronze cock grow from his body. He couldn't believe the size of it, or the fact he was getting turned on by a dragon. He looked to Braxis.

She seemed to be smiling at him. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear.  "Have any of the females shown you the ways of love?" she whispered.

Iphicles gulped. "Uhh no."

"Than let me show you," she said as she shifted closer. "It's best to do it in the air," she whispered again. Then in one quick movement she was high in the air.

Iphicles nervously rose up to join her.  "What am I thinking?" he said to himself. He couldn't help his incredible lust overtaking him.  When he reached the female she grabbed him close to her. His bronze cock pressed against her  surprisingly tender belly.

She reached down and took his throbbing member in her claw. "Relax, let me guide you."  She maneuvered her body and Iphicles felt himself enter her warm, moist orifice.  She wrapped her wings around him pulling him in deeper. His cock swelling even more filling her.

Iphicles wrapped his wings around her and delighted in the feel of her. By the gods this must be a dream he told himself.

"Now move slowly in and out. As you get the hang of it, you can increase your speed," she instructed.

Iphicles did as she said, sliding his amazingly long cock i and out of her. The sensations were amazing. He groaned as his pleasure increased.

Their bodies turned and twisted in the air, wrapped tightly together. Iphicles' thrusts becoming harder and faster.

As the most incredible orgasm ripped through his body, a roar tore from him. His roars of ecstasy were met by Braxis, their bodies shuddering with their orgasms.

The dragons slowly came apart. Iphicles was shocked as he watched his cock shrink back inside him.

Braxis turned to him. "I must go now, it is always the way of the female to going search of an area to nest."

"To nest?  What do you mean NEST?" Iphicles asked incredulously.

"We have mated.  What do you expect?" she laughingly said to him. "How sweet and naive you are. You have much to learn about being a dragon. Now I really must go." With that she turned and flew off.

Iphicles watched her receding form in disbelief. He couldn't believe he was about to be a father, a father of a dragon.

Could this day get any worse?

by Kobra

Not unless he let it, Iphicles decided, as he watched Braxis vanish. He was King of Corinth, a leader and it was time he started acting like one. Besides he was hungry again after all that strenous activity - fucking and flying really took it out of you - and he wanted protein not fruit. Braxis was right about the problems of eating cattle or sheep and the King of Corinth could hardly steal his subjects' livestock. He found a thermal rising off warming rock and circled for a bit while he thought about what he could eat that wouldn't end in people trying to kill him. Dragons he realised had superb distance vision. He could see Corinth bathed in the morning sun and the waves on the sea beyond, even the dark speck of Golgoth.

Of course! Sand sharks. No-one would mind him eating those, and he'd being doing his job too in clearing up the menace of those monsters. He wondered briefly if dragons could eat sand sharks but set off with fresh determination. Now he'd adjusted to his new body he found that he enjoyed flying. He hadn't accepted the change but for now he would make the best of it. Which of Herc's routine lectures was that one?

The sun felt good warming his back as he flew. He experimented with turns and spins, even a somersault. He discovered he could turn round his wing-tip, hover and fly backwards. Then he tried to make a controlled flame. The first few blasts were a bit fierce but his control improved with practice. He smiled, grimly. Wait til those sand sharks get a load of me!

All too soon he arrived. He used the wooden remains of the prison for target practice. Now he was starving so he landed and tapped one foot gently on the sand scanning all the while for the telltale sign of approaching sand sharks. There to his left and then ahead. He waited and waited before jumping, hovering and flaming the first. It exploded scattered very crispy fried and black lumps of sand shark. Rats. Too well done. The second leapt out of the sand and Iphicles caught it between his jaws and bit it in two. His dragon's palate found it was quite tasty raw so he landed on a nearby rock while he ate it. Slowly this time. He didn't want another tummy-ache.

He ate six in all and destroyed another eleven before no more responded. He was disappointed. His dragon's predatory instincts had been enjoying the game. Now what? Could dragons swim? The sea looked very inviting after all his exercise. He waded in and discovered dragons could swim! In fact dragons liked water very much, and he could take off from the surface and dive back in. The second time he did that he surprised a school of dolphins who raced off to open sea in panic. Iphicles laughed. He hadn't had this much fun since..... No, he couldn't remember ever having this much fun. Maybe life as a dragon
wouldn't be all that bad...

"No," he told himself sternly. "You're not a dragon, you're human. Besides, can you really let Herc rule Corinth?"

He shuddered. All the best of his administrative workforce would leave. He'd spent a long time slowly recruiting people who knew what they were doing. Herc's principles were fine for him, and always sounded good, but they were not the basis for sound government. But how was he going to get himself turned back?

He'd have to find Herc and ask for his help. The day just got a lot worse. Fathering dragons might be strange but asking his little brother for help was always really unpleasant. Okay this was Hera's doing, but he was prepared to bet Herc would end up making him feel it was his fault. Herc had a real talent for that.

He gave himself one last deep dive as a final treat. This time when he surface he came face to face with a scantily -clad female sitting in a giant clam shell.

"Hi sugar," she beamed at him, and reached out to scratch his eye-ridges. Gods, but that felt good.

"Aphrodite?" he asked.

"The one and only!"

"Can you change me back?"

"Not on my own. It'll take more than one of us to overturn Hera's spell. Well, except for Daddy, of course, but he's busy right now. Which is kinda why you're in this mess."

"Oh," Iphicles sighed deeply. "I'm worried about what's happened since I left. I.. Well I panicked. Do you know if anyone's looking for me? Does Herc know?"

"Yeah. Hercola's out on a dragon hunt. But don't worry sugar. I told him you were okay. I'll take you to him if you like."

"You think he can get me out of this mess?" Iphicles asked anxiously.

"Hey. You don't go see him you'll never find out. Now come here and let me climb on."

Iphicles did as he was told and leapt for the high heavens. Aphrodite squealed her approval of the speed.

"Woweeeeeeeee. That's a rush! Beats doves anyday."

Encouraged by her delight Iphicles flew at his top speed and soon made out a small group of travellers hurrying along the road towards the lake he'd drunk from last night. Aphrodite chuckled to herself as she identified the individuals until she saw the blond one with wings.

"Cupie!" she shouted in indignation. "Just wait til I get my hands on you." Iphicles glanced over his shoulders and caught the steely glint in her eyes and the determined set of her jaw and decided he wouldn't want to be in Cupid's shoes when his mother caught up with him.

"Iphy," she drawled, winsomely. "I have to go now. Please don't tell them I helped you get here. And, what was the other thing. Oh yeah. Herc might try to kill you. Later." And she was gone.

Iphicles circled as he worked out the implications. Great. The day just got even worse. He couldn't let Herc kill him because Hera would win and Herc would have another grief to beat himself up about and, anyway, he didn't want to die just yet. And he couldn't kill Herc.

He circled lower and noticed he'd been spotted. Iolaus was there, a dark figure in black who could be Ares, Cupid and another he didn't know. He saw Hercules pick up a rock and throw it at him. He veered and the rock went past his right shoulder. How was he going to talk to them? If Aphrodite understood him then the chances were both Ares and Cupid would, but he needed something to bargain with. Ah yes.

Iphicles lifted himself above the rock range, then stooped and flamed. The group scattered for cover, as he planned. He swept back before they could react and gently but firmly grabbed Iolaus in his front claws. He heard Herc's bellow of rage. He flew towards the wide expanse of grass by the lake and landed with his back to the water. He held Iolaus in front of him like a shield although the small blond squirmed a lot.

Hercules led the pack as they raced towards him and stopped dead when he saw Iolaus alive in the dragon's claws.

8 a (There are three sections to part 8; the scene is retold from three different points of view.  Skip down to part 9 if one is enough).
by Taz

Regrouped, the little rescue party wasn't going to stay cooperative for long. Ares was signaling Herc to come at him from the other side. The guy in green, he didn't recognize, but he'd picked up a rock and Cupid had taken to the air with an arrow knocked and was looking to Ares for orders. Iolaus was starting to squirm again so Iphicles squeezed just a little, and dangled the blond from his claws. It had the effect of calming them all down.

"Now that I have your attention.." The cloud of sulphurous smoke he breathed out with the words set them all coughing. (This smoke and fire-breathing thing really was tricky.) "Oh, sorry. Herc, are you alright?" he asked his brother, remembering a few bad bouts they'd all endured with the demi-god's childhood asthma.

"You can talk!" Hercules started wheezing in shock.

"Of course I can talk," Iphicles snarled. "Now sit down and put your head between your knees. In fact, all of you sit down," he roared. They sat -- but the guy in green was a beat behind. "That means you too, feather boy." He breathed a lick of flame at cupid who took the hint and landed beside the guy in green. "As I was saying, now that I have your attention."

"Iphicles! Tell me what you've done with Iphicles!" Unable to contain himself Hercules jumped up only to be pulled down by Ares' hand on the seat of his pants.

"Down boy, you want him to barbecue Blondie?" the god asked. Hercules started to struggle and Ares sat on him and put a hand over his mouth.

"He looks more like he wants roast thief," the guy in green said. For some reason, he seemed to have trouble figuring out what Iphicles was saying, the others weren't having a problem.

Frustrated, Hercules bit Ares' hand and, when the god yelped and let go, demanded. "Don't you care about anyone except yourself, Autolycus?"

"No, why should I? I'm young, virile and incredibly talented. Think of the loss to women and godlings everywhere." Autolycus turned to Cupid for sympathy. Hercules lunged against Ares' grip.

Iolaus, still dangling, muttered, "Hey, guys, I'm about to become shishkabob here, how about a rescue?"

"Don't hold your breath for this bunch, Blondie." Iphicles sympathized, puffing like a teapot with amusement. The evidence of Hercules' concern warmed him and it looked like the demi-god was going to give Ares a problem there for a moment, but the god cold-cocked their brother with a short, sharp right.

"Ouch." Iolaus said.

"Beautiful, I'll bet that hurt, I've wanted to do it myself often enough," Iphicles chuckled.

"You, have?" Iolaus said and suddenly stiffened in his grasp. "King Iphicles?"

"Yes," he said.

"Is that you?"

"I just said 'yes'" Apparently dragons were both wise and testy by nature, normally he wouldn't have been so short with everyone, but sheesh. He accidentally squeezed and Iolaus fainted so he laid him down beside Hercules and told Ares, "Slap them both a bit. I'm getting tired of this."

Grinning, the god complied. "I don't blame you. May we take it you aren't carnivorous?"

"You may not." Iphicles grinned back, showing all of his teeth and liking the way everyone, even the gods, turned a little pale. (There really was a lot to like about being a dragon.) "I just don't eat family."

* * *

Iolaus recovered first, and seeing him safe made explaining things to Hercules a lot easier. A little later, they decided that the lakeside was a good place to camp. There was plenty of water and driftwood for a fire and lots of soft sand a dragon could curl up in. There had been lamb that Ares provided, roasted over the flames and Iolaus had found some wild yams to bake in the coals.

The human looking beings, except for Hercules, were gathered around the fire, discussing the situation. Autolycus and Cupid where cuddling on the far side and Iolaus had parked himself between Ares and Hercules, who had tucked himself in the crook of one of Iphicles' scaly elbows and was leaning against his broad chest as though he planned to stay there all night -- to Iolaus' apparent frustration. Iphicles was grooming the scales on his paws, biting and tugging on a few loose ones, (It seemed a very natural and dragonish thing to do.) Herc was in the way a bit but Iphicles really didn't mind. He minded what Ares was saying.

"Well at least she didn't turn you into a cow." Ares obviously felt called upon to defend his mother a little.  Iphicles rumbled and the god subsided.

Hercules reached up and scratched the ridge over an eye. "Don't worry we'll figure out a way to get you out of this.

"I know you will." The scratching felt so good that Iphicles closed his eyes. "You really thought I'd been eaten and went dragon hunting all by yourself?"

"Yeah, I ran into Iolaus in Corinth.or rather he ran into me." Hercules seemed to remember something and called to the hunter. "Hey, Iolaus, I thought you said you were going up to Amphipolis to see Xena and Gabby when I saw you last Thursday.

"I guy can change his mind, can't he?" The blond grinned.

"Hey, Blondie, toss me one of those yams," Iphicles asked and Iolaus fished one out of the coals and pitched it to him. They were too small to be considered food but he liked the way they burst like hot little bombs in his mouth.

"Can you understand him?" From the other side of the fire, Autolycus directed his question to Iolaus.

"Of course," the hunter said. "Can't you?"

"No." The thief directed a disgusted look around the little circle. "To me he just sounds like he's roaring."

"That's probably, 'cause you're wholly human, Sugar Bumps." The God of Love said.

"Then what's he?" Autolycus said pointing at the blond hunter.

It took a minute and the implications sank in with various degrees of comprehension. Ares was the first to start whooping, but then he hadn't fucked the shape-shifting god. Hercules moaned and Autolycus turned bright red. Cupid didn't care, as God of Getting It Off it had all been good for him. Iphicles, feeling protective of Herc, put a paw out to cover the errant deity with; there was a pop and an empty space where Iolaus had been.  Hercules was on his feet and Iphicles was roaring.

Ares surged up. "Blast you, worm. I wanted to talk to him."

"Yeah, tell us about what? All this co-incidence is all getting mighty suspicious." Iphicles roared back. "You can blow out of here too, but if you stay you'd better talk or I'll fry you!" Autolycus put his hands over his ears. For a moment, it looked like Ares was so angry he was going to pop out too, but then said, "'Dite told me to find him."

"Why, Unc?" The God of Love asked. "You said it was about war, but it must really have something to do with love or Mom sent you on a wild goose chase."

"I don't know," Ares confessed and they all stared at him. Finally, he threw up his hands. "She just said it was important."

"Well, she sent me to find the lot of you and said Herc could get me out of this," Iphicles said. "So, we'll assume she knows what's she's doing and get on with it tomorrow." He yawned, rolling out about a yard of forked tongue as he did so and made the war god jump. "I'm sleepy."

They slept.

* * *

Or tried to.

Autolycus and Cupid on the far side of the fire had the most peaceful night. After a quick trip to the bushes, they curled up in each other's arms with Cupid's wings folded over them like a tent. And if anything came of it, no one else knew it that night.

Ares took a spot where he could see the entire camp from where he lay feeling very put upon. His nephew and the thief seemed content. Hercules settled back into his place against the dragon's chest, and Iphicles had stretched his paws out to make more of a couch for him.

For a while everything was still and quiet except for the night-jars and few lovelorn frogs and he almost fell asleep. Then Ares saw Hercules reach up and begin to rub the dragon's eye ridge again and the huge creature nuzzle the demi-god playfully.

They were speaking but their voices were so low that Ares couldn't really hear what they said. The dragon's was like soft thunder in the distance. But he saw Hercules' sleepy smile and the worm's tongue when it snaked out and tickled their brother's ear and chin. Surprised by the sensation, Hercules laughed out loud and the dragon must have chuckled in its way too because there were little puffs of white smoke around the demi-god's body and Ares could smell sulfur.

When the smoke cleared, (Hercules waved a good bit of it away), Ares saw with a start that the dragon had nosed into their brother's vest and was pulling it open. It was amazing to watch how delicately such a huge creature could manipulate things and he could imagine what the sensation of scaly snout and hot damp tongue on flesh was doing to their brother as the dragon's tongue flicked like a snakes over the demi-god's nipples. Hercules seemed to be protesting but not very strenuously, because he was wriggling and laughing too. Besides, Ares thought as Iphicles carefully bit the demi-god's belt-buckle in half, who argues with a horny dragon?

Because Iphicles had shifted the lower part of his great body to the side and Ares could see the vent that secreted the dragon's sex and the tip of the penis showing there. He got up an elbow to watch. Oh, he was going to torment their little brother with this forever. Maybe this was what 'Dite meant about getting one up on Herc. The dragon opened Hercules' clothing completely and Ares could see the demi-gods cock standing straight up. He licked his lips. Oh this was too good. The dragon's tongue twined around Herc's cock. The forked end probed beneath it and Herc's head was tossing back and forth against the dragon's chest. Ares was panting, imagining where the tip was flicking now. Hercules raised his knees and spread them crying softly. Ares was almost crying too. Was the dragon doing what it looked like he was doing? He must be, because the noise Herc was making was harsh and rhythmic, his body was convulsing and come was squirting all over his stomach.

Overwhelmed by the sight Ares came too, just managing to unlace himself and catch the hot effusion in his hands. Moaning too, he could hear Herc's softly dying cries and the little whimper of loss when the dragon's tongue withdrew. Rolling up to his knees, he staggered to his feet and walked to the dragon and the demigod. He looked down at Herc, sprawled in the dragon's arms. He looked at the come-flushed satiated face of his brother and then up at the dragon. "I thought you didn't eat family," he said.

"You want to quibble over a figure of speech," Iphicles said. "Or blow me?"

8 b
by Taz

Hercules fitted himself into the bend of Iphilces' shoulder and Iphicles stretched his forearms out to make a more comfortable couch for him. He kept an eye on all of the others until they'd settled down to sleep.

Ares still had the aspect of a thundercloud so the thief, Autolycus, and Cupid slipped off into the bushes for a bit of privacy. Iphicles listened and heard the expected plashing but when it got quieter, he listened even more closely and heard a low chuckle, the soft sounds of sucking, of tongues lashing fleshy poles and breathy moans of completion. When the two came back, they settled together under the canopy of Cupid's wings.

The war god settled himself alone where he could watch the camp and pretend to sleep but Iphicles could tell from the depth of his breathing and the rate of his heart beat that the god was awake.

Iphicles was amused, Ares was so extremely masculine yet he'd pretended to ignore his nephew and the thief. But Iphicles had seen the tenting in the god's polished black leathers when Ares had gotten up off of Herc after the tussle earlier and the hot jealous looks he flicked at their brother when he thought no one was looking. He must be in pain by now. Iphicles was amused but sympathetic too. He remembered all the times as a human that he'd looked at Herc the same way--jealously wanting to punch the demi-god out --or throw him face down on anything handy, ram his cock up his ass and fuck some sense into his brother's head. Herc's willful, self-righteous, jackass stubborn innocence combined with a body like mortal sin was just too potent not to react to--preferably with violence. So Iphicles was sympathetic, but Ares better not touch what didn't belong to least not without paying for it. He felt Herc snuggle closer and something bloomed in his greedy dragon's heart.

Herc reached up and scratched that special place above his eye ridge, the one that made him purr, so he nosed his brother gently. The scents coming form his brother's body were.intriguing.

"Don't worry," Herc said. "We'll find a way out of this." And went on to offer assurances as Iphicles went on sniffing his brother's arm pits and suddenly bury his nose in Herc's crotch. "Hey!" Herc yelped. Iphicles could tell Herc was blushing but the smell told him that he didn't really have strong objections...quite the contrary.

"It's all right," Iphicles said, pushed his nose inside Herc's vest and took a tentative lick. His brother tasted good enough to eat but Iphicles wasn't hungry - at least for food. He realized he was getting an erection and turned on his side to ease the pressure. Hercules had folded up laughing, complaining 'that tickles' and Iphicles snorted, spewing a sulfurous cloud of white smoke. Herc started to disperse it and while Herc was waving his arms around, Iphicles pulled his vest open and exposed his chest. Iphicles
no longer had a mouth formed for sucking but the when the demi-god stopped wiggling he began to flick his tongue over the tight nipples sitting up on his brother's firm pecs and drawing tiny gasps and groans from him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ares sit up.

The god's mouth was hanging open, but Iphicles needed to give all of his attention to Herc at the moment--one second's distraction might bring on a crisis of conscience and he wasn't in the mood for a guilt trip. (Iphicles wasn't sure dragons did guilt--but why find out?)

He laid siege to Hercules' body as he would have a castle and Herc writhed under the assault. Iphicles' tongue flicked into the demi-god's ears, wrapped around his throat and danced over the skin of his lips. He tasted all the scents of the various parts with his tongue. But, always, he want back to the nipples because that had always reduced his brother to a puddle of shush almost as much as.he reached down and bit Herc's belt-buckle in two pieces. And was pleased when Herc arched his back and thrust his hips up in total submission to Iphicles' desire. *As you always should, little brother,* the dragon thought.

He probed beneath he waist band of Herc's pants finding hot, tasty pockets of sensation and texture, as Herc unlaced them and pushed them down. The demi-god's cock stood straight and pale in the moonlight. Iphicles wrapped his tongue completely around it and squeezed. Herc groaned. He slid the tip further down in to the cleft of Herc's ass, found the hole and vibrated against it.  A wanton lost in sensation, Hercules spread his thighs and opened his body to Iphicles' probe. The modest demi-god was gone. His cries for completion were hoarse and guttural as he tossed his head back and forth. Iphicles slipped inside. The wetness! The heat! The taste! It was sublime. He flicked his tongue in and out, Hercules pushed down begging with his voice and body for more, and Iphicles gave it to him thrusting in and out. Then Hercules screamed. He was coming, his cock squirting white pearls over this chest and belly but Iphicles kept his tongue vibrating in Hercules' ass until Hercules was crying and sobbing for him to stop.

Then, gently, Iphicles withdrew from the still pulsing asshole, unwrapped himself from the flagging cock and licked up some the precious jewels scattered amid the fur on his brother's stomach. Hercules was panting softly, calling Iphicles' name as he tried to snuggle even more closely against him. His body was glowing with a soft sheen of sweat.

Ares had come to stand beside them and was looking down at Hercules' come-flushed satiated face. The god's face was flushed too and his lips were swollen. His leather's were open and Iphicles could smell the semen on his hands even above the odors emanating from Hercules' body. *Try that one, Leather Boy,* Iphicles sneered mentally at the god.

"I thought you didn't eat family," Ares said.

"You want to quibble over a figure of speech," Iphicles said. "Or blow me?"

8 c
by Taz

From his perch in the crook of Iphicles' shoulder Hercules watched the others bed down. His nephew and Autolycus returned from their ablutions looking relaxed and sleepy then made themselves discreetly comfortable under the canopy of Cupid's wings. It had been interesting seeing the vain thief discomfited by his own too-often, self-advertised attractions but he seemed to be making more than the best of it now. Who wouldn't? Cupid was beautiful. And thief he may be, Autolycus was so charming Hercules couldn't really feel like he was getting something he didn't deserve. Ares on the other hand. Hercules rubbed his bruised jaw against Iphicles' scaly side and watched his other brother settle into his chosen place on the cold, damp ground alone..deserved everything he 'wasn't' getting.

Who did the God of War think he was kidding? Hercules had felt the god's hard shaft pressing through his leathers as he'd been sat on that afternoon. And the hand that had felt him up, the one that paid particular and painful attention to the size of his balls, hadn't been in his crotch accidentally. Trust Ares to cop a feel in the middle of a crisis. Now his godly brother was adjusting himself, not caring who might be looking and doing a more ostentatious job of it than was strictly necessary. Trust Ares to show off his attributes on any given occasion. Hercules hoped he was suffering from a case of divine blue balls. He shifted himself, remembering how thorough the hand had been that afternoon.

Iphicles stretched further out and Hercules wriggled comfortably into the new configuration of muscles. If felt like Iphicles was making a bed for him. He really didn't understand his feelings. It really shouldn't be this nice to cuddle up to a dragon, even it the dragon was your brother, but dragons were nice and dry and warm. He remembered a stuffed one he'd had when he was a kid; he'd dragged it around with him for years. Yesterday he'd been in a torment of grief thinking a dragon had eaten Iphicles and then for a moment after it had all been explained he'd felt a pang of guilt, knowing it wouldn't have happened if he'd never been born. But ever since he'd looked into Iphicles' beautiful golden eyes, he hadn't wanted to be anywhere but next to him. He flexed his ass. He could see Ares squirming an smirked. Iphicles looked at him enquiringly. He reached up and scratched the ridge about his dragon-brother's eye, smiled and said, "Don't worry. We'll find a way out of this."

"I know we will," Iphicles said, and soothingly stropped his nose across Hercules' chest.

"The worst time was after I thought you were dead, and realized I might have to be king." Iphicles was sniffing at him. "You've got to get married  again." Iphicles stuck his nose in one of his armpits. "You're going to be sorry if you keep that up," Hercules observed. He hadn't had a bath since the day before Iphicles had disappeared.

But dragonish sensibilities must be different than human because Iphicles suddenly buried his nose in Hercules'' crotch. "Hey!" he yelped, feeling himself getting hot. He really had been enjoying how good it felt to snuggle up to Iphicles. He felt, more than heard, Iphicles' chuckle when, questioning, he looked deeply into those great gold eyes. He felt loved as he stared into their bottomless depths. Dragons were 'so' wise and wonderful.

"I know what you've been thinking." Iphicles teased. "You smell like you want a little." Iphicles pushed his nose into Hercules' vest and took a tentative lick, as though tasting whether Hercules might be good to eat. Hercules shivered and folded up laughing when Iphicles did it again. He complained, "That tickles." And Iphicles snorted, spewing a sulfurous cloud of white smoke that took a while to wave away. And while he was doing that, Iphicles pulled his vest open and exposed his chest. Hercules suddenly understood what was happening and realized that there was no way he could stop Iphicles if he wanted to. He shivered at the thought, but Iphicles tongue rasped over one of his nipples and a wave of heat broke over him that left him panting.

Iphicles wasn't going to stop. And if his brother no longer had a mouth formed for sucking, his tongue was a powerful shaft of flexible muscle with a vibrating fork at its end. It flickered over his nipples making him toss and moan as little darts of fire shot to his cock. Writhing, he happened to look over at Ares. The god had sat up and was frankly watching and licking his lips. Hercules thrust his hips up. *You can look, but can't touch, Brother. *

The depth of feeling that accompanied the thought surprised him. He would have wondered about it, but Iphicles was laying siege to his body and anyway, he was Iphicles' property, so he let it go in the necessity of responding to Iphicles' needs.

Iphicles' tongue flicked into his ears, wrapped around his throat and danced flickering over his lips, All of him was tasted and touched, but, always, Iphicles came back to his nipples and every time he did Hercules felt like he was melting.

He barely noticed it when Iphicles bit his belt-buckle in two pieces. It was right that he show his total submission to Iphicles' desires. He felt the tongue probing beneath his waistband, finding his sex swollen and constricted inside. He wanted to be rid of his clothing. He wanted that tongue to explore every part of him. He unlaced his pants and pulled them down.

His cock sprang free and he reached for it, but Iphicles wrapped his tongue completely around it and squeezed. The feeling was indescribable, sensation rippled from root to tip, up and down. He felt the tip slide over his balls, into the crack of his ass and locate his hole. He felt the vibration against the sensitive skin as it demanded entrance. He almost cried, the feeling was so exquisite. He didn't know what words were coming out of his mouth, his throat was raw, but he spread his thighs, opening himself completely for Iphicles' probing tongue... In a moment of clarity, he pictured what Ares was seeing-the god's uptight brother begging a dragon to fuck him.

But when Iphicles finally pierced him, he didn't care how it looked. The dragon's tongue inside him was a cool, living shaft that reached all the way to his heart. It thrust in and out, he pushed down begging with his body as well as his voice for more, and then Iphicles did something to him he'd never felt before. He found a spot inside him and rolled over it, evoking such profound pleasure that Hercules wanted Iphicles to stay inside him forever doing that luscious thing. But he screamed because he was coming, his cock was squirting hot drops over his chest and belly. It was too soon, he moaned. And Iphicles loved him, kept his tongue inside, and pushed him over that peak again and again until Hercules was crying and sobbing for him to stop.

Then  very gently Iphicles withdrew, unwound the tongue from his flagging cock and licked up some of the come that had spattered his stomach. His body was over-sensitized, he was panting and sweating, yet the loss was terrible and he called Iphicles name and tried to snuggle even more closely against him He realized Ares had come to stand beside them, he could feel Iphicles rumbling. The god's face was pale but his lips were red and swollen.

Hercules wanted to reach out and beg the god, don't let him do that to me again.

Ares was staring at Iphicles. "You said you didn't eat relatives."

"You want to quibble over an expression," Heard Iphicles say. "Or blow me?"

by Atropos

Ares had done things with deities that would make Aphrodite blush, Cupid squirm with embarrassment and even teach Zeus a thing or two.  But as he eyed the bronze dragon's considerable endowment...he hesitated.

"I want top quibble over a figure of speech."

Iphicles roared with anger (as he'd thought before...there certainly was a lot to like about being a dragon). The ground shook as if Atlas shrugged...or the elephants stumbled. Flames erupted out of his nostrils, blazing a wide black path in the earth before him. Cupid and Auto barely missed being fried to insignificant briquettes, though Cupid's beautiful white wings curled a little darkly at the edges.

"Hey!" shouted the love god! "These are the only set I have!"

Iphicles shrugged, dislodging Hercules from his amazed perch on the dragon's forearms.

"Sorry, flyboy," he grumbled, smiling as Autolycus patted out an ember on Cupid's left wing, before turning to face the rattled god of war. "So, you want to quibble, do you?" Iphicles made sure he puffed a considerable amount of smoke from his flaring nostrils.

Ares' eyes watered as he reconsidered his options, his eyes darting from the dragon's flaming nose to his flaming erection.

"Er..uh..." he stammered helplessly.

Iphicles heaved his great impressive body closer to the befuddled god, dropping his magnificent head down low to glare at Ares. He narrowed his beautiful dragon eyes.

"Listen you sorry excuse for an immortal, I can fricassee your gorgeous leather-clad ass right now if you'd prefer, but I was trying to be polite. Either blow me...or I'll blow you -- and give new meaning to the words 'fiery depths of Tartarus'." It felt SOOOO good to insult a god without worrying about divine retribution!

Ares gulped audibly, still eyeing the dragon's increasingly enormous...dragonhood?

"Um, Iph?"

The dragon swung his head around, bringing him eyeball to eyeball with his brother.

Hercules finished tucking in his shirt and laced his leather trousers. "Um, I don't know if it's such a good idea to make Ares do this...I mean, I know he has a big mouth and all, but....well, he's gonna be like a mosquito assaulting a water buffalo, if you know what I mean."

Autolycus, satisfied that Cupid wasn't going to relight, moved closer to the trio. "Water buffaloes? What're you guys talkin' about, Hercola?"

"Iph wants Ares to blow him - and Ares is objecting," the demi-god whispered, mildly amused at Ares' predicament

Autolycus snorted. "Why that's ridiculous!" The thief rolled his eyes at the dragon. "C'mon, big guy -- and I do mean BIG guy - WOW! Um, I really think you need to consider someone more along your size lines."

Autolycus paused to consider Iphicles' enormous hard-on. "Um, I can't imagine where you're gonna FIND anyone who could handle that - I mean, it'd probably take a whole GROUP to handle that thing!" Auto laughed loud and long -- and alone. It was several seconds before he realized what he'd said.  The angry, annoyed glares from Hercules, Cupid and Ares, plus the randy, delighted look on the dragon's face confirmed his sudden fear.

"No! No!!! I didn't mean WE could do it! I meant - I was thinking more along the lines of--"

He was cut short by Iphicles' mighty roar as the dragon tipped his head back, showering the night sky with twin spires of brilliant orange flame.

"Marvelous idea!" Iphicles bellowed.

The self-styled King of Thieves wasn't quite sure what Iphicles was roaring about, but he gathered the dragon had taken his suggestion VERY seriously since he rolled off to his side, exposing his magnificent cock for all to admire.

"Um..." Auto began lamely.

Ares moved alongside the thief and leaned close. "If we survive this, you moronic mortal, it will become my singular purpose of existence to make your every breathing moment such a torment that an eternity being screwed in the depths of Tartarus by a Titan will seem like a peaceful afternoon at an Athenian bordello!"

Iphicles, annoyed by the continuing delay of his satisfaction, began to snort with impatience.

A disembodied giggle filled the air around the odd group. The gods, men and even the dragon searched for the source of laughter.

"Looks like you fellas are really in a jam here," Aphrodite burst into the scene, showering the onlookers with sweet-smelling rose petals. "Well, not to worry! I think I've found someone who can help you out!"

She giggled again as another form materialized alongside her.

by Kelly

Everyone stared in surprise at Aphrodite and the figure beside her as she simply stands there and giggles.  "Awww.... c'mon guys, thought that you could use some help and here he is!"  She shoved the figure forward as he giggled.

Aphrodite disappeared, and Ares jerked the new guy over.  "I hate you," he hissed.  "You're ruining my image!"

Sure enough, even Iphicles had stopped grinding his claws against his teeth and stared.  Hercules and Iolaus climbed onto Iphicles' belly for a better look.

Mirror images... well, sort of.  Iolaus was the first to snicker at the God of Love and God of War standing so close together.  "Well... um.... I've got to say that while you look good in black... I kinda think the white brings out your eyes...."  And then he broke into guffaws.

Hercules reached out to try and steady him, but when Iphicles started to laugh, both men lost their balance and tumbled off the dragon, whooping hysterically while Autolycus groped Cupid to balance his uproarious laughter.  Ares God of War glared at all of them, and headed towards Iolaus and Hercules, the first available pair.  Iphicles scorched a line in the turf, stopping Ares before he could wring either of their necks.  "Hey... don't forget why we're here," Iphicles  said, his claw reaching down to stroke his growing cock.

Ares God of Love caught a look at the dragon and his protruding cock and then the salivating glances that he was casting the others in the group, and his jaw dropped.  "Oh... my...."

by foxmonkey

The dragon's cock was enormous.

The alternate universe love god glanced up at Iphicles.  "I'm a lover, but I have absolutely *no* idea where to begin.  Do you?"  He stepped a little closer to the enormous shaft of flesh.  "Oh, my my my my," he murmured to himself.

Stretching his large wings out and up, Iphicles fluttered them a bit to further impress the newcomer.

"Oh *yes,*" Ares enthused.  "You're a most handsome dragon."  He raised an eyebrow when confronted once more with the huge cock.  "I hope you'll listen to reason, Iphicles.  Even with all of our hands and tongues." he trailed off.  "You really wouldn't get much satisfaction from it."  He looked up to meet Iphicles' amber gaze.  "I'm a love god, I know these things," Ares ended sympathetically.  He patted the king's plated side.

Giving his wings one last stretch, then folding them, Iphicles rumbled as Ares gave his belly a pat.  He felt like roasting the gorgeous fop, but that wouldn't give him the satisfaction he craved.  Fuck and fuck!  He snorted angrily and blew twin clouds of steam from his nostrils.

The war god had tactfully retreated to lean against a nearby tree.  He turned his  head slightly to follow his hated mirror image.  Ares god of love crossed the clearing to join Cupid and Autolycus.

Feigning more disappointment than he actually felt, Iphicles dropped his head across his claws like a great cat.  He watched Ares carefully.  He noted every movement, especially the slight tilt of the bearded chin and the way the god's dark eyes quickly faced front when the new threesome laughed quietly.

A blur of yellow too close to Iphicles' field of vision turned out to be Hercules coming to snuggle with him.  Those lovely smells again.

"I miss you."  Hercules rubbed his head lightly against Iphicles' warm, scaly side.

"I know," the dragon replied softly.  He lowered his head to very gently nudge Hercules onto his back.  Iphicles loved being able to manhandle his brother this way after a lifetime of being the much weaker sibling.  The power of this huge reptilian body was wonderful.

 "Iphicles.."  Despite his protests, Hercules laughed and let Iphicles maneuver him as he pleased.  He unlaced his pants and pushed them off hurriedly, freeing his stiff cock.

"Hush," Iphicles purred, his warm breath puffing the long grass.  The great eyes blinked in their scaled hoods as the dragon-king evaluated the demigod beneath him, his giant cock stirring to life as he considered what to do to Hercules.and suddenly realized that his options were limited.

He wanted his human body.  He needed a human-sized cock to pump into Hercules, human hands to tease his brother's nipples to hardness.  His dragon's mouth was great for swallowing a cow in one gulp, but he wanted his old mouth, the full lips that he loved to wrap around Hercules' cock.

The time Iphicles had spent with Braxis had been lovely, but he was a man, not a dragon.  The power was intoxicating and being able to fly was amazing, but the feeling of holding and being held was something he missed more with each passing moment.

In a rush of frustration, the dragon roared up at the stars, once again brightening the night sky with his flame.  Iphicles missed the power of Hercules' cock slamming into him.  His brother's hands caressing his body, his mouth licking and sucking Iphicles' secret places.  Being a dragon had been a great adventure, but the king was ready for it to end.

Auto and Cupid were startled out of their drowsy reverie, and the winged god  moved to shelter Auto with his body in case of trouble.  The thief - so reluctant at first to yield to Cupid's charms - suddenly kissed the hollow between the soft white

Half-turning to acknowledge the kiss, Cupid flushed warmly.

Behind Autolycus, a sleepy Ares god of love murmured and wriggled closer.

Silent and still, watching all, the god of war leaned against a tree.

"Iph?"  Hercules tugged a scale to get the dragon's attention.  "It'll be alright, I promise.  We'll fix this."

A small flock of night birds had been unfortunate enough to fly into his rage;  Iphicles opened his mouth to catch their roasted bodies as they fell.  He continued to scan the night sky as his dragon senses prickled - other great beasts were near.  He heard
their faint snuffling, and the far-off shrieks of males contesting for females.  He heard the mating of soft underbellies as leathery wings beat against the cool air.  He thought of Braxis again, and briefly wondered if she'd completed her nest.   He wasn't a
dragon.  He was a man.  He finally looked down at Hercules, small and seemingly vulnerable between his armored claws.
Iphicles was enjoying his fearsome role though he knew his brother had slain monsters more fierce than he.  He turned slightly to eye Ares.  Forgetting his new dragon's mouth, he smiled; the result was an alarming show of teeth.

"Relax, King, you've made your point.  Our brother is yours."  Ares narrowed his eyes against a puff of sulfurous breath.

"I think I've been greedy."  Iphicles tipped his mighty head to one side.  "I think he needs you as much as he wants me."

God and dragon sized each other up as Hercules looked from one to the other.  "Hey, wait a minute," he began, then tried to sit.

Moving quickly but carefully, Iphicles trapped the demigod under one claw.  "Stay."  He gave Hercules a stern glare and rumbled deep in his cavernous belly to show that he meant business.  He turned back to Ares.  "Tonight we share him."

"What the fuck?  Hold it right there."  Opening his mouth to protest further, Hercules remembered the blowjob Ares had given him earlier.   How the god had been alone while the rest of their party had sucked and fucked during the journey.  He propped his chin in his hand.  "I think I owe you a blowjob," he said.

"I *know* you owe me a blowjob," Ares countered.   His cock was hard, outlined magnificently by his black leather trousers.

"Enough!" Iphicles barked.  "Get your ass over here."  Tomorrow he'd probably be mortal again, so tonight he'd make the most of having a god and demigod under his power.  He let out a small blast of heat to convince Ares to come forward.  Raising his claw to release Hercules, the dragon gave his younger brother a little push.

Catching himself before he fell on his face, Hercules rose to his knees and spread his legs.  He gave his heavy cock a squeeze as he watched Ares approach.

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" Iphicles tried to whisper in his loud dragon voice.  He didn't want to share Hercules, but in his present form he couldn't do the things he wanted and Ares could.  At this moment Ares needed the closeness of their brother as much -
perhaps more - than he did.

Hercules said nothing, but buried his face in Ares' crotch when the god finally stood in front of him.  He slid his hands under Ares' vest and up the hard, muscular torso to rub his brother's nipples.

One delicate point of Iphicles' tongue teased between Hercules' legs, lapping his balls.

 "Is this the way you taste?" Hercules asked, running his tongue over the black leather-covered lump.  He bit Ares' cock through the leathers. "Do you taste like leather?"  He bit again along the length with enough pressure to buckle the god's knees a bit and send him forward against the demigod's body.

"Fuck," Ares finally groaned when Hercules gave him another teasing bite through his pants.

As he suckled and bit at his brother's crotch, Hercules made deep whimpers in his throat.  Iphicles' tongue on his balls had his cock aching.  "Get rid of these," Hercules said, raising his eyes to meet Ares'.

"No.  You look so fucking hot biting me through my leathers.  Like you want cock more than anything."  The hesitation had barely been a hitch in his voice.

"Say what you wanted to say."  Hercules lowered his hands to grip Ares' firm ass.  "Just say it."

"Me.  Like you want me more than anything."  Ares pressed a hand against Hercules' back, closing his eyes and pumping his hips lightly.

"Yes," Hercules growled.  He took a fold of the leather between his teeth.  "Off," he commanded.  He suddenly found himself buried in the thick, dark curls between Ares' legs, the god's hard cock brushing his cheek.

The smell of leather clung to Ares' skin, as did his own clean musk.  His cock was wet with the moisture Hercules had teased from him, and he sighed almost gratefully as Hercules' lips closed over his cock, taking the thick head between his teeth gently.   Ares closed his eyes and tried not to move as Hercules swallowed him repeatedly, taking his time.  He shivered with pleasure when Iphicles' hot, forked tongue flicked over his nipples.

Probing the tiny slit, Hercules let his warm, wet tongue roll slowly, sinuously around the thickness of the war god's massive shaft.  Ares' fingers tightened in his hair.

The clearing was quiet except for the sound of the fire crackling and Ares' fucking his brother's mouth, and Iphicles' tongue stroking Hercules' cock.  Groans, sighs and whispers punctuated a collective quickening of breath before Ares gave a last savage thrust into Hercules' mouth and his seed flowed down the demigod's throat.  Iphicles squeezed Hercules' cock, encouraging his brother to come on his tongue.

After they'd rested a moment, Iphicles took great delight in cleaning the brothers with his tongue.  Hercules fell onto his back and smiled goofily.  Ares was about to join him when a polite cough drew their attention toward the campfire.

"I have an idea, if you're finished."  The white leather-clad god was standing nearby.  "For Iphicles, I mean.  The blowjob thing."  The love god raised his hand and blew a kiss toward Ares.

"Wha.!" Before he could react, the war god was surrounded by an odd pink glow.  "You fucking sorry excuse for a god, what the fuck have you done to me!"

Below him, one demigod, a mortal and two gods looked up at the god of war.  Beside him, one dragon looked him in the eye.  The god of love had made him just the right size for Iphicles, though he retained his outward appearance.

"You *fuckhead!*" Ares roared.

"He's pretty big," Autolycus said.  "He's *really big."  The thief got a look at the pleased expression on the love god's face.  Hercules looked slightly amused.  Cupid had covered his head with his wings and was shaking with laughter. Suddenly Autolycus got the joke.  "By Jiminy," he grinned, "I'd say that Ares is big enough to handle that dragon cock on his own."

* * *

So many pleasant smells were wafting off of Ares that Iphicles' cock stiffened to its full length.  He licked his dragon lips with his long tongue.  "OK, Ares.  About that blowjob."

by Shamenka

Ares thought through a lifetimes acquired knowledge, which really wasn't that easy, given the length of his lifetime. Something was niggling the back of his mind about Dragons and sex. Dragons and sex. Dragons and sex .... It hammered away at his mind until the memory sprung full blown to the forefront of his mind.

Dragons could not have ground based sex AT ALL! Okay a bit of human licking or in his case, God licking, but their shear bulk of body prohibited anything else.

The God of War didn't know if he were happy or sad at that realisation, What he did know for sure was that Iphicles would be royally pissed at it.

"Well Ares? I'm waiting!" The Dragon muzzle in his crotch could still do a lot of damage and then there were the 'innocents' to think about. Either he did as his nature suggested and dealt with a sex crazed Dragon the only way he could or he let innocents die without the release of War to ease their passing.

Ares looked at the night sky. How long had it been since he was last airborne? Probably too long! He remembered the sheer joy of free flight. He knew why Cupid kept his wings out all the time.

All of a sudden Ares missed his own wings, greatly.

One on one mating flights were all well and good but Ares was a believer in the old adage the more the merrier. Especially where mating flights are concerned.

He looked back at the Dragon.

"You do know you can't be blown earthbound, don't you?" He asked, and had the great joy of seeing Iphicles' shocked face.

"What do you mean?" Iphicles lumbered his bulky body over to the War God and huffed a deep sulphurous breath at him.

"See, sit down a minute and I'll show you." Ares pushed the dragon over and grabbed a handful of Dragon dick and squeezes really hard. Everyone else winced, and a number of ow's could be heard but Iphicles sat there, looking at his abused dick, feeling nothing.

"So now what do we do?" The Dragon wailed, annoyed, frustrated, building steam or rather flame for a major temper tantrum.

"Do you trust your God, War Beast?" Ares purred, letting go the Dragon dick and nuzzled the Dragon's eye ridges.

"War Beast?" Iphicles asked.

"Ah ha!" Ares confirmed.

"Shit, yeah, he's right. We all have token beasts and War's used to be Dragon's." Cupid piped up with corroboration for his uncle.

"What do you mean - used to be?" Hercules didn't like the sound of that.

"Nothin' Unc dumped the whole idea of token beasts, oh, what, four , no, five centuries ago. Said it was cruel to the beasts when it was men that desired to fight." Cupid would have gone on to detail his uncle's ideas on appropriate War behaviour but was interrupted.

"Enough Cupid!" Big Ares boomed over the clearing and looked again at his nephew and his wings. Then once more to the sky.

Ares, God of War grinned. A nice, cheery, I'm about to get sex kind of a grin.

Everyone else , including Iphicles, began to worry.

Ares dropped his sword belt, imbedding the blade so deep even a normal sized God couldn't retrieve it. The he removed his leather vest and hung it over his sword hilt. He was already sans pants but he materialised them anyway, for neatness' sake. And his boots finished the pile of assorted clothing. Every eye was on the enormous naked God of War.

Ares stretched out his arms, popping his shoulder joints, releasing tension. As he drew his arms down by his sides he let out a roar of his own that would match that of a Dragon any day. When the last echo faded away Ares was once more wearing his wings.

Blacker than the night sky, bigger than a galleon's sails, beating in time to the War God's heart.

"Oh." Iphicles observed. "I think I see where you're going with this."

Ares laughed and slowly drew the flats of his hands down over his own chest and abdomen. His nipples were very evidently erect, as was his penis very, very, erect. Oils suddenly coated the God's bronzed skin and shone in the firelight.

Ares practised his control over his wings and drew the very tip on one wing over Hercules' face, and the other over Cupid's face.

Ares, God of Love looked at the vision before him. Lost to lust, wondering if it were too late to put the War God back in a box to be played with another day? He looked at young Cupid, this worlds Love God. He was growing, up, out, erect, and was as naked as their Ares. Damn but this looked like too much fun and sex for him to miss out on.

Ares the God of Love was naked, bewinged, and matching Ares God of War inch for inch.

"A full mating flight. Ares, you old romantic!" The Love God took his counterpart's face in his hands and kissed him. Letting his hands wander all over the open for business body. "It's been sooooo long since I did it in the sky!" He breathed in the oily, aroused, musky sent of himself, twice over, and smiled, almost viciously. The War God returned kiss for kiss, stroke for stroke until they were pulled apart by a jealous Cupid.

"This is my Ares!" He snarled at his uncle from another world.

"Cupid." His uncle cupped his face. "You've been the only winged God for so long, have you ever taken part in a mating flight?" The War God held his nephews gaze.

"No, but I've read all the texts. I know, what you're gonna' say. But, he's not from our world. He shouldn't be here to be part of this flight!" Cupid pleaded with his eyes for his uncle to exclude the other Ares from this flight.

"Cupe, this is for Iphy, remember?" Ares, God of Love pointed out.

"So? He's a Dragon, we can all fuck him in the sky till his wings fall off, it means nothing. But we three are Gods it means everything!" Cupid looked at the vision before him and his rage died. Two Ares, both oiled, naked, erect and ready for action.

"Would someone PLEASE explain to me what is going on here?" Hercules' squeaky little voice intruded their emotion charged discussion.

Before the explanation could be given, Aphrodite reappeared, looked at her brother, her son, her brother from another world and their wings. Before she could even shape her mouth to shout the word no, the three Gods took off, hotly pursued by a lust crazed Iphicles, still as a Dragon.

"Bummer!" She observed, went quiet and looked incredibly contrite.

Zeus appeared.

"You did WHAT!" He boomed out at her.

Dite pointed to the sky where three Godly voices and a Dragon were trumpeting their joy in flight. Squeals of sexual joy and frustration filled the night sky. The Gods could clearly see, as well as if it were day, just what was going on. Hercules and Autolycus couldn't. They were mortal, for once Hercules was too mortal to be able to do anything. He just stood there, craning his head heaven word, thinking about that bronzed naked figure with the wide, black wings and sex written large, all over him.

"Okay, well, like, Ar was in a bummer mood. Real depressed, he wants some one to love him. Sweetcake that he is. He's just so passionate and all that great sex was just goin' ta waste. An' hey, I get off on that kinda release, an' he is my brother, an' I do really love the dark and deadly bundle of love fluff ta bits ya' know?" Dite finally took a breath and a quick glance at Zeus, who was still furious, and the sky which was still full of sexually charged Gods and a Dragon.

"Oh, wow, Cupe's has got between Iphy and our Ar. Ooh  what a view. That's my boy!" Dite nudged Herc. "Ya really ought ta' see this!" And she sprinkled even more power around just as Zeus groaned.

"Dite, no more spells!" Too late however.

Autolycus and Hercules could suddenly see it all.

Cupid had his dick right in front of  Iphicles' Dragon muzzle with that amazing prehensile tongue wrapped around him, while the white winged Ares had his dick in the Dragon's ass thrusting with all his skill and might, and dark winged Ares had his mouth around the dragon's dick sucking like it was his only source of nourishment.

All the while they were turning and spinning, making the watchers dizzy.

Ares with the white wings came. Showing his joy in a display of white and pink lights, this triggered Iphicles, who bucked as if he was trying to either get Dark winged Ares closer or off him all together.

Ares swallowed all that Dragon cum, and when he was done he fell off, backwards, as if he would crash to the ground. Only to beat his wings and soar to the heavens again.

Cupid came too, cascading more pink and white energy to the ground. He spun away from the sexually replete Dragon and looked at the white winged Ares. As one they flew off after the still erect dark winged Ares.

"Oh, no, not an actual, proper mating flight. Dite, what possessed you?"

"The flight was their idea, not mine. Ar was supposed to fall in love with either Iph or Herc. Not this!" The Love Goddess pointed distractedly at the sky. The she looked at her father, her earth based brother and grinned. "If they're both finished for the moment, dark and deadly can pleasure himself on them but neither of them can claim him, yet." Dite spelled one more time and Hercules was naked, bewinged and harder than he had ever been in his entire life.

"Dite!" Zeus pleaded, to no avail. "Think for once, what you're doing here, please!"

"I got wings!" Hercules observed. The he realised he now know how they worked. "But they're all huge!" He pointed out quite reasonably.

"All right!" Zeus shouted aloud and reached towards his mortal son and Hercules was the same size as the other three. "Dite this had better work, for all our sakes, because if it doesn't I'm leaving it to Hera to devise the appropriate punishment." The King of the Gods went back to watching,  with horror his sons and grandson, and stepson flying in sexual frenzy.

Dark winged Ares had pinned white winged Ares' wings and arms and was pleasuring himself and his counterpart. They had climbed several hundred feet and were coupled in free fall, until dark winged Ares extended his wings at the very last moment. At which point Cupid joined them from the front and bit hard against white winged Ares' nipples, clawing his body with tooth and nail.

White winged Ares screamed his orgasm out loud as the object of the flights desire tore free from him, unfullfilled, and shot up into the night sky once more.

Cupid took the last of white winged Ares' orgasmic energy and he too shot up towards the retreating dark winged Ares, too slow however. A new contender had joined the mating flight.

Hercules powered up into the night sky, a hairs-width from his prey, just as he got one hand out to stroke the back of his brother's thighs he felt a hand closing around his ankle and he was all but pulled from the sky. Cupid shot passed him, almost, and was thrown to one side by Hercules as he fought to regain his ground. White winged Ares regained his control after his double whammy orgasm and flew up after the other three.

Iphicles slowly descended to the ground, still craning his head and watching all that was going on above him. So engrossed was he that he never realised where he was alighting till too late and Zeus went flying from the down-draft of displaced air and landing Dragon.

Once landed he suddenly found himself surrounded by energy and light and was once more his own self. And naked.

"Argh!" He cried out in surprise.

"Oh!" Hercules' father observed and dressed him.

"Thanks." The King muttered and looked to the sky, still able to see what was going on up there.

Ares beat his dark wings in an attempt to out fly his pursuers. Hercules had thrown Cupid off the flight-path again. This time into white winged Ares and both of them fell several hundred feet. Loosing height when they could least afford to in their flight for Ares' love. Hercules suddenly knew so clearly where Ares would make his banking turn and cut his dark winged brother off.

Folding in his own bronze wings and speeding into his necessary dive, he caught Ares from behind. Sliding between those dark wings, tracing the curve of his beautiful brother's spine with his dick as he slid into place, slowing them both with his own wings. Straining to take their combined weight, he slid into that hot, hot, welcome.

Joined at last, Ares extended his dark wings as best he could he beat them in time with Hercules' wings, flying them higher and higher, ready to drop them both as their joining was complete.

Hercules held Ares in place and thrust in and out as best he could, getting a good rhythm going despite the fact that they were supported in mid air by their own wings.

Ares knew who was holding him. Who was loving him, who was joining his life to his.

"Love you, love you, love you. Oh my beautiful Hercules!" Ares screamed his lovers name and finally attained his own orgasm, triggering Hercules' orgasm.

"Mine, damn it to Tartarus, Ares, you are mine Ares. Mine!" He screamed his possession.

"Yours!" Ares screamed his agreement.

Slowly they fell to the earth, still joined, still slowly flying as one body.

"See, told ya' it'd all work out!" Dite informed her sceptical audience.

"No you didn't!" Iphicles told her, sullen, knowing he would be alone again. Remembering Braxis and the baby dragon he had fathered. "You've put me and everyone else through shit for the last two days and now want us to believe it was all a cleaver little plan?" The King was on a roll, fed by his anger at being used as a toy by this Goddess before him. "And not just me, oh no, you set up Ares and Hercules and what's gonna happen to Braxis and her baby Dragon and , and," He couldn't form coherent words he was that angry.

Zeus read his mind, read Dite's mind, even read Ares and Hercules minds, what was left of them anyway. His boys seemed content enough. Iphicles was justifiably annoyed. Dite was trying to figure out where her plan had gone off the tracks. Ares and Hercules were meant to just have sex, not bond in a mating flight.

And Braxis was still sitting on her nest, missing her Dragon mate that thought he was King Iphicles.

Zeus lifted the spell from Hera and placed her in his bed. He could distract her from revenge, no worries there. He pulled Braxis from her nest and transformed her into a human, heavy with Iphicles' child. And transported Ares and his still joined with him brother to Ares' temple on Olympus.

Once he had explained all to Braxis she was just as happy to be Queen as a Dragon. She had mated with her Iphicles and if he was human then she would be human too. They were transported back to Corinth.

"Next time you have the urge to be nice to Ares, just don't, okay!" Zeus admonished  his flighty daughter.

"Never mind sweet Love Goddess. I thought it was a worthy plan." Ares, God of Love stroked the side of her face with one finger before he too 'popped' out.

Cupid and Autolycus were slowly walking away from her. "Guys?" She called out.

Cupid just waved a single hand over his shoulder and didn't turn to look at her.

"Bummer!" Dite snarled and 'popped' out to her own Temple and her Hephy, and some sorely needed comfort.

The End

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