KSA Fiction:  P-R
Confessions of a Queen
Rena confesses about her sex life in the Underworld.  Het, slash, f/f, m/m, character death, father/daughter incest, kink.  Ongoing.

Pqler (Erich)
Bad, Bad Puppy!
Ares watches a live sex-show on the computer. Slash.
Ares in love.  Slash.
Love and the Hunter
YIolaus meets a young Cupid. Slash.
Young Iolaus Adventures
YIolaus hunts 'prey' for his sexual encounters.  Slash.

Doctor, Doctor
Ares visits a sick woman...And cures her.  Het.
Taking a Day Off
Reena takes a day off work, and Ares drops by.  Het.

Greco-Romans, Countrymen, and Lovers
Iphicles fantasizes with Cupid.  Slash.
Your Breath On My Shoulder
Ares appears to Iphicles one night.  Slash.

HereThere Be Dragons 1-13
HereThere Be Dragons 14-22
HereThere Be Dragons 23--25
HereThere Be Dragons 26--End
An epilogue of sorts to the Round Robin "Destiny's Dragon". Iphicles, Hercules, Braxis, Ares (GoL), Ares (GoW), Aphrodite and Iolaus must deal with the events that occurred during the RR.  Slash (m/m), cannibalism, suicide, character death, bestiality, some light bdsm.
A Midsummer Night's Nightmare
Familiar characters in a parody of the classic.  Comedy. Slash.
Waking Nightmare 1-8
Waking Nightmare 9--
Sequel to Midsummer Night's Nightmare.  Ongoing.
(9/10/00) Adventure, comedy, no rating. Ares, Iolaus, Athena and Isis head off to rescue a kidnapped Hercules.
Waiting for the Dawn
(1/6/01) Drama, slash, incest. Iphicles must face the consequences of Hercules' Actions. (19K)
After Dawn
(1/6/01) Humor, implied slash and incest. Sequel to "Waiting for the Dawn" (15K)

The End
Caesar considers his relationship with Brutus.  Implied slash.  Angst.

Iolaus makes Iphicles happy.  Slash.
Black on Black
Xenaverse/La Femme Nikita crossover.  Michael meets Ares.  Slash.
The Cabin
Erotic encounter with Ares.  Het.
Cryptic Encounter
(08/12/00)   Spike casts a spell with unexpected consequences.  NC-17. BtVS/HtLJ crossover. Spoilers:  Primeval (BtVS).  Slash.  20k.
Sequel to the H:TLJ episode "Revelations." Iolaus is back from the dead, and returns to Corinth to reunite with Iphicles.
Imaginary Friend
Ares befriends the boy Iphicles.  Adventure.  No rating.
King Iphicles' New Clothes
Response to the Fairy Tale Challenge. Slash. Iphicles asks Aphrodite for help in approaching Ares, and gets a little more help than he expected.  Slash.
London Calling
Erotic encounter with Ares in the 20th c.  Het.
London Calling II: Museum Exhibitionism
Ares in the British museum. Het.
A sestina and a Petrarchan sonnet, inspired by the war god.
Cupid GoW witnesses Iphicles on a battlefield.  Slash.
The Serpent's Shadow
Sequel to The Sword and the Serpent.  Ares deals with the aftermath.  Adventure.
The Sword and the Serpent
The Dahak storyline is continued. Adventure. No rating.
Taste of Desire
Challenge response. Iphicles gets horny at a temple banquet. Slash.
The Unforgiving Minute
YJason and Iphicles search for murderers and confront the past.  Adventure.

Bloodstone 1-7
Bloodstone 8--?
Ares turns to Hades for help.  Adventure. No rating.  Ongoing.
The Healing Song
Apollo must cure a wounded child.  Adventure.  Not Rated.  Ongoing.
The Return
How the problems of XWP's season 4 might be solved.  Gen. Ongoing.
Revenge So Sweet
An alternate ending to the H:TLJ series. Hera enlists Ares and Apollo in a plan to destroy Hercules. Adventure, ongoing.

Alleviating Loneliness
Serial. Ares and an immortal Iolaus visit Ry in the 20th century.  Het, slash.
No Permission Needed
Ry and Ares fight...Het.

Down Time
An erotic encounter with Ares.  Het.  OFC.
Warrior Gypsy Parts 1-6.2
Warrior Gypsy 6.3- end

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