No Permission Needed
By Ry'Liana

Ares glared at the back of his newest List mistress.

Not only did she not notice that he had appeared, towing a large bulge between his legs, but she had not said one word to him.  Instead, her fingers tapped a steady rhythm on the keyboard, her mind engrossed in some silly story she was writing about some OTHER man.....

*Someone other than me???*  He snarled in his mind, and voiced his displeasure verbally.

"WHOM are you writing about that you would ignore your God??"

No answer.

In fact she barely nodded her head in his direction, grunting under her breath so he had to say something.

"What did you say?" the question was more of a growl.

Ry'Liana turned her head only slightly and glared.

"Not now, I am on a major roll..." And returned to her typing, a goofy grin sliding across her face.


Ares turned purple with rage.  Grabbing the back of Ry's chair he sent the large protesting woman against the far wall; he turned, raising his thick fingers and blasted her computer to melted, blackened plastic.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?" was the startled reply.

Ares turned back to his computerless priestess, a predatory smile spreading across his face only to have it turn to shock as Ry'Liana kicked him square in the nuts.  He bent just slightly, turning his face to stare at the shaking woman.


Ry'Liana dropped to a crane stance, ready to kick the God all over her house, her dark eyes never leaving his still shocked ones.

The shock quickly wore off as deadly burning anger flared up in the dark eyes.  Straightening, he stepped forward to the fuming warrior, his cock recovered instantly and even more impossibly, hardened under her fiery gaze.

"That, was the worst mistake you have ever made....and your last!"

Ry'Liana stuck her chin out and growled at the GOW.  She noted that his cock seemed to swell at the noise and stretched the already tight pants.

"You just blew my computer away, and I am to do what??  Just stand by and just  let you do it?? I don't think so, leatherboy."

Ares roared with anger and charged Ry'Liana, who quickly dodged aside but not fast enough to avoid the lighting speed of Ares' hand which snagged her arm and griped it tightly enough to cut off the blood.  Ry'Liana made barely a whisper as Ares' other hand connected with her face, drawing blood.  Dropping down to one leg, she kicked out
quickly, forcing the closest of Ares' knees to give out.  Screaming in rage and pain, the GOW, raised his hand and smacked the impudent woman again.  As her face twisted in the impact, he reached down and ripped off her shirt and bra in one hard pull.  Full, dark breasts with their even darker nipples and the little faery tattoo decorating them, sprung to attention, as Ares licked his lips. With a wave of his hand, his pants vanished displaying his nearly purple and dripping with pre-cum cock to the still priestess, her eyes widened this time as a gasp escaped the swollen mouth, and hateful words followed it.

"You BASTARD!!  Never!  I'll NEVER give myself to you!"

Ry'Liana renewed her struggles, trying to pull away and kick with her other leg, but Ares, sensing the change, countered her switch and leaned down on her bent knee.  Ry hissed in pain, and her struggles slowed.  An unpleasant grin moved over his face and Ares continued to rip what was left of her clothes off, exposing the swollen lips of her dark-haired cunt to his anger and lust filled gaze.  Grabbing Ry'Liana's other arm which had plastered itself across her chest, he slammed the woman to his body, making sure the stud covered vest was biting into her skin.  Her brown eyes registered only a brief amount of pain, before glazing over in coldness.

Ares slammed his mouth down on her tender lips, tasting the blood that was on them, fueling his ever-growing lust.  Biting down on her lower lip, he plunged his tongue into the hot mouth, sucking hard, raising protests and hard struggles from the mortal trying to escape his grasp.

Ry'Liana breathed harshly through her nose, unable to break the kiss of pain.  She could still feel his teeth in her lips, never responding to him. However, triumph glowed within her.

*Almost...* she thought quietly.

Ares yanked his mouth from her non-responsive one in fury.  He shook Ry hard once and slammed her back up against him.

"I am your God!"  he growled dangerously. "You belong to me, Ry'Liana!  I NEVER need permission to TAKE was is MINE!!"

She was about to reply, but Ares had other plans and turned her over roughly, shoving three fingers into her damp cunt. Her back arched at the intrusion.  Evilly, he smiled as continued to ram his fingers into her, smirking when she began to move against them, muttering bitter words that sounded nearly like gasps of pleasure.  Removing his fingers, he positioned his cock against her ass, aiming for the dark, star-shaped anus.  Shoving once, he plowed deeply within her tight hole, raising a scream of pain from her throat.  The GOW then leaned over, burying his studded vest into her back.  Twisting his hands around her wrists, effectively pinning her doggie style, he began to slam into her, grunting in satisfaction at her whimpers.

"Mine!" he snarled in her ear.

Ry'Liana gasped in pain and spat out...


Chuckling, he returned his attentions to fucking the disobedience out of his priestess, inflicting pain as he stretched her and biting her shoulder when she tried struggle from him.

Ry'Liana was in Tartarus and in Elysia.  Pain and Pleasure.  Like nothing she had ever experienced or wanted in her life.  The more she fought, the harder he fucked, driving her mad with ecstasy.  All too fast, too soon, too much, she thrust once more against the sweat covered leather and came screaming Ares' name; her cunt tightening on itself; her juices flowing down her leg and filling the room with its strong scent.

Ares pounded into the tight ass, and laughed roughly as she came screaming his name and pushing against his too sensitive member. He could feel her ass flexing around him and he could take no more.  Gripping her around the waist with one arm, he grounded into her ass twice before roaring against her neck, his own orgasm washed over him; filling her well plunged hole with his semen. Some of the Godseed flowed out and mixed with her own juices, adding to the sex filled air as they both collapsed, spoon style.

Lights.  Red.  Blood.  Pain.  Lust. Heat. Sweat.

Once his heart had begun to slow, Ares noted the slight shaking of Ry'Liana's body.  Pulling out none too gentle, he turned the priestess over to glare at her and once again, surprise filled his face.

Ry'Liana was laughing.  One side of her face was swollen badly, but she was still laughing.

Suddenly, it dawned upon the GOW and chuckling deeply, he tugged on a nipple and growled playfully at Ry'Liana.

"You little cunt!  You did that on purpose! You...YOU...." but his words were lost in laughter.

Ry'Liana covered her mouth, stilling the hiccups that threaten her breathing.

"Oh, yeah, I did. Not bad for a newbie, eh?  Damn, I'm good!"  she smiled, wincing at the action.

Ares waved a hand over her face, healing the damage and taking the pain away.  Growling again, he leaned forward to flick his tongue over one tattooed breast.

"You realized, that you came THIS CLOSE to becoming what your computer is now, right?" he asked, gesturing to the remains of the machine.

Ry'Liana smiled and nodded.

"Yep.  But, I like to push people's buttons, Ares.  Just to see what I can get away with. Man, are you fucking hot when you are pissed off.  I think you actually grew another two inches just from me saying "No."  The risks were definitely worth it."

Ares shook his head and leaned forward to suckle her other tattooed breast.  A moan escaped her lips and the GOW could feel himself growing again.

"I think", his quiet voice rich with renewed lust and gentle annoyance as he slid up her soft body, reaching in for a kiss. "You have not been punished enough, my dear..."

And as they began their rough play again, Ry'Liana knew she would enjoy this reprimand all night.