Love and the Hunter
By Pqler

It was a hot day, Iolaus had decided to go for a swim in his favorite watering hole. Well actually it was almost big enough to be called a lake. The cool, clear water that engulfed his sweaty naked body, felt so wonderful. He climbed into one of the trees and out to a sturdy branch that hung over the swimming hole; again he jumped into the cool water.

He soon got tired and climbed out of the water; he brought a huge thick piece of fabric with him. Both Hercules and Iolaus learned long ago that, it was wiser to lay down on the fabric or youíd get grains of sand stuck in some very unusual places. And it itched like crazy.

So Iolaus lay down on the thick fabric, closing his eyes and enjoying the heat from the sun. He listened to all the wonderful sounds around him. The sounds of the waterfall that was not far from where he lay, he listened to the sounds of the multi-colored birds, which sang in the trees behind him. And the smells of the wild flowers that were blooming gave a very fragrant smell to the area.

Even though his eyes were tightly closed he didnít receive darkness, but an orange like color. He continued to lay there taking in all the sounds and scents he could. But suddenly the wondrous orange color was gone, and he could feel a slight breeze coming from somewhere. He took a deep whiff of the air; it didnít smell like rain, but something else, musk, and a very manly musk struck his nose.

He opened his eyes and standing before him was a very solid hunk. His hair was blonde, but not a blonde he had seen before, it was thick with curls and came down around his shoulders. His body was thick, even his neck had strength. He was wearing tight leather pants, and not much more. Then it hit him where the breeze came from.  The hunk had wings on his back, and in a second Iolaus knew who the hunk had to be.

"Cupid?" asked Iolaus as he got to his feet.

"Yes, thatís me," answered the young god, looking worried. "Have you seen Hercules?"

"Not today heís off visiting his mother. Why?" asked the mortal looking into the big brown eyes of the hunk.

"Damn it! I thought he could be the one to talk sense into her," answered the nervous god, looking back over his shoulder.

"Talk some sense into who?" asked Iolaus.

"My mother, sheís gone nuts. She wants to cut my hair," answered the young winged god.

"Why would she want to cut all this beautiful hair?" Iolaus said as he ran his hand through the thick blonde hair.

"Well I thinks sheís jealous of it. But she says that one of her lovers, who happens to be a soldier, wears his hair short and thinks it will look good on me," said Cupid looking at the young mortal who continued to play with his hair.

"What are you worried about? It will grow back," Iolaus said again, looking into the deep dark eyes of the god.

"Not if itís cut with a certain pair of scissors. If mortal or gods have their hair cut with these special gold scissors, their hair will never grow again," said Cupid becoming very nervous.

"Scissors?" Asked Iolaus, looking at Cupid, as if he never heard this word.

"Yeah, its like two sharp knives held together in the center, and then two rings where your fingers to go through to open and close the two blades as they cut stuff," answered the young god.

"And she going to use it on this beautiful long hair? That is such a crime!" yelled Iolaus.

"Shhhhhhhh, sheís awfully close. Thereís only one thing left to do," answered Cupid.

"And whatís that?"

"To change into an animal form," answered Cupid.

"Well, wouldnít she still be able to tell that it was you?"

"No, I donít know what it is but for some reason it worked for Zeus and other gods when they tried to seduce some of the goddesses," stated Cupid. "They took other forms and the goddess never knew. Well not until it was too late."

Iolaus burst out laughing. But suddenly Cupid covered his mouth. "Shhhhhh, sheís even closer, get back on the fabric, and if she asks, you never seen me! Okay?"

"Sure." Iolaus sat back down on the thick fabric.

"And when it is safe, Iíll be back," Cupid said with a wink and a smile.

Iolaus laid there and watched as his new companion suddenly changed into a bird, one of the many types that inhabit the woods. And the bird suddenly fluttered off.

No sooner had Iolaus laid his head back down, then he felt someone. A gentle hand touches his shoulder. He looked up into a beautiful face with long blonde curls falling down around the beautiful womanís face.

"Hello, Aphrodite," said the hunter, still lying on the soft fabric.

"Hello Curley." She had a gracious smile on her face. "Where is Hercules? He off on some adventure and left poor little you alone."

"No. Heís off visiting his mother," answered the young mortal.

The goddess stood up, thatís when Iolaus noticed the golden object in her hand.

"Whatís that?" the sly hunter asked.

"Oh, what, this?" As she holds out the large scissors. "Oh itís nothing. Just a gift I have to give to one of my high priests."

She then quickly knelt down next to Iolaus. She placed the golden scissors next to her, and with one hand lightly touching the young manís knee, the other had moved to his head, and slowly began running her fingers through his hair.

"I have an important question to ask of you." As she said this her hand on Iolausí leg slowly began moving up toward his thigh. "Have you seen my son?" as she continued with the slow leg massage.

Iolausí dick started to respond and began to get hard. Iolaus quickly grabbed the other side of the fabric and wrapped it around his waist to hide his stiffening dick

"Your, um, son?" said Iolaus. Suddenly the hand on his head grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head to the side.

"My son, Cupid! Have you seen him." The gentle face now marked with severe rage, and she pulled his hair even tighter.

"OW!" Iolaus let out. "No I havenít seen him!"

"Are you sure?!" she asked, even more force on the blonde hair in her hand.

"Yes! Iím sure, I havenít seen him," stated Iolaus very loudly, scaring some of the birds in the trees.

Aphrodite released the young man from her grasp. "Well if you see him, tell him I am looking for him." And in a flash she was gone.

Iolaus lay back down on the thick soft fabric. Again, just as he was getting comfortable, he felt two hands grab his ankles. He popped right up and there, sitting between his legs, was a very naked Cupid.

"I thought of a perfect way to thank you for your help, and also for the abuse you took from my mother," said the winged god as he took the young manís cock and slowly began to stroke it.

Once Iolaus' cock was nice and firm the winged god began licking the firm member. Iolaus began to moan as his hands ran through the golden locks of the god. Suddenly, a noise from the woods startled him, and there amongst the trees stood a doe. But Iolaus was too excited with the hot wet mouth working on his balls, taking turns sucking on each one.

Cupid engulfed the mortalís dick, taking in to his mouth, his head bobbing up and down while hid hands gripped and massaged Iolausí tight ass. So the winged god stretched out along side his newfound friend, in this position Iolaus began to suck the godís cock.

The winged god had moved on to fingering Iolaus' tight ass. First one finger and then two working their way in and out of the young hunterís ass. The event was too much for the young man as he shot his load into the winged godís mouth. Who sucked every bit of the juice from the mortal.

And then Cupid changed positions again; he wrapped Iolausí legs around his waist. Then very gently inserted his throbbing cock into the willing hole.

Iolaus lost all track of what happened next. First, they were lying on the soft fabric, and then Cupid was on his knees as Iolaus bounced up and down on the godís hard dick. And then he was standing holding Iolaus tight to his body. Iolaus closed his eyes and moaned loud and kissed the thick neck of the winged god.

Suddenly the godís cock seemed to expand even more as Cupid let out a loud moan. Then suddenly silence. Iolaus didnít mind the silence but he was soon surrounded by a cold dampness. The only heat seemed to emanate from the winged godís cock. Iolaus lifted his head to see he was surround by a fine mist of some kind.

And soon the mist moved past, and Iolaus looked around, where was the water? Where was the forest? He then suddenly looked down to see the land and water beneath him. He started to get nervous, but then Cupid began kissing him again. And just as suddenly they seemed to just drop. They were falling headfirst from the sky; both bodies still entangled, spinning fast. The speed at which they fell scared the young mortal but he could not catch his breath to speak and the water and land came closer at an alarming rate.

And as the water came closer and closer Iolaus closed his eyes tight. He knew there was no way that he was going to survive this.

Cupid had stopped the spinning and just as they were about to hit the water, he moved around so that he was on top, holding his mortal lover close to him, Iolausí ass just skimmed the surface of the water. And then they were floating just above the water, not far from where Iolaus had been swimming.

"Itís okay. You can open your eyes," Cupid said.

"Are you sure?" Asked the nerve wrecked young man.

"Oh quite sure. I would never let any harm come to you." Answered the winged god.

Iolaus opened his eyes and checked the scene. They seemed to be just hovering over the water as Cupidís wings fluttered really fast. Then the fluttering stopped and the two men fell into the water.

They made their way to the shore, Cupid was the first one out, and laid down on the soft fabric. Soft fabric on his back, Iolaus lay on top of him. The men wrapped their arms around each other. They began laughing hysterically, as they continued to hug and kiss each other.

Suddenly noises again from the woods seem to be closer. Iolaus looked up and there was the doe again.

"Itís nothing but a deer," stated Iolaus.

"Deer, what deer?" asked Cupid.

"This one!" A voice came from the deer that suddenly changed into a beautiful woman all in pink.

"Mother!" yelled Cupid who sprang to his feet knocking Iolaus off him.

Cupid tried his best to vanish but nothing was happening.

"Donít even try it Cupid, now come on lets go!" she commanded.

The winged god knew better than to upset his mother, and took her hand and stood beside her.

"With all the trouble you gave me, youíll be lucky itís only your hair Iím going to clip," she said looking at her son.

And then looking at the young mortal. "Iolaus, do you know how much trouble youíre in with me?" She stared at Iolaus hard. "If you wake up tomorrow not in love with a goat, consider yourself lucky."

And then the mother and son couple vanished, and Iolaus lay back down on the fabric, hoping finally to get some rest.

Years later as the mature Iolaus is swimming in a similar lake, he takes notice of his reflection as the water calms. Admiring his good looks, and the long blonde hair that he has always kept long, in honor of his not so frequent lover, whose hair at one time was the most beautiful he had ever seen.

Memories came flooding back of that day so long ago when they first met. And the events that took place after that day, as Aphrodite did indeed find a most strange punishment for his betrayal. But that is as they say, another story.

The End