Alleviating Loneliness
By Ry'Liana

Ry'Liana's entire week had been nothing but work and school.  School and work.  Bosses on her ass, followed by that sadistic Teacher who looked like Mr. Macky from South Park...m'Kay.

Sure, being an assistant meant she would have some heavy days, but gods of Olympus, everyone was pulling her left and right and her work had managed to pile up pretty high.  Even her normally quiet counselor had said something about the three week pile of papers on her desk.  So, all day Friday, instead of surfing the web and visiting the sites loaded w/ Ares' stories, she had been glued unhappily to her desk, filing till she was singing her ABC's in her mind.  Gods, then that damn Computer teacher, sneaking in all that Lab work on Thursday to be turned in by next Tuesday.  She had growled and spat at the slow, lazy computers in her college as she rush to complete all the work so she could have a totally free weekend with her equally sick and twisted girlfriend, Luiza.

HA!  Some weekend.

First, after getting home from the Lab with the last of her assignments, Ry'Liana checked her messages...and then, the smile at a weekend of fun turned into a frown of total disgust.

"Hi Loca! Its me!  Looks like this weekend is off.  My Auntie Marie and Uncle Salvador are coming to visit from Mexico and will be here all weekend, so guess who is stuck entertaining them, eh?  Anyways, Ry...Sorry 'bout this, but you know how it is when my family drops in...they totally drop in!  Hasta, til Monday.  We'll have to do something next weekend, promise!" *Click*

"Goddessdamnit all to Hades and then some!" Ry'Liana growled.

Her other friends were all out of a Convention...where Kevin Smith, Kevin Sorbo and Karl Urban was going to be showing their pretty faces and she wasn't there to drool with them.

"Damn. This weekend is gonna...totally suck, big time, dude." Ry'Liana  muttered.

Ry'Liana forced herself to do some chores to make up for not going out Friday and for Saturday night being a bore as well.

Her collection of books were now sorted by Subject, then Author, and finally, title.  All of them were shelved around the large room she set aside for reading only. They took up most of the wall space and were ready for her to one day go through and just read.

The nightmare she called a bedroom was also cleaned up.  Clothes washed, folded and put away for a change.  She bagged the ones she couldn't wear any more.  Patting her plump stomach, Ry shook her head at the amount of clothes she couldn't wear anymore.

*Ah well....just means some lucky guy will have more to hang on to...if I ever find him...*  Ry's face fell at the thought.  It had been two years since she had had a decent boyfriend, much less a date that didn't end in her putting the guy in a full nelson for touching too much.

*GodDESS, lets not go there again..* her mind snorted.

The entire house had been cleaned; and ugh, what a task.  This now left the other room in her house.  The Temple. Ry'Liana decided, it was time for some inner cleaning tonight.

Being an eclectic Pagan, Ry'Liana had decided that a room for just general worship was perfect for her. After a quick cleaning bath, she slipped on her thin robe. It was made of Satin with a low cut neck to expose her plump breasts and her back. It felt cool and sensual against her skin, making her nipples tighten at the caresses.  She sighed deeply and then, entered the Temple. Its walls had been painted black with stars dotting all over.  Constellations were present in their respective places as was a Waxing moon on the ceiling. The altar dominated the middle of the room; its energy from many rituals and general worship bringing instant peace to Ry's wandering mind.

She lit the candles and a soft glow filled the room, making it seem as if the whole sky was inside.  Lighting a charcoal block, Ry'Liana sprinkled it with a meditative incense and then focused on the rising smoke. Sitting upon her large meditation pillow, Ry'Liana chanted her new Mantra. It always seem to work wonders for her down spirit.


Slowly, her mind worked itself to an alpha state; closing off all outside sounds and focusing on the Mantra that was chanting from Ry's lips.


Deeper and deeper, she slipped until Ry could no longer feel the pillow...her robe, her body...she entered slowly into that peaceful place that was so centering...


Suddenly, Ry felt a sudden displacement in the air. The smell of leather and sweat mixed with a heavy dose of sexual energy filled her nose...overloading her senses. Quicker than a hurry, Ry'Liana came back down from her inner high and spun quickly to her feet, locking her legs into a crouch.

Then, she recognized who was standing there and her lower jaw hit the floor. Ares, in all his leathered glory, was in her little temple. And, unlike some of the stories she had read/heard, he didn't arrive alone.

Ares stood smirking in front of the immensely astonished woman, his heavily muscular arms crossed over a equally muscular chest dusted with midnight black hair. He chuckled as her eyes dragged over him, caressing every inch of his well-built body; she licked her lips when they came to his slightly spread legs, flexing in the tighter than tight black leather that wrapped itself around him.  They barely were holding him in.  Especially in the crotch area, which even now, was bulging, pulsing, against his pants, demanding to be set free.

 Ares had heard his name being called in a most unusual way.  He had been bored as well.  All his List mistresses were at various Cons and no one was left to visit and relieve the raging hard-on he'd been wearing all day.  Now, closer to giving up and heading to Apollo's boring party up on Olympus to stir up trouble, he had heard this woman's voice reaching out to him.

*Now that* he had mused, *Sounds much more promising than stirring up his half-brother's party*. And probably everyone else's anger.

He was about to call his nephew Strife over, but, upon looking into his fountain, he notice the young God seemed...a bit busy.  His head was half buried between a young woman's legs.  The woman's eyes were rolled back and she arched to the invasion from her lover.  Of course, Ares knew it was really Strife dressing up to cause trouble among some family again.  Not wanting to really bother with pulling him away, Ares decided to head to the voice alone, when suddenly he felt someone appear next to him.  Looking down, he rolled his eyes and chuckled as Iolaus stared
up into his face.

"What do you want?" Ares said, putting on his most gruff and annoyed voice. He glared down at the blond hunter, casting a quick gaze over the golden body before him.  His cock twitched slightly at the site of Iolaus' bare chest and the fine bulge that blessed the former mortal. Hercules had gifted him with some Ambrosia, and over the centuries, he and Ares somehow had gotten along well enough to do some things together, have some fun together. Ares stopped counting how many times he had buried his cock between that tight ass, thrusting into him and having the same done to him.

The shorter man, however, wasn't fooled by the glare. He simply smiled at it. He knew Ares was heading out some place before he appeared.

*Besides," Iolaus thought, *Ares has some of the greatest women around him...and he doesn't mind sharing either...* Iolaus smiled even wider at Ares.  "Oh, nothing. Just wondering what you are up tonight."  Chewing on his bottom lip, he continued. "I was wondering, if you were going to visit a couple of your mistresses tonight..."

Ares tried to fight the laughter that bubbled up within him, and failed.  He chuckled heartily and slapped Iolaus on the back, causing the smaller man to stumble slightly.

"Nope, blondy.  No ladies tonight. They are all at different Conventions for that silly show."

"Oh..."  Iolaus rolled his eyes. 'Oh Hades! That means it's Apollo's all too exciting poetry reading/party tonight' He liked Apollo and everything; he was a great lay, but his parties...Gods, help him if he didn't fall asleep at the poetry readings.

"So, I guess it's off to the swinging party that Apollo is giving, eh?" he asked with open disdain.

Ares laughed again at Iolaus' disgusted look.  He was just as unwilling to go as he was. Suddenly, remembering the voice of the young woman...*Perhaps...* he thought a bit too loudly.

"Perhaps what, Ares?  Where were you going anyway?"  Iolaus wondered, a slow grin moving over his poker face.  Ares rolled his eyes...and felt the voice calling his name again.

"Well, it seems that a new lady is calling my name.  In a most unusual way in fact.  Listen for yourself."  Ares could feel Iolaus' energy as he moved closer, picking up on the voice.

"Wow!  That IS different.  Sounds like a...gods, what is that word...mana...naw...maui...nope...MANTRA!" he cried.  "It's a mantra, used to induce a trance-like state."

Ares screwed his face up.  "What in Hades would someone be doing calling me into their trance?"

The hunter smiled, licking his lips.  He flashed a thought to Ares, who nodded in agreement.

"Yes, let's go see who is doing the calling."  And both Gods disappeared.

Iolaus had really never gotten used to the popping in and out of places.  He shook his tousled locks and focused around the room.  For a moment, he thought they were outside, being it was dark, the stars were around them...but then he realized, this was a room, painted to look like the outdoors at night.

*Complete even with a Waxing moon, hm? Interesting..* he thought as he brought his gaze down to the woman who was crouched in front of them.

 Her liquid brown eyes shone in the low light and were wide with shock, lust, and a little fear too.  Her waist length braided hair was curly and hung down, covering her fully exposed breasts. He spotted the tattoo of a winged and quite nude fairy on the right breast.  Licking his lips, he gazed over her body.  Full-figured, but in all the right places, her thin robe caressed her dark skin, he could see other dark markings on her through it.  *More tattoos, hmmmm?* He flashed his warmest smile and she seem to relax slightly.

*Oh my Gods....* Ry'Liana's mind was spinning.  Although, she had heard from the other List mistresses about visits from the God of War and sometimes, he had a companion with him, she had brushed it off as a joke. A silly story from women just as turned on as she was with Ares.  Who had egg on their face now, eh?? Silently, Ry'Liana begged forgiveness of the Ladies as she now was a believer.  Glancing back over the shorter, blond male, she knew it could only be Iolaus, Hercules' best friend....With the God of War???

*Huh??* she thought quizzically, *What in Zeus' beard is wrong with this picture??*

Ares smiled as he read her thoughts. Dragging his gaze over the woman, he uncrossed his arms and licked his lips slowly.   She wasn't anything like his other mistresses, but he could see the fire that burned within her.  A fire that he and Iolaus would definitely put out if all went as he wanted. He could smell her juices building and it made him hungry to bury his cock inside of her.  He hardened even more at that thought, nearly splitting his pants.  He turned and looked down at Iolaus.  Apparently, he had had the same thoughts as his crotch was near bursting, a small wet spot appearing on the cloth codpiece.

Ry'Liana quickly dropped to one knee, her head bent.  *My manners...where are they...??* she thought frantically, licking her lips as she gazed down, but still held herself proudly.

"My Lord Ares, I welcome you to my humble Temple.  I welcome you too, Lord Iolaus *Gods, that sounds funny...* to my Temple."  Pausing briefly, gazing upwards at the two Gods, she then said, "How may I serve you, my Lords?"

Iolaus smiled at the title she had placed upon him.  Ares stepped forward and walked once around the bowing woman, his eyes looking her over.

"And, why were you calling me...?"

"Ry'Liana...I mean...Ry...its what everyone calls me, my Lord".

Ares smiled, but put some annoyance in his voice.  "Ok, Ry'Liana." he purred sarcasticly, "Why were you calling me like that?  I have other things to do than bother with being called so late."

Ry felt a quick flash of annoyance at the tone of his voice but buried it so quickly she was sure Ares didn't notice.

However, Ares had noticed, and he smiled wider.  *Good, she's definitely got some spirit in her...*  His member painfully reminded him that it was ready to come out.  Ares forced himself to remain focused on the woman in front of him. Not yet, Mr. Happy....not quite yet...

"I...I use it to bring a calmness to me when I am feeling particularly unhappy," she replied firmly.

"Why are you unhappy, my dear?"

Ry looked up at Iolaus' friendly face.  He was leaning on the wall looking like a tasty morsel, his crotch still bulging under tight leather.

"Um...well, my Lord, I was just trying to alleviate some loneliness I was feeling.  All my friends are busy and its been a Hades of a week.  I find coming here, and...." Ry blushed at the next words that appeared in her head.  She had never told anyone about how she relaxed by pleasuring herself in her temple, fantasizing that it was Ares who was with her.  It was as close as she felt she was ever going to get to the God, unlike the others who got visited.

Iolaus' eyes widen slightly at the emotions playing across Ry's face, the thoughts that filled her head easily showing.  He glanced over at Ares who was now standing behind her.  Ares looked up, his smile almost predatory as he too read her mind.  He circled her until he was standing directly in front of her bent figure.

"Rise, Ry'Liana."  The power in the command weakening her knees.  Ares motioned Iolaus over and he stood next to Ares, knowing what was coming next and wanting very much to be a part of it.

Ry stood up and tried to keep blank face, sucking her gut in, and trying to appear very calm and failed as soon as she gazed into the dark eyes.  They seem to reach right into her very soul, capturing it, and holding it prisoner, willing her to bend to the God that stood in front of her.  She tried to remind in control, to gaze back with unblinking, serious eyes, but control was something Ry wasn't very good at and it was definitely showing here.  Her knees began to weaken, and perspiration was building on her body.  Feeling hot and cold at the same time, Ry knew this battle was already over, but still, she just had to stand up to him, to let him know she was not some weak person, but strong and willing to put up a fight. *However,* her subconscious reasoned, *A mental fight with a God, especially this God, is always a losing battle.  Back down, but don't give up.*  Ry thought this was good advise and took it.  She let her eyes wander lower, then over to Iolaus' amused face and back to Ares, who was sporting a triumphant look at her surrender.

Ares was proud of the woman's resolve.  She had lasted longer than someone from older times would have.  And she didn't crumble either, just backed away from this battle and stood ready to receive whatever he would put upon her.  *Strong spirit! Good and stubborn* he laughed, *But she will soon learn, there is but one person she will bend too...*

Slipping an arm around her broad waist, Ares slammed Ry'Liana's soft body to his own, grinding his hardness into her stomach.  He smiled evilly at the moan that escaped her lips and the lustful glaze that crept into her eyes.  "I expect much from my priestesses, Ry'Liana" he purred, his face just a hairsbreadth away from hers.

Iolaus took this opportunity to pull back Ry's heavy braids, exposing her breasts fully and tied the thick mass together with a few strands...his fingers brushing against her sensitive back.  He smiled, licking his lips and enjoying how she arched against his fingers and then, thrust into Ares' hips.

*Very responsive...* he mused.  His cock jumped at the scent of her female musk, tinged with sweat and leather from Ares.  Slowly he slipped a hand inside the low cut robe and drew a finger over her full ass cheeks, she jumped at his touch and a growl escaped her throat as he continued his exploration...slipping lower...

Ares reached up with his free hand and pushed the robe off of her right shoulder, exposing the newest tattoo on it to Iolaus.

"I expect that I will be the one and only God in your life, Ry'Liana. You will be pleasured by no one but me..."

Iolaus was staring at the large winged Lion on Ry's shoulder until he heard Ares' words.

"Harmph..." came a snort from behind her.  Ares smiled back at Iolaus.  "Myself, and when he has my blessing, Iolaus will be treated the same."

Ry was somewhere in 7th heaven.  With both Gods stroking and caressing her long ignored body, she felt as if she was falling...and couldn't stop. Her eyes tightly shut and rolled backed in her head.  Her fingers sprayed over the thick chest hair of the God of War, stroking and pulling, teasing and inviting her to lick his chest. Only when she didn't respond immediately to his words, did the touching and movement stopped.  A protest rose in her throat.


Ry's eyes snapped open to gaze up into darker, annoyed ones.  *Oh oh...zoning out on Ares is NOT good!* she cursed herself.

"Yes, my Lord..."

Ares tighten his grip around Ry, enough so she could feel his annoyance at her lack of attention. Gasping at the motion, Ry promised mentally to keep at least half of her brain focused on his words.

"I had said," Ares growled, anger coloring the words, "that I expect many things from my priestesses.  And their full attention to what I am saying is one of them, Ry'Liana.  Remember that."

Ry nodded stiffly, her air slowly being cut off.

"Yes, my Lord!"

"I expect to be, as does Iolaus, the only Gods in your life."

"Yes, my Lord!"

His grip loosened slightly.

"I will not tolerate anyone else, but the other priestesses and yourself in this room.  Especially, other Gods!"

"Yes, my Lord, no one else will be called here!"

He loosen his grip a bit more, he could feel her heart pounding against his chest, fear mixed with some anger rising off of her. He smiled inwardly at her slight stubbornness.  Captain Happy pushed against her stomach, but she ignored the feeling, focusing squarely on him and his words.  *Smart girl...very smart..*

"Hear me clearly, Ry'Liana.  As you are going to be anointed as  priestess to my Temple, you will belong to me. Mind. Body. Soul. No other can or will have you totally.  You are mine. Any defiance against this rule in particular, my dear, and you will know my raft."  His eyes blacker than the darkest night, bearing hard into her liquid brown ones that widen at his words.  He waited for the protest that had formed in her mind and watched as just as quickly it was buried and his last words weighted heavily.

Ry'Liana's eyes had betrayed for a millisecond the protest her logical mind had sprouted.  However, her wiser, stronger subconscious buried it down and she thought strongly about his words.  He was giving her a slight out, but, telling her, under no certain terms, that once anointed, that was it.  She was his.  It pissed her off having to give that up.  Her most precious of gifts...her mind, her body, her soul.  No one, not even the Gods, had that completely, except for one.  Ares.  She knew as she stood there, pressed against him, gazing up into his eyes, that she had been his.  The moment she had first seen him, she was his.  He took those gifts a long time ago, and now, it
seemed only right, to make it official.  *Defeated?*, her logical mind asked.  *NEVER!* she thought ferociously.  But 'twas better to surrender willingly than fight the inevitable.  She would always be his.  No matter what.  And suddenly, that thought wasn't at all unpleasant.  It would take some getting used to...*But then again,* Ry amused, *My people have always been good at adaptation.* What had felt like a ten minute pause was only a mere second when Ry'Liana answered him.

"I am, have always been, will always be, yours, my Lord Ares."

Ares smiled, knowing she had finally figured out what he knew along.  And was now ready to accept it completely, no questions asked.  She had said it, and now, it was so.  Ares released his tight grip on the woman and raised one hand to stroke her face.  "I am pleased you've realized this, my dear.  You will make an excellent priestess."

Iolaus watched the entire scene in front of him with great amusement and no lack of lust.  She was worthy to be a priestess. *Might even give ol' Ares a run every now and again, can't see this gal backing down when really pissed* As she offered herself to Ares, Iolaus placed his hand back on her. She jumped slightly, having forgotten he was back there.  Iolaus, just a tad annoyed at being ignored, dragged his nails down her exposed back drawing a loud moan from her.  He continued going downward until his hands were back underneath her robe, sliding against her warm ass cheeks; he slipped a finger between her crack and pushed in slowly.