By Pqler

"Arrrrhhhhhhh!" Ares bellowed from his living quarters a top of mount Olympus. "What's wrong with me?" he kept saying to himself as he paced the floors.  "I can't have fallen for him. I just can't."

But Aphrodite had confirmed his worse suspicions. He tried to be slick, saying one of his warlord was slacking off in his work because he was in love. And all that he could do was think about this one person, and that every time he saw him, he'd get light- headed and sick to his stomach and his mind went blank, as he could think of anything to say to him. That he hadn't slept in week or months, that he'd lost all track of time, for images of this beauty kept filling his head.

And then she asked the question, and she knew all. "Can your warlord see himself without this being? Can your warlord see this person with any one else?"

"No! He can't see his life going on with out this being!" started Ares, getting excited by the thoughts that Dite just put in his head.  "And he would die, if he knew there was someone else!"

Ares vanished in a blaze of lighting, only to reappear in his own quarters. He stood in front of a long mirror. How could he be in love with him?

"He's only me in white leather!" yelled the excited god. "Mmmmm. The white leather that showed his muscles and that nice round ass.  Damn it!" Ares said slapping his face. "You've got to get over this, and over him! You can do it." He growled at the reflection in the mirror, then stormed out of his quarters.  He found himself in front of a view pool, and with a few short hand gestures, the object of his desire appeared. He tried so hard not too look, but he just had to see him again.

Ares watched as the other Ares, the god of love, sat at a desk going through scrolls and several papers. Ares noticed a vase on the desk, filled with red roses, and suddenly an idea crossed the god of war's brain.

Ares the god of love was writing out a proclamation for his high priest when all of the sudden a red rose petal fell from the sky and landed next to his hand; a white one followed this. Then just as sudden a small flurry of white and red rose petals filled the room, lightly covering everything with their beauty and scent. It suddenly stopped and a small note fell from the sky in front of the god. It read: red ones for emotions and white ones for remembrance. But there was no signature on the small paper.  The god of love was very confused.

As soon as he made the image vanish, the war god ran back to his quarters, slamming the door behind him. "What was I thinking? How could I do that?" all these questions popped into Ares' dark head. He swore up and down that he would never do anything as stupid as that again.

The very next day, the god of love sitting at his desk, looking at plans for new temples, a beautiful ornate gold box appeared in front of him. He cautiously opened the box, inside where small objects wrapped in thin paper. He unwrapped one of the objects and inside the delicate paper was a small ball of chocolate.  He lifted it to his nose and then, believing it was safe, bit into it. He found inside the chocolate a cherry surrounded by the sweetest goo he'd had in his mouth.

Ares the god of war almost went out of his mind watching his counterpart eating the sweet confections.  Ares dick got hard as he watched the god of war devour the first one. Then the love god grabbed another one and lifted to his mouth and let his tongue penetrate it, and then withdrew from the chocolate, covered with the sweet goo.   The mighty god of war shot up from where he sat and ran to his room, where he stayed for several hours, jerking off, keeping the memory fresh in his mind.

The following day Ares, the god of love, was sitting on his bed relaxing, The rose pedal that has filled his room day before, were being held in a large crystal bowl. The bowl sat on a table next to the gold box, where several of the chocolates still lay. Suddenly he heard a scratching at his door, he would have ignored it but it was so persistent.

So he grabbed the door and opened it quickly, no one was there. He heard whimpering at his feet. He looked down, and there sat the cutest little puppy shivering and scared. Ares picked up the cute little thing, there was a big red bow around his neck, and a small note that read: Give war a chance. And signed with a big red A.

In a brief second the god of love, knew where the puppy, chocolate and flowers came from, and it brought a huge smile on his face.

"If only your master was here little guy, I would definitely give him a chance," whispered the love god into the pup's ear and kissed it on it's head.

Suddenly the pup began to wriggle in Ares arms; it started thrashing about, until Ares could no longer hold him. The pup jumped out of Ares arms and landed on the bed. And instead of the cute little puppy on the bed there laid a totally nude god of war, still with the ribbon and card around his neck.

The god of love began to laugh at the war god looked up to him. "I should have known it was you."

"Are you disappointed?" asked the nude god of war.

"No, I was hoping it was you," said the love god as he climbed on to the bed next to his lookalike.

A wave of the hand, and both gods were naked.  The only way you could tell them apart was the facial hair. The god of war rolled on top of the god of love, and the two began kissing each other passionately. Suddenly the god of war noticed the small bowl of petals and  he reached over and flicked the edge of it, making a ringing noise, and suddenly the petals in the bowl swirled around and flew out of the bowl and gently landed on the bed and the two nude gods.

Then the war god reached over for the small box of chocolates.  Opening it, he took a delicious sweet and held it to his lover's lips, who bit it, and then the war god popped the rest of it in his mouth. He then looked down at his lover and seeing some of the goo on his partner's lips, went about to lick it off.

The two gods made love, the twin sweaty bodies writhing and grinding under, over, and around each other. The whole room smelled of sweaty sex, and roses. The two didn't leave the room for days, taking pleasure in each others, never wanting the other world to barge in on them. Nor would it, for no one wanted to see the two gods on a warpath.

The End