By Rynne

It had been a really long, long week, but finally it was over, and I was in for a little R & R.  So I took a couple of days off, hopped in the car, and went home.  Not to my current apartment hole, but to the New Jersey lake community I had spent the first 25 years of my life at.  Hunh.  Never thought I'd miss it, but it's kinda become my refuge. None of my family lives there anymore, but I know so many people who are still there that would vouch for me as a guest, if I was seen.  But I have no intention of any such thing happening.  At least not close enough to be recognized.

 So I drive and I drive, and finally I'm there.  I stash my car in  an old hiding spot my best friend used to use when she was on a  particularly good date, and walked to the beach.  The sun was almost  ready to set, and I didn't want to miss it.  I look around at the few homes near the beach, but no one's about, so I make my way,  unnoticed, down to the water. From there, I can be seen by only one  house, but I've known him for years, and I'd talked to him last time I'd been here.  He wouldn't bother me, and I'd visit him in the  morning. For now, I'm content to sit at the edge of the water, and  watch as the sun slowly sets behind the trees on the far side of the  lake.

The day had dawned bright and sultry, and I hadn't been too happy having to spend most of it at work, then the rest of it in a car.  But the heat hadn't disappeared.  Still hotter than Tartarus on a bad day.  The spring-fed lake water called to me, promising respite, and I took off my shoes and soaked my feet in the refreshing shallows.  The sun has completely disappeared now, and visibility was at a minimum.  I looked longingly at the water, and finally decided there was no around it.  I had to go in.  The temptation was just too great.

Not caring at this point who sees me, I divest myself of my clothes, and slowly wade into the cool water. A low sigh escapes my lips as the water caresses my heat-tortured flesh.  Giving in to temptation yet again, I completely submerge myself, reveling in the cool wetness that envelops my body. Rising to the surface, I stand up, and the water cascades off my long hair, and runs down my back.  I feel completely refreshed and revitalized for the first time in weeks.

Caught up in the moment, I am completely unaware of my surroundings until two strong arms encircle my waist and pull me against a rock-hard body. Of course I struggle, but my captor is far
too strong for me.  Even a well-placed elbow in the sternum elicits no reprieve.

I can feel his well defined body where it touches mine, and, despite myself, I am aroused.  I stop struggling, and those strong hands start roaming my wet skin. Whoever he is, he knows all of my sensitive spots, and soon I'm moaning and shuddering uncontrollably under his administrations.

"Do you know who I am?"  he whispers seductively into my ear.  I must admit, until that point, I had no idea, but the body, combined with that voice, left little doubt.  Before I could form a reply, however,  his tongue follows the path of his words, and my whole body explodes with ecstacy.
"Ares!"  I finally manage to cry, and my hands clutch his firm ass as his hard cock pokes my flesh.  Wanting more, I dig my nails into his butt and pull him closer, grinding my own ass against his throbbing shaft. Ares' tongue disappears from my ear, and he growls in animal lust.  One hand moves down my stomach, stops briefly to play in  the nest of curls between my legs then finds my clit and starts working it for all it's worth.  His other hand is expertly tweaking my nipples, and his mouth is latched onto the nape of my neck, all the while grinding his hips into me like he's trying to fuck a hole in my back.

 Gods, there's too much going on!  I'm quickly going into sensory overload, bucking and jerking spasmodically as orgasm after blinding orgasm roll over me.  Vaguely I hear someone screaming, and suddenly realize those noises are emanating from me.

Before any coherent thoughts could form, Ares turns me around and impales me on his hard, throbbing cock.  Another scream, his name this time, rips out of my mouth as yet another orgasm racks my body.

His hot mouth claims mine in a fiery, passionate kiss.  Then he grabs my hips in his hands and starts fucking me like there was no tomorrow, and I was his last time.  I bury my hands in his thick curly mane of hair, wrap my legs around him, and hang on for dear life.  At this point, I am completely incoherent, floating in an ever-rising wave of pure sensation.

As Ares drives into me again and again, the waves rise, reaching cataclysmic proportions.  Finally, my body reaches its limit, and the wave crashes down in the most powerful orgasm yet.  I buck
uncontrollably in the God's grasp, and hear him groaning under the added pressure of my muscles spasming uncontrollably around his cock.

Finally, the waves subside (although, with him still in my body, I doubt they could ever possibly go away!), and, once more in control, I tighten my legs around him and start matching him thrust for thrust.  He growls fiercely, trying to keep control, but I use every trick I've ever learned on him, and I could see he was losing the battle.  When I tighten my muscles around his cock again, his growls turn to a screaming howl, and he cums hard, his Godly seed jetting into me, filling me, and overflowing into the water.

Tightening my arms around his still rocking body, I whisper into his ear, "I love you, Ares."

He hugs me back, almost tight enough to crack a rib, and whispers back, "I know, beloved.  I know."

 Returning his hands to my hips, he gently lifts me off his slowly softening cock.  I know that all I need to do is touch it, and he's be hard again, but I also know I couldn't take anymore.

Sighing, I look up at him and say, "There's so many things I wanted to do to you, Ares!"

Chuckling wickedly, he replies, "Next time!", winks, and disappears.