Bad, Bad Puppy!
By Pqler

"Damn it!" yelled Ares, as he pounded his hands on the desk he was sitting at.

"Hey!" yelled Cupid at his father. "That computer is very delicate; it was a gift from Athena."

"I don't care! I don't know what to do and you standing over me spouting words I have no idea what they mean!" yelled Ares. "Why don't you leave me be so I can figure out what to do on my own?"

"Okay, don't get your panties in a bunch," said the blond, winged god, leaving the god of war sitting there in his chair.

Ares again took a long look at this strange machine before him. The small glowing TV that sat in front of him. The thing with all the buttons with letters and symbols all over it--Cupid had called it a keyboard. And the hard drive or whatever was making funny little noises.

So there he sat staring at something called Netscape, with all its bizarre writing on it. When he noticed the Bookmark button, he pointed the little arrow at it and clicked the button on the rat. A list came down from the web browser. Ares rolled the rodent down as it hit each name another list popped alongside the main list. When he finally got to one that said Personal Bookmarks, another list popped out. But this time something caught his eye, something called Bad Puppy, so he clicked on it.

Instantly the screen went black, and then a picture of a mortal man appeared. He was nude, but the picture was cut off just above the waist. Along the picture was a list of different things. When he seen the words live video sex, it intrigued him. So he aimed the arrow again using the rodent, and he pressed the button.

Again the screen went black again. This time a little box popped up asking for a username and password, well a little wave of the hand took care of that. When you're a god, who needs passwords?  A this time a picture of four half dressed mortals appeared, and this time two buttons, one that said, "Join the show", and the other "Help Desk."

He clicked on "Join the Show", and again the screen went black, and suddenly there was a cartoon of two puppies playing, and a long gray button underneath that said "Enter the live Video Show." And directly underneath was a picture of a scrawny mortal man playing with his dick.

Ares pressed the long gray button, and all of a sudden a window popped up, about half the size of the browser. It was black but a small gray screen showed up and words appeared underneath the gray window. It said select channel, the first one said chat, and then the number 1 through 4 showed up behind that. The letters chat were blinking as a picture showed up. It was the scrawny guy from the picture still pulling on his dick.

He aimed the rodent and pressed 1 and in a matter of minutes this very cute Italian guy replaced the scrawny guy. The guy on the screen had jet-black short hair, dark eyes, very attractive smile, and beautiful olive skin.  Ares wanted to see if the other guys were as good looking as this young man.

He pressed for room 2 another scrawny guy; he then pressed three and watched this unattractive man stick a dick looking object into his mouth. He then pressed four and all he got was a message in the screen saying "Coming soon". So Ares decided to go back to the cute Italian guy.

So again he clicked on 1 and there was the Italian guy again, only this time he was joined by another guy. This new guy was paler compared to the other, he had light brown short hair and a killer body, just like his companion. The two men on the screen began to undress; they sat down on a mattress on the floor. They slowly began to touch each other, an arm around each other, a hug here and a kiss there.

Ares noticed that they had a keyboard too, and wonder what that was all about. He didn't think to long as the dark skin man began sucking the other guy's dick. This aroused Ares and he continued to watch. The guys moved a little slow for Ares' taste, and wondered what he could do about it. An evil grin spread across his face as he vanished into air. On the small screen on the computer, the two men had stopped what they were doing, and had stunned looks on their faces as they stared at something off camera.

The two men sat on the mattress stunned, staring at this huge man in black leather, who appeared out of nowhere.

"I've been watching you on the small screen and thought that I just had to come join," said Ares.

The two men on the mattress just sat their still staring.

"Don't worry guys, I don't bite, well only if you want me to," smiled the god. "By the way, the name's Ares."

"You mean like the god of war?" asked the olive-skinned hunk.

"Would you be surprised if I told you I was the god?" said Ares.  The two young men looked at each other and shook their heads no.  " Okay, now that we got that out of the way, what are your names?"

"I'm Dusty," said the paler man. " And this is Sergio," pointing to his friend sitting next to him.

"Hmmm, Sergio, that name suits you well," smiled Ares at the beautiful young man.

"Thank you," said Serg, still eyeing the big man.

"You shouldn't be in here.  You'll get us into trouble," said Dusty.

"Don't worry about it.  I'll make sure that you won't get into any trouble, and that you won't lose your jobs," said Ares,  sitting down next to Dusty, patting him on his knee.

Sergio sat there wondering where the others were. Couldn't they hear him? And now couldn't they see them.

"Calm yourself, Sergio, No one going to come.  I'm not here to hurt anyone; I just thought the two of you would like one more to this little party of yours," stated Ares as he adjusted his hard cock in his leather pants. "Well what do you guys think? Do you want to make this duo into a threesome?" asked the mighty god of war.

The two continued to sit there, and then Dusty looked at Sergio, and whispered something to him. There was a great silence, before Sergio finally nodded his head yes.

The two nude men got up and stood in front of Ares, each grabbing a boot and pulled it off. Then Serg got back on the bed, behind Ares and began tugging at his leather vest, and pulled it over Ares' head. Ares felt Sergio's warm body against him, and rubbed Sergio's body behind him.  All the while Dusty was working on opening Ares pants and started pulling them off him.

Sergio stayed seated behind the hulking god, running his hands over the massive hairy chest. Ares looked up to Sergio, and Sergio planted a wet kiss on the god's lips.

Dusty had Ares lift his ass so he could pull the pants off. Both mortals gasped at the sight of Ares' thick cock. Dusty slid the pants off the huge guy, and threw them in a pile with their own clothing. He then lay down on top of the god and began kissing him and Sergio.

In Dusty's hand, he held the remote which controlled the camera, and he aimed the camera at the threesome.

Cupid had returned to see how his father was doing, noticed an empty seat. He walked up calling out Ares, but there was nothing. Cupid sat down at the computer when he noticed his father had found his favorite web site. And when he looked closer at the scene that was going on inside the box on the screen, his mouth his the floor. "Ares?"

He stayed glued to the screen as the two men were both licking on Ares' cock. He then watched the darker skinned one sit back on the bed and stick his cock into Ares' mouth, while the other had Ares' dick all to himself and was enjoying it.

He then watched as the dark skinned guy got into a sixty-nine position and was helping the other guy suck Ares. Then the other guy stood up, and the other guy went for his dick also.

Ares was enjoying himself, the two men had stopped sucking on his dick, but one of them had their hand wrapped around his dick and was jerking him off. Ares had his tongue in between Sergio's ass cheek, licking the puckered hole, holding and massaging the nice ass.

Soon the threesome moved around, Sergio lay on the bed while Dusty knelt over him feeding Sergio his cock. While Ares was sucking on Sergio's cock, as one of his finger burrowed deep into Sergio's ass.

Cupid watching all of this now had his own dick out and was jerking off. He watched as Ares soon replaced his finger with his cock, and began to slowly fuck the dark man. He also watched as his father also played with the ass of the other guy who was had his cock in the other guy's mouth.

The couple had moved again, as Dusty grabbed the romote, they need a new position for the all their viewers to see what was happening. This time Dusty was fucking Sergio, as Ares fucked Dusty's tight hole. This went on for a while, changing positions, and changing camera angles.

Cupid still with his hard dick in his hand lost his load, when Ares lay on the ground and let Sergio fuck him, with Ares legs draped over his shoulders. Dusty lay on top of Ares in a sixty-nine position, and the two sucked each other off.

The three guys stopped fucking each other and finished by sitting next to each other jerking their own cocks off. But the two mortals would reach over and pinch Ares' nipples while waiting for him to cum. Shoot a thick load across the floor.

When they finally finished they all got dressed, and cleaned up.  Ares went to their bosses and explained things. It turned out that it was one of their better nights. And actually asked him to stay on. He said only if he could threesome with the guys, or have duo's with one of then.

After that day, Sergio and Dusty became very big and were paid extremely well for their time.

The End