Young Iolaus Adventures
By Pqler

Part 1

The young Iolaus was sitting on his bed on the academy, he was so bored and horny he didn't know what to do. Several ideas came to him, maybe he should go into the village, and find a young peasant doe eyed girl. Then he thought no, the girls usually have irate fathers, and that was the last thing he needed.

Then another though, maybe one of his fellow cadets, but which one. Image of the different cadets flashed through his head. The only ones he really wanted were, and suddenly a grin spread across his face. If he was going to go through with it, he had better hurry.

So under the cover of darkness, Iolaus slipped out of the academy. It took a while, but he finally reached his destination. The castle was very dark and gloomy; he quietly slipped in with out being noticed. He went through side hallways that ran along side the main hall, and through one of the open doors he spied his prey.

He knew it was getting late and that his prey would soon be going to bed. So he quickly went through the halls and up the stairs until he reached the bedroom door of his prey. He opened the door and went inside.

The room was dimly lit with only a few candles. The huge bed was well made with several blankets covering it. Iolaus lowered the light covers and the big thick one. He then took off all his clothes and hid them from view he then climb into the big bed and covered himself with the covers. He wondered how long it would take for his prey to come to bed.

It wasn't too long, as his prey opened the bedroom door and walked in. He was busy mumbling to himself that he was always busy with work, and had no time for fun with his friends. He began to undress, not even noticing that Iolaus was in his bed.

Iolaus watched his prey undress, admiring the solid and healthy body of his friend. He had his back to Iolaus, so Iolaus first saw his friend's hairless, muscled back, and thin waist.

Iolaus got a little scared when his prey sat on the bed to remove his boots. So he froze not moving a muscle. His prey still didn't notice him, as he stood up. And still with his back to Iolaus, began to undo his pants. He watched with excitement as his prey lowered his pants, and the view of his firm and round ass came into view. Iolaus enjoyed the view of his friend's thick thighs and solid legs.

Again the prey sat down on the bed to remove his pants. He stood back up, and stretched his weary body. He then walked to the top of the bed to lower the blanket when he suddenly noticed Iolaus.

"Iolaus, what the heck are you doing!" Said the prey.

"Well your highness, your court jester and clown is here to put a smile on your face." Started Iolaus. "And maybe one on his own. Sire."

"Enough of that Iolaus, you know how I hate it when you and Hercules use that." Said the prey as he climbs into bed with the nude Iolaus.

"Very well then King Jason, I shall call you by your proper name." As Iolaus lets out a laugh.

"Ha ha, very funny." Jason lets out as he rolls himself on top of his nagged friend. Iolaus can feel the heaviness, and hardness of his friend's body, as Jason grabs his arms and holds them over Iolaus' head. "Now what is my name."

Iolaus got a little excited being pinned down on the bed by his friends' solid body. His friend was only an inch or two taller than he was. The huge muscled arms holding down his own well-defined arms.

"Okay, Okay Jason, I'm here to put a smile on your face and help reduce your stress." Jason lets go of Iolaus' arms.

"And how are you going to do that?" asked Jason. He suddenly felt one of Iolaus' hands slip in-between their bodies. Roaming over Jason's well-defined abs and then through the furry patch of pubic hair. He then takes hold of his hardening cock.

"Does this give you any clues?" asked Iolaus' with a nervous lump in his throat.

"Yeah, and how do you know I would be into this kind of thing." Asked Jason, still continuing to lie on top of his friend.

"Well let's just say after we had wrestling practices at the academy. I kind of saw you and the loser of your match go off and have a different kind of wrestling match." Said Iolaus confessing to his friend.

"Oh so you've been spying on me, Huh?" asked Jason

"Well not intentionally the first time was an accident but then it sort of became habit to watch you and the younger guys." Iolaus' face turning red with embarrassment.

"And you liked what you saw?" said Jason, his own face very close to Iolaus'.

"Well yeah, I did like it, and wondered what it would be like to underneath you." Again let out a blushing Iolaus.

"Just one question Iolaus?" asked Jason.

"What?" Answered Iolaus.

"I know you've fucked, but have you ever been fucked?" asked Jason.

Iolaus was a little worried will Jason stop if he told him. "No Jason, You'd be the first."

This seemed to make Jason even more aroused as his dick did a little jump in Iolaus' hand.

Jason then looked down at his friend and began to kiss him fully on the lips. His hands holding his friends body close to his. And then his hands began exploring Iolaus' body.

Jason rolled over and pulled Iolaus on top of him. Iolaus stopped the kiss and slowly began moving down Jason body, kissing and licking his way down. Until he reached Jason swollen cock. He took the harden cock into his hand and began slowly to jerk him off. He then brought his face up close to the throbbing dick and began to lick the head of it. He took the head of the cock into his mouth and began to slowly move his head up and down. He paused a few times to suck on Jason's low hanging balls, and lick around his
puckered ass hole.

Jason soon had Iolaus turned around and he began to suck on Iolaus' cock. The two now in a 69 position. The two were enjoying each other, and moaning loud. Jason's huge hands had a tight grip on his friend ass checks. He moved Iolaus around and began licking Iolaus' balls and the tight puckered hole. He then stuck a finger in his mouth and when he was sure it was covered with
enough spit, he slowly slid the finger into the tight hole. Soon they changed position again. Iolaus now lying on his stomach as Jason was hovering over him.

Jason reached over to the small table next to his bed, and took hold of a small thin pitcher. He poured a little of the contents of the pitcher in his hand, it turned out to be olive oil. Jason first lubricated his cock. Then making sure his middle finger had a lot of oil on it he slowly inserted it into Iolaus' ass. And when he made sure there was enough, he laid back down on Iolaus. And grabbing a small pillow from the head of the bed, he gently whispered into Iolaus' ear.

"Since this is your first time it's going to hurt a little a first, but I swear it will get better if you just relax." Started Jason. He then brought the pillow to Iolaus' face. "Here put the end in to your mouth a bite down on it if the pain is too much a first. I take real easy on you since it's you first."

With that Iolaus did bite down on the pillow as Jason reached between the two. He grabbed his cock and slowly inserted the tip into Iolaus ass. He then pushed moving his cock further into the tight hole. Jason could hear Iolaus' muffled cry. He gently brushed Iolaus' hair aside and he whispered reassuring words into Iolaus' ear and began to kiss and lick the back of his friend's neck. Jason began to work his dick back and forth in Iolaus' tight hole. Soon asJason had said the pain did ease and Iolaus was beginning to enjoy having
his friend's cock up his ass. And his cock also was enjoying the movement and began to get hard again. Iolaus began to moan with pleasure.

Hearing this Jason removed the pillow from Iolaus' face.

"Thank you." A breathless Iolaus let out.

"Your welcome." And then Jason went back to kissing and licking the back of Iolaus neck. The moans from Iolaus gave Jason the encouragement to continue. As he continued he wrapped one arm around Iolaus' chest. While with the other hand he slid it under Iolaus' body and under Iolaus' stiff cock. The finally got a rhythm going and Iolaus was truly enjoying himself.

Soon Iolaus felt the rush from his balls and moaned out loud. He then shot his hot load into Jason's hand. Jason slowly pulled out his hand. It was covered with Iolaus spunk; he brought the hand up to his face and began to lick up Iolaus' mess. A little bit of it dripped on to Iolaus' face. Iolaus liked what he could, but the cum he couldn't reach Jason licked off his face like a dog.

With his hand now cleaned he wrapped both arms around Iolaus' body. He soon felt the rush from his balls and shot his load deep into Iolaus' ass. During the orgasm he held on to Iolaus so tight, that he almost knocked the wind out of his shorter friend.

Jason slowly pulled out of Iolaus' ass. He reached behind him and grabbed the thickest blanket, and wrapped him and his friend up in it. The two feel asleep, with Jason arms and legs wrapped around Iolaus' body.

The following morning Iolaus woke up next to Jason, who during the night released him from his grip and now had his back to him. Iolaus got up and dressed, he knew that if he didn't get back soon he'd be in trouble. So before he went he left a message on the small table.


Sorry, but I had to go or I'd be in trouble. Maybe if we can meet up later when can spend more than a couple of hours exploring each other.

See you soon


Part 2

Iolaus was on his way back to the academy, when he spotted the path that led to Hercules and his favorite water hole. They usually come to take a bath and also to get out of the hot weather. A lot of people came to this large creek. But just down the stream where it's very hard to get to is a beautiful waterfall. It was a very secluded area. Iolaus made his way up one very big tree and then crossing a thick branch. And then climbing down another tree he finally made it to the waterfall.

Iolaus noticed some clothing hanging on a low branch of a tree. He knew who the clothing belonged to. He knew the scent at once as he brought the clothes up to his face and buried his nose into them. He slowly looked up with a big grin on his face. The hunter was again on the prowl, searching for fresh meat. Stepping closer to the edge of the waterfall to the secluded bathing hole at the bottom. Scanning the surface of the water he didn't see a soul. Then suddenly popping out of the water his new prey made an appearance. Iolaus stood and watch the water run off his preys hot body.

But the mighty hunter screwed up, he stood staring a little to long and his prey spotted him. From down below the prey smiled at him and waved.

"Hey, Herc how is the water?" yelled Iolaus.

"It's real nice, why don't you come join me." Hercules yelled up to him

With that invitation Iolaus stripped out of his clothing and making sure Herc was out of the way. Iolaus dove from the top of the waterfall.

But being in the shade of the waterfall the water was a little cold. And Iolaus popped back up in a hurry.

"It's a little cold don't you think?" asked Iolaus

"No, it's just right, you need to get use to it." Answered Hercules. " So what have you been up?"

"Aw, not much Herc. A little this and a little that." Answered Iolaus.

"Yeah and just who's that were you getting a little of?" Hercules asked looking at his friend.

Several answers popped into Iolaus' head, but not wanting to lie to best friend he decided to tell his friend the truth.

"I was with Jason last night." Iolaus blurted out.

"Yeah so?" Said Herc with a puzzled look on his face

"You don't get it. I was with him. Ya know like in bed." Iolaus scanned his friend face for any kind of acknowledgment. It took a few minutes but then he saw the stunned look on his friend face.

"You were with him?" started Hercules

"How, why, when?" came out of Herc's mouth.

So Iolaus filled Hercules in with great detail about his late night adventure. Herc stood there still with a puzzled look on his face. And when he finally finished the two men just stood there staring at each other.

"Herc, your not upset with what happened, were still friends right?" asked a nervous Iolaus

Herc's face softened and then went into a smile.

"Tell me another fairy tale." Said Herc as he grabbed Iolaus' head and pushed him under the water.

Under the water Iolaus opened his eyes and through the cloudy water he could make out his friend's body. He could also make out his friend's hard cock sticking straight out and very close to his face.

Herc continued to hold his friend head underwater. He then felt an unusual warm sensation wrap around his cock. And the head that he was holding was slowly moving back and forth. Herc moaned as the warm sensation moved down the length of his cock, engulfing the entire monster.

This only lasted but a few minutes, as Herc reached down and grabbed Iolaus' by his arms and pulled him out of the water. Water running off of Iolaus' body, the young man catching his breath.

"Why, why did you pull me up?" asked Iolaus.

"Because you need air, and the last thing I need is a dead man hanging off my dick." Answered Herc.

"Yeah, but what a way to die." Smiled Iolaus.

Iolaus wrapped his legs around Herc's body. And planted a wet kiss on his friends' mouth. Herc returned the kiss with a hot tongue that pushed it's way into Iolaus' mouth.

Herc carried his young friend out of the water, and laid him down in the soft long grass. He then laid on top of his friend and continued kissing him. He then slowly moved down his friend's body, kissing his neck and chest stopping to bite and suck on the nipples. He then lifted his friend's arm and began to lick the wet and hairy armpits. He then went back to kissing and licking his friend's body.

Moving so that he was laying in the opposite direction of his friend, Herc made his way to Iolaus' now hardened cock. And all the while Iolaus had grabbed Herc's cock and began stroking and licking the throbbing meat.

Herc moved his warm tongue up and down the length of his friend's cock. Moving his friend so they were now both laying on their sides and his head moving all around and between Iolaus' legs. He then began licking and nipping at the young man's nut sack. And then just past the sack, Hercules began to lick Iolaus' puckered hole. Iolaus let out a muffled moan, for his mouth was quite filled with his friend's cock.

Herc licked all around the tight hole, grabbing his friend ass cheeks and spreading them began to force his tongue into the hole. Again another muffled moan from his friend.

Iolaus' with Herc's cock deep in his mouth had a firm grip on his friend's ass cheeks. He squeezed them and massaged them as he continued to suck on the thick tool. As Herc went back to sucking on Iolaus cock, with one hand firmly wrapped around his friends' cock. While the fingers of the other hand were exploring Iolaus' hole.

Soon the now hot, sweaty body went from position to position until Iolaus was on his back and his legs were thrown over Herc's shoulders. And Herc thrust his tool deep into his friend's ass. Iolaus grabbed his cock and jerked himself off as his balls slapped his ass, as the cock moved in and out.

Iolaus let out a moan as the rush from his ball sent his load across his chest and belly. Iolaus ran a finger through the spunk, and was about to lick it from his finger. When he heard a moan from Herc, Iolaus looked up to see Herc's tongue sticking out. So collecting more on his finger he then stuck it in to Herc's mouth, who greedily sucked the cum off of Iolaus' finger.

Herc's assault on Iolaus' ass was at an all time fever paced as he shot his load deep into his friends ass. The moan that came out of the young man was so loud that it scared all the birds from the trees. Then the hunk collapsed on his friend. They went back to making out, Herc running his hand through Iolaus blonde hair.

They laid together on the ground for sometime, until Iolaus got up and tried to pull his friend back into the water. The two continue to play in the water diving of the falls. Horsing around in the water, and every now and then going back to their little spot and enjoying each other again and again. Until the sun was finally setting and the decided to return to the academy and get some rest

Part 3

A couple of days after the tryst with Herc, Iolaus was once again alone and bored. The hunter wanted to be free again. The hunt was calling again. He just walked out of the academy and let his hormones take over. Taking this path than that he knew where he was heading. The hunter was wide awake and heading to new hunting grounds. It led him to a door that he had been through before.

He went inside, the heat was almost unbearable. There were amazing swords and weapons on the wall. And incredible statues of animals and of people scattered here and there. There wasn't much light in the forge, except the flame of the fire used for smelting.

He could hear banging noises coming from the back, so off he set off toward the back looking over the wonderful statues made from metal. The animals were exquisite almost life like. The humans on the other hand, they weren't always well proportioned either legs were too long, or the arms. Heads either too big or too small for the bodies.

Then he caught the scent of his newest prey, and his cock in his pants began to stiffen. And standing there pounding away at another weapon the prey was busy. The prey had his back to Iolaus. Iolaus admire his prey's ass and back, working the way he does is giving his an excellent body.

The hunter continued to slowly sneak up on his prey, until he was right behind taking in the smells of the prey, the fire the hot metal that glowed red.

The prey had stopped hammering and was resting when Iolaus reached out and touched his shoulders. The prey jumped a foot in the air.

"Damn Iolaus, you scared the shit right out of me." Said the startled prey.

"Sorry Hephaestus, didn't mean to." Replied the horny hunter. " I was bored at the academy and decided to pay you a visit."

"Well it's good to see you." Answered Hephaestus. "How are things?"

"They're fine. Just been extremely bored lately." Started Iolaus "Heph, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything is there something I can help you with?" asked Hephaestus.

"Its just that I've been admiring some of your art work." Iolaus began "And some of your pieces."

"Some of my pieces what?" said Hephaestus with a tone in his voice.

"Well it's the people there a little out of shape, don't you think?" answered Iolaus

"Yeah, I know. I just can't seem to get them right." Said Heph.

"Well can't you model them after you?" asked Iolaus

"Iolaus, I was kicked out for being ugly" Started Heph "kicked out by my own mother. That kind of puts an idea in your head that maybe your are too ugly."

"Your not ugly, and as for your bitch mother she has given you and Herc enough shit." Said the brave hunter.

"Well still do you see any mirrors around?" asked Heph.

"No, well what you need is a model." Said the horny hunter.

"Yeah and just who do you think is going to model for me?" Heph looking at his young mortal friend.

"What about me? I'll do it. I don't mind." Said an excited Iolaus.

"Are you sure? You really want to model for..." before Heph could answer Iolaus had began to strip out of his clothing.

"Is there anywhere that you want me?" asked a now completely nude Iolaus

"Okay over there in the other corner there are a few animal skins, go stand over there." Said Heph.

Being the friend that he is Iolaus took a stance on the skins. He stood there while Heph checked him out and began playing with a few piece of metal.

"First I'll make a small version than try a full size version." Said Heph

"Sounds good I can be here as long as you need me to be." Smile Iolaus.

So Heph went to work, and after a couple of times the model weren't coming out the way he like and he threw them across the room.

"Take it easy Heph, don't be in such a rush." Iolaus said in a calming voice.

"I just can't get it together, no matter how much I try I can get it right." Said a frustrated Heph.

"Okay I got an idea, come here." Said Iolaus

Heph walked up to his young friend. "Yeah what's your idea?" asked Heph.

"Maybe what you need is a hands on approach." Smiled Iolaus.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean some artist need to touch they're models. They need to feel them to see how thing are actually connected to feel the muscles and the bones."

"So you want me to touch you?"

"Sure why not?" smile the horny hunter.

"You wont mind?" asked Heph

"If I minded to do you think I would of brought it up.

So Heph walked around Iolaus gently touching him here or there nothing serious. Iolaus was losing his mind.

"Heph, stand in front of me." Order Iolaus.

"What? Am I doing something wrong?" asked Heph as he walked in front of his friend.

"Here, this is what I'm talking about." With that Iolaus grabbed Heph's hand and put them firmly on to his ass. "Now start really feeling, kneed the flesh, massage it.

"Like this." And suddenly Heph's hands were working a mile a minute, squeezing this muscle feeling up his arms, rubbing Iolaus' chest.

He again walked around Iolaus this time squeezing and feel everything from his legs, to his arms. His back, again to the ass cheeks. All this attention was too much for the young hunter and began to show definite signs of arousal.

Hephaestus again standing in front of his friend began feeling his friends sides running his hands up and down his thighs. He noticed his friend was aroused and so was he, his cock throbbing through the leather pants.

He stood there rubbing and massaging Iolaus when he noticed the beads of sweat dripping down his friends body. One stream of sweat slipped down between his eyes and down his nose, there was a drip of sweat hanging from Iolaus' nose.

Heph was really turned on now, fuck he decide to himself, if he gets in trouble it's worth it.

Heph came close to Iolaus' face and like the drip of sweat from Iolaus' nose. And when Iolaus didn't protest he continued licking the sweat off his friend body, slowly making his way down his friend's body.

Iolaus was now really enjoying himself, moaning loudly when Heph reached his cock and began licking and sucking at his dick and balls. His hand reached down and gently ran his hand through Heph's hair.

Wanting to return the favor Iolaus laid down pulling Heph with him on to the plush pile of animal skins. He started undoing Heph's clothes. Pulling the vest off and undoing the pants, He pulled and tugged as fast as he could, he wasn't happy until his friend was a nude as him. He went right to his friend 's cocks and balls and began pleasing him, as his friend didn't him.

The two men rolled on the pile of pelts trying every position that they knew or even heard about. Finally with Heph's chest against the floor and his ass in the air, Iolaus behind him fucking him madly like a dog. It was all too much for the god who let out a loud yell as he shot a heavy load onto the furs that laid beneath him. And all to soon Iolaus let out a loud moan and shot a load into his friend tight hole.

The two collapsed on the furs. The heat from the fire and from their bodies was too much for the young hunter and fell asleep on top of the god, still buried deep with in his ass.

Iolaus didn't know how long he'd been out, his dick had gone soft and had slowly slipped out of the sleeping god. He felt a warm wetness touch the back of his neck, as if someone was licking him. And then suddenly hands grabbed him and he was lifted off the god. He looked around trying to let his eyes get use to the darkness. He felts hand grabbing him massaging him. He felt two pairs of hand one was a little rougher and bigger than the other, again the tongue on the back of his neck. There was someone in front of him licking his inner thigh. Finally as his eye's got used to the light he looked down and there was Strife licking at him.

"What the fuck!" Iolaus let out. He felt a heavy breath on his neck and then on his ear.

"You played with the others now its time to play with the big boys." Came a familiar voice, and all of the sudden it came to him.


Part 4

"Ares!" Iolaus let out as two huge hands grabbed his arms.

"If you try to struggle you'll only make it worse." Ares started " On second thought go ahead and struggle the worse you make it for yourself the more fun we'll have. Right Strife."

"Mmrrph," was all that came out of Strife's mouth since it was filled with Iolaus' cock.

"There's a boy after my own heart." Ares let out a laugh as he moved down Iolaus' back.

Pushing Iolaus so that he was leaning over Strife, Ares made his way to Iolaus' ass hole and began licking the puckered hole.

Iolaus couldn't believe what was going on, It has to be a dream. He continued to say that to himself, until he felt a hard slap to his ass.

"Does it ever feel that real in a dream?" asked Ares. Sliding his tongue into the tight hole.

His ass still stinging, Iolaus looked over at his sleeping friend.

"Oh don't worry about little brother, a little spell taught to me by Morpheus, He'll be sleeping for quite awhile." Snickered Ares while Strife made a muffled laugh.

The two gods continued the assault on the young hunter. Ares now licking Iolaus' balls from the back while Strife was busy sucking his cock from the front. Ares slipped a spit covered finger into Iolaus' ass and began to slowly work it in and out. Iolaus couldn't help but be turned on by the events happening to him, and decided to just to go with it.

They moved Iolaus' around guiding him to where they wanted him. They were now directly over Heph, Ares still working on finger and licking Iolaus cock, while Strife was now feeding the young blonde his thin, long dick.

Ares stood up "Strife you want first dibs on the ass." He asked his nephew who had a look of surprise.

"Are you serious Uncle?" asked the shocked god.

"Well yeah, if I get him first, I doubt it very much if he'll feel your dick inside him." Ares spit out with an evil grin on his face. The smaller of the gods didn't say a word, knowing well that he wouldn't want to be in the position of the hunter when his Uncle tries to fuck him.

So then Strife walked back behind Iolaus. Iolaus could feel Strife's cock enter his hole, and began a slow and steady pace fucking the young mortal. Ares moved in front of the hunter, and removed what was left of his clothing, and when the pants came down. Fear, disbelief, and excitement filled the young man, as the biggest dick he had seen (well next to his centaur teacher's) came into view. It had to be about 10 inches long and 2 to 3 inches thick. Now he was glad that the younger god was fucking him. But as the huge monster is, it was now coming toward his mouth, Iolaus wondered how in Hades he was going to suck that thing without gagging on it.

First the head of the enormous cock touched is lips, and he stuck out his tongue and began licking it. But this didn't satisfy Ares, grabbing the young man by the back of his head and forced his cock into Iolaus' mouth. He had it halfway in when he heard a gagging noise come from the young hunter.

"Relax, boy, you might get use to it after awhile." Snarled Ares. Strife let out a small chuckle as he watched his uncle skull fuck the young man. Only letting up when he noticed Iolaus' face turning a deep red.

But Strife was starting to get busy himself on the their captive's ass. Ares watched as he reinserted his cock into the hunter's mouth. Taking it a little easier letting the young man catches a breath now and then.

Ares was getting anxious and pulled out of Iolaus' mouth and moved beside his nephew, and with a nod, Strife pulled out of the hunter's ass. The younger god walked to the front of the blonde man, and inserted his cock back into Iolaus' warm mouth.

Ares inserted the cock head into Iolaus' ass. Iolaus' let out a muffled moan as he felt the huge cock enter his ass. He was afraid that the giant organ would split him in two. Ares thrust the length of cock fully into the young man's body, causing an even louder moan from the young man. Ares slowly worked his huge cock back and forth fucking Iolaus at a steady pace.

Strife grabbed Iolaus by his head and fucked him furiously, as Iolaus tried to steady himself by grabbing on to the younger god's ass. The young mortal' s cock was stiff as a board and was in need of some attention, but when the mighty god of war's cock hit his prostate, he shot a huge load streaming down of the sleeping god beneath them. Seeing this sent the younger god over the edge, he pulled his cock out of the young man's mouth. And after a few short stroke Strife shot several streams of juice all over Iolaus' face.

Iolaus felt the cum running down his face, and licked at the streams that came close to his mouth. The young god coming out of the rush looked down and smiled. He crouched down in front of the young mortal and began to lick his own spunk off the man's face. After he finished with Iolaus he worked clean up and cleaned Iolaus' cum of the nagged body of his sleeping uncle.

After finishing with the tongue baths, Strife laid down of the skins and began licking at his sleeping uncle's dick. Ares grabbed Iolaus' long blonde hair with one hand and pulled on it, picking up the pace, with the other hand he gave Iolaus' ass a good slap making the young man yell out. Ares pushed the young man down to the floor and continued to fuck him. Now Strife and Iolaus both licked at Heph's hard cock.

Ares now getting greedy didn't want to share this hot lay on the end of his cock, and moved Iolaus all over the large room. All the while Strife continued to suck on the god of fire's cock. But even he got tired of this, so he straddled his sleeping uncle and inserted the cock into his tight pale ass, bouncing up and down.

Ares and Iolaus moved up and down the room, over this and under that there wasn't a spot where Ares and Iolaus didn't cover. At one point Iolaus was laid out on his back with his legs over Ares shoulder. Iolaus looked up at the god of war, who had to be the hottest being he had ever seen. And he was even hotter as his hair was drenched in sweat. Swear dripped off the gods body, and the smell from the god excited the young mortal even more, he even let a smile cross his face.

"And what are you grinning about?" asked the god of war.

"Just looking at you, covered with sweat. It just this is the first time, you've ever looked human." Said the young man.

"Oh and you like me looking this way?"

"Oh yeah, seeing you most of the time, neat and trimmed, not a hair out of place. This is new to me and I like it."

Ares let out a short laugh and gave Iolaus' ass a nice slap. Mean while Strife was busy on his other uncle's lap bouncing up and down on the rigid dick, until he felt his uncle shoot his wad deep in his ass. And then Strife returned the favor by shooting another load on to his uncle's stomach. He then climbed off his uncle and again licked up his mess, he proceeded to lay down on the pile of furs, when he heard Ares.

"You done over there?" bellows Ares from the other side of the room.

"Yeah, I need to rest. That took a lot out of me." Answered the young god.

"Well, then see ya." Answered Ares

And before Strife could answer Ares snapped his fingers and Strife vanished.

"Where did he go." Asked Iolaus a little stunned.

"No need to worry, he's off getting his rest, he won't be back though." Ares said smiling up at Iolaus who was hanging from a low rafter his ass still filled with Ares cock.

The two continued to fuck all over the place, until somehow Iolaus wasn't sure how but they were sitting on top of a metal statue of a horse. Ares was straddling it while Iolaus was crouched down bouncing up and down on his lap. After a few minutes of this Ares pushed Iolaus down, so he was now laying down on top of the horse.

Ares inserted his dick back into Iolaus' ass, and then pulled it all the way back out again. He continued to do this and each time he pulled out he would hesitate before putting it back in, some times waiting for a sign from Iolaus to do it. First time Iolaus wiggled his ass a bit before Ares put his this meat back into the wanting hole, but not before giving the ass a hard slap. The next time Iolaus wiggled, and Ares did nothing, so then he wiggled his ass and let out a little whimper. Ares laughed and again gave the ass a nice slap before continuing.

The last time he pulled out, Iolaus wiggled his ass and moaned, and again Ares did nothing. Iolaus began to bounce up and down on the horse's back.

Ares surprised the young man by laying right on top of him. But he did not reinsert his cock, but instead he kept his cock in-between Iolaus' ass cheeks and began to mock fuck him. Iolaus could feel Ares hot breath on the back of his neck, and then it moved to his ear and very quietly to where it was almost ticking the inside his ear he heard the god of war whisper.

"How bad do you want?" came the question from the god continuing to move his cock back and forth between the smooth ass.

"What?" asked the young man

"Tell me, how bad you want" started Ares "Tell me what you want me to do to you."

"Cmon, Ares quit fucking around!" spat out a very horny Iolaus.

"Tell me or I'll quit you. Tell me!" said Ares his voice getting a little louder.

"I want to you to fu." came a light whisper from the young man

"What, I couldn't hear you." Smiled the god of war.

"I said I want you to .." started Iolaus but he was interrupted

"I still can't hear you, say it loud." Said Ares again moving his cock slowly between the smooth ass cheeks.

"I want you to fuck me! I want to feel your cock inside me! FUCK ME ARES! FUCK ME!" yelled the young man at the top of his lungs, tears of embarrassment poured from his blue eyes.

"Now you see that wasn't too bad." Laughing the god of war.

So Ares inserted his cock back into the tight hole, and began fucking the young man. This time his pace was much faster than the other times. Iolaus knew that this time the god of war was going to finally cum. Iolaus own cock was hard again and needed to be looked after. Ares maneuvered the young man again so that his was on his knees. Ares continued to fuck the young mortal as he reached around the young man and grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off. But he soon was too busy with fucking the young man and let go of the cock, he then grabbed the young man's waist and began fucking him intensely, like a crazed dog.

It wasn't too long after that the god of war let out a very loud moan, and Iolaus could feel the mighty god's body shake, as the god pulled Iolaus close to him and squeezed him to his body. And he suddenly felt the loads and loads of cum from the god of war's cock. Iolaus thought he would pass out if the god squeezed him any harder. Still with his cock in the young man 's body, the god of war again reached in front of Iolaus' body and began to jerk the young man's dick of again. Until finally the young man's cock gaveup what it could shooting a load over the metal horse's back.

Finally after finishing, Ares scooped up the remains of the hunter and laid him down again next to the sleeping god.

"Ares." Came from the tired young mortal.

"Yes." Answered the god

"The stories of you visit the wives of your favorite generals, is that true?" came the question almost a whisper

"Some are, the very beautiful wives, and some times their sons, how do you think I get the best armies."

"Well you took form of the general right?" asked the half asleep mortal

"Yes, is there a point to this questioning?" the god giving the young man an inquisitive look.

"They never knew it was you, they always thought you were their husbands?"

"Yes, everyone of them."

Iolaus lifted his head and looked right at the might god of war "BULLSHIT!"

The god of war laughed as he vanished. Iolaus laid on the bed of furs, going through his head what had just happened. When a hand moved around his waist.

"Hmmmmph, did you say something Iolaus." Said a very tired Heph.

"Now you wake up, I don't believe you. Ah just go back to sleep." Said Iolaus as he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

The End ?