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Absolutely Ares
Erotic poem.
Character Abuse
The Hercuverse characters reminisce about the abuses they've suffered at KSA writers' hands.  Comedy.  Slash.  5k.
Fun With Ares and Iphicles
Kids' version of Ares' and Iphicles' relationship.  Comedy. Slash. 3k.
Spring Storm
Response to the fairy tale challenge. (The Little Match Girl) Ares/Joxer.  8k.
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Response to the fairy tale challenge.  5k.
What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Slash?
A Dr. Seuss version of Ares' and Joxer's relationship. Comedy. Slash.  7k.

Boar Hunt with Deity 1-6
Boar Hunt With Deity 7-?
Herc and Iolaus visit the Corinthian court; Ares transforms Iphicles into a woman. Comedy, adventure. Slash.  Ongoing.
Indiana Jones and The Wrath of God
HL-Hercuverse crossover.  Slash.  Ongoing.
The Letter of the Law
Herc listens to Ares/Iphicles.  Slash.
Lost to Love and Truth
Sequel to Stranger and Stranger (HTLJ) with Ares GOW/Ares GOL. Slash.
Love's Secret Sauce
Ares resolves his differences with Discord; Herc helps.  Implicit het, slash.
Picture This
Hercules and Ares at play.  Slash.  18k.
Hercules runs into Ares after leaving Iphicles' wedding.  Slash. 22k.
Strange Moon
Iolaus watches Herc/Ares.  Kink.  Slash.
What Thunder Says to Lightning
The twisted relationship between the Sov and Iphicles.  Slash.  N/C.  Incest between children.

Taz and Thamiris
Iphicles, Ares and Hercules join forces to stop the Sovereign's invasion and rescue Iolaus and Alcmene. Slash, character-death. Ongoing.

The Alchemist's Dream
(02/02/01)  Hephaestus and Ares become part of a murderous plot in Elizabethan England.   In keeping with the age, this story contains both xenophobia and blasphemy.   NC-17.   Slash, het.  131k.
An Audience of One
Joxer watches Ares, as the war god learns about pain from Caesar.  Continued in Hell and Metamorphosis. Character death, NC.  Het, slash. 126k.
Be Content Broken
Cupid GOW fights his feelings for Ares GOL. AU.  Slash. 18k.
The Boy Who Swallowed the Sun
Response to the fairy tale challenge. When Iphicles is betrayed by a lover, Ares steps in.  Kink, N-C.  Slash. 25k.
The Brass Wish
(09/24/00)  Joxer makes a wish.   Ares/Joxer.   R.  23k.
Cabbages and Kings
Autolycus discovers that his lover Ares is cheating on him with Iphicles and goes after the king himself.  Comedy.  Slash.  80k.
A mortal Ares finds himself in his counterpart's bed.  NC elements.  Slash. 16k.
Fidelis Constans
(09/24/00)  Ares punishes Caesar for taking the life of his lover.  Ares/Caesar, Caesar/OMC, OMC/OMC.  Kink, violence, rape, snuff.   Slash.  30k.
For Giving
(11/12/00)  On the eve of war, Iphicles, abandoned by Ares, receives a gift.  This one has a twist or two, in more ways than one, but at heart it's a love story.   Drama.   NC-17, OMC, some m/f, kink.  60k.
Full Mouths
(08/02/00)  Iphicles catches Autolycus breaking into the palace kitchen.   Light bondage.  PWP.  Slash.  40k.
A cardinal in Renaissance Italy plots to seduce a sculptor.  Ares/Iphicles. AU, slash.  170k.
Heart of Darkness
Iphicles tries to control his desire. HTLJ/HL crossover. NC.  Slash. 39k.
Sequel to An Audience of One.  Caesar falls in love.  NC, kink.  Slash. 105k.
His Mouth, My Ear
Ares punishes the poet Homer for his hubris.  Note:  The Brutus who appears in this story is the mythological founder of Britain, and not the figure affiliated with Caesar.   Slash.  NC-17.   Issues of consent.   82k.
The House of Fame
Iphicles, worried about Corinth's fate, bargains with Caesar and Ares in Rome, while Caesar deals with jealousy and an addiction. Kink, violence.  Slash. Ongoing.
Like a Virgin
Autolycus helps Ares find his sword of power.  Adventure. Slash.  Ongoing. 83k.
Iolaus watches Herc and Ares.  PWP. Slash. 12k.
Third part in the sequel that begins with An Audience of One. Slash. Violence.  Ongoing. 51k.
A mortal Ares has a bet with Iphicles. Romance. Slash. 25k.
Pure With Cicadas
(08/21/00)  At a festival, a young Iphicles ask an immortal for a gift.   Slash.  30k.
Songs My Grandmother Taught Me
A grandmother tells a story.  Romance.  Het.  6k.
Rules For the Tragic Poet
With Ares' help, Caesar, a bookish monk in another time and universe, tells the myth of the war god Iphicles, his lover Iolaus and the obsessed death god, Hercules.  Angst, kink, NC, Uber/AU.  67k.
Swimming in a Dolphin Sea
(08/02/00)  While on a diplomatic mission, Iphicles fights with Ares.   Slash.  60k.
To Catch a King
Autolycus has a crush on Iphicles.  Adventure, romance. Slash. 94k.
Temptation Waits
Iphicles/Caesar/Methos.  A love triangle. Character death.  Slash. 32k.
Caesar/Ares/Cupid GoW go to Gaul, where they compete to seduce a young monk.  Erotic horror.  Violence.  NC.  Slash.  116k.
Truth or Dare
The women and men of  the Herc/Xenaverse play a game. Comedy.  Het, slash.  37k.
An Unkind Intention
Iphicles, in bad-boy mode, and his lover Ares, decide to seduce Iolaus and Herc respectively, against the backdrop of a Spartan-Corinthian war.  Slash. 170k.
War Wound
Caesar is Iphicles' prisoner. PWP.  Slash.  14k.

And He Has Many Skills
Zeus sends Ares to straighten out Hercules' and Iolaus' 'marriage.'  Implied slash. 34k.
The Best Revenge
(02/02/01)  Old "friends" drop in on a fallen god.  Notes:  3-word challenge.  My three words:  bribe, drip, rhythm.  Drama.  41k.
A Night To Remember
Ares enjoys a "night to remember" at a local brothel. Slash. 34k.
The Shadow of the Hawk
Ares, dropped in modern day America, meets a woman only he could understand. Het, violence, OFC, uber. 90k.
The Sting of War
(09/24/00)  Cupid has to answer to the God of War for his actions.  N/C, incest, violence.  16k.
(Un)Hard Times
Discord takes revenge on Iphicles.  Ares/Iphicles.  Comedy.  Slash. 14k.

Toridon and Liandra
In Vino Veritas
High-stakes gambling, Olympian style.  Ares and pretty much everybody else.  Comedy.  NC-17, m/f, m/m.

The Heat is On
Ares visits YIolaus at the Academy.  Slash.  Ongoing.

The Game
Dionysus, Ares GOW, Strife and Cupid play a game.  In this first part, Ares GOL seduces Iolaus while the others watch.  Implied het, slash.  8k.
Mere Playthings
Sequel to the Game. Dionysus, with Ares, Strife and Cupid present, forcefully seduces Iphicles.  N/C elements.  Slash.  Ongoing.
Never Forget
Ares kidnaps Gabrielle, and they work out their relationship.  Romance.  Het.

(11/12/00)    Ares has a rare contemplative moment.   Gen.  9k.

Ares' Infatuation
Ares meets his twin. PWP.  Slash.

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