The Heat is On 1-3
By Urban Cupid


He waited until all the rustling had settled and the room was quiet except for the sounds of sleeping cadets. Iolaus opened his eyes and pushed his blanket off, kicking it onto the floor. He shivered, feeling the sweat roll down his chest. He let out a nearly imperceptible sigh as he  ran his hand up his taunt, smooth chest and into the curling blond hair matted to his forehead. The day had been unmercifully hot and nightfall had done little if nothing to ease that and it was more than the heat keeping him awake.

Iolaus  focused on the exact spot where he could hear the Herc's soft even breathing. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out the outline of a body, then the young man's blond hair which was almost covering his face. His whole body ached to reach over and brush that hair out of Hercules' eyes. He felt like that if he stared hard enough he could make out the features on the other young man's face.

His heart was pounding as he slowly inched his hand underneath the waistband of the light pants that he always slept in and wrapped his hand around his already hard cock. Gently pushing back the foreskin caused him to shudder and  moan in spite of himself. His hand froze for a moment as all the sounds in the room seemed suddenly amplified ten times. He bit his lip to keep from moaning again.

Iolaus closed his eyes once again and began stroking. Images of  Hercules in the Academy's bath from earlier in the day flooded his mind. The quick flashes of Herc's nude body as the students had washed off the sweat and grime from the day's training and choirs. Iolaus as always had been careful not to allow his eyes to wander for too long, just long enough to burn the images in his mind.

His hand tightened around his shaft, as he moved his other hand to his back trailing his fingers down the crevice of his buttocks that was already slick from sweat. He inserted a finger roughly into himself forcing his body to accept the invasion. "By the Gods," he whispered not meaning to, then fell silent, stopping all motion and listening carefully to the room to ensure Hercules, Jason  and the three other cadets sharing the open room hadn't
awoken. His cock pulsed between his fingers demanding attention. Carefully he continued stroking while gently rocking his body onto the finger.

"You want him?" A deep almost menacing voice whispered.

Before Iolaus could react a large hand clamped over his mouth.

"Now, now, we wouldn't want to wake my dear younger brother, now would we?" Ares said motioning with a jerk of his head toward the sleeping Hercules, "You don't have to stop on my account," Ares smirked, leering as  Iolaus arched his back slightly to remove the finger from his ass.

"What do you want?" He whispered between the fingers clamped over his mouth, his body shaking with fear.

Ares smiled. He removed his hand from the younger man's face trailing it down the other man's chest coming to rest on the hand that Iolaus had around his pulsing cock. Ares left his hand where it was for a few seconds. Oh how he enjoyed the look of surprise and confusion on the mortal's face before finally leaving his side to walk over to the bunk where Hercules lay. "I believe I asked you a question first," the god stated, throwing Iolaus a sideways glance.

Iolaus unwrapped his hand from his now half-erect cock, his mouth was suddenly dry. "I..." he stuttered, "I... I mean that you wanted..." He stumbled over the words.

"Answer ME!" Ares shouted, kicking  the bunk where Hercules was sleeping.

Iolaus jumped and stared wide-eyed as Hercules' body simply rolled back and forth in the bed and then settled again, "What did you do!" He thrust his body out of the bed and towards Hercules.

"Nothing," He said shoving  Iolaus backwards as he came within the god's reach, "I've done nothing permanent to any of them." He gestured  around the room, "I didn't want us to be interrupted."

Iolaus realized for the first time that all sound in the room had stopped, all he could hear was the sounds that he and Ares were making.

Ares smiled at the pleading looks from the young man's deep blue eyes, "Now answer me." He walked slowly back towards Iolaus who was sprawled on the floor from where Ares had pushed him.

Iolaus scrambled back onto the bed, "Yes, I love him, I want him more than anything in the world." He whispered, surprised at the words that tumbled from him.

 "No need," Ares knelt beside the bed and leaned in close, "to whisper or sneak around anymore little one." The War God chuckled, absently trailing his hand in a circular pattern down the mortal's chest.


Iolaus' body was responding to Ares' hand as though it had a mind of its own, "Go away." The words that fell weakly and without any determination from his lips.

Instead of moving away, Ares grabbed Iolaus by his bare shoulders, hauling the younger man's body to him.  Encircling his back with one powerful arm, he forced himself between Iolaus' legs. He leaned in, "Is that really what you want?" When he spoke, the War God was so close that his lips brushed again Iolaus' with each word.

"I love him." Iolaus said motioning toward Hercules, but not moving away from

Ares chuckled and brushed a stray blond lock of hair out of the other man's face, "Not everything is about love." He arched an eyebrow. "You should know that, you're not exactly innocent, my little street rat."

"I don't do that anymore." Iolaus said feeling his face flush with embarrassment, "I hated my life then." His head was spinning from the heat mixed with the closeness of Ares, "How did you know?"

Ares pressed them closer, Iolaus' cock pressing tightly against his leather vest.

 "I've never told anyone..." Iolaus stammered, looking over at Hercules who was still oblivious to all that was happening around him

"I'm a god." Ares shrugged then laughed at the ‘oh yeah' reaction from Iolaus, "Would Hercules understand what you've done?" He said catching Iolaus's eye, "Would Jason?" He pulled the young man's face back toward him, "how about those thieving delinquents from your old gang?" He scraped his beard across Iolaus's smooth jaw-line and then kissed him.

"No." Iolaus choked out in-between the kisses that became steadily more intense.

"This isn't about love," Ares snarled. "It's about heat." Reaching in-between them.  "Blood."  Pumping the younger man's hardening cock.  "And survival." Running his hand across the head of Iolaus' cock. "Can you handle it, mortal?"  He brought the finger to his lips, tasting the light, salty fluid..

Iolaus nodded, hating himself for giving into lust.

Ares grabbed Iolaus's hand. "I want you to listen to the sound of my voice." He waited until Iolaus nodded his understanding before continuing. "Close your eyes." Ares cocked his head to one side. "That wasn't a request." Ares smiled and nodded as Iolaus obeyed. How he relished the quivering body beneath him, "What is started here today, only I can finish." he said placing Iolaus's hand around the mortal's own  cock which had lengthened to its full eight inches.

Iolaus immediately started pumping his shaft back in forth, pulling the foreskin over the head of his cock with each stroke.

"That's it." Ares encouraged, grabbing Iolaus by his legs and pulling him to the very edge of the bed so that only the upper half of his body was still resting on the mattress.

Iolaus sighed,  feeling the perspiration roll down his body as the slightly cooler air of the room reached his backside.

 "Place your legs on my shoulders." Ares said kneeling down on the very edge of the bed, and guided Iolaus's legs into place then slowly slide one hand down their length.

Iolaus shuddered and pushed his body towards Ares, who held him firmly not allowing the contact that Iolaus was so desperately seeking. He felt those thick fingers rubbing, teasing and pushing at his anus, "Mmmm!" Iolaus moaned as one of those thick fingers found its mark and slipped easily into him.

"You like that?" Ares teased pulling the finger out of Iolaus and rubbing it around the rim of his anus before plunging that finger along with another one back into him.

Iolaus didn't answer with words, his body responded for him, the stroking of his painfully erect cock fell into the same rhythm as the fingers that were exploring him.

"Are you close, little one?" Ares chuckled, pushing a third finger into him, enjoying the gasp that escaped the younger man's lips.

"So close." The gasps were coming at regular intervals now.

"What is this?" Ares demanded, while forcing a fourth finger into him, stretching him wider.

"Heat." His fist moved rapidly up and down his cock as his other hand reached out to tangle itself in the thick black hair on Ares's chest.


"Blood." Iolaus's whole body tensed as he felt himself reach the point of no return.

"And!" Ares shouted, feeling the mortal's body clamp down onto him.

"Survival!"  He screamed as Ares's fingers brushed his prostate once again, his cock erupted sending  thick, ropy strands of his own sticky fluid onto his chest and face.

"Remember what I said?" Ares said in a very low threatening voice as he carefully removed each leg from his shoulders and licked down the side of Iolaus's face, tasting a mixture of sweat and cum.

Iolaus issued a grunt of disapproval as the fingers were removed from him, he felt so open, exposed and incomplete without them. "You said that this it's over until you say." Iolaus licked his dry lips.

"Good." Ares stood up, taking in the image of  the other man's spent body.

Iolaus opened his eyes after what seemed to be an eternity, he knew Ares, he could smell the leather, he opened his eyes, he found the God of War studying him.

"At dawn what I did will be undone." He motioned around the room.

"Why?" Iolaus stammered. "Why did you come here tonight?"

Ares scowled, "All in good time, little one."

Iolaus was about to ask him another question when Ares vanished.  "Show off," he mumbled.  Shaking his cloudy head, he pushed himself out of his bed, his wobbly legs feeling as if they wouldn't support his weight. "What did you do to me?" Iolaus said as his eyes rolled back into his head as he lost consciousness his body fell with a thump onto the mat halfway between his and Hercules's bed.


As the first ray of sunlight peaked over the horizon, Hercules began to stir.  He opened his eyes feeling as though he had slept for days instead of just short five to six hours that Cheiron usually allowed. He slid his legs over the edge of the bed and pushed himself up, stretching as he stood, moving a hand back towards the bed as the dizziness and light- headed feeling started. "Whoa." He said staying very still until the feeling passed. He pulled at his  thin grayish pants that were practically plastered to his lanky frame. It took him a moment to realize that something was sprawled at his feet.

The sleeping chamber was still quite dark, but not nearly dark enough for Hercules not to realize that a very naked Iolaus was laying face up just inches away from his bare feet.

The young god threw one leg over the side of Ares' throne and leaned back against the other side, waiting for Ares to return.

Ares appeared in his temple and instantly saw the younger god. He had been one of the few other the gods that had attended Ares' trial only a few days ago. (A short lived smile came to Ares face as he thought of the revolting things that he was making sure Discord and Strife were enduring at this very moment for their trespass against him.) The god was a beautiful one, tall, boyishly good-looking with long dark hair, not to mention the excellent body that was currently draped lewdly across his throne. Ares growled a warning.

"Welcome back." Desire said, ignoring the threatening sounds.

The dark and even more brooding than normal War God approached, "What are you doing here?" His voice rumbled echoing off the walls of his chamber.

The answer came in a short laugh as Desire rose and headed towards him.

"Answer me!" He bellowed, sending bright blue lightning from his fingers.

The other god dodged the blast easily and continued towards him, "So tense...what's wrong Ares, miss Strife and Discord's... distractions?"

"Desire, I am not in the mood for your..."

"That's not what you told your little mortal." He smiled and licked his lips,  "Desire is a powerful thing, when used in the right way," He shrugged, "and by the right God."

"Are you proposing something?" A smile came to his lips as he said the words,   "And I suppose the god of unbridled passions thinks that he is the right man for the job?"

"We can talk about that anytime." Desire smiled as he closed the space between himself and the other god, "You in need of a little release yourself, Uncle?" He zeroed in on the War God's visible erection that was pushing against the tight black leather that encased it.


First Hercules had gently pushed Iolaus with the edge of his foot a couple of times, each time the push getting firmer and more demanding, "Iolaus?" he  whispered, realizing how dry his throat was. Hercules dropped to one knee. The young demi-god was starting to get concerned, Iolaus was a heavy sleeper but this was still very unlike him. He reached out one shaking hand and checked the side of Iolaus' neck, a gasp of relief escaping his lips as he felt the steady thrum of a pulse. As he got down on his hands and knees the pungent aroma of sex coming from the other man's body filled his nostrils. Hercules leaned closer and inhaled deeply, his cock to pushed free of the sweat soaked fleece that surrounded it, "You awake?" Herc said, running a hand down the small of Iolaus' back. He nuzzled his head against the side of Iolaus' neck, darting his tongue against the drying fluid, he could taste the salty fluid that was almost dried on the other man's flesh. He flicked his tongue lapping at it, savoring the taste.

Hercules' head snapped up as the Academy's first morning bell rang. He scrambled to his feet, thankful for the strength that being a mortal son of Zeus had given him as he lifted Iolaus off the ground with him as he stood. He moved quickly out of the room.


"Pleasuring the boy without giving into your own needs." Desire moved his hands over Ares' groin, "That's not like you..."

Ares didn't allow the godling to finish the sentence, he reached down and grabbed Desire by the wrists and pulled him to his feet.

"Oooo that hurts, Uncle." He taunted the other god as he was pulled across the room back toward the War God's throne, "Make it hurt more."

"Shut up!" Ares roared as he pushed the other man back onto his throne. "I don't want to hear another word from you!" The smirk on Desire's face only made him angrier.

In a flash of bright light their clothes were gone.

Desire licked his lips at the sight of Ares strong, nude body towering over him, the god's huge cock rising menacingly, "And to think mortals still have to undress..." was all Desire could say before Ares' backhand sent him reeling, bumping his head against the back of the throne.

"I won't warn you again."

The gleam in Ares' eye quieted the other god, whose legs were pulled wide apart, Ares holding one ankle in each hand as he pulled and twisted the god toward him, "You shouldn't get involved with things too powerful for you to handle." Ares laughed, savoring the outcry of pain from Desire as he forced his thick cock as far into the other man as it would go.

Desire gritted his teeth to keep from screaming again as Ares pistoned his shaft deep inside him.

A very satisfied smile spread across the War God's handsome face as Desire's body began to respond to his assault, the young man was pushing his body up toward him and the other man's cock had grown to it's full length. The grimace on the man's face had slowly transformed itself into a look of total rapture. Ares knocked Desire's hands away from the man's own cock, refusing to allow  him to pleasure himself, "I'll make you come, not to worry." Ares' laughed, pushing the young mans legs up until they were against the back of the throne, he increased the rhythm of the fuck, driving his cock all the way into Desire, then pulling all the way out, running his cock around the rim of the other man's anus enjoying the frustrated sighs as Desire pushed his body against Ares' trying to force the cock back into himself. Ares watched him struggle for a few minutes before plunging back into him.

Desire groaned as his cock erupted, sending thick streams of salty fluid  flowing down his chest and neck.

"Told you." Ares laughed, pulling his cock out of Desire's ass, grabbing the man's shoulders and pulling him onto the floor, forcing his cock into the other man's mouth, fucking the man's face as he had his ass.

Desire swirled his tongue around the thick head, tasting a mixture of himself and Ares as the cock slide down his throat.

Ares placed a foot against Desire's chest and pushed him back, freeing his cock as he came. He smiled devilishly as he covered that pretty face with his cum. "Now tell me," Ares said nonchalantly, "how do you think that you can help me with my dear younger brother and his little friend?"