Ares' Infatuation
By Xenara

Ok, you are busy at work...and Ares is staying at your house.  He has been cleaning the pool so that you two can go swimming later that night.  As he pushes the vacuum time and time again, his muscles begin to ache, and sweat drips from his long, black, luscious curls.  He had slipped out of his usual black leather outfit and into a nice black leather speedo.  He toiled at this job for hours, always missing little spots and having to do it all over again.

Then he began to think, "I could do this a lot faster and it would be a lot easier if there were two of me...hey, I'm a god, I can do that."  He snapped his fingers and in a second there was an exact replica of himself standing before him.  He looked at himself with interest.  It hadn't been that obvious before...he really hadn't noticed how damn sexy he really was.

His eyes rolled over his chest and arms as his twin was pushing the vacuum. He noticed that the strong arms rippled with strength.  And the enormous pecs tensed up with each push.  His eyes scanned his twin, and landed on his ass. It was so perfect.  It was round and firm, tight and strong.  Ares stared at it.  His eyes seemed almost to burn through his duplicate's ass.

Then the imitation Ares turned around, and immediately Ares' gaze went to the bulge that was his cock.  The tight black leather speedo's seemed like they would burst at any second.  He felt a sudden surge of excitement and looked down at his own cock, Captain Happy looked very cramped in there, for he was erect.

Ares couldn't handle it any longer.  He could feel his own passion burning and surging inside him.  He had never felt so compelled to fuck himself.  He walked up to his twin, the heat of desire welling up in him.  He massaged his shoulders, and he felt as if his own shoulders were being massaged.  Anything that this twin would feel, he would feel as well.

The other Ares turned around, his eyes penetrating into the same deep brown eyes.  Our original Ares had to let it out now.  He grabbed his twin and pulled him close.  As their lips touched, they didn't only feel their own lips, but the lips of the other.  Ares slipped his hands into his twin's speedo and neatly slipped them off, then slipped his own off.  He rubbed his cock against the inside of his duplicate's thigh, feeling in turn a cock rubbing his own thigh.

The original Ares walked around behind himself, and thrust up his ass.  He felt pleasure as he'd never felt it before.  Time and time again he thrust into his twin.  With each thrust they let out synchronized moans.  Finally Ares withdrew from himself and walked around to the front again.  He kissed himself passionately, then moved his lips across his cheek to his neck.  He continued his downward exploration until he finally reached his throbbing, pulsing dick.

He wrapped his lips around that dick, sucking it until hot cum flowed out of it.  His own dick was throbbing with passion and excitement as well.  He was cumming up a river, the water in the pool turned a milky white.  Ares tasted the hot cum and loved it.  He had never tasted anything so delicious.

At this moment, you come home from work, and watch as Ares sucks his twin's dick.  You walk up to the two "lovers" and ask, "Um, Ares, sorry to interrupt, but, what the fuck are you doing?!"

Both of them look up at you, with that same sexy, fuck-me look that makes you melt.  Ares lets go of his twin's cock, and walks over to you.  The next moment, he has your clothes off and thrusts into you.  The duplicate tackles you from behind, thrusting up your ass.  He reaches his arms around you to hold your breasts in his hands.  They thrust into you in unison.  You are overwhelmed by the excitement.  You don't want them to stop, but you don't think you can take much more of this.  You scream out their names in ecstasy as well as agony.

You roll into the pool, and the milky white fluid surrounds you.  You are tense with excitement.  They both withdraw at the same instant.  They swim around you, taunting you with desire.  You struggle to breathe.  All at once you feel two pairs of strong arms holding you, and two pairs of lips trying for yours.  They drag you to the surface, and the original Ares, satisfied finally, makes his twin disappear.

Now, he has you all to himself.

The End