Like A Virgin 1-3
 by Thamiris
Part 1

"What?" Autolycus asked in disbelief, his voice a strangled whine.  He tried to sound less horrified, look less imbecilic. It didn't work.  Shocked, he could only repeat the word, eyebrows raised so high they met his hairline, hoping the answer would be different.

It never was.  And to make matters worse, every time the thief gasped out his question, Ares looked more and more annoyed, scowling out from under the black hood of his cloak.

For the third time, the war god repeated himself, speaking very slowly and clearly.  The toe of one polished boot tapped loudly against the gravel in the alleyway.  "Someone...has sword of power...I'm now mortal...The other gods won't help..."  He paused, scowling. "You're getting this, so far?"  At Auto's open-mouthed nod, Ares rolled his eyes and continued.  "Apparently, the family doesn't like my attitude...So I have until the next full moon to find it...Or they'll give my job to someone else...I need you, the king of thieves, to help me.  DO--" a sharp jab with a ringed finger on the mortal's chest--"YOU--" jab-- "UNDERSTAND?" Jab.

"Ow," Auto mumbled.  Then, more loudly: "I'd love to help you, Ares, but I don't get involved with gods.  Someone always gets hurt--usually me."  Under his breath, he added: "The pain's already starting."  And the pleasure, a little voice inside him added. Ok.  None of that.  The last thing he needed was a hard-on.  But could he help it if Ares, mortal or not, looked good enough to eat? And the way he was standing so close, Auto could smell him: sandalwood, leather, musk...And that hair curling out from under the wool hood...So thick and glossy and black...He could imagine it trailing over his--

"Autolycus!!"  The god waved a large hand in front of him.  "Pay attention!"

Right. Cut out the fantasies.  Ares was NOT into guys--everyone knew that.  He made a point of announcing it whenever he could.  It was too bad, though.  Those full lips would feel amazing around his--

"Autolycus!" Ares grabbed the thief by the shoulders and shook him.  "Snap out of it!  I'm not going to hurt you, ok? I just need your help.  Don't make me beg for it."

Ares begging for it? On his knees, staring up at Auto, begging for his cock, those dark eyes half- closed with lust--

"I'm ready to change my mind about the pain thing," the god said threateningly, pushing his face close to the man's, backing the thief against one sooty wall.

Those green-ringed eyes..."You want help.  Fine. But what's in it for me? I'm only in Megara to get my hands on a particularly juicy--" he almost said ‘cock', then caught himself. "On a particularly juicy diamond that those merchants--" he nodded discreetly toward three well-fed men closing up their jewelry stand-- "are exhibiting at a party tomorrow night.  That's what I'm doing in this alley in the first place. Staking them out.  Learning their habits."

"You want a diamond? Help me, and I'll give you a fucking diamond, ok?"

Autolycus paused, thinking seriously about asking for a blowjob instead.  The guy *was* desperate, right?  Of course, when Ares got his power back, the Megarans would be living off fried Auto for weeks to come.  Ok. No request for oral sex.  "Not just any diamond," the thief replied.  Your big, juicy... "This diamond.  They call it the Rock."

"That's original," the god observed sarcastically.  "But fine. You can have this one.  So what do we do now?"

The thief struggled to stay in control.  There was just something about Ares...Maybe because of the leather.  The violence.  The intensity.  The lips...But whatever it was, Auto was hornier than he'd been since...well, ever.  And blood was rushing into his cock at a truly alarming.  He was scared to look down at the monster in his pants.  Focus. Focus. "Uh, when was the last time you had some--had it!! Had it.  The sword.  When was the last time you had the sword?" Control. Stay in control.

"At my temple in Tenagra, to the north.   I was having a private party with a few of my favorite priestesses"-- a cock-hardening grin--"and when I woke up the next morning, it was gone."

"Maybe one of--"

"I'm not an idiot.  Those priestesses are devoted to me.  Very devoted.  No, someone broke in there and stole it.   Someone with balls of brass because it was right beside me the whole time."

"Hmmm...That limits the list of suspects.  There are only three thieves with the guts to steal from the god of war: Rixos of Delphi; Chronius of Eretria; and Cyrenia of Argos.  It's not Cyrenia-- she's in Rome, working on a little caper there, and won't be back for a few months. Chronius is in jail--heard someone turned him in.  A revenge thing." Auto permitted himself a smug smile.  "But Rixos...Last I heard, he was looking for a big score.  I'd say he's our man--or at least a good place to start."

"So where can we find this Rixos?  I want to show him what happens when someone crosses the god of war."

"Rixos has a mistress in Pylos, just the place to lay low til the heat's off."

"Let's go."

"Now?" Auto asked doubtfully, looking up at the darkening strip of sky between the two buildings.  "I've been here for hours.  I need some food.  And the road south from Megara's notorious for its vicious highwaymen--we're better off leaving at dawn." When Ares still looked unconvinced, the man continued.  "You're mortal, right? As in vulnerable to pain and death? Well, you may be a big guy and handy with a sword--" Don't go there, Auto-- "but if you're outnumbered..." He shrugged and drew a finger across his throat.

Fear flashed across the god's face.  "Ok.  So we'll go to your room, get some food sent up, then leave at sunrise."

"My room?"

"Yes, your room.  I've got to keep a low profile--the Megarans worship me, and they know what I look like."

"But there's only one bed..."

One dark eyebrow shot up.  "So what?  Knowing you, it's a big, comfortable bed. Plenty of space.  We're both guys--what could happen? Now let's go."   He turned abruptly and marched off.

Autolycus followed the god, eyes fixed on the ass swaying under the black folds of the cloak.  His lust-fevered brain conjured alluringly vivid images of exactly what *could* happen between two guys in a big, comfortable  bed...


Can't seduce the god of war...can't seduce the god of war...can't seduce the god of war...

Autolycus silently chanted the phrase, hoping to convince himself.  But it wasn't working.  Not with Ares leaning back in his chair, long, leather-clad legs stretched before him, vest gaping to expose a generous V of very impressive chest.  Not to mention the most incredible arms the thief had ever seen.  "More wine?" So it was immoral, trying to lower the god's inhibitions with booze. Dangerous.  But what the fuck.  If he got lucky, it'd be worth it.

"Sure."  The god extended the pewter goblet, and the thief poured in a generous amount.

"Cool pendant."  Auto pretended to study the silver sword hanging from a thin chain around Ares' neck, as he hungrily followed the line of dark hair down the god's body.   He could imagine the fur getting thicker, curling around what the bulge in his pants suggested was a magnificent cock.

And when the god ran his fingers along the miniature weapon's length in an unconsciously seductive gesture, the thief suppressed a moan.  To feel that large, rough hand on his painfully- hard erection...

"My father gave it to me," Ares said unexpectedly.  "After my first kill.  He proud of me."

When he heard the slightly thickened words, Autolycus realized that the god must be drunker than he'd imagined.  Somehow, that made him even sexier...A vulnerable god of war--interesting change from the usual heartless, violent and aggressive psychopath.  Maybe the mortal Ares wouldn't mind if Auto dropped to his knees and pried that big cock from the deliriously-tight leather and sucked it until he...

"He took me to his favorite whore.  It was a day for firsts."

Ok.  The image of a young Ares, high from murder, horny, losing his virginity...Now how was he supposed to control himself after that?  "Was it incredible?" he asked.  That's it, Auto. Get him talking about sex.  Get him hot and horny, ready to change his entire sexual modus operandi just to get some Auto-cock...

The god laughed.  "I liked killing better.  Still do.  Fucking some meant nothing. It felt good when my cock was inside her, but..." He shrugged.  "Sex is like that, right?  Feels fine, but it's over so fast.  Doesn't seem worth the effort. I get a bigger rush from war."

Auto's eyes popped so far out of his head they nearly fell to the floor.  "You're joking, right? Sex is the most incredible...It's amazing...I'd do twenty-four hours a day if I could.  Maybe you need to...reconsider your partners."  There. That was subtle.  Sort of.

"I've fucked a million women," Ares said.  "Young, old, married, single, virgins, whores...It's all the same.  They're just so... grateful.  They don't fight back or play--" he broke off.  "Forget it. I'm going to bed."

He rose, and the floor creaked under his weight.  The thief watched as Ares walked the short distance to the bed.  Those hips...that ripe ass...When the god deprived him of his view by sitting heavily on the mattress, Auto was initially disappointed.  Until he realized that Ares planned to strip right before him.

First off: the shiny black boots, which landed with a loud ‘thunk' against the wall, prompting some banging from the occupant in the next room.  "Shut up in there!"

"Fuck off, or I'll rip your heart out!" the god thundered.

Dead silence. God or no god, Ares had attitude.

Next came the vest.  A few laces untied at the waist, then it was unceremoniously yanked from the god's body before flying through the air.  It landed in a heap in one dim corner.

Auto tried not to stare at Ares' emerging skin.  Instead, he sat in the vacated chair, and began removing his own clothing.  But from the corner of his eye, he watched the god's progress.

Finally--the pants.  Ares stood up for this, grabbing the waist band and tugging those tight suckers down over his hips, down his thighs, down, down, down...He tossed them in the corner with the vest, stretched, then climbed between the crisp white sheets.

Auto seriously considered the possibility that his own cock might explode.  The guy was naked under those pants--NAKED!!!  No discreet bit of cloth covering his huge cock, his gorgeous ass...Nothing.  He swallowed.  Ares couldn't be this naive.  He had to know that getting completely naked to sleep with another guy had...implications.  Of the ‘come and get it' variety.

With a grin, Autolycus blew out the candle, then pulled off his own pants.  Oh man....This was gonna be sooo good...

"You know what I like about you, mortal?"  the god asked, his voice drifting like a caress through the darkened room.

"What?" the thief asked, as he climbed in beside the god, heart and cock pounding with excitement.

"You won't misinterpret anything here.  I know some guys would take this as an invitation.  But're obviously into women.  Rigorously heterosexual.  Just like me.  Which is good.  ‘Cause I'd kill any guy who laid a hand on me."

Auto's erection wilted like a flower under the hot summer sun.  Hell--like a flower in a fucking desert after a year without rain.  So much for getting lucky.  With a sigh, he settled on his back.  "So you're not into guys, huh?"  Yikes! That sounded suspiciously plaintive.

The thief could hear Ares rolling onto his side to face him.  The musky-leathery-sandalwoody smell was even stronger now, rising off the hot body so near his own.  His lifeless cock stirred, and Auto slipped his hand under the sheet to hold it down.  A tent in the middle of the bed would be a dead give-a-way, and he didn't want to encourage the god's psychopathic tendencies.

"I like pussy. "That's it.  I know some of the other gods do guys, but--" he gave a little shudder, "it's not for me.  I'm the god of war, for Tartarus' sake.  Fucking another guy--it's just not...manly."

Not manly??  Auto nearly snickered.  What decade did this guy think he was in?  "Not manly?  Why not?"

"Because...because we're supposed to fuck women, of course."

"Says who?"

"Are you trying to tell me something here, Autolycus?"

The warning tone sent the thief's hand scuttling away from his now-deflated cock.  "I'm just wondering, that's all.  Hey, I like women.  I *love* women."  And he did, too.  But Auto also had a serious thing for cock--especially bad-boy cock.  Who didn't? Other than the uptight god of war.  And, in all honesty, Auto had his doubts about him.  But he'd keep those doubts to himself.  For now.

"Good.  ‘Cause I need some rest."  He shifted onto his back, uttering a few curses about the inadequacies of  his mortal body.

Even after the god's breathing turned deep and regular, Autolycus remained awake, intensely conscious of the warm, naked flesh almost touching his.   He considered jerking off to relieve the pressure, but didn't want to wake the sleeping god.  Well, he *did* want to wake him...wanted to wake him and kiss those full, pouty lips, suck those tanned nipples, lick that thick cock, shove himself into that tight ass...But he *didn't* want to end up on a scroll tacked to the gates outside Megara, with the ominous caption ‘Have you seen this man?' beneath his likeness.

So he focused on the soft rush of wine-scented air rhythmically leaving Ares' chest.  In and and and out...

Whoooahhh.  Bad idea. Veeeery bad idea.  Instead, he thought of sheep, and fell asleep counting their furry bodies, wondering if Ares' beard felt as soft as lamb's wool...


The animal images must've stuck with him, since Autolycus dreamed that a lamb was nuzzling him with its hot, wet nose, pressing it affectionately against his hand.  The little creature gazed up at him trustingly, and he gently stroked the damp snout, making the sweet little lamb sigh happily...

Auto opened his eyes.  This was no sheep-snout in his hand.  The nose he rubbed was, in fact, the swollen head of the wargod's very hard cock.  Apparently Ares had rolled back onto his side, as had Auto so that they faced each other.  This explained the startling meeting of hand and cock.  It wasn't intentional: the man could tell that the god was lost in dreamland.  And a pretty good dream it must be...

A dilemma.  Should he try to disengage his hand and risk waking the god, or should he keep up the leisurely rubbing until Ares came?  But that could wake him up, too... Before he realized it, Auto's free hand closed around the head of his own cock, and he repeated the stroking motion on both of them, only increasing the pressure.

Sweet mother of Zeus...that felt good!! The god seemed to agree, unconsciously thrusting his hips forward.  The thief glanced over at Ares' face, lit by a patch of moonlight streaming through the chamber window.  Out like a newly-blown candle...Newly-blown...Hmmmm...Was it possible?  He was already in enough trouble.  Why not chance it?  He'd love to taste the sticky wetness now covering the fingers of his left hand, love to feel the liquid dripping onto his tongue...Fuck!! He was so turned on...

Carefully, using his years of practice creeping into houses to relieve the rich of their valuables, Autolycus began to slide down the bed, never letting go of the god's cock.  At least this way, he reassured himself, when Ares came, there'd be no evidence: he'd swallow it.  Still on his side, his head now level with Ares' warm chest, the thief paused.  One little lick of the taut nipple right in front of him wouldn't hurt anyone.

Ok...Wrong again.  Tasting the god's salty flesh was definitely hurting *him*...His cock, stretched to capacity by what felt like every drop of blood in his body, filled even more when his tongue met the god's puckered skin.  And Ares' soft little grunt of pleasure did NOT help. Neither did the small jump the god's cock gave in the man's hand.

Autolycus resumed his downward journey, slinking like a very horny snake toward the prize.  Finally, he faced it: Ares' big, hard cock.  Slowly, he moved his fingers from the head to circle the shaft.  Ares shifted, as though seeking the delicious pressure, and unknowingly pushed the wet tip of his cock against the man's extended tongue.


When the drops of moisture melted there, Auto slipped the tip of his tongue into the small opening to find more.  Above him, the god groaned, but his eyes remained shut, his breathing regular, if slightly accelerated.  How could anyone could sleep through a blow-job??  It wasn't natural.  Then the thief grinned, a surprisingly wolfish smile.  All the better for him.  Because he didn't want to stop, not after finally tasting that ambrosia-sweet wetness, not after finally feeling that velvety skin against his tongue.

Tentatively, Auto began to lick in widening circles around the slit, until he was skirting the smooth edge.  He'd let go of his own cock, but now took it firmly in his free hand.  There was no was he could suck Ares without jerking off.  No fucking way.  If the god woke up and turned him into roadkill, fine. But there was no way he was going to stop sucking this incredible cock until Ares came in his mouth, and Auto came in his own hand.  Hell, if it wasn't law, it should be.

With renewed determination, the man let Ares' gentle rocking propel the god's cock further past his lips.  Using broad sweeps of his tongue, Autolycus wet the surface of the engorged head, trying not to think what it would feel like to have that saliva-slick cock up his ass.  Too distracting--and he was already way too close to orgasm.  So, letting go off his cock, which was thudding like a heart after a decathlon, he ran fingers light as air between Ares' thighs, before cupping the heavy sac there.

Holy Zeus--this was the mother of all turn-ons.  Holding Ares' balls in his hand.  Auto tried to rub his cock against the mattress, and only succeeded in butting his erection against the god's knees.  Soft fur brushed against the hot end of his shaft, and he let out a small moan.  He froze, listening to the god.  But all he heard was Ares' increasingly ragged breathing.  Was he still asleep? The man dared a glance up.  Eyes still closed.  He wouldn't fake it, would he? Pretending to be asleep because he liked what Auto was doing?  Because maybe guys doing guys wasn't so bad after all...

Auto shook his head, prompting a gasp of pleasure from Ares.  Get real, he told himself.  You heard what he said: he doesn't like guys.  This is only happening because you're taking advantage of him.  Raping him, essentially.  The thought made the man pause, and he might've stopped right there--if Ares hadn't pushed himself deeper into his mouth.  Who could say no to that invitation?  At least he'd give the wargod the hottest, wettest dream of his life.

Lifting the massive cock, he used his tongue to trace repeatedly a semi-circle at the lowest point.  Then he continued that motion, licking higher up the shaft, inch by inch, moving only when that section was thoroughly wet.  When Autolycus found himself back at the head, he again looked up: the god was panting now, although his eyes remained closed.  Taking a deep breath of his own, body quivering with excitement, the man deep-throated Ares' cock.  He ignored the sounds from above, as he began to slide his mouth up and down the rigid length, duplicating the motion with his hand.

While Auto wanted to keep massaging the god's balls, his own cock was doing a cocker-spaniel impersonation, begging for attention.  Grasping it firmly, almost frantic with need, the thief imitated the quick pace he used on Ares.  He couldn't tell what aroused him more: the almost harsh strokes on his cock, or simply the idea that he, Autolycus, king of thieves, was blowing Ares, the gorgeous, determinedly hetero god of war.

And when the man felt the sudden tightening in Ares' cock, the extra pulse of blood beneath the smooth surface, Auto almost came.  Almost.  But first he wanted to experience the god's orgasm...And here it was.  The first splash of hot, creamy semen on his tongue.  Followed by another.  And another.  And another...until Auto lost track of each delicious burst, and just swallowed them reverently.

When at last they began to slow down, the thief finished himself off with a few hurried strokes, wanting to catch the tail-end of Ares' orgasm so they could come together.  The god's body stopped shaking just as Auto's began, and he spilled what seemed like an ocean of semen into his hand.  Sucking the last of the cum from Ares' cock, the man rolled onto his back and savored the pleasure breaking over him.  An image of the god, crouched on all four, while Auto rammed into him, popped into the thief's head with the last rolling wave of pleasure.  Then his body went limp.
After a minute, he slowly inched back up the bed, surreptitiously licking the semen from his hand, trying to slow the sound of his breathing, which echoed like a rockslide in the small chamber. Not that it seemed to matter: as far as he could tell, Ares was still fast asleep, a small smile curving those luscious lips.

No.  There is *no* way he slept through that, Auto thought, plumping his pillow noisily.  I don't care how tired he is, or how deep a sleeper.   But if he wants to play games and deny everything, I'll go along with him. But just wait until tomorrow night.

With a contented sigh, he went to sleep, dreaming of a god in ecstasy.

Part 2

Autolycus woke before dawn, completely disoriented.  Straining to see in the murky light, heart pounding from a half-forgotten nightmare, he struggled to make sense of his situation.

A warm bed at an inn...

A strong urge to pee out some of last night's wine...

A hot, musky body lying close to his...

The thief almost laughed.  If he didn't know better, he'd swear that yesterday evening he'd gotten a little tanked, then taken advantage of the beautiful but extremely violent and homophobic god of war...And that the faintly bitter, salty taste his tongue encountered on the roof of his mouth, behind his teeth, was, in fact, the lingering trace of Ares' semen...

With a final flick of his tongue over incontrovertible evidence, he cringed inwardly.  Ok. Last night really happened. He'd blown the war god while Ares feigned sleep--although, judging by the moaning and the thrusting hips, the god had liked it.  A lot.  The thief's confidence came roaring back.  No surprise that Ares enjoyed it, really. Auto'd had plenty of experience; he considered himself an expert, if the truth be told.  A penile afficionado. A cock connoisseur...Still, pretty flattering to be the one showing Ares the joys of gay sex.

Because the god could NOT have slept through that...Ares had to know that the hot mouth around his cock belonged to his favorite thief.  After all, the god could've gone to anyone for help getting back his sword of power...And what was this crap about needing to share a room?  Auto snorted.  Right...That cloak Ares'd been wearing yesterday hid his face--no one could recognize him.  He could've been anyone. (Well, at least a big, buff someone oozing animal magnetism).   And what about getting into bed all naked like that? If that wasn't a demand for some Auto- lovin', what was?  Ares had obviously wanted him from the start; he just didn't know how to ask.

The thief twirled the ends of his mustache, beaming with satisfaction in the near darkness.  Not that he blamed the god for his little crush.  It had probably started at least as early as that incident with Artemis' bow.  Come to think of it, that whole Auto-naked-and-chained-to-Iolaus thing orchestrated by Ares had repressed homosexuality written all over it...

A rumbling at his side interrupted his self-congratulations.  The god, awake now, lying on his back, stretched his muscular arms above his head, letting out a grunt of satisfaction.

Auto considered rummaging for some handcuffs.

"I had," Ares announced with a grin, "a grrrrreat night."

Admiring the play of muscles, the man glanced up at the handsome smiling face.  "You're surprised by that?" he asked.  Cocky.  That was the tone.

The god laughed. "Fuck--yeah!  With all the weird shit this mortal body's pulling on me, I thought I'd be awake forever. But I slept like a log.  AND I had a hot dream with my favorite priestess sucking my cock like a vampire out for blood--"

Favorite priestess?!!? Vampire??!!

"--and now I'm ready to go kick some ass."

Me too, Autolycus thought sourly.  He watched the naked god rise from the bed, saw him flick his wrist a few times before Ares realized that mortality made dressing complicated.  As Ares glanced around the room for his clothes, then headed for his boots in the corner, the thief considered telling him the problem with his choice.  He shut up, though, when the god bent down to pick up the leather boots, showing him that gorgeous ass and prompting a million dirty fantasies.

By the time Ares had tugged them on, and was standing in naked but booted perplexity with his clothes in one hand, the thief's bad mood had vanished.  How could the god *not* know how he looked wearing only high black boots and a lot of smooth, golden skin?  Holy mother of Zeus!
That sight would convince even that crazy itinerant priest Falwellus that guys fucking guys wasn't such a bad idea. If only Auto didn't have to pee so damn badly; he hated to miss the show.

Grabbing his pants, the man pulled them over his hard-on.  "I'll be back," Auto said with a final, lust-filled gaze at that naked perfection, then headed for the privy at the end of the hall.  Of course, it was occupied, and the thief waited impatiently, shifting from bare foot to bare foot.  "Hurry up in there!" he snapped. "Some of us have a life to get to!" And he didn't want to leave the god alone for too long--the guy could barely dress himself...Who knew what kind of trouble he might get into?? Actually, Auto had a very good idea.  He pounded on the wooden door. "For the love of Ares, man, speed it up!"

An ancient, sour-faced little man eventually emerged, casting the thief a dirty look from under his red nightcap.  "Just wait until you're my age, sonny," he snapped.  "You can't rush these things."

"Thanks for the advice, gramps...Ever heard of prunes?"  He pushed past him, nearly fainting from the fumes.

A few minutes later, a relieved Autolycus returned to his room, and met the god on his way out.

"My turn," Ares said.  "I'll meet you at the stables."

The thief finished dressing, then hastily packed his saddle bags, relocking the sophisticated mechanism that kept his stuff hidden from prying eyes.  The last thing he needed was Ares poking around in there.  Picking up the sturdy leather bags, he headed downstairs, tossing the key to the sleepy innkeeper before padding out through the kitchen.  While the cook stirred a pot of stew on the blazing fire, Auto swiped a few shiny red apples from a bowl on the table, and stepped into the cool morning air.

Ares stood beside Promy, the thief's horse, holding the bridle.

"How'd you know he was mine?" Auto asked curiously.

"A horse reflects its owner's personality," the god responded, stroking the inquisitive animal's wet nose.

"So you knew he was mine ‘cause he's charming, spontaneous and intelligent?"

"No.  Because he tried to pick my pocket."

Auto sighed. So maybe the god didn't want to fuck him, but at least he could flirt a little.  It might take the edge off the day.  He still found it hard to believe that this was the same guy who'd been thrusting into his mouth last night.  "So where's your horse?" he asked, strapping the heavy packs to Promy's sides.

"I don't have one.  We'll share yours."

Auto looked pointedly at the god's bulky frame under the black cloak.  "We'll take turns riding; it'll slow us down, but it's only fair to my horse."  He needed a bigger horse: the idea of riding with the god's arms wrapped around his waist appealed to him...Ares' hand slipping, falling onto his thigh, then moving between his legs...

"Autolycus! Haul ass!"

That voice...Even in mortal form, it vibrated through the air like a thunder-clap--

"Shut up down there! We're trying to sleep!  Buncha hooligans!!"

Auto recognized the bathroom hog peering down from his chamber window, nightcap jauntily hanging over one bleary eye.

"Bite me!"  Ares roared.

"How rude!  Some people's children..." the old man exclaimed, slamming his window.

"Why you old--" About to tear back inside, and presumably rip the guy's head from his body, the god stopped only when Auto put a restraining hand on his shoulder.  Ares shrugged him off, but stayed in place.  "I'm the god of war!!! That old fart can't talk to me like that!!"

"Ever heard of anger-management?" Auto muttered, as he mounted Promy.  "Let's just get out of here."

With a backward glance at the inn's door, the god followed.  "I need my anger.  It keeps me focused when I'm on the battlefield."

"We're not on a battlefield now.  And that kind of anger'll only get you into trouble. You need to channel it"-- nice and hard, right up my ass--"if we're going to make it to Pylos in one piece."


Auto glanced down, saw the pout. "You're sulking?"

"The god of war does NOT sulk. You just sound like my do-gooder brother with that anger- management shit."

"He's so annoying when he gives those little lectures, isn't he? I got one a few weeks ago on the moral failings of theft--for the hundredth time."

He heard Ares snicker.  "I thought that you and--" heavy with disdain--"Hercules were friends."

"We are. He's a great guy.  He just needs to pull his head from his ass and look around him once in awhile.  No one's able to be that good--not even Iolaus."  Especially not Iolaus, he added quietly, remembering how he'd fucked the hunter the last time they'd met...Blondie moaning and groaning, holding onto the tree for dear life as Auto rammed his cock into that tight ass.  Of course, Iolaus'd almost ruined it by calling out the demi-god's name when he came.  But Auto had been thinking of Ares, so it all evened out.

The god was grinning now. "Yeah, Herc might be ok if there'd been someone there to kick his ass every day of his life."

"I guess you're only trying to make up for lost time then, right?"

"Something like that." Ares' white teeth shone in the amber light.

Auto's cock throbbed in response.  The gentle swaying of Promy under him was erotic enough, but towering above the gorgeous war god didn't hurt, either.  It gave him ideas.

"Don't you ever want to smack him around?"

"All the time," the thief replied truthfully. Ok. He and Ares were bonding, and it felt oddly good. Natural.  By the gods, he was horny!!! And this buddy-buddy thing didn't help.  "Hungry?"  Like maybe for a taste of hot, throbbing Autolycus?  At the god's nod, the man tossed him an apple.

"This hunger thing sucks," Ares observed, before biting into the fruit.  Juice trickled down his chin before he wiped it off with the back of his hand.  "I don't know how you mortals stand the way your bodies are always leaking, either." He wrinkled his nose. "It's...disgusting."

With his usual subtlety, Auto asked, "What about cum?"

"That's different--it feels good."

"So does taking a whizz.  Especially if it's been awhile.  Or if," he added, a plan forming in his mind, "you're competing with someone."

"Competing how?"

Just like putty in his hands... "You've never done it?" He laughed, deliberately mocking the god. "It's just one of the things that men do together.  A manly ritual.  Your soldiers probably do it when you're not around."

"You're not serious."

"Of course I am! I'd offer to compete with you, but I doubt you'd be very good at long distances- -you don't have the practice."

"I can piss as far as any man," Ares insisted.  "Let's do it now."

"It's too soon.  Like I said, you need to build it up.  We'll stop later on at a roadside stand and buy some ale. That'll do the trick."


Midday found them chugging down tankards of ale purchased from a voluptuous blonde whose eyes roamed greedily over the wargod's body.

When Auto purchased a few bottles of wine for the trip, she threw in an extra one when her husband's back was turned. "Your friend's such a big man--he'll need a lot more than you, especially in this heat.  Maybe you can convince him to drop by our inn in Pelagra--he can thank me privately then."

Leaning forward, the thief whispered, "Hands off, toots."

"There's enough of him to go ‘round," she said.  "You're pretty cute--you can come along."

"Sorry, sister--he's mine.  And I'm not sharing."  To his surprise, he meant it.

She laughed. "Can't blame a girl for trying."

"He is pretty gorgeous, isn't he?" Auto couldn't resist adding.

"A total hunk. You're a lucky guy."

Her dour husband glanced over, and the thief walked hurriedly back to Ares and the horse.

After that, the god, mortal body unused to the alcohol, became even more talkative.  "So why'd you become a thief, anyway? Following in your father's footsteps?"

"It started as revenge.  When my parents died, a greasy merchant tricked my brother out of his land, then had him killed when he tried to get it back.  I ruined him--stole everything he had, and gave it all away.  For my brother."

A slight pause.  "Why do I feel like there's more to it?  I mean, how'd you manage to get it right on the first try?"

"You know--you're the first person who's ever asked me that."  He sounded evasive, and knew it.

"You may as well tell me--it'll help pass the time.  And take my mind off the demands of this body."

"I steal ‘cause I like it," Auto said flippantly.  "I like nice clothes and expensive whores and good food." Then, maybe because of the wine, or the distracting, almost painful pressure on his bladder, or maybe the questioning dark eyes of the war god, he relented.  "My parents didn't have any money--just some land.  And being poor--it's always glamorized in the stories, but in reality it's dirty and ugly and embarrassing.  So one day I was in the market place, and I saw this merchant with a fat bag of gold--so I took it."

"He didn't catch you?"

Auto reached down and unstrapped one of the wine bottles affixed to Promy's left flank, patting the silky black body.  Uncorking it with his teeth, he took a big gulp of the dry red liquid, then passed the bottle to the god.  "Oh yeah--he caught me alright.  I still have a scar from the beating.  But that just taught me to be more careful the next time."   He'd never told anyone about this-- only the other story, where he looked like a hero, and not like a pathetic loser.  The heat, the booze and the pee-build up must be taking their toll.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about," Ares said.  His face shone in the heat.  "You just felt like an outsider...And you wanted in."  He stopped to pour a substantial amount of wine down his throat.

His words so closely echoed Auto's feelings that he nearly jumped.  "How would you know about that?  You're a god! You can have anything you want!"

"Try being the god of war...I'm not exactly popular, you know." The words came out slightly slurred.  "Not with mortals...not with my family," he added, almost under his breath. "Everyone thinks I'm an evil psychopath."  He laughed.  "Maybe they're right.  Well, fuck ‘em.  Uh.... Autolycus?"

"Yeah?"  For a second, Ares had looked so forlorn that the thief actually managed to stop thinking about the god's cock long enough to feel...almost sorry for him.

"If I don't take a leak soon, I'm gonna explode."

The man laughed.  "I know this route pretty well.  There's a lake a few minutes' walk through those firs on the left.  We can have our contest, then jump in.  I don't know about you, but I'd like to cool off. "  All this effort, just to see the god's cock again.  And maybe put a few ideas in his head...He used his knees to guide Promy into the thicket, and could hear Ares crashing through the brush behind him.  Ahead, the trees thinned, and Autolycus could see shimmering blue water under an equally blue sky.

He jumped from the horse, and led the creature to the outer ring of pines, fixing his reins around a jutting branch.  Then Auto turned back to the god.  "Let's do it over there in the sand."

Ares pulled off his cloak, dropping it at the base of a birch, then followed the thief onto the beach.  "So how do we do this?" he asked, when the man stopped a few feet from the shore.

"We're gonna try to hit the water from here.  We'll stand side by side, take our dicks out, and let ‘er rip.  Are you ready?"

"Oh yeah.  Let's do it."  The god was already pulling open his pants.

Auto stood next to him, digging his heels into the sand and pretending not to stare at the thick cock between the god's fingers.  If he got a boner now, he'd be screwed.  But holy Hades! Seeing their two cocks juxtaposed like this, almost touching...It was hot.  Really hot.  All he'd have to do is push his over just a little bit, and the heads would touch...Then he could pull Ares into his arms, shoving his tongue between those full lips, rubbing his erection against the god's...

But, unfortunately, it wasn't going to happen now.  ‘Cause even if Ares was into it, Auto had to pee so badly that nothing--not even the promise of sex with the god--could stop him.  As identical streams of golden liquid began to shoot from both cocks, the two men groaned with pleasure.

"Oh man....This feels good," Ares said, imitating Auto's stance.

"I told you so.  Now hold it a bit higher," the thief counseled.  "It'll go further." Auto managed to hit the water's edge with ease from years of experience.  The god, however, didn't have the same control, and had to leap back to avoid peeing down his leg.  Auto smirked.  "I hope you can use that thing better during sex."

"Of course!!" An offended look.  "At this point, I'm just glad to get it out--I can work on my technique later."  But he resumed his place beside Auto, and for the last few seconds, managed to direct the yellow jet a respectable distance.

"Not bad.  You just need some practice.  Now let's take a dip."  He stripped quickly, then waded into the cool water.

Ares joined him shortly.  "This was a good idea," he said approvingly.

Was it ever...Wet god.   Oh boy...Nothing beat it.  Not the way the drops trickled down that bronzed body, glinting in the sun, the black hair gleaming damply...The thief could feel a twinge between his thighs, and he quickly dove beneath the clear surface, swimming a short distance to stay in control.  When he re-emerged, Ares was returning to the shore.  Treading water, Autolycus watched as the god retrieved his cloak and spread it on the sand.  Then, still naked, Ares lay down on his back.

Time for phase two.

He left the water, walking to the god's side.

"Had to lie down for awhile," Ares mumbled, his eyes closed.  "The sun feels good."  He patted the cloak.

"It's too bad you're a god," the man said, as he settled down beside Ares.  Reel him in slowly...


"Well, if you were mortal, you'd know the second part of the ritual.  You pee and then--" he broke off, shrugging his shoulders.  "But you wouldn't get it..."

"Just tell me, Autolycus. As long as I don't have to move, I'm into it."

"Look--mortal men are obsessed with our cocks, ok?  That's one of the reasons we have pee contests.  Check out the other guy's equipment.  Just to see if we measure up, of course," he added hastily.

The god grunted.  "Ok, I can understand that.  So what else is there to do?"

"It's a guy thing...We start talking about sex, maybe share a fantasy, and we have another contest.  To see who can finish first..."

"You mean like a jerk-off contest?"

"We call it a circle jerk."

"Sounds good to me," Ares said, eyes still closed against the bright sun.  "I'd like to cum.  The water and the heat are turning me on.  And since there's no one here but you and me--jerking off seems pretty safe."

Auto turned his head slightly, and noticed the thickening cock in Ares' hand.  His fingers closed around his own cock.  "If you're into it, I'd like to change the rules.  Make it about stamina.  See who can hold off the longest."

"You like your games, don't you, Auto?"

"Keeps life interesting.  So what're you thinking about now?"  He noticed the god's fingers squeezing the head, now fully engorged, coaxing moisture to the surface.  When the crystalline drops appeared, Ares rubbed them in.  The thief bit his lip to hold back the moan, and moved his own fingers light as butterfly wings down his shaft.  Any more pressure and he'd be shooting his load.  Seeing the god like this-- relaxed, horny, wet, gently toying with his incredibly big, thick cock--well, it pretty much redefined ‘erotic fantasy'.

"Not thinking about much," Ares said.  He seemed about to add something, but broke off.  "What about you?"

"Me? I'm just thinking about this...friend of mine.  I've wanted to get--" almost imperceptible pause--"her into bed, but she's kinda uptight about sex.  I know that when I finally do, she's gonna be wild.  I'm thinking about what she'd look like tied up, her dark curls against the pillow, her mouth open, while I feed her my cock."  Yeah...He wanted to tie up Ares, completely dominate him.  Show the god why sex was a *lot* better than killing.  His cock was almost painfully hard now, and every light touch of his hand made it pulse.  "You ever been tied up?"

"Me???!! Of course not! I'm the god of war--*I* dominate people."

"Relax, big guy.  I've been tied up, and it's a lot of fun.  You're not giving up complete control-- you're letting someone else make you feel good.  All you have to do is lie there, and let someone else run their tongue all over your body, their fingers, their...whatever they can.  It's intense--if you can find someone who's not intimidated by the idea of taking charge."  Tears formed in Auto's eyes as he struggled not to cum. Ares had briefly stopped touching himself at the thief's question, but his fingers had resumed their teasing passage over his cock.  One hand still squeezed liquid from the head, while the other, using only the pads of his fingers, slid along the length.  Oh man...

"So tell me what it was like when you were tied up."

Oh yeah...The god was intrigued.  Again, no surprise.  Those constantly-aggressive types always secretly liked the idea of giving up control, letting someone else take charge for a change.  "The first time a lover suggested it to me, I said no way.  It seemed kinda kinky, and I didn't like the idea of...submitting.  But...this friend reminded me that in exchange for willingly giving up power, I'd be getting mind-blowing pleasure in return.  That convinced me."

"Mmmmm...And was it good?"  His right hand moved more quickly over his cock, while the left abandoned the head to stroke the heavy balls.

Auto wanted to stop watching, ‘cause his desire was making speech way too hard, but he couldn't resist.  "It was amazing.  I was tied up for about twelve hours, and my lover didn't let me cum for the first three...Just kissed me, sucked my nipples...For the last hour, it was a warm mouth on my cock.  Every time I was ready to cum, my friend slowed down.  By the end, I was begging for it.  Begging.  And when I finally came...Fuck." His body shook at the memory.  "I swear it lasted for ten minutes straight. No joke."

"That sounds...pretty amazing," Ares admitted, his breathing getting ragged.




"It was...So how do you like someone to suck your cock?"  Talk about your ‘dream'....

"Well...I told you that I had this dream last night--"


"--where I was getting this incredible blow-job.  At first, it was just the tongue against my head...tasting me, you know?  Dipping into the slit, trying to get as much out as possible."

Auto suppressed a whimper.

"Then, at the same time that the tongue is licking the head, sliding all over it, fingers close around my balls.  Not hard...Just holding them, stroking them a little.  Fuck--it felt so good."  With one, wet finger, he traced a violet vein, and his hips arched.

Ohgodohgodohgod...Ares getting off on the memory of Autolycus' fingers, his tongue...It felt like some huge monster was trying to fight his way out of the thief's cock.  "What happened next?" he asked, his voice a low growl.

"Then the tongue moves to the bottom of my shaft, and starts slowly licking a series of horizontal lines up my cock.  I'm almost ready to cum at this point--I just need a little bit more stimulation."

The god was sweating under the hot rays of the sun, from the pressure of his clenched muscles.  Here it was: temptation.  Should Auto lean over and deep-throat him? This was the next part in the story...and he wanted to.  Did he ever want to...But if he did, and Ares freaked, he'd never get another chance.  Because he'd be dead.  Still, death might be a small price to pay for another taste of that swollen, gleaming cock...

"Then the mouth closes over my cock--" Ares' breathing quickened "--and takes it all in...and then I...oh fuck...then I...start...cumming..."

The sight of the creamy semen spurting from the god's cock onto his chest undid Auto's restraint, and with a loud moan, he came with him.  The idea that he and Ares were cumming together, both panting, both shooting semen, both thrusting into invisible mouths, gave Autolycus one of the most powerful orgasms of his life.

"Guess I lost that one, too," Ares said, looking over at the thief while he rubbed the cum onto his chest in lazy circles.

"Mmmfffffpphhh..." Autolycus replied, still caught in the web of pleasure.

Mmmfffffpphhh, roughly translated, meant, "I'm going to fuck you tonight if it's the last thing I do."

Part 3

After the mutual jerk-off with Ares by the lake, Autolycus floated through the afternoon in a lust- filled haze.  Every heartbeat, every thought, every step along the dusty road brought with it a new and tantalizing erotic vision, each more mouth-watering than the last:

Ares, on all fours, offering a smooth, ripe ass that rivaled one of the Hesperides' golden apples,  gasping when Auto rammed his cock between those satiny cheeks...Ares, palms flat against a marble wall, sweat dripping down his tensed back as Auto took him roughly from behind...Ares, dark curls gleaming in the candlelight as he knelt between Auto's legs, full lips closed over the man's cock, tongue working busily...Ares, arms bound firmly above his head, long legs wrapped around Auto's waist, moaning as the thief entered him...

And it seemed to the thief's fevered brain that every word that glided past Ares' full lips carried with it the promise of orgasm.

"I'm hungry," the god announced as the sun died in a blaze of color over the horizon.

Translation:  I want suck your thick, juicy cock ‘til you cum down my throat.

On a rational level, Auto knew that Ares wasn't really begging for his cock, that he was just making conversation.  But the desperately horny part of him kept reinterpreting the god's speech.

"When d'you think we'll reach the next town?"

Translation: I can't wait to be alone with you, so you can shove that hard cock up my ass like I've been dreaming about for months.

"I'm looking forward to bed."

Barely repressing a groan, Auto tried to respond as his brain and his cock warred.  With a supreme effort, the former won...But with heavy casualties.  " there soon.  Hungry, too. Bed good."   He wondered if Ares exuded some kind of chemical that turned men into raving sex maniacs.  Or maybe it was a spell like the kind Circe used on Odysseus' men.  Oink.  But Ares wasn't a god anymore, so that didn't work.  There was something about him, though...

Yeah, like the 6 ft 2 inches of rock-hard body, the thick black curls made for leverage, the fuck- my-face mouth...

Auto mentally smacked himself.  If he wanted Ares, he had to act.  All of this mindless drooling only gave him a serious case of blue balls.  He needed a plan--one that, ideally, wouldn't get him killed in some brutal and unspeakable way.  Because, in spite of everything, Ares still scared him a little.  Part of the turn-on, of course. But he wasn't quite ready to die for sex...

Was he?

He decided to run through his alternatives, and if they didn't work, he'd shove Ares against a tree by the side of the road and see what happened.  Dammit--he *knew* that the god wanted him...That cock-rubbing marathon at the lake, where Ares described Auto's blowjob while the two of them jerked off way could that be misinterpreted, right?


Cock throbbing like a giant's heart, brain whirring like a leaf in a storm, Autolycus, king of thieves, plotted the seduction of Ares, god of war.

Plan 1: Jail House Rock.  When they arrived in town, Auto would get them arrested.  He'd arrange to get caught stealing from the treasury, and after naming Ares as his accomplice, the two'd be thrown into prison.  Eventually, with no other sexual alternative, Ares would finally let the thief fuck him.

Problems: Ares wouldn't get his sword of power back, and would remain a mortal til he died.  Since, technically, this would be Auto's fault, he might not welcome the thief's advances, lack of female company or not.  Besides, no way to guarantee that they'd get cells together.  With his luck, the thief would get Malvik, the Siberian Strangler, who'd only been captured because the soldiers thought he was the Lernaean hydra.

Plan 2: Love Me Tender.  Autolycus would break down, confessing with numerous tears to the war god that he's been misunderstood and unloved from day one, and that the only thing to cure his blues would be a thick, hard cock up his ass.

Problems: Ares wasn't exactly the cuddly, sentimental type.  Instead of offering some hot ‘n' hard TLC, he'd be more likely to snort in disgust and smack him around.  Besides, Auto didn't do tears: his nose turned red, his eyes puffy.  He wanted to turn the god on, not scare him into hiding.

Plan 3: Suspicious Minds.  Auto would suggest that Ares check out the war god's temple in town.  When the thief ‘accidentally' knocked over the gifts on the altar, and the priestesses came running out, he'd kiss Ares, ostensibly to hide him and his new mortality from prying eyes.  The kiss, expertly delivered of course, would have the god panting for more.

Problems: Hmmmm...There didn't seem to be any real problems with this one.

Auto grinned.  ‘Suspicious Minds' it was.  Gods, what a genius!!  And soon, very soon, his creative, brilliant mind would bring him one hot, sweet reward.

Even as he congratulated himself, the tall wooden palisade around the Nemean capitol of Argolis loomed above them.  "Let me do the talking," he advised Ares.  "You wait here.  The Argolean sentries are paranoid about thieves--let me reassure ‘em and then we'll find an inn."

The god nodded, and Auto had a mini-conference with the two armed soldiers.  They warmed at once when he mentioned the temple of Ares, and the thief made a mental note to bring up the war god the next time he wanted help from guards.

In minutes, man and god were walking down the cobbled streets of the town. "Apparently, there's an inn just a few blocks to the north," Auto said innocently.  "The Nemean Lion.  At the foot of the hill."  In the temple's shadow.

The god snorted at the name, but he said nothing, obviously distracted by the building above them.  "That's one of my temples up there.  I'm going to head up and check it out."

"Give me a few minutes, and I'll go with you.  It's safer.  We have to make sure no one sees you or talks to you--otherwise it might make things sticky.  Can't have people know the war god's mortal."

With images of a sticky, cum-smeared god imprinted on his retinas, the thief led Promy to the stables, then entered the inn's small, clean lobby.  He could see a few patrons drinking at the bar in the room beyond, before a stocky, sweating young man hurried out to serve Auto.  With much nodding and bowing, the clerk took Auto's bags and, after a quick consultation, agreed to his requests.

When Auto returned, Ares was still staring up at the black temple outlined against the purple sky.

"Let's go," the god said abruptly.

The climb up the steep hill accounted for only part of Auto's panting.  The rest came from fantasies.  Hot, wet, cum-filled fantasies...Then the man stopped so suddenly that Ares crashed into him.  For one, fleeting but intoxicating second, he felt the god's cock against his ass, and Auto briefly lost the source of his anxiety.

With a hurried shake of his head, the thief returned to his previous thoughts.  What if the kiss grossed out Ares?  What if, deep down, he really did prefer women?  What if all of this heat was just the product of Auto's...of Auto's...//say it, dammit!!//...of Auto's huge, undeniable infatuation//don'tbestupidit'snotlovejustinfatuation// with Ares, god of war?

For a terrifying second, a crack appeared in the mountain of the thief's ego.

"Auto, for fuck's sake! We've come this far--don't back out now," Ares said with a dark glance, before pushing impatiently past him.

Then a thought, even scarier than the first: what if Ares wasn't quite as oblivious as he seemed? What if he knew all along about Auto's crush and wandering mouth? What if *he* was in control, playing the thief like a lust-crazed puppet because he, the god of war, wanted to fuck him?  What if he knew that they were going up this hill to finally, finally, finally get things going?

The strain of caution wove around his desire, choking it...Or at least restraining the impulse to jump the god and hump him like a dog.

With a heavy sigh of regret, he followed Ares' ripe, leather-clad ass up the temple steps and into the candlelit chamber.  The god went immediately to the pile of offerings on the obsidian altar at the far end of the room. "Not bad," he noted, picking up a heavy silver sword with a jewel- encrusted handle.

"Can I see?" Auto asked, eyes wide.  He'd just look--that was all.

But it was the god's fingers that slipped, dropping the weapon with a thunderous clatter to the tiled floor.  "Shit!" Ares exclaimed, even more loudly.

Suspiciously loudly, if one had a suspicious mind.

They could hear the running feet hurrying toward them from the inner sanctum.

"What d'you wanna do?" the god asked, looking directly at the thief.

Caution took a vacation.  "We need to look...innocent.  Like we weren't trying to steal anything.  And we need to hide your face--don't want everyone knowing that you're mortal.. I think...our best bet...if we don't want to end up in prison, or reveal your presence, is to...kiss."

A slight pause while something unreadable flowed across Ares' face.  Then:  "Ok."

"Just ‘cause it's the easiest way, you understand," the man added.  "That's all."  He took a quick step forward, smacking against the hottest, hardest body he'd ever ground crotches with.  Nose- to-nose, cock-to-cock with the cream of the Olympian crop, Auto opened his mouth to make a final, tension-dispelling joke--

And the god kissed him.

Ares, perhaps acting on instinct, pushed his tongue between the thief's parted lips, and for the first time, their tongues touched.

Autolycus had kissed a lot of people in his time.  The first, at thirteen, had been Medon, the   baker's cute son from next door.  They'd been playing hide-and-seek, and Medon had found Auto in the dark crawlspace beneath the back porch.  Rather than letting him out, the boy had crawled in beside his friend.  They'd spent the summer necking in the dark, hard cocks rubbing together, but too inexperienced to do more than dry-hump for hours.

The next kiss came a few years later, while visiting his friend Helius in the neighboring village.  Unused to the strange surroundings--or so he told himself--Auto had left his room to wander the dark halls.  As he passed one quiet room, the door opened, and Helius' older brother peered out.  They'd talked for awhile, then Sylvan had invited him in. Later, the older boy had let Auto lick his own cum from his tongue after that first, mind-blowing blowjob.

After that, Autolycus had kissed a seemingly endless series of men and women, from virgins to whores.  He liked the soft press of lips, the wet contact between two searching tongues, and, at a rough estimate, had kissed about a hundred people.  The kisses themselves numbered in the thousands, and ran the gamut from short and soft to deep and hard, while his responses had varied from warm, butter-smooth need to frenzied longing, from weak knees to a raging hard-on.

But nothing in his life had prepared Autolycus for that first kiss from the god of war.

It rivaled not another kiss, but an orgasm.  Or a rebirth...As if he'd mistaken death for consciousness, and only now realized the difference.  As if his heart suddenly learned a new, quicker rhythm just for Ares' tongue, pumping blood fast and furious directly to the man's shockingly hard cock.

Auto nearly fell, limbs drained, vision darkened, under the war god's unbelievably delectable mouth.   The wall now at his back supported the thief's stunned body, as did the weight from Ares' body as the god leaned into him.  Reaching up almost desperately, the man wrapped his arms around Ares' neck, winding his fingers in the moss-soft hair.

When he kissed back, his tongue penetrating that divine mouth, Auto groaned, and he pulled the god closer.  He was vaguely aware of noise beside him, of shocked then annoyed voices buzzing in his ear, but when he paid no attention, they eventually disappeared.  How could he do more than simply FEEL, when Ares was...penetrating him like this, using that hot, honey-sweet tongue to fuck his mouth more and more aggressively, like the god was as devastated as the man?

Then he became aware of the heat between his legs, and realized that Ares was rubbing his big, hard cock against him...And it WAS hard...Very hard...Undeniably, he-must-be-getting-off-on- this-as-much-as-me hard.

Another groan.  Whose? He couldn't tell anymore, overwhelmed by firm lips, wet tongue, hot breath, sharp teeth, soft beard, broad chest, hard cock...One of them spoke...he was never sure which...something about need and fucking, and they pulled apart, sticky with sweat, to leave/hurry/run? from the temple and down the hill...dark, rain-fresh the inn...creaky stairs...a long kiss against the rough pine wall there...hands fumbling...nearly blowing the god...rubbing cheek against smooth-over-hard leather...but finally making it to the room...Door kicked shut.

No turning back now.

Then clothes were tugged off and sent flying...More kissing...but this time bare skin slid against bare skin...dark hair scraping...And the kisses spread...Throats were licked and bitten, then nipples...Fingers closing around cocks...groans...Then mouths replaced fingers...


That was the first time.

Even as they both collapsed back on the pillows, licking traces of semen from their lips, panting and impossibly warm, their hands never stopped moving.  For one, brief second Autolycus surfaced from the pool of desire to wonder what would happen in the morning, when the touching stopped, when they had to talk about what happened. About this.  Sweat and cum.  But he didn't really care right now, and he rolled on top of his lover, pinning Ares' arms above his head.  The god growled, but didn't stop him, not even when Auto leaned precariously over the edge of the bed, reappearing with a coil of rope in one hand.

Working quickly//don't let Ares change his mind//Autolycus bound each of the god's wrists to a solid bedpost.  Tight.  By the time he'd finished, Ares' cock rose hard and wet from between his thighs, brushing up against the thief's as the man straddled him.  Gratified to feel the other's desire, Auto rewarded the god with a few slow strokes.

His own cock, still hot and damp from Ares' mouth, danced against his stomach.  He wanted to shove it back in, make the god suck him again and again and again.  But some part of Autolycus urged him to be careful: Ares, though he'd swallowed his cock so eagerly before, might be less willing now that his own wasn't engulfed between the man's lips.

Soon, though.

The same thing went for kissing.  He'd avoid anything personal, anything that might make the god change his mind.  Instead, the thief would start by driving Ares out of his mind with lust; hopefully, begging would follow.  Looking down at the bound war god, with his swollen lips and glittering dark eyes, Auto felt like doing his own begging.

He was eight again, going with his mother to the new bakery, staring with wide-eyed delight at rows of desserts glazed with lemon juice, bursting with plump almonds, sprinkled with fragrant cinnamon and nutmeg.  And between each delicate layer of pastry seeped sweet, golden honey.  A fantasy for a little boy with a sweet tooth.

And tonight, to satisfy his fondness for the sticky stuff, he'd asked the innkeeper to include a jar of honey with the fruit and wine. The young man, perhaps in his inexperience, or maybe because he sensed something, had placed the items NOT on the wooden table beneath the window, but on the small cabinet beside the bed.

With a quick, thankful prayer to Demeter, Auto pulled off the cap, and dipped two fingers in, covering the tips.  When they were drenched, he pulled them out, placed the container beside the god's body.  Then he spread the honey on Ares' lips.

Gold met rose as the god's tongue darted out cautiously, and Auto realized that Ares was probably tasting this mortal ambrosia for the first time.  A look of surprise, then delight, crossed the Olympian's face as he experienced the sticky sweetness.  Pleased with the response (if a burst of blood to his cock so forceful it nearly knocked him out could be called ‘pleased'), the man re- covered a finger with the honey, then slid it into Ares' mouth to be sucked clean.

The soft wetness and gentle pressure reminded Auto of earlier, when his cock had been in place of his finger, and he needed, more than anything, to feel/see the god lick honey off his cock.  But he also wanted Ares to experience the thrill of bondage, that delicious sense of being helpless to pleasure.  The other side--the thrill of being dominated--could come later.

Plunging his fingers back into the jar, the thief painted a golden cross on Ares' chest: one long line down the center, beginning at the hollow of the god's throat, and ending just above the tip of his cock, with a second, shorter one from nipple to nipple.

Then Autolycus began to trace the first honeyed strip with his tongue, lapping up the honey with long, broad licks, like a tabby on a window sill leisurely cleaning its fur.  The only difference: the responsive body being cleaned.  For every new contact between the wet tongue and his sticky flesh, Ares' hips jerked, and his thick cock hit the man's in a rhythm this side of orgasmic.

When Auto hit the end of the longer line, he let his tongue briefly touch the head of the god's cock. This elicited a low, bestial moan, and the thief pulled away quickly to avoid being choked by the cock shooting up to find the wet solace of his lips.

He expected Ares to order him to suck it, but the god maintained a frustrating silence.  Auto knew the god had to be getting desperate, but Ares couldn't admit that.  Not yet, anyway.  But, the man vowed, he'd break him.  And he let his captive know his plan.  "I'm not going to touch your cock until you beg me.  I'm not going to suck you--or fuck you--until you tell me that you want it."

In response, the god made a sound like Cerberus captured by Hercules: an animalistic noise somewhere between a snarl and a howl.  And Ares' eyes turned blacker than earth in a freshly-dug grave, as he strained against the bonds.  The bed creaked ominously, and Auto speculated what he might do to him if he could get free.  Kill him, probably.  That way there'd be no witnesses, no one to blab about the war god's newly-acquired taste for cock, not to mention submission.

Fortunately, there was a fairly easy solution: make Ares so hot for him that the thief's death would be a punishment.  Auto set eagerly to the task, bending his head to take one sweetened nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth over the hard tip.  At the same time, he moved one hand down the god's body to rub the end of his thumb along the tender, moist skin at the juncture between thigh and groin, deliberately--torturously--avoiding cock and balls.  Next, Autolycus trailed his fingers back up, over the curve of one hip, along the god's side, testing for ticklish spots.  When Ares tensed, the thief lightly scratched the sensitive skin, confusing the god's body by nibbling the taut nipple in his mouth.

Ares' head went back, and Auto pounced, sinking his teeth into the god's exposed throat.  He bit hard, causing the blood to stain purple the unbroken skin, then pulled back to smear honey on the near-wound.  As he licked it off, the man slowly rubbed more of the thick gold substance onto the god's nipples, and Ares began to pant, his hips rising and falling.

When Ares made an almost coherent sound, the thief sat up, letting his eyes wander over the tangled curls, across the bruised throat, over the reddened nipples, down to the leaking cock, and finally back up to the dark eyes.  It took him a minute to recover, and when he spoke, his voice was thick with desire. "Did you say something?"

The god stared back silently: angry, horny, and unbelievably beautiful.

"I guess you need more encouragement," Auto added with a grin.   He took the god's cock in one hand, while scooping out a mass of honey with the other, before letting it trickle onto the swollen skin.  With the tip of a finger, he followed the path of one heavy drop.  "I could do that with my tongue," he added thoughtfully.  "All you have to do is ask."  As added incentive, he bent down until his mouth rested a warm breath from the engorged head.

"You fucking bastard," Ares hissed.  "You son of a bitch."

"Not nice.  And dangerous, too, since I'm the one with the power here."

More Cerberus sounds.

The thief climbed between his lover's thighs.  "You're completely under my control."  Pushing Ares' thighs apart, Autolycus caressed the warm, ridged skin of the god's balls.  "I'd like to suck them," he announced.  "One, then the other, while I'm jerking you off."  The image was too inviting, and Auto wriggled down, mouth opening in anticipation.  As he explored the heavy sac with his tongue, the man closed his fingers around the base of Ares' cock for a few quick strokes, then pulled back at the loud gasp.  "Just say the word."

If the god didn't start begging soon, Auto reasoned, there'd be trouble, because he was barely able to speak anymore.  He wanted--NEEDED--to fuck Ares. He had to feel that tight ass wrapped around his cock, and the only way that could happen would be if he sucked Ares first, sucked him til he was right on the verge of orgasm, then stopped, and the god, crazy with lust--

"Suck me."

The pressure building in his balls nearly erupted at the growled words.   Delirious with need, Autolycus again grasped the god's cock at its lowest point, before guiding it past his lips.  He tasted honey...and underneath that, the salty-musky taste of Ares.  Fighting the temptation to force an orgasm from the god just to taste more of him, the thief kept his movements languorous.  That was enough to make liquid ooze from the head and Ares moan.

Auto continued to run his tongue over the distended flesh, while he caught a glob of honey on the end of one finger. Spreading the god's thighs wider, the thief began to smear it on the line of skin under Ares' balls, inching lower and lower.  The bound god tensed when the tip of Autolycus' finger nearly penetrated him, relaxing only when the man sucked harder.

A few seconds later, Auto tried again, distracting Ares by lightly scraping his teeth against the end of the god's cock.  Muscles closed tight around him, and Ares struggled to get away.  But the thief kept sucking, using his free hand to stay the god's movements, before pushing his finger deeper.

Then he started fucking the god with his finger, and the sounds from Ares changed...A low, keening moan filled the room, and Auto could feel the increased flow of blood to the cock in his mouth.   He added another finger, and this time Ares let him, and thrust back.  They were both so close...

With a last lick, Auto rose to his knees.  "I want to fuck you.  You can kill me tomorrow, or when you get your godhood back, but I'm going to do it."

Ares opened his mouth, and the thief waited for the protests, the rejection, the hysterical protests of heterosexuality.  Instead, the god simply said, "Yes."

Coating his cock with the last of the honey, his hand shaking, Autolycus then positioned himself against the god's honey-slick ass.  When Ares wrapped his legs around him, the thief shuddered.  This was too good...he could barely control himself.  Especially when he began to push, and the god opened up to his cock.

Tight heat surrounded him, as Auto eased his way, inch by inch, into Ares' ass.  He paused occasionally to let the god adjust to his size, rhythmically stroking his lover's cock with one trembling hand to encourage him.  Not that Ares needed much encouragement: like the thief, he couldn't stop shaking, and groaned loudly every time Auto stretched his ass with a short, barely- controlled thrust.  His huge cock felt alive beneath the man's fingers, as blood coursed under the skin, and moistened Auto's hand with lucid wetness.

Then Auto was fully inside him, balls pressed against the smooth ass.  He stayed there, looking down at the flushed cheeks and parted lips of the war god.  "Tell me you want it."

"Fuck you, Autolycus," Ares gasped.

A double stroke: one long, deep one into the god, matched by a smooth stroke of the pulsating cock.  "Tell me."


The wordless cry was almost enough.  But not quite.  "Tell me, Ares, or I'll stop fucking you."


"Don't what?"

"Don't...stop...fucking me."

"Why not?"

"Fuck--you're a bastard..."

"I'll stop."

"Don't... stop... fucking me... because... it good."

When he heard the words, Autolycus lost it like he never had before, thrusting into the god  harder than a raging bull in mating season, until he couldn't see.

Couldn't think.

Couldn't breathe.

But what drove him over the edge, what made him scream, what made him cum in powerful bursts of pleasure, was the explosion of creamy wetness in his hand...

The knowledge, however hazy, that he'd fucked the war god to orgasm...

And Ares had loved it.