Truth or Dare
 by Thamiris

Autolycus looked at the group assembled around the campfire. "What's the matter with you people?  Are you dead?"

"I wish," Iolaus responded under his breath.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I'm bored.  Bored, bored, bored.  So bored I feel like killing you just to amuse myself."

"Try it, blondie.  I could use the exercise."

"Don't tempt me--"

"Could you guys stop fighting?  I'm sick of listening to it," Xena snapped.  "I've been stuck here for two days listening to your non-stop bickering, and if you don't shut up I'm going to kill both of you."  She continued to rub oil onto her chakram.  "If it's not Auto and Iolaus, it's Herc and Iphicles.  Bitch, bitch, bitch...I'm sick of it."

"Speaking of bitches..." Iphicles muttered, scowling at Xena from under his copper curls.

Gabrielle jumped in, trying to relieve the mounting tension.  "What we need is something to distract us.  How about a game?"

"A game??" Iolaus snorted.  "That's the most dumb-ass idea--"

"Iolaus--it's not like we have anything better to do."

"But a game, Herc? Are we really that desperate?"

"I am," Autolycus admitted.  "I need something to do.  Unless anyone wants to go into the woods and get it on?"  He ducked at the assorted objects that came flying at him.  "It was just a joke!  Xena's the one I really want--Ouch!!  That was sharp!"

"I think we should do whatever Gabby wants."

"You always think that, Joxer.  You're such an ass-kisser!" Iphicles told him.

The other man looked hurt, but said nothing.

 "What kind of game did you have in mind?"

Everyone froze as Ares materialized before them.

"Relax," the god said, sitting on a log beside Gabrielle and stretching out his long, leather-clad legs.  "I'm not here to kill any of you.  At least not yet." He laughed.  "You're not the only ones who're bored.  I'm going through a dry spell--everyone wants peace.  I keep trying to stir things up, but no one's taking the bait."

"So he'd thought he'd slum with us?  Aren't we lucky!" Iolaus whispered to Iphicles.

The god glared at him.

"Ares, if you're going to stick around, you have to behave."

The god rolled his eyes.  "Fine, fine.  Whatever you want, Gabrielle."  He smiled at her, teeth gleaming in the firelight.  She blushed under his steady gaze.

Joxer eyed the two suspiciously.  "So what game are we going to play?"

"Yes, Gabrielle...Tell us what you want to play?" Ares made the question sound suggestive.

"I was thinking....Truth or Dare."  She sounded defiant.

"Truth or Dare?  You mean where we either have to admit something personal or do something stupid? No thanks."  Autolycus shook his head.  "I'm not that bored.  Doesn't anyone have a pair of dice or cards or something?"

"Oh yeah," Iphicles responded, voice dripping with sarcasm.  "I always bring dice with me when I'm returning home after being rescued from kidnappers.  Maybe you'd like to have a soak in my hot tub?  Or maybe dine on the twelve-course meal my chef is preparing?"

Iolaus giggled.  "Look, let's just play the game.  There are a couple of things I wouldn't mind knowing about some people here."  His eyes stayed on the king.

"I'm not playing."  Xena kept polishing her chakram.

"C'mon, Xena--please?  It'll be no fun without you," the thief told her.  "And I can think of some dares you might find...intriguing."

She groaned.  "Pass me the ale, then.  I'm going to have to get drunk for this."  He handed her the wineskin, letting his fingers brush hers.  Xena didn't pull back.

"Who's going to start?"  Herc asked.

After a slight pause, the wargod spoke.  "I will.  Truth or dare, Gabrielle?"

She hesitated, avoiding his gaze.  "Truth."

"Figures! You're no fun!" Iphicles said.  He leaned over to the smaller man beside.  "I hope you pick ‘dare,'" he whispered in Iolaus' ear.  The hunter, not caring anymore what people thought, moved closer.

Joxer, meanwhile, watched the other pair.  "So what's her question, Ares?  Remember, Gabrielle: you have to tell the truth.  Otherwise it's cheating."

"Her question is simple."  He turned his large body toward the woman.  "Do you find me attractive?"

"That's a stupid question," Xena snapped.  "You know the answer.  Of course she doesn't.  You're her enemy--"

Herc's calm voice cut her off.  "Let her answer the question."

Gabrielle twisted a stand of blond hair between her fingers, staring into the crackling fire.  "Yes," she said softly.

"Like that wasn't obvious," the king mocked.

The god's laugh rang out, and he moved closer to the woman.  "Now it's your turn."

"Pass me the wineskin."  She took a deep draught, shuddered, then turned to Iphicles, sitting across from her on the ground beside Iolaus.  "Truth or dare?"

"Dare.  And give me the wineskin."

"Ok.  Here's the dare: kiss Iolaus."  She sounded pleased with herself.

"What? No way!"  The king looked offended.

"Is the idea that disgusting to you?" the hunter asked quietly.

"No, it's not that.  It's just...I don't know."

"You have to do it," Gabrielle said, letting the wine warm her.  "The rules of the game.  Kiss him.  On the lips."

Iphicles knelt in front of Iolaus, then slowly put a hand behind the other man's head, drawing him nearer.  When he felt no resistance, he lowered his mouth and kissed the hunter's soft lips.  When they opened beneath his, he almost pulled back, but Iolaus slid his own hand into the king's curls and kept him in place until Iphicles relaxed and accepted his tongue.

The kiss lasted almost a minute.  When they finally drew apart, both men were breathing hard.

"It's your turn now, Iphicles," Herc reminded his brother in a neutral tone.  "Who do you pick?"

"Xena.  Truth or dare?"

"Dare, of course."

Iphicles chewed thoughtfully on his full lower lip.  "Ok--you have to show your boobs to one of us--but not Gabrielle."

Xena rolled her eyes.  "You have GOT to be kidding." She grabbed the wineskin from the king, and drank deeply.  "This is ridiculous."

"You have to do it," her friend said, her voice nearly squeaking as Ares began to stroke the small of her back.

"I'm gonna do it--I'm just deciding who should get the honor."  She studied each of the men in the light of the fire.  Finally, with a shrug, Xena approached Autolycus.  "It's your lucky night, handsome," she said.  Facing him, she pulled down the straps of her black tunic, and flashed him.  The others watched the thief's eyes widen, and a grin spread across his face.

"Very nice," he offered gleefully.  "Very nice indeed."

"Glad you approve."  Xena adjusted her tunic, and sat next to him.  "It's your turn, Herc.  Truth or dare?"


She held up the wineskin, tilting it back until the last of wine emptied down her throat.

Herc raised his eyebrows, but pulled another one from the leather pack beside him, passing it to her.

"It's a two-parter," Xena said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "Have you ever had an erotic dream about any of us, and what was the dream about?  You have to tell us the whole dream, including who was in it and what you did."  She smiled with satisfaction as the demi-god squirmed uncomfortably.

"You don't really want to know, do you?  It's just a dream.  It doesn't mean anything."

"Don't try to weasel out of it, brother.  Everyone else is playing nice.  It's your turn now."

"I just can't believe anyone is interested," Herc told Ares.  "But if you must know, I did have a dream about someone here, just a few nights ago.  Look, no one wants to hear this..."  He stopped, running a hand through his hair.

"Herc, just tell us," Iolaus prompted, his finger still tracing the path Iphicles' lips on his own.

The hero took a deep breath.  "In my dream I'm walking by a river.  I hear someone crying, and I  investigate.  I find...this person, who's upset because they feel abandoned by someone they love. I put an arm around...this person--"

"Hold it right there," Iphicles said in annoyance.  "I have no idea what you're talking about. Who the hell is this person?  You've got to be specific.  Loosen up for once in your life!  I don't know how in Hades Iolaus puts up with you--you're so uptight!"

"It was Joxer, ok?  Does that make you happy?  In my dream, Joxer's crying because he feels unloved. I put my arm around him to comfort him, letting him know that I understand what it's like to be left behind by someone I love.  He...he puts his arms around me, and presses his body against mine.  I hadn't realized how muscular he is under that ridiculous outfit, or how tall.  And when he hugs me, it feels...good.  Very good."

"Be specific, brother," Ares said, pressing his leather-clad thigh against Gabrielle's bare one.  She didn't draw away, but gazed up at the starry black sky, pretending she couldn't feel his warmth, or the slow, teasing strokes of his hand on her back just above the waistband of her skirt.


Iphicles sighed.  "He means details, Herc.  The specifics of how you fucked Joxer by the river.  Whether you sucked his cock, whether he fucked you or you fucked him...Hard, until he moaned under your thrusts, grinding back against you, his blond curls getting damp--" Suddenly realizing he'd segued into his own fantasy, the king shut up abruptly.  The hunter, however, smiled, and put his hand on Iphicles' thigh, feeling the hard muscles tense under his fingers.

"Yes, Herc.  Give us the details," Xena said.  She giggled, taking another long sip of the sweet wine.  "Tell us how you fucked Joxer. I'm dying to hear all about it.  I love stories where the boys get it on."  She laughed again.

"Xena!" Gabrielle exclaimed, shocked.

"Oh shut up, Gabs.  If you can admit you're hot for Ares, I can admit I like to hear about guys getting it on."

Her friend blushed furiously.  "Stop hogging the wine! Pass it over here--I need a drink.  I need a few drinks."

Joxer had remained quiet throughout the bickering.  Suddenly, he tore off his hat, and tossed it into the roaring fire.  Sparks flew up into the night air.  Then he pulled off his make-shift armor, dropping it with a clatter to the earth.  He wore a plain white shirt under a simple brown leather jerkin.  "Could you all shut up??  Hercules was going to tell us about his dream."

"The sun is beating down on us, and I try to blame that for the incredible heat I feel...uh...between my legs."  Herc faltered for a moment, then saw the hopeful look on Joxer's face. "So he's hugging me, and I'm trying to comfort him, to explain that he has friends who love him, while my cock is getting harder and harder."

"I *like* this story," Xena said enthusiastically.  She'd replaced her chakram on the belt at her waist, and was now polishing her sword with long, suggestive strokes.  Autolycus watched her every move.  "So what's Joxer doing?"

"Well, I'm really embarrassed because my response is so inappropriate, so I try to pull away.  But he won't let go.  I'm getting harder and harder--and then I realize he's hard, too.  I realize that I want to...that maybe I've wanted  him, maybe for a long time, but I'd held back because of his feelings for Ga--someone else.  And because I thought that maybe Iola--Well, I'd held back for a few reasons.  But I don't want to hold back anymore.  My hand goes behind his head, and my fingers tangle in his hair.  It's so soft, and I imagine it brushing against my...against me."  Herc's eyes were now fixed on Joxer, and he seemed to have forgotten about the others gathered around the campfire.

"Tell me more," the warrior said quietly.

"You're grinding your hips into mine, and I want to feel you with nothing between us, so I start removing your armor, then your clothes, until you're naked in front of me.  I was right about your body: it's lean and well-muscled.  And your cock is long and thick.  I get down on my knees in the sand and take it in my mouth."



"Give it a rest, Gabrielle.  At least Ares isn't feeling me up in front of everyone here."

"Mind your own business," the god told her, keeping his hand on Gabrielle's breast, flicking his thumb across her nipple.

"Hey, it doesn't bother me.  You can fuck her here if you want."  She let out a boisterous giggle.  ‘Unless Iphicles and Iolaus beat you to it."

The hunter's hand was now between the king's legs, stroking the bulging erection, while Iphicles licked the smaller man's ear.

"Herc, could you just finish the story, please," Iolaus said, his voice unsteady.

The demi-god licked his lips, speaking now only to Joxer. "So I'm sucking your cock.  Your hands are moving my head back and forth, and the aggressive gesture is turning me on.  I think that maybe I don't want to fuck you as much as I want you to fuck me.  Hard."

Autolycus had inched closer to Xena, and was running his fingers up and down her bare arms.  She got up suddenly, but instead of leaving, she settled back between his thighs, leaning against his chest.  "Keep it coming!" she called across the fire to Herc.

"I don't know how to ask you for what I want, but you seem to know.  You step back, and pull me to my feet.  Quickly, as though you're scared I'll leave, you pull my shirt over my head.  I can feel your hands trembling as you  try to open my pants, so I help you.  When I'm naked, you start running your hands over my body, stroking my skin, kissing me softly.  Our cocks are touching, leaking onto each other..." His voice cracked, and he shifted uncomfortably on the ground.

"Don't stop now, Herc!  You're just getting to the best part!"

The thief, who'd pushed back Xena's dark hair to nibble on her neck, looked up briefly.  "Yeah, Herc.  Do whatever she wants. I'm begging you," he added under his breath.

"When you move back, I'm...scared.  I'm scared that you've decided this is a mistake, that you don't really want me.  But you're only searching for something in your bag.  With a smile, you pull out a small jar.  Breaking the wax seal, you pour some of the amber liquid into your hands, then rub in onto your cock.  I watch for a minute, then lower myself into the sand, waiting for you to take me."

He didn't notice that Ares and Gabrielle had stopped listening to his story, as the god knelt in front of the woman, lowering her top to suck her hard nipples, or that Iolaus' hand was now in the king's leather pants, massaging his hard cock.  The demi-god saw only Joxer's enraptured face.

"I feel one of your fingers sliding into me, spreading me open, then the head of your cock presses against me.  You wait, and I know you're still not sure, so I show you how much I want you: I shove back against your cock, forcing it deep inside me.  There's some pain, but I forget it when you start to fuck me.  I'm surprised at your skill--you know exactly how to hit the spot where it feels best.  You're groaning, and so am I--especially when you reach around to grab my cock."

"I'll drink to that," Xena announced, taking a deep sip from the wineskin, while Autolycus' hands found her breasts.

"You're fucking me so hard now, calling my name as you pound into me, squeezing my cock so tightly that I can't take it--I start spilling my cum into your hand, into the warm sand beneath me.  That drives you crazy, and you shudder behind me for a second before the semen starts to shoot into my ass.  Afterward, you pull me into your arms, and I realize that you're comforting me, that you're reminding me that I'm not alone."

Joxer sighed.  "That was a wonderful dream."

Briefly abandoning Gabrielle's swollen nipples, Ares turned toward the warrior.  "It's not just a dream, you idiot.  He's trying to tell you that he wants you."

Part 2

"Yes," Herc said, the monotone almost varying.  "That's what I'm trying to tell Joxer.  That I want him.  That my dream was more of a fantasy."

Xena grinned.  "This is getting interesting.  And where'ssshh--I mean where's the damn wine?"

"Truth or dare, Joxer?" The demi-god's face cleared, becoming  even more blank than usual.


Herc took a deep breath.  "Do you want me?"

No hesitation.  "Yes."

Herc got up, and walked over the other man.  Joxer rose to meet him.  They embraced in the flickering light of the campfire, then kissed.  Xena watched with particular zeal as their tongues entwined and their cocks ground together.

"Ooooh yes," she mumbled under her breath.  "Finally, some real action."

As she drooled over the humping pair, Autolycus slid a hand under her leather tunic to find her swollen clit, stroking it, while grinding his own cock against her.

"Hold it!! Hold it right there!" Ares pried himself from Gabrielle's breasts.  "Before you two get ready to walk off into the sunset, you'd better tell him the missing part of the dream, Herc."

"You left something out?"  Joxer asked breathlessly, letting his hand drop to Herc' leather-clad ass.

"You bet he did.  Tell him, Herc."

"Ares, I hate you--do you know that?"

The god laughed.  "And I'm crying over it.  Now tell him, brother.  Tell Joxer all about your secret little kink."

Xena started to giggle again.  "I know what it is," she chanted.  "I know what it is..."

Iolaus, who'd helped the king from his tight leather pants, and whose hand was gliding effortlessly up and down the thick shaft of Iphicles' massive cock, also grinned.  "We all know about Herc's little quirk."  He caught on his thumb the glistening drop of liquid leaking from the tip, and offered it to the king, who licked it eagerly, savoring his own tangy taste.

"I don't know about it," Autolycus said innocently.  Then he smirked.  "Unless you mean the spanking thing.  Everyone knows about that."

Herc's face reddened in the light of the fire, and he tried to pull back from Joxer, but the warrior held him firmly.  "What spanking thing?"

Iphicles snickered.  "My brother gets his rocks off being spanked. I think it's ‘cause he feels guilty for being so damn good.  The spanking makes him feel like he's been a bad boy-- right, Herc?"

"That's rich--coming from a guy who gets his kicks being hog-tied!"

"Shut the fuck up, Ares!"  The king jumped to his feet.

"Planning to use that as a weapon?" the god asked, with a pointed look the enormous erection jutting from Iphicles' lean hips, red from the continuous pressure of the hunter's hand.

About to attack, Iphicles paused, looking down in consternation.

"Just ignore him," Iolaus advised.  "Here, I'll help."  His lips closed over the bigger man's cock, and the others could hear the wet sounds as he tongued the smooth flesh, hands reaching up to squeeze the king's perfect ass.

Ares, his fingers again teasing Gabrielle's nipples as the woman lay on the grass at his side, turned to the thief.  "And Autolycus, I don't think that a guy who fucks  pomegranates should be making fun of anyone."  He pulled a red fruit from the air and tossed it to the thief.  "Here--amuse yourself.  You're gonna need it.  It takes more than some finger-fucking to get Xena going.  Isn't that right, my dear?"

Xena choked on the wine, laughing and coughing at once.  "I didn't hear *you* complaining when we were together Ares," she said pointedly.

The god, realizing he'd been outsmarted, returned to the prone woman, mouth opening to catch a nipple.

But Gabrielle was struggling up, pulling her top up.  "You let Ares fuck you?"

"Not exactly," her friend replied, "if you know what I mean."

Now it was Gabrielle's turn to grin.  "Right. Gotcha."  She studied the god appraisingly.

"I don't understand," Joxer announced plaintively, as Hercules sucked the pale skin of his neck, raising dark purple blotches.  The smaller man rubbed his hand the demi-god's cock, clearly outlined against his leather pants.

"Xena..." Ares sounded almost pleading.

"A few years ago, I helped a carpenter whose son had joined up with a band of vicious mercenaries.  When he got his son back, he made me a little...toy that I like to use."

Autolycus stroked his mustache.  "A toy?" His dark eyes gleamed with interest.

"Pass me my bag, Herc," she ordered.  The demi-god quickly handed it to her, then continued his assault on Joxer's neck.  Xena dropped the leather saddle bag between her legs, rooting around.  "Where are you, Big-Boy?" she mumbled to herself.  "Ah ha!" Triumphantly, she pulled out a very long, two-headed dildo, the wood glowing from years of vigorous use.

"You used that on Ares?" Autolycus asked, impressed.

"He loved it, too!  ‘Fuck me harder, Xena!  Shove it inside me!'  Why do you think Ares is always after me? ‘Cause I'm an expert with this thing.  My own cock." Lovingly, she stroked the smooth wood, fingers sliding around one of  the curved heads.

Ares flushed darkly at the chorus of mocking laughter.  "You're lucky I don't fry your asses," he scowled.

"Pretty big talk... from the guy who... bent over for Xena," Iphicles said, the firelight flickered over the tightened muscles in his smooth ass as Iolaus noisily sucked him.

Even Joxer let out a loud cackle at that.

In a flash, the god stood at the pale mortal's side.  "If I can interrupt for a second?"

"Don't hurt him, Ares!" Herc stepped between them.

"I won't.  Now step aside, brother...I just want to show you something."  As the man reluctantly stepped aside, Ares grabbed the front of Joxer's white shirt, ripping it down the middle. He snapped his fingers, and the pale man's leather pants disappeared.

"Holy shit!  Hahahahahaha! That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!  Joxer, you kinky little bastard!"  Xena almost dropped her toy as she doubled over.

Iphicles, panting loudly now, couldn't resist a shot.  "Didn't I see you...on the stage... in Athens? At the World's....Best... of the Worst... Drag Review? I'm was you....I'd recognize...those gold tassels anywhere!"

Eyes filling with tears, Joxer tried to run away, but Herc caught him.  "It's ok to be different," he said soothingly.  "People love you for what's on the inside, not the out--"

"For the love of Zeus, Herc, could you give that fucking speech a rest?" Iolaus snapped, drawing away in frustration from the king's cock.  "I'm trying to have some fun here!  I can't stand hearing it one more time!  Please, I'm begging you.  Why don't we play the game?"

"Fine, Iolaus.  I'm so sorry we interrupted with my brother. You want to play??  Ok: truth or dare?"

Iolaus sighed.  "I don't want to play.  I want you people to play, so you'll let me do what I want to do."

"Is that a dare, then?  Ok, then suck Iphicles' cock until he cums, since you so obviously want to--"

"Thank you.  I'm so glad I have your permission."

"Wait! There's a second part to my dare.  You have to restrain him, and we get to watch."

No one missed the shudder, ending in his cock, that ran through the king's well-muscled body.  Less obvious, however, was the look of interest that flashed over Iolaus' handsome face.  The hunter thought for a moment.  "Ares--truth or dare?"

"What?"  the god grunted, licking his fingers as he prepared to push them between Gabrielle's parted thighs.

"Truth or dare?"

"Iolaus, I'm busy here..."

Gabrielle sat up again.  "You have to play, Ares.  It's only fair."

"Oh, for....Alright.  Dare."

"I dare you to hold Iphicles' arms behind his back while I blow him."

Xena, dildo still clutched tightly in her hand, jerked away from Autolycus' kiss.  "Did you hear that, Big-Boy? We're in for a special treat tonight!"

"Yeah--I'm looking forward to it," the thief said.

"I wasn't talking to you," she replied cooly.  "Go on, Ares.  Hold him down!!  You know you want to.  You can fuck Gabs later."

But it was Gabrielle who convinced him.  Pulling the god's dark head down, she whispered in his ear.  "I want to see it, Ares.  I want to watch your face while you hold him down, while he struggles against your hands."

The god groaned, then kissed her deeply, his sweet tongue filling her mouth.  "Watch me, then," he said softly, and walked over to the waiting men.

Iphicles now stood completely naked, while Iolaus spread a blanket on the ground.  His cock, wet from the hunter's saliva, gleamed, while his hair fell loosely in his face.

"He looks so much like Ares," Gabrielle noted with quiet awe, as the king knelt down and the god moved behind him.  "So beautiful..."

The two almost identical faces turned to her, and Ares smiled, holding her gaze, as he moved his arms under the man's, locking them behind the king's back.  Iphicles' attention returned to Iolaus, who crouched down between his hard thighs.

Voice shaky with lust, Gabrielle called out to the god: "Hold him tighter."

The god obeyed, tightening his grip, forcing Iphicles to wince while his cock visibly stiffened.  He settled back against Ares, who sank his teeth into the king's shoulder, eyes never leaving Gabrielle's, just as Iolaus' tongue touched the head of his cock.  A long, low moan filled the air.

Joxer and Hercules, now lying nearly naked on the ground, remembered where they were long enough to glance over, then continued their sensuous exploration of each other's bodies.

"That's so sexy," Xena murmured.  "Oh yes...Auto, don't you think you'd be more comfortable on your knees?"

The thief eyed Big-Boy warily.  "I'll do it this time, but then I want something more... conventional afterward.  Deal?"

"We'll see," she replied, fixated on the scene before her. "Gods, I love watching guys get it on.  Now get your pants off and bend over, Auto.  I need some relief."

Ares' dark curls tangled in the king's copper ones, as the god again bit into Iphicles' broad shoulder.  "Do you want me to fuck him, Gabrielle? Hard?"

She nodded, her hand already stroking her inflamed clit.

Leaning back against the log, the god briefly released Iphicles' arms to raise the king's hips, poising him over his now-naked, oiled cock.  With a quick, upward thrust, he plunged into the tight ass, then regained his hold on the king, now writhing against him.

Iolaus held down Iphicles' thighs as hard as Ares held his arms and sucked the leaking shaft, his tongue moving in sharp, efficient strokes.  His tongue darted lower, sliding down the length of the king's cock, moving into the curling hair above his pubic bone, then lower, until it traveled  in sweeping circles around the heavy balls.

The king's restrained body began to glow in the faint light, sweat covering the golden skin as he shook from the brutal force of the god's thrusts and the coaxing persuasion of the hunter's licks. His dark lashes rested against his high, glistening cheeks, while Ares lapped the salty drops that trickled onto his throat.

"Wow," Xena muttered, rubbing oil on Big-Boy.  "This is even better than those studs in that Athenian bathhouse..."  Then, louder:  "Stop cringing, Auto.  I'm not going to hurt you.  Just relax.  You know you really want it."

Her movements caught Joxer's attention, and he stared, open-mouthed, wide-eyed, as Xena slid one end of the smooth wooden cock under her skirt, then climbed over the kneeling thief, positioning the other end of Big-Boy against Auto's ass.

The thief noticed the other man's stunned expression.  "Yo! Joxerina! Do ya mind?  I'm trying to have a private moment here--Ahhhhhhhhh...."

While Auto was learning the many moods of Big-Boy, Gabrielle settled back against a blanket-roll.  As she surveyed the threesome, one finger running in harsh circles over her clit, while she pinched a nipple, still tender from the god's teeth, into hardness.  Following Ares' dark stare, she spread her thighs wider, allowing him to see the blushing pink skin of her cunt.

At the action, Ares shoved even more viciously into Iphicles and tore his shoulder open with his teeth.  The king struggled against the pain or maybe the pleasure...Blood ran down his chest, mingling with sweat, to trickle onto his cock, and onto Iolaus' tongue.  Iphicles' head swung from side to side, his eyes squeezed shut, biting his lower lip, finally letting out a wordless cry, as he came in the hunter's mouth.  Iolaus swallowed the mixture of  sweat, blood and cum, digging his nails hard into Iphicles' thighs.

Above the king, Ares was ready to cum.  His body tensed, and he called out to Gabrielle as the orgasm blazed through his body.  At the sight of the damp curls falling in the god's face while he spilled his seed inside the king, she shoved a finger into her contracting cunt, imagining the dark god's cock inside her. "Ares..."

The trembling king, the moaning god and the slurping hunter--not to mention Big-Boy's insistent demands--pushed Xena over the edge.  "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

Beneath her, Autolycus flinched.  "Gods, Xena--please don't give your battle-cry when you've got that thing up my--Ohhhhh, Big-Boy..." he gasped, as she increased the speed of her thrusts, striking his gland with unerring precision.  Grabbing his cock, he caught her pace, and came in seconds, covering the black earth beneath him with his creamy semen.

As Xena pulled the dildo from his throbbing ass, Auto realized that he could hear a sharp Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!  And realized he'd been hearing the sound for a while.  Curiously, he glanced toward Herc and Joxer.

Joxer, gold tassels glittering in the firelight, planted a series of stinging blows to the demigod's already glowing ass, as he fucked Herc.

"Truth or dare, Iolaus?" Ares said, as he finally let go of Iphicles' arms, sliding out from under the other man's weight.

The hunter, his own erection straining at his leather pants, responded quickly.  "Dare."

"Stick your cock in Herc's mouth."

In seconds, Iolaus was shoving himself into his friend's open mouth, letting that familiar tongue trace the pulsating veins of his cock.  Grabbing Herc's fine brown hair, the smaller man rammed his cock in as far as he could, relishing the teeth that grazed him.  "Iphicles," he said.  "Come here and kiss me."

Leaving his clothes still in a pile on the damp earth, the king padded to the mass of thrusting limbs.  Iolaus kept one hand wrapped in Herc's hair; with the other, he reached up to pull Iphicles' head, and those full, pouty lips toward his.

"Oooooohhh baby!" came the loud moan.

It was Xena.  Autolycus had convinced her to let go of Big-Boy for five minutes and be fucked the old-fashioned way.  With a sigh, she'd succumbed, agreeing only on condition that she be on top.

Now she was fucking him with gusto: breasts bouncing, hair flying, and head thrown back as she rode the thief's thick cock.  "Suck it hard, Herc!" she called encouragingly.  "Give it to him, Joxer!  Spank that bad boy!"

No one noticed that Ares, still naked, had led Gabrielle away from the campfire into the dark woods until they came to a crystalline lake.  With the sounds muted by the thick cluster of trees, he turned to her. The woman's clothing vanished, and together they walked into the shimmering pool.

The water was refreshingly cool as it lapped against their fevered skin.  Distracted by the moonlight glinting on the silver surface, Gabrielle gasped in surprise when the god suddenly  pulled her against the hard length of his body, then fell back into the lake.

As she disappeared under the surface, Gabrielle wondered if he planned to kill her--if this is what he'd wanted all along.  Then she felt his hot tongue slid into her mouth, his fingers into her cunt, and she knew what he wanted.  What she'd been dreaming about for months...Their bodies pressed together, his cock hard inside her...

Ares rose from the lake, Gabrielle in his arms.  She stared up at him, as the water streamed off his bronzed skin, his onyx curls...then he was inside her, so hot against her lake-chilled skin that she shivered with desire.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him, pushing her tongue inside his mouth the way his cock pushed inside her.  She could feel his heart beating against her breasts, feel his strong hands as they cupped her ass...

"You're so tight," he whispered against her mouth.  "So perfect."  A pause.  "Did you like it when I fucked Iphicles, when I held him down? I need to hear it.  I want to know."

Gabrielle was about to tell him, to confess everything--the intensity of her arousal to that sight, how he'd somehow forced her to admit a disturbing truth--

Suddenly, behind them, a few feet away on the shore, they saw Xena, giggling to herself as she chugged back more wine.  Waving at them, she called out in a loud, drunken voice:  "Whooooohooo! I sure did!"

The End