Three Billy Goats Gruff
By Tacitah
Once upon a time there lived three..goa...uh....heros. Hercules, Iolaus, and Joxer the Mighty. One day they decided to go to Corinth to visit the king. Joxer, full of enthusiam ran ahead of them to the bridge. Trip trop, trip trop....he walked across the bridge.  Waking up Ares, the....tro..uh.....God under the bridge.

"Who," he boomed shaking the bridge, "Is Trip, trip,  tropping across my bridge?"

Joxer, who was now shaking in his boots, said in a little tiny voice, "It is I, Joxer the Mighty."

"Little Man," the god growled, " I am going to fuck you until you die!"

Now Joxer was just a little brighter than he looked. He said to Ares, " Oh, please Lord, spare me, I am just a little warrior, and not much of a fuck. My friend will be along shortly, he is much bigger and better than I."

The god, pleased with Joxer's terror let him pass. Joxer ran until he was clear into Corinth.

Iolaus, the second hero, grew tired of waiting for Hercules to finish his dinner, set off ahead. He too reached the bridge.  Clomp clop, Clomp clop......he walked across the bridge, alerting Ares who was waiting for him.

"Who," he boomed retorically, "Is Clomp, clomp, clopping across my bridge?"

Startled the hero replied, "It is I, Iolaus."

"Little Man," the god growled, " I am going to fuck you until you die!"

Now Iolaus thought to himself, 'I like fucking as much as the next guy, but that is a bit extreme even for me! '  Iolaus called over the side of the bridge, "Okay, but, I am only a medium sized warrior. You should know, that my friend is right behind me. He is much bigger, and a much better fuck. Why don't you let me go so you can get ready for him."

Ares started salivating at the thought, and let Iolaus go, who ran as fast as he could to Corinth and proceded to work his way through the castle staff.

Finally, our hero, Hercules finished his lunch and started to walk to Corinth. With visions of the bright headed king dancing though his head. THUMP-THOMP, THUMP-THOMP. He rattled the bridge as he walked across it.

Ares was ready for this one! "Who," he called with glee, "Is THUMP, THUMP,
THOMPING across my bridge?"

Hercules stopped and said, "It is I, Hercules."

"Little Man," the god growled, " I am going to fuck you until you die!" And for the first time he materialized on the bridge. And got a good look at the last hero. "Oh shit......"

Well in the end, Ares got it the end. And Hercules continued on to Corinth to visit the king.

The End