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In September '99, Arebella and I issued a 'bad fic' challenge, and fic started pouring in.  The end results were less bad fic than well-directed parody, and so, after some discussion onlist, this parody page was born.  What you'll find below, then, are deliberately terrible fics and surprisingly wonderful reads.  So pull out the Depends:  these puppies are funny! Note: these parodies are organized by title.

Title: Cliché Chaos  (ongoing)
Authors: Shamenka and Jenn
Archive: If you truly wish!
Pairing: Other than I/S no more just yet.
Rating: Comedy/Soap Opera
Summary:  Herc's put on trial for Ares' rape; the war god becomes pregnant.

Title: Dial S for Stupid
Author:  Beth
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ares/Joxer
Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that reading this fic may raise blood sugar. Diabetics are strongly cautioned.
Summary:  This story is born of one of my squicks: mushy Ares. I would normally apologize to a list for inflicting something this awful upon them, but since this is a list dedicated to the God of War, fuck it-SUFFER! <insert evil laugh here>

Title: Don't Be A Menace To Mount Olympus While Drinking Your Ambrosia In The Hood, or Honey, I Shrunk The God  (ongoing)
Author:  Beth
Rating: G for Good Lord, that's awful!
Archive: Sure. Why not spread the pestilence?
Summary:  Ares pisses off Aphrodite, who shrinks him.

Title:  Iphy's Loss
Author: Jenn M
Pairing:  Ares/Iphicles
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Iphicles and Ares are in love.

Title: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
Author: Thamiris
Pairing:  Ares/OFC/Joxer/Iphicles/Caesar, Herc/Iolaus
Content: Much bad writing in response to Bella's Bad Fic Challenge
Distribution: Nowhere, nohow
Summary: Going to visit Iphicles, Ares meets up with Joxer, Iolaus, Herc and
a few others.

Title: Like Sands Through The Hourglass…
Author: Selursera
Rating: R Slash
Summary: Ares, Iphy, Iolaus, Herc and Caesar face the days of their Corinthian lives. ~ Parody/Comedy. ~ Totally meant for a few laughs. Oh yea and a little hot sex too!

Title:  Love's Conquering Light
Author:  Arebella
Pairing:  Ares/OFC
Rating:  NC-17 (Numbingly Cloying)
Archive:  You have to be kidding!  Do you think I want to be remembered for  this?  Archive only under an alias in the "Bad Fiction Challenge" section
Disclaimer:  It hasn't been beta'd because all 3 of my beta readers are in a  diabetic coma from reading the first paragraph.  I am thinking about  submitting it to the "Hercules Romance of the Month " bookclub.  I think it  be a best seller there.

Title: The Love That is War
Author: Foxmonkey
Pairing:  Ares/Hercules
Rating: Awful
Disclaimer: It was a challenge, I had no choice.
Synopsis: Bad fic

Title:  Passion in the Temple
Author: Spooky
Pairing:  Ares/Iphicles
Rating: PWP, NC-17 for um...hot throbbing sex
Disclaimer: No beta's were used in the writing of this fiction. It was not spell checked
and the grammar is non-existent.

Title: Pointless Bad Fic
Author: Firesong
Distribution: If the archivists are really bored, and have nothing else to
do, then KSA can have it.
Content: PG, for cursing
Summary: A pointless argument

Title:  Disbelief
Author: Aly
Pairing:  Caesar/Iphicles
Rating: Trite. Pedantic beyond the call of duty
Summary: Iphicles muses on existence while Caesar tries for red hot sex.

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