Cliche Chaos 1-16
By Shamenka and Jenn M

Part 1 by Shamenka

Hercules staggered out of his older brother's temple. The brother in question being Ares, God of War. Of whom there was no trace, no sight, not even a distant roar of his voice.

"Herc?!" His friend and companion asked. A whole world of bad dialogue in one half word. This meant but one thing. He was a fantasy hero! Hercules looked dazed and took several seconds to either remember his lines or finish acting.

"Yeah, Iolaus. It's done, I finally showed Ares he can't ride rough shod through other people's lives. Come on, lets get away from here." And Hercules staggered onwards, walking decidedly oddly if any one had asked Iolaus' opinion. It was a good job no one did any such thing. From behind them an ominous silence followed like a spectre from a lost war.


Back in the temple Ares, God of War lay in his bed, unconscious. The morning sun light highlighting his darkly perfect features, and one particularly impressive bruise. It gleamed red, purple and green in a sharp contrast to the almost iridescent skin of the hirsute War God. Scratch marks trailed down the otherwise perfect back of the wounded God. Almost as if they were deliberately dragging the watchers attention to the bruised and seeping remains of Ares' ravaged body.


Weeks went past, turning with slow inevitability to months and season came and went. True to his prediction Hercules and his friends had seen nothing of Ares in the months since he had ravaged his darkly beautiful brother. Not that he was actually glad to be right. Not one night had he known peace since he had known his brothers body. Hour after restless hour he tossed and turned remembering that physically perfect body, so eager, so responsive, so addicting. So trying to get away from him!

While he watched Iolaus preparing to have wild sex with several bar staff .. four maids and two stewards ... the Hero counted out the weeks since he had been with his brother.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..." And so on, if it served no other point it at least showed the world he could count.

As he approached his final target a bright light filled his eyes with pain and shock.

"... 36, 37, 38, ...." Hercules looked up when his eyes cleared. "Father, to what do I owe this honour?"

"SILENCE!" Zeus shouted, less than quiet. The King of the  Gods neatly drew every eye towards them with that one word roar.

"But Father..!" Hercules tried again.

This time Zeus slapped him, it was as if time had slowed right down. No one watching could move to help the hero as his father's right hand flew out and finished the arc towards his sons upturned face. Hercules' face twisted away, trying to ride out the force of that blow. Finally he could get his eyes to focus and looked at his father, a lifetimes resentment at his fate glaring balefully out at the senior God.

"Now, on your feet and meet your death like a man!" Zeus dragged Hercules to his feet.

"But Zeus, what's he supposed to have done?" Iolaus was racing to his friends side.

"Ask him!" Zeus shook Hercules and glared at Iolaus too.

"Herc? What's going on?" The little hunter looked at the giant hero, worried that this time Hercules would lose his life, or worse....

"I don't know." Hercules looked lost, betrayed, confused. The limpid pools of grief that were his eyes reflected the pain filled blues of his soul.

"Zeus, the charge? There has to be a charge! If he's being sentenced shouldn't he be allowed a trial?" Iolaus dropped to his knees to plead for his best friends life.

Zeus looked at his youngest son's best friend, wondering if he would plead so strongly for him if he knew the truth.

"A charge, you want me to lay a charge before you all?" Iolaus looked up with hope in his heart and worry in his clouded blue eyes. All the while Zeus was casting his eyes over the frozen tableau of shocked mortals. "Fine, we will have a trial, and since Hercules is half mortal, half God we will hold it here, with a jury, half mortals, half Gods!" He looked beyond the mortal world and several Gods appeared.

"Bacchus, Eris, Strife, Hera, Demeter take your seats you will form half the jury of Me versus Hercules. And you, you, you, you and you can make up the other half." Zeus pointed out five mortals at random. "Feel free to defend him, if you can!" Zeus challenged Iolaus.

The hunter got to his feet, a little shakily and crossed to stand with his friend the great hero.

"What is the charge?" He repeated his earlier question.

"Hercules is charged with the rape and abandonment of Ares God of War!" Zeus called out, his booming voice echoing endlessly around the otherwise acoustically null inn.

"Rape!" Iolaus cried out, looking wonderingly at his friend. Hercules dropped his eyes to the floor. "Oh Herc...." The hunter sounded so disappointed, so hurt and betrayed that Hercules was grief stricken at the idea of disappointing his life long friend.

"Prove it!" Iolaus challenged the King of the Gods. Then he remembered the second charge. "Abandonment? What do you mean abandonment?" He looked so confused but Zeus allowed himself the joy of feeling no sympathy.

"I call Ares, God of War!" Zeus' voice boomed out in that little inn room and beyond to the halls of heaven itself.

A light shimmered and Apollo appeared.

"Who calls Ares and why?" The God of so much in life that none present wanted to cross him, lest they suffer his wrath spoke harshly.

"I do son, seems the mortals want a trial so we're giving them one!" Zeus's voice was soft, gentle, such a powerful contrast to his earlier rage. "Can Ares come here, before this court of Hercules' peers?"

Apollo looked around himself and nodded. He vanished only to reappear with Ares at his side. He produced a chair for the fat God of War and eased him into it. Then the jury and watchers realised. Ares was not fat, he was heavily pregnant.

As Ares sat Hercules stepped forward. He could clearly see the child within Ares' belly moving, hands and feet pushing against the distended flesh of Ares' belly. Was that his child? How? Was it possible? When he had ....

"How do you plead?" Zeus demanded.

Guilty!" Hercules whispered, but somehow it reached every ear in the room.

"No!" The scream of defiance was all Ares said before he fell to the floor, his body twisting on the wrack of agony as his baby demanded it's life in the light of the world!

Part 2 by Shamenka

As Ares twisted in agony Hercules dropped to his knees beside his anguished brother.

"I'm sorry. Truly sorry. Oh my beautiful Ares, forgive me!" Hercules smoothed Ares' hair, holding him close even as Ares struggled for his freedom.

"Get away from him!" Apollo dragged Hercules away from the prone figure of their beloved brother. Jealousy shone from the Sun God like a great dark cancerous cloud. "You had your chance to love him, you rejected him, I never have." Apollo lifted Ares bodily to him, nestling him in his strong, warm embrace. "A Table, quick!" And so saying he produced a high table, clean, warmly and comfortably covered for his pregnant brother to be laid down on.

"Leave him be!" Hercules dragged Apollo away from Ares, twisting his brother to face him. "You could never love him, not like me, no one could ever love him like I do!"

"What, you mean no one could rape him like you? Too true!" The Sun God detonated a flash of light right in front of Hercules' eyes, blinding him.

The great hero screamed and fell to his knees, in the position of supplication before his brothers and their father. Iolaus finally pushed through the crowd to stand by his friend, a hand tentatively reached out, almost to Hercules' shoulder then the hunter remembered the hero had given his plea as guilty. His life long friend and travelling companion had admitted his guilt over raping and abandoning Ares.  How could he?

"How could you?" He asked.

"The baby!" Zeus said, feeling the deep need to reassert his participation in the events. "Pol, the baby needs to be born."

Apollo was already seeing to his beautiful brother. Ares was rendered unconscious, the God of Healing took a moment to stroke his peacefully sleeping brother's face.

"No matter how this baby was father on him, it has to be a beautiful baby, how could Ares ever have a child who was anything less than stunning?" He reached out  with his mind and his hands and Hephaestus was there, handing him a blade specially forged for just that moment.

The Fire God stroked Ares' now naked and distended belly.

"Soon little one, soon!" He crooned to the baby impatient for independent life. Hephaestus withdrew to let his mother approach. Goddess of Childbirth, she would assist Apollo deliver this, her newest grandchild.

Her hand stroked the wriggling mass of yet unborn child in her baby's belly.

"Ares, my sweet child, you are too young for this." She turned deep, tear filled eyes to her husband. "Zeus, our baby is too young, so very much younger than you were when you carried your babies." A trembling hand reached out, seeking love and comfort, finding its haven in Zeus' strong hands.

"He's young, yes, but he's so very strong. Have faith in him!" Zeus stood by his wife and poured out his absolute faith in Ares' abilities.

Apollo made the incision and handed the blade back to Hephaestus, then he and Hera peeled back the outer layer of Ares' flesh, exposing the inner area where the baby was housed. Apollo nodded and moved slightly to one side while the Fire God cut so delicately at the membranes housing the baby. Once it was sliced open Apollo moved his hands to the sack of fluid filled flesh, reached inside ad pulled the baby within to life outside Ares' belly.

"It's a God, Ares' child is a God!" His hushed, awe filled voice echoed around the room.

"A son?" Hercules asked his voice trembling with deep, dark emotions. Apollo was holding his son!?

"Ares has had a son!" The Sun God confirmed, handing the child over to Zeus for comfort and warmth as he and Hera healed Ares' physical body. Only time could heal his inner self, so traumatised, by the rape, by having to carry a child, a God, so protected by Zeus' own laws against any termination. Now assailed by the birth, his body was healed, but bore its scars almost proudly!

Apollo took the baby back and he and Hera checked it over. He was perfect, his dark eyes flickered open only briefly, but it was enough for all who saw them to fall heedlessly in love with him. His alabaster skin such a sharp contrast to his shock of ebony hair. He was perfect.

"You are Perfect!" Hera whispered to her newest grandson, smiling as those full pouty lips so reminiscent of this baby's father, so ready to drink life from a willing breast!

Ares woke up.

"My baby?" He asked, his voice unsteady with suppressed emotion.

"You son is fine, beautiful, do you want to see him? Hold him?" Zeus helped his youngest Godly child to sit up, sitting on the end of the table just to hold his beautiful dark son close to his heart.

"Please.." Ares' voice trailed away, fatigue so very evident.

Apollo handed the baby to his young brother, having to hold Ares' arms in place lest he drop the child. The God of Healing silently agreed with his step  mother, Ares was too young for this, maybe if he were just two, maybe three hundred years older. He looked up to see his worries reflected in Hera's face. He bit his lip, hard, not to say anything.

"Oh, he's so beautiful! Isn't he beautiful Pol?" Ares dragged his exhausted, darker than night gaze to his brighter than day brother.

"Yes, he is.." Apollo's voice cracked and he tried a smile, so very amazed to have it gifted back to him. His Ares valued his opinion of his child. Was this hope that one day Ares might love him?

Ares coughed, and fell back against the supportive bulk of his father. Apollo feared for his brother's life. He looked up into their father's eyes and saw his fear and worries reflected there.

But Ares rallied, he took a deep breath and held his son closer. He struggled to sit upright, his mother by his side instantly, helping him instinctually into the proper position.

"May I see him?" Hercules had regained his sight and his feet, he stood off to one side with Iolaus by his side. The blond hunter's eyes filled with a quiet, boiling emotion. Apollo recognised the  look of a love sick, jealous soul, after all, was that not what he saw every morning when he looked in a mirror?

"No. Keep him away!" Ares turned to Apollo and begged his brother to protect him and his baby. Apollo, being a God, could do nothing but head his brother's desperate prayer.

"Take him to Olympus, put him in the cells." He spoke to their father and Zeus nodded his agreement. All at once Olympian Guards arrived and took the struggling, screaming hero away.

"I love you Ares, you know I do, tell them....tell them..... you asked for it, for my seed....tell them!" The screaming voice faded as the multi hued temporal portal closed behind the cold, soulless guards and their prisoner.

A voice from behind them spoke, for the first time since the aborted trial had started.

"Does this mean I'm alive again or dead again?" Strife asked, hoping someone would answer.

"Strife?" Ares asked, his voice little more than a whisper. "My Strife is here, alive?" He looked up as Zeus nodded, mumbling his affirmation of Ares' words.

"Yeah, he's alive."

"Where is he? He needs to see the baby." Ares turned back to Apollo, only to see his brother's face close off in pain and jealousy. Filled with the love he was receiving from his beautiful baby he explained, to everyone what he really ought to have acknowledged centuries before. "See, this is Strife's little brother. Strife is my son too!"

Apollo's face cleared of his reflected pain and filled with a radiant joy.

"Strife, come see your brother." The Sun God offered.

In an instant the God of Mischief was by his father's side, looking down at the bundle of dark hair and skin as pale as his own, nestled in their fathers arms, supping his life from their father's breast.

"He's beautiful dad, so beautiful! Whatcha' gonna call him then?" Strife caught the confused expression on his dad's face.

"I ... I don't know." Ares whispered. "Have you any suggestions Pol?"

Apollo's heart almost burst with joy, he was being asked to help name his beloved brother's child, did this mean, could it mean that Ares wanted him involved in the baby's life?

"I can't think, give me a little while and I'll see what occurs?" He smiled at father and son's.

"Well, it'll be a cool name whatever you think up!" Strife smiled at his uncle and saw the radiant joy as Apollo realised Strife approved of him involved with his father's life.

"What about Hercules and his trial?" Iolaus asked, breaking up the emotive tableau before him.

"Ah yes, the self confessed rapist. What WILL we do with him?" Zeus' face clouded over at the mortal's reminder of his son's confessed guilt.

Part 3 by Jenn M

Apollo tore his gaze from Father and son. "Please Zeus, Ares needs to rest first. He can't be put thru such a harrowing ordeal as a trial. Can't we put the trial off for a day or two?"

Zeus contemplated the request. He took notice of the dark circles under Ares eyes. He did look exhausted. "Agreed two days hence we shall convene for the trial."

Ares sighed with relif. All he wanted was to bond with his new child. He could almost forget the brutal assalt on his body. Looking into the dark limpid pools that were his son's eyes hs heart melted. The others may think him to young, but he vowed this child would not want for anything.

He regretted he had not been a good father to Strife. He had been to overwhelmed by the responsibilty when Strife was born. He had begged Discord to take the pale squaling child. Strife grew up beliving  he was his Uncle. It wasn't until Strife was one hundred years old that he was told the truth.

Strife had been hurt and rejected him at first. Eventually he came to realize Ares had done the best he could. They had become close developing a real father son bond.

Ares thoughts were interrupted by the group of well wishers clamoring around,trying to see the newest edition to the olympian family. Becoming overwhelmed he began to cry. Postpartum hormones were getting the better of him. He was so tired he need sleep.

Apolo seeing his brother's tears broke up the well meaning group and wisked Ares and child off to Olympus. There he tucked them comfortabley into a large soft bed. Planting a kiss on both their heads he wished them sweet dreams.

Apollo kept vigil on the sleeping pair. He was never going to allow anyone or anything to come between his beloved Ares. Hercules would pay for his night of passion with the God. Apollo would see to that. 

Part 4 by Shamenka

Elsewhere, in the darkness of an Olympian dungeon, Hercules sat, huddled against a cold that was not really there. He was feeling profoundly guilty, and sorry for himself, and Ares, and Iolaus, and his new baby son whom he desperately wished to see.

A voice suddenly broke in on his misery.

"Lights!" It called, and the lights duly went on. A rattle at the door signalled the immanent arrival of the person the voice belonged too. "Off your bed, on your feet, you've got a visitor, scum!" And a guard, possibly the biggest prison guard Hercules had ever seen, entered and was followed by Iolaus, who looked almost totally lost in his shadow.

"Hi!" Iolaus ventured to make the first overture in their relocated discussion.

"Iolaus?" Hercules asked, not too sure his friend would want to be his friend after finding out how he had solved their Ares problem.

"Hercules." Iolaus replied. Wondering why he could manage no more than one word at a time. "How ..." The one word jinx was still with him. He coughed a few times and tried again. "How are you doing?" He smiled warmly, he hoped he smiled warmly, but wasn't too sure how he was really feeling.

"Oh, I'm fine, just peachy! I'm in a prison cell for the rape of my brother, whom I left pregnant somehow, and have witnessed the birth of our son, though I've yet to see my son. I don't know if Ares is alive or not, nor our child. Why in Tartarus' name shouldn't I be just fine?" Hercules paced up and down the small cell.

"I only asked!" Muttered Iolaus, beginning to wish he hadn't bothered.

"How is Ares?" Hercules turned to his friend and blushed, remembering more than he felt comfortable with as regards Ares and Iolaus. He was suddenly so aware that Iolaus harboured sexual fantasies about him, just like the ones he had about Ares.

"I don't know, but I'll try and find out. Oh, Herc, why did you do it? Why Ares? Why rape?" Iolaus shrugged helplessly. "I've got two days to find mitigating circumstances for your actions. Did you have to plead guilty?"

"Well yes, I did, I am guilty. Please find out how the baby is, and Ares?" Hercules turned on his best puppy dog, sad eyes on his friend and Iolaus caved in as Hercules knew he would.

"Ok. But I promise nothing."

"Thanks, don't worry, what ever they do, they can't kill me. I'm covered by the protection order, remember." Just as he finished speaking Hercules collapsed onto the cell's narrow little bed, where he lay, groaning...

"HELP!" Iolaus shouted, but the guards didn't turn up, it was Asclepius the other God of Medicine, Apollo's son.

"He'll be fine, he's just lost his Godly powers, he's fully mortal now." The God touched Hercules' head and hurumphed. "What has he been doing and with whom?" He muttered.

"Pardon?" Iolaus asked.

"Nothing, just talking to myself." Asclepius turned to face Iolaus and away from Hercules. "So, how are you holding up?"

"I'm fine, I've got two days to try and find some mitigating circumstances and don't even understand half the charges. I mean, how could Ares have a baby? He's a God, male, isn't he?"

"That's easy, he was so damaged he had to revert to his true form and in that form even Gods can become pregnant if they're receptive." Asclepius turned to the door, ready to go out again.

"Why did he have to revert to true form, what is true form?" Iolaus was like a dog with a smelly bone, not wanting to know but too afraid to give up this opportunity.

"This is, mortal!" And the God of Healing reverted into a being of light and power.

"Holy shit!" Iolaus mumbled, not able to look away as Asclepius reformed in front of him.

"As to why Ares had to revert, ask Apollo he was first on the scene. He's had Ares as his patient ever since. You know, it's so unlike dad to have any patients these days, but he's monitored Ares every step of the way. That's brotherly love for you. Well, gotta go see the baby and all?!"

"Can I go with you? To see the baby?" Iolaus asked, hope shining like a bright beacon from his bluer than blue eyes.

"Well, I don't know if you'll get in but you're free to try. Hercules is free to remain here and think about his crimes of course." Asclepius touched the door and it opened, he stood between his cousin and the doorway gesturing Iolaus before him. "This way!" He cried, cheerfully.

Once the door closed behind them Hercules did just as Asclepius had suggested, he sat in his huddled lump once more, fully mortal, once more and thought about the feel of Ares' body beneath his, once more....

Outside the bedroom that currently housed Ares and his new son Strife sat. He sat before the door, barring entry to all but the essential healing staff and of course the catering staff who turned up to feed the others. Now he had Iolaus before him, with Asclepius, both seeking entrance to the room and his father and brother. Before Strife could speak Iolaus spoke up.

"Hi Strife, how is Ares and the baby? I only caught a fleeting glimpse of him earlier but he looks beautiful. How do you feel? Alive again and a new brother? I didn't know Ares was your dad? That he and Discord .. well, you know?" Iolaus rambled to a halt and looked at the recently reincarnated God of Mischief.

Strife looked at Iolaus, as in he really looked at Iolaus, into his soul, his heart, his thoughts and his stomach .. He  really ought to get more anatomy lessons from Asclepius, he mused, somewhat nauseous at the sight of Iolaus' curdling breakfast.

"Ares and the baby are both fine, as far as I know. Yes he is beautiful. Why do you ask? What's it to you? Why should you? They didn't." Strife looked at Iolaus and watched to see if the mortal would challenge him on his answers. He didn't know whether to be glad or sad that Iolaus figured out each answer in relation to it's appropriate question.

"If they didn't then how were you...was he receptive and in his true form after you know whating with someone?" Iolaus blushed, Strife blushed, Asclepius just hurumphed at them.

"Well obviously he did. And he gave Strife up because that time he was far too young. As I understand it Ares never said who his lover was, and granddad Zeus still has a warrant out for the apprehension of whomever almost killed his baby boy! Ares almost died after Strife was born. When did he tell you? After your first century wasn't it? About twenty or so years ago?"

"You're a hundred and twenty years old? Shit Strife, I always had you pegged for a good three or four centuries at least!" Iolaus hadn't meant to shout out like that, but Iolaus and good intentions often pass each other by without noticing...

"You thought I was older, cool! Nah, dad was like, just under twelve hundred when he had me, so now he's round about fourteen hundred, much closer to the correct age, not!" Strife was warming to Iolaus and despite his best attempts Iolaus was warming to Strife.

"So age is that important to Gods having babies? But not Goddesses I take it?" And despite his best efforts he was becoming fascinated by the ins and outs of Gods and their breeding habits.

"Like duh!" Strife giggled. "Goddesses are like mortal women, once they bleed, they breed. But Gods have to be at least fifteen hundred years old for their bodies to cope. So when dad had me he was left almost too week to recover, all he could do was make arrangements for me to be looked after by Discord. You never wonder why he lets her off with as much shit as he does? He's due her big style. An' dad always makes good on his debts. Even who ever is my other dad is due him big style. So you wanna see the little perfect one then?"

"Little perfect one?" Iolaus quizzed the recently undead God.

"Ares still hasn't found a name for him. He didn't wanna jinx his birth and risk him dying ya' know?" Strife shrugged, grasped Iolaus by one shoulder and pushed him towards the slowly opening door. Strife went in with Asclepius and Iolaus.

"Visitors for dad." He announced.

Apollo glowered at the sight of the mortal friend of his irritating half brother Hercules, then schooled his features into a welcoming mask.

"They're dozing slightly, both of them." He sounded so sincere that Iolaus turned to look at the Sun God.

"Can I see the baby?" He whispered, the better to not disturb the bed's occupants. Apollo indicated that the mortal could go forward, but he indicated Strife to go with him.

So it was that Strife was holding onto Iolaus, skin on skin, hand on shoulder when the hunter saw Ares' new son for the first time. The shock of alabaster skin and ebony hair, he was beautiful ... a dark perfection.

"If he were mine I'd be tempted to call him Cygnan, perfection itself...he's beautiful." Iolaus whispered over his shoulder at Strife, not noticing that Ares was awake.

"Cygnan?" Ares whispered to the hunter. "You think that name fits him then Iolaus?"

"Yes, absolutely." Iolaus whipped his head back to look at the exhausted God of War once more. Then the baby opened his eyes and appeared to look into Iolaus' soul. And he seemed to smile, a typical new baby smile composed of nine tenths gas and one tenth cramp, but Ares and everyone else were convinced.

"Seems Cygnan likes his new name. Thanks Iolaus." The clamour from the other two Gods filled the quiet and elicited a scream from Cygnan. Strife was busy coping with the idea that Iolaus thought that Cygnan looked so like him that they could have two father's in common!

As Ares lifted his new son to feed him himself the catering staff moved in to feed the Gods and everyone else in the room. Such was their dedication to their duties.

Strife stayed beside Iolaus, never leaving his side for a second, half scared the hunter might do something, half scared he'd miss whatever it was he did do if he moved away.

"You are honoured, no mortal's ever been allowed to name a full God before." Strife said, as an opening conversational gambit. The shock of the news caused Iolaus to choke and splutter food crumbs almost everywhere. "Here, have a drink, this might help." So saying Strife produced a goblet of cold, clear water for the hunter.

"Thanks." Iolaus choked out. Then smiled a little, showing Strife that he truly appreciated the gesture.

"Don't mention it."  Strife blushed.

For some reason, Iolaus suddenly realised that Strife was incredibly cute when he wasn't pasty white and wearing bad leather! The hunter cursed his libido, it never did get its timing right....

Part 5 by Jenn M
Iolaus and Strife walked down the quite hall together. Their hands occasionally brushing against each other.

Iolaus heart started pounding. He was sure Strife could hear it and know of his nervous excitement. He knew he should be thinking of how to help Herc now but his mind was being distracted. Thoughts of Strife's naked body pressing against his own kept flooding his imagination. He shook his head to try and clear his mind.

Strife was well aware of the hunter's predicament. He was having the same thoughts himself. Now was not the time for romance, with is Father having a new baby and a trial and all. The Hunter's musky scent reached his nostrils and he couldn't resist any longer.

"Iolaus.." grabbing the blonde's arm he stopped him and turned him so they faced one another.

"Yes Strife.." Iolaus looked into the God's dark eyes and eagerly awaited his response.

"I..I.. uumm.. Oh this is crazy, I want you"  blurting the words he grabbed Iolaus and pulled him in for a deep kiss.

Iolaus groaned into the god's warm mouth. His hands crept up into his greasy, tousled hair. He was drunk on the taste of him.

In a passionate frenzy they started tearing at each others clothing. Their lips locked together in a war of tongues. Hands grasping at flesh, discovering all the secret places of one another.

"Oh Iolaus, I never knew I could feel like this." Strife whispered the confession into the golden hunter's ear right before dipping his tongue into the delicate shell shaped orifice. " My body is on fire for your touch, brand your desire on me."

Iolaus heart sang at the words. Strife made his blood rush and his knees weak with lust, but there was more. A kernel of love had been planted in his heart. Herc's transgression with Ares was forgotten as Strife's hands roamed his body.

Iolaus pressed the pale skinned God against the wall. Strife could feel the cool stone against his feverish skin. He wanted so to feel the beautiful man holding him deep inside him.

As if he had read is mind, Iolaus whispered words of instruction into Strife's ear.  "Turn around my pale love. I want to lose myself in your hot tightness."

The God so eager to comply turned and leaned his hands against the stone wall. He sighed as he felt a hardness against his ass. He leaned forward trying to open himself more.

Iolaus Gently sheathed himself in the heat that was Strife. Buried deep with in him he remained motionless for a moment, wanting to savor this first taste. Slowly then he began to move. He made long, slow thrusts. He reached around and grasped the gods slim cock and began to pump in
time with his thrusts.

Strife pushed back against Iolaus trying to impale himself further on the hunter's thrusting, arrow of love. The sensations inflicted on him were pleasure almost more than he could bear.

As the hunter's thrusts grew harder and faster, so to did his administrations to the godly muscle.

Strife cried out his lover's name as his hot seed spurted forth in a glorious, white hot shower. His rectal muscles contracting around Iolaus' manhood.

With out warning the most intense orgasm of his life shot through the golden haired man's body. His legs quivered and threatened to let loose. His cum poured into his lover's body, some spilling out. Tears of pure joy filled his eyes. Nothing had ever felt so wonderful.

After a brief recovery Iolaus removed himself from Strife's hotness. The men met in an embrace sharing a long kiss.

They realized then that they were standing in the hallway naked. Grabbing their clothing they ran off giggling looking for a private room.

Hercules paced back and forth restlessly. He wondered what was holding up his friend. He had to admit to himself things looked grim.

Rubbing a hand over his forehead he tried to recall the events of the night in question.

He had been drinking quite a bit and he was feeling reckless. He had decided that was the night to reveal is feelings to Ares.

He remembered seeking out the War God in his temple. His first sight of Ares had left him Breathless.  Without thinking he ran to him and clutched him in his arms, declaring his love.

Ares had been shocked and pulled away. Turning from Hercules, it was evident he was trying to gather his thoughts.

When he finally returned his gaze to the hero, his eyes were moist with tears. His gaze so tender.

He had walked to Hercules and kissed him deeply....

Herc swore softly to himself. He couldn't remember anything else of that night except for staggering out of the temple.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, head in his hands. Had he really taken advantage of his beloved brother? Could he have taken him against his will? He must have he concluded, what other explanation could there be. Hs heart broke at the thought of him hurting his only real love. He wanted to die at the thought.

He looked up expecting to see Iolaus, but instead he found Apollo glaring hatefully down at him. His heart sank.

Part 6  by Shamenka

"I've got plans for you, little brother." Apollo dragged Hercules to his feet and towards the door. Again at the touch of a God's hand the door swung open and silently bid them to leave that small, dark prison behind them. It felt almost like a rebirth to the hero. Thrust unwillingly into the whole wide world from his womb like entrapment. He also felt as if he was losing his last place of safety.

"My son, I might never see you, know that I would have loved you!" He spoke so quietly, yet so fervently that his prayer did reach his son's ears. The son that was capable of hearing and doing something about it.

"Move!" Apollo shoved Hercules hard, causing the confused and exhausted hero to fall flat on his face.

"Where are we going?" Hercules asked, hoping that if he could get Apollo talking he would learn something that would be to his advantage. Apollo laughed, a high pitched sound that was so reminiscent of megalomaniacs everywhere.

"Not so much a where as a when." The Sun God informed his captive.

"What do you mean 'when'?" Hercules was getting really worried, he knew all about the Gods abilities to time travel, knew Zeus forbade it, knew too he would be totally at the madman's mercy if he left the present.

"You'll see, now move, I don't have all day, ya know!" And the demented god laughed at his own joke. Which was just as well because Hercules just didn't find it at all funny. He was busy praying again.

"Father, help me, Apollo's going to move me in time. Please, I don't want to die, not until I know my Ares and our son are safe." He shook his head, his father had never answered one of his prayers in his life, why should he start now just because he was facing his death. "Good bye son, I wish I had had the chance to know you! I would have loved you, despite everything, Ares, me, all of it."

"What in Tartarus' name are you mumbling about? Shut the fuck up, lil' bro' or else, got it?" Apollo left Hercules' skin stinging from the blast of raw power he had thrown at him.

"I don't think so Apollo, I figure you really need me alive. You can't afford to kill me, not yet anyway." Hercules was beginning to feel brave.

"On the contrary brother dearest, all I need of you is your body. The rest is entirely immaterial." Again he shocked Hercules' body, warning the hero of his unstable hold on his rage.

"So when are going to?" Hercules pressed his luck, and it held.

"Oh, just a little while back, about a hundred and twenty-five years back to be exact." And Apollo laughed again, an entirely unstable sound if ever the hero had heard one.

"A hundred and twenty five years back? Why then?" He silently prayed to his son again, telling him he was not running out on him and his own actions, just that he was being forced back in time, a hundred and twenty five years back in time.

Once outside the prison building Apollo started the power flowing that would open a hole in time and let them back to the Sun God's target date.


Too late to be of immediate help his son heard and finally understood all Hercules had prayed that he should know. Only Hercules didn't know it was he who ought to know! Getting to his feet his son began to plan a rescue mission, turning to the one person in all of creation that he knew would accept what he was about to say and do. His lover.

"Iolaus, Hercules is in deep shit, deeper than before deep shit. Apollo's got him, back in time!" Strife sat on the edge of their bed and stroked the worry from his beloved's face. "See, Herc just prayed to me, only I ain't so sure he knew he wuz prayin' ta me! Ya' know?" Iolaus shook his head, never breaking eye contact. "See, he wuz prayin' ta his son, an' I heard him. Clear as I would be hearin' you if ya were talkin' ... Ya see what this means, don'cha'? Like Herc's my other dad. He was Ares' lover when I was conceived!"

"Oh holy shit, Herc'll kill me, I just had glorious sex with his son!" Iolaus fell backwards and then sat right back up again. "Back in time you said. Then come on, we gotta find out where Ares was at the time. And if Apollo is back then with Herc, he'll not be here with Ares and Cygnan. Come on, get us dressed!" The hunter jumped from the bed and stood, naked, in all his power and glory before his best friends oldest son and his greatest lover, waiting to be dressed.

"Okay, can do!" Strife could and did dress them, then they were running out the door, heading back the way the had come, past the spot that still had some of their come actually sticking to the walls infact. The both blushed at the memory.

Finally they reached the room Ares and his new baby had been in, opening the door they saw that the War God was actually still there, only he was asleep. Cygnan was crying, his whimpers going unheeded by Ares, he wasn't asleep he was unconscious, a large lump decorated the otherwise smoothness of the God's brow.

Apollo had resorted to violence with Ares, luckily for him he had left the baby alone, or had he? Iolaus looked at Strife's shocked and angry face.

"Cygnan, has he tampered with Cygnan?" His heart pounded as the seconds ticked past and he waited for Strife to finish scanning his baby brother.

"No, thank Zeus, Cygnan is all right." He lifted his brother to his heart, knowing now that they were full brothers, and screamed his plea in his own mind for his grandfather and Asclepius to come to their aid!

"Stife, what has happened?" Zeus asked as soon as he finished materialising, then he saw Ares. "Ares! What on Earth is going on here?!" He looked at God and mortal demanding an explanation from them.

Part 7 by Jenn M

Hercules watched in horror at the scene unfolding before him. He would have turned away if not for the steely grip of Apollo's hands on his shoulders.

From a dark corner the mortal and god watched an image from the past. A past Hercules couldn't remember.

Ares, bloodied and bruised was being taken forcefully from behind. Silent tears coursed down his cheeks. Pain and disbelief were written all over his face.

His attacker thrust violently into the tender flesh of the young War God. Grunts of pleasure came from him. Occasionally he would sink his teeth into Ares' shoulders and back.

Hercules watched from his corner. Hot scalding tears over flowed on to his cheeks. A wave of nausea overcame him as he looked into his own face. Ares' attacker was him.

How could this be he thought in disbelief. How could he have raped Ares, brutalize him so. These events were ones unknown. Bile welled up as the rape continued before his disbelieving eyes.

Apollo whispered into his ear. "You are witnessing the conception of Strife. Take a good long look at what you've done to our brother."

"But.. but, how, why? I don't remember any of this. I would never have hurt Ares, I Love him." Hercules sank to his knees. " Never, never, please say this never happened."  His voice choked up and his eyes blurred.

"Get up! LOOK and see what you've done." Apollo yanked the trembling hero to his feet. Pushing him forward he forced Hercules to watch the rest of the violation.

The sound of Ares tortured scream echoed through the stone walls. Hercules laughed as his hot seed filled his unwilling lover.

When finished, the demigod released Ares. Ares battered body crumpled to the floor, soft sobs came from him. Hercules smiled evilly as he kicked Ares hard in the ribs. Than he turned and left the War God.

With a flash of light Hercules found himself back in his prison cell. Apollo looked down at the pathetic mortal.

"You see know, it was you who raped Ares and fathered Strife. I found Ares after your attack. He cried in my arms begging me to kill him. He told me what had happened and in my desperation to take away his pain I erased his memory. Unfortunately when took on his true form your seed was planted in him. I wanted to kill you, but for Ares' sake I let it go."  Apollo's words came out in a flat monotone. He stared straight ahead not seeing anything but Ares' face.

"But why don't I remember it, why didn't I pay for my crime back then?" Hercules couldn't understand this revelation.

"If I told anyone what had happened than Ares would know, and he couldn't live with the pain or the memories. I couldn't just kill you because of Zeus. I vowed to take care of Ares and make sure you never hurt him again. I failed him." The last words came out as a whisper.  Apollo sighed and turned away from Hercules.

"I still don't understand.  Why don't I remember?" Hercules asked.

The sun god answered in the same flat tone, giving away none of his feelings. "I erased your memory as well. I had hoped this event would be forgotten forever. I was surpassed when Ares turned up pregnant but by than it was to late to turn back. The father was never known."

Apollo turned and looked at Hercules. Cold eyes burned there gaze into Hercules' mind. "This time there is no saving you Hercules, I won't cover for you again. Ares is stronger now and he will survive. You will pay dearly. Now if you'll excuse me I have another matter to attend to." With that said he disappeared.

Hercules sat on the cell floor and cried. Guilt and shame overwhelmed him. He wanted to die.


Iolaus and Strife stared in disbelief. Before them unfolded a terrifying scene.

The pain on Strife's face broke the hunter's heart. Seeing how he was conceived was a terrible blow to him. Iolaus would have done anything to spare him this pain.

Iolaus looked up to see Apollo staring at them from across the room. A strange smile playing across his lips. Iolaus could have sworn it was a look of pleasure and satisfaction.

He sighed a breathe of relief when Apollo and Herc disappeared. He took Strife in his arms and told him it was time to go back.

Any joy Strife had when he discovered Hercules was his father was gone. Now only hatred and disgust welled up in him.  That along with heart wrenching pain. The sight of his father's brutal assault would plague him forever. He would make Hercules pay.

Something caught Iolaus' attention. His eyes widened in disbelief.

Strife noticed his distraction and followed his gaze. His mouth dropped open at the sight before them.

"We'd better get back to the present and inform the others"  Iolaus told the pale god. "The trial will be starting soon."

Strife tried to send them back but his powers weren't working. They turned when they heard the cold voice behind the.

"Going somewhere, meddlers?"

Part 8 by Shamenka

As he sat huddled in a heap on his cell floor, a knife appeared in his hand.  A rather plain knife, lacking in any ornamentation, but with a long, thin,  inordinately sharp blade. Hercules' hands shook as he turned the weapon over and over in a quest to understand the meaning of this gift. Was it to win his freedom, and if so from where, from whom? From his father who would surely  kill him for his crimes against Ares, both now and in the past!

The echo of Ares' screams filled his cell, reverberating around and around his head until each scream melded into one almighty keening of pain and despair.

A new scream tore free from Hercules' throat as a stark counterpoint to the song of Ares' fear. He thrust forward with the knife as if to kill the noise, and stopped, frozen as the light glinted off the blade. Beckoning to him. Whispering to him.

"Use me! Use me!" It beseeched him, entreated him.

"Yes!" He whispered to that shiny blade, his only ally, his only comfort.

"Where is Iolaus?" the blade voice asked. "See, where he is,  look at me!" The voice commanded.

Hercules peered into the narrow surface of the knife blade, and the image he saw there tore through his heart as effectively as he had ripped through his brother's body!

Iolaus was in a hall way, his pants at his ankles, Hercules' son ramming into him, pleasuring them both. He could see their joy, follow it as they ran towards a room with a bed. Watched as Iolaus took his son, his Strife, the child he had fathered on Ares so long ago! Strife's cry of pleasure became Ares' scream of pain as the image changed to show him, thrusting into Ares, laughing as Ares begged him to stop, to please, please stop!

There was only one way to stop the pain.

Turning the knife over, he pulled it to him, deep into his own chest and felt the warmth of his blood flowing, pulsing over his hand.

The lights dimmed, vaguely Hercules wondered if the guards were trying to ease his passing ....

He felt his body being lifted, and a cold, cold wind passed over him, around him, through his very soul.

He knew no more!


In Ares' temple, all those years before, the night his lover was conceived, Iolaus shuddered at the flat sound of Hercules' voice. Then he noticed. The whole in his chest where ... where he had been stabbed?  Looking into his friend's eyes he saw nothing of Hercules in them. Just an echo of some deep madness.

Strife felt his lover's hand steal into his as they faced this hideous parody of a lover. Hercules lifted his hands towards them, ready to strangle them, to break their necks. They knew this, they could see this in his eyes. Just as Strife tried yet again to get them out of there a light formed all around Hercules and the bright blue nimbus grew wider and wider until it filled the room. On the bed, where once was the broken form of Ares now floated the bright glow of Ares in his true form.

Strife felt the power return to him, and knew - he suddenly knew why his powers had failed, why they had returned. He was alive again. He was now conceived. Growing in his father's body!

A third nimbus formed, this one darker than any nightmare of black Iolaus ever had, then it burst open shedding silver and gold everywhere. Hades stepped out of it, touched the frozen Hercules and the body collapsed, a silver globe lay over his still heart, beside it lay Apollo, a black globe over his still heart.

"This mortal does not belong here, go home, now, I will be waiting for you. Someone will remember all that has happened this day. No one dares to mess with the dead in my domain. A soul that has not yet been born can not die in this time. Take him home and I'll restore him then. As for this one, deal with him as you see fit, but know I'll be watching him, until I know you have been here, I will watch his every move."

"Thank you great uncle Hades." Strife whispered.

"Great Uncle?" Hades questioned the young, so very young God before him.

"I am the child Ares now carries." Strife smiled, sadly.

The God of the Underworld looked at his great nephew and his lover, it was so obvious that they were lovers, and smiled.

"You have his eyes, his have always been the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, now their will be two sets to look forward to seeing?" The God of the Dead smiled sadly. "After this I don't think Zeus will be letting any of us near his precious Ares ... even if I can't tell him it all happens in the future. Especially as Ares is so damn young! At least I know the child will live, but him?"

"He lives." Strife smiled and lifted the prone bodies, one over each shoulder, Iolaus lifted the globes one in each hand.

Hades didn't  speak, he just smiled and waved farewell, removing himself from sight, not from the temple. As Strife moved them in time he caught sight of the then Apollo entering the temple and just heard his genuinely anguished voice.



Strife brought them out of their time displacement in to the warmth of his grandfather's study, where he was met by two looks of anger and concern mixed together, inseparable.

"Grandfather, Uncle Hades!" Strife acknowledged.

Part 9 by Jenn M

Iolaus paced back and forth in his room. He was so angry and didn't know what to do about it. How dare Zeus treat him like this.

When Strife sent them back, it was to face a very angry King of the Gods.

Iolaus tried to explain the situation, but his words fell on deaf ears.

Zeus had revived Hercules and Apollo.

Apollo had no recollection of going back to the past again. One minute he was off to check on Ares and the baby , than the next he was waking up in Strife's arms.

Hercules could only remember plunging the dagger into his heart. His life draining from his body. He was equally mystified.

Strife tried once more to explain everything to Zeus. Tried to tell im what they saw, but Zeus would hear none of it. He said everything would wait for the trial. HIs only concern was finding out who had knocked out Ares.

Iolaus had been confined to a bedchamber. Strife was forbidden to visit him. Zeus had put up some kind of barrier to prevent Strife from sneaking in.

Now all Iolaus could do was stew. Sighing he sat on the bed. He lay back and thought back to the precious moments he had shared with his lover, but more disturbing images crept into his thoughts. He just had to get Zeus to listen. For Herc's sake as well as Ares and Strife. He only hoped Strife could make the King listen.


Strife sat by Ares bedside. Ares had yet to open his eyes.  Strife looked down at the child sleeping in his arms.

Soft, dark hair curled up around his head. Long lashes swept across full round cheeks. His sweet round mouth occasionally making a sucking motion as if he was dreaming of nursing.

Strife lifted him up to sniff in the wonderful smell that only newborn babies had. He vowed no one would ever hurt his brother.

His attention was caught by a stirring in the bed.

Ares groaned as he opened his eyes. Pain flashed briefly across his face. By the Gods his head hurt. He tried to sit up but a jolt of pain and the thumping in his head pushed him back down. He reached over to feel for his son.

When he didn't feel his presence he panicked. All pain was forgotten. He bolted upright starring wildly looking for Cynnagen.

"Father relax, the baby is fine." Strife spoke in low soothing tones. "See he's sleeping in my arms."

Ares sighed with relief and lay back down. His efforts had really made his head pound now. "He wasn't harmed?" Ares asked with fatherly concern. "You're sure he's okay?"

Strife laid Cynnagen in Ares arms. Only after the War god saw for himself  did he relax.

"Father, who did this to you?"

"I don't know Strife. It was all a blur. I heard a menacing laugh and tried to get up, but than I was hit hard. My last thoughts were for the baby. I was unable to protect him."  Hugging the baby tight to his chest, Ares choked back a sob. He would have wanted to die had this innocent being been hurt.

"It's going to be all right Father, Iolaus and I ....."

Before Strife could finish, Apollo burst into the room.

" It's time. Zeus is ready to call the trial to order."

Part 10 by Shamenka

Right behind Apollo Hera entered the room and ushered the Sun God over towards the bed, she said nothing as she looked at her son and grandsons and smiled. She looked into space for a second and finally spoke. Evidently happy they were safe from eaves dropping.

"Listen, Hades has just had Zeus agree to observe an agreement they had never come to in a meeting that simply didn't happen. Do you see what this means?" She was met with triple blank looks and a perfect baby smile. "Zeus isn't Zeus, or at least, if he is then he must be being controlled by someone without full access to his memories. Anyway. What Hades has won out of this is an opportunity for you and the boys to face Hercules before the trial and find out what was going on in his head. If he knows. This is a mess, a Tartarus deep mess and we only have till the end of this forced trial to sort it out." She looked at Ares, meeting her son's fear hooded eyes. "Oh, Ares, I would not be the first in line to defend Hercules, normally, but he was used. I have been barred from going near him. And I think it's because he is newly returned to life, and no longer anything remotely connected to Godly. I can't read anything from either Strife or Apollo's rebirth, but Hercules' would be screaming at me. I need you to go read his rebirth for me and let me know what you find out. If he is found guilty, then Apollo will be found guilty
and we lose Hercules, no loss there, but we lose Apollo too." Ares interrupted her.

"Come what may,  I love Hercules, he loves me. I know he was not himself. We had started making love, we were beginning to reach for each other." Ares began to tremble at the resurgence of memories of that night. A life time ago ... just nine months before. "We were talking, between long kisses, talking of love, of desire, of need ...then!" Ares began to sweat, Strife held his father and brother close to him, lending what support he could. "Then he ... he changed. I felt the power flood into him, and I remembered where, when, I had felt that power before. The night that Strife was conceived. I knew that it couldn't have been Herc that first time, he was more mortal than God and far too young. Damn it, he wasn't even born then! I should have thought, the second time, time travelling, I should have realised. The body shouldn't have been the same, but it and  the power were the same. Why me mother? Why does who ever it is hate me so much?"

"That's the saddest part Ares, I don't think that whomever it is hates you! Not in their eyes, they love you, with a sick twisted love that they simply don't see as such!" Hera reached out for her son and knew herself rejected, just as she had rejected him when he was a child. Ares turned to his son's for his comfort and to offer what comfort he could in return.

"Let's go see Hercules. Help me up Strife, and you carry your brother for me?" He asked his son. "It might not have been his soul, but it was his body that created you both. And no doubt his heart that will love you both, if you let him."

"Of course I'll help you, and Cygnan." Strife looked back at his little brother, the child that his lover had named. "Grandmother, is there some way we could get Iolaus in on that meeting? He is Hercules' council after all."

Hera thought it over and couldn't see why Strife wanted Iolaus there but if he did and it made him more sympathetic to her cause in all of this then so be it. She would take the mortal in there herself, if she could, to the door at least.

"If you wish." She was gifted with the biggest, most beautiful smile she had ever seen on Strife's face.

"I wish!" He said so fervently she would swear he was praying to her.

"Strife?" Ares asked, knowing his son was up to something, and judging by the way his recently reborn son was shifting about it was ... "Strife? You didn't? You haven't?" His mind flooded with images of Strife and Iolaus together.

"We just clicked, ya' know?" Strife blushed, a deep crimson red.

"Lucky you, he seems to be as fond of you as you are of him." The pain in Apollo's voice cut Ares to the quick.

"I'm sorry Pol. I so sorry, I wish it were that easy to control who we loved, wanted." The war God was unsteady on his feet, but upright, and dressed, and walking towards his brother. "If anyone ever deserved to be loved then it's you, but I can't help it, I always have loved him, always will love him! I'm so sorry." He reached a hesitant hand to touch his brother's shoulder.

Apollo lifted his head and let his watery smile meet the sad smile from Ares.

"I know, believe me I do know, it's impossible to stop loving someone just because you will it?" Apollo kissed his brother's cheek and smiled at his nephews, the baby held firmly and happily in Strife's arms as Strife stood guard by his father's side.

"It's okay Strife, I'd never willingly harm Ares, you, Cygnan not even Hercules. But I vow, who ever's behind this better hope I don't get my hands on them. That is one being I'll happily kill!" Apollo kissed Strife's cheek and Cygnan's too.

"Let's go!" Hera spoke, not looking at either of the senior Gods in that room. If she did she'd sure lose her well crafted reputation as a hard bitten Goddess. She could so hope that Ares would see sense and love Apollo instead of his devotion to Hercules.


Hercules was pacing, he had been moved into a comfortable room, and had had no explanation as to what was happening. Suddenly a door opened, and Iolaus entered.

"Iolaus!" Hercules reached for his friend and remembered the image that the knife had shown him. His friend with his son. "Strife?" He asked, unsure what it was he actually wanted to ask.

"You know, that him and me...? That we .. that he took me an' I took ..You're angry aren't you?" Iolaus flustered to a standstill, and resigned himself to facing the music. He'd known Hercules wouldn't like the idea of him being involved with his son, but damn it, Strife meant everything to him and he was not about to apologise for loving that young God.

"He took you?  But the knife, it showed me, you took him, in that hall way like he was a piece of meat!"

"No I didn't. We loved each other, he loved me first. What do you mean a knife told you? A knife, the knife you used.... it lied to you!"

Before Hercules could respond the door opened once more and his brother entered. With their sons, both of them. The sight of Ares and Strife and the baby caught Hercules by surprised and delight. Ares was carrying their youngest son, flanked by their eldest son.

"Ares?" He asked hesitantly. "Should you be on your feet? Here, sit please, how are you?" Hercules let the love in his heart show in his eyes as he looked at his beloved brother's face.

Ares looked up, saw all that Hercules wanted him to see and what his mother had wanted him to see and more besides. Pushing everything aside he held out the bundle in his arms.

"Do you want to meet your sons?" Ares looked at the joy flooding his brother's face.

"My ... my sons? You would share them with me even after what I've done?" Hercules could feel the tears streaming down his face, not ashamed, not caring who saw him crying. With a hesitant gesture he reached for his sons, his Strife his ..what did they say they called him?

"Cygnan, this is your father Hercules." Ares handed their baby over to Hercules and helped the hero to hold their baby. Neither ex-Demi-God nor God could stop the tears from flowing freely down their faces. Strife moved in and helped support his baby brother.

"Cygnan and Strife. My sons, our sons. You have made me the most beautiful children a man ever had Ares, I love you!" Hercules looked from his family to his beloved alone. Strife deftly took his baby brother back from his father's arms and looked at his lover, they shared a smile and moved to one side.

Not noticing he had left their side Ares and Hercules continued to look at each other.

"I love you too, I knew you couldn't have hurt me, that there had to be an explanation." Ares took Hercules in his arms and pulled him where he ought to be. In his embrace.

After one hundred and twenty five years since they first touched they shared their first public embrace.

Ares kissed his lover. Melding them together. Crying together.

Off to one side Strife and Iolaus cuddled the baby and stole kisses, trying to fill each other in on their details and discoveries. Including the incident Hercules had mentioned about the knife. Between open mouthed kisses Strife told Iolaus about his latest theory.

"That knife, it's familiar, I know someone asked Hephy for one once. I remember he mentioened it, thought it might have been a gift for me, the mischief it could cause. I told him it wasn't ... who in Hades' name did he say it was for?"

"You gotta remember Strife, I think it's real important!" Iolaus kissed him, savouring the taste of his lover, possibly for the last time, given Zeus' determination to keep them apart.

The door behind them was opened and Apollo came in, unable to hide his grief at the sight of Hercules and Ares, wrapped together in love.

"It's time!" he announced in a tight, flat voice.

Part 11 by Jenn M

The tavern turned makeshift court house bustled with activity. A large number of mortals and gods alike assembled within its walls.

Athena tried without much luck to quiet everyone. Her cries for attention fell on deaf ears.

There was much speculation as to the outcome of the trial. Some called it the Trial Of The Century.

The King of the Gods entered from the back. When no one seemed to notice him he banged a tankard on the bar. "QUIET!" His voice thundered around the room.

All went silent. Every pair of eyes went to the commanding presence of Zeus. No one would dare make a sound for fear of retribution.

When Zeus was confident he had everyone's attention he continued.  "As you all know, we are here to  bring to justice the filth that has violated my son. Ares God Of War. In all fairness I have chosen Triton, son of Poseidon as Judge."

Triton entered from the door in back. Mortals gasped in surprise. Most had never been witness to a Sea God on land. Most did not even know that a God of the Sea could take on a human shape with legs.

Triton seated himself in the chair allotted for the Judge. His cold gray eyes scanned the room before him. "Bring the offender before me." His voice seemed to rumble.

The crowd parted as Hercules was led to the forefront in chains. His hands and feet were held with strong manacles. Hercules was forced to walk in a slow shuffle. He tripped once, but was pulled up unmercifully by Bacchus.

Bacchus had been put in charge of watching Hercules during the trial. He seemed to enjoy the hero's predicament. He pushed Hercules to keep him moving forward.

Hercules swore to himself that Bacchus would pay for this treatment when and if his strength was returned.

When Hercules reached Triton he sighed with relief, glad that his humiliating parade through the tavern was over.

Triton glared at the Hero. It was obvious he did not have much affection for Hercules. A cruel smile lifted the corners of his blue lips.

"Hercules, you have been charged with the brutal assault and rape of your half brother, Ares God Of War. Not only did you force your self upon him, but your actions brought about the birth of a child. You have pled guilty. Have you not?" Triton's eyes bore into Hercules.

"I..uh..I did plead guilty but I am changing my Plea to Not Guilty." The words were spoken in a firm voice. Hercules head was held high. The knowledge of Ares love and forgiveness gave him the strength to fight.

Mutterings of disbelief were murmured. It looked as though this trial was going to get interesting.

No one seemed to notice the secret looked passed  between a pair of cold gray eyes and watery blue ones.

Part 12 by Shamenka

"Very well then, let a new plea of Not Guilty be entered on the record!"  Triton eased himself back on to his chair when a new voice spoke up. From an entirely unexpected source.

"Uh, Ton, I have something I'd kinda like ta' ask, say, sort of?" Strife looked at his cousin and smiled. To Triton it looked like the nervous twitchings of a cowardly Land God, to Hercules who knew his eldest son a lot better, saw the old conniving, plotting glint in those steel grey eyes.

"If you must!" Triton groaned, it was uncomfortable being in Land Form, he was so used to his Sea Form, now Strife was delaying things even more so.

"Okay, see, I think you might want ta' get someone ta' replace me on this jury thing!" Strife rubbed his hands together, almost as if washing them, over and over. Triton couldn't look away from that hypnotic action. Hercules finally saw the action for what it was. It was hypnotic, Strife was getting what information he could from the top layers of Triton's mind. "I was a material witness to dad's second rape of dad. Like the one that made me! But I was thinking that in the light of fairness you might want Hades to replace me, see he knows Herc..daddy..too. Always saying things like, Gods Hercs
taken Iolaus' soul AGAIN. He's had lots of dealings with him and would be a fairer judge than me!"

Triton looked at his cousin and then at Hercules, then at Hades and finally he looked at Zeus as if waiting for instructions. Eventually he spoke.

"Does the prosecution agree, Hades for the witness Strife and a second charge of Rape and Abandonment entered into the records?"

"Whatever, just get on with it!" Zeus was showing a lot less patience than was his normal style.

"You have a good and valid point Strife, God of Mischief. So be it, call Hades, God of the Underworld to sit on this jury. You may retire until called on to give evidence. And listen to me all of you, Bacchus has been replaced, so to has Strife there will be no more changes in the ranks of the jury, got me?" Triton produced a staff from nowhere and banged one end on the floor to pronounce his judgement.

Hades appeared and took Strife's place. Strife walked over to his father, the defendant and took his face in his hands. His own face formed a snarl and he looked as if he were about to kill Hercules himself. Neither Zeus nor Triton moved to interfere. Nor did Bacchus.

*Tell Iolaus I'm gonna' talk with Heph about the knife. An' don' worry, I'll get ya' outa' this, dad!* Strife's cheerful voice filled Hercules' mind, Strife's non mental voice spoke out too.

"You gonna' get what you deserve!" And the mental rejoinder was added *Me an Cygnan goin' dad, dad, dad, from now till the world stops turnin'*

Hercules did not smile. Indeed, he couldn't smile, the way Strife was holding his face prevented anything but a lost and terrified look from forming on his face. He had to admire his son's cunning, his heart swelled with pride at his intelligent son.

"Hey Bacchy, why you get dumped from the jury?" Strife spoke directly to his uncle and now ignored his father.

"They say I converted the mortals into Bacchae ... mere coincidence, they wanted what I offered, is it not the job of a God to answer prayers of Mortals?" Bacchus shoved Hercules back the way they had come and Strife walked with them.

"Did they pray?" He whispered.

"Yes. I have no need of converting the unwilling!" And before Hercules could speak, Bacchus yanked on his chains to remind him to keep quiet.

"Didn't you think it odd they ALL wanted to be Bacchae?"

"Yeah, their voices were all muffled too, so we got five more mortals and no me, now no you on the jury. Odd that!" Bacchus looked at Hercules an odd calculating look on his face.

"Eurydice." Hercules whispered. "Maybe some one thought you would understand how obsessive a passionate love can be?"

"You mean, I've been used by some one, a God, to their ends not mine?"

"Basically!" Strife agreed.

It was hard to tell, due to his always having a deep red face, but both Hercules and Strife thought Bacchus was angry at being someone's patsy.

"You find them Strife, and I'll kill them!" Bacchus extended the chain liking Hercules' ankles. "Never a day goes by but I think of her." He whispered to his captive.

"I was a child then, but I'm a man now, and it's as a man that I love Ares, and he loves me!" Hercules whispered in return. "And our sons!" Hercules sat down beside Iolaus and Bacchus sat down immediately behind him.

Strife shared a quick smile with Iolaus and continued walking away from his father, the man accused of raping his father.

His Godly hearing heard Hercules' very quiet whisper as he told him what Strife had told him. Then he heard Bacchus point out that no other Gods had heard that quiet conversation. Things was looking up, he thought, even Bacchus didn't like being falsely accused of rigging the trial jury or that anyone was fair game if they loved obsessionally. There was a world of difference between Hercules' love for his father and Bacchus' idea of obsessive love!

Outside the main room of the inn Strife met his dad as he sat waiting to be called to give evidence.

"Strife! How did you get off the jury?" He asked, surprised and delighted that his son was not going to have to sit in judgement on his father.

"I got them to swap me for Hades. He's sitting next to grandma' and they can plot till the cows come home, those two can!" He smiled at his dad and his little brother. "I'm off to talk to Heph an' see if he remembers makin' a knife that showed twisted history to people."

"What ever for? I remember that knife, Heph told me about it, wondered if it was for you?  I remember telling him it was doubtful, why would Poseidon give you such a mischief making knife? Then I heard tell he was using it to trick mortals in to leaving their boats while out at sea, and of course drowning themselves! He always did get his jollies in odd ways!" Ares looked at Strife and his son just stood there and looked back at him.

"Poseidon? Damn, so it was!" He looked at the closed door. "Can you send to Hercules?" His dad nodded and then caught on, he told Hercules about the origin of the knife.

"Where are you going now?" He asked as his son prepared to go.

"I'm gonna see a Sea God about a fishy story!" Strife grinned, made cootchy noises at his little brother and was gone.

"Be safe, baby!" Ares whispered quietly after him and sent that message to his lover. All he could do was sit back and wait. Not what he was best at! But then Cygnan needed feeding and changing so he was not ready to be called as first witness. The trial halted before it began, no one wanted to risk the wrath of a possibly post natally depressed War God who was being made to feel trapped and like an inadequate parent.

When he had Cygnan fed, changed, and once more asleep he could delay it no longer, he had to go in and give evidence, but he was taking his baby with him. He lifted Cygnan against his chest and closed his shirt partly around his son, holding him in place with one hand. The smooth silk he was wearing instead of his accustomed leather was less wearing against his sensitive nipples. Still feeding his baby himself, after all he was the God of War and would trust so very few to nurse a child of his, and he doubted Hercules could do this particular task!

He pushed open the door and stepped into the glare of all that had come to watch his humiliation and Hercules' down fall. Well, not if he could help it! He stopped by Hercules' side and eased their son out of his comfortable position and looked at that dark haired, blue eyed child and the man who gave him his life.

"Could you take care of our son while I'm up front?" Ares handed their son to Hercules. For his part Hercules took their baby and smiled, a tear forming on his eyes lashes.

"It would be my pleasure!" He drew the child close and nestled him to his heart.

Ares saw his child settled with his father and walked, head held high towards Triton and stood before the court ready to give his evidence. His way!

"You summonsed me and I am here. Ask your questions!" He held Triton's eyes and the Sea God was first to flinch, he always was!

"Do you swear by your symbol of power to give this court the whole truth and nothing but the truth!" Triton tried to sound in charge.

"What need have I of lies? I swear the absolute truth." Ares turned and faced those assembled to watch this mockery of a trial. Facing the open court he also faced Hercules and their young son. He smiled, and let everyone there see where his heart lay. He also saw Bacchus lean over Hercules' shoulder to stroke a gentle finger down his nephew's cheek.

Zeus stepped forward, cleared his throat and looked to his feet, settling his expression into one of sympathy and solace.

"Tell us about the night Hercules raped you!" Before Zeus finished speaking Iolaus was on his feet.

"I object to that wording. It presupposes Hercules' guilt, something that still has to be determined one way or another." He looked to Triton and glared at the Sea God.

Ares looked at his cousin too, a long steady look with a small smile edging into his lips, one eyebrow raised, challenging Triton to be honest.

"Zeus, moderate your language or withdraw the question." The Sea God couldn't take his eyes off of the King of the Gods.

"Surely." Zeus tried to sound co-operative, and almost made it. He turned to Ares once more and tried again. "Tell us what happened on the night you were impregnated with Cygnan!"

Ares looked at Zeus, the faux Zeus, he was sure his mother had been right, this wasn't his father. Then he looked at Hercules, and new his evidence was going to take such a very long time! All the better to let their eldest son discover what he could.

"I was in my temple in Thrace, I had just attended the last nightly service and was looking over the offerings left by my worshipers. My priests were out delivering the flesh of the sheep and goats sacrificed to me to the local poor and those left widowed by husbands in my service. The door opened and Hercules came in, he was looking tense. His eyes glowed. He smiled and shrugged, that really sexy way he has, it seems to involve all of him. I remember looking at him for a full five minutes and then I asked him what he wanted. 'What do you want here, Hercules?' I asked. He looked at me some more and licked his lips and shook his head. Then he smiled and spoke in such a
quiet voice, that it was a good job I'm a God or I wouldn't have heard him. He said 'You, I want you!' and I said 'Oh?' and he licked his lips some more and hurried on. 'I can't stop thinking about you. You are beautiful, your face, your body, oh Ares, I want you!' and I saw the truth in his face. At last, I thought, I would have my dreams come true. 'Well, it's a good job that I want you too!' Hercules looked at me, crossed the floor towards me. 'Ares, I ..' he paused a second.. 'I love you, I've fought it, damn hard, but I love you, I want you.' I moved to him and took him in my arms and kissed him. Oh Gods the power and love in that kiss!" Ares tilted his head back and closed his eyes, reliving that first longed for kiss with his Hercules. "It was perfect, we both knew we loved each other, so perfect!" He looked at Hercules, the fire burning in those dark, bottomless eyes one of unquestionable love.

Part 13 by Jenn M

Strife decided to forgo seeing Hephaestus. He didn't want to waste precious time so he headed straight to Poseidon's undersea caverns.

He was struck immediately by the complete silence. Usually there was some kind of activity going on. Not even the Sirens were around to sing out to unsuspecting sailors.

On a mission Strife set out to find something or someone that would explain were Poseidon was and what part he played in all this.

He began exploring the many tunnels winding beneath the sea. When he'd come upon a room he'd tear it apart looking for clues.

He grew despondent that he'd never find anything. Time was running out. There was only so long his Father and Hera could drag out the trail.


Ares sat before the crowded courtroom. Head held high he told them all of his love for the Demi-God.

Apollo's heart broke as he listened to the liaison between Hercules and his true love. How he wished it had been him making love to Ares. Holding him tight and whispering sweet words of love in his ear. Every word spoken was like a shard of glass being plunged in his chest.

Silent tears coursed down his face as he listened to Ares' account of the rape.

Ares' voice became gruff and broken. A large lump formed in his throat as he recalled the violent events of the night in question.

"Hercules had left soon after we made love. He told me he had to find his friend Iolaus. I fell asleep when he was gone. " The war god had to stop for a moment to gather his strength. Retelling this part was going to be harder than he thought.

"I was woken by the sound of a door smashing. Before I could react he was upon me. I tried to fight but I didn't have the strength. He was to strong for me." Ares was interrupted by Triton.

"Did you see who your attacker was?" His gray eyes bore into the vulnerable God.

"Yes." The word was nothing more than a whisper. Ares knew his next words would not fare well for his beloved.

"Well answer the question," Triton injected impatiently.

With head bowed Ares spoke the name. "Hercules, it was Hercules."

The crowd stirred, murmuring to one another.

Ares tried to jump to his lover's defense.  "You don't understand it wasn't really him, he was being controlled."

Triton's voice rang out   "SILENCE!"  Once again the room grew quiet.


As Strife continued his search he came upon a barred room.  He worked on the lock finally removing the barricade. He was certain he'd find an answer inside.

Eagerly he pushed open the heavy door. He gasped in surprise at what he found.

A sharp pain flashed behind his eyes. Too late he realized he was not alone. Someone had hit him from behind.

As all went black Strife crumpled to the floor in a heap.

Massive hands reached down grasping the Mischief God's ankles dragging him off like a sack of potatoes.

Strife didn't hear the evil laughter as he was unceremoniously drug through the dank caverns.

Part 14 by Shamenka

As he was dragged away he began to recover, but true to his father's training he remained inert, letting his captor think he was still unaware, unable to defend himself or retaliate in anyway whatsoever.

Once they had arrived at the manic laugher's hide out he kept up his pretence until he could determine what was happening. The male manic giggle was joined by a female manic giggle. A giggle he actually recognised. Flashing himself away from his captors, to the threshold of the room he faced the Goddess he expected but the God, he never envisioned could behave in such a violent

As he looked at them he saw the ugly chains wrapped tight around their bodies, and recognised them. This had to be the first really big mistake that their enemy had made. That enemy had to be Poseidon. Only he could hold Aphrodite and Cupid prisoner. Who knew who else was being held here? In other chains of obedience.

But first, the chains!

What had his uncle Hephaestus said about getting out of Godly empowered chains? It involved touching one or two of them. Links, links, links ... he thought as he looked at the two deranged deities before him.

"Stand still!" He commanded and exerted his power, trapping the two Love Gods in their chains.

"The negator links!" Strife squealed in delight. He'd remembered! He looked for the negator links and found them fairly quickly, what followed was a laborious job of extending it link by link till he could touch the two special links together and let the chains fall away.

He liberated Aphrodite first, then Cupid, but he left her immobilised until he had freed his cousin. All he needed was Dite accidentally releasing the chained, deranged Cupid on the world... Not that that idea didn't have merit .. the chaos and confusion was such a temptation. But his dads were counting
on him!

Once finished he released them both from his imposed immobilisation and stood back until Dite could calm down.

"... So, what the fuck IS going on around here?" She finally asked.

"Looks like Poseidon has used Hercules or Apollo or both of them to rape dad and impregnate him with me an' Cygnan." Strife eventually managed to say.

"You and Cygnan? Who is Cygnan? And shouldn't you be dead?" She finally stopped pacing too.

"He's alive mom. Gloriously alive!" Cupid reached for the God who had once upon a time been his lover. Now vibrantly alive again. Cupid drew him into his embrace and kissed him, only to not be kissed back. "What's wrong? You never used to refuse to kiss me?"

"You got married remember? You never once thought about me while I was dead, remember? Oh and another thing, try to remember that I'm in love with someone, and he loves me, okay?" Strife walked away and towards his aunt. "We really have to get out here and have a hunt round to find out what Possie's up to!"

"This way!" Dite announced, changed from her dress to the skin tight black leather catsuit she had worn when on an adventure with Herc, once, long ago. " I remember when Possie built this place." And she lead them towards the cells and what secrets lay down there.

"Who is he?" Cupid asked, once he got over his shock. That Strife would no longer let him come and go from his arms, from his bed. Strife had long been one of his favourite now and again fucks.

"Iolaus." Strife said with pride and delight.

"What, as in Uncle Herc's Iolaus? Shit Strife he'll be livid when he finds out!"

"Sure was, he wasn't too keen on Iolaus having sex with me! He's very protective!" Strife saw Cupid interpret his words the obvious way then went in with the killing blow. "Seems he really didn't like his friend fucking his son!"

Both Cupid and Aphrodite stopped walking at that announcement. Looked at each other, then at Strife and as one asked...

"What do you mean 'sex with his son' exactly?"

"Iolaus and I had sex. We made love. We fucked like bunnies. We copulated. Do feel free to stop me when you have an idea of what we were doing, in bed, together, sexually!" The twin looks of confusion were so wonderful. This sort of mischief he had missed so much. "Hercules is my father!" He explained, very simply.

"Herc! And ARES!!" Dite screamed.

"What ya' mean, your father?" Cupid demanded.

"Herc, time travel, sex, dad ... me!" Strife replied.

"Who is Cygnan?" Dite asked, calmly.

"My little brother. Herc and Ares and more sex and then Cygnan... how long have you two been out the loop?"

"Long enough to not know Ar was pregnant again. Did everything go right .. you know, this time..?" Dite showed her concern clearly. "How long you been back?"

"About a day." Strife replied. "And, yes everything went fine. Dad and Cygnan are both doin' great."

"Back a day and you're fucking Iolaus already?" Cupid asked, shocked. It had taken him almost a year to get Strife into bed when he had first tried to seduce him.

"No, back a day and in love with Iolaus already!" Strife corrected his half brother with possibly more annoyance than was actually called for. It was so typical, to Strife's way of thinking, that Cupid could get out of his bed and not come beck to Olympus until he was married to the perpetually annoying
Psyche, then on their first argument Cupid had thought he could just slip right into his bed. Seemed to the Mischief God that nothing had changed in all the time he had been dead.

Dite could sense a fight brewing, these two would either love or loathe each other. So it had always been, always would. Had to be Ar's genes, he was both God's father after all!

"Knock it off fella's! We've got things ta' do, okay?" She marched off, sure they would follow her. The twin sounds of foot falls behind her told her she had been right. That and the low muttering voices that continued to argue.


As silence fell in the court room once more little Cygnan stirred in his father's arms and demanded attention.

"What now?" Triton demanded.

"I'd better go see to him, Triton." Ares walked away from his position before the court and over to sit beside his lover and their youngest son. "Is he okay?" He asked, taking Cygnan from Hercules' gentle arms.

Slipping a knuckle into Cygnan's mouth the baby made strong sucking motions. Ares looked up at Hercules and smiled, almost shyly, turning to the body of the court he spoke up.

"He's hungry Triton, I've got to feed him, again."

"Feeding the child has already caused enough disruptions to this court. Suspend his life functions until it is over!" Triton demanded, knowing full well he was risking the new-born child's life with his demands.

Ares looked at his cousin, then at his mother in the Jury box.

Hera might have been a fallen Goddess until the day before, but she still had duties to perform!

"Absolutely no way!" She shouted, and crossed the court to her son and stepson's side. "And before anyone says anything; I am still Queen of the Gods, still Goddess of Childbirth, still Goddess of Faithful Marriage, still Ares' mother,  still Cygnan's grandmother and Hercules' mother in law!" She
sat down by her son and began instructing him in the correct way to breast feed. Daring Triton to object.

Every eye in the court was glued to the scene.

Ares' now smooth, hairless, tanned chest was exposed when the God of War opened his shirt. His nipples, enlarged slightly, the fatty mounds of his chest showing behind and the baby latched on, feeding.

Almost every person in that court room was either moist or hard with the idea of suckling from those nipples themselves. None more so than Hercules, his erection so very obvious to those sitting near him. Hera shared a knowing glance with her son, leaning in towards him.

"He really does love you doesn't he?" She asked so quietly that Hercules wouldn't hear her.

"I believe he does, mother." Ares replied, slipping a fingertip into Cygnan's mouth, breaking his suction and ready to transfer him to the other nipple. As the baby was lifted clear of Ares' chest many members of that room saw clearly the swollen, damp peaks of Ares' nipples.

There was something about the sight of that wet, milky nipple that just begged to be sucked! Milk of the Gods dripped from Ares' chest. Without realising he was doing it, Hercules reached over and gently touched that whitely weeping nipple and took that drop of milk onto his finger tip, raised
it to his mouth and sucked, tasting life from his lover.

A low groan went around the room as everyone imagined tasting that special fluid.

Ares sat, almost oblivious as his eyes were half closed, experiencing his son feeding from his own body. A look of almost sensual delight settled onto the tranquil features of the War God. What should have been the boring sight of a parent feed their child was seen by all as the building blocks of many sex dreams. Ares sat there, baby at his nipple, massaging his chest to help produce his milk for that hungry child.

As he freed himself from his now full baby Hera produced a warm, damp cloth and handed it to Hercules.

"Wipe his nipples, before he can have his milk turn sour on his skin. It wouldn't do Cygnan any good, would it?" She smiled, gently at him. Yet, she knew too that every eye would follow Hercules' gentle hand. Hers included.

Ares groaned as Hercules wiped him clean. His eyes finally shut completely, and he leaned into that gentle touch. Love, desire, trust so very evident in every line of his body.

As Hades watched his sister with her son, he marvelled at her iron trap mind. Only she could make Ares feeding his baby turn into an act of defence for Hercules. Showing the jury and every one in that court room how much they were in love. How much they loved their son. Had he been a product of their passion, not as Zeus tried to show, Hercules' violence? Looking around he saw what the others there had seen, written clean and loud on their faces. That those two were so hot together! He  himself wriggled as he tried, without success, to relieve the pressure of his tight pants from around his hard cock.

Out the corner of his eye he saw Triton had to do the same! 

Part 15 by Jenn M.

Cygnan being a baby and babies being the shameless creatures they are, did what babies did. He pooped his diaper. Loudly, his face all red, grunting and groaning. His pudgy little legs pulled up tight.

Ares and Hercules laughed at their darling boy's first bowel movement, as only a parent would do.

Triton rolled his eyes. He was never very fond of babies and now he'd had enough of this one.  "I want that child out of here now!" his voice reflected his disgust.

Hera threw the old sea goat a dirty look. "Come, Ares--it's time to learn how to change your son's diaper."

Ares followed his mother out of the room. All eyes followed their exit.

Hercules rose to follow.

"You stay!" Triton commanded.

Without a word Hercules sat back down, pouting.


Strife was getting nervous. Things were taking too long. He thought for a moment and came up with an idea to slow down the court proceedings.

"Hey Aphrodite, I've got a job for you."

After Strife finished telling her his plan, Aphrodite giggled.

"Oh Strifey, you are too much! That plan is brilliant." The Goddess of Love disappeared in a shower of rose petals.


Aphrodite reappeared at the back of the courtroom unnoticed. With a wicked gleam in her eyes she cast a spell.  Noticing Herc in the room she quick recanted the spells effects on him.  She laughed as her spell took effect on the crowd. "Shame I can't stick around, things are gonna get interesting." Then she disappeared to return to Strife and Cupid.


Triton felt a strange feeling come over him. He had the sudden urge to fuck Proteus, who just happened to be the first person he saw. Without realizing his actions, the Sea God pounced on the shapeshifting god.

Proteus' eyes grew wide. No one had ever wanted him when he was in his true form. He was hot and horny himself and not about to turn down anyone willing to have him.

The Gods met in the front of the room, tongues and hands all over one another.

Under other circumstances, Proteus and Triton deciding to fuck one another in a crowded room would have been an eye opener for sure. Today though it went unnoticed because everyone was fucking everyone.

All that is except Hercules. At first shock was his initial reaction.  Then he realized it must be Aphrodite's work. Strife was up to something.  Hercules took this orgiastic mayhem to sneak out of the court room.

Sneaking out was not the easiest thing to do. Naked bodies everywhere in every position possible lay in his path.

Discord had Apollo's cock deep in her mouth. He had his hands wrapped in her dark hair pulling her in closer.

Salmoneus cried out with ecstasy as a handsome youth rode him to orgasm.

Hercules had to choke back a laugh as he watched the King of The Gods engaged in a gruesome threesome. Zeus, Triton and Proteus.  Their bodies writhing as the engaged in a threeway copulation. Zeus was embedded deep in Proteus as the Changeling sucked hard on Triton's swollen member.

When Hercules made his way from the room, he found Ares and Hera waiting for him.

The grunting and groaning of the rutting group in the courtroom reached their ears.

"What in Zeus' name is that?" Ares queried.

When Hercules told them what was going on, they all broke into gut wrenching laughter.

Hera tiptoed over to the door to peek in.

A blush crept over her face as she watched Hades and Athena.

Athena, legs wrapped around the dark Underlord's waist, rocked her pelvis in time to Hades' thrusts, her breasts heaving with her exertions.

Hera turned from the site. "That's quite a spell Aphrodite cast."

Ares shifted the sleeping baby in his arms. "Strife must be on to something if he had her place a copulation spell on the whole place."

"I agree.   He must be trying to stall things until he gets back,"  Hercules whispered over his lover's shoulder.  He gently caressed Cygnan's sweet cheek. Silently he prayed that Strife would soon have the answer to what was really going on.

Part 16 by Shamenka

As Ares and Hercules looked at each other, Hera, being observant about these things, took her grandson from his father's arms.

"Go on, you can use one of the upstairs rooms, but be careful, Ares. You're still not fully fit after the surgery and delivering this little man...." She looked up from Cygnan to see her son and his lover disappearing up the stairs. She sighed deeply. "Young love!" She sighed again. "Well, given Ares' age, relatively young love!" She settled down to wait for some sort of break that would help force the truth, whatever it was, into the light of day.

In Poseidon's palace, Cupid and Strife were waiting silently for Dite to return. Strife, hoping his plan would work, Cupid just annoyed that Strife wouldn't let him fuck him. It was into that cold welcome she winked in and almost left again immediately, but she was needed there, she knew that to be true.

"Er, Strife!" She started, not sure how this would be received. "I excluded Herc from the spell, Ares and the baby and Hera weren't in the room. But I forgot curly!" she shut her eyes, waiting for the blows and screaming to begin.

"Oh." Strife said, looking at his aunt, finally knowing why his dad, probably bother of them, referred to her as ditzy. "Well, accidents happen." He patted her shoulder and kissed her cheek.

"Oh, so you accept that Iolaus is fuckin' his brains out, but not me. What makes it okay for him and not okay for me then?" Cupid shouted, gestured wildly at his mother and glared at Strife.

"Iolaus is under a spell, he has no control over it. He's mortal, that's how it works with mortal's." Strife took his aunt's arm and lead her away from her irate son.

"Forgive me for being a God then!" The annoyed God muttered as he followed the other two.

So it was that it Cupid entered the main cell area after Strife and Dite. Once they were all there, they all looked around. Several glowing globes were in cages, shoved away on shelves. In the centre of the room stood a torture table. On the table lay an almost dead Zeus!

"Oh fuck, what now?" Cupid asked.

"We call in bigger players." Strife crossed over to the table, touched his grandfather and spoke his mind call aloud. "Hera, please come!"

Back in the anti room to that make shift court room, Hera heard her young scamp of a grandson's urgent plea. Knowing it was urgent, she faced a harsh choice. Interrupt Hercules and Ares to hand back their son, or take him into possible danger.

She ran up the stairs, knocked briefly on their door and walked right in. She came face to face with her son pumping into her stepson, and both of them groaning in perfect harmony.

"Erm, excuse me boys, but strife called. He needs help." For the life of her, she couldn't help it, she blushed furiously.

Ares orgasmed, crashed down on Hercules' back, looked over at the door and
squealed in shock.

"Mother!" Never before had his mother watched him with a lover, did she hate
Hercules so much that she couldn't let them have any peace?

"Strife called, he needs help, now!" She repeated, getting their attention, gently shushing the sleep baby in her arms.

"Give me Cygnan, you go help him." Hercules rolled over, held out his arms for the child.

"Okay, come on!" Hera handed the baby to the recumbent hero and tried desperately hard to not look at her naked son as he cleaned and dressed himself. Then did the same for his lover.

When they relocated to Strife's site, they too came face to face with the injured King of the Gods.

"Zeus!" Hera hissed, releasing the chains that held her husband captive. "When I get my hands on that conniving, double crossing, manipulative, jealous old bastard, I'm going to rip his balls of and feed them to his own sharks!" No one doubted her word, it was certainly loud enough to be true.

Before she even tried to move her husband she healed him as much as she could, then cast her mind around for Asclepius, she knew where Apollo was, and what he was doing, until Dite released him from the copulation spell, he'd be going nowhere!

"Where's Asclepius? I can't locate him." She looked to her son for answers.

"Wasn't he at the trial?" He asked.

"If he was, Zeus is in deep shit!" Hera lifted her husband into her arms, then looked at the others. "Search this place thoroughly, use what powers you feel necessary, Poseidon's got to know his victim is missing."

Ares and his sons used their powers to search, Dite used her powers to understand what was in the globes. When the men found nothing, she pointed to the globes with a shaking hand.

"Their personalities, souls, God souls!" No one expected that revelation.

"Collect them, we'll take them with us." Hera shifted the bundle in her arms and formed the image of the last safe place she had seen, Ares and Hercules' bedroom.

The others fixed their location by hers and relocated with her. It made Hercules' bedroom rather crowded.

"Herc, get up, Zeus is injured!" Ares helped his sleepy lover and their child out of the bed, making room for his mother to put his father in their place.

"Right, now, Dite, go get Asclepius and Apollo, oh and Iolaus, from your little party down stairs. It's time we got to the bottom of all this!"

At the mention of Iolaus' name, Strife beamed and Cupid snarled.

"What's his problem?" Hercules asked his eldest son.

"We used to be .. we were nothing, he used to fuck me when no one else would let him. When I said no, back in Poseidon's place he got annoyed. When I told him I loved Iolaus he got angry, when I accepted Iolaus was under aunt Dite's fuck spell, he got really annoyed and angry." Strife shrugged, and grinned at his dad.

"Oh, I see, well, he'll just have to accept that you're in a monogamous relationship now, won't he?" Hercules hugged his son's. Strife blushed profusely, profoundly

After a short wait, the door opened once more and allowed Dite and her companions in to the room. When they  saw each other Strife and Iolaus rushed to embrace.

While the reunited couple were kissing one of the globes began to glow and pulsate, then Apollo collapsed, clutching his head. Hera touched the blond God and he vanished, reappearing in the cell Hercules had occupied.


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