The Love That Is War
By Foxmonkey

The proud cock of the God of War stood erect and proud and naked, as naked as its owner, the God of War, who sat erect and proud on his throne.  His mighty muscular powerful thighs were spread to take full advantage of the position as his fingers amused themselves on the God of War's cock.  He was watching worshippers, unseen because he was invisible as he watched the devoted leave offerings on the black marble that was his altar.

He loved pleasuring himself by playing with his cock as worshippers prayed in his temple with him sitting not ten feet away, playing with himself, though they couldn't see.  He chuckled, knowing that while he was invisible his godly voice was too, so his worshippers couldn't hear that, either.

He suddenly felt the burning sensation of a pair of hot eyes as they scorched and caressed his hot naked self.  He was hot not because of the heat in the temple, but because he was the haughty and beautiful God of War. He glanced around angrily, knowing that someone was watching him, growing angry in that knowledge.  "Who dares to spy on Ares!?" he thundered.  When there was no answer, Ares God of War stood angrily, his cock bouncing angrily on his densely-pelted fur-covered belly.  "WHO DARES TO SPY ON ARES!?" He was bellowing, and the roar of his voice made the temple shake from the noise.  Dust and rocks came down, and there were cracks in the walls.  Fearing for their lives, his confused worshippers ran for their lives, though they hadn't heard his voice, just seen the cracks in the walls.  Something was going on, and they weren't sticking around to find out what.

As beautiful as he was angry, the sinisterly handsome face of the War God wore a dark sneer.  "You've scared off my worshippers and I'm not happy!  Who disturbs the God of War?  Show yourself!"

The command in the voice of the God of War was hard to ignore, and finally a mighty figure stepped out of the shadow near where the walls were.

"It is your brother Hercules who dares disturb the God of War on this day!  It is me, Hercules, Ares."  The tall muscular form that was Hercules stepped unafraid from the shadows where he'd been watching his brother play with his cock.  His voice was defiant, but his face was red and flushed from watching his brother playing with himself.

Suddenly the two brothers knew that they were hot for each other, and always had been in love.

"I've always been hot for you Ares," Hercules said, while reaching for his cock, which was straining at the woven leather of his trousers.

"I think we've always been in love," Ares growled.  "We've been such fools, there's been so much time wasted between us.  Let us leave our fighting, brother, and love one another instead.  I want to show you the love that is War."

Stepping into the warm and sheltering embrace of the arms of the War God, Hercules knew that he had found the other half of himself, which he had never realized was missing until now.

Clearing his altar with one divine thought from his godly mind, Ares picked Hercules up and set him gently on the altar.  His manhood was throbbing, dusky and purple with need, the wet head dripping with the precum of his seed which was seeping from the weeping slit of the head of his cock.

Before slipping his cock into the tight, warm aperture of the entrance to his brother's body, Ares kissed Hercules.  Their tongues wrestled, almost as though continuing the fight that they had only just vowed never to do again. This was a fight of love, however.  A fight to see who could make the other weep tears of joy.  Ares won, as Hercules began to moan from the feeling of his brother's tongue in his mouth, exploring every part of the mouth of Hercules, plundering that warm moistness, tasting the demigod's  sweetness and claiming it as his own.  When Ares pulled away, Hercules whimpered at
the loss.

But soon Ares' thick oil-slicked fingers were pushing into his brother's body, covered with oil as they prepared him, stretching him for the cock of War.  Ares soon had Hercules screaming his need, bucking his hips off of the altar with enough force to shatter the marble underneath, but he didn't.  Ares pushed into Hercules' ass with one stroke, roaring as he sheathed himself in the hot tightness of the demigod's body.  Soon they were moving as one, the great pumping massiveness of Ares' thick cock stroking like a piston into the ass of Hercules, and Hercules' powerful hips rocking into his brother's strong body in return.  They came as one, crying out together in a simultaneous and sacrosanct declaration of love.

"COME IN ME ARES, MY LOVER!"  Hercules screamed.


Their bodies stained and sticky with their combined juices of love, Ares pulled out of Hercules, who whimpered at the loss; the loss not just of the cock of the God of War, but at the loss of the feeling of the sensation he was feeling.

Hercules mewled like a kitten whose mother has been gone too long.  A kitten whose mother has been too long hunting meals for her hungry babe, a fierce angry mother cat who fought for every scrap of food she could to feed herself and her hungry kitten.  A proud, defiant mother  cat that yowled at the heavens in frustration, screaming for her hungry kitten, waiting in the rain for sustenance.  Hercules cried like that.

"Are you leaving me, Ares?" Hercules asked, afraid to hear the truth, that the God might have used him for sex and was now going away.  He wept, and crystal tears rolled down his handsome manly face like drops of oil.

Ares giggled at his tears, high, girlish sneering giggles that ripped through Hercules' heart like a well-sharpened sickle through a field of golden wheat.  The sickle that was Ares' uncaring giggles buried itself deep into the heart of the favorite son of Zeus.

"I hate you Ares!" Hercules cried, crying as the tears flowed from his eyes. "I thought you loved me but you don't."  Fresh sobs heaved forth from the powerful lungs of Hercules.

"I'm only leaving for a while, sweet Hercules.  Do not cry; the War God will be back soon to be with you again.  I have many duties, and they take me all over Greece.  While I'm in other places, I want you to think about me and how I love you."  So saying, Ares kissed Hercules' tear-stained cheek and disappeared.

Hercules wept anew as his lover left him, saddened by the loss, but joyful at the sensation of the feeling that his lover would soon return.

The End