Iphy's Loss
By Jenn M

Part 1

A sigh escaped the full red lips of the copper haired king. His mouth set in a pouty manner. His heart was heavy with loneliness.

He stared out at the dark cloud filled night sky. Damn! not even a cloud to wish upon he thought to himself. How he wished for his true love to appear.

He turned from the window and strode to his bedside table.  There he filled his glass from a wine flask. Maybe getting inebriated would dull the heavy ache in his heart.

How he longed for his beloved Ares to take him in his strong well muscled arms. Holding him tight whispering words of love. He wanted to feel his warm wet lips against his own.

Iphicles promised himself that if ever his darling god came back to him, he would give himself completely.

Ares had grown frustrated with the King. Iphicles had been to afraid of the feelings the war god produced in him. When ever Ares declared his feelings and tried to express his desire Iphicles would become nervous and scared. Iphicles would push the dark god away. Not wanting to give into the passion that Ares created in him. He was to afraid of losing himself in Ares.

Iphicles had pushed him away one to many times. Ares grew angry with him and vowed never to return. Ares Told the king his heart couldn't take the pain of rejection any longer. If he couldn't be with his one true love than he would go away forever.

When Ares left Iphicles broke down and sobbed. He had pushed away the only man that ever mattered to him. Now weeks had passed and with them any hope Ares might return.

Iphicles locked himself in his room. Refusing to come out and tend to his kingly duties. If he didn't have Ares than Corinth be damned. His servants begged him to eat but his appetite was gone.

Now Iphicles sat in his room and dreamed of Ares coming to him in love. He cried a river of tears over his inability to give himself. Why was he so afraid of his feelings. They could have been such a great pair if only...

Part 2

Ares brooded in his bedchamber. It had been weeks since the last visit with Iphicles, but the pain was still has sharp. He felt as though a cold ice pick had pierced  his bleeding heart.

At annoyance with his inability to control his tears and pain he punched the pillows on his bed. "Damn you Iphicles, how could you spurn our love. I would never have hurt you"  with that he lay face down on the bed and cried. Great sobs wracked his body. Finally exhausted he fell asleep.

He dreamed of him and his darling King hand in hand walking along the sandy shores. The sea lapping at their ankles. There was no sadness only joy as their fevered bodies met in unabandoned passion.

Ares awoke to the sounds of a female voice. His sister the goddess of love sat on the end of the bed.

"Poor Ares, what has happened, that I find you in such a tortured state?" Aphrodite crooned to her brother.

Ares spent the afternoon spilling his heart out to Aphrodite. She comforted him when he broke down and cried by taking him in her arms and whispering words of sympathy. When the whole story had been told, she sat and thought for a moment.

As she looked into the tear- stained face of the down trodden god an idea came to her. She told Ares of her plan. No she wouldn't force Iphicles to love him, but put on him a spell so he would lose the inhibitions and fears holding him back.

Finally hope shone in the deep brown eyes. A lone tear still hung on thick lush lashes. With gratitude Ares hugged his sister and prepared to win back his copper haired darling.

Iphicles had grown tired of sitting in his room. His eyes swollen from so much crying hurt as he went out in the bright sunlight. He hoped a walk through the grassy meadows would lift his spirits.

He strolled through the lush grasses. He picked a particularly lovely daisy and tucked it behind one ear. He couldn't help but long for his true love to be by his side.

He shook his head, he had to forget such nonsense. Ares would never forgive him. He would have to learn to live with out the war god's caresses and sweet words of love.

Than Iphicles felt a presence. He spun around. There at the opposite end of the field, stood his hearts desire. He rubbed his eyes not trusting what he saw. When he was sure it was really him he let out a shriek of joy.

Ares heart sang at the sight of his beloved. The sunlight creating a halo around his coppery curls. Ares felt his heart would burst with the happiness he felt.  He started to run.

Iphicles seeing this, ran too.

They ran through the flower dotted meadow. Seeing nothing but each other. When they finally came together they grasped hands and spun around together. They were giddy with joy and light laughter escaped them.

When they stopped, they stared into each other's eyes. The love they felt for one another clearly shone.

"Oh Ares Please forgive me. I do so love you. I was foolish to push you away." The words poured from Iphicles lips.

"My darling, I was so lonely with out you. Please forgive me for not being patient with you. I only wanted to show you how much I cared for you." Ares pulled Iphicles closer.

HIs full lips descended on Iphicles' awaiting mouth. When he didn't pull away he deepened the kiss. His tongue slipping between lips and teeth, exploring the warm orifice.

Ares' hands enmeshed themselves in copper curls. Iphicles groaned and leaned into Ares hard body.

When Iphicles felt Ares need pressed against him, he stiffened. He began to grow scared. With a cry he pulled away and turned his back to the god.

He began to cry, soft sobs escaping him. Ares put his hand on his shoulder and he pulled away. "Oh, Ares I so want to be with you, hold you, unite with you...but ...but .. I can't.  I just can't. I don't know what's wrong with me." With a great racking sob he flung himself to the ground.


Aphrodite watched the two love birds come together. For a moment she thought Iphicles would give himself freely, but than he faltered. So she sent out a shower of pink rose petals. they rained down upon the prone king. She smiled to herself. Ares would have an animal on his hands now. With a self satisfied smirk she disappeared, leaving the two to their passion.


Iphicles felt a strange sensation come over him. The tears dried up and his cock grew hard. He stood up and stared at the heavenly vision before him. Passion like he had never felt flared in him and all inhibitions were gone.

Grabbing his dark love he pressed his lips against Ares' lips. Their tongues warred and their bodies roamed each others bodies. Clothing flew and soon the two men were naked, their bodies glistening in the sunlight.

Ares' heart sung, his darling Iphicles would finally be his. He gasped as warm lips wrapped themselves around his throbbing manhood. His knees nearly buckled from the sensation.

When Iphicles lifted his head, Ares pulled him to the ground. Laying so they each had access to the others love muscle, they lovingly devoured one another. All that could be heard were sighs of bliss as they, sucked and licked bringing one another to fruition.

Ares pulled Iphicles to him. Whispering words of encouragement, he instructed Iphicles to lay back and relax. He placed heavy legs over his shoulders. Gently he pressed into the tight rectum. Iphicles gasped at the initial pain, but as Ares began the slow assault on his senses pleasure took over. Soon he was bringing his hips up to meet Ares' thrusts. The men cried out one another's names as they climaxed together. Iphicles' seed spilling between there bellies and Ares filling him with his.

Ares placed a light kiss on the king's mouth and than the blissfully happy lovers vowed never to part and fell asleep in the suns glow.

They lived and fucked happily ever after.

The End