Love's Conquering Light
By Arebella

The gilded slanting rays of the setting sun bathed her in a golden glow as the statuesque beauty surveyed the autumnal landscape with her sparkling emerald eyes.  Her crimson waves glowed with an ethereal fire as her waist length hair cascaded in tumbling waves down her back.  Her dazzling smile lit up her stunning face like a glowing candle, with blindingly white teeth peeking out from perfect, full rosy lips.  Her work was done - the village had been saved from the merciless warlord and his marauding army had been
turned back.  Victory was complete.  All in spite of the fact that the stunning bronzed woman had been outnumbered five thousand to one.

She spun around instinctively at a noise behind her, her agility and grace rivaling that of a jungle cat, sword drawn, ready to pounce on her hapless prey.   She turned to discover before her the most handsome man she had ever encountered.  He took her breath away with his manly perfection.  He was tall and powerfully built, with broad shoulders tapering to a washboard stomach and narrow hips.  His mirthful sapphire eyes grinned back at her own, laugh lines crinkling the corners.  His straight chestnut hair fell appealingly into his boyishly handsome face and she suddenly had the urge to run her long red nails through it.  Only his lightning quick reflexes and powerful strength averted her flashing sword blade from crashing into his well-developed pecs.  He caught the sword blade between his palms and in one fluid motion, ripped it out of her hands and flung it into the dirt.  She froze in surprise, trembling in anticipation and animal heat.  She had never been bested in any fight since she was 12 years old, especially by a man radiating such sexual magnetism.   He caught her in his massive arms as she
swooned and her knees buckled under her.    His eyes gazed at her adoringly as he swept her up into his manly arms and lowered her gently to the ground.  She was the one he had searched for throughout all his legendary journeys - the piece of his heart that was missing; his soulmate, his other half.  And she realized this at the same instant that he did and their hearts were forever united in that crystal moment.

"Hello.I think I love you.  Who are you?"  He whispered into her sweet-smelling hair as he held her close to his heart and inhaled her intoxicating fragrance.

"I am Woman Warrior - hear me roar!"  She responded in her dulcet voice.  "But you can call me Mary Sue."  She lifted her eyes to his as she spoke.

"I don't even know your name, Heroic Stranger, but your pure heart and the goodness of your soul radiates through your kind eyes like a beacon of wholesomeness and as an example for all the world to follow.  Together we can change the world for the greater good.  I've been searching for you all my life - I just didn't know who you were until this moment."

"My names is Hercules and I am the son of Zeus.  Impressed?"

"Oh yes, my darling.but there is one problem.  But with our true love for each other guiding us, I know we can overcome anything to be together forever.  I am a former priestess of the evil God of War, your brother, Ares.  In my sordid and wicked past, I was seduced to his darkness and the power it gave me.  I killed and pillaged innocents for the glory of his name.  That.. and he was pretty good in bed too. But I have seen the Way of Peace and I have changed and I now do good for all mankind to make up for my lurid, but very sexually satisfied past. Can you accept and love me in spite of my past?"

"Of course, my precious love.  Hey I'm no saint myself.  I was responsible for the deaths of my last two wives and several children, not to mention my best friend.  And my evil stepmother, the all-powerful Queen of the Gods hates my guts and has vowed to take revenge on anyone I love.  I really, really love you.  Is any of that a problem for you?  But how did the ruthless God of War, my despised brother, select you for his evil bidding? "

"He was my mentor and I became a feared and ruthless warlordess with the unbridled ambition to conquer the known world.  Besides..I give good head."  She smiled coyly as he effortlessly lifted her back into his arms.

"Yeah? are a woman of many skills,  I can see."

"Hercules, my love. your love's light has conquered my wicked heart.  Never again will we be apart.  Take me, my snookums..right here and now.  I need your love arrow inside my dripping love hole.  Take aim, my Love Muffin, and fire your passion arrows into my quiver."

"Yeah..great..Unlace my bulging, straining leather pants and suck my throbbing manhood first, would ya?  By the you have a sister named Xena?"

The End