Passion in the Temple
By Spooky

It was a dark and stormy night.

The overbearing wind buffeted the traveler as he fought his timid way through the empty tenement streets of Corinth. Making his way towards the temple of Ares, the proud darkly beautiful god of war.

"I just have to tell him, in Zeus' name." thought the traveller "I have to tell him how much I love him, how my heart skips a beat every time I look into those beautiful ebony eyes framed by the gorgeous long eyelashes. Oh Hera, if only he would see how he captures my heart and hold my soul in the palm of his large powerful hands."

The traveller hoped that no one would see him making his weary way to the temple which stood at the bottom of a well paved road lined with sighing whispering trees and covered in ivy.

A cat meowed and a dog barked as suddenly the moon came out bathing the scene in bright reflective light and throwing the features of the traveller into sharp moonlit relief.

It was he..... the king of Corinth- Iphicles, the brother of Heroic Demigod Hercules who stood there, his chiselled sensual features looking with sharp interest at the doors of the temple.

He had never looked at them before, and now his perfectly brooding dark brown eyes stared at the carvings on the door, scenes of bloody death and destruction at the hands of enemies.

He swallowed hard, his adams apple bobbing up and down in his neck - a pale muscular column carved from ivory.

He took his life in his hands and opened the door to the temple. The door creaked weirdly in the quiet still night and he entered the dark still temple, creeping like a mouse.

"Ah. There you are." Came the dark brooding voice of the god from within. "Come in, come in. I was just having a glass of wine. Would you like to join me?"

"Yes please, by Hades." squeaked the king, and went to sit in the chair that the tall muscular God had conjoured up for him.

"What can I do for you?" Ares asked genially, smiling like a shark at the perfect features of the man he ached to have.

"Uh.... by the gods." Iphicles didn't know what to say. All his bravery had left him, and he felt like running from the temple back out into the dark stormy night and hiding under his bed.

Ares looked down at the king of Corinth from his throne and sipped at his wine, jewelled droplets of the drink trickling sensually down his lips. He licked at them with a long red tongue and Iphicles was captivated.

"In Cupids name, I love you." He suddenly blurted out. "I can't live without you, oh my heart. Please say you'll have me as your lover. By Aphrodite, I'll do anything for you." Iphicles bounded up from his chair like a small puppy and settled his bronzed perfect ass onto Ares' lap, playing with the long obsidian curls.

Ares looked a little surprised, but looked at his watch and told Iphicles he had a few hours spare before the next gore infested battle he had to attend.

"I'm sure you can persuade me." he said. "My darling little kingly man. Take me to bed. I need to suck your throbbing love pump right now."

Iphicles squealed in delight and took Ares hand, leading him to the godly four poster bed, arrayed with satin cushions and festooned with darkly rich silk curtains. A feast of delight for the lust permeated king.

He led his hearts desire to the bed and Ares pushed him down, making his clothes and Iphicles clothes disappear into a void.

He stared openly  in overawed amazement at the beautifully exquisite deeply tanned body of the king. And lost himself in contemplation of his perfectly formed upward thrusting rod, dribbling wanton seeds of pulchritudinous pre cum down the satin skin of his pulsating willy.

His own john thomas rose to meet the matching thick hard mass of wondrous dick and he fell onto the bed beside his lover, groaning in passionate adoration.

They kissed, tongue wrestling for supremacy in the war of love, a war that naturally the god of that institution won easily. Pushing the submissive king down to the bed, caressing his long muscular legs and then up to the tight flesh, the sac that held the globic vessels of Ares need. He grasped Iphicles palpitating wiener in a long fingered delicate hand and sucked like a hoover on his hot twitching love muscle.

"OH YES, BY THOR ! YES!!!!!!! " Iphicles screamed, the walls echoing with the sound of his ecstatic nirvana. As his cock exploded immediately into tormenting need.

"I love you so much." He sobbed, "Oh, Ares. My darling paramour, be mine forever."

Ares licked up the remains of the searingly sweet love juices, and kissed the kingly bee stung lips with a tender everlasting passion he had never felt before in his millennia of existence. "I love you too, my sweet honey bunny." He whispered, his voice husky with the need to get inside his royal Corinthian bum and boink his brains out.

"Take me. Take me now. Use me.. in Apollo's name, take me into your heart." Iphicles moaned, tears leaking form his chocolate brown eyes, eyes that looked like the scared orbs of a doe caught in the hunters gunfire.

"Yes!" Ares yodelled. "You are mine, my bountiful seedling of love. I will take you where no god has ever taken a mortal before- the realms of paradise."

Iphicles welcomed Ares probing thrusting tool into his constricting taut anus, his hips rocking like grannys favourite chair into his demanding aching body. Ares screamed his delight as Iphicles felt himself cumming once more and they reached simultaneous  hieghts of gratification at the same time.

At last they collapsed into each others enclosing muscular arms, Iphicles began to weep once more.

"That was wonderful, by Tartarus. You are the sexiest god in the world, and then some."

Ares shrugged and smiled into his lovers warm passion darkened eyes. "I am, aren't I." He said "You're pretty hot yourself. Here's a token of my love for you. Wear it always."

"Hephaestus!!!!! For me,?" Iphicles cried delightedly as Ares produced a gorgeous silken band of many different colours that he tied around Iphicles wrist.

"I made it myself, to show you how much you mean to me" Ares said "It shows everyone that you are mine. I have claimed you and no one else may have  you."

"OH Ares. Thankyou so much, by Athena." Iphicles threw himself into the god of war's arms.

Ares sighed and raised his eyes to the heavens.

"Sheesh... bad writers. I really HATE this." he said.

The End