KSA Bribes

These bribes are in place to encourage writers to continue their stories. If you want to offer a bribe to a KSA writer, go here. Stories may receive more than one vote.  This page was inspired by Tirinar's similar author-bribery one.

Author:  All KSA Authors
Story:  Round Robin 3
Briber: Tacitah
Bribe:  Charcoal drawing of our favorite Kiwi actor singing his little heart out.
Go to Shared Files & look up "Our Favorite Kiwi".

Author:  Arami (Jess)
Story:  Render Unto Pompey
Briber: Oshun Anat
Bribe:  From the Makers of the Iphy-Sub Doll (tm), a Caesar Dom Doll. Complete with 2 outfits (Purple Toga and a Leather Dom Suit), paddles, whips and piercing equipment,candles, and ball gags. Includes a Dungeon Playset which comes with Chains, Spanking Benchs, A-Frames and additional punishment devices.

Author: Cat
Story:  Lessons of a Father
Briber: Huntress
Bribe:  I will write you a fic where you have a very nice and exhausting weekend with the God, Demigod, King (of Corinth or of Thieves), Hunter and/or Mighty Warrior of your choice. I'm sorry, but that's the best I can do LOL...

Author: CW
Story:  War Games
Briber: Thamiris
Bribe: Your personal copy of Tham's first gay porn video, starting Ares Cox, Iphicles Dixx, Alex 'Bigger Than a Rat But Smaller Than a Breadbox' Krycek, with guest apperances by a multitude of other handsome and well-endowed actors.  Shot entirely on location in Vancouver and Paris, this film recounts the wild and kinky adventures of three nudists with a taste for the high-life--and each other.  Rated five cocks up at the Vancouver Porn Festival. Retail value:  priceless.
Briber: Jen
Bribe: For the story that's responsible for hooking me on slash, no bribe's too much...  Live video feeds to the boys, Rusalka's range of dolls powered by ever-ready batteries, you name it...
Briber: Liriel
Bribe: Chocolate, Gummibears (sp?) from Haribo of course, Mozartkugeln, Marzipan ... Just tell my what you like and I'll send it!

Author: Erin
Story:  Mission Im/possible
Briber:  ??
Bribe:  How about sequel? For a.............pint of Hagen Das & your favorite godling in the God Trial Chair.

Author:  Jen
Story:  Regency Fuck
Briber: Thamiris
Bribe:   Though seeing more of this story might actually cause me to die of lust, I'm still going to bribe you for more.  Picture this.   ' Iphicles is reclining naked on a red silk couch, thighs spread wide, one leg dangling to the floor.  Ares stands before him, skin gleaming gold in the light, lips parted and eyes half-closed with lust.  Catching his gaze, Iphicles arches his back, raising his swollen cock for his lover's mouth.'  I'll frame that and you can put it on your bedroom wall--just keep writing.
Status:  Regency Fuck is now finished!

Author:  Nymphica
Story:  The Crossing
Briber: Jen
Bribe: Hot toasty buttered Iphicles, served up for breakfast, tea, and whenever you desire...  (Ok, so the bribe's not an original idea, but the desperation behind the offer is sincere...)

Briber: Rusalka
Bribe: Iphicles, a hot tub big enough to swim in, a bottle of ginger-scented bath oil, and two big, fluffy, towels.  Some chilled strawberry wine, a box of chocolate truffles, and "Bolero" playing in the background.  Enjoy.

Author:  Roo
Story:  Waking Nightmare
Briber: Joanna
Bribe:  More Ares/Joxer!!!!  Please, pretty please with Ares on top, finish this story!!! It's a great story!!!

Author:  Shamenka
Story:  The Wolf and the Man
Briber: Jill Rowdy
Bribe:  A night with Strife rubbing your left foot, Iolaus your right foot. Hercules feeding you grapes, and Ares rubbing your.....well whatever needs rubbing!

Author: Thamiris
Story:  Diary of a Mad Bitch Goddess
Briber: Brigid
Bribe: Ares GOW dressed in nothing but a big red bow.

Author: Thamiris
Story:  The House of Fame
Briber: Rusalka
Bribe: One life-size, anatomically correct sub-Iphy doll.  Comes with a Starter Bondage Kit: manacles, ball gag, cock ring, and riding crop.  Pull the little string in the back, and it drops to its knees and begs.  Ships with a 10% discount coupon for matching Ares or Caesar doll.
Briber: Jen
Bribe: Ares fucking Iph again and again and again.... (ok, it ain't subtle, but I'm desperate here!)

Author: Thamiris
Story:  Like a Virgin
Briber:  ??
Bribe:  Ares and Iphicles perform wild sexual acts unrivaled in the annals of porn history; Thamiris directs the action, creating the ultimate Ares fuck video.  Chocolate, strawberries and fluffers will be on hand to keep the boys happy.
Briber:  ??
Bribe:  A check in the amount of $1,000,000.  Thamiris could then concentrate on writing fic, and leave those pesky RL intrusions (read "student essays") to someone else.
Briber: Bard
Bribe:  I will send you the god of choice Duh...which one...) naked and tied up with a bottle of chocolate sauce and a tub of whipped cream.  Then he will have to give you a full body massage and properly fuck you senseless.  That's all.

Briber: Joanna
Bribe:  Think Auto and Ares, sweating, gruting, thrusting, moaning.... think "finish this story!!!!"  Pretty please with Ares on top?!?!?

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