KSA:  Mysteries of the Herc-Xenaverse

These are some of the oddities and impossibilites found in canon.  Contains spoilers for all seasons of HtLJ and XWP.  If you'd like to add your own, email Thamiris.

1.  When faced with the choice between a leather-clad, well-muscled, gorgeous, hunk of bad-boy man, and Gabs,  Xena chooses Gabs.

2.  No one other than 'Dite finds it unusual that Hercules would travel around Greece with a pig.  Maybe that's because half the men in ancient Greece have some kind of animal fetish?  Think Herc and his half-deer wife, Serena, who also did the 'beast with two backs' with Ares, Iolaus and his fish-friend, Ares and the chicken Discord...And don't even get me started on the centaurs.

3.  While Hercules, Ares, Gabs and Xena have all undergone costume changes, Joxer and Iolaus, the two who most need it, are still wearing the same thing.

4.  No one wonders why Iphicles and Ares look so much alike, or Cupid and Caesar, and why Zeus never looks the same from ep to ep.

5.  In One Fowl Day, the worst punishment Ares can dole out to Iolaus and Auto is to chain them naked together.  And some people wonder where slash comes from.

6.  No matter where our Greek heroes go--Ireland, China, India, Norway--there's never a language barrier.  Really cheesy, unbelievable accents, but no language barrier.

7.  What Deimos was doing while Auto was wearing his lederhosen in this season's Hercules, Tramps and Thieves.

8.   Why Xena never cut off Gab's head, saying, "You want to know the Way?
I'll show you the Way!"

9.  Amarice.

10. Several of the gods talk like Valley Girls. (Grody!)

11.  Xena and Iolaus don't find it strange that there are monarchs that
conveniently look exactly like them.

12. No one finds it strange that Ares, BBGOW, puts up with the various indignities inflicted upon him in HTLJ.

13. All you  have to do to see a god is to throw some stuff around in their temple. And  they don't annihilate you as a result of said destruction.

14. No one ever wonders what turned Iph's hair that colour.

15. The Spiderwoman (Arachne?) hatched with a bra on.

16.  Ares' magically disappearing chest hair...

17. There are only about 5-10 people per village.

18. There are three women in Greece who look identical to Xena, but none are related.

19. People on foot always get where they're going faster than the people on horseback.

20. Herc and Ioalus walk through mountains were it's snowing in their sleevess shirts and not be cold.

21. Why doesn't anyone realize that Gabby obviously isn't a member of "Cleopatra's" group of servants

22. Why aren't the Greek people so non-chalant about Xena killing their Gods left and right--I mean, really, Eli's influence couldn't have spread that far that fast.

23. Why the people in Xena's home village are so trusting that they dare stand against Athena--baby or not, I'm sure they all know of Xena's past. Would you trust your life and livelihood to someone like her?

24. How on Earth does an oxcart kill a God...

25. Back on the subject of Egypt...how did the palace keep the servants from gossiping about their Queen's death. Xena doesn't look that much like Cleopatra--either one of them.

26. Why didn't Athena recognize a doll...come on, She's supposed to be the intelligent one of the lot!

27. Why does Ares keep trying to woo the Virgin Xena...she certainly isn't worth it.

28.  Why in a spanse of 25 years would Joxer look and act 50 years older, while Eve who was supposed to be 25, look 15 years old...and act 5 years old?

29. When the Twilight of the Gods was at hand why did the gods who were the most helpful in the past (Hades, Athena, Artemis, Hephestus) suddenly become the bad guys, while the gods who had been the biggest trouble makers (Ares, Hera, Aphrodite) suddenly bent over backwards to help out the heroes?

30. Why did Ares spend so much energy trying to get his hands on some Hinds' Blood, when all he had to do to get a god-killing weapon was walk through a mountain and grab one of Cronos' ribs?

31. And speaking of god-killing waepons...sheez! Between Hinds' Blood, the Cronos Rib, the Light Chakram, the Dagger of Helios, Eli, Eve, Xena, and yes the occasional flying ox-cart...what WOULDN'T kill a god?

32. Why would Apollo, the God of Healing, have a sword that could fatally poison a person with just one scratch?

Contributors:  BlackFeather, Candace, Jen, Jenn M., Oshun Anat, Thamiris

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