by Thamiris
That damn grammar guide fascinates some people.  I think I've broken some kind of unspoken law about mixing sex and grammar in the twentieth-first century (it's a medieval thing).   The collection of stuff below is eclectic and sometimes downright silly.   

Slash Recommendations
For slash recommendations in the Hercuverse and beyond.

Tham's Sexed-Up Grammar Guide
Let Ares and his cock help you with some of the grammar essentials.

Writing Commandments
The results of a collaborative bitch-session between me, Lorna, Oshun Anat and Taz.

Vultures and the Bones of Description
An exploration of the layers in descriptive writing.

The Herc-Xenaverse Fanfic Survey
I polled a number of different slash lists, including KSA, Joxerotica, HercFic and others, to find out what people had to say about their likes and dislikes in our fandom.  I also included a number of questions on feedback.  If you haven't yet filled in the survey, you can do it here, since I'll be periodically updating the results.

Bruce Campbell on Slash
A letter in which I asked BC what he thought about slash, and his response. I felt fairly safe asking my question for reasons I mention on the page, but I'd like to make clear from the outset that I do not endorse contacting celebrities and asking their position on slash; it's really quite invasive.  (My moral ground's probably a bit shaky, but what the hell).

Let's Talk Plagiarism
Erin and I co-wrote a short essay on the issue of borrowing from other writers.  We don't discuss overt plagiarism (a crime for which the thieves should burn in hell) but more subtle instances.

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