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I'm a slash-whore who reads across fandoms, genres and authors, although Smallville is my current favorite.  Something must leap out, preferably lush style, inventive plot, hot sex, strong characterization.  Final note: please send the authors the feedback they so deserve. 

New Recs
I was going to write up more than these nine recs, but RL dictates otherwise. 

December 20, 2002

Smallville Beth Ann's Confidence. Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  Drama.  84k
A gorgeous multi-narrative story with the voices split between Chloe, Lex and Clark.   Absolutely perfect Chloe voice, and she controls the story, the action of which revolves around her curiosity about Lex.   She's not the only stellar aspect of the story:  I'm burning with heat for the Lex/Clark relationship here, which is smart and at points even vaguely disturbing but always romantic. *fixed the link.
Smallville  Brighid's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit. Clark/Lex.  R.  AU, Darkfic, Drama.  4k
Here we have a story that begins with a description of clothing, but as in all good strip teases, they're slowly dropped, piece by piece, until we're left with a character study of Lex, a dark, bitter, cancerous one. 
Smallville Hope's Metropolis Confidential. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Comedy.  17k
The notes offer an apology to Spillane and Hammett, and that should give you a clue to the kind of story it is.  It shoots faster than John Wayne on crack.   It wiggles and writhes like a stripper with an itch.   Funny, so damn funny, but it's the language that yanks me in, the clever way she wraps her words together.   And on top of it all, or maybe underneath, or better yet, behind the glass like that pearly naked Lex, this story is hot and romantic, too.   Story-telling under the wacked-out faux-noir insanity.
Smallville Ingrid's In the Summertime. Gen.  Angst.  8k
Jonathan isn't a character I like easily, but here he's somehow purified, becoming the best of what he is on the show, the edges still there, but...Well, I think it's that Ingrid turns him into a human being better than John Schneider can; hers acts with Academy-Award-winning precision, and he really is a beautiful thing to watch.  So touching how much he loves Clark, how hard his life is, how stoic he can be.  Cuts in a melancholy way.
Smallville Lenore's Balance. Clark/Lex, Martha/Lex.  PG-13.  Drama.  28k
I just read "Balance," and I loved it.   It's the kind of story where the emotions come out in the details -- and it's a story full of emotions.   Lex struggles to make sense of his life, tries to figure out where he fits in relation to his father, his dead mother, to Martha and finally to Clark, or maybe where he fits in the world overall, grappling with his "tendency to oversimplify." 
Smallville  Pablo's The Sky is Empty. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Drama.  8k
Lovely, thematic story of Clark and his relationship to pain and heat.   I love how the story moves slowly through time, linking Clark's experiences with others' pain until the narrative line shifts and it becomes about a different kind of pain.   Clark's guilt for the pain he causes is channelled into something warmer with Lex.
Smallville  Pearl-O's Drowning in Syrup. Implid Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Drama, Futurefic.  16k
"Do you ever get that feeling, where part of you is wishing you could go back to being a kid and the way it was before, and just forget about everything -- but then the other part of you is still waiting to finally get to be a grown-up?" That's Chloe, who returns as an adult to Smallville and learns that nostalgia's not all it's cracked up to be in this touching, rainshower of a story. 
Smallville  Slodwick's The Hour When I Was Brave.  Gen.  Drama, Futurefic.  8k
Clark returns to the bridge where it all began.  Quiet and beautiful, with spikes.   I need to read more of Slod's work:  it's subtle yet rich, the kind that bites when you're not expecting it.
Smallville  Wendy's Opposites and Choices Series. Clark/Lex, Clark/Lois.  NC-17.  Futurefic, comedy, romance, angst. 
"I don't know, Lois. When did Superman's dick become your moral yardstick?"  This line from Clark to Lois sums up everything that I like about this story.  It's not just that it's witty, which it is, or that it gives me a nice bit of pleasure picturing Clark's cock, but because it captures the wacky distortions of Clark's world.   He's so delightfully human, and I'm terribly in love with him, beautiful and befuddled as he is.

May 20, 2002

Smallville  Andariel's Shift in Perception. Clark/Lex, Clark/Lana.  PG-13.  Drama.  8k
Clark reminisces about his first kiss--and his second.  He talks about his unexpected reactions, and the story echoes this, shifting, taking me behind columns to see mysteries.  Sexy and insightful. 
Smallville  Beth's The Field Where I Died. Clark/Lex.  R.  Drama.  12k
It's like Beth took all of the things that I see when I watch SV, the friendship between Clark and Pete, Lana's obsession with her dead parents, Chloe's goodness and loyalty, and of course Lex and Clark's love for each other, and wove them around a very darkly-romantic center.  Read prepared to ache.
Smallville  Brancher's Sleeping on the Wing. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Drama.  4k
While I'm on a bit of a strike against first-person stories, I broke that rule to swim in this one.   It seduced me with the dreamy, vaguely-surreal first line and once I started, I couldn't stop.   The writing was too lyri-psychological to resist, and--see?   It's so good I even invented a whole new category just for this story. 
Smallville  Brighid's Planets Crashing to Dust. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Angst.  4k
"Planets," a second-person narrative, has this lyrical quality, this poetic tempo and beauty that still manages to capture Lex, what he's feeling, what he's thinking, without reducing him to a single dimension.
Smallville  Destina's Chrysalis. Clark/Lex.  R.  Drama.  36k
A complicated story from Lex's point of view.   Lex is dark-edged here, surrounded by rich prose and subtle dialogue, and he wants, but his actions are counter-intuitive.   Brain-engaging with the right amount of emotional twists.   In both this and Prophet of Eden, Destina made me anxious; her stories are never predictable. 
Smallville  Destina's Prophet of Eden. Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  Drama.  110k
An epic story that weaves present and future, and forces Lex to face some deep, dark shit.  Powerful, unforgettable story-telling that chews on your intestines.   An outstanding piece, and I highly recommend it. 
Smallville  Falada's Apple. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Angst.  20k
Some stories are short and skimpy, and I want to buy them clothes.  This wasn't one of those.   I love narratives where the writer bothers with details, where the world within is sensual and surreal, not a haphazard creation but a serious attempt to produce a viable universe.   This is what I found in Apple, a story where Clark comes to terms with his feelings for Lex.
Smallville  Hope's Droit de Seigneur. Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  First-time.  13k.
Lex wants something from Clark, and his other demands--the "lipstick, candle wax, bondage, videotape"--are all about eliciting it, whether he knows it or not.  Steamy, sweat-inducing story, with Hope's trademark literary touches.   She's goooood.
Smallville  Hope's Stick Shift. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  First-time. 
Talent!   I love to read a story where the writer has it,where I know the fictive goodness that I'm seeing isn't just fluke, but real.   This is what reading fanfic is all about, the pleasure in finding someone who can put together words and ideas in a way that resonates, that turns the ordinary into so much more.   Stick Shift does that, turns this story of a boy and his car, and another boy, into this wonderful, funny, romantic story. 
Smallville  Ice's Brand New Things. Lex/Whitney.  NC-17. PWP.  36k
This is one of the stories that helped me like Whitney.  He became more than the pretty, petulant football player because Ice gives him a personality here.  Whitney's strong and needy, confused and angsty--and hot for Lex (like the rest of us).  Lex seduces him, and it's of the good.  Have some ice water handy. 
Smallville  Jenn's Scars. Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  PWP.  16k
Clark learns Lex's scars, then Lex paints him.  Not an adequate description, but really, I just want to moan and writhe and whisper, "Read with a fire extinguisher handy."  Only that's not fair to the story, which has the sweetly-ripe prose that always makes me swoon, and an intensity to the relationship that transforms it from a simple PWP--it's the definition of good erotica. 
Smallville  Kassie and Lar's Lumina Series (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  Drama.  Unfinished, but read it anyway.
The story shifts between Lex and Clark, who think and want.  If that sounds unappealing, don't be fooled:  it's sharply-observant, intricately-detailed.  It's like a forest in the fairy tale, with a gingerbread house that you could eat for days, and a lurking witch.  I broke my no-serial-stories for this one, and it was worth every second. 
Smallville  LaT's Misapprehension. Implied Clark/Lex; Lex/f.  PG-13.  Angst.  12k
There's so much rush in fanfic, this speed to get everything out and run off, but LaT avoids this, concentrating instead on Clark.  It's vivid enough that I not only saw his trek through the garden and inside the house, but also felt it, all of it, from the little things, like his fond thought of his mother and the flowers, to the hesitant consideration of his sexuality, to the shocked knowledge that comes when he see Victoria and Lex in bed together.
Smallville  Meredith Lynne's Ice. Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  Romance.  48k
At one point in the story, right before he gives in to Clark, Lex thinks to himself, "No defense against this, but he'd brought it on himself and it was so good".   That's very much how I felt reading this story.   Even if I wanted to resist Ice, because it's romantic and sweet under the layer of Lexian suffering and I'm an angst-queen and above melting and swooning and dying for the boys to be together, I couldn't.  Because I did melt and swoon and die.   Damn you, Merry. 
Smallville  Te's Deep Throat. Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  First-time.  24k
Hot.   Brutally hot.   Except that the story's not brutal at all, just the heat of it, total sweaty summer day with Clark starting off in his fantasy world, picturing and wanting and needing, then Lex showing up and doing, fulfilling and giving.   Panty-scorching, with Te's dialogue that always sounds real.
Smallville  Vera's Cotton. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Drama.  4k
I liked this story a lot.  I wasn't sure when I began to read, that I would; it's from Martha's point of view, I'm terribly impatient with domesticity, but Vera handled it so well that she won me over almost immediately.    In some ways it reminded me of Leon Rooke's A Bolt of White Cloth; Vera connects each action of Martha's actions with her history, so that each one feels like an emotional compass.
Smallville  Wendi's Eros and Agape. Clark/Lex; Clark/f.  PG-13.  Future-fic; comedy. 
I was prepared for an all-out comedy, but this actually made me feel as well as giggle.
Because underneath the jokes about bisexual superheroes needing therapy, and Wonder Woman and her magic lasso, I found myself invested in adult Clark's attempts to choose between Lex and Lois.  As an adult, Clark Kent is just what he's always been:  torn and confused, still with that delicious farm-boy charm that makes what he's doing seem sweetly-befuddled, and not cruel.
Smallville  Zahra's End Game. Clark/Lex.  PG-13.  Angst.  4k
Lex quotes Monty Python here, and I find that the story itself is structured almost as a series of jokes, each with its own punchline.  I don't mean that each section is funny; I'm thinking more of the structure, how each paragraph is capped with a zinger. If there's any humor here, and I do think there is, it's in Lex's self-depracating comments, in his wry awareness of his obsessive interest in being Clark's "first."   Zahra rocks.

January 11, 2002

Smallville  debchan's Snow.  Clark/Lex.  NC-17.  PWP.
I don't have much to say about this story, except that I might've experienced spontaneous orgasm in the middle of it.  Lex and Clark in a stalled car, and Lex gets cold.   Clark helps, and it's like sitting in front of a fire--no, sitting in the fire.   The dialogue's great; she doesn't clutter it with lots of extraneous crap, and the characters are the babes I know from Smallville, not any two guys engaged in automative groping. 

And not turn this into the all-Deb, all-the-time rec page, but the R-rated Cake and Pie is another Clark/Lex story worth reading, this one again for the dialogue and the sweet deliciousness of the boys' interactions. 

Smallville  Keelywolfe's Earthbound.   Clark/Lex.  NC-17.   First-Time.  16k.
Keely's Lex, who narrates this story, is snarky and hurting, just the way I like him, vulnerable and hating it, as he tries to make sense of his past.   Lushly-told, with Lex so bruised I felt it, and Clark there to do what he does best.  The sex matters--everything does in this fic, and it all works toward a complex, gorgeous exploration of the hottest bald bad-boy since Yul Brenner.   Great rhythm, too.

December 23, 2001

LA Confidential  12/23/01  debchan's Distal.   Bud White/Ed Exley.  PG-13.  Drama.
Set after the movie, this story focuses on Bud's life with Lynn in Bisbee.   It's one of those perfectly-economical pieces where the tone is established more through what isn't said than what is, and this is not a happy story.  The end is a little cough of blood in a story that's a series of low, hard punches.   Deb's Smallville fic, Antigen, is the same way, and I'd happily rec that, too.   She's becoming one of my favorite authors.
Smallville 12/23/01  LaT's Reveal.  Clark/Lex.  R, with voyeurism.  Drama.
An unseen Lionel Luthor watches Lex and Clark make love.   It's a very introspective piece that gets right into Papa Luthor's head.   Not a place I'd spend my Christmas holidays, but LaT reproduces a believable voice for him, and ultimately I felt for Lionel, even if I didn't particularly like him.   Like Lionel himself, this story is smart enough to face what's disturbing, and it's stayed with me.   In an ocean of Smallville stories, that's a great compliment to LaT's thoughtful characterization (okay, and I really got off on the voyeuristic element here).
Smallville 12/23/01  Merry's The Middle of Nowhere and especially its sequel, The Road Home.  NC-17. Clark/Lex.  48k.   Light, romantic comedy. 
Merry is a very good technical writer, and I mean that in the best way, as someone who cares about narrative cohesion:  this story is well-crafted, especially the sequel, with all of the pieces fitting perfectly.   And the pieces here form a funny, charming story with an inventive and amusing MOTW.  I wish that more writers had her understanding of form, and could package a story in a way that would make Martha Stewart proud, as Merry has here. 
Smallville 12/23/01  The Spike's The Butterfly Effect.  R.  Clark/Lex (the rating is hers; I'd give it a hard "G," since the story is essentially sex-free).  64k.   Drama.
Beautiful, powerful story that made me cry.   It's about destiny, which sounds pretentious, but so isn't in Spike's hands.   That girl can write, with lovely, lyrical prose, but doesn't forget the emotion underneath, as she tells from several viewpoints what happens when Lex tries to see into his own future.   I'll add Spike's NC-17 Ride here, too, which is a very different story, but one destined to steam your panties right off.
Smallville/Batman crossover.    12/23/01  Te's See This  Lex/Lionel, Lex/Bruce Wayne.  NC-17. Incest.  52k.  Drama. 
This pre-Smallville story deals with Lex as he grows up, following him through some painful twists and turns, including an incestuous relationship with his father, and a relationship with a young Bruce Wayne.  The writing is gorgeous, lush and vivid like all of Te's work, and makes me want to hold Lex on my lap and sing him lullabies. 

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