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May 06, 2004
Smallville/Harry PotterClark/Remus, Clark/Lex/Remus, Clark/Lex, implied Remus/Sirius.  NC-17.  66k.  Angsty romantiporn.  Lex boards the plane with a single suitcase and a hundred ugly adjectives.   Set in the summer following both OotP and Clark's high school graduation. 

April 25, 2004
Of Sun, War, and Cicadas
Smallville.  Lex/Clark. NC-17.  42k.  Romantiporn.  Clark helps Lex to trust the sun.  For three stunning covers, see this one by Laura B, and this one by Slodwick.

January 28, 2004
Harry Potter.  Harry Potter/Severus Snape.  NC-17.  25k.  PWP, dark, dirty, and dubiously consensual.  Harry wants Snape to be kinder, but Snape obliges on his own terms.  Set during PoA.  Barbana made a gorgeous, steamy-beyond-words picture inspired by the story; check it out with ice water handy. 

January 18, 2004
The Third (The full 225k for people with faster connections.)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. (The story divided for those with slower connections.)
Harry Potter/Smallville.  Sirius/James, Remus/Lex, Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Lex.  NC-17.  225k.  Crossover, drama, angst.  During their seventh year at Hogwarts, as Sirius watches helplessly, the Marauders' circle changes shape.  In this world, Lex Luthor and the Marauders are the same age, and the story begins when they're nearing eighteen. 

December 28, 2003
The Man in the Moon
Harry Potter.  Sirius Black/Remus Lupin.  NC-17.  10k.  A very romantic PWP.  Some things are better with the volume high.   Set during OotP.

December 15, 2003
Velvetglove offered this hot number for my Clark/Lex story, The Rules of Blue.

December 9, 2003
A Rational Addiction
Smallville.  Lex/Clark. NC-17.  23k.  Futurefic, PWP, angst.  This waiting, after all, is beneath him, and Lex has never done patience well, but addictions are by nature irrational.  With sex.   A lot of hot, sweaty sex. 

November 30, 2003
The Hands of Orpheus
Smallville. Lex/Clark. Lex/Other.  NC-17.  40k.  AU, drama, futurefic, romance.  Clark goes on a rescue-mission to Hell.   This is what happens when Cocteau's Orpheus and Marlowe's Dr. Faustus meet in my brain.   Go here to see Amber's wonderful cover for this story.

The Scarecrow
Smallville. Lex/Clark.  PG-13.  10k.  Angst, romance.  Lex learns that sometimes the truth hits you between eight shades of quiet.  This story starts in the past and ends in the future, and along the way I pick up a few lines of dialogue from the show. 

November 9, 2003
The Truth About Icarus
Smallville. Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  23k.  Drama, futurefic, romance.  Lex learns Clarks secret identity in this melancholic story. Go here to see Slodwick's beautiful cover for this story.

July 20, 2003
Antonia made this gorgeous cover for my Clark/Lex story, The Rules of Blue.

July 11, 2003
Behind a Dragon's Smile
Smallville. Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  17k.  Established relationship, romance.  Chopsticks and denial, inspired by Spiderine, Bexless, and Japanese mythology. Go here to see Slodwick's beautiful cover for this story.

Unlike Dead Butterflies
Smallville.  Lana/Pete.  R.  13k.  Romance.  Sometimes love is popcorn, too many drinks and your best friend.  Go here to see Andy's beautiful cover for this story.

May 04,  2003
Laura B. made this evocative cover for When a Strawberry Is Pushed into a Mountain.

April 22, 2003
When a Strawberry Is Pushed into a Mountain
Smallville. Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  188k.  Futurefic, Romance, Drama.  Away at college, Clark learns to read between the lines and finds his future there. 

Kat created this eye-poppingly hot cover for my story

April 05, 2003
Go here to see Carlanesses' gorgeous cover for Along Came a Spider.

April 03, 2003
Go here to see Sandram's drool-worthy cover for Apocrypha.

March 29, 2003
Red Lilies
(02)  Lex/Clark.  PG-13, implied het.  6k.  Angst.  Lex considers the women in his life.  Shelley contributed this beautiful cover for the story.

March 18, 2003
Livia made this lovely cover for The Rules of Blue

February 19, 2003
Wilde Like
Smallville.  Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  25k.  PWP.  In this coda to "Prodigal," Clark listens to Lex through thin walls.

January 29, 2003
Body Talk
Smallville.  Lex/Clark.  PG-13.  15k.  In this coda to "Suspect," Clark's body tries to tell him something.

January 3, 2003
Driving with Crocodile Shoes
Smallville.  Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  25k.  PWP, Romance, Episode-Related.  A naked, schmoopy-angsty explanation of why Clark was late for school in "Redux". Some lines of dialogue are lifted directly from the episode. 

December 20, 2002
I updated my rec page with 9 new Smallville stories.

December 03, 2002
Smallville. Lex/Martha.  PG-13, het.  10k.  Angst.  Martha faces her choices. 

November 27, 2002
The Continually Vibrating I
Smallville. Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  63k.  First-time, Romance.   A revision of events in "Dichotic," with a few lines borrowed from that episode.  Lex learns a new secret. 

November 10, 2002
Smallville. Lionel/Lex, Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  34k.   Post-Red. Incest.  Lex and his father enact an old family tradition, and Clark gets in the way. 

November 02, 2002
Smallville.  Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  21k.  Angsty PWP.  Clark touches Lex's scar after Cassandra's funeral. 

September 29, 2002
How to Lose Your Virginity and Other Old Tricks
Smallville.  Lex/Clark, Clark/m.  NC-17.  55k.   Improbable yet exuberant crossover with Urban Legend.  Set in the summer the year before the events in Urban Legend.   Lex's cousin Parker pays a visit, and Clark learns a few new tricks. 

July 31, 2002
The Rules of Blue
Smallville.   Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  45k.  Romanti-porn comedyish future-fic thing.  Of boys and rules, heroes and bombs.

July 20, 2002
This gorgeous image was made by Hope for my Clark/Lex story, Apocrypha.

July 06, 2002
Smallville.   Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  160k.  Drama, romance.   In the world after Nicodemus, Lex finds that sometimes you dream of history and sometimes history dreams of you.

I updated my links page.  More to come.

June 11, 2002
I updated my links page.

June 10, 2002
Along Came a Spider
Smallville.   Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  20k.  First-time comedy-smut.  What happens when you cross alien anatomy, spider sense, and love?

The Myth of Home
Smallville/Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.   Clark/Lex, Ares/Hercules.  6k.  Drama.  Home is a four-letter word.

BtVS.  Spike/Xander.  NC-17.  10k.  First-time comedy-smut.  A bound Spike has Xander intrigued.

May 20, 2002
I updated my rec page with 18 new Smallville stories.

April 26, 2002
Sixty Miles An Hour
Smallville.   Lex/Clark, Clark/Lex/Whitney.  NC-17.  100k.  Drama, romance, first-time.  Things get dangerous when you go sixty miles an hour.

March 03, 2002
Smallville.   Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  25k.  First-time. Works perfectly as a stand alone, but it's part one in the "Scarred" series.   Clark and Lex go to the movies.

January 23, 2002
Smallville.   Lex/Clark.  R.  11k.  Clark goes to Lex's place one night. 

January 11, 2002
I updated my rec page

December 23, 2001
I updated my rec page, mostly with Smallville recommendations.  Also, check out this lovely Clark/Lex manip of Livia's. 

Happy holidays!

December 19, 2001
Smallville.   Lex/Clark. NC-17.  56k.   Comedy-drama. Lex fights a faux Spiderman, a Cerberus wannabe, and a secretive Clark. 

I updated my links page.

December 02, 2001
Smallville.   Lex/Clark. NC-17.   Bondage.  90k.   In this retelling of Metamorphosis, Clark works out his feelings for Lex. 

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