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Smallville Slash 
All Mirth, No Matter
Ars Lunaris
Between the Lines
But George, You're a Communist
Chalk Scribblings on the Sidewalk
Chez LaT
Elegant Slumming
Get Your Vera Here
rebecca's realm
Smallville Slash Archive
Spike's Slash
Worlds Without Boundaries
Hercuverse Slash 
Aly's Ares and Iphicles Slash
Ashera's Adult Xena Fan Fiction Archive
The Auto-Erotica Archive
Barb and Marti's Web Pages
Erin's Slash Page
Foxmonkey's Slash
Ghared's Hercules Page
The Gutter
The Hercfic Archive
Herculean Slash
Heroes and Hangovers
In The Realm of the Wicked
The Iolausian Pervert's Club
Jen's Iphicles Slash Fiction Site
The Joxerotica Archives
The Ksmithares Archive
The Ksares Archive
The Less Than Legendary Journeys
Lorraine's Slash Page
Mindscapes and Musings
Mythic Designs
Nemetona's Slash Page
Nymphica's Nest
Roo's Writings
Rusalka's Realm
The Temple of Ares and Joxer
Vyola's Corner
Wild:  Narcissus' Slash
Xena-Ares Fanfiction @ Xenite Country (het)
Multifandom Slash; Other
Amothea's Angst Archive
The Bard's Den
Blake's 7 Resources
The Boys in Chains Archive
Cara Chapel (The Sentinel, dS, Boy Meets Boy, SV)
Chez Mireille (HP, BtVS)
cmshaw's Fanfic (dS, HP, Sentinel)
Duets (dS)
Ellison Wonderland's Fanfiction (HtLJ; OAT)
Fandomwriters (BtVS, Angel)
The Finch's Nest (Voyager, X-Files, TS, Star Wars Prequel, Velvet Goldmine)
Gila's Cave
The Gilded Mission (Farscape, Smallville, *NSYNC, recovering X-Phile)
Independent Soul (BtVS, Northern Exposure, TPM, Stand By Me, HP, RPS)
In Media Res (dS)
JiM's Fiction Page (XF)
Killa's Adventures in Melodrama
Lilith Sedai (TPM, Phantom of the Opera het, Voyager het)
The Muse's Fool (X-Men movieverse, BtVS, Angel, SV, H:LotS, SW: AotC, WW)
Pumpkin's Slash Patch (TS, SW, Nightwatch, Velvet Goldmine)
Sandy's Slash Without Consent
SarahQ: Fanworks (various anime, various RPGs, SW)
Shell's Homepage (H:LotS, HCL)
Slash Fiction on the Net
Stories and Stuff by Gail (JAG, Bible slash)
Stories by Bone
Mailing Lists
ClarkLex list (the Clark/Lex discussion list)
Ksares (the Ares slash and discussion list)
Web Rings
The Herc-Xena Slash Ring
A Nest of Ninnies

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