Arami Vahagn

Heat, steam, fire and water.  Hephaestus worked to finish his task.  A gift of love befitting his lover and forged by passion and desire.  His well-muscled body turned raw metal into a thing of beauty. A golden crown adorned with laurel leaves and vines.  A present fit for his beloved Hades God of the Underworld.


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"Alive again," Nebula whispers, her words carried away on the wind.  She remembers tussling with her lover on a gently rolling bunk, their bodies completing a connection begun in their hearts.  A golden curl tucked soft against her breast reminds her of his love.  Tears fill her eyes; she smiles as the first one falls.


"Mine!" Iolaus yelled.

"Mine!" Iphy snapped.

"'s mine!" Ares leered.

He grabbed the unsuspecting demigod, tossed him on to the bed, stripped him naked, swallowed his huge throbbing cock, sucked, no, inhaled the massive erection, drank the sweet seed as it spurted down his throat, licked his lips, and left Hercules a quivering wreck.


"So, you're back." His dark eyes taunted me, lips curling upward in sadistic satisfaction.

"You know I couldn't stay away, you bastard!" My voice was choked with lust and anger.

With a swift motion he entwined my hair into a massive fist. "As I recall you liked...  foreplay."

I snarled, "Shut up and fuck me!"

Lady Viper

The darkness closed in on them. Each reaching out to touch the one they desired. But how could one be sure it was the god they desired? As the heat of the bodies grew closer, Only the one he desired could feel the heat and his godly touch that warmed his soul in the darkness.


He cried in my arms last night, and I knew I'd lost.  I knew it when he made love to me, for the first time in weeks, so slow and gentle.  Afterwards, he trembled while I held him.

"I'm sorry, Rena," he sobbed.  "I'm so sorry."

In my dreams, I heard a dark god laughing.


The fire's crackling heat felt wonderful on Autolycus's naked skin, as did his lover's cool touch.  Sword-roughened hands traced patterns on his body, while soft lips nipped
hard at his neck.  The war god's skin gleamed darkly with sweat and oil. Autolycus, no longer capable of thought, let his awareness flow with the sensations.

Oshun Anat

Ares ran his fingers over the whip lovingly. This would be a day of firsts. The first day that his lover would submit to him. The first day the leather would kiss the muscular flesh, raising welts, drawing blood and screams. The first step on the path to making Julius Caesar his, body and soul.

Oshun Anat

"Give them to me." Ares growled at Caesar.


"Why not?!"

"I'm Rome. I deserve them." Caesar said haughtily.

"Well, I'm a God." Ares scowled.

"So?" Caesar asked.

"Don't get me mad, mortal."

"I'll wear the slippers today. You get them tomorrow."

<Pout> "Fine." Ares sulked.

Caesar smiled triumphantly as the Bunny Slippers were his.


Ares looked out over the battlefield, his last battle. Now Greece would be lost to the Romans. He had tried to warn them!. Had they listened? When did they ever? Finally, his eyes fell on Mars, and his Greek lover, was Ares the only one to ask why Herakles had Romanised his name like that?

The Last Prayer

The night chilled Iolaus as he exited the inn. With a glance behind, at Herc’s room, he made his way to the ruined temple. Kneeling by the altar, he prayed for the only one who could help him now. A cloaked figure watched from the shadows.

“Save him,” whispered the hunter.  An answer never came.


"And what exactly is that for?" Ares glowered, menacingly.

"Try it on...think it's sexy." Joxer gave him his best 'puppy dog' eyes.

Growling, the God of War tried on his new undies....a black leather G-string complete with matching handcuffs.


Joxer eyed the bulging drawstring bag, sucking in his breath.  "Oh yeah!"


A corridor lit by grey moonlight.  Panted breaths heat the chilled air, while four hands press against the stone wall.  He whispers something low and loving, but the darkness swallows his words.  When it's over, the god leaves, and his lover is alone.  He always wonders if this is the last time.

For once, he's right.


She cried the first time.  The handsome king kissed her, and left a gold coin on her pillow.  The next time, when he used his mouth, the girl wept again, and he gave her a song-bird.  The third time, as he lay over her, she cut out his heart.  "Yours for mine," she whispered.


Given all that had been said, and done, and lost, it was a miracle that they were together now. Limbs entwined, mouths full of each other, they loved for the first time, brothers for the first time.  Ares, lost to the peace of surrender, and Hercules, touched by darkness, commanding War.  Together, they were whole.

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