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Welcome to Blow It With Feeling, a fannish challenge of stiff proportions.  Below are links to all the stories and art contributed; obviously, given the nature of the challenge, they're all a hard R to NC-17.  Thanks so much to everyone who participated; it's been a great run, and you're fabulous fo sharing your talent!  That said, enjoy the stories and don't forget to feed the authors.

--Thamiris and Alison

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| Smallville |

Title: Lessons
Author: RandomEliza
Fandom: Alias
Pairing: Sark/Simon
Length: 4,460 words
Genre: Drama, humor
Summary: A first lesson in fighting dirty.
Emotion: Spite

Title: Mine. Mine. Mine.
Author: researchminion
Fandom: Alias
Pairing: Will/Sark
Length: 1760, counting icon. 760, without.
Genre: Slash, Drama
Summary: Two bodies in a deadly dance.
Emotion: Possession

Angel:  the Series
See below.

Band of Brothers
Title: General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen
Author: Sabine
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Pairing: Winters/Nixon
Length: 17k
Genre: war and blowjobs
Summary: General, your tank is a powerful vehicle. (With due credit to Bertold Brecht)
Emotion: Panic

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Title: Alone At Last
Author: Gileswench
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Length: 1,381 words
Genre: PWP and how!
Summary: Buffy and Giles hold a...private celebration
Emotion: Celebration

Title: Better than Blood
Author: Zelda Destry
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Drusilla
Length: 2K
Genre: Angst
Summary: It all ends someday.
Emotion: Mercy

Title: Oh So Surly
Author: dword
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Length: 3091 words
Genre:  PWP
Summary: Giles is having a truly rotten day and is in a lousy mood. It's up to the Slayer to change that.
Emotion:  Surliness

Title: --Rerun
Author: Enigma9
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Length: 1100 words
Genre: Romance/PWP
Summary: Spike's watched enough soap operas in his unlife to know better.
Emotion: Disappointment

Title: Speak Love Without Truth
Author: AK
Fandom: BtVS/Angel
Pairing: Andrew/Lorne
Length: About 7000 words.
Genre: Angst, First-Time.
Summary: Andrew thinks he knows what he wants, but he still hasn't learned. Spoilers for Angel S5, particularly for "Life of the Party."
Emotion: Deception

Dark Angel
Title: What We Do
Author: girlie jones
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Zack/Lydecker
Length:1,169 words.
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: Brin has been abducted and Zack and Max have a rescue plan. Unfortunately they have to rely on their enemy and former Commander, Lydecker, to talk them into the building where Brin is being held. Zack is forced to make an unpleasant deal in order to secure Lydeckerís cooperation.
Emotion: Anger

due South
Title: Criminal Intent
Author: Kellie Matthews
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Length: 22KB / 2557 words
Genre: short story
Summary: There's more than one way to make mischief
Emotion: Mischief

See also below.

Title: Pulling the Strings
Author: Apathy
Fandom: Farscape
Pairing: Braca/Scorpius, Scorpius/Sikozu
Length: 1312 words
Genre: Episode Related, Character Study
Summary: Anger, resentment, and angst. Oh, my.
Emotion: Resentment

Hard Core Logo
Title: Welcome to the Old Days
Author: Starfish
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Pairing: Joe/f, Billy/f ... sort of.
Length: 3.5K
Genre: Slash - ish
Summary: At any given moment, it was even money whether he wanted to kiss Joe
or kill him.
Emotion: Fury

Harry Potter
Title: Deprivation
Author: Ev vy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy
Length: 1468 words
Genre: BDSM, not quite smut
Summary: Severus Snape tries to recall what happened on the previous day.
Emotion: Violation

Title: Heartbreak
Author: Leandra
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Bill/Charlie
Length: 1316 words
Genre: PWP
Summary: Billís sure that one of these days his heart will break just from watching Charlie.
Emotion: Hearbreak

Title: Hope
Author: gblvr
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Length: 2647 words
Genre: angst
Summary: Draco hates it when Harry leaves like that, but he just can't help himself....
Emotion: Yearning

Title: Lumos Penilis
Author: Signe
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Length: 2311 words
Genre: Humour, first time
Summary: In for a Knut, in for a Galleon.
Emotion: Amusement

Title:  The Third (For slower connections:  1, 2, 3)
Author:  Thamiris
Fandom: Harry Potter/Smallville
Pairing:   Sirius/James, Remus/Lex, Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Lex
Length: 225kb (39 000 words)
Genre:  Crossover, drama, angst
Summary:   During their seventh year at Hogwarts, as Sirius watches helplessly, the Marauders' circle changes shape.   In this world, Lex Luthor and the Marauders are the same age, and the story begins when they're nearing eighteen.
Emotion:  Jealousy

Title: Whatís A Boy To Do?
Author: chickenjodie
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Length: 4097 words
Genre: PWP, first time
Summary: Harry gets detention and the opportunity to act out one of his favorite fantasies.
Emotion: Insolence

Title: Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Author: Carene
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Duncan/Methos
Length: 8,150 words
Genre: Slash
Summary: Methos runs. Duncan runs after him.
Emotion: Loneliness

Title: Teratogen
Author: esjay
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Methos/Kronos
Length: 1000 words
Genre: slash
Summary: Set during Revelations 6:8. Methos recognizes the power Kronos has over him.
Emotion: Malevolence

Title:  Trust Me
Author:  beeej
Fandom:  Highlander
Pairing:  Duncan/Methos
Length:  2,286 words
Genre:  Slash
Summary:  Set one year after "Not To Be".
Emotion:  Distrust

Title: You Or Them
Author: Valery
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Duncan/Alexei Voshin
Length: 12 KB/approx. 1900 words
Genre: Vignette/Drama
Summary: Duncan realises what he is willing to do to help others.
Emotion: Malice

Homicide:  Life on the Street
Title: Compassion
Author: shell
Fandom: Homicide: Life on the Street/due South (crossover)
Pairing: Tim Bayliss/Mark Smithbauer
Length: 719 words
Genre: slash, crossover
Summary: Nightmares, a confession, and comfort.
Emotion: Compassion

Title: When You Love Someone
Author: Gail
Fandom: JAG
Pairing: Clayton Webb/Clark Palmer
Length: 6K
Genre: slash, established relationship.
Summary: Clayton Webb shows Clark Palmer what he can't yet say.
Emotion: Love

Justice League
Title:  Impetuous and near
Author:  shrift
Fandom:  Justice League
Pairing:  Flash/Green Lantern
Length:  2,300 words/13k
Genre:  Humor, PWP
Summary:  Best coma ever.
Emotion:  Impetuosity

Title: A Universal Constant
Author: Meadow Lion
Fandom: Justice League
Pairing: The Flash (Wally West)/Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Length: 2,469 words
Genre: M/M, PWP, Episode-Related ["The Brave and the Bold"]
Summary: There's a reason that the words "light" and "speed" go together so well.
Emotion: Indulgence

Title: Practice
Author: vissy
Fandom: Kizuna
Pairing: Enjouji/Ranmaru
Length: 2400 words
Genre: Slash
Summary: They're sixteen and in love. Melodrama is mandatory.
Emotion: Nervousness

Title:  The Five Stages of Letting Go
Author:  Baranduin
Fandom:  Lotrips
Pairing:  Elijah Wood/David Wenham
Length:  1208 words
Genre:  Angst
Summary:  Their last night together. They both got what they wanted.
Emotion:  Hurt

Title: Sin
Author: Reetchick
Fandom: Oz
Pairing: Beecher/Keller
Length: almost 2000 words
Genre: slash.  Or, since itís a canonical pairing, well Ė hm.  Itís certainly not het.  How about PWP with a side order of angst?
Summary: Keller shows his devotion.
Emotion: Devotion

The Pretender
See below.

Queer as Folk U.S.
Title:  Fellatio Quintet
Author: Eliza  (LJ: cupcakemlpota)
Fandom: Queer as Folk U.S.
Pairing:  Brian/Justin
Length: 27KB or 3700 words
Genre:  vignette collection
Summary: postcards from the back room
Emotion: Antagonism

Title: Worth the Fight
Author: E. E. Beck
Fandom: Queer as Folk U.S.
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Length: 101k
Genre: future, drama, humor, romance
Summary: The problem with the present is that it's stuck so awkwardly between the past and the future. Justin has a wrestling match with happiness ten years after the end of season 3.
Emotion: Gratitude

Title: Silent Terms of Endearment
Author: s.a.
Fandom: Queer as Folk U.S.
Paring: N/A
Genre:  N/A
Length:  N/A
Summary: There are some things that fix everything.  Think second season.
Emotion:  Faith

The Sentinel
Title: Experimentation
Author: Ilexa
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Length: 1,800 words
Genre: Romance, First Time
Summary: Blair wants to use their weekend off to conduct a little experiment. Jim learns the benefits of scientific application.
Emotion: Sensuousness

Title: Just Skin, Just Bones
Author: alee
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Length: 1132 words
Genre: angst, sex
Summary: Sometimes love can be a burden, and the perversion of love can destroy us all.
Emotion: Defilement

Title: Bodyguard
Author: fajrdrako
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: 6715 words
Genre: adventure-romance
Summary: When someone threatens Lex's life, Clark becomes his bodyguard, and
Lex has the impulse to touch.
Emotion: Arousal

Title: A Day on the Fringes
Author: Chris J. Ueberall
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: 64 k
Genre: Slash, First Time
Summary: The Kent men contemplate their family, love, Lex and choices.
Emotion: Affection

Title: Embarrassment
Author: Fabrisse
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Other
Length: 8k
Genre: First Time, PWP
Summary: Clark wants to learn.
Emotion: Embarrassment

Title:  Futurity
Author: Mlle Elizabeth
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: 1,667 Words
Genre: Romance
Summary: Lex, musing on an important occasion.
Emotion: Optimism

Title: Give It To Me
Author: GothGirl
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: 1500 words
Genre: PWP
Summary: Clark was bored.
Emotion: Confidence

Title: The Glass Half Empty
Author: missbegotten
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Length: 41kb
Genre: Drama
Summary: Sometimes feeling half-empty is better than feeling nothing at all.  Pre-Shattered.
Emotion: Apathy

Title:  Invulnerable Hearts
Author: Ingrid
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Length: 14K (2000+ words)
Genre: Futurefic, Asylum spoilers
Summary: There are certain types of invincibility even Superman dreams about.
Emotion: Hope

Title: Mars
Author: Vera
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: 814 words
Genre: first time
Summary: This is not what he wanted. This is not what he's been waiting for.  This is not happening.
Emotion: Disconnection

Title:   Seize the Day
Author:  a campbell
Fandom:  Smallville
Pairing:  Clark/Lex
Length:  4,798 words; 24 K
Genre:  Slash
Summary: Clark has a "new" car.
Emotion:  Pride

Title: Seventeen
Author: Wendi
Fandom: Smallville AU
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Wally West
Length: 23K
Genre: Het
Summary: Chloe wants to make sure Wally will always remember seventeen.
Emotion: Uncertainty

Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Lenore
Fandom: Smallville/Pretender
Pairing: Lex/Miss Parker
Length: apprx. 7500 words
Genre: Drama
Summary: Miss Parker targets a young Lex to get revenge on Lionel.
Emotion: Persuasion

Title: We Can Remember it for You Wholesale
Author: HYPERFocused
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: 5199 words
Genre: Slash, angst (of course), romance, H/C
Summary: Clark fills the holes in Lex's life.
Emotion: Anxiety

See also above.

Smallville:  RPS
Title: Things
Author: edie
Fandom: Smallville RPS
Pairing: Tom Welling/ Michael Rosenbaum
Length: 1250+
Genre: RPS
Summary: There are a lot of things Michael loves about Tom...
Emotion: Zeal

Stargate SG-1
Title: Sated
Author: Fabrisse
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Teal'c/Walter Davis
Length: 1096 words
Genre: PWP
Summary: It's a PWP.
Emotion: Satiation

Title: Saxon for Ignorant
Author: Fra
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Jack and Daniel
Length: 800 words or so.
Genre: Pre-slash
Summary: What does it say? It depends on who's reading it.
Emotion: Lewdness

Title: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
Author: Ximeria
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Length: 2,600 words
Genre: Slash, first time
Summary: You're never too old to learn
Emotion: Attraction

Title: That Damned Alien Love Potion
Author: Ionah
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Length: 10 kb
Genre: First Time
Summary: Dicks don't always let common sense prevail.
Emotion:  Annoyance

Star Wars
Title: Testing
Author: Angel
Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Heater/m
Length: 24k
Genre: Coercion, non-con
Summary: Heater has Jabba's newest pilot-candidate convince him of his worth
Emotion: Cruelty

Title: Refuge
Author: Jena Bartley
Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Obi-Wan/Bail
Length: 18k
Genre: PWP, Angst
Summary: A moment in a galaxy gone crazy.
Emotion: Sadness


Title: Back Stall
Artist: Barbana
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: Artwork about 600x800
Genre: Digital Painting
Summary: Gloryhole.
Emotion: Weakness

Title: Desire
Artist: van
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Notes/Disclaimer: Inspired on a drawing by Sadahiro Mika.
Emotion: Desire

Title: Hallow
Artist: Goss
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: *giggles*
Genre: n/a
Summary: n/a
Emotion: Reverence

Title: Pleasure Guarantee
Artist: Lapetite Kiki
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Length: *Takes a look* Not bad. *g*
Genre: Slash
Summary: Clark cannot get enough of Lexís mouth.
Emotion: Pleasure

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