Welcome to Blow It With Feeling
Blow It With Feeling

a fannish challenge of stiff proportions

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Welcome to Blow It With Feeling, a fannish challenge of stiff proportions.  The rules are simple: send an email to Thamiris or Alison (or post a comment in our Live Journals) requesting your top three favorites of the emotions listed below, including your email addess and LJ name if you have one, and when you receive a notification email in response, informing you which of your choices is available, write a story that combines the emotion with a blow job involving any pairing of your choice, slash or het, in any fandom, with a preferred minimum length of 1000 words.  The emotion doesn't have to be named, nor does the blowjob have to be the focus of the story. 

The cut-off date for submission has been extended from January 6th, 2004, to Sunday January 18th, 2004, and all stories will be linked on this site.  We ask that you refrain from posting your story until that date, then send us a link to the story, complete with a completed template.  (See below for template and emotions.) 

--Thamiris and Alison, November 22, 2003

The Template


The Emotions
(Note: this list will shrink as emotions are assigned.   Nearly 90 participants so far! )

| Agitation  | Agony | Ardor | Bitterness | Calm | Contentment | Cynicism | Depression | Despair | Discontent | Disgust | Distress | Doubt | Ecstasy | Elation | Embarrassment | Empathy | Entertainment | Excitement | Exhaustion | Exhilaration | FlirtationFriendliness | Generosity | Greed | Happiness | Hatred | Honesty | Honor | Humility | Kindness | Lewdness | Loyalty | Malice | Melancholy | Nostalgia | Pain | Passion | Pessimism | Pressure | Rage | Rancor | Rapture | Relaxation | Reluctance | Resistance | Respect  | Revenge | Reverence | Satisfaction | Selfishness | Sentimentality | Shame | Sincerity | Sorrow | Stress | Sympathy | Tranquility | Warmth | Worry

*List edited as of January 6, 2004 10:05 am PST.

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