An Unkind Intention


His words annoy me.  Maybe that's why I don't stop what happens later.  First, though, I slather oil on my cock, curl my fingers around Iolaus' slim calves, and lift that smooth ass up to my hard-on. Then I shove it in. Hard.  The sudden, close heat almost kills my anger, especially when his eyes roll back in his head.  My brother never fucked you like this...Then: "On your hands and knees.  I wanna fuck you from behind."  This is what he's wanted all along: Iolaus needs to be used ‘cause he feels guilty for wanting me at all.  And he's gonna be used alright--but not by me. A cool rush of air, and I'm standing, invisible, beside the bed, watching as Ares spreads the cheeks of Iolaus' ass, then eases himself between them. Take that, Iolaus.

 This image was created exclusively for me by WorstWitch using
a pic from Atropos.  Do not reproduce without permission.

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