They stood eye to eye, feeling each other's heat.  "So fuck me now," the god whispered. "Forget this stupid bet."  His hand slid into his lover's curls and pulled his head forward, until their lips met.  Iphicles' mouth opened under the pressure, and Ares gasped when the king's divinity-sweetened tongue stroked his.  He gasped louder when his lover pushed him back until Ares leaned against the cool western wall of the temple. "What do you think you're doing?"  the god asked, groaning as Iphicles' cock rubbed against his.

"This power is very....invigorating," his lover replied, his teeth sinking into Ares' neck.  "I hope you lose.  I'm looking forward more than ever to fucking you as a mortal."  His bites grew deeper, and the god could feel his mortal flesh bruising.  He tried to free his neck, confused by the sexualized pain, but Iphicles held him firmly.  "I'm going to enjoy this.  Your inability to fight is really turning me on."  The king's tongue soothed the wounded skin, but he began to bite again, this time along the god's collarbone.  The king sighed, cheeks flushed and breathing ragged.  "You just don't want to submit to me, Ares."  He took a step back, hands clenched. "It's...hard to control my impulses now.  Every sense vibrates.  I nearly cum at a breath of air.  And to have you touching me..." He threw back his head and let out a roar.

 This image was created exclusively for me by WorstWitch using
a pic from Atropos.  Do not reproduce without permission.

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