An Unkind Intention:   Play

 As I watch the play, getting off on the talk of ‘wicked mortals who trample down the delicacy of things inviolable'--yeah, I identify with Agamemnon--I let my right thigh press lightly against Iolaus' left one.  I'd like to grab his blond head and force it between my legs.  Then Ares could show up and ram his cock into him.  We'd pass Iolaus back and forth between us, making him suck us together, then separately, while we fucked his ass in turn.  Herc'd try to stop us, but Iolaus'd pull his mouth from my cock long enough to tell him he loves it, and to join us.  There'd be some hesitation, then Herc, his hard-on oiled by Ares, would step behind me and push that big cock into my ass..."I'll be back," I say, getting quickly to my feet.

They nod, thinking I'm gonna take a leak, but I just can't stand to sit here anymore.  I head to one of the exits, lit by torches.  About to pass under the arched doorway, I'm roughly dragged into the shadowy passage.  Then his tongue's in my mouth, and I'm pressed against his hard body.  The kiss last forever, and when it finally ends, I can't speak.

"I missed you," Ares whispers, and pushes me to my knees.

 This image was created exclusively for me by WorstWitch using
a pic from Atropos.  Do not reproduce without permission.

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