Ares and Iphicles

"Tell me, Iphicles.  Everyone here knows how much you want it.  Just admit it."   He never stopped the
long, regular strokes, even though his sweat ran freely between their bodies.  And every time the god pushed back in, his cock struck that spot, until Iphicles couldn't stop grinding back against him.  "Tell me you want it!"

He tried to deny it.  But even as he opened his mouth, ready to insist that he didn't want any of this, that this was rape and he hated it, the words of protest fled.  "I want it," he whispered, his voice breaking. "Fuck--I want it so much.  Come inside me.  Now."

--Ares and Iphicles, Heart of Darkness

 This image was created exclusively for me by WorstWitch using pics
from Atropos, and is not to be reproduced.

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