"Do it," Ares whispered, edging closer, rubbing his hard cock in a languid rhythm against his lover's ass.  "Do it and be with me forever."

Iphicles gasped, which only pushed him back against the god's hot body.  "But he's my brother..."  How could he think, how could he argue, when Ares overwhelmed him like this?

"And I'm your god."  His hand slid along Iphicles' thigh, closing over his cock.  A series of short, quick strokes followed, timed by experience.  Just as the man's back arched and he cried out, Ares placed the knife in Iphicles' hand.  "Kill Hercules, and I'll fuck you through eternity."

 This image was created exclusively for me by WorstWitch using pics
from Atropos, and is not to be reproduced.

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