In the dream, hands touched him again.  They began at his face, lingering on his lips,  but didn't stop there, instead roving with a gentle but insistent touch over his naked body.  His cock twitched when fingers traced and retraced a vein in his throat, then thickened when his nipples were stroked to hardness.  Usually he didn't allow his lovers this liberty, but this felt so good...

As a warm mouth closed over one nipple, sucking lightly, Ares moaned.  The mouth vanished.  "No," he thought.  "More."  The lips returned, and this time he noticed silky hair trailing over his skin as the tongue worked in soft circles.  He kept expecting the mouth to move lower, but it stayed in place until Ares' body gave a little shudder, and he came.  Even then the tongue never stopped; a warm hand smoothed the semen onto his stomach.   More wine. More dreams. More come.

--Ares god of war, Coin

 This image was created exclusively for me by WorstWitch using pics
from Atropos, and is not to be reproduced.

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