Ares and Iphicles

The former king, with his godly powers, could've stopped the infuriated Ares.  Instead, he met him head-on, and they began to wrestle.  Against my will, my cock hardened, as I watched the naked skin of the ex-god strain against Iphicles' leather-clad body.  Teeth bared, muscles tensed, they rolled together on the ground.  Sweat soon flowed down Ares' broad back, and Iphicles' curls began to dampen, as they struggled together.  Inevitably, the fury mutated.  Violence became desire, and Ares kissed Iphicles.  The kiss was so intense, so hard, so powerful that I felt an echoing ripple through my own body, not a response, but an extension of their lust.

--Caesar, Hell

 This thud-worthy image was made by Selursera, and is not to be reproduced without her permission.

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